*hotguy fades into light,

Firsthis sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by hisbulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comesinto view.

"Likethe hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hotguy flexes his muscles

*Titlesequence fades out


****Scene1: Michael’s POV*********************************

AfterI left Lila’s I walked back to Eric’s house. By the time I reached hisneighborhood the two lattes I had bought for us were now only mildly warm….theywould both have to be heated up. Good thing Eric didn’t mind drinking it cold.When I walked inside Eric was nowhere to be found, neither was his mother. 

Perhapshis mother had taken the news so badly that she had left. But that wouldn’texplain why Eric was now missing. I walked upstairs and entered his room andthat’s when I found him. He was seated on the side of the bed….his wheelchairwasn’t far off. Presumably his mother had helped into the bed; how such a tinywoman like that had managed such a feat was a mystery to me.  Howeverexactly Eric got on the bed, that’s where I found him.

“EricI’m back.” I cried. “I brought your favorite! Cheesecake! I hope you don’t mindbut the lattes are a little cold. They are both Apple Pie flavored because werebasic.” I laughed.

“Thanksdude!” he said, looking up at me with those big beautiful eyes of his. To getlost in them would have been wonderful. “You know I don’t mind about them beingcold; I’m just glad your back.”

“Wasit that bad?” I asked, hugging him, before I preceded to take a seat beside himon his bed.

“Waswhat that bad?” he asked all wide eyed.

“Yourtalk with your mother.” I began. “Eric I know it must have been really hard foryou to have to tell her about all the despicable things your father did. But youand I both know that nothing stays secret in this town for very long.”

“Babeit would have eventually come out. It’s just good that she found out from youand not somewhere else like in the courtroom.” I continued.

“Speakingof your mother where is she anyway?” I asked. “Eric say something. How did yourmom take the news? She must be mortified.”

“Babestop!” Eric finally spoke. “She’s not mortified or horrified or anythingbecause I didn’t tell her.”

“Whatdo you mean you didn’t tell her?”

“Imean I didn’t tell her.....I didn’t tell her ok!” he cried. “After you left Ihad every intention of telling her everything….including about how Jake isactually my brother. I really did mean to tell her everything but when itfinally came down to it…..I just couldn’t do it……I just couldn’t.”

“Ericif you don’t tell her the truth somebody is going to.” I replied. “When I leftshe had all kinds of questions about how you got that gunshot wound and whyyour father was now in jail. She wouldn’t have just left it alone.”

“Shedidn’t leave it alone.” Eric said. “She wouldn’t leave it alone no matter howmuch I tried to get her to drop the subject. So I had to tell her something. Ididn’t tell her everything but I did tell her that my father was really tryingto shoot you and that I jumped in front of the gun.”

“Ericthat’s not going to be enough.” I replied. “She’s going to want to know whyyour father tried to shoot me and why he shot my grandfather. The truth isgoing to come out and she’s going to be devastated when it does.”

“Mikeyou have to understand.” Eric replied. “I can’t be the one to tell her. Thiswould crush her…..my mother loves my father; and even though I hate him withevery bone in my body I can’t bring myself to break her heart like that.”

“Besidesshe was mad as hell when I told her I jumped in front of a gun.” He continued

“BabyI do understand. I really do.” I began. “But I’m just worried aboutyou….because one way or another she will find out about what your father did. Ijust want to be there to help you get through this.”

“Andyou are.” Eric interjected.

“Iwant to be here for both you and your mother. Eric you know your mother is likea second mother to me. God knows she’s certainly seen a lot of me.” I replied.Do you remember when she caught us in your bed? I was so embarrassed!” Ichuckled. “And you didn’t even stop thrusting and she was looking right at you.”

“BabeI couldn’t help it.” Eric blushed. “You know I can’t resist you.” He saidletting his hand make a sensual journey down my leg.

“Waita minute you never said where your mother was?” I asked. “Her car’s not in thedriveway.”

“Ohrelax she went to see my father.” Eric said all calm like. 

