****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

 ****Scene 1: Brett’s POV***************************

“Look dude I’m really not the jealous type. Honestly and I know that this is just sex and nothing more, but you’re really going to have to find a way to get over this guy.”

“What do you mean?” Jake asked, tilting his head slightly to the side to look at me.

“Just now.” I retorted. “You said his name.”

“Said who’s name?” he asked, as if he didn’t already know.

“Michael….I think that’s his name.” I replied. “Yeah it was Michael.”

“Wait? What? Are you sure?” Jake said nervously before changing his words to denial. “Brett you must have just been hearing things. Why would I say Michael’s name?”

“Umm I don’t know maybe because you’re in love with him.” I chuckled. “Jake your cock may have been balls deep in my ass but that doesn’t mean I’m deaf…..I heard you……you said Michael.”

“Jake you don’t have to be nervous it really doesn’t bother me……even if this is the second time you’ve done that during sex.”

“Look dude I really am sorry about that.” Jake said shyly.

“Look Jake I meant what I said……It really doesn’t bother me; and I’m not jealous or anything like that. I actually can see why you like him…..he’s nice and hot too but I just wish you would move on and get over him.”

“If you did it would be better.” I said stressing the importance of my words so that I could get through to him.

“Better for who?” he asked. He looked a little offended but this didn’t deter me.

“Well for starters better for you…..better for him……and better for everyone in the long run.” 

“What do you mean better for me?” he asked.

“Well if you were to move on you could be able to find a guy or girl (his preferences changed like the wind but they also fell back on Mike) or whatever your into nowadays. And it’s better for him because if you move on you guys might be able to resume some normality.”

“From what you told me….you guys are like best friends.”

“Were not like best friends…..we are best friends.” Jake blurted.

“Yeah you know what I mean.” I replied. “But that friendship has to be in an awkward place right now that you’ve told him how you feel about him. Take it from me don’t let these feelings ruin the friendship that you have or the relationship that you could have with your new brother.”

“Look I’m going to tell you something that I’ve never told anyone before.” I continued. “A few years back when I went to this other school I had this friend. He and I would do everything together. We had just started high school and coincidently during that same time I came to the realization that I was gay.

This guy and I got really close over the last few years and naturally I fell for him. I had all these dreams about us being together and I even decided to tell him in a really cute way that ended in me kissing him on the lips. All because I thought he liked me too but I was wrong…..”

“The only reason he didn’t punch me in the face is because we were once friend’s; past tense now. After that day he ignored me we stopped hanging out, he didn’t call me, and he didn’t come over my house anymore. Even when he saw me in the hall he would turn and walk the other way.  My mother soon realized something had happened between us…..she thought it was just a fight; it took everything in me not to break down but I didn’t.”

“I thought I could fix everything by just talking to him but he wouldn’t listen to a word I said. He told me that he hated me for what I did and that if I didn’t leave him alone he would tell everyone that I was faggot. My own friend….someone I thought was my best friend said that to me.”

“Brett that’s awful.” Jake interjected trying to comfort me.

“It was awful and every time I think about it, I get a little sad.  I told him to go to hell and weeks later everyone knew about me; the whole year was miserable and I was at such a low point that thought about ending it all a few times but I managed to keep it together until summer came. That day I vowed that I was never going to let my sexuality define me or let another person use it against me.”

“That’s about the saddest thing I’ve ever heard.” Jake sighed. “The guys on my team make jokes about me sometimes but they don’t take it any further because they know I can kick their asses; but I don’t always like the jokes. But I can’t even imagine what that was like for you.”

“If you give me his name I could go beat him up for you.” Jake laughed.

“Jake you don’t have to do that; you don’t even know the guy. Besides that would solve nothing and I’ve over him and over that whole situation. Thankfully summer came and my dad got a job here and we packed up and moved to upstate New York………I’d much rather leave the past and him in Connecticut where they belong. I just told you that because I don’t want you to lose the friendship you have or miss out on building one with your brother.”

