****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Narrator’s POV**********************

After the police had arrested Regina DeVille’s pawn they took him to the police station to be questioned. They placed him in the interrogation room and the questioning began.

“First off one of my officers told me that when they picked you up you refused to give them a name. Why is that? Why did you refuse to tell them your name?”

“Because I don’t have one.” He replied, staring blankly back at Commissioner Hope Spencer.

“What do you mean you don’t have a name?”

“Pawns are expendable, they have no name.” the man replied.

“What? What are you talking about?” Hope asked, a little confused. “You know what never mind we can discuss that after you’ve been booked. Right now just tell me what I need to know.”

“Why did you break into Ms. Brady’ home?” Commissioner Spencer asked. “When my men found you they confiscated a gun from you? Can you tell me about that?”

“I did that?” the pawn said looking confused at the commissioner. “Yes I do think I did that?”

He phrased it like there was some way it hadn’t been him who had broken into Gina Brady’s home, but the truth was that he had done it, name or not.

“Was that an omission? So you did try to break into Ms. Brady’s home?”

“Yes………..at least I think so.” The pawn replied.

“What do you mean you think so?” Commissioner Spencer blurted.

“I don’t know………I just…. It’s just all disjointed.” He cried. “I can’t hold onto anything.”

“Hold onto what?” Hope sighed. “You just tried to break into Ms. Brady’s home less than thirty minutes ago. Are you trying to fake amnesia or something?”

“No I’m not.” The pawn pleaded. “I’m just trying to tell you that I really don’t know. All I know is that your officers picked me up. I don’t even know how I got there.”

“Let’s start with this…..do you know why you were trying to get into Ms. Brady’s home?” Commissioner Spencer continued. “Any reason at all?

“I don’t know why I was in her house……my mind is blank.”

“Can you think or at least try to think of why you would be trying to break into Ms. Brady’s home.”

“Commissioner I am thinking!!” he cried.

“Well I’m not saying that you aren’t……..I’m just saying that you sound a little disoriented like you’re not completely there.” The Commissioner replied. “Like you don’t really remember……almost like someone put you up to it. Or like what you are feeling isn’t reality…..”

“In my mind I see somebody else doing these things that you say that I did……but then I realize that it’s me…… and I don’t.” He said almost in a state of shock.

“Ok well maybe someone else is behind this and your blocking this out some for some reason.” Hope said trying to rationalize what this strange man was saying. “Did someone tell you to break into Ms. Brady? House?”

After the Commissioner asked him that question the pawn had a flashback of his most recent conversation with Regina DeVille. The conversation in which she had ordered her pawn to kill Gina Brady.

“Yeah I remember now.” The Pawn replied.

“So someone ordered you to?” the Commissioner pressed. “To come into Ms. Brady’s home? Who would do that?”

“Regina DeVille…” he said to a stunned Commissioner. “She told me to kill Gina Brady…..”

“Regina DeVille?!” Commissioner Spencer replied. “Ok now this is actually starting to make sense. “Regina DeVille and the DeVilles have a vendetta against half the people in this town. It makes sense that she would want to get rid of a prominent attorney like Gina Brady”

“This doesn’t even make any sense to me.” The Pawn said hitting his fist on the table. “Why would I do something like that? I don’t even know the woman?”

“Regina does.” The Commissioner added. “But why would she order you to kill someone you don’t even know?”

“I don’t know…..something about sweet revenge.”

“Revenge for what?”

“I don’t know…..” The man said rubbing his head erratically.

“What’s wrong?” the Commissioner gasped.

“I don’t know…….It’s Regina…..she’s controlling me!” He cried.

“What do you mean she’s controlling me?”

“We can help you.” Hope Spencer said, as she reached out to touch the Pawn. He pulled away from her and cried. “Don’t touch me! Aren’t you paying attention I’m dangerous!”

“Don’t you get that?” he cried. “I can see it in your eyes, you’re afraid of me.”

“Yes I’m scared…..I’m scared that someone that doesn’t deserve to be punished is going to have to suffer the consequences. You said that you were under Regina’s control.”

“Yes that’s what I’ve been trying to say I don’t have a choice.”

