****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Eric’s POV**********************

“WAIT?! What?!”

“Mike found you in the bed….with who?”

“How?” Kayla cried out load, causing people to stop and stare as they passed as us in the hall.

“Kayla not so loud,” I said, as I raised my hands up high trying to calm my friend down.

“Last night at Michael’s birthday party I went up to the hotel suite we had rented for later tonight but when I got there I fell asleep. And when I came to my shirt was unbuttoned, my pants were down, and Haley was straddling me. I tried to get her off me, but that’s when Mike walked in……and after that she planted a kiss on me.”

“Wait Haley Macy??” she interjected.

“Yes, who else would do something like this?” I chuckled. I laughed to keep myself from thinking about what had transpired.

“I can name a few.” Kayla blurted. “So this is the reason why he ran out so fast last night. I didn’t even get a slice of his birthday cake.”

“Well any ways, she kissed me right in front of Michael.” I continued. “The look on his face made me want to punch a hole in the fucking wall. He looked so sad….”

“Wait so he found you guys in bed together?” Kayla questioned. “Did anything happen…..you know sexually I mean.”

“My pants were down and she didn’t have any panties on. I woke up only a little while before Mike walked in but I don’t think anything happened between us. She kept insisting that something happened, but I only haves eyes for Mike and sexually Haley just doesn’t do it for me. I’m on a strict dick diet.” I chuckled.

“Hahaha, TMI…..TMI,” Kayla laughed. “Did you at least tell him that you could walk again?”

“No,” I sighed. “I should have listened to you. I should have told him the truth about me being able to walk as soon as I could. He found out by accident.”

“What do you mean by accident?”

“Well when he tried to leave I got up and tried to pursue him and that’s when he found out I could walk again. I tried to explain to him and that’s when I let it slip that you already knew. Long story short that didn’t go well for the current situation.”

“So he just ran off? Did you speak to him anymore that night?” Kayla asked. “Did he call you? Did you call him?”

“I called him like three times last night, but now he won’t even return my calls. I’m so fucking pissed right now. I don’t even know where we stand, if were together or if were not. I just don’t know”

“Ok now I know what happened. But HOW did this even happen? How did Mike just randomly walk into a room where he would see this?”

“When he came in he said that he received a text message from my phone telling him to meet him in that room. But the funny thing is I never sent any text message to him.”

“Well then that has to mean that someone else sent him the text message telling him to meet you in that suite. My money’s on Haley.”

“It had to be Haley.”

“But what I don’t understand is why she would do something like this. I apologized for leaving her for Mike a thousand times.”

“Eric you do realize that we are talking about Haley Macy…. Who knows what goes through that girls head when she does something. There just has to be a reason behind this charade.”

“She has to have had a reason behind this. I just want to know what she’s trying to gain here by driving a wedge between you and Michael. I don’t know what Haley’s up to, but you can make damn sure I’m going to find out.”

“Kayla please don’t do anything. I don’t need you getting detention or anything like that. Mike’s not going to want to speak to me and I want to at least have you and Kevin to speak to later on.”

“Eric I can’t make any promises. I’m not going to allow her or anyone else involved in this scheme to get away with it. Don’t worry I’ll get to the bottom of this.” Kayla chuckled.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m afraid of, I laughed.

“Hahaha very funny,” Kayla giggled. “You know you love me.”

****Scene 2: Jake’s POV**********************

Last night Michael’s birthday party occurred. It was very enjoyable, that was until Michael ran out. Michael and I had been friends too long for me not to recognize when something wasn’t quite right. If I saw him today at school I promised myself that I would ask him what was bothering him, if only to comfort him if I couldn’t completely help him.

Every morning before I drive to school in the morning I always like to beat my meat. I’ve found that it clears my head and allows me to focus on school, not to mention it feels fucking great to get off. Now I’ve been getting off with this sexy little blond twink named Brett. Now I’m like twice his size, but his tight little ass is so wonderful I can’t resist unloading a load inside of it. Also he does this thing with my ass that makes my eyes water every damn time. It’s like I’m in heaven. I have been picking him up from his house for the last month so that I could get his mouth on my dick. His parent’s ae none the wiser, they think were just friends. But were so much more than just friends.

