****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Jake’s POV***************************************

“What!” Kayla cried “Are you serious?”

“Are you really going to tell her?” she asked all wide eyed. “That you’re Gay!” she cried, loud enough that I was sure everyone in the hall had heard me.

“Yes” I muttered. “Kayla don’t be so loud. Why don’t you say it a little louder? Because I don’t think everybody in the school heard you.” I said, putting my pointer finger to my mouth trying to get her to stop being so damn loud.

“Yeah I know.” She replied. “I’m just so happy for you. But wait a minute……….. When we talked a few weeks ago you said you weren’t ready to tell your parents you were gay. What made you change your mind?”

“Kayla I know what I said.”

“You know what to be completely honest with you I don’t know what I’m.” I cried. “Five years ago if someone would have even suggested the possibility that I might have been gay I would punched them in the face. But then the feelings, the urges I kept having wouldn’t go away.”

“When I found out that I might be gay. I couldn’t bring myself to believe it. I tried so hard for so long to hide it from everyone. I didn’t want anyone to know. I was lying to my family, I was even lying to you guys, my friends.”

“But now I don’t even care what people think. I don’t care what anyone thinks. I see the way you and Kevin are and the way Mike and Eric are with each other. I see the way you guys love each other and I see the way you make each other happy and I know I want that for myself.”

“Jake I want that for you too.” Kayla exclaimed. “Jake I’m so happy for you. Nobody should have to live a lie and you should feel comfortable being your true self. I’m so happy that you finally feel like the time is right.” She said.

“I want to be there for you.” She said. “Jake let me be there when you tell her.”

“No Kayla.” I cried. “I know you want to be the mom of the group. You have been really helpful with everything these last few weeks, and you were one of the first people I told. But I really do need to do this alone.”

“I think I know a few gay guys besides Mike and Eric.” She said. “Maybe I could introduced you to some of them. There all really hot….one of them is in college!” she winked.

“Wait a minute.” Kayla smiled. “What about that guy?”

“What guy? Who are you talking about?”

“You know what guy I’m talking about” she said giving me a little poke in the side. “You should know who he is. You had your tongue down his throat on New Year’s Eve!” she laughed.

“Oh that guy.” I replied. “He’s fun and all, his name is Brett. He’s really chill and super cool, but he’s not the guy I really want to be with.”

“You must have really wanted him that night.” She giggled. “You were all over him, you couldn’t keep your hands off him…..and I do recall that you went home with him.”

“What did you two end up doing?” Kayla laughed

“One thing led to another and I ended up fucking him.” I finally said. “Hell Yeah I was into him.” I sighed. “He’s fucking hot. Great body too!”

“What! OH MY GOD REALLY?!” she shrieked. “You guys just met!”

“Yeah.” I said. “Just relax Kayla. I promise I was safe. I used a condom the first few times, but he’s clean so, but I’m still playing it safe.”

“What you fucked him more than once?” she gasped in surprise.

“Yeah we have been fucking for the past month.” I replied.

“So that’s why you have been m.i.a the last couple days.” She laughed. “So you have been sneaking off to get your rocks off inside your new boyfriend.”

“Kayla were not boyfriends. I don’t want to date him or anything. Were just fuck-buddies for right now. The sex is fucking great!! We both agree on that, but that’s where the relationship ends.”

So you’re telling me you have been fucking some guy for the past month and you don’t have any feelings whatsoever for this guy?” she rolled her eyes. “Bull Shit! You been sticking your dick inside him for almost a month. You have to be into him a little”

“I don’t like him like that.”

“Well if you don’t like this Brett guy, you must be into some guy?”

“Kayla were going to be late” I said, trying to change the subject. “I should really be getting to class now.”

“Oh my god.” She shrieked. “So you do like a guy!! Who is it? Do I know him? Is he cute? Does he go to this school? Do I know him? Is he gay or straight?”

“Yes he’s cute, he’s more than cute he’s fucking sexy as hell. Yes he goes here and you do know him.” I replied. “He’s also hella gay.” I said jokingly

“Ok but who is he?” she pressed. “I need a name pronto.” She laughed.

“Who is he?”

“Well I have had these feelings for this guy for a while now. I really like this guy, like I can’t even get him out of my fucking head. Every time I see him I want to rip his clothes off and make love to him.”

“He’s smoking hot, I really can’t take my eyes off of him.”

“Wait but who is he?” she continued

“Kayla It’s not just the fact that he’s sexy as fuck and could literally have any guy he wanted. But he has a really great personality too. He has a great smile that lights up a room, and he’s the nicest guy I have ever met. I love everything about him.”

