****Opening Title*****************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Jake’s POV**********************************

When Dr. Lange took Michael to go see Eric, I realized that there wasn’t any real reason for me to stay at the hospital. Eric wanted to see Mike, not me so I decided that it was best if I just left the hospital instead. When I finally got out of the hospital parking lot it was nearly four in the morning; there goes my sleep.

Before I left the hospital Michael told me this crazy outrageous story about how Eric’s father was also my father and that Eric and I were brothers. I just couldn’t believe it; I just couldn’t bring myself to accept the fact that Eric was my brother. How could he be my brother? How? It just didn’t make any damn sense for Eric and me to be brothers. I hated that jerk and there was no love lost between either of us. Eric was like a thorn in my side for years; ever since my parents returned to Harmony when I was little Eric and I hadn’t gotten along. We had literally been rivals since we were in diapers. Over the years we had fought over everything; including toy cars, sports, parking spots, girlfriends (when we were still going through that phase, friends, parking spots, and so on. In short Eric and I had fought over everything and anything under the sun. 

We were rivals in everything that we did; if I joined a sports team at school he followed suit, if I wanted to be captain naturally he tried to be captain and vice versa. Actually we were on the same football team until about Middle School. After that I guess we could no longer tolerate each other; he went off to play Lacrosse while I went off to play Baseball. Naturally we continued to be rivals even after we had stopped being on the same team. 

All of that time Michael and I were best friends; so naturally when my best-friend started hanging out with Eric I was kind of jealous. When Michael told me that he was joining the Lacrosse team I was pissed but I held my tongue because that’s what he really wanted to do. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I walked into one of the restrooms and saw them making out. Michael saw me, but I stormed out before either of them could say anything. I was fucking pissed, I was mad at Eric but also at Mike as well. That whole day I was mad; I wanted to punch walls but I wanted to punch Eric even more. At first I thought was just pissed off at the fact that my best-friend was gay. 

But then I realized that it wasn’t the fact that he was kissing a guy; it was the fact that he wasn’t kissing me that pissed me off. Fire burned inside me when I saw Eric’s hands all over Michael because that was where I wanted my hands to be. I was filled with rage when I saw Eric kissing my best-friend’s lips not because my friend was gay but because I wanted to be the one to kiss his sweet lips.

That’s when I realized that at least part of me liked guys. Actually I wasn’t quite sure I liked guys I was still confused. I had slept with girls for years and after I caught Eric and Mike, I started sleeping with guys too. I didn’t know if this was just a phase, but what I did know was that I really liked my best-friend. I think I might even be in love with him; I just couldn’t get him out of my head. Everywhere I looked I saw his face. If I had accepted the feelings that I had for Michael a long time ago we would be together not him and Eric. I was such a fool, such a stupid fool for ignoring those feelings and trying to repress them.

Even after Mike had showed me the proof and had told me everything I still couldn’t believe that Eric and I were brothers. That just didn’t make sense; it all seemed like a movie or a soap opera cliché that two rivals were now also brothers and in love with the same guy. But no matter how much I didn’t want to believe it, I knew deep down that it had to be true. Michael and I had been friends for too long for him to tell me something like this and it not be the true. When I finally accepted the fact that what Michael had told me was in fact the truth it only made me angry. Don’t get me wrong just because Joe Smith was now my father didn’t mean that I loved him now or ever. I was just upset that Eric had taken yet another thing from me. It was true that I had grown up in a wonderful home with great parents, but part of me resented the fact that Eric had got to grow up with our biological father. I just could not wrap my head around the fact that our father had chosen to raise Eric and not me. Was I not good enough for him?

When I got home, I used the same way that I had left. But once I climbed back into my bedroom window I was not alone. My mother was standing in my room and she was furious.

“What the hell are you doing? Where have you been?” she screamed. “Do you not realize it’s four in the morning? Your father and I have been worried sick about you!” she snapped.

“Mom calm down.” I cried, trying to get her to stop yelling. 

