*hotguy fades into light,

Firsthis sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by hisbulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comesinto view.

"Likethe hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hotguy flexes his muscles

*Titlesequence fades out


****Scene1: Kayla’s POV*********************************

Everythingwas so different then it was a week ago. If someone had told me a week ago thatEric and Jake were brothers I would have laughed in their face and I would havebeen quite sure that they were insane. But now I was to believe that they werein fact brothers after all.

Theman upstairs certainly has an amazing sense of humor to make the both of themnot only related but brothers too. I don’t think I’ve seen two men who dislikedeach other more in all my life. Add their mutual dislike for each other withthe fact that the both of them were madly in love with the same guy and you’vegot a real soap opera. To make matters worse I was stuck in the middle of itall; because I was friends with all three. So naturally I was in an awkwardspot desperately wanting to maintain neutrality while at the same time comfortingJake who wanted Mike but couldn’t have him because he was with Eric who wasdisliked by Jake for that very reason.

IfEric and Jake had suddenly developed some newfound brotherly affection itdefinitely wasn’t showing today at lunch. After Eric had been released from thehospital we had all made plans to hang out at Lila’s for lunch to catch up. Idon’t think I’d seen Eric in two days; while he was away lunch just wasn’t thesame. His depressed boyfriend Mike and my sleep deprived boyfriend Kevin didn’thelp the situation either. But now Eric was more than less back…….Michael hadtold us that Eric was paralyzed. But we all had hope that he would recover andthe fact that it was now Valentine’s Day made it all the better. 

Valentine’sDay was here and I just knew everything was going to get better for all of us.I had Kevin, who was like a rock for me; Eric and Mike were stronger than everand even Jake had someone. I wasn’t sure but I had my suspicions because henever smiled that much before.

“Kaylatry to help me understand why we are sitting here waiting on our friends whenwe could be doing something for Valentine’s Day?” Kevin asked.

“Becausewe haven’t seen Eric in the last couple days. I really miss him and I kind ofwanted to make sure he’s ok.” I replied. “Besides its only 1:00 so we haveplenty time for Valentine’s Day festivities.” 

“Kaylait’s not like you’re his mom.” Kevin laughed. “He does have a mom and aboyfriend who can help him get through this.”

“YeahI know that.” I replied. “But I just want to be there for him. He has to begoing through a lot, with all that’s happened to him in the last week.”

“Hahah….Kaylayou are going to make a great mom one day.” Kevin laughed.

“Doyou really think so?” I smiled.

“Yesof course.” Kevin said, leaning in to kiss me on the cheek. “Eric’s like amonth younger then you and your trying to baby him. You’re definitely the momof the group and I’m not just saying that either………definitely a mom in themaking.” He chuckled.

“Wellthat’s not going to be for a long, long……long time.” I laughed.

“Wewould make cute babies.” Kevin chuckled.

“YeahI’m sure.” I replied. “But don’t you think for a second that were not usingprotection our first time. I may act like a mom but I definitely don’t want tobe one right now.”

“Wellyou’d be a great one.” Kevin chirped.

“Sohow do you think Eric’s going to be?” Kevin asked, as we sat down at one of thetables looking out the window of Lila’s.

“Whatdo you mean?”

“LikeI’m mean how do you think he’s going to be……now that he’s…..you know in awheelchair?”

“Huh….Idon’t know.” I cried. “He shouldn’t be any more different then he waspre-paralysis. He’s still the same guy has before. His legs don’t define him…”

“YeahI know…but I read that sometimes people change when they have accidents or gothrough traumatic events.” Kevin said. 

“WhenI spoke to him on the phone earlier he seemed completely fine to me.” Iscoffed. “He and Mike should be here any minute.”

“YeahI get what you’re saying Kayla.” Kevin replied. “But if you ask me walking inon your father trying to kill your fiancé, jumping in front of the bullet onlyto wake up with paralysis and a new brother is enough to traumatize anyone.”

“Kevinnow is not the time to talk about this, quite their here.” 

Minuteslater Eric, Mike, Jake, Kevin, and I were all sitting around a table chattingit up like the good old days before everything started going downhill. EvenEric and Jake were making attempts at being friendlier with each other. Andthat was huge strides for them.

“Valentine’sDay is here guys.” I cried. “And I for one couldn’t be happier. Love is in theair and I feel like everything is going to get better for all of us. This yearis going to be the year of love for all of us…every single one of us. Iwouldn’t be surprised if next year only got better.”

