****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

*****Scene 1: Jake’s POV*********************************

“AHHHHHH…..AHHHHH…AHHHHH” he panted heavily.

“Ahhhhhhh……. OH GOD!” Mike groaned.

“C’mon, Jake stick it all the way in,” he said breathlessly.

“C’mon I can take it.” He pleaded, actually begging me to drill my cock into him balls deep.

Mik didn’t even have to ask twice, because I did just that. I started rocking my hips, making strong and solid thrusts that soon had him moaning in my ear. I thrusted in and out, in and out; letting my cock drill deeper and deeper into his ass.

I had thought about fucking Mike for a long time and now that I finally was I couldn’t be happier. I sure as hell was going to enjoy every single delicious minute of it. And I really was enjoying every minute of it; every blissful pleasurable moment.

I loved everything about Mike; those muscles, his physique, that gorgeous face and those sweet wet lips of his. That dirty look he had and those sinful noises escaping his lips, kept me on edge; that I was certain I would shoot my load inside him before I had even fucked him good.

I leaned down and bit into Michael’s neck, savoring the taste, the “oh so” sweet taste of his skin. Pretty soon I was sucking and biting his neck as I drilled my hard cock deep into his warm hole.

I watched as he let grunts and sweet groans leave his mouth. The whole time he moaned I bucked my hips forward; pushing my cock deeper inside of him. He was so tight and his ass muscles clenched around me so nice. It felt so amazing, it felt just right.

All the girls and even all of the guys I had bedded were nothing in comparison to to the heat and softness of Mike’s insides. He fitted my cock perfectly; like it was made to fuck him.

“Jake what are you trying to do? Are you trying to mark... me as yours?” he laughed.

“Hell yeah.” I laughed as I continued to drill my cock into his ass.

After that I started plowing him with a rhythm, which he quickly picked up. Michael lifting his hips only to let them fall back down just as I slammed back down burying my cock in his ass.

“Jake ... I didn’t think you were the possessive type,” he panted breathlessly laughing a little. Even his laugh sounded strained as he thrusted back against my strong, solid hips.

“I’m not…..It’s just…. I’ve wanted this for so long.” I stated roughly, gritting my teeth together. I pushed closer to him so that I could get at him at a better angle. This angle must have been perfect because a loud drawn out moan left his lips. It was like music to my ears.

“FUCK, FUCK, FUCK............right there.” He cried.

“Right there…..again!” he groaned. “C’mon dude.” I couldn’t help the almost animalistic noises that were leaving my mouth. I thrusted hard into him again and again. As I thrusted my cock into his ass, I let my hands roam all over his sexy body. I rubbed my hands on his muscled chest, his abs, his v-lines; moving my hands down until I reached his leaking cock. I took it in my hand so that every time I would thrust into him I would jerk his cock. Soon his cock was spewing precum all over my hands. I licked my hands savoring the sweet taste of his manly juices.

Rubbing my hands all over his body felt so good. It felt so right. I wasn’t just fucking him………..I was pounding his ass…..HARD. I was damn near sure he had never had a guy to fuck him this nice….this rough. With the amount of force I was using I wouldn’t be surprised if he was bruised in the morning; let alone if he was unable to sit down. After my cock was done he would be sore as hell.

As I buried my head into Mike’s neck I bit down harder on his neck. As I did this I felt his hand that was rested on my shoulder tightly grasp my hair. He wasn’t pulling on my hair; it was more like he holding it trying to keep me there. I took that as a good sign, so I started to fuck him harder.

I kept pushing myself as far as I could go into Mike’s sweet ass. Feeling him push back just as hard turned me on. We pulled back in unison only to repeat the actions over and over and over again; panting and gasping for air. I could feel the sweat pouring from both our bodies, and I could feel the heat from my body and his body; especially the heat flowing from the lower parts of my body.

As time went on I quickened my pace considerably, thrusting faster and harder into the lean muscled body under him. The whole time I felt him push back onto me, with every strong buck of my hips.

We clung to each other bodies; I with my teeth clamped down hard on Mike’s neck while he held on tightly to my back with one hand as he grasped at the sheets with the other as I fucked him raw.

I had fucked enough guys to know when a guy was getting close to shooting their load. So I knew Mike was getting close and from the incredible wonders his ass muscles were doing on my dick, he was pretty damn close too.