“Damn Jake you’re really hung up on this guy. The way you’re describing him, he sounds like a really great guy” Kayla said. “But who is he? Jake just give me a name?”

She kept pressing for me to tell her the name of the guy I was falling for. She would not rest until she knew the name of the guy I wanted desperately to fuck. If Kayla was anything she was determined. She would get the name out of me one way or another.”

“What’s his name?” she pressed. “Hurry tell me before the bell rings.” She whined as she tapped her shoe on the ground.

“Mike” I said finally cracking from her barrage of questions.

Her eyes went wide. “Wait his name his Michael” she said looking at me like I was alien from another planet. “Wait our Michael?”

“Yes” I said shaking my head in agreement.

“Oh my god!” she gasped in shock. “So that is why you have been so depressed lately. So you’re fucking this Brett guy so that you get Michael out of your head.” She cried. She now understood everything.

“Does he know?” Kayla asked. “Jake you know he’s with Eric right. Nothing can ever happen between you two. I’m telling you this as your friend.”

“Kayla I know what you’re saying. They both know or to be more accurate they both knew. I told them that I was over Mike.”

“But you’re really not?” she asked.

“Of course not.” I said. “You’ve seen Mike, were all friends for god shake. He is amazing.”

“Kayla you have to keep this to yourself.” I replied. Don’t tell anyone. Michael and Eric can’t know that I’m falling for him.”

“Do you know I caught them in the bathroom a few months ago?” I asked. “They had their hands all over each other. I was so fucking mad, at first I thought I was mad because Mike was gay…..but I realized that I was really mad because I wanted to be the one kissing all over Mike’s body like that.”

“You have to keep this too yourself.” I said. “Eric knows I don’t like him and the feeling is mutual I’m sure. But the last thing Michael needs his best friend and his fiancé fighting over him.”

“But Jake you love him, you have to tell him?”

“Kayla you know I can’t. Michael is with Eric now, I’m just going to have get over him.” I said. “Even if my heart can’t have what it wants, at least I can satisfy my dick with this new guy.”

****Scene 2: Michael’s POV***********************************************************

After finding out that someone had tried to kill my grandfather for the second time I realized that I had to find out the real person who had tried to kill my grandfather, and I had to do it fast. I had no idea how I would find out who this person was. I found it absolutely preposterous for the police to think that Haley was the culprit. I knew it couldn’t be her, no matter how much she disliked Eric and me. I looked her in the eyes for God shake, and she told me that she was innocent.

I didn’t know what to do, everything was moving way to fast. The new district attorney wanted to close the attempted murder case as soon as possible. She would likely throw the book at Haley Macy. I couldn’t let that happen, I knew she was innocent. Don’t ask me how I knew, but something inside me, led me to believe that someone else had shot my grandfather all those weeks ago. I had tried really hard not to hate the person who had done this to my grandfather, but despite all the bad and underhanded things my grandfather had done he didn’t deserve to be shot in cold blood.

I finally came to me right after Eric had fucked the cum out of me. We were showering and getting ready for school when I finally realized that I could find proof of who really shot my grandfather. My grandfather had to have some records of communication between himself and the person responsible for putting him in a coma. I was going to find it; I finally had something to work with. I don’t know why it didn’t come to me sooner.

It’s really funny how after emptying a balls worth of cum all over your sheets, that you can think more clearly. In this case emptying a load and having a load explode inside of me had made me see. Funny how things work out like that.

“Eric” I called as we walked inside the school building. “Isn’t that Jake and Kayla over there.” I said as I pointed across the hall. The hall wasn’t has crowded as it usually was, so I assumed everyone was headed off to class.

“Yeah I think that is.” Eric replied. “It looks like their some deep conversation. Where do you think Kevin is?”

“I don’t know, he could already be in class. It’s already pretty late.”

“Kayla! Kayla, Jake! Jake!” we called as we ran over to where they were standing. They must have been talking about something very intense because as soon as Eric and I ran over to them, they both stopped talking.

“Hey, don’t stop on our account” Eric Joked.

“Yeah what’s going on?” I asked “The conversation seemed to be very intense. Don’t stop on our account.”

“Yeah I think class started like five minutes ago” Eric chuckled. “What are you two still doing out here?”

Kayla and Jake both looked at each other, giving that all too familiar side glance. I’m pretty sure they didn’t realize that I noticed them though. “Um nothing…..” Jake murmured. “We were just….”

“We were just coming up with surprise for you and Eric’s wedding.” Kayla blurted, effectively cutting Jake off.