“What!”I exclaimed. “Are you sure that’s wise. Aren’t you worried about him tellingher about his indiscretions with Jake’s mother?”

“No Inot worried at all.” Eric chuckled, completely unnerved. “My father is too muchof a hypocrite to look my mother in the face and tell her the truth. He wouldnever tell her that the whole time he was trying to convince her to hate yourfamily; she really should have been hating him.”

“Ericcalm down.” I replied, kissing him on the cheek. I got up and was about to walkout the room when Eric called. “Babe don’t go!

“Idon’t want to sleep alone.” He continued. “I need you. I want you and I wantyou in my bed tonight. Please don’t go! Please stay the night!”

“Ericyou know I would love to….but my mom” I began. “I would love to and I will.” Ismiled. This caused Eric’s eyes to light up. He looked so happy. I had promisedmy mother that I would spend the night in my own bed, in my own home becauseshe was starting to miss me. But unfortunately I would have to break thatpromise because I couldn’t bear to leave Eric alone…..not like this. He was sohurt and he hated being paralyzed already and not being able to make love to melike he wanted made him hate it even more.


****Scene2: Joe Smith’s POV********************************

Eversince I had first been arrested my cell had seemed like New York City’s grandcentral station. I never ceased to have visitors it seemed. But they weremostly visitors who were not too happy to see me. These visitors includedgreasy Lawyers, angry prosecutors, and even a few upset high society women whofrom the looks of it had never spent a night in jail let alone step foot in aprison.

Tonightwas no exception; visitors just kept coming. I had in the course of a week injail become rather used to the throngs of visitors. But I was completelyshocked when I found my wife standing there before me; nothing but a cellstanding between me. She looked upset.

“Carolwhat’s wrong? You shouldn’t be down here.”

“Joe!WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK IS WRONG?!” she yelled into my ear. “What do youmean I shouldn’t be here?” For a small sweet woman she definitely had a mouthon her.

“Joedo you even KNOW HOW many times I’ve tried to call you?” she continued to yell.“Only to find out that your ass has been sitting in jail for a week….AN ENTIREWEEK for shooting TWO PEOPLE!”

“Honeycalm down.” I said, putting my hands up to the bars.

“Don’ttell me to calm down JOE SMITH!” she cried. “How can you tell me to calm downwhen the other person you shot was your own son…..in an attempt to shoot yourson’s fiancé. How could you do such a thing?”

“Carolyou don’t understand.” I replied.

“Joewhat the hell do you mean?” Caroline cried. “You better make damn sure that Iunderstand. And I do mean everything. Why would you want to shoot such a sweetboy?........it just doesn’t make any sense.”

“Carolyou wouldn’t understand.” I said, “Just please go. I can’t tell you…..you justwouldn’t understand.”

“Whatthe hell Joe!? How could you say that?!” she yelled. “Joe we have been marriedfor twenty years. We made a vow to have a marriage based on honesty not LIES!”

“I’masking you to tell me the truth and you’re feeding me more lies!”

“Carolyou know I never liked those Chandlers.” I pleaded. “Victor Chandler destroyedmy father….he drove him to the brink of suicide. He stole his land right fromunder him all because he had the power and the deed to do it.”

“Joedon’t give me that bull shit!” Carol yelled. “About some long ago ancientfamily feud. This is about something whole lot more. I know it. I can see it inyour eyes you are lying!”

“CarolI’m not lying I do hate the chandlers.” I pleaded. “Every last one of them,including that one who stole my son away from me.”

“Joestop lying to me!” she yelled at my face. She was furious and her face was asred as a cherry tomato. If she knew the real reason I had tried to shoot myson’s boyfriend she would have been even more furious and our marriage wouldhave definitely been over. 

“Ifyou hated the kid so much why didn’t you try to shoot him when I told you Ifound him in bed with our son. With our son’s cock buried inside him?”

“I’lltell you why not…..” she screamed. “Because you’re still lying to me. You arehiding something from me. Tell me what is right now!”