“Do you know what your father and I just saw?” she yelled. “Your father was getting ready for work….we came into your room to check on you……Do you know what we found?” she snapped.

“Mom…I-I” I began.

“I’ll tell you what we found. We found an empty bed with our son nowhere in sight.” She cried. “Where did you go off too this early in the morning?” 

“Mom I just went over to the hospital.” I pleaded. “My friend needed me, I just had to go be there with him.”

“Your lying.” She snapped. “If you really needed to go the hospital you could have just told your father he’s a doctor for Christ’s sake. He would have gladly taken you there.”

“You didn’t go to no hospital you probably went to go see some man!” she snapped. “You were in some man’s bed!” she said. “I can smell him all over you.”

“You mean like you used to be?” I said it because I was so mad. But I regretted it almost as soon as I said it. She was wrong about me being in some man’s bed…..and as for me smelling like some man I guess the smell of Mike’s cologne must have gotten on me when we hugged.

“WHAT THE HELL!” my mother cried. “Why the hell would you say something like that to me? I’m YOUR MOTHER!”

“Yes I know you are my mother. But you have been lying to me for years. You called me a liar but I was completely honest with you. I told you that I was gay while you continued to lie to my face again and again.”

“Jake what is this about?”

“When were you going to tell me? When were you going to tell him?” I asked.

“Tell him what?” my mother snapped.

“When were you going to tell my father that I’m not his biological son?” I cried. “Were you going to keep this secret from me for the rest of my life?”

“What are you talking about?” my mother snapped. “How could you even think that your father is not your father? He and I raised you since you were born. Of course he’s your father; If he’s not your father then who his?”

“Joe Smith!” I shot back. When I said the name the look on my mother’s face told me everything I needed to know. Eric’s father was without a doubt my father as well. She just looked at me stunned for a few moments before slapping me. It stung a little but thankfully it didn’t leave a mark.

“Why would you say that?” my mother cried. “Your father is Tom McCarthy…..Joe Smith can’t possibly be your father.”

“Mom stop lying to me!” I yelled. “Tell me the truth….admit it! Joe Smith is my father there is proof. My friend showed me a love letter he found; it was written by you to my real father!”

“Except you were using the name Meredith Rose in the letter.” I continued.

“How could that be?” she said. “That’s just not possible. I destroyed every letter.” She muttered. “Jake your father is Tom McCarthy and that’s the end of it.”

“Mom stop lying to me.” I yelled. “Joe Smith is my father and you knew about it this whole time. You lied to me and you lied to the only father I will ever know.”

“How could your friend know about all of this?” she cried, finally breaking down. “How could he know? This was never supposed to happen. You were never supposed to find out like this.” She said. “That man is not your father no matter what biology says……Your father is Thomas McCarthy in every sense of the word. He raised you, clothed you, fed you, and bathed you. He IS YOUR Father. He is your only father.”

“Mother you may want him to be my father but he’s not my real father…..Joe Smith is.” I cried. “And as for how my friend found out about this, just know that now because of the man YOU once loved a guy is in the hospital suffering from a bullet wound and the guy you loved so much is probably rotting in jail right now.”


****Scene 2: Michael’s POV********************************

After the doctor came back with Eric’s reports he was understandably upset at the prospect of never being able to walk again. The doctor had in fact said that she was certain Eric’s paralysis was only temporary…..but there was a possibility that the paralysis could last years. I think that’s what scared Eric the most; never being able to walk again would have scared anybody.

To say that Eric was upset would have most definitely been a gross understatement. His face was has red as a cherry tomato; he had few harsh words for the messenger of the bad news. Both the doctor and I thought it best if I left, so that he could calm down. I partly left because Eric needed to be alone and because I had been at his bedside nearly the entire night. So I thought it would be wise to go back home and get some sleep. It was nearly four in the morning when I finally reached home, but I didn’t have school until eight o’clock. So at least I would get four hours of sleep. As if someone could actually function on four hours of sleep.

