I stared at the door as I heard the knob turn, and slowly the door began opening. My heart raced as I thought of who these people could be. Parents? No, they're off on a business trip somewhere. Best friend? Maybe, but they wouldn't own a flower shop would they? My mind frantically tried to take hold of my thoughts and collect them together in a neat pile, but unfortunately, it failed, and I had a jumbled mess instead. I stared at the door, which stood slightly ajar. What was taking this person so long?

'Just a minute Ray!' said a sweet but aged voice; there was also a southern accent in her speech as well. Soon, my questions were answered when an old but sweet looking lady stepped through the doorway and finally appeared in full view.

'And who is this young fella?' she said with a smile while adjusting her glasses. All of the sudden, it clicked. She was the stereotypical grandma that I met when I use to work at Wal-Mart! I stared at her in disbelief.

'This here,' Ray said while pulling me close to him with his lips barely an inch from mine.

'Is my beautiful boyfriend Levi Colligan,' he said adoringly and kissed me deeply as I felt my face turn red hot. I didn't think he would be so open about this in front of her, this person must be very special to Ray. I closed my eyes as I kissed back and his arms were wrapped tightly around my waist as my hands were pressed against his chest. If he was carefree about expressing his affection towards me, then I wanted to be the same, to show him that I loved him for who he was and that I accepted whomever he trusted. I parted my lips slightly as his tongue beckoned for entrance and I let out a soft moan as the kiss became more passionate.

'Ok ok break it up you two love birds, nice to meet you Levi!' she said while walking around the counter towards me with open arms. I smiled as she hugged me. Her frail arms easily went around my thin farm, but I had to stoop down a bit to get to her height.

'You should've seen them when they were outside,' said a woman's voice from behind the door. I heard a barely noticeable Spanish accent in this voice, and soon, I came face to face with a tall and thin woman with wavy dirty blond hair. Her skin was pale and her eyes look tired. She was wearing a black turtle neck sweater under a thin cardigan and some jeans. She was a good deal taller than me, slightly shorter than Ray, and by looking at her eyes I could tell she did not have an easy life. I felt intimidated as her eyes studied me fiercely, looking at me up and down, taking hold of my hand to see if my nails were clean, checking my hair, turning me around and examining my body. I stared desperately at Ray, my eyes trying to convey the message, Help me! But Ray just stood there with his arms crossed smiling. Once again, I came face to face with her, but this time, she stared at me dead in the eye. Her eyes were hard and piercing, nothing like Ray's eyes, who were soft and soothing. I felt myself flinch at her petrifying gaze; it was so penetrating and menacing, almost as though she hated me. I held her piercing gaze for what seemed like an eternity, which surprised me, but what surprised me even more was that it felt as though she had opened a window into my soul, and that she was staring right into it, examining it, testing it. Finally, her eyes left mine and she stood straight up and looked over at Ray.

'He is good,' she said sternly while nodding in his direction him, and then looked at me.

'Welcome to the family,' she said happily with a broad smile and her arms stretched wide open. She gave me a powerful hug as Ray laughed and everyone joined in. Though I could barely breathe, and I think I heard my rib crack, I had a large smile speeded across my face, and my heart was swelling with joy. They accepted me as Ray's boyfriend, and they were happy to have me here.

'Oh, where are my manners, I am Patty Smith,' said the old lady while gingerly shaking my hand and beaming that sweet elderly smile.

'And I am Rosaline Gutierrez,' said Rosaline while tucking her hair behind her ear. Despite the fact that she work at a flower shop, she was amazingly pale. I thought she would be tanned from working outside. I examined her closely; there was something about her that seemed odd. Something about her set off a few red flags, but I didn't know what. Her eyes were bright but they were hiding something deep inside, tucked in the crevices of her mind, hiding them from outside intruders that were not welcomed inside. Her face in general had a tired but warm expression when she wasn't smiling, and her eyes were sharp when she was observing. I gathered all this from what she has done so far, for some reason I felt the need to keep a close eye on her, to examine her, to get to know her.

'I've heard a lot about you young man, Ray can't go for 5 minutes without mentioning you! Right Rosaline?' said Patty while nudging Rosaline in the side with her elbow.

'It's true, he never shuts up,' she teased. I looked over at Ray and was glad to know that I wasn't the only one blushing several shades of red.

'Well I can't help it! I love this guy!' said Ray nervously while rushing to my side and throwing an arm around my shoulder. I felt my face get hotter as I buried my face into Ray's chest so I could calm down a bit.

'Awww, well you guys do make a cute couple,' said Patty while pulling at my arm gently.

'Now don't be shy now, you should be happy!' She encouraged. I turned around and faced her while smiling broadly.

