****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Narrator’s POV**********************

The day of Prom finally arrived and everyone in Harmony was thrilled with excitement. Young adults and parents alike all were ready to take the next step in their life. All over town young men and young women were getting ready for tonight big event.

Young ladies spent hours upstairs in their rooms or down at the local salons having their hair done; some having it curled, others having it twisted, and yet further having it braided and so on. The young ladies that had not opted to spend the few remaining hours before the prom having their hair touched up instead chose to have their nails done or in some case have their skin tanned; a nice orange color in the case of one poor who decided to stay in the sun-tanning bed for far too long.

As for the young men they spent most of their time getting their rented tuxes or joking around with their friends about all the ass they were going to pull tonight. Many of them even stopping by the local drugstores so that they could stock up on condoms….. Boys will be boys after all

As for the parents; many parents were excited…….but many more were nervous. Yet still others wished that they could turn back the clock and stop their babies from growing up or at least to stop the process of growing up dead in its tracks.

No parents were happier in all of Harmony then Porter and Elizabeth Chandler when they waved farewell to their son. Elizabeth Chandler, Michael’s mother ecstatic not because it was her son’s prom but because he wasn’t going to prom with Eric.

****Scene 2: Kayla’s POV**********************

My senior year was finally coming to an end and I couldn’t be happier. With exams and finals out of the way I could now focus on the three things I had been waiting for since my senior year started. Those three things are Graduation, Beach-week, and of course Prom. Coincidently enough that was today. I had promised myself that I was going to make this the best prom ever…..

I had spent the last week convincing the whole gang, Eric, Mike, Kevin, Brett, Jake, and the others how much fun prom was going to be. Like how could it not be a blast when it was going to be on a freaking yacht!? And if Mike and Eric could get that dick out of (or in their case back into) their ass and makeup already Prom would surely be a night to remember.

I spent the majority of my time counting down the hours for the Prom to start. I was so excited I could barely breathe. I knew deep down that this night was going to be one that I would never forget for the rest of my life.

Even though prom would be one of the last things we did together as seniors it would not be the last thing we did together as friends. Because since all of us had either been accepted to Harmony University or decided to attend HU to stay close to home we would be seeing a lot of each other and I knew the adventures would continue.

In the hours between thinking about the prom I was getting ready for the prom and making plans for after-prom. I did my hair, makeup, nails and finally put on my dress just as Kevin arrived to pick me up.

My mother Hope Spencer had wanted to come to the prom and be a chaperone. But since she was Harmony’s police commissioner she drowning in work. I breathed a sigh of relief when she told me she would not be able to make it.

“Oh my god Kayla you look so beautiful in that dress.”

“Thanks mom.”

“Hey John Get in here!” My mother yelled into the other room. “Kayla’s all dressed and she’s about to leave…”

“Doesn’t she look beautiful John?” My mother said turning to my father once he entered the room. “And that dress is gorgeous. Oh I think that’s Kevin at the door now.”

“I’ll go get the door.” My mother said. She didn’t notice my father frowning but I did. Fathers can’t stand to see their little girl grow up and they can’t stand some teenage boy being with their daughter even less.

“Hello sir.” Kevin said, eagerly shaking my father’s hand.

“Nice to meet you son.” My father replied sternly.

“Enough pleasantries we’ve got to get some pictures of you two.” My mother cried. “Ok first will get a couple of Kayla and Kevin; with him putting the corsage on your arm and we can get a few of you adjusting Kevin’ tie. And after that we can get a couple family pictures with you.”

After what felt like forever pictures were finally over. Kevin and I prepared to leave and I kissed my mom and dad goodbye.

“Son I just want to be clear……no funny business if you get my drift.”

“I understand sir.” Kevin nodded nervously.

“I’m still going to be your little girl daddy!” I said kissing my father mainly so he release his grip on my boyfriend’s hand.

“Oh John leave the poor boy alone.” My mother laughed as she ushered us out the door. “Bye mom! Bye Troy! Bye Chloe!”

Once we were safely outside Kevin turned to me and spoke. “God, your father has a strong grip…..He nearly broke my fucking hand!”