I thrusted roughly a few more times into his ass, making them more forceful and deeper until I felt like I was going to burst right there.

Mike managed to blow his load before I did, letting high pitched moans leave his mouth.

“OHHHHHHHH……..OHHHHHHHHHH SHIT.” He growled into my ear, as his cock spurted out cum fireworks all over both of our chests.

“Ohhhhhhh……yeah.” He groaned. “Yes….give it to me.”

“Just like that…….OHHHHHH….F-FUCK!”

“Yessssssss.” He screamed loudly.

My back was still arched when I reached my limit and my hard cock started throbbing wildly cock. I knew I was getting close so I bent down and bit down on his warm neck so that the only sound that left my mouth were elongated deep, rough groans.

Finally I came and it felt so good.

“OHHHHHHH!!!!” I groaned.





“OH Jake…….oh Jake……oh Jake.”

“Oh Jake……..oh JAKE…..OH JAKE…YESSSS.” He growled into my ear, it felt so good to hear my name being called by Mike. It felt so good.

“OH Jake…..”

“OH Jake……YES JAKE.”


****Scene 2: Christian DeVille’s POV*****************************



“Father….what are you talking about?” I protested. I tried to speak, but I found it nearly impossible because of my father’s rage was like no other.”

“Shut up!” he yelled back. “Son do you who I went to see yesterday?”

“Well I’ll tell you who it was.” he blurted, not waiting for me to answer him. “It was Victor Chandler and apparently he was getting out of the hospital…And he was so smug and I thought it would be an excellent idea to rub it in his face that I owned a piece of his precious little company.”

“Do you know what he said to me?” he cried.”

“I dunno.” I gulped, breathing hard.

“He told me that not only has he been awake for over a fucking week!!.....when we all thought he was still in a coma he’s apparently been watching you.”

“Really? Why would be Victor Chandler be having me watched?”

“WHY?” he mocked. “Because you brought attention to yourself…..His men saw you hanging around his grand daughters and they reported everything to him.”

“Father what are you saying?”

“The stock certificates that you stole! THEY WERE FAKE!” he screamed like he was about to rip my head off.”

“How could they have been fake? After she left I searched the whole room and found them right where you said they would be.”

“Well they were fake! Victor told me himself and he was just has smug as ever………and he made me look like a complete fool.”

“A complete fool.” He repeated so that it would sink in.”

“Father you asked me to get the shares and I thought that I did.” I said. “How was I supposed to know that the shares weren’t real? You were the one that told me where I could find them…..and that’s where I found those.”

“Don’t you think I know that?” he shot back. “I know exactly what I told you to do. And you couldn’t even do that correctly!!”

“All you had was one task…..one simple task.” He said, looking at me in utter disapproval as he shook his head. “You only had but to acquire the shares and you failed. You failed miserably.”

“I thought that even you could handle a task this simple. But apparently you can’t even obtain a few simple shares from an air-head heiress.”

“Ahhh.” My father signed heavy. “I should have known better then to think I could have trusted you with such an important task. I knew that I should have used your sister Ava, for something has delicate as this.”

“Father please.” I pleaded. I really hated when he compared me to my elder sister Ava; especially when he displayed blatant favoritism. “Father please let me make this up…….Please.”

“That might have been our only chance at getting a significant piece of Chandler….We might never be in a position like that again. Victor is back and he’s going to be tightening his grip on that company like never before!”

“Father please….please….please let me make it up to you.”

“Well there is something you can do.” He said slyly.

“That girl you used to date.” He said almost proclaiming it; even though it sounded like a question.

“You mean Kayla.” I gulped.

“Yes Kayla….that Spencer girl.” I replied. “I want you to get close to her.”

“Why?” I asked having remembered how she had dumped me a few weeks after Christmas. “Why her? She’s not even a Chandler.”

“Don’t you think I know she’s not a Chandler.” He shot back. “I want you to get close to her and find anything you can about her mother….Find out what her mother know about our little operation.”

“You mean the police commissioner?” I cried. “Why would you want me to do that?”

“Because son….She is impossible……She is absolutely the worst Police commissioner we have ever had in this town. And I don’t mean that in a good way. She’s cracking down on organized crime in this town and I can’t even operate our operations like I used to and to make matters worse she’s too much of a damn goody two shoe!”