“Andthat’s not all……Charlotte is nowhere in sight and I got accepted to Harmony’sUniversity’s pre-law program…..and I couldn’t be happier!”

“Kaylathat’s great!” all my friends exclaimed.

“Kaylayou’re going to HU?” Michael asked, stunned. “No way! I’m going there to nextfall!”

“ReallyMichael?” I asked. “I would have thought your parents would be making you gosomewhere a little more preppy like”………….”Harvard” I quipped using a veryobnoxious New Englander accent. One his mother was famous for.

“Yeahthat’s where they wanted me to go……but my mom took it the hardest. She actuallylectured me and she went on and on about how every member of her family hasgone to an Ivy League and how she wanted me to go too.”

“Huh.”I scoffed. “What’s wrong with HU? It’s an excellent school…..Doesn’t yourfamily donate millions to Harmony University anyways? Like it’s good enough forthat but not their kid.”

“Yeahthat’s what I told her.” Michael said. “I even told her about how HU had afantastic business program….but the main reason I wanted to go there is becauseI want to be close to Eric. Because he’s going to Saint Francis communitycollege and if I go to HU I’ll at least be in the same town if not the sameschool.”

“Youguys are so cute.” I laughed. “I can just imagine it now the two of youskipping classes to go have a little fun…..well you know what I mean.”

“Yeahthat seems about right.” Kevin laughed. “I can see them running across campusnow

“Likeyou two won’t be doing the same exact thing next semester.” Eric laughed. “Butfirst I’m going to need to get my legs back before I can do any running acrossany campuses.”

“Don’tworry Eric your legs will heal.” I replied. “I know you’ll be back to havingfun with Mike in no time.” I chuckled.

“Speakingof fun.” I said, turning to Jake. “When are we going to meet this Brett guy?”

“Umwhat?” Jake asked.

“Whenare we going to meet this Brett Guy?” I repeated.

“Actuallyyou guys are all in luck……because he’s coming here right now.”

****Scene 2: Eric’s POV*********************************************

Everyonewas shocked that Jake had met someone, me especially. This was partly because Ididn’t even know he was seeing anyone and partly because I was pretty sure hewas still hung up on my boyfriend.  We were also shocked that he wasbringing him here.

“Waithe’s on the way here now?” Kayla asked.

“Yousaid you wanted to meet him.” Jake chuckled. “And well today you can.”

“Butthere’s just one thing you guys should know before he gets here.” Jake said. 


“Wellwere still trying to take things slow...” Jake began. “He’s not really ready tocome out yet. I think the thought of coming out to his parent’s scares the hellout of him…..so please don’t draw attention to him. In his defense he is alittle new to all of this and to be completely honest with you so am I

“Ohwe’ll be on our best behavior.” Kayla giggled. “We promise.”

“Yeah.”Mike added.

“Oh,that’s him now!” Jake interjected.

“HeyBrett were over here.” Jake called out. Brett listened to the sound of Jake’svoice and followed it to our table.  If Jake’s attraction for goodlooking guys wasn’t already apparent in the fact that he wanted to be with myboyfriend….it was more than apparent when Brett walked through the door.

Thisguy wasn’t hotter than Mike; but he was damn near close. Brett had blonde hairlike me; but unlike mine which was dirty blonde his was of a golden shade. Hekind of reminded me of a mix between a young Owen Wilson (minus the screwed upnose) and Alex Pettyfer before all the muscles. He was like a cute little blondtwink.

Thisguy looked oddly familiar to me. I could have sworn I had seen him somewherebut I couldn’t place where; that was until I realized exactly where I had seenthis guy last. That place was Mrs. Duncan’s Chemistry class. I had hardly evernoticed him in class before but I knew that’s where I had seen him.

“HeyJake.” Brett said, once he had pulled up a seat right next to Jake. “I thoughtit was supposed to be just us two….for you now.” He whispered. 

“YeahI know, but that’s later.” Jake grinned. “I just wanted you to meet all of myfriends so that you get to know them………they have been dying to meet you.”

“Jakeyou didn’t tell them did you?” Brett asked worried.  

“Aboutwhat?” Jake said. “You mean about you and me? Yeah I kind had to; they knewsomething was up…….well one in particular.”

“Wellwho was that?”