****Scene 3: Regina DeVille’s POV**********************

“It’s done! Our plan is working to perfection.” I smiled. “I received confirmation from our informant on the yacht that the Bomb is counting down to the exact moment when the Prom will be in full swing.”

“Good…….very good.” My husband Alistair replied.

“While I was taking care of business and exacting our revenge on this accursed town what were you doing?”

“I was tying up some loose ends. Simply laying some trouble to rest…” Alistair smirked.

“By trouble, you mean someone got too close?

“But I don’t think it’s good to have him around for much longer

“Who our pawn? “Surly our conditioning has broken him by now…” I smiled. “How could he be a threat to our plans?”

“No darling it wasn’t that Pawn of yours. Not the one you like so much it was some other poor fool...” Alistair replied, reassuring me.

“But I don’t understand why you keep him around given his connection to this town. And as for our plans sweet wife there is no need for concern, because once that little prom boat goes up in flames there will be no one to stop us.”

“That is very true….since nearly half the town is going to be in pieces underneath the water!” I laughed. “It’s simply brilliant!”

Before we could carry our conversation any further we noticed some partygoers or so we thought approaching the docks. Rather than be found out, we decided to hide behind some large crates. To our horror it was the local police. Imbeciles that they were they somehow managed to apprehend…..Our soldier………our Pawn.

Once the close was clear and we were sure the police had left we emerged from our hiding spot.

“My, my…… Well it looks as if your little pawn is as incompetent as the rest of those thugs we pay so handsomely.” Alistair chuckled.

“That is most unfortunate but I wash my hands of the whole thing.”

“This is going to wreak my PLANS!” Alistair cried.

“I don’t see how.”

“The Police know nothing about our little surprise aboard that boat. Rest assured Reese won’t tell them anything because he can’t. He doesn’t remember anything about the bomb, he can’t even remember his own name or that of his wife and children.”

“Aren’t you worried that, that little pawn of ours is going to spill the beans and reveal to those men in blue what is about to go down tonight.” My husband smirked. He just loved being right.

“My dear the difference between those goons of ours and my perfectly trained pawn of mine, is that while those thugs our paid for their loyalty, my pawn is completely and utterly under my control. His conditioning was long but fruitful.”

“What if he remembers his family…..or what if someone recognizes him while he’s at the Police department?” Alistair asked. “What if his wife come in and see him?”

“I don’t see how his old friends, or even that annoying wife of his; let alone anyone in this town could recognize our pawn when he’s wearing a different face.” I smiled through gritted teeth.

“No the bomb on that yacht will detonate at the appointed hour as planned and everyone at that Prom. All of those people that have annoyed us for years will be annihilate!”

“I suppose I should make an appearance at the party since I did pay for half of it. Just as a sign of good will.” Alistair replied. We both laughed at the irony of the statement.

“Might as well go, just to make sure no one stumbles upon our party favor that our operative planted on that yacht.” My husband added.

“Don’t get trapped on that boat, because you might not be able to get off.” I replied.

“Darling wife I didn’t know you cared.”

“I planned a little celebration back at the mansion and you know how I hate popping the cork on the champagne. I need a man to do it for me.”

“Yes Regina you’ve always been a delicate flower………with thorns that is.”

“You have no need to worry I’ll be off that boat before the sparks start to fly…..but you should go check on that pawn of ours.” My husband said before boarding the yacht.

As I watched the partygoers and chaperones board the yacht I noticed that my son Christian was among them. I wasted no time in calling out his name.

****Scene 4: Christian DeVille’s POV**********************

I had the hottest date for Prom……..Chelsea Williams, a total babe. A sexy little brunette with big tits and a great ass………not to mention lips so good they can literally suck the life out of your dick. God damn!

It was Prom night and all I wanted to do was have fun and take Chelsea back to one of the backrooms and fuck her real nice; but in the back of my mind I could think of nothing except for what my parents had planned for my friends and for all of Harmony.

I wanted to tell someone about the bomb but I knew that I could not. Besides who would even believe me? I wasn’t exactly Mr. Trustworthy or Mr. Popular for that matter. Even if someone did believe me I had no idea where the bomb had been planted.