“Brett I understand what you are saying.” Jake began. “But I’ve been in love…..deeply in love with this guy for years and to make matters worse he’s with Eric; someone I’ve never liked, who to top it all off is actually my brother because my father couldn’t keep it in his pants. I can’t just make myself stop having these feelings…..feelings like this don’t just go away. I can’t just get over him like that.”

“Jake if I can get over the feelings that I had for my ex-best friend and if I can even get over what he did to me that you can get over Michael.”

“Michael would never do that to me.” Jake explained. “I talk to him nearly every day; he would never just start ignoring me for no reason….he isn’t that kind of guy.”

“And I’m not saying that he is….I’m just saying that you need to try move on. Besides he’s engaged, he getting married so that window is closing fast.”

“I know he is.” Jake frowned. “But I just hope….that…just….maybe he might…”

“Look dude school doesn’t start for another. hour so let’s make it count. So what do you say? Are you going to make me scream again or are you going to lie in this bed looking like someone stole your puppy?”

****Scene 2: Jake’s POV*************************************

Seconds later I gave Brett his answer when I pressed my lips up against his own hard. We kissed passionately and I rubbed my hands all over his naked body.

I pulled the covers aside revealing Brett’s naked body underneath. I let my hands roam all over his body; I was savoring the moment I did after all have an hour with him. His skin was soft, very smooth and not a hair was on him save the little trail running to his cock.

I climbed on top of him and straddled him; his cock was growing with rapid speed. As I looked into his eyes many different feelings raced through my mind. I didn’t know exactly what I was feeling but deep down I knew that the feelings I had for Brett were more than just physical feelings. Maybe lust had something to do with it.

“Why are you staring at me?” Brett grinned.

“No reason; you’re just so damn cute” I smiled back at him.

“Are you going to kiss me or just stare at me?” he smirked.

“Kiss you. But I want to do so much more.”

“Tell me what you want to do to me big boy.” Brett said mockingly.

“First I want to kiss you.” I said bending down so that I could gently kiss him on the lips. He responded well to that. “And then after that I’m going to put my hand right here under your neck and next I’m going to put your leg right here….”

After that I lowered myself to his chest. I raised up so that I could admire his body for a moment before I leaned down so that my lips could make contact with the skin of his chest. I covered his chest up and down with kisses before I nibbled on his right nipple. 

As I bit into the flesh he let out a whimper. A moan filled with lust and ecstasy. 

“Not so hard.” Brett groaned.

“Sorry dude.” I said raising up.

“But God I love making a guy scream for me.” I said as I leaned back down once more placing soft, wet kisses all over his neck. Brett’s neck was great for kissing but his lips….they were so much better.  As I kissed his lips pressing my own firmly against mine I rubbed my hands up his torso stroking his abs.

We kept kissing and rubbing our hands all over our hot bodies; our tongues engaged in a familiar battle. While I kissed him I used my free hands to slip my underwear off. Once I had pulled my boxers off and tossed them to the side of the room I settled in my rightful place between Brett’s legs. As I gazed at his pink soft puckering hole I pulled his legs apart he threw his head back in anticipation of my cock

I pressed my hard cock against the entrance to his warm insides and he left out a moan. I couldn’t wait to fuck him but first I wanted to have a little fun with him. With my hands I lifted Brett up by his thighs pulling his legs up in the air.  I went down on him letting my kisses trail down his chest to his cock.

When I reached the throbbing shaft of hard meat I flicked my tongue briefly over the head letting the aroma into my nose. At that moment it hadn’t occurred to me that this was the first time I had ever sucked another guy’s dick. I would be lying if I said that I didn’t wish it was Mike’s dick I was sucking but I was satisfied with Brett’s more than ample dick nonetheless.

His cock tasted amazing; a little sweet and a little salty. Mmmmm if more guys had dicks that tasted this good I might be more inclined to start sucking dicks. Taking his cock in my mouth I licked it up and down. As I stroke his dick with my mouth Brett let out a long drawn out moan.

I teasingly covered his cock with sweet kisses as he begged for more. Before he could make another sound I spit a great deal of saliva on three of my fingers sticking them deep into his ass. He screamed begging for more.