“Thatwould be me.” Kayla interjected. “I knew Jake was seeing somebody but I had noidea that it would be you, Brett?”

“Ithink you’re in my econ class right?” she added.

“Yeah…”Brett said nervously.

“Dudeyou can relax.” Jake replied. “They’re not going to tell anyone about you andme.”

“YeahBrett he’s right.” Kayla blurted. “You can rest assured that your secret issafe with us…..I promise our lips are sealed.” I didn’t know if Kayla meant itbut what I did know no secret was ever safe when she became involved.

“Okayyou promise you won’t say anything.” Brett asked.

“Wepromise.” We all said in unison.

“I’dhate to break up all the fun…but Brett and I really have to get going. He saidhe was going to show me this new thing he can do with his mouth.” Jakechuckled. 

Thiscaused Brett’s face to redden like a ripe red apple.

“I bethe was!” Kayla snickered, causing us all to burst into laughter. “Don’t worrydude our lips are sealed.” She repeated.


****Scene3: Victor Chandler’s POV****************************

I hadbeen in a hospital bed for weeks months even; in a comatose state at that. ButI was finally getting out and I couldn’t be happier. I wasn’t just getting outon any old day, I was getting out on Valentine’s Day.

Nowdon’t go misinterpreting this; but I could really care less about all that bullshit hallmark lovey dovey crap that comes along with that holiday. There is onething however that damn holiday is good for and that’s putting a smile on mypretty wife’s face. And can’t nobody put a smile on my wife’s face like me;especially when it’s over a candlelight dinner.

Everythingwas just perfect; I could walk, I could talks and soon I would be back at mydesk running Chandler like I should have been all those weeks ago if that damnfool Joe Smith had shot me.  There ain’t nothing in thisworld like taking four bullets in the chest to make a man feel like a man. Ishould have been thinking that poor sucker, because to tell you the truth I hadalways been looking for an excuse to ruin him and now I had it……..But the icingon the cake was the fact that his precious son would soon be joining my family.

Everythingwas working like a charm and I didn’t have to do anything. I just woke up oneday and all over the news there were reports of that fool’s arrest.  And I couldn’t be happier,even if I had planned the whole thing myself.  I had half mind to forgive him forshooting me for the sake of both our families but if he thought he could getaway with shooting my grandson he was dead wrong. I’m sure as hell going tobury him.

Everythingwas going just fine; and just the way I liked it. The sun was shining, my wifewas coming to pick me up, and that food they served wasn’t half bad. I’d stillwouldn’t feed it to my dogs. But I was getting out of that hell hole so I couldreally care less what they served there; I was happier than a fox in thehenhouse.

Thatwas until that ugly son of bitch……Alistair DeVille walked into my hospital room.

“Whothe hell let you in here?”

“Isthat anyway to greet your old friend.” Alistair chuckled. “I’d heard you hadwoken up from your little comatose nap.”

“WhenI see a friend I’ll let you know…But one thing for sure your no friend of mine.”

“Comeon now Victor, we go way back.” Alistair laughed. “I just came here to see howyou were doing. No matter what you say we do have history…..you know that.”

“Youdamn sure I do.” I snapped. “I know exactly how you are….your here to gloataren’t you? Well don’t worry about me DeVille because I’ve may have been down;but that was because I was in coma for a month, but there’s one thing youshould know about me I never stay down for long.”

“Victoryou’ve got me all wrong. I’m just here out of a sign of good fate.” Alistairsmiled. “It’s Valentine’s Day; love is in the air and everything in the worldis right.” he laughed.

“I’mabout to make a pretty large acquisition. Its going to make DeVille Enterprisesthree times the size Chandler ever was.”

“Notthis again….When are you going to get it through your thick skull? Yourso-called company will never rival Chandler let alone compete with it. Hellthat puny corporation you run isn’t even worth being mentioned in the samesentence.”

“Wellwhat do you expect my father and I built DeVille with our bear hands it’s notour fault Chandler was founded almost two centuries before DeVille was.”Alistair said.

“Iwouldn’t be so smug…..because one day DeVille is going to be bigger thanChandler; If you’re not careful we might own Chandler one day.”

“My,my I always knew you had a few screws loose….but I don’t think I’ve ever hearda dumber thing come out of your mouth. DeVille taking over Chandler! That’scompletely preposterous….the very thought makes me laugh.”