“Ok what else can you tell me?” Hope Spencer pressed.

“She told me that her conditioning would make me forget what I had done.”

“Ok so Regina is making you do these things without your knowledge.” Hope added. “You were carrying out her orders….”

“She said I was conditioned to take her orders.” The Pawn replied.

“Ok if you were conditioned to take Regina’s orders then why didn’t you kill Gina when she was in that bathtub?” Hope paused. “You had easy access and opportunity.”

“Why couldn’t you finish the job?”

“I don’t know.” He replied. “I just couldn’t….”

“Oh no…….I bet Regina wasn’t too happy about you defying her orders.”

“She definitely was not happy with me.” He added. “But she ordered me to do something else.”

“Wait?! What is it?!” Commissioner Spencer cried. “What is it that she wanted you to do?”

“Oh my god…..” the Pawn gasped. “There’s a bomb on the boat. Regina and Alistair ordered me to put a bomb on the boat! There’s a bomb on the boat!!!”

“I planted a bomb on the Harmony High Prom boat!” he cried. “Oh my god…..It’s activated and the timer is running! Do you understand what I’m saying!!!?”

“Yeah I do….” Hope Spencer, said trying to calm the visibly shaken man down. “Regina ordered you to do it.”

“Yes she and Alistair want to kill all those people as some sort of revenge.”

“OH my god....” Commissioner Spencer cried. “Oh my god…….my daughter Kayla and her friends are on that boat. I’m going o send some people over there to defuse the bomb immediately.”

“There’s no time.”

“What do you mean there’s no time?” she cried. “There are trained professionals here that can defuse bombs and explosives.”

“I mean there’s no time to get to the boat.” The Pawn cried. “By the time you get over there the bomb will have went off.”

“Do you have your phone on you?” he asked.

“Yess, yessss. Yes it’s right here.” She said.

“Ok call your daughter and let her know about that bomb.”

“Ok then I’ll call my daughter and tell her so that she can get everyone off that damn boat and to safety.” Commissioner Spencer replied.

“It went to voicemail….” Hope Spencer added. “Kayla please pick up the phone now this is your mother. I need for you to listen carefully. There is a bomb on the boat and I need for you to let everyone else know but I need for you to get off right now.”

“Wait she just answered it…..”

****Scene 2: Eric’s POV**********************

When Mike told me to shut up and then he kissed me I felt like my whole body would just melt away. He had never been the forceful one that was more my style, but I was liking this new Mike a lot. His kisses seemed stronger, wetter, sweeter and of course sexier.

Mike and I had been separated for over a month; but after all that time I still knew every inch of his body as if it were my own. I knew right where to stick my tongue to make him scream in pleasure. Every inch of his body…….every inch of his body was mine; all mine. Mike was wearing some hella expensive tuxedo; but there was no way he could hide that sexy hunky body of his. Especially not from me; I had envisioned every muscle on his gorgeous body before ripped that tux right off of him, except for the pants……..I let those stay on for a bit longer.

When I saw Michael’s half-naked body lying under me on the bed my jaw nearly dropped open. I was so overwhelmed I hadn’t seen Mike body in so long that I was afraid I would never see him again. But I was more afraid that I would never be able to make love to him and show him how much I appreciate him ever again. But now as we kissed passionately all those fears melted away.

After kissing Mike for what felt like forever I pulled away from him so that I could finish undressing. Stopping myself from kissing Michael was one of the hardest things I had to do. Because I didn’t want that kiss to be the last kiss we ever shared.

First I pulled my slacks down too my feet; my underwear coming with it. Stepping out of my pants I started to unbuttoned my undershirt, before tossing it onto the floor. I noticed that Mike was ogling my body. His eyes had nearly popped out of his head and his jaw was down to the floor.

“Babe I think you’re drooling?” I laughed. “Did you really miss me that much?”

“Yes Eric, I missed you soooooo much.” Mike sighed. “For every day that I was not with you, all I could do was think about being with you. That’s why I spent all those days eating lunch in the library or staying after, because I couldn’t bear to look at you and touch you.”

