'Sorry that I'm such a burden...' I whispered in the dark. I listened to his steady breathing as his gentle heartbeat slowly carried me off to sleep. I knew that he loved me, and I knew that he wanted to be with me, but I couldn't help but feel that I was such a burden on him. I didn't want to weigh him down in any way, or disrupt his life at all. Was my presence good or bad? Was I doing the right thing by staying with him? He said I changed him, but I didn't know whether he was telling the truth or not. Then again, Ray must have been honest. Not once has he lied to me about anything. He said he loved me for me, and he thought I was beautiful, and all this he proved. He did not grimace when I was naked; instead he stared with lust and adoration. He kept his promise that he would be there for me, and he proved that when he was there for all my breakdowns. He kept all his promises and said he was happy to be with me but....why couldn't I shake the feeling that I was hurting him? I wanted so bad to know whether I was hurting him or not, but I knew he would say that I wasn't, the only problem is that I didn't know whether he would lie about that, or tell the truth. I laid there as my body begged for sleep, but my mind wouldn't. I had too much to think about, my thoughts were scattered as usual, and I was busy trying to collect them in a neat pile. It was as though someone turned an enormous fan in front of my neat little stack of papers that I finished sorting. Finally, I gave in, and let out a long sigh as I finally fell asleep.

I felt my eyes slowly open as my brain signaled my body that it was time to get up and ready for school. I awoke to a strange feeling, something today felt a bit off. I closed my eyes again and blindly groped for Ray's body, but only to find empty sheets next to me. I flipped over and stared at the empty spot on the bed next to me, wondering where in the world he went at this time of day. I slowly sat up and trembled under the covers as the chill swirled around my exposed skin from where the sheets have left. After rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, I looked over at Ray's pillow to find a neatly folded piece of paper. I cocked my head and stared at it with a flare of curiosity rising in my mind. I slowly took the note and unfolded it, and read the unmistakable handwriting of Ray Matelli.

'Morning babe, went out for a morning jog, see ya soon! I love you!' I read softly to myself. I just couldn't help but smile while reading it, Ray always made me smile, regardless of how I was feeling, just the simple thought of him could bring a smile to my lips, besides, I thought him leaving a note was kind of cute. I let out a big yawn and stretched as I slowly stood up and grabbed a robe, making sure the rope was wrapped securely around my waist. I turned around and walked towards the window. The sun was barely peeking over the clouds, giving the sky a beautiful pink and orange glow. Once again, my mind was filled with thoughts of Ray.

'Thank you....thank you so much...' I whispered to myself as a small smile crept to my lips. I didn't know who or what I was thanking, I just felt the need to thank someone, be it god, my mother, or the word itself, I just felt the need to thank someone for allowing Ray to be in my life. Without him, I would still be living the nightmare that he pulled me out of a few days ago. I opened my eyes and stared outside for a few more seconds, and then made my way out of the bedroom and down the stairs. I prowled around the kitchen in search for cereal to tame the roar of my stomach, I didn't want to eat eggs and what not every day, the last thing I needed was a heart attack. After a few minutes of searching, I finally found a box of cornflakes and sat down and poured myself a bowl of it and began eating. I chewed slowly as I began thinking once again about Rosaline. The thoughts that I locked away for the night escaped and flooded my mind again. They were such a nuisance, a pest, a annoying little bug that wouldn't stop bothering me. Why did I react that way to such a simple touch from Rosaline? I had no recollection of her at all, as far as I knew, that was my first time meeting her, but if that was the case, then why did I have such an impulse to avoid her touch? I shook my head in an attempt to swat away the bothersome thoughts, but they only retreated to the shadows of my mind, only to be brought back into the light later. I breathed out a sigh as I stared into my bowl, still trying the snatch the few thoughts of yesterday that lingered. Just who is Rosaline Gutierrez?

I was washing out my bowl when I heard the sound of the front door and Ray kicking off his shoes. I turned off the faucet and dried off the bowl and popped my head out of the kitchen just in time to see Ray peel off his shirt. As I blushed at the sight, Ray spotted me and walked towards me with outstretched arms a a big smile forming on his face.

'Morning Babe,' he said as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

'Morning Ray,' I said softly before placing my lips on his. I felt a sudden wave of comfort and safety rush throughout my body as his lips were pressed against mine, and his arms were around me. As our kiss became more passionate, I felt his tongue at the edges of my lips, and I parted my mouth slightly and slid my tongue into his mouth and he slid his into mine. I felt the heat radiating from his skin intensify as my hands wandered across his chest, and grunted as my hands gently brushed over his nipples. I felt his hands began undoing my robe and he slipped the off my shoulders and pulled me closer so I could feel his hard cock pressed against my stomach. I pulled away from his lips and pulled off his shorts and his cock swumg free and slapped me gently on the chin. I giggled and stood back up amd pressed my lips back on his as my hand gently played with his shaft. I heard him gasp as my hand rubbed the head, and he made me tremble and moan as he did the same to mine. Despite the cold, I could feel my body beginning to fire up and sweat. Finally, our lips parted, and we stood there staring at each other panting and sweating.