“That’slike a goldfish trying to swallow a whale; it ain’t going to happen.” Ichuckled. “Thanks for the laugh….you definitely added a few more days to mylife.”

“Justwait….just you wait Victor.” Alistair said coldly

“Isthis about those shares you acquired when I was taking my death nap?”

“Whatshares? What are you talking about?” he asked stunned.

“Don’tplay dumb now DeVille…I know this might seem like a foreign concept to you buttry to use some intellect. You think that just because I was momentarily outfor the count I let the reins of power go. Not a chance….. You have been tryingto get your greasy hands on my family’s company for years and I do have toadmire your persistence.”

“Ithink it was real clever of you to buy my grandson Mile’s shares for twice whatthey were worth. You’ve actually done me two services; first you’re helping tofund my grandson’s escapades without me having to fit the bill, and secondlyand more importantly you’ve helped me make you look like a fool……yet again.”

“Butwhat can I say……once a fool always a fool.” I chuckled.

“Whatare you talking about?” Alistair cried. “I bought those shares from theboy…..How would that make me look like a fool? It seems to me that the onlyfool here is you. Because in addition to the public stock I have in thiscompany I now have fifteen percent of the voting stock two courtesy of thosetwo beautiful granddaughters of yours.” He laughed.

“Ithink that means I have place on your board!” he sneered.

“Ifyou think your sitting on my board you’re out of your damn mind!” I yelled back.

“Ithink I will; because I can’t wait to see the look on your face when I walkinto Chandler Monday morning. As I heads up I think I want a corner office witha view since I’m a =n important shareholder in Chandler now.”

“Don’tyou get it yet? Didn’t your mama ever teach you how to read? Because you don’town voting stock in my company and definitely not fifteen percent!”

“Whatare you talking about I bought the first five percent from your grandson Milesand my son Christian acquired the other ten percent just this morning from yourgranddaughters Amanda and Emily this morning while they were out.

“Youreally are dumber then you look. Those shares you stole are as worthless as aseven dollar bill.”

“Whatdo you mean?” Alistair asked stunned. “I know the economy’s pretty bad but Ididn’t know Chandler’s shares had plummeted. I’ll be happy to take the rest offyour hands.”

“Noyou idiot!” I cried. “Chandler is doing better than it’s ever been. Chandlershares are worth eighty dollars a pop. I’m simply saying the shares that youhave aren’t worth the paper there printed on.”

“Whatdo you mean?” he gasped.

“Theyare fake….there phonies…..completely worthless just like your attempts at acorporate takeover.” I chuckled. “Do you honestly think I would leave myalcoholic grandson in possession of five percent of the voting stock of thecompany my father and his father, and his father before him spent two centuriesbuilding?” I sneered.

“Not achance in hell.” I laughed. “The shares my grandson Miles sold you were fakebut by the look on your face I guess the cash you paid for them weren’t!” 


“Betweenme and you I’ve been awake for a week now…..I’ve just been playing possumbecause it suited my interest. The moment my men told me your son was sniffingaround my granddaughters I had their stock placed somewhere safe and I left thefakes for your son to get. I couldn’t have planned it better myself….. And Idid. But I do have to thank you for taking the bait just like I knew you would.”

“Don’tlook so glum…..I’m always ten steps ahead of everybody you’re not the firstperson I bested and you damn sure won’t be the last.”

“Oh lookslike my ride is here.” I chuckled. “You know what I think your right about lovebeing in the air…..because I’m just loving the look on your face.”

AlistairDeVille didn’t say one word but I knew he was fuming on the inside.

“Thanksagain for the cash!”

“Whatcash?” my wife Katherine asked, as she wheeled me out. Hospital policy nomatter what.

“Ohnothing dear, Just some business. You came just in time. I love you so much!How’s the Country Club sound?”

“Ilove you too Victor, but are you sure?” she asked sweetly.

“Yes Ithink a round of golf will do me good…besides I need to stretch my legs beforeour dinner tonight anyway.”

“True.”She replied. “And I do think Gloria will be there. I’ve been dying to see herand ask about her about her Christmas.”

“Goodbecause I’ve been meaning to have a chat with her husband about a certainmatter that I need a little help with.”

“Whatwould you want with a Judge? “You’re not about to cause any mischief again areyou?” she asked.

“Ofcourse not dear….of course not.”

