'LEVI!' my father roared. I sat straight up immediately and stared wide eyed at my father while my body quickly began trembling in fear and an icy cold feeling rushed into my body. My father stood there swaying a little with a bottle of tequila in his hands, it was almost empty. I scrambled out of bed just in time for the bottle to miss my face and it shattered against the wall, filling the room with the sickening scent of alcohol. My fall out of the bed wasn't the greatest and I was about to get up when I felt my father's arms grab me and I was thrown against the bookshelf, then he threw me against the wall, and I fell into a crumpled heap. I heard the floor rumble as he approached me and soon I felt his fists punching all over my body.

You think you're smart, huh boy? Fucking making me eat leftovers!' he yelled while punching me. I began crying and yelling pain as his fists began pounding my ribs.

'Fucking faggit! Lazy shit!' he yelled and soon his foot collided with my gut and I felt like I couldn't breath.

'Swine!' kick, 'Faggit!' kick, 'Bitch!' kick, 'Queer!' kick. I was curled into a ball, crying and screaming as he continuously kicked my bruised body. It's happened often, but I never got use to the pain, I just wanted it all to stop, for him to leave me alone already. All of the sudden I felt his hands wrap around my throat and I felt myself being once again being slammed into the wall.

'Fucking lazy faggit!' he yelled while gradually increasing his grip on my throat, slowly cutting off my air and he banged my head against the wall. Though he was a drunken asshole half the time, he kept in good shape and worked out often.

'First you killed your mother, now you're lazy?! Huh?! You think You're good, boy?! Think you're smart?!' he slurred as I clawed at his hands, trying to loosened his grip. I could hardly breathe now, and the world began spinning and fade.

'To busy sucking dicks bitch?!' he yelled and punched me several times in the face, two of them hit my left eye. Tears fell down my face continuously as I began to lose consciousness, and then all of the sudden, he released my throat and I fell to the ground gasping. I yelped as I felt his foot nailed my rib.

'Fucking lazy son of a bitch,' he slurred once again before going out of my room. I laid there, crying as I held my face. I slowly got up and went to the bathroom and turn on the hot water and got in. I sat there crying and trembling as the hot water pelted my aching body. Everything hurts. My body, my emotions, my heart, my soul. I felt alone in this world, no one was there, no one seemed to care, no one loved me. I only sat in there for about ten minutes and got out and dried myself and put my clothes back on, tears still running down my face. I walked slowly into my room and clicked the light on, and I noticed something shining from the corner of my eye. I looked up from the ground to my desk. My half finished project stood there, and next to it laid an exacto knife. The blade glinted in the light, and it looked so sharp, so enticing. I slowly walked over and picked it up. My hands shook as I touched it. It was sharp. I closed me eyes shut and gritted my teeth and slashed my arm three times. The pain immediately registered and I clenched my jaw tighter to keep from making any noise. I opened my eyes to see blood bubbling out of three deep cuts which two formed an X and the other was close to it. I began giggling madly as I let another tear fall and I pressed the blade against my wrist and applied some pressure. I began sliding it against my arm till something glinted in the corner of my eye. I turned towards it and saw the picture of mom. I came back to my senses and immediately looked at the blade in my hands and the cuts on my wrist. My hands trembled once again and my knees grew weak as I let out a cry of disgust and threw the blade against the wall while rushing to my bed and I grabbed the picture and hugged it close against my chest.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry,' I whispered while sobbing quietly. I cried for a long time before finally falling asleep, still hugging the picture of my mom.

The next morning I woke up and groaned as I sat up in bed. My body was racked with pain, along with my left eye, and my wrist. I stared at my wrist and the at the wall. The blade was stuck in it. I slowly got up and walked over to it.

'Stupid, stupid, stupid,' I said to myself while wrenching the blade from the wall. I slowly went through my morning routine and sighed as a black circle began forming around my left eye, and after that I began picking through my closet.

'Looks like it's laundry day,' I said to myself as I picked out a thin, white long sleeve shirt. It was the only shirt I had and I slipped on a pair of jeans, picked up my bag, mounted my bike, and pedaled away to school. The day went normally till the end of the day while I walked down the hallways trying to get to my bike as quick as I can. I kept my head down while I walked past a group of people, hoping the wouldn't notice me, till I felt my foot caught on something and I fell with all my books and papers scattered everywhere. I kept my head low while I slowly began picking up my books, ignoring their laughter, and then they started kicking things around every time I tried to reach for it. So I just kneeled there with my eyes to the floor, humiliated, hoping they would leave me alone soon.

