****Opening Title**************************************************

*hot guy fades into light,

First his sculpted torso and chiseled abs, followed by his pecs, followed by his bulging biceps then finally his gorgeous face, a face created by Angels comes into view.

"Like the hot guy of our dreams so our the Gays of Our Lives"

Hot guy flexes his muscles

*Title sequence fades out

****Scene 1: Kayla’s POV**********************

“Of course my mother’s sick!!!” Haley gasped. “I wouldn’t make something up like that. Do you honestly think I would lie about that?”

“Well I don’t know,” I replied loudly. “You’re lying about EVERYTHING else. So how the hell am I supposed to know a lie from the truth when coming from your lips?”

“Because let’s get one thing straight.” I continued. “You are lying about a lot of things. You lied about you and Eric being back together. You lied about Eric and you sleeping together last night, and you lied about NOT setting Eric up.”

“I’m not lying.” Haley protested. “Kayla you don’t know anything. You weren’t even there. So why don’t you just go mind your own business and stay the hell out of mine.”

“Well Eric tells a different story. And for the record anytime something concerns one of my friends it is my business. Especially when that business is a bold face lie!” I sneered through gritted teeth.

“Speaking of stories……what about that story you told me a few weeks when I saw you lurking around Michael’s house. What was it you said? Oh yeah…..you said that you were baby-sitting his little brother.”

“Was any of that even the truth, how do I know any of it is the truth.” I continued. “How?

“That’s simple you don’t know and you won’t know. You have no way of knowing either way.” Haley hissed back.

“So you admit that what you say is a lie.”

“No that’s not what I’m saying at all.” Haley smiled. “I’m simply saying that hypothetically speaking if what I were saying happened to be a lie you would have no way of proving it either way.”

“Haley you can stop this before it gets out of hand. You can end it all by just opening your mouth and telling the truth.” I pleaded with her. “Haley just admit it, just admit that you lied and set Eric up so that you could break him and Michael up!”

“Michael and Eric, they love each other they really do. I see the love that they have for one another every time they look at each other. And this lie that you are telling, this one little lie that you keep insisting to be the truth is driving a wedge between them.”

“And I’m not going stand by and let you drive a wedge between them. As long as I’m able to stop it from happing I’m going to. And you can count on that!”

“Kayla I really don’t have time for you or all of your questions right now. I have class, which I’m actually late for, thanks to you and your twenty-one questions.”

“If you would just admit that you are lying about the whole thing. Just admit that you lied and that you set Eric up to get back at him for dumping you for Mike.”

“Is that it? Are you mad because Eric prefers guys over girls? Are you upset because he’d rather stick his dick up Michael’s ass and not your pussy? Is that it are you jealous? Is Haley Macy jealous?”

“Kayla shut up!!” Haley yelled back. “SHUT the HELL up! That’s not why I’m doing this. Yes I was angry at Eric for what he did to me, but I’m not going to hold that against him. You have it all wrong. This is…..”

“So you admit it then…..This is all just some scheme that you cooked up for your own selfish goals. Isn’t it? Admit it!”

“I won’t admit it. I can’t” she said, her eyes welling up with tears it appeared. “I just…..I j-just can’t. I-I had to do this. I had to. She made me”

“What do you mean you had to do this? What are you talking about?” I pressed. “And who made you do this? Who is this She you speak of?”

“Tell me who she is!” I cried shaking her. “Tell me who she is! Was it Charlotte Livingston?! Did she put you up to this!? TELL ME!!!”

“I can-t……….-I just can’t” she replied breathlessly. She was standing there but she seemed a million miles away. “I have to go. I’m really late.” She said as she pulled away from me, turning and running off leaving me alone with my thoughts.

She left me to think about everything. To think about why she did what she did and to think about who made her do this. I didn’t know all the details but she had spilled just enough information for me to go on.

All I had to do was find out who this she was and I would be nearly there in solving Haley’s reasons behind setting Eric up. My mind was telling me that it had to be Charlotte who else would go through the trouble of trying to set Eric up except for the one person that hated his relationship with Michael the most. And that person was Charlotte Livingston.

She had to be behind this. No doubt she was using this as means to get into Michael’s pants and maybe she was even hoping to get on to his dick again. I mean I had seen it years ago when Michael and I had dated in Junior High, before he came out of the closet. That must be the reason she persists in her chase of him. Yes Michael and I had dated when we were younger, but nothing ever went further than a little making out and fondling. And by now we have no sexual attraction for the either.

And that’s exactly the way we liked to keep it….