“Why? Really” Eric laughed. “We’re not getting married for another six months or so.”

“Yeah we wanted to get started early.” Kayla quipped.

“I’m sure.” I laughed.

****Scene 3: Eric’s POV**********************************************

We didn’t have much time to discuss why Jake and Kayla were in the hall, or what they were talking about. Michael and I had arrived to school late and we would be getting to class late too. For me that was a common occurrence, I didn’t care I just wanted a few more minutes with my boyfriend.

I was already late as hell, so I might as well be a little later. Not to mention my homeroom teacher Mrs. Duncan was a real pain in my ass, and I loved to piss her off. I walked Mike to his class. Before he could turn the door handle to open it, I pulled him back and I kissed him, hard.

“Mmmmmm babe, you taste so good.” I said coming up for air.


“What babe?” I whined. “I don’t want stop kissing you.”

“Um babe we have company.” He said.


“It’s Charlotte she’s headed this way.” He replied. I turned around and sure enough Charlotte was walking towards us. I had forgot that she and Michael and the same homeroom. She was pregnant and was now she was starting to show significantly.

“Babe, let her look. I don’t give a fuck” I laughed as I pressed my lips against his lips, forcing my tongue into his mouth as we made out. He was hesitant at first, because Charlotte was still walking towards us as we made out. But soon he was kissing me like were alone in his room again.

“Hey Michael” Charlotte called out. I can’t believe she had the nerve to speak to Michael, after what she had done to him. If Kayla was here, she would have flipped.

After reluctantly greeting Charlotte, Michael and I parted ways. I ran to class, I was now more than twenty minutes late to class. But I didn’t care, let Mrs. Duncan wait.

When finally arrived to Mrs. Duncan’s class to say that she was not happy with my late arrival would have been a gross understatement.

“I see you are late again Eric” she said coldly, letting the end of my name hang on the edge of her tongue.

I quickly sat down at my assigned seat. “I see you are still old as fuck, and fat as hell.” I muttered under my breath. It was just loud enough so that a few classmates nearby started snickering. Mrs. Duncan was not happy, at all.

“What did you say?” She snapped, her face was bright red.

“You know what your attitude is horrible.” She yelled. “I think you have come to this class late, one too many times. So you know what? You’re going to stay after.”

Oh God, here Mrs. Duncan was again giving me fucking lecture, like I was fucking three years old. Some things never change.

“That’s awesome” I replied, acting like I didn’t give a damn.

“See you there.” I shot back.

“And Don’t BE LATE EITHER!” she snapped at me.

“I wouldn’t dream of it.” I laughed. Everyone started laughing up a storm. The whole class was having a ball with what was going down. I was pretty amused my own self.

After those first tense few minutes of class, everything returned to some degree of normality. If you can call a teacher lecturing on the same thing for thirty minutes without trying to even engage the students normal. Will just go with that. That’s the American school system for you in all of its glory.

A few boring classes later and it was lunchtime. I couldn’t wait to see Michael. He wanted to come over to my house this afternoon to hang out, but unfortunately that would have to wait, because now I had detention.

“Wait you got detention for being late?” Kayla laughed. If she would have laughed any harder milk would have come running out of her nose.


“Oh my god, that’s fucking crazy” she chuckled. “I never make it to class on time and I never get detentions for some bull shit like that. You had to have done something else!”

“Well I kind of called her old and fat……and I think she might have heard me.”

“Eric babe!” Michael cried. “You can’t do that.” He laughed. “No wonder she gave you detention. But wait weren’t you suppose to meet me at your house tonight?”

“Yeah I know babe.” I sighed. “You’ll just have to wait up for me a little bit. I hope that doesn’t bother you too much.”

“That doesn’t bother me at all.” Michael said, as he made little kissy faces at me. “I would wait a lifetime for you.” I pulled him in and kissed him.

“Ok you two lovebirds.” Kayla laughed. “People are starting to stare.”

“Let them stare.”

“Dude what are you going to do?” Kevin asked.

“What do you mean?”

“About detention.” Kevin said.

“I’m not going to do anything.” I chuckled. “It’s not like I haven’t been to detention before,”

“God knows that true.” Kayla giggled

“Shut up Kayla” I laughed.

“Guys my mother just told me this morning that Haley’s trial isn’t as far off as we thought.” Kayla said. “Her trial is tonight. If we’re going to find out who really shot Victor were going to need to do it now, and were going to need to do it fast.”

“Wait! What?” Michael cried. “I thought we had more time. I thought the trial wasn’t until Friday.”

