****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Kayla’s POV**********************

“Oh my god Jake!” I cried out, as I held my phone away from my face. It was still playing the video of him and Brett having sex and I was trying my best to avoid making eye contact with the sex tape.

“Is this you? And Brett?” I gasped.

When Jake saw the video is eyes went wide and he cursed, crying out….”What the fuck?”

Soon Jake’s face was as red as a cherry tomato.

“Yeah,” he replied. “How did you get that? Wait how that video even a thing?” Jake asked confused. “What?”

“It was just sent to my phone like ten minutes ago.” I replied trying to be comforting.

“Kayla you’ve got to delete that video right now…. Before someone else sees that shit.” Jake laughed uneasily, his face still as red as a beet.

“Ok Jake I’m way ahead of you I’m deleting this thing right now and after that I’m going to go wash my eyes out with soap.” I giggled.

“Good thing you got that thing instead of somebody else.” Jake sighed. “To be honest I don’t even know how a video of me and Brett got sent to you in the first place.”

“Guys I think you spoke too soon.” Kevin chimed in.

“What do you mean?” Jake asked nonchalantly.

“Because I just got that video too…..” Kevin sighed.

“And from the look on everybody’s face and how they are eyeballing you I don’t think Kevin was the only other person to see you with your dick out.” Mike replied.

Moments later Paul Hayes, a mutual friend of Jake and Mike approached Jake, his phone in hand. “Jake what the hell is this?” he cried out, holding his phone for all of us to see Jake and Brett embraced in sexual passion.

“What the hell is right!!!” Jake yelled, his face still red as hell. “It’s that fucking blackmailer he’s been fucking following Brett and I. And he’s been recording us to use it against me if I don’t do what he says.”

“Who would do something like that? I interjected. “Jake do you know who it might be? Any ideas at all?”

“Kayla your guess is as good as mine.” Jake laughed slightly, in an attempt to lighten the mood. “But all I know is when I found out who it is he’s getting a fist to the face.”

“Or she….” Kayla shrugged. “Or whoever they might be.”

Minutes later Paul Hayes, a close friend of all of ours walked up to where we standing in utter shock at what had just happened.

“Jake there is a video of you and some guy having sex…..” Paul said with a pause, breathing heavily. “It’s circulating around the school.” Paul continued.

“Man excuse me if this sounds a little dumb but when did you become…….you……know…..when did you become…..”

“Gay?” Jake said, finishing Paul’s words.

“Yes that’s what I meant.”

“I’m bisexual but I’m mostly into guys as you can tell from the video.” Jake chuckled to himself, seeming completely unfazed with what had transpired, except for that one outburst.

“Man before you say anything just know that if you can’t accept me as I’m and for what I’m then we can’t be friends anymore.” Jake said firmly.

“Man I’m not going to turn my back on you. Especially not now….. We’ve been friends for two long for me to just leave.” Paul replied. “Man if your gay, bi, tri or whatever I don’t give a damn.”

“Wait what the hell is tri?” we all said in confusion.

“Hell if I know.” Paul laughed.

“Wait you guys never heard of tri-sexual?” Eric laughed from behind us. I hadn’t even noticed that he was with us. Usually him and Mike were in their own little world but because they weren’t speaking to each other he made more of an effort in group conversations.

“Yeah can’t say that I have.” Kevin chuckled.

“Oh is that where you try anything at least once to see if you like it or not?” I giggled.

“Yeah let’s go with that.” Eric laughed.

“So Jake I know were not technically friends but I just wanted to let you know that there’s a video of you pounding the hell out of that Brett guy. It’s literally everywhere.”

“Man you don’t have to tell me that.” Jake sighed. “I already know that everybody is talking about that fucking video….I can’t go anywhere without hearing about that shit.”

“Ok guys lets change the subject to something else….I don’t want to talk about Jake’s sex-tape anymore.” I giggled. “Has anybody seen Mike? I could have sworn he would have gotten here by now.”

“Yeah I saw him come in last block.” Kevin replied. “He looked really upset. That trial must have been rough on him.”

“It was very hard for him…..” Eric sighed, looking as if the life was about to be ripped out of him. “And even harder for me……because I couldn’t comfort him or make him feel better.”

“Well maybe you can tell him how you feel today…….at lunch.” I replied, trying to be as helpful as possible. “Maybe you can talk and work out this whole Haley Macy mess.”

“I hope we can…..I really hope we can…….but it’s not going to be today.” Eric sighed, his face full of sorrow. “He’s not going to make it to lunch……he’s been trying his best to avoid me…. I think it hurts to see me and as for me seeing him and not being with him, not being able to hold him makes me literally sick to my stomach.”