“Christian?!” I heard someone calling my name. The voice sounded familiar so I immediately turned around to see who it was. When I turned and saw my mother emerging from the shadows I was a little shocked that she would show her face there, since she and father was about to cause a whole lot of mess for this town.

“Excuse me Chelsea, but that woman over there…...” I said. “I think I need to have a word with her before we go inside.”

“Mother!? What the Hell are you doing here!?!” I cried. “After all that you are about to do to this town why would you risk being seen here?”

“I simply wanted to say hello…..but there’s no need to be….” My mother Regina began.

“Christian who is this?” Chelsea interrupted.

Waiting a few moments Chelsea continued. “Well aren’t you going to introduce us?

“Well don’t keep us in suspense Christian. Why don’t you tell her who I’m?” My mother smiled back at Chelsea, feigning niceness. I didn’t want Chelsea having anything to do with my family…….especially not my mother. She’d sooner stab you then hug you; and I don’t mean that figuratively.


“Um this is……”

“I’m Christian’s mother.” My sweet mother said effectively cutting me off. “You two make quite the couple. So you must be the one he keeps sneaking off to see so late at night.”

My mother’s words caused Chelsea to blush slightly. “My goodness that is a pretty dress you have on my dear. It’s very unique and very pretty.” My mother smiled her fake little smile.

“Christian my darling may I have a word with you in private.” My mother added. “I have something very important to tell you and it cannot wait one more minute.”

“You know that it’s prom night right?” I blurted rudely. “Mother I have a date and it would be rude and stupid of me to leave her out here alone.”

“Christian I appreciate the concern but the boats just right over there………I’ll just meet you inside. You and your mother can have your little chat afterwards you can come find me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, no problem.” Chelsea said kissing me goodbye before turning to board the yacht. Once Chelsea was safely out of sight I started to speak again. “Mother what is this about? What are you going to tell me that instead of one bomb there’s two or something?”

“No not quite.” My mother smiled. “Your father and I have decided that it’s best that you not go to the prom. We wouldn’t want to risk you getting hurt.”

“What do you mean you have decided? This is my life?!” I cried. “I’m not going to leave my friends to be blown to pieces all so you and father can have some revenge……..” I said, before being cut off.

“You know I had a feeling you were growing a conscience and that you might tell someone about our little party favor…… And judging by that blushing whore’s obliviousness you didn’t have time to tell her but I’m afraid I can’t allow you to tell anyone.”

 “Mother I’m afraid you can’t stop me.” I shot back.

“No.” she smiled back at me. “But they can……..”

“Gentlemen,” My mother said moving her hands, signaling for her men to come out from their hiding spots. Once she did this two big burly hulking men emerged from the shadows. They were more muscle then man.

“Really mother?” I smirked. “Mother I’m not a child anymore and intimidation tactics won’t work on me. I’m getting on that boat and I’m putting an end to this nonsense.”

“Seize him gentlemen.” My mother said flicking her finger. On command her two henchmen began lunging for me. I’m not a pussy or a weakling and I’ve got a nice bit of muscle on my body but even that was no match for those hulks in tuxedos.

“Get YOUR hands OFF me! Mother WHAT are you DOING?!” I yelled. “Mother tell your thugs to release me. NOW!”

“I’m truly sorry Christian but I cannot allow you to board that boat………not when our plan is coming together so nicely. “Date or no date.”


“Christian as for that whore your better off without her.” She laughed wickedly.

****Scene 5: Narrator’s POV**********************

At eight o’clock the prom was officially opened and people started to pour into the yacht. They crowded the docks waiting to get into the party-boat. None of them aware of the grave danger that awaited them. Soon after the Prom had started, Kayla, Kevin, Brett, Jake, Eric, and Mike arrived. Mike came there expecting to enjoy the company of his friends while his former boyfriend Eric had come there with every intention of working out the difficulties in their relationship and getting back together.

Meanwhile Chelsea Williams grows impatient waiting for Christian to meet her. “Christian its Chelsea your date! Just wondering what’s keeping you….. Come find me on the boat when you’re done talking to your mother.” Chelsea said over the phone.

Chelsea was unware that Christian was in a restrained state, and she had no idea that she herself was in such a dangerous position.