So there we were driving down the road in my 2008 Ford Pickup, Brett and I. But to all onlookers it would appear that I was alone in the truck, because Brett’s head was laying in my lap his mouth wrapped ever so nicely around my cock.

“Oh shit, Oh shit,” I groaned.

“Keep going……… Brett keep going.”

“Just like that, just like that……. Yeah Suck My DICK!!”

“Fuck yeah,” I moaned. His mouth was doing wonders with my dick and it was causing me to veer off the road a little. Every time I caught my breath I managed to gain control of the wheel. Luckily for us the roads were nearly empty………we left early for that very reason.

“Man raise up,” I said pulling Brett off my cock once the coast was clear. I could still hear the slurping sounds his mouth made has he sucked my cock.

We had at least a half an hour before we had to go to school, so instead of making the turn into the school parking lot I continued until we were nearly outside of town. I pulled into this old abandoned farm house with an adjacent barn.

I pulled up alongside the barn, and we both jumped out. The barn door was shut tightly and took both Brett and I to open it. Once inside it became apparent to us that the space had been left undisturbed for years…… several years.

After we had finished surveying the empty barn we began stripping off her clothes. In matter of minutes our sneakers, shirts, pants, jackets, and boxers were all laying off to the side in a heap of clothes.

“Where are we even at?” Brett laughed as he clutched his cock in his hands.

“It’s a little ways off the highway. I found it when I was…..driving to work last week and I thought it would be cool place for us to have some…fun.” I continued, but that’s when I realized he was standing there completely naked shivering and holding his cock tightly.

“What man are you cold or something?” I chuckled, as reached out to grasp his cock.

“Man of course I’m fucking cold. It’s like thirty degrees outside. Plus it’s raining and you just made me take off all my clothes.”

“Don’t worry I know how to get you warm,” I smiled as I jerked his cock hard. He moaned loudly and I planted a kiss on his warm lips as I wrapped my free arm around him.

“Jesus your hand is cold,” Brett added.

“Don’t worry I’m going to warm your cock up for you.” I smiled as I dropped down to my knees. Before he had time to react I had already stuck out my tongue and began licking at his cock head. As I feasted on his cock with my mouth it slowly began to grow inside my mouth. For small little mother fucker he sure has a big fucking dick.

“Jake we have school.” he protested, as he groaned. “We shouldn’t be doing this right now, we could be late.”

“Oh Shit,”

“Oh shit………Ohhhhhhh shit,”

“Arrrrrgh, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmmmmm, mmmmmrf,”

“Fuck school, we’ve got time to kill.” I said as I came up from air, between sucking. “Besides your cock is telling me that you want this just as much as I do.” Once more I dove mouth first back onto his cock.

Soon I was deep throating his cock so thoroughly that I could feel his balls rubbing up against my chin, while the little blond patches of hair at the base of his shaft tickled my nose.

I spent several minutes licking and nibbling at Brett’s dick, enjoying the moans of delight emerging from his lust filled mouth. His sounds of pleasure was music to my ears. While the taste of his warm flesh in my mouth was electrifying. But after a few more seconds of careful dick sucking attention I pulled away and started paying attention to my own cock, stroking it nice and slow like.

As I stroked my own cock I made sure to keep my eyes fixated on Brett’s face, shaking my cock at him. He just stood there looking at me, eyes wide open. His eyes were glued to my cock but his lips were telling me that he wanted either to have a turn at it or that he missed the previous sensations.

"Oh shit, dude, why did you stop? That was really hot. And It was starting to feel so fucking good, so good," he complained, as he unconsciously stroked his cock with both hands

"I want to have some fun too. You shouldn’t be the only one that gets to have some fun.” I chuckled. "Perhaps you should show me some appreciation -- especially for all that good dick sucking that I just did on your dick,” I chuckled, as I continued to wave my dick in full view of his face.