“Babe you can touch anytime you want. On second thought babe, you can even touch me anywhere you want.” I chuckled, as I flexed my bicep for Mike to admire. He spent over a minute gazing in astonishment at my naked body. And I was loving every minute of it.

“Mmmmm.” Mike groaned, as he reached out with both of his hands to touch my shoulder. He squeezed my shoulder, before moving his hand lower so that he could feel the muscle on my arm. He moved his hands lower and lower, letting them glide over my hard abs until he reached my crotch.

His hand was a little cold so it tickled down there causing me to breathe in heavily. “Ahhh……oh god. God damn, I missed this thing!” Mike said as he stroked my cock with both of his hands.

“Babe he missed you so much………..almost as much as me.” I chuckled as I wrapped my arm around Michael’s ass, squeezing it roughly. “Babe I’ve jerked off every day this month thinking about you and I still can’t get rid of these damn blue balls.”

“Babe I need some ass…….I need your ass.” I chuckled. “Mike I want to fuck you so bad, I haven’t had sex in fucking forever. I need to unload this thing….now!”

“Eric you aren’t alone…………because I want you to fuck the cum out of me.” Mike said licking his lips. “And then after your finished doing that I’m going to eat your ass out and then I’m going to pound that plump ass of yours until you scream your head off.”

“Shit, Mike you’re making me fucking hard.” I laughed as I lightly jerked my cock. “When did you get such a dirty mouth?”

“Um I don’t know.” He smiled. “I’m just really horny……….you’ve got to excuse the mouth I have not had sex in a really long time.”

“Man you don’t have to be sorry about it, because I think it’s kind of hot. Actually I think it’s really fucking hot.” I laughed, pulling Mike in hard for a kiss. A warm wet kiss.

“Oh my god I missed this so much.” I smiled. My words caused Mike to blush a little.

I pushed Mike onto the bed and we started making out even more; our hands roaming all over our hot naked bodies. I was savoring his flesh, because I had missed it so; and I think he was doing the same thing. Our tongues were intertwined in our open mouth………but then he pulled away.”

“Babe what are you doing?” I asked, just a tad bit confused. “Don’t you want to be with me? I thought… we could…..”

“Eric of course I want to be with you.” Mike sighed. “It’s just are you sure we should be doing this? What if someone come in here and you know sees?”

“Babe so what?” I shrugged. “So what if someone walks in on us…..? I don’t give a fuck…..and if someone does come in here they’re going to get a good show.”

Still grasping Mike’ ass with my hand, I put my other hand behind his head and pulled him into a kiss. A very wet kiss with saliva and spit. He returned the kiss almost instantly and he even wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me closer to him.

Moving my hand from off the back of his neck I let it move down to his ass so that I had two hands cupping those beautiful mounds of flesh through the fabric of his pants. Once I had both handfuls of it I started squeezing them gently. I missed doing this so much, how could I not? He had everything, a tight ass, a beautiful face, and he was so sexy I could fuck him for hours, maybe even days.

Putting my hand behind his head and pulling away from his kiss, I pushed his head down so that his lips were almost touching my pecs. “Come on baby…….kiss it.” I laughed.

Michael went to work worshiping my chest. He licked my nipples with a vengeance. Taking tender care to pay close attention to my nipples he nibbled and sucked on them causing me to groan so loudly I was sure the whole yacht shook. Damn he’s good! He went at it with a vengeance, licking and sucking and

After a while I put both hands on Mike’s bubble ass again, and I lifted him up off the floor. Putting both hands on his ass again, I lifted him up off the floor and walked across the room so that we were (actually just me since I was holding him) standing in front of the mirror. Carrying Mike was surprisingly easy; he only weighed 155 lbs. and that’s including the muscle.

After I spent a few minutes standing in front of that mirror posing, flexing my muscles and holding Mike in my arms as well. After I was done posing I carried Mike back over to the bed and dropped down gently. Once that was done I yanked off his shoes, then his pants, and finally his underwear. Once that was done I climbed onto the bed and gave him a quick peck on the lips.

“God Eric you’re huge.” Mike grinned. “Have you been working out lately? Because you look bigger than ever.”