'Was that my good morning kiss?' he growled while nuzzling my neck.

'Of course!' I said while giggling as his five o clock shadow tickled my neck.

'If that's the case...' he said slyly while picking me up.

'...then I'd like to see what my good night kiss would be like tonight,' whispered in my ear as he nipped it. I felt my face go deep red as he laughed and pecked me on the lips before making his way upstairs.

As I sat on the counter dangling my legs dangling in midair, I enjoyed the view of Ray's butt as he started up the shower and grabbed some fresh towels. I always took notice of how well sculpted he was, there was barely any fat at all anywhere on his body. He had large pecs, washboard abs, a tight ass, a strong jaw, great skin, everything! I hopped off the counter and examined myself in the mirror. As I touched my scars, I realized that I sometimes felt self conscious around Ray, since he was so beautiful but me; I had all these ugly scars and not very much muscle. The one question that I found myself asking was, why me? Why, of all the guys that he could have, me? What was it about me that he found so irresistible? It obviously wasn't my looks; they weren't anywhere close to his level of looks, my talents? No, I can't do much either, just housework, and he didn't even know that till now. So...what does he find so great about me? I was lost in my own mind while I was staring at my reflection, only to be brought back to reality as Ray wrapped his arms around my waist and nuzzled my neck.

'Whatcha thinkin about Levi?' he asked softly while kissing my cheek and staring at our reflection. I saw myself begin to smile and turned around and kissed him on the lips.

'Nothing, just school stuff,' I said cheerfully as I patted his chest. As we walked towards the shower, Ray rushed over and opened the door for me while bowing down.

'Bottom's first,' he said with a wicked smile. I laughed and blushed and stepped in the shower, only to get a blast of cold water. I yelped and jumped out of the shower shivering and staring at Ray as he doubled over laughing.

'What's wrong Levi? Little kitty's afraid to get wet?' he laughed while kissing the top of my head.

'No, it's fucking cold!' I retorted while looking back at the shower.

'Sorry, I like cold showers after running,' he said sheepishly.

'I don't know if I can stand this,' I said timidly while staring skeptically at the running water.

'Well then...' he said while pushing me back into the shower and stepping in with me.

'Lemme keep you warm,' he breathed as he wrapped his arms around me and pressed his lips against mine. I felt a rush of heat go through me when he said this as my stomach did flip flops. He was so kind, so sweet, and he loved me. His arms never left me, and I was never cold during that shower, but then again, I was never cold inside either. As we stood there in the shower, I couldn't help but think about the past. I was always cold and dark inside, and there was barely ever any light in my heart, it was just a frozen hunk of ice the bled every time it was cracked, and it never seemed to thaw for one second. In my mind, I was just a hollow body walking the earth till I fell and died, that was all I was, but things changed. Ray came into my life and for the first time, I felt my heart really beat. For me, it was my very first breath of life even though I was on the earth for 17 years, it was my very first breath where I could feel my heart beat and my body warmed up and...I was alive. That very first moment he kissed me, I felt truly alive. His friendship added warmth and began melting my heart, but his love broke apart the ice and gave me life.

'I love you,' I said softly as I leaned my head against his chest, breaking the silence that occurred between us. I felt Ray unwrap one arm from my torso and lifted my face up with his hand.

'And I love you...no matter what,' he replied sweetly with a warm smile. He leaned in slowly towards my face, his warm breath drifted across my lips, his arm tightened around me, and my leg went between his to close the little amount of distance between us as our lips finally met. I couldn't stop myself from kissing him every chance I get, he was my drug, and I was hooked on him. Sometimes our constant kissing made it seem like we had a lot of sexual tension between us, but mostly, it just reminded me of how much we loved each other. Words sometimes weren't enough, and sometimes, a kiss could say a million words. Water trickled down our bodies as Ray's hand went to the back of my head while mine reached up and held his face. We stayed that way till Ray started shivering a little himself.

When we stepped out of the shower, we still had at least an hour to spare before we had to head off to school. As I made the bed, Ray stopped me in the middle of it and tugged me towards the balcony while grabbing a spare blanket off from the bed. I happily obliged as we walked outside into the morning glow. Ray sat down in the usual chair and I gently sat down on his lap and wrapped the blanket around both of us and rested my head against his shoulder as his hand held mine under the blanket. Even though it was cold outside, it felt so refreshing, crisp, and clean. I breathed out a sigh and watch as my breath disappeared into the air.