****Scene 2: Jake’s POV**********************

After Kevin and I had are morning exertion we cleaned ourselves, put our clothes back on and headed off to school. We arrived there just as the morning bell began to ring. We hurried off to our individuals classes and while I passed through the halls I noticed that Kayla was arguing with Haley. But I paid it no attention because to see Kayla arguing with someone was a common occurrence.

When I reached my locker I found a letter addressed to me from someone calling themselves my secret admirer. I didn’t have time to read it because I already later for class so I simply put it in my backpack and headed off to my class. When I reached my class, my teacher had not yet began teaching so this allowed me ample time to read my letter from my so-called secret admirer.

The letter read as such:

“Dear Jake,

I write this letter to you because it has come to my knowledge that you have engaged in disgusting behavior with Kevin Barrett. I know this to be truth because I have seen the disgusting act with my very eyes. I tell you now as your secret admirer and cherished friend to cease this activity, this vile behavior immediately or risk the revelation of all that you have done. I mean what I say end it or I will spill the deed.

Ps. I have pictures to prove it!”

I read the letter quietly to myself, and in doing so found that it was not from a secret admirer, nor even a friend but a foe. But who? Who would hate me so, to out Kevin an innocent man as a homosexual. If I was to save Kevin from being outed I would have to do as the letter commanded and end the relationship with Kevin at least until I found out who was behind this blackmail and convinced them to reconsider their actions by any means necessary.

Before reading the letter I had been in the best mood. This mood brought on by Kevin’s wonderful ass. But now after reading this horrible letter my mood had changed from the best to the worse. This change in my mood did not go unnoticed for with my facial expressions I could not hide my discomfort.

“Jake? Is everything all right?” Paul asked. Paul Hayes was a mutual friend of Michael and I’s. Our friendship was almost as old as the friendship Michael and I had.

“No man, I’m just thinking about something.”

“Well it seems like you’re thinking rather intently right now. Must be something very important to leave that expression on your face.” Paul said pointing to my visibly shaken face.

“Just tell me what it is that troubles you.” Paul persisted. “Maybe I can help you.”

“I would love to tell you what is wrong.” I sighed. “But Paul I don’t want to involve you in my mess. It’s mine and mine alone. I don’t want to worry you or anyone else with my friends.”

“Well whatever it is that causes you to be upset, I hope that it is resolved quickly.” Paul chuckled.

“You and me both,”

“You and me both,” I repeated, as I turned my attention to other things namely my school work. Which coincidently I was far behind in.

****Scene 3: Mike’s POV**********************

After last night’s dreadful outcome I had very little sleep. How could I sleep when my whole world had been turned upside down? All because what I had saw…..And even now I didn’t even really know what I saw.

And now I had to go to school and face the world. By now the whole town would know of the abrupt end to last night’s festivities. They would not know all the details of what had transpired in that suite but there would still be whispers. Dreadful whispers, something that one cannot escape when living a high-profile life, especially in Harmony.

But all these whispers were nothing compared to the grilling I would receive from Kayla. No doubt she had already received Eric’s side of the story and now she would want my side. But I was not ready to speak to her or anyone about what had happened I barely wanted to speak at all………it hurt too much to speak the words out loud.

Because I didn’t want to be grilled by Kayla I tried my best to avoid her. But my best alas was not enough. I even walked in after the bell had already rang. But even by coming in late I still managed to run right into Kayla.

“Michael!” she exclaimed obviously excited to have seen me. “Michael! Oh my GOD! I’m so glad I ran into. We have to talk right now. You have to tell me everything…”

“Humpf, I was afraid you would say that.”

“What?” Kayla questioned.

“Oh I meant to say hey Kayla.” I said, trying to smile. “I just don’t feel like talking right now. I’m hurting a lot because of what Eric did.”

“But he didn’t do it! He didn’t sleep with Haley” she cried. “He told me so himself. You just have to hear him out. You have to believe him he loves you.”

“Why so I can hear more lies?” I cried “Kayla I heard him last night. He lied to me. He didn’t trust me enough to tell me that he could walk again. Every time I would ask if he was getting better, if he showing signs of walking again he would simply give me the same old line.”

“Instead of trusting me with the knowledge that he could walk he continued to keep it from me.” I sighed. “Instead he told you.”

“Michael don’t be like that, he didn’t tell me.” She said assuredly. “I found out by accident. And from the moment I found out I have urged him to tell you the truth. He didn’t sleep with Haley, and he didn’t lie to you. He loves you.”

“Kayla a lie by omission is still a lie no matter how you spin it.” I sighed. “I know Eric loves me, I love him more than life itself.”