I pressed my fingers further into him; giving him exactly what he wanted. Brett let out a howl writhing on the bed as I used my wet fingers to send waves of pleasure up his body. As my fingers went further I could feel his ass tensing around them.

The sounds that escaped his lips were a mixture of pain and pleasure and somewhere in between. It made me laugh as he gritted his teeth. I pulled my fingers out of his ass and before long I could tell he was already missing the sensations of my three digits in his ass by the way he begged me to put them back in.

But he didn’t have to wait long because soon something was pressing at the gates once more. This something that wanted to gain entry to his warm insides was far larger, and pulsating too. Brett threw his ass back and my cock pressed firmly into his ass causing him to scream in pleasure.

My movements were slow at first, much to Brett’s dismay. He was real particular about this; he liked it hard and fast. Slow wasn’t good enough for him; he liked a real good fucking. He even tried to make me go harder by pushing his ass back against me.

“Are you going to fuck me or are you just going to stand there and act like you don’t know what to do?” he chuckled.

I pushed him down to the pillow and started drilling my cock into him just like he wanted. He moaned and screamed in approval.

The room was soon filled with the slapping of skin and the sounds of sweet, sweet sex. I loved hearing the flesh of my skin slap against the flesh of a guy’s sweet ass. It was an amazing feeling.

After I had finished having him that way I grabbed him by his waist pulling my leaking cock out of his ass.  After I did this I flipped him over so that he was on his back once more; within seconds I had thrusted my cock back into his ass and he howled in approval.

Looking down at him I smiled at him and he smiled back. I wrapped my hand around his neck as I plowed his ass. He was into that kind of thing so I was more than happy to oblige. He liked it rough so I decided that’s what I was going to give him.

“Augghhhhhh…….FUCK YESSSSSS!”

“OH GOD! GIVE it to me!”


“Give it to me.”


I leaned down and wrapped my arms tightly around his neck, holding him close as we kissed. He closed his eyes and moaned into my mouth. As his eyes remained close I whispered into his ears. “Brett this isn’t just sex for me. I like you a lot.”

 As he did this I felt something warm and strange in my heart; it felt so warm, so real. I didn’t know what I was feeling. Shit! Was I developing feelings for this guy? He was great…..a good listener……and cute…..so damn sexy. Fuck I was developing feelings for him. But what could I expect; when you sleep with someone enough times you’re bound to develop feelings for them. It comes with the territory.


****Scene 3: Haley’s POV***********************************

The weeks after I had finally been exonerated for the shooting of Victor Chandler were some of the best of my life. This wealthy woman named Mrs. Chandler was paying me to break up her son and his boyfriend; who oddly enough happened to be my ex-boyfriend. The cash was great and I went out and bought I completely new wardrobe but that wasn’t even the best part…..The best part was that I had finally established myself as the unofficial Queen Bee of Harmony High. It was a title that I relished and with the seniors having left last May, and my name having been cleared I left all my opponents in the dust.

It is so good to be the Queen. That feeling of having people that can’t stand you want to befriend you and do your bidding is a precious feeling that I love. Naturally befitting my rank as Queen of the school I get the best seat at the best table in the cafeteria. That table is located near the large glass windows of the Cafeteria and it’s absolutely perfect for selfies and candid photos of me….of course.

After several boring hours of class the lunch bell rang and I couldn’t be happier. As was customary I walked from my class to the cafeteria so that I could meet up with my three best friends (my sidekicks) Haley Chu, Haley Devereaux, and Haley Van Der Berg.

No you didn’t just misread that; all of my friends are indeed named Haley I swear. I don’t like to remember people’s names so when those three airheads fell into my lap freshman year I knew I could get them to do what I wanted. 