'The weather's been great lately,' said Ray while bumping my head against mine. I nodded and playfully bumped my head against his. I heard Ray take in a few deep breaths and his hand tightened around mine.

'You're not a burden Levi...' he whispered while staring out into the rising sun. I felt my heart jump into my throat as my head snapped towards his direction.

'W...What?' I stuttered. He heard me last night?! I thought he was asleep!

'What makes you say that?' I said calmly, which contradicted what I really felt inside. He must've heard me, how else could he have known? Then again, maybe he just knew me well enough to know that I felt that way often.

'I heard you last night...you said you were sorry for being a burden...' he said gently while facing me and staring into my eyes.

'But, I thought you were asleep,' I replied while staring at him in disbelief.

'No, I wasn't,' he said while chuckling and shaking his head. This didn't seem to make much sense to me, what exactly was he doing then?

'I don't understand,' I said before breaking his gaze and staring back out to the horizon.

'Look at me,' he said firmly as he held my chin and turned my head so I was staring back at him.

'Every night I stay up to make sure you're asleep, I do this every night because I'm worried that you might be upset about something and you wouldn't tell me, I know that sounds distrustful but I know you're style Levi, you think that you would trouble someone by telling them your troubles so you keep them to yourself till you're sure that you're alone and you let them out in tears. I was afraid that would happen and then I wouldn't be awake to comfort you when you need it most.' He said gently. I held his gaze and remained silent for a while. I was shocked. I didn't know that he did this every night. All those moments where we napped together or those nights we slept together, he was awake making sure that I was ok.

'But...' I began, wanting to apologize. He must've lost so much sleep trying to make sure I was ok.

'No buts. Levi, I want to be there for you!' He said firmly. I held his unwavering gaze as he gently squeezed my hand.

'I always want to be there for you...no matter what...' he said softly. I was speechless. My mouth would not cooperate with me even though I could feel a dam of words waiting to be set free out into the open.

'I...but...you...' I stuttered, a futile and desperate attempt to free those words. I finally gave up and quickly pressed my lips onto his. If I couldn't speak those words, then I would let him feel what I wanted to say. The kiss quickly escalated as Ray pulled me as close as I can possibly be and my hands were pressed against his chest. I could feel his heart beating faster, his skin getting hotter, his breath getting quicker, and most of all, his love growing stronger. I could feel it all, the wonderful sensations flowing through my body as he kissed me, and I was hoping he could feel the same from me. I could feel a tear sliding down my cheek as I kissed him and conveyed my thoughts to him. I love him so much, and I wanted to make sure that he knew how much I love him, and how grateful I was to have him in my life. Our lips parted with a soft smack, and we stared at each other, panting with our hearts racing and fluttering from happiness. Slowly, he lifted me off his lap and stood both of us up, and pulled me into a tight hug. Despite the chill, I felt hot. His warmth drifted throughout my body and made my love for him shine even brighter.

'I love you...and no matter how many times I say it...it will never be enough....' I whispered as he swayed back and forth.

'You'll have as much time as you need to say I love you as many times as you want...because I never want to let you go...' he whispered softly in my ear. A smile danced across my lips as we stood there, no matter what, he always made me smile.

I looked through the shelves examining every titled of the book for something with a name that appealed to me. I read countless books and despite the fact that I was a constant reader, I was never tired of reading. It was a relaxing hobby, something that I can just submerse myself into for hours on end. I've skipped meals just to finish books...but then again, I didn't eat much in general. I read a titled and I felt a twinge of curiosity spark in the back of my mind, and instinctively I picked it up and opened it. As I was skimming through it and seeing if it was something I was interested in, I heard the sound of footsteps and snickering of the wolves that ruled this school. Girls in skimpy skirts with supermodel features, and guys with muscular bodies and looks to die for, though none of them topped Ray. They stopped and stood there, talking amongst themselves, probably about how many drinks they had last night or how great their life is. I took notice of one of the guys pointing at something, and I followed the direction of his finger to the final destination of a enormous girl. I couldn't see her face, but from the back I could tell that she was quite the heavy one. She had curly dark brown hair and white skin, and she was wearing grey sweats. I stared back at the group and they were still nickering and talking, take time to glance back at her from time to time and probably crack a fat joke. I stood there, hiding in the shelves and observing them. I wanted to see what would happen, would she take notice of them or simply ignore the assholes? My questions were soon answered when she turned around and began walking. She had chubby cheeks and puffy lips, and her eyes were light green. Her thighs jiggled as she walked, and even her sweats seemed a bit too tight. She was wearing a black back pack that didn't look very heavy, and she was wearing tennis shoes. As she walked closer towards the group, one of the guys had a mischievous glint in his eyes. He stepped out of the group and stood abruptly in front of her, with a span of 3 feet between them that is.