Four hours later I was walking into school. I had half-hoped to see Eric; but I knew I wouldn’t see him because he wasn’t going to be released from the hospital until tomorrow. Even if he wasn’t in the hospital, Eric wouldn’t be caught dead in a wheelchair and in school. That’s just something he would never do. He was much too proud for that. It was just my luck that instead of running into one of my friends upon arrival at school, I happened to run into Charlotte. Yes the very same Charlotte who had drugged me, and was now pregnant presumably with my baby.

“Michael where are you going?” she cried. “Wait up!”

“Hold on….Hold on!” she cried, after me as I tried to ignore her. For a pregnant girl she was moving at a rapid speed. She was also showing significantly now.

“Michael I know you hear me calling you.” She called out.

“What do you want?!” I yelled. I didn’t mean to yell but I was simply fed up with everything that was going on. This baby, what she had done, Eric’s condition and so on.  “Look Charlotte I really don’t have time for your games today. I’m running off of four hours of sleep and two cups of coffee and I’m really not in the mood!”

“Oh is this about what happened to Eric?” she asked. “I heard about what happened to Eric on the television this morning. That’s so horrible that his own father shot him like that. I’m feel so sorry for him.”

“You know what?” a voice called from behind me. It was Kayla. “You know what you can do with your fake concern? You can stuff it! Michael doesn’t need your concern or your condolences so you can save that fake concern for someone that doesn’t no your games.” 

“What did you think you could do?” Kayla asked. “Did you think you could get your claws into Michael now that Eric’s momentarily out of the picture? Well you better think again because Eric may not be at his side right now but he’s going to be here before you can even blink an eye.”

I’m concerned.” Charlotte said. “Kayla no matter what you think I do care about Michael. I wouldn’t be carrying his child if I didn’t love him?” she cried.

“Really? You call what you did to him love?” Kayla scoffed. “Homegirl you are truly insane. You know I actually feel really sad for that kid because he’s going to have a psychopathic lunatic for a mother.”

“You Bitch!” Charlotte screamed. “How dare you say that to me?!”

“Really?” Kayla cried. “How dare I? How dare you show you face after what you did?”

“Michael I really am sorry about what happened to Eric.” Charlotte added.

“Stop with the games just tell us what you are really doing.” Kayla snapped. “You want something. What is it?”

“Ok fine.” Charlotte grumbled. “I just wanted to tell Michael, the father of my child.” She said mockingly putting an emphasis on the word father. “That our child just passed the first trimester and Dr. Chu wants me to schedule an appointment.”

“I think you should be there since you are the father of this baby.” Charlotte added.

“You know what? You are so pathetic!” Kayla yelled. “You’re trying to use this baby to get your claws into my friend. You think we don’t know but I do, and I’m not going to let you.”

“Michael is the father of this baby no matter what you say!” Charlotte snapped, before storming off down the hall.

“The nerve of that girl!” Kayla cried. “She’s freaking insan…..”

“Kayla I really don’t want to talk about this.”

“Ok good, because neither do I.” she said. “You know what we better get to class, it’s kind of late. See you at lunch.”

****Scene 3 Jake’s POV*******************************

When morning finally did come I had had every intention of going to school. I had driven to school and I was even sitting in the parking lot waiting for the morning bell to ring.  Even after the bell had rang I continued to sit there in my truck watching as others walked into the school. I knew I was supposed to go inside; but I just wouldn’t budge. 

Finally after sitting in the parking lot for what felt like forever when in actuality it had only been a few minutes; I started my truck and drove off. I drove off, right out of the school parking lot. I wasn’t just driving to get away or to clear my head; I was driving because I had a destination. That destination was the Harmony Police Department. No doubt my so-called father would still be in custody for the attempted murder of two people and the shooting of another.

When I got to the police station the room was filled with the commotion of people busily rushing around to complete whatever tasks police lackeys do. I had hoped that my friendly relationship with the Commissioner’s daughter would be enough to allow me access to see my so-called father. I asked to be shown to him, but everyone refused me; they instead made me wait in the Commissioner’s office for an ungodly amount of time.