I know I might sound like I bitch sometimes…..and not believe me I really am a bitch. And I take great pleasure in that fact; but I’m not all bad. I do after all support inclusion on some level; take my three best flunkies…..I mean friends for instance. Haley Chu is Asian but I haven’t exactly figured out which part yet and honestly Haley Chu has a slight problem she often has diarrhea of the mouth. She couldn’t keep a secret if you glued her mouth close; while Haley Devereaux is black or at least half-black; she’s French on her father’s side. I would describe Haley Devereaux as the only one to rival me in popularity and the one most likely to stab me in the back; and well Haley Van Der Berg is as dumb as they come and I don’t like to spread rumors but she’s a kind of a slut. Haley V. watched the Titanic and thought it was happening right as she was watching and proceeded to ask how they could film it when the ship was sinking. Needless to say because of her Daddy’s money Haley Van Der Berg.  got into a good school and if not I’m sure her mouth would do the trick. Pun intended.

However with all of their faults I l love my bitches; a girl couldn’t ask for better minions. We do everything together, we go shopping, we get makeovers, we talk about people (all light heartedly I promise), we eat together, and we even walk together.

Naturally when we walk in the halls I’m in the middle leading the way; with Haley Devereaux and Haley Chu on either side of me. While Haley Van Der Berg walks behind me; I’m afraid she might get lost if she didn’t follow behind me (believe me she would). Besides four people walking side by side in a hall takes up too much room. Three people with one walking behind me not only saves space but it also prevents guys from checking me out or trying to get a feel and getting a heel in their balls instead. I’m actually very efficient like that.

This time was different I had told them to go on without me so that today I was walking alone. As I walked to my table the people in the halls parted like the red sea because they all knew their place. But when I reached our table; the place at the centre of the high school kingdom I ruled everything was not has it should have been. This was because there was a certain girl sitting in my throne……the seat reserved for me alone.

“What are you doing here?” I said coldly looking the foolish girl up and down.

The audacity of this girl to dare sit at my table and worse still in my seat. I would soon teach her a lesson she wouldn’t soon forget. When I looked her in the face I realized that I had seen this girl before. I’d seen her in the park, in the school halls, and various other places. Her name was Charlotte.

“Well at the moment I’m enjoying my lunch.” Charlotte smiled at me. “And I’m having a delightful conversation with your friends.”

“I can see that.” I snapped. “I asked you a question what are you doing here? This is my seat! Everyone knows I sit here.”

“I sat here because I wanted to.” She laughed. “It’s a very nice with a great view too.”

“Girls you didn’t tell her to move?” I cried turning to my friends who sitting there completely dumbstruck at what was transpiring. “Are you guy’s deaf?”

“Haley we did tell her to move? Haley Devereaux blurted…..”But she wouldn’t.”

“Yeah we thought she could stay…..She’s actually pretty hilarious.” Haley Van Der Berg blurted out. So typical of them to just forget their place. 

“Do I have to do everything myself.” I yelled at my three friends. “Well I’m so glad you enjoyed the seat Charlotte but I’m going to have to ask you to move…..Now!” I cried turning back to the girl who was foolish enough to sit in my seat.

“Look I really don’t want to ask you again so please do yourself a favor in get the hell out of my seat!” I yelled after she refused to even budge a muscle.

“Look I don’t know who you think you are but I’m moving a muscle.” Charlotte snapped back. “I happen to like this seat very much so I think I’ll stay right where I’m.”

“Move now!” I cried, letting the palm of my hand make contact with the pale flesh on her face. 

“You bitch!” she cried rubbing the side of her face having felt the sting of the blow. I was going to slap her again but someone grabbed my hand.

When I turned around and saw who it was I was shocked. It was Kayla Spencer. “What are you doing?” I asked her as I pulled away from her.

“What am I doing?” She laughed. “What are you doing? Haley are you really trying to fight a pregnant girl?”

“Yeah! So What! Why do you?”

“Because she’s pregnant for Christ’s sake.” Kayla replied. “You can’t just go around fighting pregnant girls even if they are disgusting and vile like her!”

“I take that very offensively.” Charlotte said in a serious tone.

“Good…..because you were meant to.” Kayla shot back.

“She started it anyway.” I blurted. “Everyone here knows that this is where I sit with my friends. She was sitting in my seat like she owned it.” My friends all nodded in agreement.

“Haley nobody owns the seat not even you!” Kayla cried.

“Kayla you know what I mean. It’s the seat that I always sit in. I asked her nicely to move and she wouldn’t. She forced me to use force so I did.”