“Yeah that was last week.” Kayla replied. “But the new District attorney wants to get a conviction as soon as possible. She thinks she can get a conviction because all of the evidence points to Haley Macy; even though Haley has been denying any involvement in it.”

“That’s because she’s innocent.” Michael cried.

“That’s yet to be determined.” Kayla laughed.

“Guys why don’t we just break Haley out of jail and just hide her from the police until we can find out who really shot your grandfather, Mike.” Jake chuckled jokingly.

“Hell no.” Kayla laughed. “So that we all can end up and jail just like Haley. No thanks, I don’t want to go to jail anytime soon, especially not for Haley Macy.”

****Scene 4: Michael’s POV*******************************************

School went by pretty fast and I soon found myself kissing Eric goodbye. I wished him luck in detention after school ended and I immediately drove over to Chandler Tower to look at my grandfather’s computer. One thing about being acting President of Chandler Industries meant that I now had power I had never known before, and I also had access to everything. Company records, stocks, bonds, account passwords, and of course the password to my grandfather’s work computer, that he kept at his office.

If my grandfather was communicating with someone who wanted him dead the evidence would definitely be on his computer. I walked into the building and everybody from janitors, to secretaries and even company executives were all greeting me very formally, calling me Mr. Chandler.

It was all very refreshing. But all that authority was also a little bit overwhelming, even for a nineteen year old. I didn’t let the new authority phase me, I hopped in the elevator. When I got out of the elevator it was on the twenty-eight floor, the executive suites.

I found my grandfather’s office pretty fast. You couldn’t miss it had a name plate on it. Instead of my grandfather’s name, it said my name; under which it said President.

“Good evening Mr. Chandler” one of the nearby secretaries said. I don’t know her name, but I think it might be Susan or something. “A folder with a list of this month’s acquisitions is on your desk.”

“Thank you” I said. “I’m sorry Miss I don’t know your name.”

“It’s Mary, Sr.”

“Thank you Mary” I replied as I opened the door to my grandfather’s office. My jaw nearly dropped when I closed the door behind me. The office was freaking huge, very luxurious, but that is not what shocked me. What had shocked me was the fact that it appeared from the appearance of the room that I had stepped back in time to the 1980s or early 1990s, because of all the late twentieth century artifacts in the room. Everything looked ancient, a complete contrast with the more modernist look and décor in the rest of the building.

My grandfather was a conservative at heart, and was devoted to tradition. To change an office décor where he had presided over so much success for Chandler would have been unthinkable. I hope my grandfather had at least changed it from when my great-grandfather had ran the company. Judging by old photographs, thankfully he had. Even if it was a little.

I sat down at the oak desk and opened up the computer. I waited for it to turn on; but once I turned it on it didn’t take long for me to put in the password.

Once I logged on to the computer I didn’t know exactly what I was looking for; but I knew I had to find something, anything to prove that someone else was responsible for shooting my grandfather.

I think I had been searching my grandfather’s computer for almost an hour when I was just about to give up. I thought all was lost. That was until I had nearly reached the end of my grandfather’s files. It was a digital copy of what appeared to be a love letter. For a second I thought that it might have been a love letter my grandfather had written to my grandmother all those years ago. But then I began to read it, and I realized that it wasn’t written by my grandfather, it was written by someone completely different….

It read as follows:

“My dear Joe, I know that I’m leaving town next week. I wish with all my heart that I could stay here with you. But I know I have to leave, I know that it is too risky for me to stay here in Harmony. Our secret has to be kept at all costs. I just want you to know, that the year we spent together was the best year of my entire life. I will cherish this year for as long as I live. I write this letter to tell you that I’m pregnant, the child is yours. You don’t have to worry I will keep the true paternity a secret for the rest of my life. I intend to take that secret to the grave. No one must ever know for the sake of both our families no one must ever know, you are the child’s father.

With Love,

Meredith Rose.”

After reading the letter I was completely shocked. There was only one man in Harmony with that name that my grandfather hated and that man was Eric’s father Joe Smith. The letter didn’t give a last name, so I was going off a hunch. I hoped it wasn’t true, I didn’t want to confront Eric’s father; but how could I get to the truth if I didn’t. I had to go tell Eric at once, maybe we could confront him together. But how could I tell him that his father, if the Joe in the letter was indeed his father, had an affair while he was married. If Eric found out he would have become even more estranged from his father, but it was the only the thing I had to go on to save Haley Macy from going to jail for something that she did not do. But I still two unanswered questions, what happened to the child? And who was Meredith Rose?

STAY TUNED………………………





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