'Who said I wasn't happy?' I said while pecking Ray on the cheek.

'Ay, what kind of kiss is that eh? Where's the love and passion? It's not every day that a person's lover talks so much about them,' said Rosaline slyly with a wink. I blushed, but felt as though it was a challenge. Slowly I leaned in and kissed Ray full on the lips. I heard him suck in some air and his heart race faster and faster for every second that passed. I felt his hand go to the back of my head as I parted my mouth to let his tongue dart inside and slide against my own tongue. I let out small moans, and blushed as I heard Patty and Rosaline cheering us on. Soon, we were having a full make out session right in front of them, and I didn't care. I was lost in the moment where it was only me and Ray in a passionate kiss that always made my heart flutter like crazy.

'Ok, ok! That's enough, jeez that's enough passion for today,' said Rosaline just at the moment Ray's warm hands slid up my shirt.

'Oh come on Rosaline, let them have their fun,' said Patty while giving my arm a playful slap. I giggled as Ray hugged me and nibbled on my ear.

'Geez they might've had sex if I hadn't stopped them,' said Rosaline while blowing out a sigh of relief. Everyone laughed except for me; I was still blushing from the thought of sex with Ray.

'Naw don't worry, me and Levi are taking it slow,' said Ray while rubbing his nose against mine. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Rosaline's expression change. It was an expression that made my heart skip a beat. It wasn't a bad change, it was a good one, but something about it just made me feel odd, something about it that expression I couldn't quite put my finger on.

'Anywho, now that we're done with the introductions...' said Patty while clapping her hands together and staring at me.

'Lets put you to work,' said Patty while smiling at Ray.

'Work?' I questioned while giving her a confused look.

'Yea, not only are you Ray's new boyfriend...' began Patty while looking over at Rosaline.

'You're our new worker,' said Rosaline while handing me and apron. I took it and put it on as the others (except Ray) did the same.

'And don't worry, you get paid,' said Patty reassuringly while rubbing her thumb and index finger together.

'Oh no, you really don't ha...'

'No no I insist!' said Patty while gently taking hold of my wrist and bringing me outside to where they kept the flowers.

'Here, you can water the plants for your first task,' said Patty while handing me a watering pail. I looked at the long rows of flowers and had a minor eye twitch.

'This is why we said we'll pay you,' quipped Patty while patting me on the shoulder and walking inside. Soon after Patty left, Ray stepped outside and rested his chin on my shoulder while wrapping his arms around my waist.

'So, what do you think?' he question softly while giving my sides and gentle poke.

'They're fantastic!' I told Ray while giggling.

'Really? You think?' Ray questioned happily. I nodded and turned around so I was facing him.

'Of course, why wouldn't I? They're really nice and easy to get along with, besides, they're basically family to you, so I'll treat them like family,' I said softly while pecking him on the lips.

'I'm so lucky to have you,' he said adoringly while kissing me on top of my forehead.

'Hey, get to work out there!' Shouted Rosaline while shooting us a smile though the windows. Ray immediately walked off as I scrambled back to watering the plants. There was something that seemed odd though, and of course, it was Rosaline. I wanted to ask Ray where did she come from, and while did she examine me so closely when I stepped into the shop. There was just something about her that kept bothering me.

As I watered the plants, Ray did yard work, be it mowing the grass or pulling weeds The watering pail was extremely heavy and my arms were not use to lifting such heavy objects around for so long. As I was watering the flowers, I looked back over at Ray. I found myself doing this often whenever I got the chance, he was just so mesmerizing, and his love was intoxicating. When I was finally on the last row of the last shelf, I peered back at Ray just in time to see him peel his shirt off. I felt a lump in my throat as my cock immediately started to react to this sight. Ray took notice of me looking and winked at me while rubbing his crotch. My eyes were glued to the sight and soon I found myself watering the floor instead of the flower pot. I pried away from the sexy sight, and shook my head trying to get back into focus.

After I was done with all the plants, I settled back into the plastic chair that sat outside and watched as Ray carried the tools back into the shed. I smiled as Ray Jogged towards my direction, mostly because I loved him and just looking at him made me smile, but partly because he looked sexy with his shirt off and his straw hat on his head. He leapt up on the patio and quickly wiped the sweat off his chest before quickly grabbing my wrist and pressing me close into his chest. I laughed a little as I closed my eyes and inhaled the scent of his cologne and sweat mixed, which I must say, smelled incredibly sexy.

'Sorry if I stink,' said Ray while kissing the top of my head.

'Haha it's alright, I kinda like it,' I said while looking up at him and lightly patting his chest. He grinned sat down on the plastic chair while patting his lap. Slowly I sat down and wrapped my arms around his neck kissed him as his hands slid up and gently pinched my nipple, making moan softly as I flinched a little.