“Yes just a little…. I know how much you love these big muscles of mine.” I smiled. “Now get to work and start worshipping them…….with that sweet wet mouth of yours.”

As soon as I said that Mike started licking and kissing my pecs. He was sucking on them like his life depended on it. While he did that he used his hands to squeeze and massage my shoulder muscles. It felt so fucking good.

"Ahhhh…..That's it, babe" I groaned loudly. "Worship me. Worship me and lick my whole body.”

After a while he moved his hands down from my shoulders to my biceps, I raised them and flexed them for him. He seemed to be enjoying himself, given how wide his eyes were. “Damn man, you have been working out!” Mike groaned.

Without a word or any input from me he moved from my chest to my crotch; taking my throbbing cock in his hand he slowly began to lick the head. My hard dick throbbed and pulsated in Michael’s mouth. He had such a way with his mouth.

Grabbing his head with my big hands, pushed him deeper and deeper onto my cock. My cock was so far down Mike’s throat I could feel his nose breath on my pubes. He spent a few moments simply licking the shaft wand covering it with warm wet kisses.

"Don't just kiss it.” I laughed. “Suck it, suck my dick like you mean. You missed me didn’t you?”

“Hell yeah,” Mike replied, before diving mouth first onto my cock. After that he started sucking on my cock…..and by sucking I mean hard. I gave him a slight little slap on back in encouragement. Well I thought it was slight but it kind of caused him to gag for like a second before returning to sucking the very life out of my throbbing member.

After Mike had coated my cock with saliva I pulled him off it so that I could simply look at him. Even though I really wanted to fuck him (and I mean bad) I just wanted some time to just look at him; because I hadn’t really seen him in over a month except for maybe in passing. In all that time I had almost forgot just how gorgeous and sexy he was. And man believe me when I tell you Mike looks even sexier with a thick dick in his mouth.

Even with his hair matted against his forehead, his face covered with sweat, and his lips coated in my precum he still looked gorgeous. Not to mention he had the biggest grin on his face that made me want to kiss him hard.

“Lick my balls baby,” I said as I pushed him back down onto my crotch. As Mike started working my balls over, licking and sucking on them, I grabbed his sexy ass and pulled him closer to me. Licking my finger I stuck it up his rear end and he let out a groan that made me so hard.

After he had covered my balls with his mouth, Mike went right on back to sucking my dick. He grabbed my cock with one hand and jerked it before leaning in to kiss it. And by kiss it I mean he literally kissed that thing.

“Eric I don’t know if I ever said this but you have the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen.” He smiled.

“What do you mean?” I laughed. “Like you’ve seen so many?”

“Yeah so many.” He laughed sarcastically before leaning in again. Once his lips were touching my cock he started kissing it all over again and I wanted to melt. Then he started licking the length and as he did this he hummed to himself and it was music to my ears.

Grabbing my cock and a bit of his hair, I took aim and pushed my throbbing ten inch cock deep into my boyfriend’s mouth. It felt like heaven pushing my thick cock into Mike’s angelic face. Besides his friendly face, Mike really is a sweet guy a total softie which is what turns me on even more when he’s on his knees being an absolute cock hound for my big white dick.

I let Mike suck on my dick for several more minutes; as I just enjoyed the wonderful things his mouth was doing to my aching cock. To be honest I was also enjoying watching that gorgeous face of his bobbing up and down on my prick. Between me and you ain’t nothing like watching a long thick dick slide in and out of pretty boy’s face.

"Okay, baby" I said finally. "I can’t take it anymore, I have to fuck you. I have to fuck you now before I explode.”

“Ok,” Mike smiled, as he climbed onto my lap.

I laid down on the bed and put my arms behind my head and just looked up at that captivating face of his as he reached around and took my cock in his hand. He aimed it at his sweet moist ass hole and then he gradually sat down; allowing it to side all the way into his ass. The feeling of my cock sliding into his tight hole almost made me shoot right then in there but I grabbed his waist and relaxed a little.

Mike’s ass was as tight as ever but he was definitely not dry. I stuck like one finger in there a few minutes ago so there was no way he was wet like that.