'Hey!' I heard someone yell. Everything went dead silent. The group parted as their eyes went followed the person that stopped everything. I looked over and cursed the world....again. It was Ray. I felt completely embarrassed and began wishing that maybe some pyro would start a fire or something.

'What?' said one of the guys.

'What the fuck is goin on?' Ray said sternly while staring at him.

'Just messing with this guy, that's all man,' he said cooly.

'Why? Why can't you just leave him alone, shit he hasn't done anything to you,' Questioned Ray.

'Fuck ,dude, he's just a fuckin loser, shit why do you care?' He said and everyone agreed.

'Shut up you mother fucker,' he said coldly.

'Dude, he's a...' he didn't get to finish, because Ray sent him to the ground with a punch. Immediately the grouped dispersed and the guy scrambled away. I was confused, what were this guys motives of defending me? I began picking up my books and I saw his hand reach down to me. I felt my hand disappeared into his, but when he pulled me up, I yelped in pain as I felt my cuts rip open, and large spots of blood began blooming on the sleeve of my shirt.

'Are you ok?!' he said in alarm, I jerked my wrist away while keeping my eyes to the ground.

'Yea I'm fine, thank you so much,' I said quickly and ran down the hall and quickly unlocked my bike and sped away. I pedaled on the side of the rode on my way home, there was no worked on Wednesdays so I had to go home, besides, I still had the matter of dinner to attend to and didn't want a repeat of that fiasco last night. The cold air whipped against my face while my teeth chattered and my body shivered like crazy, and then bad luck struck once again. Suddenly my bike chain jammed and both the bike and me were sent flying into the middle of the rode. I groaned as I got up and stumbled back to the side of the rode and caught my breath for a bit. When I finally felt ok and could breath I looked up and began walking towards my bike,. Little did I know an 18 wheeler was near and soon I roared past me and I stared at my now totaled bike.

'What....the.....FUCK!' I shouted . I mean how often does your bike get run over by a motherfucking 18 wheeler?! I began walking home, I didn't have any money so I couldn't pay for the bus., so I had to walk. I walked for 20 minutes when a shiny, new red mustang pulled up. The window rolled down and guess who it was! Ray!

'Oh joy...' I grumbled to myself.

'Need a ride,' he said, obviously taking notice of my chattering teeth and my shivering body.

'No, it's fine,' I replied cordially and began walking again. He slowly followed me down the road. Things were not fine. My father beat me last night, my body hurts, I got a black eye, I cut myself, I was humiliated in front of Ray, and my bike got ran over by a freakin 18 wheeler!

'Dude, obviously, you're not ok, just get in, I'll take you home,' he said in a smartass tone. I paused for thirty seconds and made up my mind. I got in the warm car, buckled in, and kept my eyes and my hands folded on my lap. There was an awkward silence.

'Where do you live?' he asked, the sudden noise made me jump. I told him my address, and he knew where it was. Another awkward silence began, till he asked another question.

'What happened to your arm?' he asked, I made the mistake of looking up at him.

'What happened to your eye? Did those guys hit you?' he said wide eyed. I quickly said the first thing that came to my mind.

'Uh...no, I got hit by a door,' I said nervously. I saw him look at me as we stopped at a red light, a look that said, are you fucking serious? I shifted uncomfortably in my seat as I felt his eyes on me.

'Uh huh......right,' he said.. We pulled up to my driveway and I gripped the handle.

'Wait,' I heard him say. I looked at him. He held out his hand.

'My name's Ray Matelli,' he said, like I didn't know that already.

'Levi Colligan,' I said and shook his hand. I stepped out of the car, 'Thanks for the ride,' I said softly. He gave a small wave.

'See you tomorrow!,' he said with a smile and I gave a small wave back. I stared at my hand, the hand that he touched. I smiled broadly and I was all of the sudden my feeling of giddiness turned into confusion.

'Tomorrow?' I said to myself.



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