“CarolI can’t….you know I can’t.”

“Iguess our wedding vows don’t really mean much.” She cried. “If you can’t evengive me enough respect to be honest with me.”


“Carolyou don’t mean that.” I pleaded. “You have to remember what we mean to eachother.”

Justthen a guard came downstairs. He come downstairs because my wife was causing adisturbance. “Ma’am can you keep it down…some of the other prisoners are tryingto sleep.”

“Tellthem to close their damn ears!” my wife shot back. “Joe I really hope it wasworth it. I really hope it felt good to shoot Victor Chandler………because when hegets out of that coma……and he will he’s going to ruin you.”

“He’sgoing to make sure you pay for what you did….and I for one will not stand byyour side if all you can do is lie.”

“Itold you how much I hated the Chandlers.” I cried. “But you just didn’tunderstand. Just know that you can’t trust any of them”

“Thereyou go again talking about the Chandlers. You keep saying that the Chandlersare all bad…..but the only person I see sitting in a jail cell would be you. Sotell me again who can’t I trust?”

“Becauseit sure as hell ain’t you!” she yelled.


****Scene3: Christian DeVille’s POV (The Next Day) *************************

It hadbeen several weeks since my parents had revealed to me that they knew exactlywho had shot Victor Chandler. I was shocked but they would not reveal to me whohad really pulled the trigger; they only stated that they knew who it was andthat Haley Macy wasn’t the one who did the deed. I pressed the issue but theyrefused to tell me.

But amonth later the secret was out and the whole world learned who had really shotVictor Chandler. It turned out it had really been Eric’s father who had firedfour rounds into his fiancé’s grandfather. Imagine that, Eric’s father shot hisfiancé’s grandfather at Michael and his engagement party; if Eric’s fatherdidn’t go to jail for the two attempted murders it would have made for wholelot of drama at the dinner table especially during the holidays.

Iturned the television on when I woke up in the morning and there it was again,splashed all over the news. The real person involved in the Victor Chandlershooting displayed prominently on every local channel in town. 

“Notthis mess again.” I cried tossing the remote to the side of my bed. I hoppedoff the bed and grabbed my nearby robe from off my desk chair.  “Ok great….we know who shothim….But we don’t need to hear about it every five seconds!”

Iwrapped my robe around me and walked downstairs. When I reached the end of thebannister I was greeted by my family’s faithful servant. We called him Ramsley.I had no idea what is first name was or even if that was actually his surname.All I knew was that was what my parents called him, so that’s what I calledhim. He was not the only servant employed in the mansion but he was the mostsenior. He had been in my family’s employment longer then I could evenremember; definitely older than I had been alive. Ramsley was significantlyolder then both my parents by a good thirty years or more.

“Goodmorning Master Deville.” Ramsley addressed me. “Your parents are in theLibrary. I was just about to go up there, to let you know that they requiredyour presence downstairs.”

Ifollowed Ramsley into the Library and once I was inside he closed the doorbehind me leaving me alone in the room with my parents. My incessantlydemanding parents. They were seated by the fireplace and once I entered theroom they rose from their seats and walked over to where I was standingtrembling from the cold air in the drafty old room.

“Ramsleysaid that you wanted to see me.”  Ibegan. “What is this about?” I had just woken up and I was still a little outof it.

“Thisis about something that is very important and dear to our hearts….both yourmother and I.” my father replied. “We wish to know of your progress in themission we have undertaken.”

“Mom….Dad.”I started. I knew exactly this was about. This was about me wooing Chandlerheiresses to gain control of more Chandler stock. They would not be pleasedbecause in months’ time I was no closer to achieving their goal

“Ramsleywas right. Your father and I both wished to see you.” My mother chimed in.  “We would like to discuss thegreat matter we discussed a few weeks ago. We had hoped to have gained majoritycontrol of that insipid family’s company by the end of the month while theirpatriarch was in the hospital. But unfortunately it has come to our attentionthat we are no closer than we were four weeks ago.”