“Let go of me!” NOW!” Christian screamed still being held tightly by his mother’s two burly henchmen. “Let me go NOW and I’ll pay you handsomely. How big of a pay raise did she promise you?”

“I have a trust fund I can make sure that you guys have a comfortable life. Just name the price I’ll pay it.” Christian pleaded.

“Sorry Mr. DeVille but your mother didn’t offer us any money.” Said the bald headed henchmen.

“We both have families.” The bearded henchmen replied. “Mrs. DeVille knows where they live.”

“You see they have an incentive.” Regina DeVille laughed.

“What mother?! Are you going to shoot me? Throw me in a cage?!” Christian cried. “Oh wait I forgot, brainwashing is more your style, isn’t it?!”

“Oh Christian, neither.” Regina exclaimed, laughing to herself. “Oh stop it! For heaven sake don’t be so melodramatic.”

“Mother you just ordered these men to seize me and I’m the one being melodramatic!?!” Chris yelled back. “Are you serious!?”

“My darling let’s not argue semantics out here on the wharf.” Regina laughed. “Because trust me when I tell you it will not save your friends. As planned that yacht will go up in smoke along with everyone on board.”

“Mother you can’t go through with this!” Christian yelled out. “My friends are on that boat!”

“So What? It’s not like they’re DeVille’s.” Christian’s mother said, throwing her hands up.

“Ok then, what about all those innocent people on that boat………what about my date!?” Christian yelled again.

“She’s certainly not a DeVille either!” Regina laughed, shrugging her son’s concerns off.

“This is murder!” Chris cried, as his mother’s henchmen forced him roughly to the ground. “This is murder! Mass murder!”

“Christian my darling this absurd!” Regina declared. “Stop being so dramatic and stop struggling or you will end up hurting yourself.”

“Damn you!” Christian shot back. “Mother I can’t let you do this. I have to get those people off the boat.”

“You are OUT of your mind…” Were the final words that Christian said before being knocked out by one of the thugs.

“My dearest Christian,” Regina said caressing her unconscious son’s face. “Always so considerate of the less fortunate. We are going to have to work on that.”

“Ok hurry take him home.” Regina barked to her henchmen. “I don’t want him anywhere near when that bomb goes off.”

Hundreds of students and their parents had been given access to the luxurious boat. The boat would be more correctly labeled a yacht. The yacht was fully furnished with fine furniture, elegant china, stately bedrooms, a gymnasium, an indoor pool….not to mention a ballroom.

By the time it turned nine o’clock the Harmony High prom was in full swing. People were dancing, singing, and grooving to the beat. In between the electric slide and massive twerking crowds people were stuffing their faces with the finest and most delicious food this side of the east coast.

For some of them it might as well have been there last meal.

Unbeknownst to the partygoers there whole world was about to be rocked. They also had no idea that they were being watched from the safety of the docks by the wicked Regina DeVille.

“Still here my sweet wife?” Alistair called out as he stepped off the yacht’s gangboard. “I would have thought you would have been back at the house by now.”

“I wanted to stay and watch the fireworks!” Regina smiled from ear to ear. “You know how much I love a good show.”

“You never could resist a bomb detonation now could you?”

“It’s a good thing I was here, because I was on hand to prevent our son from boarding that boat and exposing her plans to those fools.”

“Regina my dear you have impeccable timing.” Alistair smiled. “Those happy partygoers aboard that boat don’t know it but they are enjoying their last moments on earth.”

“They soon will my dear……but by then it will be too late.” Regina laughed coldly. “Too late for all of them!”



“Hahahaha, hahahaha, hehehahahah!!!”

Alistair and Regina were so involved in congratulating themselves on their plan going off without a hitch they hadn’t noticed that they were being watched. They were being watched by the one person who know one would ever expect to save the day………….it was Charlotte Livingston.

Yes heavily nine month pregnant Charlotte Livingston. “Oh my god there’s a bomb on the boat!” she mouthed. I have to warn Michael right away.”

“I can’t let him die….”