****Scene4: Eric’s POV****************************************

Afterhaving lunch with the rest of the guys the two of us went out to dinner forValentine’s Day. We didn’t go to some fancy restaurant where all the patronswould have seen some guy sitting in a wheel chair on Valentine’s Day andinstantly pitied him.

No,instead we had dinner in a very luxurious suite at a really nice hotel. When wegot there the room was all laid out really nice. Room service, Roses on the bedand a box of chocolate too. A white linen covered table with all of my favoritefood, and two glasses of sparkling cider to top it off. Everything was justperfect; and I think it all might have something to do with the fact that Mike family’sname was on the hotel door.

“Babeyou shouldn’t have!” I cried, once we shut the door behind us. I didn’t know hehad time to even do all of this. Every time I thought I had him figured out hego and do something and make me love him even more. “Babe what about justchilling at home? You know like we planned, we could watch a movie and justcuddle.”

“Ericthat sounds great but I wanted to do something a little more special…….becauseit’s not just Valentine’s Day it’s also are five month anniversary and I wantedit to be one we both remembered.

Shit Isaid in my head; I had completely forgot. I knew I had forgot something. “Ohyeah I’m sorry babe I’ve been a little out of it.”

“Ericit’s alright you’ve been through a lot in the last few days.” Mike smiled. “Ijust wanted to do something nice for you, since you’ve done so much for me.”

“Babeanyone would have done it.” I replied.

“YeahI’m sure some of them would.” Mike said. “But not just anyone saved my life youdid and I love you for that Eric.”

“MikeI love you too.” I said. “Mike love is in the air and this food looksdelicious. I’m freaking starving……..let’s eat!”

“Waitlet’s do a toast first!” Mike cried.

“Okbabe, if you insist.” I groaned, raising my apple cider filled glass to his.“So what should we toast to?”

“Howabout love.” He replied.

“Toour love?” I smiled.

“Notjust our love. But to love for everyone; Gay, Straight, Bisexual, Trans, Black,White, Asian, Hispanic, and everyone else. Let’s toast to Love for our familyand friends too.” Mike smiled. “Let’s toast to all of our friends findingsomeone that makes them as happy as we make each other!”

“Ok.”I said, smiling back at him. “Here’s to love for all the Gays, Straights,Bisexuals, Trans, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Hispanics and everyone else living onthis beautiful planet. Love not just for one but for all!”

“AndHere’s to all of our family and friends finding someone that loves them as muchas I love this handsome man smiling at me right now and let them be has happyas I am right now.”

Afterthat excellent toast we sat the two glasses on the table and we startedkissing. First it was just pecking…..but then we started to really get into.Pretty soon we were making out like the good old times.

Imight not have been able to pick him up and carry him to the bed and go all theway but I was going to make sure that we went pretty damn far. I was kissinghim with all of my strength. Letting his tongue work its way into my mouth sothat I could invade his sexy mouth. I let my tongue swirl around in his mouthas he moaned into my own.

Ididn’t care what anyone said there was no way I could ever stop wanting to bewith him. He brought out the best in me, in every possible way. I used to be areal jerk, a real asshole to a lot of people but he changed me for the better.In a way where Mike’s ass was concerned I still was an asshole…..you are whatyou eat after all. All I knew in that moment has we kissed passionately wasthat I loved him more than anything in this world…..and that I was hooked on hislove and there wasn’t a cure insight.

Hepicked me up out of the wheelchair and carried me over to the bed. He didn’thave to go too far….but It still made me feel a little embarrassed that Icouldn’t walk and that he had to carry me to bed.

Ithought we were just going to make out some more on the bed but then he startedto pull my pants down. “Babe.” I cried, grabbing his hands as they undid thezipper to my jeans. “Babe, as much as I want to make love to you right now youknow I can’t.”

“Whosaid anything about sex?” he smiled, as he lowered himself to where my crotchwas. “I’ve got other things in mind.”

I knewwhat he was about to do and before I could stop him…..my cock was in his mouth.”

“Babeit’s not going to get hard.” I protested. “Honestly I’ve tried to get hard fordays now and nothing.”

“OnceI get you hard I want you to cut out all this feeling sorry for yourself!” Mikegiggled.

“Deal….butit’s not going to happen.” I replied.

“Babejust come back up here.” I cried. “You don’t have to do this.”