“Babe you’re as slick as a whistle…..” I laughed.

“Yeah I’ve been practicing and using that dildo you got me and wishing it was you all the time.” He smiled.

Mike started slow, but after he had got a rhythm going on he began lifting his ass up until only the tip of my cock was in his ass before gradually sitting back down and allowing my monster dick to plunge into his sweet hole.

The feeling was exquisite. I couldn't even remember the last time Mike and I had had sex, but I knew that this was by far the best sex we had ever.

I'm a bit of a control freak when I’m having sex and I like to be the one in control even when I’m the one bottoming. Despite this I just let Mike fuck himself on my cock with no interference from me. How could I not let him do whatever he wanted? I was putty in his hands and besides his tight ass bouncing up and down on my cock felt too good to interrupt.

Don’t even get me started on his facial expressions; they were so sexy, so hot that I just lay there on the bed moaning and groaning as I watched him fuck himself on my cock. What a tight ass! What a tight fucking ass!

We were both moaning and screaming our asses off as he gradually began to speed up in his bouncing on my ass. How did I almost let him slip through my fingers, a guy that was an absolute genius at sucking dick, fucking, and making love? Thank god I don’t have to worry about being away from him anymore.

Every slight movement, every grind sent a burst of pleasure shooting right through my cock to every single part of my body.

As he got faster, I started moving my hips up slightly so that I could meet each downward thrust of his ass. The feeling was wonderful and heavenly. Nothing like a tight ass squeezing and massaging a throbbing cock.

Unable to restrain myself any longer, I grabbed hold of Mike’s shoulders and started slamming my throbbing cock into him. I was slamming into his ass so hard that I actually threw him up into the air.

"Yes, yes, yes……yes FUCCCCCK YESSSSSSS!!!!" he screamed as his cock fired a string of cum all over my chest. His cum hit me on the chin and I happily licked it off.

"Ohhhh, fuuuucccck………”

“Ohhhhhh, Fuccccccck, OH SHIT!!!!!" I screamed loudly, as I slammed into his ass. As I did this I also exploded into his ass a load so big that it covered the sheets.

I kept staring into Mike’s face. I literally couldn’t take my eyes off him, his face was one excruciating pleasure from shooting his load and having me busting a nut in his ass.

"Oh Yeeeeessssss!!!" he screamed again as I drilled my leaking cock into him one final time.

His throbbing cock kept spewing his cum all over my chest and abs; just as my own cum rocketed into his ass filling it with my seed.

"Oh, shit! That was so fucking hot!" I groaned as we both finally began to calm down after cumming. I don’t think I’ve ever came so hard in my life. Panting and out of breath, Mike put his hands on my pecs before leaning forward and lightly kissing my face. His kisses were soft and sweet; everything that I had missed.

All I could think was god I missed him, as we laid there my cock still in his ass. Sweet Jesus thank you for returning him to me….

****Scene 3: Charlotte’s POV**********************

I had been having stomach pains so bad that I was certain I would go into labor any day now. I had even thought about not going to prom tonight. But I’m so glad that I changed my mind and decided to go, because if I had stayed home I would have hated myself forever for not being able to save Michael, the father of my child.

I had done some crazy things since coming to Harmony to try to get with Michael; like serenading him in front of his boyfriend, getting into all of his classes to be close to him; kissing him when we were supposed to be working on projects while his boyfriend was in the other room. None of these I regretted more than drugging and sleeping with him so that I could get pregnant with his kid.

Love makes you do crazy things and that’s exactly why instead of simply calling the police like a normal person I decided to get onto a boat with ticking time bomb on it (literally) all so that I could redeem myself in the eyes of Michael.

Deep down I knew that if given the chance to sleep with Mike again I would do it again minus the drugs and if it was mutual; no girl or guy would pass up a dick that good. But enough about Michael’s dick, I have to warn him and the others…………..even Kayla…..ughhh, before they become fish food.