“Tell him how you feel then.” I pressed. “Make him understand how you feel about him….Before somebody else gets a hand on his ass.” I giggled…. “No pun intended.”

“I can’t……I can’t.” Eric replied.

“Well if you can’t do it then I will…” I giggled. “Prom is coming up and I’m going to need for you two to get over yourselves in makeup already.”

“Kayla don’t do it…….Let Mike and I work this out ourselves.”

“Ok fine.” I grumbled loudly. Even though I had agreed to leave it up to them to work thing out on their own I was in no way going to let that happen without a little push from me.

I mean where would they be without me?.........

****Scene 2: Mike’s POV**********************

To say that Eric’s father’s trial was an ordeal for me would be a vast understatement. Because not only did I have to relive two dreadful nights……my grandfather getting shot and Eric getting shot, but I also had to see Eric for several hours and know where to go.

Don’t get me wrong I love seeing Eric, but I just didn’t have the heart to see him, because that meant that I would have to speak to him. And then I would have to relive the night of my birthday party…..then I would have those images of Haley kissing all over him…….his shit unbuttoned…..and her hands all over him…..

Just thinking about it made me feel terrible. It literally hurt me to the core to think that Eric could betray me like this and with Haley Macy of all people…… But what else could I believe I had seen the end of it with my own eyes.

Today at the trial my eyes had once again led me to the cliff….. but this time it was something a little less detrimental to my life. It all happened when Eric was called to the stand and all of those feelings I had for him came flooding back.

The attraction was still there, I saw it in his eyes and I know he saw it in my eyes. He was wearing a tight suit that was clinging to his muscled body like a second skin. Eric spoke and in his face I saw every romantic night, every laugh, every kiss, every heartfelt moment we spent together. But a small part of me just could not let go of what I had seen no matter how much I wanted him to wrap those massive arms around me, no matter how much I wanted to feel his hot breath breathing down on my neck, and no matter how much I wanted to rip his clothes off and ride him all night long.

While his lips moved all I could think about all I could think about was where those lips had formally been…..And where they had been was all over my body. Without even touching him I could tell that his lips were wet……they were always wet. In my head I could almost feel his kisses all over my body, before our lives were wrecked by Haley Macy……

Between daydreaming about fucking Eric and feeling sad because I wasn’t with Eric and because of what his father had almost done....... the whole trial was absolutely horrible for me.

And when I got to school I thought of nothing but Eric…. Nothing but Eric……. Those arms, those muscles, those lips……that face….. That gorgeous face. Don’t even get me started on that angelic face of his….

With all the daydreaming I had done about Eric I had completely forgotten that it was lunch time. The one thing it did for me was make sure I didn’t run into Eric…… And I just couldn’t bear to run into him…. Not now after all I was going through…..my heads was so fucked up.

I decided to go to the library instead of going to lunch but on my way over there I happened to run into Haley Macy. Seeing her made me instantly think about that night I found her in bed with Eric. Her hands all over his body……Thinking about it just made me mad and completely pissed me off…..so much that I spoke up without even thinking….

“Haley why did you do it?” I called out. “How could you?”

“What do you mean?” Haley said confused. “What are you talking about?” She had no idea what I was talking about. “How could I what?”

“How could you destroy Eric and mine’s relationship.” I cried. “I know Eric left you for me, but that’s all in the past. I know we aren’t close at all but even when everybody was convinced that you had shot my grandfather I chose to believe in your innocence.”

“I even proved your innocence…….” I continued. “And in proving your innocence Eric wound up with a bullet in his chest. He took a bullet meant for me and I cleared your name and you returned the favor by destroying my life.”

“Michael you don’t understand. I had to do it.” Haley said, sounding every bit remorseful, as if she had been telling the truth.

“So YOU had to sleep with my boyfriend?!” I yelled.

“Do you know every time I see him all I think about are images of him sleeping with you…..HIS hands all over your body…. Your hands touching him where my hands used to be…. his lips on your neck when they should have been on MINE!”

“Michael I know this might sound fake and phony but I really do understand what you are going through….. But I had to do this….. There was no other way.” Haley sighed.

“For my mother’s sake I had to do this…..There was no other way.” Haley added.

“What the hell do you mean? For your mother’s sake?” I yelled, I was beyond pissed as the result of several weeks of pent up anger and sexual frustration. I hadn’t had a good fucking since the last time Eric and I had rolled around in the hay. “Haley answer me! Now!”