“Appreciation my ass,” Brett laughed back. “What was that, which I was doing in your truck earlier? I’m almost gagged on your cock two times. That sure felt like appreciation to me.”

“And it felt so fucking good,” I smiled making cute little puppy dog eyes. “Come on baby, suck me off again. Please, pretty please.”

“Come on baby,” I whimpered. “Come on,”

Brett only resisted for a few split seconds. When I placed my hands on his head he lowered himself to the ground. Placing his mouth squarely over my throbbing cockhead, by that time it was already leaking cum all over the ground. Treating my cock like it was an ice-cream cone, Brett began licking at the head, slurping up the warm sticky substance oozing out of my cock. After he had, had his fill of the warm fluid seeping from my cockhead, he extended his tongue once more to lick the shaft.

"Oh, that's it, Brett!”
“FUCK YEAH!! Just like that, Use your tongue, up and down!”

“Oh, ohhhhh, mmmmmh, mmmmmrf, yes!”

“Come on stop playing coy, and deep throat that thing.” I growled through gritted teeth. “Come on stick it all the way in. I want to feel the end of your throat rubbing up against my cock.”

“Yes that’s it, take the whole thing into your mouth and suck it That’s it suck it. Just like that…… OH Yeah, OH FUCK yeah!" I commanded, tightening his hands on the blond head of hair in my lap. Thrusting my hips upwards into Brett’s open mouth I managed to force the entire thing down his throat, this caused him to choke a little so I pulled it out long enough for him to catch his breath before shoving it back in once more.

Spluttering and moaning, Brett struggled to pull his head up, but I kept pressure on his head, keeping his mouth wrapped around my cock. I could not allow the delightful sensations his mouth was giving me end, not even for a moment.

Finally Brett managed to pull his mouth off my cock, coughing and panting, his face a deep shade of crimson red and spit dripping from his lips. "What are you trying to do. Make me choke on that thing?!" Despite his angry words, he made no attempts to move away, and his erection was still hard and throbbing in his free hand

"I am so sorry, Brett, Sometimes I get a little carried away. It just feels so fucking good. You should know that that thing you were doing with your mouth was making me feel so good. I love having my dick sucked, especially when its being deep throated.”

“Look man I’ll show you, just how good it feels to have somebody deep-throat your cock.” I said, grasping his hips as I lowered myself until I was eye level with his cock.

After a brief hesitation I plunged my face down onto his cock, taking into his mouth and sucking on it strongly. I deep throated it just like I liked it. Brett’s cries of surprise were soon replaced by sweet, sweet moans of pleasure. His sounds of joy became louder and louder as I went down on his cock.

****Scene 3: Brett’s POV**********************

After several minutes of careful cock sucking, Jake laid me down on the ground. He spit on his cock a few times rubbing the saliva up and down. He didn’t have to utter a word I knew exactly what was about to happen, he didn’t even bother to put on a condom.

Pulling my butt cheeks aside he stuck a single finger into his mouth, sucking on it for a few seconds before sticking the wet digit all the way into my puckering ass. I can tell you one thing Jake ain’t little in any way, and his hands are big and I do mean big. So when he sticks a finger up your ass you feel…..right away.

“Oh, yes, you are so fucking tight. I just fucked you yesterday and you’re still tight as hell.” Jake laughed, his finger still buried in my ass. Pulling his finger out of his ass, he replaced it with his face, pressing it beard in all right between my exposed ass cheeks. Flicking out his tongue he allowed it to roam the confines of my warm ass.

He spent the next few minutes feasting on my ass, licking at every crevice of his ass. Licking, slurping, and devouring the sweet manly juices that oozed from my ass. In between eating my pink ass, he played with my low-hanging balls, holding them in his warm wet mouth.