“Yeah Haley you can’t go around doing that. She is pregnant after all.” Kayla sighed. “Hitting pregnant women is frowned upon here.”

“Oh yeah about that.” I smirked. “How pray tell did you wind up with a little bun in the oven?” I smiled looking Charlotte dead in the eye. “Don’t worry about explaining because we all know how that transpired.”

“Does it make you feel good to know that the only way you can get Michael into your bed is by drugging him? What a pretty girl like you can’t get a straight guy so you have to go for a gay one?” I was just trying to provoke a reaction out of her.

“How do you know that?!” Charlotte frowned.

“How do you think?” I laughed. “You’ve been going around saying that you are pregnant and obviously you are. Supposedly Michael’s the father and we all know he’s gay, so the only way he would even look in your direction is if you did something to make it happen.”

“How dare you?!” she yelled back.

“Because I do.” I smirked.

“Ok I think you two should go have a little timeout.” Kayla interjected, pulling me off to the side. “Haley stop trying to provoke her. Just walk away she’s not worth it. Please just go.”

“Ok fine I will.” I cried. “Come on girls. We’re leaving!” 

After I had said this my three friends stood up looking a little confused. “We’re not going to stay for Lunch?”

“No were not.” I said seriously. “I seem to have lost my appetite.”

“I don’t think cotton balls dipped in juice classifies as an appetite Haley.” Charlotte said in a very snarky way.

“Bitch shut up!” 

“Make me!” Charlotte smugly.

“How about both of you shut the hell up.” Kayla chuckled. After that I walked off and that was the end of that.


****Scene 4: Kayla’s POV*******************************

“Guys you are never going to guess who I just saw picking a fight with Haley Macy!” I cried sitting down at our usual table. As was to be expected Eric was absent again; he refused to be seen in wheelchair. God I was too proud for his own good.

“What happened?” Jake cried.

“Wait. When did you get here?” I said going off topic a little. “I didn’t see you at homeroom. And I’m pretty sure your truck wasn’t in the parking lot this morning.”

“I was late ok.” Jake replied. “I was busy.”

“Busy with that guy no doubt.” I chuckled. “How was Brett?”

“He was great.” He smiled back.

“I bet!” I replied. “But I need to get back to the story. So anyway I was walking right over there and I happened to see Haley and that bitch Charlotte arguing over a damn seat. Actually there both bitches but that’s not what important.”

“What’s important is….that I did something I never thought I would do.”

“Kayla what did you do?” Mike asked looking slightly annoyed.

“Oh nothing I just defended Charlotte.” I said coyly.

“Wait! You What? Michael gasped. “But I thought you hated her.”

“Mike don’t get me wrong I do hate her and I especially hate her for what she did to you but I just couldn’t let Haley do what she was going to do.”

“Why?” Mike asked.

“Because of you.” I retorted.

“What do you mean because of me?” He asked. He looked a little confused too.

“Well she is pregnant with your kid or so she says……I wasn’t about to let Haley beat up on a pregnant girl no matter how disgusting and vile that girl happens to be.”

“But maybe she’s not.” Kevin interjected.

“Pregnant? I asked. “Everyone’s seen her stomach. We’ve all seen her stomach she’s defiantly got something in there.”

“No.” Kevin replied. “Maybe the kid’s not Mike’s.”

“Well she said it was mine.” Mike replied. “She wouldn’t lie about something like that after what she did.”

“Mike that girl would lie about anything.” I replied. “And besides Kevin could be on to something. Mike how long does she have before you know what happens?”

“Four or five more months I think.” He replied. “Kayla please tell me you are not thinking about what I think you are thinking about.”

“Mike It’s not that hard all we need is your DNA and four months later we’ll have are answer.” I smiled. “It’s time we put this to rest.”

“Kayla you can’t be serious.” Mike gasped. “You know she would never agree to that.”

“I don’t care what she agrees too.” I snapped. “Besides who said anything about telling her?”

“Well she is the kids’ mother.” Jake replied.

“She’s no mother she’s simply an incubator.”




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