As soon as I was sure the coast was clear I made a beeline for the yacht. Thank god there was a big map on the deck showing where the ballroom was or I would have never reached them in time. By the time I reached the ballroom the party was in full swing that made me a little nervous because I kept playing back the words that, that Regina woman had said about fireworks taking place when the party was in full swing. Please god don’t let me be too late. I prayed.

I noticed Kayla standing near the buffet table with her boyfriend Kevin. Jake and Brett were nearby and so were the others, but Michael was nowhere to be seen, and neither was Eric. Maybe they both had decided not to go, they were broken up last time I heard.

Almost as soon as I noticed her, Kayla noticed me. Saving no time I walked over to where she was standing and the first thing out of her mouth was “Charlotte! What the hell are you doing here?”

“Kayla it’s nice to see you two.” I smiled. “Where is Mike? Please tell me he’s not on this boat? Please tell me.”

“Charlotte you do know that it is prom right? Michael is on this boat… not that that’s any of your business.” Kayla replied smugly. “For your information he’s spending some alone time with his boyfriend…….NOT that that’s any of your business.”

“Kayla we have to put our differences aside…….think of my baby.” I said, rubbing my stomach for all to see. “This baby is innocent; and this little guy or girl is part Michael.”

“Yeah and unfortunately for that child it has part of you too.” Kayla snapped. “What is this about?”

“Michael is in grave danger!” I cried. “You all our in grave danger. We have to get out here right now. We are all going to die if we don’t get off this boat.”

“Charlotte I didn’t think you could get any crazier but you proved me wrong yet again.” Kayla laughed. “Please explain to me how we all are going to die on a party boat? I’m just dying to here this one.”

“Kayla I don’t have time for this!” I exclaimed. “I have to reach Michael, I have to warn him, I just have to. Kayla please just tell me where he is. His life depends on it.”

“Huh, like I would ever tell you where Michael was!?” Kayla chuckled. “Charlotte get real and get out of my face.”

“What do you want to do? Do you want to drug him again?” Kayla snapped.

“Kayla that is old, let it go!” I cried. “I apologized to Michael over and over again. I’m ashamed of what I did.”

“Yeah you apologized only after you stopped denying it. You raped him and you are a rapist plain and simple. Got it home girl!” Kayla yelled.

“Look I’m going to make a deal with you.” Kayla smiled. “I’m going to go get some punch, because all of this nonsense as really tired me out. All I know is you better be gone when I get back. If you are I won’t have to whup your ass.”

“You wouldn’t hit a pregnant woman.” I laughed.

“Try me and find out.” Kayla giggled, before waltzing away to fill her cup with punch.

Kayla’s departure left me alone with Kevin and Jake; and with just enough time to get the information I needed out of one of those guys……hopefully Kevin would be more forthcoming then his girlfriend.

“Ok Kevin you have to tell me where Eric and Mike are!” I cried.

“Charlotte you heard what Kayla said.” Kevin replied. “It’s not my place to tell you what room Eric and Mike are in.”

He let a little something slip and that was exactly what I had hoped he would do. “What so they are in a room? Which room?”

“They’re not here.” Kevin lied.

“Yes they are, you said so yourself.” I pressed, as I grabbed hold of his wrist. “Kevin just make it easier on both of us and tell me where Michael is. This could be a matter of life and death.”

I was so desperate to get the answers I needed out of Kevin that I would have even kissed him; but that would have landed me in hot water with Kayla so I didn’t.

“Kevin please tell me!” I begged. “Don’t you love Michael? I love him; what are you going to say when confronted with the question did you try to help him and you did nothing to help him? Please he needs me.”

“Ok, Ok, Ok.” Kevin cried. “Ok fine I’ll tell you. Kayla gave Eric and Mike a key she got for one of the suites downstairs. It was suite 102….. They left a little while ago, if you find them make sure to knock because they are either fighting or fucking.”

****Scene 4: Mike’s POV**********************

After Eric had fucked the shit out of me we just laid there on the bed holding each other. That was until we were ready to go again. But this time around it was my turn to do the fucking and I was really pounding Eric’s ass when someone busted into our room….

We had forgotten to lock the door again.

“Michael! Michael!!!! Michael!” a voice called.

“What? I cried, turning around to see who it was.” What the fuck? Charlotte what are you doing in here?”