“Wegave you one thing to do….and that was to acquire more Chandler stock.” Mymother said coldly. “We asked you to woo those three Chandler heiresses andgain their stock. We told you to use your imagination, to be creative, but togain their stock nevertheless. But you have failed in that task.”

“Whathave you been up too!” my father yelled. “We could have eighteen percentfoothold in that company by now, but all we have is a measly 4.5%!” my fatheryelled.

“Fatherit’s not my fault.” I cried. “No one in that family wants anything to do with aperson with the last name Deville.  Youboth know this family is despised in this town.”

“Wedon’t give a damn what the pathetic common people of this town think.” Myfather sneered. “They are nothing but pawns to be used at our pleasure!”

“Butwhy?” I cried. “Why is it so important? Why is it so important for us to gaincontrol of Chandler? It’s not like we need the money, DeVille Enterprises ishuge.”

“Yesthat’s true.” My mother replied. “DeVille Enterprises is our pride and joy butChandler dwarfs it and both size and revenue. We need that company if we are tocontinue with our lucrative business.”

“Whatkind of business are you talking about?” I asked.

“Thebusiness that we speak of is or no concern just complete the task.” My motherreplied. “Just know that the current situation is putting a strain on us. Butwith a company of that size, not the government and definitely not this punypolice department would ever know.”

“Oh myGod!” I cried. “You want to use Chandler to launder money.” They didn’t answerme, but I knew that was exactly what they were planning on doing with Chandler.The Deville’s had long been known for their illegal dealings in this town; theleast of which was money laundering.

“Youcan’t be serious!” I cried. “The Chandlers would never allow something likethat to happen to their family company let alone sit back and let you do that!” 

“Itdoesn’t matter what they will allow…..we will have complete control of theircompany all in good time and there won’t be damn thing they can do about it!”my mother laughed coldly. “I can’t wait to see the look on their snobbish faceswhen they see that their precious company is in the hands of the DeVilles!”

Myparents had to have known that I was right. The Chandlers were very proud ofboth their two hundred year old family owned business as well as their verydistinguished family background; that included Native American Chiefs, Africanroyalty, European nobility and even a few American Presidents (the firstAmerican president in particular) as well.

And asfor the snobbish ways of the Chandler family, that was very real because thatentire family prided themselves on their long history and their exquisitefamily tree that was filled with blue-veined men and women with fair skin,colored eyes and curly hair; and they were very proud of that fact.

Theyalso looked down on anyone who was considered unrefined, and lacking in genteelmanners, family respectability and pristine pedigree. Because of this thatwhole family (except perhaps Michael and his grandmother the only good ones inthe bunch) looked with equal disdain on both the nouveau riche (of which theDeVilles, my family were unfortunately members) as well as the poorer membersof society. To say that they were just as aristocratic as any of their whitecounterparts across the color line would have been a very accurate assumption. 

“Won’tit be a supreme treat to see the members of that family get what they so richlydeserve.” My mother sneered. “Always looking down at us with their noses heldhigh.”

“Reginadid I ever tell you what my father once told me? My father once said that theChandlers have more blue blood in their veins then a stray dog has fleas on hisback!” he laughed.

“Alistairyour too funny.” My mother squealed in amusement. “Imagine it. Once we’vegained control over their company and bled it dry they won’t dare look down onthis family ever again.”


****Scene4: Michael’s POV**************************************

Ispent the night at Eric’s house. We slept in the same bed and he clung to meall night. It felt so good to be in his bed and to be wrapped in his strongarms. Despite not being able to walk he more than made up for that with hisarms. I couldn’t keep him off me; literally. We didn’t have sex or anything….Idon’t think it was physically possible at the moment.

Wejust laid there in his bed all night holding onto each other; his arms aroundme and my arms around him. It felt so good to feel his arms around me; yeah sexwould have been great…..but looking over and seeing that handsome face was somuch better. Every time I woke in the night and tried to get up to go thebathroom he would always reach out for me; even in his sleep. Finally everytime I awoke in the night I would look over at him…..and every time I did thisI would see a smile dancing across his beautiful sleeping face. He must havebeen dreaming a marvelous dream.