'How can you be so open about something like that?' I giggled while gently sucking on his neck.

'I could say the same about you, god you're being the total opposite of what I expected,' he growled as his hands want up my shirt once more and gently brushed over my nipples. I blushed and glanced at the window to make sure no one was looking.

'You mean you expected me to be shy and all that?' I quipped while yanking on his ear.

'Yea! But it's great that you're so comfortable around them,' he said while rubbing his ear.

'Well I wanted to show that I wasn't afraid to show that I love you,' I said softly while leaning my head against his shoulder.

'And I want to show them how much I love you,' he said gently while wrapping his arms around me. I closed my eyes and felt a smile dancing across my lips as his hand rubbed my back and things became silent. It was something I liked about Ray, he didn't feel obligated to make conversation all the time, he accepted the silence that came from time to time, and didn't object to it. I opened my eyes and glanced at the window in time to see Patty give me two thumbs up.

'What's so funny?' He asked while giving my sides a poke.

'Nothing nothing, I've been meaning to ask you something, how did you meet Patty and Rosaline?' I asked. The questioned slipped from my mind during our little moment on the chair. Ray thought for a moment and began.

'Well there's not really much of a story to it, you see, Patty is an old friend of my mom's, and seeing that they were gone a lot, she took care of me when I was young.' He said casually with a shrug.

'And Rosaline?' I asked.

'She didn't come in till maybe 3 years ago, I don't really know much about her, she's a bit distant when it comes to her personal life, Patty though, and she's a great woman. She's been really good to me for all these years, before I met you I I would either go to her house for dinner or she would come to mine.' Ray said while tousling my hair. I smiled and leaned my head against his shoulder once again. So Ray lacked parents too, but at least he had a nice replacement mother right? But what about his parent's, he barely talks about them. How is his relationship with them? Is it alright? How often does he see them? It's been almost a month and not once have I heard a phone call or anything from them.

'Let's go inside' said Ray while lifting me off his lap. I nodded and he smiled as he opened the door and nudged me inside the cool shop.l

'Jesus Ray, put a shirt on!' said Patty while giving him a swat with a rolled up magazine. I giggled as Ray grumbled something under his breath as he tugged the shirt over his head and gave me a playful shove when I cracked an imaginary whip. I looked around the store once more and had the sudden powerful urge to touch and smell every single flower here. I wanted to feel their soft petals at my finger tips, and to have their fresh scent fill my senses and give more color to this wonderful day. I always liked flowers, even if I didn't garden or buy them often; they always made me feel calm.

'Helloooo, earth to Levi,' said Ray while waving a hand in front of my face. I jumped a little and finally realized that I spaced out while delicately touching the petals on a rose.

'Wh...What?' I stammered while trying to get back into reality.

'You wanna go home yet?' asked Ray as he tousled my hair. I laughed as I gently pulled his hand off my head and place my hand in his.

'Sure, if it's alright, does Patty need any more help?' I asked while looking towards the clock, surprisingly, several hours have passed since we came here, and the sun was starting to set. Time seems to speed by when you're not watching the clock.

'Patty, need anything else done?' Called Ray while Patty was ringing up a bouquet of roses for a man who was obviously getting ready for a date.

'Naw, you boys go on home,' said Patty as she and Rosaline walked towards us.

'It was nice meeting you sweety,' said Patty while giving me a warm hug. I smiled as I stooped down and hugged her back; it felt good knowing I didn't make a complete fool of myself in front of the people Ray adored so much.

'Yes, please come back anytime,' said Rosaline smoothly while giving me a tight hug. I suddenly gasped at the moment she hugged me. Something, something about this felt different, I couldn't place it anywhere, but something about it freaked me out. I felt the need to push her away, but I resisted and calmly hugged her back. As she released me, I stared at her and she stared at me directly in the eye. I felt my heart race as my body began trembling slightly. I felt really cold all of the sudden as my chest tightened and the world seemed a bit shaky.

'You alright, you seem a little pale?' question Ray as I began to sway. Rosaline placed a hand on my forehead to feel my temperature, and immediately felt the need to swat her hand away and run. What was this? I didn't know why I felt like this when she touched me. I didn't know what was going on at all, my mind was confused, and the world seemed to whirl around me. I stepped backwards and took Ray's hand and pulled him towards the door.

'It was nice meeting you, thank you,' I said in a shaky voice as they followed us to the door.

'You alright Darlin? You seem a bit odd all of the sudden,' said Patty while taking hold of my hand and staring up at my face.