Moments later I felt Jake’s cockhead pressing at the entrance of my ass. Grabbing hold my ass with both of his hands, he pulled the two cheeks back and thrusted his huge cock all the way into my ass.

After he had gained a rhythm in the fucking of my tight little ass, he grasped my hips and began thrusting into my ass. I could feel his balls slapping lewdly against my ass.

“OH SHIT, OH BABY!!!” I cried, between thrusts, barely able to catch my breath.

“OH shit!”

“OH FUCK!!!”

“Come on Fuck my ass, YEAH just like that!!”

****Scene 4: Narrator’s POV******************

Brett was moaning and groaning so loudly that the sounds of their love making could be heard far beyond the confines of the barn walls. The noise would surely not go unnoticed.

Soon Brett was in such a state of arousal that he was begging Jake to thrust harder and faster into his bubble ass. Jake did as he was told and forced his engorged cock deeper and deeper into the warm ass before him.

Soon Jake was out of breath, collapsing on top of Brett’s naked backside. “Oh shit man, I think I almost came! Your ass is so damn tight!”

Catching his breath Jake went back to fucking Brett’s ass for a few more moments, until he felt himself reaching orgasm once more. Jake had so much built up sexual frustration from all the years he was unable to have his way with his friend Mike.

Within seconds, Jake blew his load, his hips pounding hard against Brett’s warm and inviting ass, his large hairy balls swinging back and forth and slapping against Brett’s ass.

Both Jake and Brett came together; Jake shooting his load deep into the tight passage his cock was still buried inside of while Brett spilled his load all over the ground. Both men’s orgasms lasted for several minutes as Jake kept on humping, pumping hard against Brett's backside. Jake ‘s continued humping caused Brett’s prostate to become stimulated further allowing him to shoot out more and more cum.

Pulling away from the boy with a loud groan, the Jake cast an appreciative eye on Brett’s puckering ass-hole. Before collapsing in a heap beside his lover. The two were in such a state that they didn’t even notice that they were being watched intently. By a figure in the shadows who was watching their every move with much attention.

****Scene 5: Kayla’s POV**********************

After I left Eric in the hallway I walked to my class. Kevin was probably already in class, as were many other people. But still other people were not in class……some of them I wished to speak with. Once such person I found in the hall by her locker…..Haley Macy.

Pushing her to the side. “Haley what the hell do you think you are trying to do?”

“What are you talking about? I’ve been here the whole morning collecting my books from my locker,” she replied, looking at me stunned.

“You know damn well what I’m talking about….What you did to Eric and what you did to Mike last fucking night.”

“Oh I was wondering when you would find out that Eric and I slept together.” She smiled through a false smile. “We really wanted to wait until after Michael’s birthday party to break the news but he found out when he walked in on us.”

“Listen Haley cut the crap,” I yelled back. “I know you’re playing some type of game, and let me make it perfectly clear I’m not in the mood for games.”

“You never slept with Eric it was all a lie, wasn’t it?” I continued, pressing the issue.

“No on the contrary we did have sex…..Hot passionate sex.” Haley said licking her lips. “Eric was just as I remembered. So strong, so virile, so manly.”

“Shut up,” Kayla screamed. “Stop lying, stop lying. You lured Eric up there to that suite, you wanted Michael to find you and Eric in bed. You wanted it so that you could break them up.”

“Admit, Admit, admit.” I yelled. “Admit what you did. Admit it.”

“I won’t admit anything.” Haley yelled back. “Eric and I had sex last night and it was so beautiful and I know you don’t think I would deny something so amazing as sex with Eric Smith.”

“Ewww gross,” I cried. “Just stop talking. Just stop it.”

“GIRLS STOP TALKING AND GET TO CLASS!” An unfamiliar teacher yelled from across the hall.

“Okay,” I called back, before turning back to face Haley. “You know I really thought you were different. I thought I had seen the real you when you told me about your mother’s cancer. But I guess that was just a lie….”

“Is your mother even really sick?”




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