“Someone said you were.” Commissioner Spencer called when she finally entered the room. “They said you wanted to see the suspect. But wait I have one question….Aren’t you supposed to be in school right now?” she smiled.

“Yes I’m, but I just had to come see him.” I said. “You just have to let me see him. You have to understand that this is very important to me.” I pleaded.

“No Jake I don’t think you understand the suspect is very dangerous.” She said. “I can’t let a kid go in there. What if something were to happen? The Mayor would be breathing down my neck so fast I wouldn’t be able to say what.”

“He’s already put two people in the hospital.” She said. “I don’t think I can risk it, your mother and I went to school together I don’t think she would ever forgive me if I allowed something to happen to you on my watch.”

“You just have to let me see him.” I cried. “I came all the way down here just so I could see him face to face.”

“Jake I’m really sorry you had to make the trip but I just can’t let you see him. He’s much too dangerous to be allowed around civilians.”

“But I’m not just any civilian!” I cried. “I’m the kid.”

“What kid?” Commissioner Spencer asked, looking slightly confused.

“I’m the kid in the letter. The one Meredith Rose wrote to Joe Smith. Except Meredith Rose is really my mother. I’m the child and I think I have a right to see my father.”

“It can’t be.” She gasped.

“It is….he confessed everything to Michael last night right before he tried to kill him.” I said. “Now please tell me where my father is so that I may speak with him.”

“He’s downstairs in lock up.” She sighed.  “Officer Ramirez will show you where to go.” The next thing I knew this very slender-looking and rather young woman led me downstairs to where my father was being held.

“He’s right over there.” Officer Ramirez said as she pointed toward one of the cells. “If you need anything I’ll be right upstairs so jut yell if you need anything.” She smiled and walked away.  Most of the cells appeared to be empty save the one my father was in, and few others which held the usual occupants.  The usual occupants referred to the drunks who had ran red lights, gotten caught and spent a night in jail to sober up.

“I was wondering when someone would come to see Me.” My father smirked. “But I had no idea it would be you.”

“Why not?” I snapped. “Are you not happy to see the son you gave up? The son you ignored for eighteen years!” 

“Jake you have to understand that was a different time and a completely different world. You would never understand. All you need to know is that I loved your mother and I still love you. I’ll always love you.”

“Make me understand then.” I yelled. “Make me understand why you didn’t want anything to do with me. Why you chose Eric over me.”

“Jake you have to understand I didn’t choose Eric over you. Son I had to make a decision and I chose to stay with my wife whether then destroy two families. Your mother and I made a mistake a long ago there is no reason for anyone to suffer for what we did.”

“What you did?” I scoffed. “People have suffered for what you did……two people are in the hospital because of you; and one of them is your son.”

“So you made a mistake all those years ago…..so what your saying is that I’m a mistake.”

“Jake don’t say that.” My father said. “You were never a mistake. You were a beautiful gift and I only wish I would have been able to spend more time in your life.”

“Huh, was the affair the mistake or was the fact that your gun put two people in the hospital.” I said. “Or was it all just a mistake because you got caught?!” I yelled at him.

“Jake I never meant for your brother Eric to wind up in the hospital.” Joe Smith protested. “I just had to keep this secret from coming out.”

“No you meant to put Michael in the hospital like you did his grandfather!” I yelled.

“No you don’t understand.” He pleaded. “You have to understand this was the only option. I had to keep this secret from getting out. If it were to get out lives would be destroyed.”

“News flash Dad the secret is already out!” I cried. He was shocked and I was even more shocked that I had called him dad. “Lives have been destroyed, three families have been effected by what you did. Many more lives will be destroyed when you go to trial… Not to mention the fact that my life has now been turned upside down because of you.”

“Because of you I have a new father that I’ll never get to know because you are going to rot in jail for years because of all the things you have done!” I yelled, storming off.