I hadnot intended to spend the night at Eric’s house but he had persuaded me to doso…….so I decided to stay. How could I say no to such a face? Especially one ashandsome as his. The short answer I couldn’t.

When Iawoke in the morning Eric was already up. He was fiddling on his phone.  “Good morning babe.” Hesmiled as he leaned in and kissed me.

“Goodmorning Eric.” I replied.

A fewminutes later my phone rang. I answered it; it was my mother. She must havebeen calling me to let me know that I was supposed to be home hours ago. “HeyMom. I’m sorry I didn’t come home last night…..I would have come home but Ineeded to be with Eric.”

“Helloson. Michael never mind that.” She replied. “That’s not why I’m calling.There’s something very important that I need to tell you.”

“Whatis it?” I asked.

“Ican’t tell you over the phone. It’s much too important. Just get to thehospital right away! I’ll tell you everything when you get there.”

“OkI’ll be there in a little bit.” I said, ending the phone call.

“Whatwas that?” Eric asked. “Don’t tell me you have to go already. You just wokeup.” he said half yawning and half protesting. “Babe I barely got to spend anytime with you since I got….well you know.”

“EricI’m only going to be gone for a little bit.” I replied. “That was my mother onthe phone. She didn’t say what it was. But somethings happened at the hospitaland she wants me come there right away.”

“Okfine…if you must go hurry back.” He smiled. “I’ll be here when you getback….Not like I go anywhere in my present condition.” He laughed.

Ikissed him goodbye, got dressed, and hurried over to the hospital. When I gotto the hospital I found my mother and father in the waiting room. They were notalone my twin sister Mikayla was there, my younger brother Wesley too; even myelder sister Emily was there. Whatever had happened at the hospital must havebeen very serious to warrant an end to my elder sister’s “European travels.”That’s what my grandfather had called it when a member of the family hadembarrassed the family and was sent off to Europe to hide from the press. 

Embarrassingthe family was something my elder sister and my cousin Miles were all toofamiliar with as a result of their various escapades which had resulted intheir expulsion from nearly every prestigious academy, boarding school, andcollege in New England as well as a few on the European continent. My eldersister had even attended Harvard (our family’s preferred Ivy League school) fora few years; that is before causing a scandal which had gotten her banished bymy grandfather to Europe where she was enrolled in Oxford. 

Myfamily’s money being more than enough to gain her acceptance there; after awhile she grew bored of that and withdrew from the university.  She had no doubt spent thelast few months in Europe doing God knows what with God knows who. I did knowthat whatever it was that my sister was doing in Europe my grandfather wouldnot have been happy. It was a very good thing he was in a coma for her atleast. I had no idea why my grandfather chose to be hard on everyone in thefamily while favoring me. When I was younger I relished the special attentionmy grandparents gave me, but now that I was older I felt ashamed of it. Iespecially felt this shame when I was growing up and my cousins and sisterincluded would tease me calling me the “heir”. It wasn’t my sister’s fault forbeing born a girl, nor mine for being a boy, nor even my cousin Miles for beingborn three months after my own birth. But Whatever the reason for my sister’slong absence from Harmony she was now home once more.

“Michael!”Emily called when she saw me. She ran to me and nearly jumped in my arms. “HeyEmily…..” I said. “I’m glad you missed me…..but you’re crushing my bones.” Isquealed.

“I’msorry little brother.” She chuckled in that all too familiar annoying oldersibling attitude of hers. “I missed you so much.”

“Wellmaybe you should spend more time here and not in Europe.” I smirked. “I missedyou too.”

“Ahhhall that time in Europe and I forgot how annoying my siblings were.” Shelaughed. “I see you have been busy while I was away. I go away to Europebecause of indiscretions and you stay home and come out.”