****Scene 6: Mike’s POV**********************

When I saw Eric walk through those doors I was immediately drawn to him. He looked so good in that tux. The fabric was hugging him so tightly that it looked like a second skin. Eric’s white undershirt was so fine it was almost transparent leaving nothing for the imagination.

I could make out every single muscle; every ridge in his hard abs, both of his nipples on his meaty pecs, every bicep and even the veins that popped on both of his arms. Just thinking about him like that turned me on……so much that I wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck him in the middle of the dance floor.

Our eyes met almost instantly and that’s when I noticed it. His cock was hard, really hard. I could make out the bulbous head, even in the black fabric of his trousers. Not to mention his nipples were hard too, but I don’t know if that was if he was happy to see me or if it was because it was a little chilly on that yacht.

Kayla hadn’t even told me that Eric would be coming to Prom with us. When I saw him with her I knew Kayla was up to something, she was obviously trying to get us back together and I knew there was definitely something going on down in his pants.

But to be truthful there was always something going on in Eric’s pants.

“Um hey Kayla!” I called, as I approached them from behind.

“Hey Mike!” “Kayla said, turning and smiling. “Hope you don’t mind…………..but I kind of invited Eric to come with us. I think you guys need to talk.”

“Yeah, I can see that.”

“Babe I hope that’s not a problem.” Eric said staring at me with those beautiful eyes of his. “If you want me to go I’ll just go…….you know I don’t even like these things.”

Even after I had basically ended things between us, Eric was still affectionately referring to me as babe. Maybe there was a chance for us, even in all of this drama going on in our lives.

“Eric you don’t have to leave on my account.” I assured him, grasping his shoulder partly to maintain eye contact and partly because I missed touching him. “If Kayla invited you to have fun at prom with her you should stay.”

“This boat is big enough for the both of us…… I’m sure I can go mingle with some people over there or something. Maybe even find Jake and Brett.” I said absentmindedly, unaware that Eric and Jake did not get along partly because of me.

I noticed Eric tense up and I even detected a frown when I mentioned Jake’s name. I hadn’t meant to do that to him…….I should have known he would not have liked me spending all night, all Prom night with another man……especially when that guy was Jake McCarthy.

“No Mike I invited both of you not one over the other……” Kayla blurted. “You’re not going anywhere. You’re staying right there and you and Eric are going to work this mess out or else I will.

Kayla meant business……and both Eric and I knew it.

“One more thing…..” Kayla said smirking. “I took the liberty of getting a key for one of the state-rooms down stairs in case you guys needed somewhere quite to you know……..talk.”

Moments later we were sitting on the foot of the bed of one of the yacht’s state rooms. It had been so long since we had been alone together, neither of us knew what to say to the other.

Eric was practically tongue-twisted as he stumbled over his words…….I kind of found it a little hot, because when we were together I had never been at a loss for word; even when his mouth was full.

“Babe I know I messed up by keeping the fact that I could walk from you and telling Kayla and not you…….but I never meant to hurt you.

“I know that’s not a reason to keep secrets from you.” Eric continued. “I may have kept that one thing from you, but I never lied to you…….especially not about being with Haley Macy.

“I-I just….don’t know what to do. I miss you so much.” Eric said. “I don’t know what do with myself……. I wake up in the morning alone in my bed and all I want to do is have you in there.”

“Babe I can’t eat, I can’t sleep, I can’t even dream, because when I do dream it’s about you. But then I wake up and you’re not there and then makes me want to cry or punch a hole in the wall.”

“Babe I know you’re still hurting about this whole Haley Macy thing…….But if you if just give us another chance I’ll make sure that you never feel that way again…..Babe just give me one more chance…….please I just want to be with you.” Eric said, tears filling his yes.

“Babe I can’t,” Eric began before I cut him off.

“Eric shut up and kiss me I don’t want to talk about Haley Macy anymore…….not ever.” I said planting a kiss on him. I missed those lips of his.

Eric’s eyes lit up when I kissed him and he immediately pulled me in kissing me hard. Being so close to him I could feel everything……..including his cock. That thing was just as I remembered it. Long, thick, and of course rock hard.

I knew in my heart that in Eric’s arms was right where I wanted to be. I just knew that nothing could ruin this happy moment….

STAY TUNED……………………………………..



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