'Sure, just a bit winded, guess I must be tired,' I replied while mustering up a weak smile. I looked over at Rosaline. All of the sudden, her eyes went from a soft to razor sharp as she stared at me and observed me once again. Her arms were crossed as she scanned me and once again attempting to open a window to my soul and search for the truth. I avoided this by turning around and opening the door, allowing a slight chill to creep in.

'Goodnight, it was nice meeting you guys,' I said and waved at them. I was still holding Ray's hand and led him towards his car while tossing a small wave at Rosaline, who was still at the door staring at us.

'Levi, what's wrong?' Asked Ray while drawing his face close to mine once we got inside the car. I shivered as I turned away and gazed out the window.

'Levi, please, I know something was wrong, you changed all of the sudden in there,' said Ray while gently taking my face in his hands and pulled it close to his.

'I don't know, there was just something about Rosaline, just something that bothered me,' I said while pulling away. I could feel tears brimming in my eyes and I didn't want Ray to see them. Gently, he placed a hand on my hand and pulled me close.

'What do you mean babe?' he asked softly as I leaned against his chest, listening to his beating heart.

'I don't know myself, there was just something that threw me off,' I whispered while letting a tear slip down my cheek. Ray pulled my face up and pressed his lips against mine. I didn't know why I felt this way; it was a hug, and simple hug from a person that I just met, someone who was just a complete stranger to me until several hours ago.

'It's alright, I don't really know what to say or do to make you feel better, but...I'm here ...alright?' he said while staring into my eyes and giving me a gentle shake. I nodded and scooted closer so I can rest my head against his shoulder. I closed my eyes and felt him place his jacket on my shoulders and kiss the top of my head before pulling out of the parking lot and driving back home.

I woke to the feeling of Ray picking me up and taking me inside the house. I closed my eyes as Ray settled me on the sectional and closed the door, making sure it was locked and the security was set .I settled back on the sectional and allowed my mind to wander as Ray took a seat next to me and wrapped an arm around me shoulder and pulled me close. We sat there in silence, nothing but sitting as my mind tried to make sense of things. I was calm now, but that didn't mean my mind was. Thoughts darted left and right, trying to make ends meet, trying to find an answer to all my questions. Why this, why that, I wanted the answers to everything, but instead I ended up with a minor headache. I wriggled out from under Ray's arm and stood up while turning around and patting his hand.

'Let go shower,' I said while smiling softly. He shot a smile back and we both climbed the stairs together, and soon we were standing under the shower in a passionate kiss. He breathed out a sigh as our kiss came to an end and gave my butt a pinch, making me blush.

I love you,' he said softly while kissing the top of my head. I closed my eyes and leaned against his chest, listening to his rapid heartbeat as the hot water pelted out bodies.

'I've got to stop being to moody,' I thought to myself. I kept switching moods, and even though Ray calmed me down and pulled me up when I was down, I knew that he was going to get tired of it at some point.

After our shower, Ray walked right into the bedroom naked while I had the towel round me still. I wasn't going to lie, but I still have moments where I was still self conscious of my body.

'Haha, babe take the towel off, it's just me,' said Ray as I walked around the room. I blushed and shook my head as Ray rolled off the bed and walked towards me.

'Come on, don't tell me you're still a bit shy,' he said softly while hooking his fingers at the edges of the towel. Shyly, I nodded, and stared at the floor ashamed. I knew he loved me for who I was, and I knew that he wasn't repulsed by my body, but old habits die hard regardless of the people you're around.

'Babe, you're beautiful, be it some scars or even if you're horribly disfigured, god forbid that happens,' he said with a soft chuckle. I sighed as I shooed away the feelings of anxiety and slowly began unwrapping my towel. I stopped and let my hands fall limply to my sides.

'You can do it,' I said softly while smiling up at him. He smiled back and kept his eyes on mine as he unwrapped the towel and pulled me onto the bed and kissed me deeply as his hands wandered all over my body. I felt a sudden euphoria enter through my lips and course throughout my body as he kissed me lovingly and his warm hands did not hesitate to touch my scars. The euphoria was not only because I loved him, but also because I realized that slowly Ray was liberating me of my fears, snapping every chain that confined my soul one by one, no matter how strong they were, or how sharp, he was breaking them, and he was still going strong.

'I love you Ray,' I said as a tear shot down my cheek. He smiled broadly and hugged me tightly and cuddled me as he pulled the sheets over my naked body and held me closely in the darkness.

'And I love you...always,' he whispered in the dark before kissing me deeply once more, and wrapped his powerful arms around me and breathing out and sigh. After a while of lying there, I finally satisfied the urge to say what I have wanted to say for a while.

'Sorry that I'm such a burden...' I whispered in the dark.



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