“Michael I just can’t tell you…..if I tell you she will………she’ll do…….or she might…” Haley said before cutting off her sentence abruptly and turning and walking briskly in the opposite direction.

She left me standing there wondering who this “she” was, what she had to do with my relationship with Eric and what hold she had over Haley.

All of this left me wondering if Kayla was right and if Eric really had been setup. “But who would do something like that?” I thought out loud.

But then it came to me…..the one person who wanted to break up Eric and I more than anything else in this world. And that person was none other than Charlotte Livingston, my eight month pregnant baby mama.

****Scene 3: Jake’s POV**********************

If the blackmailer wanted to broaden my pool of ass he or she did a very good job by making my video of me having sex with Brett go viral. Because by the end of the day I had so many offers from guys to sit on my dick, that I could have fucked the cum out of a different guy every week and still had a new one. Some of them were jokes but some of them were being serious or at least they said they wanted to fuck me with a straight face.

Straight guys are crazy I tell you. But I turned them all down because I’m committed to Brett…..and Brett alone.

While all the girls after seeing me in such a state, were trying even harder to get into my pants. And if they weren’t trying to do that they were acting so friendly with me that I could have gotten into their pants easily if I had wanted to.

While many of the people at school fell into the two above categories, many others did not and they made up the group of people who were anti-gay and anti-everything else. Now don’t get it confused I’ve got tough skin so I can take anything, especially bullshit from some whiny little pussy homophobe…… but Brett’s not like that he’s a softie. And I love that about him.

I tried to let what people said about me being a fag, but when they put Brett’s name in that bullshit they got a face full of fist. Long story short I’m going to be spending the last few weeks of this semester in detention.

After I finally go home from school I was relived, relieved to be home, relieved to be alone, and relieved to away from those judgmental fuckers. Like it’s 2016, can’t a guy have sex with a guy and not be judged for it. Like Jesus Christ I should be able to stick my dick wherever I want to stick my dick!

When I got home a received a text message from an unknown number. The text message read “How’d you like the video Sexy?”

“WHO THE FUCK IS THIS!!” I texted back, not even trying to hide my growing frustration and anger with this blackmailing piece of shit. “You sack of shit! Stop messing with me!”

“Now there’s no need for name calling or harsh language.”

“Leave me alone.” I texted back.

“No I need you to do something for me first.” The blackmailer texted back, even sending me a little smile emoji. This only made the whole thing creepier. “I want you to put on a little show for me.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, still burning with anger.

“You still got that dildo right?” the Blackmailer texted back.

“Yeah,” I replied, hesitantly. I was a little confused as to how this guy would know about my hidden stash of dildos, and I was even more creeped out when I learned how he knew about my secret. “Yeah I still got it? Why do you ask?”

“Ok good I want you to fuck yourself on it…….One day I’ll do it to you. Don’t worry about recording yourself for me, I’ve got a camera and don’t even bother trying to find them because you’ll never be able to find them all.” The blackmailer said.

“So stop looking at your phone……take those clothes off and shove that dildo up your ass so that I can get off.” The blackmailer added. “Be warned there are more videos and more secrets that I can reveal so do what I ask or it will be your ass.”

When I read the last text message the blackmailer sent me, I realized that he or she was watching me and when that sank in I became very uneasy and comfortable. But I did as I was told, locked my door as I stripped off all of my clothes and went to work.

I spit on my cock and started stroking it nice and slow like making sure to lube my thick cock with as much saliva and man juice as possible. As I slowly began to stroke my cock I tried to keep my mind on Brett and even Mike……..because deep down I still wasn’t over him.

I imagined Michael and Brett’s hot naked bodies pressing up against me. Hot, sweaty, and kissing me passionately. Holy Fuck…… I had seen Brett’s tight twink body many times so it was really easy to picture him naked and as for Mike I had seen him naked a couple times in the locker room and his body did not disappoint me. Not in the slightest…… Don’t even get me started on his dick.

“Ungh, yes……..Uh F-Fuck YES!!!” I moaned, grabbing hold of my throbbing cock. Even though I had barely started beating my meat yet, that hard thing was pulsating and leaking cum all over my hands and abs.

Yes thinking about Brett and Mike was the only thing I could do to get my mind off the fact that some sick freak was watching me with a camera and literally blackmailing me to beat my meat…..All I knew was that once I found that fucker…..he or she was going to be dead man or woman…..

“Mmmmmm,” I groaned, jerking my cock harder and harder as I reached the edge.