'Yo lard ass, shouldn't you be eating the city?' he said as she tried to move past him. She then became very stiff and didn't move a muscle. I couldn't help but sympathize with her, being the center of fat jokes, judging her on her appearance, it was just sad. I found myself wanting to do something, anything; I just wanted her to have at least someone trying to defend her. My mind fought against my impulse to walk over and tell him to shut up, but mind over body held true, and I stood there cowering behind the bookshelf. The next thing she did, astonished me though. She glared at him, and stared at him fiercely in the eyes, and finally, delivered a strong kick to his balls. He let out a high pitched scream and immediately slumped to the ground, where she hacked and spat a loogy right next to his head.

'Hey shit face, your brain's on the floor,' she hissed. Everyone stared at the writhing jock on the ground, then at the fat girl who just took him down.

'Shut up,' she snarled at a girl that was about to open her mouth. Everyone immediately went back to the jock and tried to help him stand back up. I couldn't help but giggle a bit, this was just too funny! I regretted it though, because she not only had a sharp tongue, but sharp ears too. She stopped in midstep and whirled around and glared at me.

'What?' she growled, but her expression softened when she realized that I wasn't one of those obnoxious jerks.

'N...nothing,' I said softly before I scuttled back into the corner of bookshelves. I still had the book in my hand and finished skimming through it, and realized that it wasn't suited to my tastes. I stood back up and placed the book back in its place. Never judge a book or human by its cover.

As I walked towards the restroom, I kept hung my head low and continuously rubbed the spot where my head collided with the locker. Once inside the restroom, walked over to the mirror and allowed a few tears to escape and slide down my cheeks. I pressed my hand against the cool glass of the mirror and stared at my reflection for what seemed like forever. Once again I found myself asking the same question that appeared often in my mind. Why me? What did I do to make them treat me this way? Last time I checked I did absolutely nothing to induce this pain upon myself. I didn't even know them the first time they messed with me! Was it my looks? Was I that ugly? What it the way I walked? Obviously it's not the way that I talked that bothered them, since I barely talked at school at all. I breathed out a heavy sigh as I returned my hand to my side and wiped the tears away. I was so tired of them, they messed with me ever since my sophomore year and been doing it since. I splashed some water on my face and made sure my eyes weren't puffy from crying, that's the last thing I needed for people to see. Before leaving I took one glance at my reflection and immediately turned away and punched the wall. Despite what Ray has been telling me, I still felt hideous sometimes.

As I walked towards the car, my head throbbed and the constant beeping of horns did not help it at all. The only thing on my mind was going home and cuddling with Ray and relaxing with him, maybe we'll take a nap too, that would be nice. I found myself smiling broadly and my headache was nothing but a dull throb after my walk here. It wasn't the walk that made everything better, but my thoughts of Ray. I leaned back against the car and waited for Ray to arrive, with thoughts of him for some more entertainment that is. As I was thinking of Ray, I breathed out a long sigh. He was perfect, but I wasn't. That was still a problem for me, something I couldn't exactly wrap my mind around. What was so special about me? Obviously, it wasn't much of a physical attraction or mental attraction, what the hell was it then? I loved him, and I knew he loved me, but I was having a hard time of trying to find a reason for his strong attraction towards me.

My thoughts were interrupted once again with Ray appearing at my side with an urgent look on his face and quickly buckled me in before going to his side and speeding off. I didn't say a word the whole ride home and he didn't say anything either. I occasionally glanced at his face and it had a look of determination, which the speed he was going confirmed that he was trying to get home fast. Was something wrong? What happened? Oh god what if his parents are home! I could feel the panic rising in my chest as we neared the house, but found the driveway empty and no other unfamiliar cars lingered about. I looked at him puzzled and when immediately when he turned the engine off, he flew out of the car and quickly unbuckled my seatbelt and took me by the hand and dragged me towards the door, swooping me up halfway there. He unlocked the door and slammed it behind us with his foot and gently threw me on the sectional and jumped on top of me and pressed his lips hard on mine. I felt myself gasp as he passionately kissed me and grind against me with his hands bracing himself above me. His tongue quickly darted in my mouth and his hand slid up and brushed against my nipple, while mine reached up and pulled his shirt off. He kissed along my jaw line and nipped my ear as I constantly breathe out small moans while I rolled my hips against his. He frantically kissed me for what seemed like forever, and finally, he parted his lips from mine and stared at me, both of us panting and sweating, and somewhere in the process he took off my shirt and planted several hickies on my chest..

' What the hell was that?!' I panted while staring at his exposed chest.

'Sorry babe, I just missed kissing your soft lips,' he crooned while brushing his lips across mine. I blushed and pushed him so I was on top, and cuddled him. I heard him breathe out a sigh of content as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed the top of my head.