“God Iwish I could have seen mother’s face.” She laughed. “She must have been sohorrified….her eldest son shacking up with some guy.”

“Atleast Eric’s not like the guys you’ve been shacking up with.” I retorted. “Iknow that’s why grandfather sent you away in the first place.”

“Let’snot talk about that.” She replied. “Just tell me about Grandfather……How did hetake it? He must have been like mother. I actually saw news of your engagementsomewhere in the papers. I think I was in Paris at the time.

“Grandfathertook it surprisingly well.” I said, breathing in a little. “I was more thansurprised. I was astonished at how well he took the news. You were still inEurope so you don’t know but I actually told them over Thanksgiving Dinner. Thepapers didn’t print that because grandfather didn’t want them too.”

“Andhe’s alright with this?” Emily asked.

“Ithink he’s completely accepted the fact that I’m with a guy.” I replied. “Heled me into the library that same night and told me himself that he wouldrather I lead this family than any other member.”

“WowGrandfather’s certainly changed since I last saw him.” She laughed. “He seems awhole lot nicer. I thought it was just because of all the medicine they havehim doped up on. But now that you’ve told me this he must be getting a heartafter all.”

“Whatdo you mean he seems nicer?” I asked stunned.

“What?You don’t know?” Emily asked. “Grandfather’s not in a coma anymore he woke uplast night. That’s why I’m here he asked for the whole family to comeback……even Miles has been allowed to come home. And we all know what he’s doneis far worse than anything I have done.”

“What?He’s awake!” I cried. “Where is he?”

“He’sin the same room as before.” My mother interjected, having walked over to wheremy sister and I were standing. “He really wants to see you.”

Minuteslater I was standing before my grandfather. However instead of a sleeping oldman in a coma; he was now fully awake and upright. “Ahhh!” he cried. “Mygrandson you do not know how good it feels to see you here before me.”

“Justlook at him Katherine.” He laughed, turning to my grandfather. “Just look athim I’m been in a coma for….What was it?”

“Almosta month dear.” My Grandmother replied sweetly.

“Justlook I’ve been gone for nearly a month and just look at how tall he’s gotten.”He chuckled.

“Yes Ithink he gets that from your side dear.” My grandmother cooed. “And I dobelieve he’s gotten a whole lot handsomer since the last time I saw him.”

“Hedefinitely gets that from your family Katherine.” My grandfather chuckled. “Ido recall both your father and your brother were both pretty peacocks back intheir day.” I wasn’t quite sure why my grandfather was using a century year oldslang term for a pretty boy to compare me to my grandmother’s side of thefamily. But I guess I would just take it as a compliment.

“I dobelieve so.” My grandmother laughed to herself. “I’ve been told that all themen in my family were rather gallant beaux in their youth. And our grandson israther handsome.”

“Hellograndfather.” I replied. “We were all so worried about you when you went intothe coma last month. It really is good to see you too. How are you feeling?”

“Dammit!Dammit!” My grandfather yelled. “Why does everyone keep asking me how I feel. Ifeel fine goddammit!”

“Ignoreyour grandfather dear.” My grandmother whispered. “He’s just upset thehospital’s keeping him here for an extra day. I told him that it was just tomake sure that his wounds are all healed up nice.”

“I’mnot mad at him woman!” my grandfather yelled. 

“Dearyou must remember what your doctor said.” My Grandmother cooed. “He said noover exertions of any kind.”

“I’mmad at that damned bastard! JOE SMITH!” he yelled. “He thinks he can unloadfour bullets into me and get away with it! The nerve of that man to pull a gunon my grandson I don’t think so. He’s dead wrong.” I didn’t know how he knewabout that part of the story; but he knew about it and was none too pleased.

“Butdear he’s not getting away with it.” My grandmother replied. “As we speak he’ssitting in a jail cell. The poor man must be mad you can’t hold that againsthim.”

“Idon’t give a damn if he’s in a jail cell right now.” My grandfather yelled.“I’m not going to rest until I’ve buried him underneath that Jail!”


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