“Oh FUCCCCK!!!!” I screamed. “OH YEAH!!”

****Scene 4: Blackmailer’s POV**********************

Jake and I had known each other literally forever but he had seen me as nothing more than a fucking friend. He’d always preferred others over me……. First it was those girls, then it was Mike, and now this Brett guy. Years ago I kissed him while he was drunk, but he pushed me away and the second time I kissed him was on New Year’s but he didn’t recognize me.

Yes my so-called friend didn’t even recognize me, admittedly I was wearing a mask and it was dark but he should have known. He should have known it was me and he should have known I’m the one he belongs with.

When I learned that Jake was bi…….I was overjoyed because that would mean that I would at least have a chance with him. All I had to do was get Brett out of the picture and work my charms…… Oh and get Mike out of the picture two……..That wouldn’t be too hard with all the drama going on with Eric Smith and Mike’s soon to be born baby….

Jake had never confirmed his feelings that he had for Michael Chandler to me, but I saw it in his eyes….I saw the way he looked at Mike. Because it was the same way I looked at him.

If only Jake knew how much I wanted him. How much I wanted to be with him…..to have his hot muscular body up against mine…. I wanted him since I realized I was gay in eight grade……I wanted him so bad.

I’m really not a bad guy but good guys finish last and all I want to do is finish inside of Jake…. I’ve tired being a friend to him. But he turned to Mike. I tried everything under the sun. Jake’s event converses with Eric and he fucking he hates that guy, while I’m treated as nothing more than a fucking acquaintance!!!

Well not anymore I’m going to take what I want……..First I’m going to get rid of Brett and Michael, and anyone else standing in the way of my being with Jake. When I finally get him I’m going to make sweet, sweet love to him……

When I got home from school I closed my door, locked it and turned off all the lights….. I did this because my favorite show was about to come on. Believe me when I tell you Jake beats his meat every single day when he comes home. Because I used to watch him from his window that was until I upgraded to digital… Now I’ve got a whole collection of videos just for my own pleasure.

I turned on my camera just as the show was beginning and just as Jake started lubing up his thick dick with his saliva.

But today’s show would be especially hot, because this time around he knew I was watching him……..he didn’t really know it was me, but he did know it was someone. I had him just where I wanted him……..completely butt-naked on his bed and jerking his cock all for my amusement. Believe me I’m not done being amused by Jake and his hot body…….not by a long shot.

I watched the live feed of Jake stroking his hard

When Jake removed his shirt, I gasped at the sight of his well-developed chest, those thick pecs, those arms, that body…. Good God!!! He must have been working out in the sun because his skin had that tanned glow. All of his body except for his ass, and crotch which was as pale as snow.

But the lust growing inside me was too strong to care as I lowered my eyes to his crotch where his hands were hard at work milking out a thick load of cum.

When I saw his cock I wanted to dive through the screen and wrap my lips around his cock and suck it for all it was worth. Judging from its size I would surely gag on his cock if he shoved that huge thing down my throat.

But before I could be with Jake I had to wait and be patient and get rid of those standing in our way………Our way of being a happy couple, our way of being together forever.

The sexy and sensual sight of the gorgeous muscular hunk stroking his exceptionally large dick turned me on to no avail and it made me writhe with ecstasy as I rubbed my cock from under the computer desk. When I saw him speed up through the live feed and when I finally saw him shoot his load all over those tight abs of his I exploded an orgasm so huge that my hips lifted up off the chair.

Streams of cum rolled down my dick and covered my hands and crotch. Streams of hot sticky cum kept flowing out of my leaking cockhead that I thought I would never stop cumming until I finally did. And that was only after cum had covered my cock and balls thoroughly.

As Jake continued to stroke his dick now using his own cum as lube, I did likewise letting images of Jake and I fucking like rabbits play in my mind. Jake continued stroking his cock harder and harder in the live feed and I continued stoking my own cock, jerking it faster and faster in my dimly lit bedroom for what felt like forever until my aching erection could take no more.

And that’s when I came yet again. My cock rocketed out a ring of cum that almost hit the ceiling. “God damn!!” I cried.

After cleaning myself off I sent Jake a text message using my burner phone, Letting him know that I was very pleased with his performance and warning him to stay away from Brett or else I’d let another little detail slip out. Yes I went out and bought a burner phone….. How typical is that huh?

After that I fell asleep still imagining that I was fucking Jake… I knew deep down that I would be willing do whatever I could to get into Jake’s pants……..Even kill.

STAY TUNED……………………………



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