'I love you Levi: he whispered as he chuckled and gave me a gentle squeeze.

'I love you too Ray,' I said softly and snuggled back into his chest.

'So how was your day?' he questioned while give y back a small pat. I sucked in some air and refrained from saying that it was crap.

'Eh, it was busy, just the usual stuff' I replied simply.

'What about yours?' I said while propping myself up so we could see each other's faces.

'Well...' he said while staring up at the ceiling and putting some thought into it.

'Like you, just the same shit,' he chuckled while giving my hair a tousle.

'With one difference that is,' he said slyly while pulling my face close to his.

'I spent the whole day missing you,' he breathed before brushing his lips over mine. I couldn't help but place both of my hands on either side of his head and plant a deep kiss on his wonderful lips. His fingers ran through my hair as my heart fluttered and pounded against my chest. I pulled my lips from his and stared at his flawless smiling face, and smiled back before resting my head on his shoulder. Maybe, it's one of those attractions that you can't really explain; maybe that's what it is.

I woke to the sound of gentle thumping and the faint sound of the clock ticking away in the darkness. Slowly, I sat up and shivered as the chill brushed my exposed torso, causing me to wrap the blanket righter around my body. I gazed over my shoulder and realized that Ray wasn't there, so I stood up and gazed around the dimly lighted room, and confirmed that I was alone. I gazed up at the clock, which read 5:43. That nap lasted a bit too long, but how long was I sleeping alone?

I took notice of the gentle thumping and the faint sound of music with a fast paced beat blasting from a room somewhere. I cocked my head in the direction it came from, and slowly began walking toward it. At this rate, I had a slight hunch of where Ray was now, but I still wanted to confirm it. I passed the numerous doors and glass cases that held various knick knacks and curios, mostly glass figurines that looked rather pricy, and well, fragile of course, but more like if I dare touched one it would immediately break into a million pieces. The lights everywhere, were dimmed to the point that I had to slowdown so my eyes could adjust to the darkness, I didn't want to break or bump into anything, seeing that a lot of things in the house seem extremely lavished and expensive. Up ahead there was a small sliver of light shining through a door that was open just a crack, a door that sparked the first memories of how Ray began bringing me into his world. I stood in front of the door, listening to the clanging of weights being lifted and music that echoed throughout the hallway. I opened the door a crack and marveled at the sight. Ray was sitting on a bench working some contraption where he had to pull a long, horizontal bar down till it reached his shoulders. His chest was glistening with sweat; his dark curls were matted against his forehead as every muscle pulled taut under his flawless bronze skin. His chest rose up and down with every puff of air he blew out and inhaled; this was a sight that sent waves of heat to my face and down south as well.

I gazed at the sight a few moments longer and finally peeled my eyes away from the Adonis that I had the honor of calling my boyfriend .I shook my head as I let out a small chuckle. I can't believe a guy like him could be with someone like me. I walked over to the sectional and threw the blanket aside as I tugged my sweater over my shivering body. I had to start dinner soon, I didn't want Ray to have to go out and eat or anything, I wanted for him to have a home cooked meal. Luckily, Ray always kept fresh vegetables and fruits in his refrigerator, which of many were perfect for making spaghetti sauce. I opened the pantry and laid my eyes upon a box of pasta that made me a bit skeptical of the dinner that I had just thought of for tonight, seeing that there wasn't much left. I left the pantry and returned to the counter of ingredients with the box in hand. I didn't eat much, so there should be enough...I hope. The knife sliced cleanly through the vegetables as I concentrated and controlled the speed of the knife. The last thing I needed was a trip to the emergency room for slicing my finger off. I always lost myself in the kitchen while I was cooking, one minute seemed to pass by like a second, and my movements were smooth and precise. Cooking was like a person's favorite song, it brought a smile to their lips, and a temporary peace to their world, but no matter how long the song was, it seemed to begin and end in a heartbeat. Before I knew it, I had all the ingredients in the pot and I was standing there, watching it simmer.

As I blew out a sigh, I noticed the house was silence. There was no longer the gently thumping, or the faint sound of music drifting throughout the house, just silence. I glanced at the hallway that lead to the workout room, and debated for a moment to go explore and see if he was done, not that it took long however to reach my decision. When I arrived there, the room was dark, and everything was in its place, and the only thing I saw was the gleam of the various machines that assisted in sculpting Ray's perfect body for god knows how long.

