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Well, I'm 20 years old and armed with my fantasies, and I love reading and writing erotica. I have returned...again. Hopefully for long term this time. As you all have noticed I've put my stories to a hiatus because well to make it short I got busy with another chapter in my life and either got lazy or didn't have time to write. My apologies to you all, but here's another chapter that'll hopefully revive the few of you that still enjoy my work. Cheers!

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Stories by Levi

  • Savior: Chapter 27

    Their first time...finally

  • Savior: Chapter 26

    He pulled me into him and sighed, feeling my smooth skin as he lowered his hands around my butt. He kneaded them and slid his tongue in my mouth. They danced together and pulled apart for a brief second before intertwining again.

  • Savior: Chapter 25

    Our room....it was on fire.... everything.... was on fire.....

  • Savior: Chapter 24

    I wonder what we're doing today...

  • Savior: Chapter 23

    Ray squeezed me and his facial expression softened...

  • Savior: Chapter 22

    I laid there, reading the fine lines embedded in the solid metal. Every curve was perfect. The obsidian was smooth, the metal was polished...

  • Savior: Chapter 21

    was suddenly jerked away by something heavy falling on top of my back. I tried to bolt upright, but I felt like I nearly snapped my spine attempting to...

  • Savior: Chapter 20

    I screamed as all my muscles contracted and something hot coated my chest. My eyes snapped open...

  • Savior: Chapter 19

    "Hey Mom!" He said and leaned back against the counter. I sucked in some air and turned off the sink and stood there staring. He glanced at me, gave me a thumbs up, and continued talking...

  • Savior: Chapter 18

    I came back up, gasping for air and stared wide eyed at the machine. Excuse me? Did that really just happen? I rushed over and punched the button the on machine, and the voice came up again...

  • Savior: Chapter 17

    The moment he said that I felt a sudden shockwave of shivers originating from his fingertips and shot throughout my whole body, making me jerk a little as the music pounded in my ears.

  • Savior: Chapter 16

    I clapped my hand over my mouth to stifle a sob, and I resisted the urge to storm away from the open window and just lay down in Ray's plush bed and inhale his scent. To wrap his comforter around me and pretend like he was with me rather than out there yelling. I just wanted to feel safe again.

  • Savior: Chapter 15

    I woke up to a world of absolutely delightful sensations, which began from my face and shot through every vain in my body and to the tips of my fingers and caused my toes to curl as pulses of tingling electricity made my whole body vibrate with life.

  • Savior: Chapter 14

    You wanna know why you're so beautiful," he whispered in my ear. I felt myself freeze up when he said this. I didn't think he would bring that subject up again, but then again, was he going to finally tell me why he was so attracted to me? Was it lust?

  • Savior: Chapter 13

    I glanced up at Ray's face, and saw that he was just string off into space, lost in his mind somewhere. I wonder what he was thinking about. Maybe reminiscing of the times his parents were there?

  • Savior: Chapter 12

    "Sorry that I'm such a burden.." I whispered in the dark. I listened to his steady breathing as his gentle heartbeat slowly carried me off to sleep. I knew that he loved me, and I knew that he wanted to be with me.

  • Savior: Chapter 11

    I stared at the door as I heard the knob turn, and slowly the door began opening. My heart raced as I thought of who these people could be.

  • Savior: Chapter 10

    The real chapter 10 ..

  • Savior: Chapter 9

    I bolted upright in bed to the sound of shattering glass and Ray's voice along with another voice that I knew all too well. I stumbled out of bed and quickly my knees buckled out from under me.

  • Savior: Chapter 8

    His lips were soft and warm, and with that gentle touch, a mighty dam crumbled down. I began shaking violently and I bursted into tears...

  • Savior: Chapter 7

    I held my hands to my mouth as I stared at the beautiful sight in front of me. Hundreds of fireflies illuminated the air as they floated above a pond that was covered with lily pads topped with small pink flowers...

  • Savior: Chapter 6

    Finally chapter 6! Hope you guys enjoy it! Cheers.

  • Savior: Chapter 5

    We better get going, he said with his forehead still against mine with his eyes closed. I didn't want to go to school; I wanted to stay like this, just me and Ray holding each other.

  • Savior: Chapter 4

    I stopped breathing, and my tears stopped as well. My hands were placed against his chest as I felt all my muscles loosen and I felt his arms tighten around my thin body

  • Savior: Chapter 3

    All of the sudden a feeling of uncontrollable happiness swelled in my chest and I ran into the house laughing with a broad smile. I ran into my room and hopped on my bed and hugged my pillow with all my might in a giggling fit.

  • Savior: Chapter 2

    I felt alone in this world, no one was there, no one seemed to care, no one loved me. I only sat in there for about ten minutes and got out and dried myself and put my clothes back on, tears still running down my face.

  • Rough Sex is Fun: Chapter 5

    Finally chapter 5, here it is guys! Enjoy.

  • Savior

    I slowly peeled off my shirt and pants and look at my 7 inch hardon. I began to run my fingers lightly over my cock while I played with my balls in my hand.

  • Rough Sex is Fun: Chapter 4

    Stupid kevin for jumping to conclusions haha!

  • Rough Sex is Fun: Chapter 3

    A small quickie and a fun evening, but Justin puts on his serious face and utters those scary words. We need to talk, oh noz!