“Father I’ll do it.” I said. I knew exactly what he meant when he called Commissioner Spencer “the worst”; he didn’t really mean worst on the contrary from the legal standpoint she was the best commissioner Harmony has ever had, but from the standpoint of my father’s illegal activities she was in fact the worst. And I think the fact that she couldn’t be bought and wasn’t in my father’s pocket (and not even in Victor Chandler’s pocket for that matter) didn’t sit well with him.

“So you’ll do it?” he replied. “This is very important. You must not fail me…..the entire future of the DeVilles depends on you succeeding.”

“I promise you father I won’t fail you.”

“You had better not.” He said coldly. After that I left the room. And as I was headed back to my room I ran into my sister. Just great. Just great.

“Hey little bro!” she giggled. “Why the face? Don’t tell me Dad got to you? He’s the only one that would make you look this sad”

“Sis, how can I not be upset. He’s always comparing me to you.” I cried. “He’s always talking about how perfect and amazing you are…..and about how much of a complete failure I am.”

“Is this about that whole Chandler shares fiasco thing?” Ava replied. “When he first brought up that crazy idea I knew it wasn’t going to work…..Those chandlers hold onto their shares like it’s their life.”

“I tried to tell him it wasn’t going to work……but he wouldn’t listen. He usually listens to me.”

“Well at least he listens to you…….He never listens to me. I can’t do anything right in his eyes. I’m nothing but a screw up to him. It’s like he can’t even see me has anything other than a failure. A complete failure” I said.

“Chris don’t say that he just being tough on you because he cares. He cares about both of us…….he loves both of us. They both do they’re just hard on you because they know you’ll carry on the family name one day.” Ava said.

“Besides, you can’t take everything father says to heart. People say things they don’t mean all the time.” My sister replied. “He’s not has young as he once was you have to give him some slack…….at the end of the day the only thing he really has is his family……..were his legacy.”

****Scene 3: Jake’s POV********************************************



“Jake…JAKE…….JAKE……Wake up Jake.”

“Jake wake up!” a voice called. “Wake up Jake….JAKE!”

I looked up to see my mother starring down at me. “Jake get up. You have to hurry you’re already late as it is, so you better hurry.” She said.

“Son I really wish you would stop doing that.” She grinned.

“Doing what?” I cried.

“That.” She said pointing down at the sheets covering my body. I looked down at where she was pointing at and that’s when I saw that the sheet around the crotch area had a pretty noticeable wet spot.

“Oh that.” I blushed, realizing that my hand was on my cock and that it was covered in cum.

“Son if you’re going to do that, lock the door first.”

“Mom.” I groaned, as she shut the door behind her leaving me in the room all by myself.

As soon as she had left the room the left me alone with my thoughts. That’s when it finally hit me that everything that I had felt last night. Every smell, every taste, the feelings of having sex with Mike were nothing more than my imagination.

It was all just a dream…….a fucking dream.

“SHIT……SHIT….SHIT.” I cried.

“Why did it have to be a dream?” I cried. “Why? It felt so real……so damn real.”

“FUCK!” I groaned, still holding my cock. My wet cock. The night of sex that I had shared with Mike, might have been nothing more than a dream, but it felt so real. I had the sheets to prove it. I don’t think I had ever had a wet dream that had produced so much cum…..let alone one that felt so real.

When I got to school I happened to run into Kayla…..Kayla without Kevin that is. Those two were usually always so inseparable. I walked over to where she was, and she turned around almost in an instant. Her face was glowing……I’d never seen Kayla so happy before.

“Hey Kayla, What’s up with you?”

“Hey Jake.” She replied.

“What’s up with me? What do you mean?” she smiled.

“You’re glowing.” I exclaimed. “I take it, you had a good weekend.”

“Good weekend. Did I ever!” She laughed. “I had a great weekend Jake….It was…..absolutely amazing. I think last weekend was the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had. Kevin was so romantic.”

“So get this…when we went home after lunch last week I went up to my room……….and that’s where I found this dress and some chocolate.” She cried. “But when I went to go look for him……I found him standing there in a tux with flowers….white and pink roses.”