“But I can’t just disregard what I saw! I saw it with my own eyes, I saw him in bed with Haley. She didn’t have panties on for god’s sake! What am I supposed to believe? Who am I supposed to believe?”

“You are supposed to believe the man that you love, not some scheming bitch!” Kayla yelled back.

“Kayla it’s not that I believe Haley over Eric, it’s j-just that everything appears to point to Eric having slept with Haley. We all know how Eric was before you…know.”

“That’s it appearances can be deceiving.” Kayla continued.” You might have thought that what you saw was proof of his misdeeds. But that’s not the case. It was all a ruse and besides you changed Eric you’ve made him a better man he would never betray you like that.”

“He loves you,” she repeated, letting the words sink in.

“What do you mean it was a ruse?” I asked.

“I mean that the whole thing was staged… You finding Eric and Haley in bed together.” Kayla interjected. “You walking in on them right as Haley kissed him, Haley being without underwear. It was all staged for your eyes.”

“What are? What are you talking about?” I cried. “Are you trying to say that somebody arranged all of this?”

“Michael that is exactly what I’m trying to say. Eric was set up!” she said, the expression on her face showing how confident she was at the idea.

Are you sure? How do you know this?”

“I just do,” Kayla shot back. “I just do…… It all just seems a little too suspicious. It’s like someone wrapped up a present of Eric and Haley together in bed for you find. Doesn’t that seem a little too perfect, like somebody set up the whole thing?”

“Kayla we don’t know that. All I know is what I saw……and what I saw was Eric and Haley in bed, in a hotel room that my family owns for goodness sake!”

“But we do know,” Kayla smiled.

“Kayla what are you talking about now?” I sighed.

“Well first off I had a nice little chat with Haley.”

“Was really a nice little chat or was it a screaming match.” I said laughing a little. And for a moment I forgot the intense pain that I was in.

“That doesn’t matter what matters is what she said.” She said, her eyes lighting up. “Yes most of what she said were lies, but she did spill just enough information for me to use.”

“And because of this I now know that someone put Haley up to this. That someone was a she. Haley didn’t say so in so many words but now I believe that that someone was none other than Charlotte Livingston.”

“Kayla please don’t….please.” I protested.

“Michael you know it’s true. That girl wants you……she wants you bad. She’s already gotten a taste of your dick once before and now she wants it again.”

“Kayla that’s not funny!” I muttered.

“Yeah I know. I’m sorry Mike.” She replied. “But just hear me out. Charlotte wants nothing more than to be a family with you and that baby she’s carrying. She has all of the resources to make it happen. She arranged all of this. I know it”

“I just know it…” she said.

****Scene 4: Jake’s POV**********************

When lunch time came around I snuck out of school. And went to the park, texting Kevin so that he could meet me there. I told him to meet me at the park because I knew that it would be nearly empty and I didn’t want anyone to see what would unfold.

It took a little over ten minutes for Kevin to arrive. But by the time he arrived he was smiling from ear to ear. He was so happy and here I was about to break up with him and breaking his heart too. Please God don’t let him hate me.

“Hey Jake,” Kevin smiled as he made small talk “Wow the sun is finally out. I’m so glad all this rain is gone. Isn’t that great?”

“Wait a minute why did you tell me to meet you here again?” Kevin turned gazing into my eyes. “Is this about what happened between Eric and Mike?”

“No this isn’t about that them.” I said breathing heavily. “Kevin I need you to listen to what I’m about to tell you. This is about you and I. We have to stop doing this.”

“Jake what do you mean? What do you mean we have to stop?” Kevin said staring blankly at me. “Jake what on earth are you talking about.”

“I mean we need to stop seeing each other. I mean we have to stop this relationship. I still want to be your friend but we just have to see other people now. It’s for the best.”

“Jake you’ve got to be kidding right? Right?” he yelled at me, waiting for a response

I nodded my head instead of speaking, because what I was doing was hurting me too much to speak clearly.

“Man what the hell?! What do you mean we need to see other people?” Kevin yelled. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Come on Jake if this is your idea of a joke this it’s a poor one. Ok so where are the cameras?” He said looking around for hidden cameras; that unbeknownst to him he would not find them.

“Kevin I know we set no boundaries in our relationship. And I do really care for you.” I said, trying my best not to break down. For just as I was breaking Kevin’s heart I was breaking my own as well. “But we have to see other people. We just have to. I’m doing this to protect you because if you stay with me you’re going to get hurt.”

“W-Why? Why?” Kevin pleaded, tears streaming from his eyes. “Why are you doing this?”

“Because I have to…..”




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