****Scene 4: Kayla’s POV*******************************

Hours later the gang was all gathered around our usual place for lunch. This lunch time was substantially smaller. Michael, Kevin, and I were all there; but both Eric and Jake were missing. Eric was still recovering from a gunshot wound in the hospital but we had no idea where the hell Jake was. That wasn’t the only thing about today’s lunch that was off. First off I had never seen Michael looking so sad in all my life. I felt like a mother hen; I wanted to grab him and squeeze him and make it all better. But unfortunately he would have probably pushed me off; and the only thing that would have actually made him feel better would be Eric getting better.

Also Kevin was quieter than usual; this was partly my fault. I did after all make him stay with me half the night at the hospital so we could wait for Eric to wake up. Kevin was even now, at lunchtime suffering from the lack of sleep. I actually felt fine and no one could have guessed I had been up most of the night; a true testament to the fact that Starbucks and good contouring does wonders for a girl. So with Michael too depressed to say anything and Kevin too tired to even stand in the lunch line yet alone speak a full sentence, it looked as if I would be leading the lunch table conversations.

“So I just had the weirdest conversation with Haley Macy.” When I said this Michael muttered something that I couldn’t quite make out while Kevin mumbled something that was even harder to make out. I was however quite sure that the words were not English; probably closer to gibberish.

“She actually hugged me. She…Haley Macy, my sworn enemy since the first grade.”

“Wait she hugged you?” Michael asked stunned.

“Why would she hug you?” Kevin interjected “Haley hates you.”

“Kevin I’m aware of that. Believe me the feeling is mutual.” I replied. “But I still can’t get over the fact that she did it. She walked right up to me and hugged me. She thanked me for helping to get to the truth that led to her release.”

“But you didn’t help her.” Kevin snorted. “That was all Mike’s doing.” Kevin laughed. He was still slouched over with his head in his arms; so when he laughed he looked as if he was sick or something.

“Yeah Kayla.” Michael said. “Kevin’s right. If I recall correctly you wanted us to leave her in jail.” Michael laughed.

“She doesn’t need to know all that.” I laughed. “She’s out now that’s all that matters. Where’s Jake when you need him? You two need to quit ganging up on me.” I said with a smile.

“I could have sworn I saw him inside of his truck this morning in the parking lot.” Kevin replied. “Must have been a dream.” He chuckled.

“Must have been a dream.” I laughed. “You could barely keep your eyes open this morning. It’s a wonder you made it here in one piece.”

“Michael so have you heard anything else about Eric?” I asked.

“Yes Kayla.” Michael said. “The doctor said that he’s well enough to come home tomorrow.”

“Michael that’s wonderful news.” I smiled. “Don’t you dare tell him I told you this but I actually miss that asshole. Lunch just isn’t the same without him. If you tell him I said this I’ll deny it.”

“Kayla ain’t nothing the same without him.” Kevin added.

“So when is he coming back?”

“Kayla slow down.” Michael said putting his hands up, as if it would stop the barrage of questions. “He’s still not that well. And besides it’s going to be a while before he’s ready to go to school again. He doesn’t want to come back just yet.”

“Then we will go to him.” Kevin interjected.

“Michael why won’t he be coming back? I thought you said the doctor said he was well enough to come home. Shouldn’t he be well enough to go back to school?” I pressed.

“If he needs anything who knows we will all be there for him.” I continued. “Isn’t he well enough?”

“Well he isn’t….OK.” Michael cried. “He’s not well enough. He just can’t come back. He’s not ready!” 

“Michael why not?” I added. “What aren’t you telling me?”

“Kayla just drop it.” He said, turning away from me so that he wouldn’t have to look me in the eye.

“Michael were friends.” I yelled. “You can’t shut me out. I know when something is wrong. Just speak to me please. I want to help you.”

“He’s paralyzed…OK.” Michael yelled. “Kayla are you happy now I told you. He doesn’t want to come to school because he can’t walk and he doesn’t want anyone to see him like this.”

I was completely stunned by what Michael had just told me.  I was stunned for two reasons; partly because of the earthshattering thing Michael had told me and partly because I had found Jake. He was standing behind Michael……his mouth open in complete shock.

“Who can’t walk?” was the only thing Jake could make out to say.

STAY TUNED……………………….......




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