I turned around and immediately gasped in surprise as Ray appeared into my vision with a towel around his shoulders. I lightly patted my chest as I made an attempt to calm my heart, making Ray chuckle as he stepped towards me and wrapped his arm around my waist as his hand brought my face to his. He brushed his lips against mine before kissing me full on the lips. My heart was then thrown into turmoil; it didn't know whether to beat faster or slower, whether to feel cooled down or to burn up, it was just confused. It was something that Ray always made me feel every time he kissed me, and I was hoping that he would be the only person that would have a chance to. He pulled his lips from mine, and smiled at me as I blushed and shyly looked away.

'How long have you been up?' he asked while gently kissing my neck.

'Not long, I just finished preparing dinner, you have to wait a bit though,' I giggled as I wriggled around in his arms.

'Well...since we got time, lets grab a shower?' he said while gently nipping my ear. I blushed and nodded as he quickly swooped me up and headed for the stairs. I learned to not object to this, it was something he did very often, and he was happy to do it. He slowly stepped up the stairs with his eyes staring directly into mine, and with a smile dancing on his lips.

He used his elbow to switch on the lights in the bathroom and gently settled me down on the counter, taking time to plant a kiss on my forehead before walking over to the large tub to set the water. He never really asked for me to take a shower or a bath with him, after a while it was just automatic, in fact, thinking of bathing or showering alone was now a strange concept to me. As the tub filled with water, Ray walked over to me ad silently nuzzled my neck while his hands slowly rubbed my back. He slowly kissed up my neck and along my jaw line, pausing at my lips. He stared at me for a long time, his warm breath drifting across my lips, beckoning me to close the space between every part of us. Finally, he close his eyes and pressed his lips against mine, his arms tightening around my body and my legs spreading so he could be closer. Electric pulses coursed throughout my body, and waves of heat shot from his lips to the ends of my finger tips, and caused my toes to curl. The kiss was deep, sensual, and absolutely intoxicating. Our lips parted only for a split second as Ray removed my shirt and through it aside and quickly returned them to their place as his tongue slowly slipped in, exploring the depths of my mouth as mine did the same. My hands wandered across his chest, taking time to rest where I could feel his heartbeat. As my hand rested against his heart, I used the other to gently take his hand and press it against my chest, so he could feel my heartbeat as well. The moment his hand touched the place of my heart, he pressed his lips harder against mine and the passion flared even more. I relished every moment of this sensual kiss, one that took the breath out of me, and sent me into a trance that I wish I could stay in forever. I soon snapped out of my trance as the thought of the filling tub came into mine, and I took time to open my eyes and glance over at the tub. Sadly, it was being close to full, so I slowly pulled my lips away from Ray's and pointed at the tub. We both were panting, and I could feel that my face was red from the heat that kept rushing to my face. I felt the heat radiating from Ray's bronze skin, and a light layer of sweat dampened his forehead and his chest, which lifted and fell as he breathed heavily. He smiled softly at me and hooked an arm under my legs, and the other around my back, and lifted me up and carried me over to the tub, taking time to slowly lower me in before turning off the faucet, and getting in himself.

I nestled in between his legs and rested my head against his chest and closed my eyes as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders, and he nestled his chin in the crook of my neck. Ray breathed out a relaxing sigh as he leaned back and rested his head against the cool tile. I gazed up at him as he closed his eyes and squeezed me gently against him, occasionally giving my sides an occasional poke, causing me to slightly spasm under the water. As we laid there, I played with a thought that came into my mind and jabbed at me for the past 5 minutes or so. I never did anything like that before, I've seen it done, but I had no idea whether I'd be good at it. I looked up at Ray, in total relaxation with his eyes closed and taking low and ever breaths. Well, it couldn't hurt to try something new right? Besides, I could be really good at it and I don't have anything to lose. I gently tapped on Ray's arm, and his eyes fluttered open and looked down at me with a look of puzzlement.

'Scoot up a bit, I wanna try something,' I said softly. He gave a shrug and I stood up as he moved forward, giving me some room behind him. I stepped over him and kneeled down and placed my hands on his shoulder, and applied some pressure. I took a deep breath as I was about to give my first back massage. As I pressed my hands against the tense muscles, I heard Ray breathe out sighs of relief as I slowly loosened them up. In my spare time, which I had a lot of, I watched all sorts of things on tv, ranging from soap operas, to various how-to programs, one of them were how to give a massage. I tried hard to remember everything that they told me to do, which proved a little difficult, but I managed to pick up some bits and pieces along the way. I paid attention to the areas that Ray seemed to enjoy the most. His moans and sighs echoed throughout the bathroom as I tried hard to loosen up his muscles a bit, which proved exhausting since he seemed to be completely muscle without an ounce of fat. Finally, my arms grew tired, and I wrapped my arms over his shoulders and nestled my chin on his shoulder and smiled as he took a sideways glanced at me and smiled back. He gently took hold of my arm and pulled me over so I was sitting in his lap, facing him as a look of amazement was evident on his face.