“But Iwant to.” He chirped, pausing to look up at me, his lips still touching mycock. “You’ll get hard. Just wait Eric.”

 I’ve tried……yeaoohhhhhhhh” Igroaned.



Idon’t know what he was doing with his mouth, but whatever it was it wasworking. I felt great down there and for a while I thought that I might neverfeel that way again. My legs still weren’t working but at least my dick wasjumping with new life.

“You’vejust got to try a little harder.” He grinned between the slurping sounds he wasmaking as he waxed my cock with his mouth.

“Seetold you.” He laughed, looking up at me. I looked down at him and to myamazement it was rock hard and laid right across his face. I think it mighthave even been bigger too.”

“Damndude…How did you?”

“Ihave my ways.” Mike grinned before returning to sucking the life out of mydick. After that he started sucking my dick so good I started to cry. He hadtruly blew me away in every sense of the word

****Scene5: Kayla’s POV******************************************

Afterthe gang went their separate ways to go celebrate Valentine’s Day with theirspecial someone’s, Kevin and I went back to my house. It was getting kind oflate and my parents still weren’t home (that’s what happens when your parentsare both cops) but I’m guessing they had been because of what I found in myroom.

Kevinwent to go to the bathroom and I entered my room to get a movie for us to watchand I was truly amazed at what I saw.  Lyingon my bed was this beautifully gorgeous white mini prom dress, on the carpetmatching high heels. Also on the bed was a heart shaped box of chocolate andscattered peppermints on the bed.

Idon’t know when Kevin had found the time to do all of this or even when myparents had come home to let him in to do all of this….but it was fuckingromantic as hell. “Kevin!” I called.

“Kevin!”I called again, opening the door. When I opened the door there he was standingthere all devastatingly handsome and sexy as ever in a tux that matched thedress in my room; and to make it even better he had not one bouquet of flowersbut two.

“Itake it you didn’t really have to go to the bathroom?” I giggled. 

“Nobabe I really did have to piss.” Kevin laughed. “I’ve been holding that endsince Lila’s….but I also had to change.”

“Andof course I had to get you these!” he smiled, holding both bouquets up to me.One was of white roses and the other were pink roses. “I didn’t know which onesto get you so I got you both.”

“ThanksI love them both….and I especially love the great guy who got them for me.” Isaid kissing him on the cheek as I jumped into his arms almost knocking himover.”

“I’llput them in water right away...” I said. “But where are we going? Homecomingalready happened and Prom’s not for another couple months.”

“Weregoing to The Rendezvous!” he said. 

“Oh mygod I need to clean my ears…..because I thought you said we were going to TheRendezvous.” I laughed. “But you couldn’t have said that because nobody gets inthere without a reservation.”

“Iknow that.” He laughed. “That’s why I made one two weeks ago.”

“AwwwKevin this is so romantic!” I swooned. “I feel like I’m about to go to prom oursomething…..except I’m not hungover.”

Thirtyminutes later I had put my dress on and we had drove down town to TheRendezvous; one of the hottest if not the hottest clubs in town. All overHarmony people could be seen snuggling up with their loved ones; in the park,in the windows of restaurants and even in the car next to us.

Wefinally arrived and after Kevin showed the security guard our two reservationtickets we were inside.  Ihad dreamt about going inside The Rendezvous for a long time. I couldn’t waitto tell Eric, Mike and Jake about it; it was even better then I’d ever imagined.

Theroom was filled with men and women dressed in their best suits and gowns. Theyall looked so glamourous. 

“OH MYGOD Kevin!” I cried. “This is ….This is unbelievable.”

“Ifeel like freaking princesss….no Cinderella at the ball.” I giggled. “I dare anevil stepsister to try to ruin this night for me.”

“KevinI’m so glad you finally told me how you felt about me. It only took you fouryears……and I’m really glad that you opened my eyes and made me see ChristianDeVille for what he really was.”

“I don’tknow if this really love that I’m feeling…but I do know one thing, and that’sthat there is no person I’d rather be here with, then you. Kevin I think I’mfalling in love with you.”

“Kayla I’ve always been in love withyou.” He said leaning into kiss me. His kisses felt so warm and they felt soright; not at all like Christian’s.

“Kevin I don’t know whether to danceor to keep kissing you.” I smiled.

“Well I think we could do both if youwant.” He grinned.

“I do want.” I smiled back.

STAY TUNED…………………………………………………………………………



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