“It was so sweet…..and he took me to The Rendezvous…..and so romantic….we danced all night and he made me feel like such a princess.” She cried, going on and on.

“Kayla that’s great.” I replied. “That’s really great.”

“Oh is my love life boring you?” she chuckled, punching me in the arm. “Ok enough about me…..We’ve got a few minutes before class starts…..Let’s talk about you…….you and that hot guy you brought over the other day to be exact.”

“You mean Brett?”

“Yes Brett.” She giggled. “He’s a cutie, but I never would have guessed he was your type.”

“Kayla.” I groaned. “I really don’t talk about this right now; and I especially don’t want to talk about him right here. What if someone hears us?”

“Why not?” she asked. “What’s wrong?……..you look glum. Did something happened?”

“Yeah….you can say that.” I began. “I had this dream, the other night.”

“What kind of dream?” she asked, her eyes narrowing. “What kind of dream would make you look this way? So upset. This guy you’ve been seeing is hot you should be all smiles all the time.”

“I had a dream about…….”

“About Mike?” she asked.

“Yeah about him…..and not just any old dream. The kind of dream that leaves a big old mess all over my bed.”

“Jake really?” she cried. “You’ve got a great guy…..he’s cute as hell. But you can’t get your mind off Michael. You have to move on Jake….You just have to.”

“You and I both know he’s with Eric. They’re in love and you and I both know there’s nothing stronger then love. Jake you just have to find a way to get over Michael.”

“Kayla don’t you think I know that? Don’t you think I want to get over Mike? Don’t you think I want to make these feelings that I have for him go away?” I replied. “It’s just not that easy. I can’t just turn off what I feel for him, just like that.”

“Jake you have to get over these feelings.” She said.

“Jake, people like to say that the best way to get over a guy is to get under a new one……and in your case inside a new one.” She chuckled. “You’ve already found the guy….So I think you know what else needs to be done.”

“Ok Kayla.” I smiled. “Thanks for the advice, but I think I’ve better

****Scene 4: Kayla’s POV********************************

After Jake left I turned to put my remaining books in my locker and that’s when someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around to see who it was.

And that’s when I saw who it was. It was Chris DeVille. “What do you want?” I said, rolling my eyes. We hadn’t exactly ended on the best of terms. So I was shocked to find him standing by my locker.

“Hey what’s up?” He replied.

“Hello Chris.” I replied uneasily.

“Hey what’s up?” he repeated. “I was hoping to find you here. I was also hoping that we could talk for a little bit. I know we didn’t exactly end on the best of terms.”

“Chris you and I both know we didn’t end on good terms. You were so angry at me.” I replied. “You kept trying to get me to have sex with you, you just kept pressuring me, even when I told you I wasn’t ready you kept trying to get me to agree.”

“Chris I really thought you were a good guy.” I continued. “I wanted to ignore all the things people kept saying about you. But I just wouldn’t listen even when my friends told me you were nothing but bad news.”

“Kayla please.” He replied. “Can I please say something?”

“Yes.” I said. “Your already here…..you might as well say why you’re here. Our lockers aren’t exactly in the same direction so it must be something very important.”

“Yeah I really am sorry about the way I treated you.” He said, looking a little sad. “I could just make an excuse and say that I was really horny…..but that’s no excuse. I really am sorry about that.”

“I just wanted to tell you that I’m sorry about all of that and that I was kind of hoping that we could move past all of that.” He replied. “I know you’re with Kevin now and I’ve accepted that……..I was just wondering……..just hoping actually….if we could maybe be friends.”

“Really you want to be friends?” I blurted out. “Even after I embarrassed you by leaving you for Kevin?”

“Yes.” He replied. “I just want to be friends……I just want to show you that I really am a good guy. Please Kayla give me a chance to make it up…..Maybe we could hang out sometime in the future.”

“Chris I really want to believe what you are saying……but I just don’t know.” I said. “How do I know you’re telling me the truth? How do I know you’re not lying to me….trying to use me for something?”

“Kayla please.” He pleaded. “I need you to believe me. I need this…..please I only want to be friends…..I only want to put everything that happened between us in the past.”

“Look Chris, I really have to get to class.” I said, looking at him, searching for an answer for if he was telling the truth or not. But I couldn’t tell. “I’ll make a deal with you……I’ll consider what you just told me.”




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