'Where did you learn how to do that?' he crooned as he rubbed his nose against mine. I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck and brushed my lips against his.

'I had a lot of free time, so I picked it up from somewhere,' I said with a wink.

'From where?' he asked with a hint of curiosity.

' 'Not tellin,' II said playfully as I stuck my tongue at him.

'Books?' he guessed. I shook my head no.

'Internet?' I shook my head once again. He leaned forward till I could feel his warm breathe flowing against my ear.

'Another man?' he teased and licked my ear. I heard a small yelp escape from my lips as Ray's laughter boomed in my ear's

'O...Of course not!' I said while blushing. He smiled broadly at me and paused for one moment, and finally thought of it.

'T.V.?' he guessed. I smiled and pecked him on his cheek.

'Yup,' I replied simply as he played with a lock of my hair.

'What in the world can't you do?' he said as he looked down and shook his head.

'Grow a vagina and shit rainbows,' I retorted, and immediately I heard Ray's laughter echo throughout the bathroom once again.

'Good...I like your dick,' he growled as I felt his hand brush the head of my dick, causing me to shudder as I felt myself becoming hard.

'Mmm...' I moaned as I felt a wave of electricity shoot through my body. I felt his hand wrap around my semi hard cock as he placed a hand on the back of my head and pulled me in for a kiss. As we kissed, I parted my lips, inviting his tongue into my mouth as his hand continuously played with my hard cock and his tongue traced the edges of my lips, teasing me, making me want more. I pressed my lips harder against his as I reached down and touched his enormous hardon, making him grunt the moment my fingers wrapped around the shaft and slid over the head. I felt his tongue slid between my lips, and touched the tip of my tongue, sending a wave of heat through my cock as a soft moan escaped through my lips.

'Babe,' he whispered as he pulled his lips away from mine.

'What?' I asked as I smiled timidly at him.

'You, that's what. At this rate, you're going to lead me to temptation,' he said as a sly smile formed on his face. I quickly pecked him on the lips and hugged his warm body, and enjoyed the feeling of his arms as the slid around me, making me feel safe and indestructible while he lifted me up and out of the tub, taking time to grab a white fluffy towel before and dried both of us off. We gazed at each other and Ray kissed me softly on the forehead as he wrapped the towel around our naked bodies and held me close as we stood there in silence, oblivious to the world. I felt a slight draft blow through the bathroom and over my bare skin as I shivered involuntarily, which immediately ceased as Ray pulled me closer to him, closing all space in between us. I rested my head against his chest as he rested his chin on the top of my head, breathing in the fresh scent of my hair. I felt so calm, so serene; so different. I remembered before he took me here, I always lived in constant fear and panic, every one of my moves in the house were cautious, every time I closed my eyes fear enveloped me, every time I dared to speak meant pain. I felt so free here, Ray actually listened to me that's one thing, and he really did love me. I didn't care that we were just two teens living in a extremely lavished house, I didn't care for the fact that I was now dating the most popular guy in school, though I have to agree that he was absolutely beautiful. These things, the money, his fame, they weren't the reason for my attraction. Before, it was simply lust, but now, now that I've gotten closer to him, now that he has shown me kindness, it was love. Maybe a little quick to judge, but I felt it. A strong overwhelming feeling that at times, when I had my guard down, I wanted to break down and just cry. It was a dangerous feeling that if it went untamed, it could be destructive, but if tamed properly, it was one of the most heavenly and blissful feelings that you can experience in your life, and now that I've had a taste of it, I wanted more. I could feel myself falling into deep, but...I didn't care. I didn't care that there could be an ominous point where this all could end, I never thought about it. Ray was so kind to me, and the things he has said to me kept those thoughts at bay. Thinking about it though, scared me. I felt so scared when I thought about the possibility of us not being together. It struck fear deep into my chest at the mere thought of it, and I despised the thought and tried my best to convince myself that this was never going to happen.

'Babe, what's wrong?' I heard Ray murmur as I realized that I had my arms wrapped tightly around Ray as my breath had become shallow.

'Just silly thoughts,' I rasped asI gave him a squeeze and buried my face into his chest

'Such as?' he chuckled and rubbed my back.

'Just...stupid thoughts don't worry,' I replied and mustered up a smile. I found myself thrown over his shoulder as he carried me out of the bathroom and laid me down on the bed, and went over to the dresser and pulled out a set of my clothes and a set for him. As soon as we got dress, Ray jumped on me and kissed me hard. I breathed out moan as his tongue slid into my mouth as his hand went up my shirt and gave my nipple a gentle pinch. Our tongues writhed each other as he hovered over me and used one of his hands to massage various parts of my body that made me moan constantly every time he touched me there. I slowly wrapped my arms around his back and pulled him down so he was lying directly on top of me so I could roll my hips against his as our growing cocks grinded against each other. Our lips parted with a soft smack as his lips left mine as he trailed down and began sucking my neck. I breathed out a moan as he continuously kissed my neck and made multiple hickies on it before returning his lips to mine, where we spent a few moments more kissing.

