I bolted upright in bed to the sound of shattering glass and Ray's voice along with another voice that I knew all too well. I stumbled out of bed and quickly my knees buckled out from under me. I fell to the ground and clawed around on the ground trying to get back up and get a feel of my surroundings. My breath was shallow and quick, my body trembling in fear, and a smooth and cold sensation flowing through my body, chilling me to my heart, tightening my chest and making me wobble a bit as I felt light headed. I finally stood up and grabbed hold of the desk and I finally snapped out of it when I heard more screaming and banging. I quickly ran down the stairs and gasped as I saw my father and Ray fighting, my father swinging a butcher knife viciously as Ray. Ray quickly dodged them while the only thing that my father did was slash and snarl. No long was he human, for he seemed to me as though he was a demon, a monster coming to finish what he started. I stared at the scene in front of me, paralyzed in fear. My chest once again tightening and the cold feeling this time rushed through my body and intensified.

'Ray!!!' I screamed as I rushed towards him. I realized my grave mistake as Ray turned around and stared at me with his eyes wide and filled with fear, only to have my father swing the knife and have it slice into Ray's neck. I heard Ray let out a scream as the knife slice through his neck and blood began flowing out of his mouth. He swung around and pushed my father off and began sinking to his knees as he desperately tried to crawl towards me.

'RUN!!!!' he screamed as tears shined in his eyes, telling me that he wanted to protect me still and he wanted me to live. I saw my father stand up and step slowly towards Ray, and instead of running away, I ran towards Ray, and hugged him tightly as I turned my back towards my screaming father as he swung the knife down on my right shoulder. I cried out in pain as I hugged Ray with all my strength. I felt him trying to push me away, but he lost a lot of blood and he was too weak to move. The pain in my shoulder was excruciating and I tried to stand up but my legs were locked. I stared into Ray's eyes as they began to become dim, his lips red with blood, but regardless....he was beautiful.

'R...run...' he said weakly as he coughed up more blood.

No...I will be by your side... and I will always love you...' I whispered softly as I gave a gentle smile.

'Till the very end,' I whispered, and gave him one last kiss before my father bellowed out one more blood curdling shriek, causing the world to quickly disappear as he brought the knife down into my skull.



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