“Michael I need to talk to you right away.” Charlotte cried.

“Charlotte is this about the baby?”

“No,” she replied.

“Ok well if it’s not about our child can you please leave.” I asked. “Can’t you see I’m kind of busy right now?”

“Yes I can see that.” Charlotte smirked. “But you don’t understand we have to get out of here right now. We have to get everyone off the boat now! There’s a bomb on the boat!”

“What a bomb?!” a familiar voice cried from behind. “What do you mean a bomb?”

“Kayla really?” Eric sighed. “Can we have a moment to ourselves?”

“Eric………Mike you guys don’t understand this is serious. There really is a bomb on this boat and we really do need to get everyone off here….NOW!!!”

“How do we know you’re not lying so that you can try to get close to Mike?” Kayla scoffed. “It’s not like you haven’t done something like that before.”

“Because I’m not lying!!!” Charlotte cried.

“Ok well I think Mike and I are a little underdressed for this conversation.” Eric chuckled as he reached for his pants. I did likewise and began putting my clothes on as well; having multiple people walk in on you having sex makes you question the locations you try to have sex at.

“Oh wait?” Kayla said. I’m getting a call……I think it’s my mom…..”

“Hello Kayla this is your mother.” My mom said over the phone. “Are you still on the prom boat?”

“Yeah…..” Kayla said uneasily. “Mom is everything ok?”

“No it’s not.” Commissioner Spencer replied. “Everything is not ok. Listen carefully…..there is a bomb on the boat!”

“What a BOMB!?!!” Kayla cried loudly. “What are you talking about a bomb? A bomb on the boat?”

“I tried to tell you that.” Charlotte muttered.

“Wait did someone just say something about a bomb being on a boat? Not this boat?” a very familiar voice added from behind. It was my sister Emily.

“Oh my god let’s just put a sign up that says anybody can come in.” I laughed.

“It’s nice to see you too little bro.” Emily giggled. “I see you and Eric made up. I’m happy for you guys now you can stop moping around. But what’s this thing about a bomb?”

“Tell me that’s a joke?” Emily added.

“No it’s not a joke……” Kayla cried. “My mother just told me that the bomb is attached to the underside of the buffet table in the main room. Guys we don’t have much time…..”

“We have to get that bomb out of here……Now!” Emily cried.

After Eric and I finished dressing we all ran over to the main room and told everybody was going on. At first nobody believed us…..that was until we found the bomb under the buffet table and held it up. After that people started screaming and running around like most people in those situation do. Some people even took it upon themselves to jump overboard whether then wait it out.

“Ahh here we are, the rite of passage for all young high schoolers their senior prom.” Regina said as she emerged from the side. “It seems like I just had my own prom.”

“Damn I didn’t know they had Prom’s in the Stone Age.” Emily shot back.

“Oh please make yourself at home……..This will be your last night on this earth.” Regina smiled.

“Were not staying!” Eric cried. “Were getting all these people out of here and were doing it now!”

“I would think again if that was what you were planning to do.” Regina laughed as she pulled out a gun. “Because I don’t think you are going anywhere.”

“My dear Charlotte did you really think we would let you just warn these good people and save them from their most deserved fate.”

“What? How?” Charlotte gasped.

“Never mind that, but you should be more careful in your snooping it could get you killed.” Regina smiled. “Now all of you would do wise to settle down because it would be a shame to ruin this fine upholstery with your blood even if is going to in pieces in a matter of minutes.

“Ok what you want from us?! Kayla yelled. “Ok you planted a bomb so what you can’t make us stay here. As soon as you leave were out of this tub!”

“My dear that’s where you are wrong. I can detonate this bomb at any time.” Regina smiled. “I just wanted to see you all so that I can tell you loved ones how you begged for mercy.”

“Lady no one over here is begging for anything.” Jake blurted.

“Yeah he’s right if this is the best you can do then that’s too damn bad.” Kayla added. “Because my grandmother could do better.”

“Wrong again,” Alistair DeVille added. “You will soon see that we have far worse in store for you and your friends….”

STAY TUNED…………………………..



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