'I'm feeling very affectionate today,' growled Ray as he nuzzled my neck.

'I can tell, anything in particular trigger this?' I breathed as he nipped my ear.

'You triggered it,' he murmured before pecking me on the lips. I felt myself smile when he said this, and grabbed his head with both of my hands and gave him a big smooch.

'Glad you're getting in the mood too,' he chuckled as he flipped us over so I was on top now. I smiled softly at him as he reached up and caressed my face. An eerie silence filled the room, one that made me feel very uncomfortable and jabbed at me, despite this, I didn't dare speak a word.

'So...'bout what you were thinking earlier,' questioned Ray as he patted my back. My eyes cutted from his eyes to my fingertips as I began thinking it over.

'I...don't think I should talk about it, it's just something silly,' I replied as I sat up and leaned back against the headboard.

'Hey...' Ray said softly while getting up and taking a seat next to me.

'...none of your thoughts are silly, I wanna hear them!' he said enthusiastically while giving me a nudge in my sides. Usually I would've jumped or freak out when he touched me there, but this time, I was too preoccupied with what I was thinking to take notice.

'Please Levi?' pleaded Ray as he placed a hand on my shoulder. I stared at him, and his eyes showed his desperation to know what was bothering me. He gave me a reassuring smile as he gave my shoulder a squeeze, and nodded to encourage me to speak my thoughts.

'I was thinking of what happens if we break up,' I murmured quickly.

'Wha?' Said Ray as he leaned in closer. I paused for a moment, and repeated what I had said.

'I...was thinking of what happens if we broke up.' I whispered. Immediately, Ray sat up right and placed his hands on my shoulders.

'Why would you think of something like that,' he said frantically and gave me a small shake. I glanced at Ray's face of desperation as hurt was written all over his face.

'Answer me Levi!' cried Ray as he gave me another shake.

'Because you're beautiful!' I snapped. I heard Ray gasp when I said this, and his hands fell limply to his sides.

'You're beautiful, funny, kind, popular, everything! You're perfect! And me?! I'm not! I'm far from perfect!' I shouted as I waved my arms around and tears streamed down my cheek, while Ray knelt there, staring at me in shock.

'I'm hideous...' I said weakly as all the energy left my body, and I went limp. I kept my head low as I hiccupped and sobbed. I felt a mixture of emotions at that moment. I felt relief for finally telling Ray, but I felt atrocious for how I told him. I dug my nails into my knees and gritted my teeth to stifled a scream that I was trying so hard to hold it, a scream to let out my frustration for shouting at Ray, course, I knew screaming wasn't going to do anything.

'Levi...' whispered Ray as he hooked the knuckled of his index finger under my chin and tilted my face up so he could see me.

'You're so beautiful,' he whispered and brushed a lock of hair away from my eyes. He stared into my eyes as he said this and he reached up and held my face in both of his hands. I stared back into his deep, hypnotizing eyes, and felt a wave of adoration flood into my chest. For that moment, I finally felt beautiful. I felt absolutely beautiful and I loved it so much. I felt as though I did have a chance with Ray, that I was good enough for him. I felt it for once...and I loved it. My heard pounded in my chest and I felt myself trembling as Ray pulled me into his arms and kissed me.

'I love you, my beautiful Levi,' he whispered and kissed me again.

'I love you too Ray...I'm so sorry' I breathed and kissed him deeply. Though the air was cold, I felt warm, and though the light was dim, my soul was bright, even though I may look ugly, I felt beautiful. I loved Ray so much, I could never say it enough, and I would never love him any less, I would only love him more. He made me feel so good, so safe, beautiful, talented, everything! Bruises were faded, cuts were healed, tears were dried, ever since Ray walked into my life, I felt cleansed from everything that tormented me. Be this place heaven or hell, I didn't care, because as long as I was with Ray, I was happy.

I felt a tear slip down my cheek and Ray stopped and stared at me with a look of concerned on his face. I smiled softly as I shook my head and kissed him passionately as a few more tears slipped by. I cried too much, I know, but I'm just glad that this time, I was crying form happiness.

Our kiss was interrupted by Ray's phone. The ring pierced the silence that permeated the room. Ray paused for a moment, and groaned with annoyance as he slid out from under me and grabbed his phone. As soon as he looked at it, he perked up and jumped off the bed.

'Sorry Levi, gotta take this!' he shouted and walked quickly out of the room.

'Hey Mom!' I heard him say as he walked out of the room.



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