Our room....it was on fire....

Everything....was on fire.....

My eyes widened as I scrambled about. I lifted myself from the searing ground and ran. All I could do was run. I couldn't scream. I couldn't even manage anything but whimpers of desperation. Him....I had to find him. I ran downstairs just in time before burning debris fell behind me. I came to the living room and my eyes watered. So much fire....

"RAY!!!!" I screamed. I stepped forward and a blazing wall erected towards me. I yelped at the pain that shot through my arm as I shielded myself. I cried his name over and over again till suddenly, through the deafening crackling of everything withering away under the heat, I heard the sound of a piano. I felt myself smile as my stomach unknotted...but...something was off. The playing was sloppy. Mistakes were made and the tone was chilling. I slowly turned my head towards the room. A shard of ice slowly made its way into my heart. I bolted towards the room and flung the doors open. Inside was Ray...the room was untouched....but all he did was sit there, playing this ominous music. I stepped further and suddenly the doors slammed shut behind me. I whipped my head around and saw him. My father.

"No...." I said stepping away. He glanced over at Ray, who continued to mindlessly press the keys to produce the sickening music.

"Yes..." I heard my father say. He was dressed in a suit. His jacket was lint free. His shirt was pure white. His tie unwrinkled, his pants nice and pressed. His shoes were shined and his face....his face was clean for once. It was so unsettling seeing him this neat. This was not the man that terrorized me for years. This was someone more wicked than what I knew.

"What are you doing here..." I inquired grimly. He didn't say a word as he walked past me and over to Ray.

"You're so happy...aren't you..." he said softly. I stared him horror as he placed a hand on Ray's shoulder.

"Don't touch him!" I screeched. I wanted to lunge for him but my feet wouldn't move. The lump in my throat swelled and the uneasiness intensified. His hand trailed from Ray's shoulder to his neck, where his fingers crawled across it, feeling the vital arteries that contained his essence. With just a touch, I saw something that was horrifying. Dark, thin veins raised from where his father touched him, and quickly it spread all across Ray's skin. His flesh started to pale. Ray started giggling and the music he was playing was becoming more rapid and harsh. I could see the veins spreading up to Rays eyes, and in only a few seconds I could see that the whites of his eyes became black. There was no sound of anguish. There was no voice of protest coming from him. Just that insane giggling and the music.

So...so happy..." he murmured. In a flash his head snapped towards my direction.

"Let me change that!" He said, his voice dropping to an unnatural low and high at the same time. In an instant his eyes grew so wide that the skin around them split, and his smile strained as his lips stretched across his face to reveal rows of sharp teeth. He snapped his fingers and the room was on fire.

Fire...so much fire...

"NO!!!!" I yelled. I wanted to rip his head off. I wanted to run. I wanted to hold Ray, but...it was not him anymore. He was polluted, corrupted. The one that was once so pure to me was now infested with madness.

My father cackled, his head thrown back, blood dripping from his mouth and eyes. His sharp teeth glinted in the light from the roaring fire. His mouth stretched in a wicked grin that caused the slowly stream of cold to blast into my body. He twisted his head in short jerky movements, eyeing me with his now red irises.

"Never...Levi....NEVER!!!" he screamed and moved towards me, his legs and arms twisting and turning into inhumane positions. He moved towards me in an agonizing pace, blood dripping onto the floor. I could hear each drop of blood hitting the floor. I could hear the sound of his bones cracking underneath his flesh. I could hear the high pitched squeal ringing in my ears. My eyes were stuck staring at him, wide with terror as he stumbled closer and closer. His eyes never left mine. He finally made it to me. His body had changed along the way. His height towered over me. His limbs were long and narrow. His fingers were bony and clawed. He was a monster...the demon that never left me. He lived inside me. He lurked in the crevices of my mind and I would never escape him.

"Never Levi...." he hissed, extending his long serpentine tongue at my face to lick my tears. I screamed from the pain of his tongue. It felt like a razor was being slid across my cheek, opening my skin and allowing the pain to flow. I screamed and turned away, sobbing when I felt my pulse accelerate. I stared down at my hands and watched the black veins raising up my arms and to the palms of my hands. I looked back up at his face and felt the sudden urge to vomit. I was infected.

"NEVER!!!!" He shrieked and he darted back towards Ray, tongue flailing, claws extended, cackling maniacally.

"DON'T TAKE RAY AWAY!!!!" I cried at the top of my lungs

"NO!!!!" I bawled shooting up in bed. I felt something heavy around me and I shoved it off of me.

"No...no..." I said falling out of bed and stumbling towards a wall.

"Fire...so much fire..." I cried shaking uncontrollably. I saw a dark figure in front of me and I screamed. The image....his face...his laugh...it was imbedded in my mind. I couldn't stop hearing...I couldn't stop seeing. It'll never leave me.

"Get away from me!" I shrieked.

"LEVI!" I heard Ray's voice boom. My insanity was shattered. And there Ray was gripping me painfully by the shoulders. His eyes filled with terror as well as tears. I stared up at him. My mind felt voided of any thoughts.

"Levi..." he said softly and touched my face. I didn't respond. I couldn't. Nothing would work. I felt a tear shoot down my cheek.

"What's wrong?" he asked. Again, I did nothing in response. My body felt so slow. So sluggish. Yet my mind was frantic. The crackling of the fire fast and clear within my ears. I could see it all. The burning home. The puddles of blood on the floor trailing behind a tall, black figure.

"Answer me!" he shouted. The menacing figured snapped back into my mind and I was shaking again. I saw Ray's face changing. His eyes widened and his mouth twisted into that horrendous grin.

"Never.." he said in that same voice.

"No...no..." I whispered to myself. I felt the fingers digging into my skin. No, claws.

"NO!!!" I screamed again and ran out of the bedroom. I had to run. I need to run. No where was safe. I would never be happy.

"Levi!!!!" I heard the voice call out to me. I stumbled down the stairs and I fell to the ground. I ignored the pain. The only thought in my mind was the run. That's what I've always done.


I ignored it and opened the door and ran out into the snow. The chill didn't affect me. My insides were already frozen by fear. The sky was dark without one bright star to dot it. The comforting moonlight that served as my gentle lantern on so many nights when I ventured outside in attempt to escape was now engulfed in the darkness. I tripped over something in the ground and fell into the snow. The wind was knocked out of me and I crawled forward, trying to regain the function of my lungs. I breathed with agony. I needed the life saving fuel so I could run away. I had to escape. I finally stood up and started running again, but I felt something grab my arm.

"I said get away from-!" and I stopped. It wasn't him...it was Ray. He stared at me, tears streaming down his face as he stared into my eyes. His warm....loving eyes. My own tears were falling down my chin as I shook. The dim glow from the fluorescent street lamps provided me with enough light to finally see everything. His stubble. His chiseled jaw. His soft lips. His dark locks of hair. His tall cheekbones that further defined his face. My bottom lip quivered and he pulled me into him.

"I'm so sorry..." he whispered, his voice shaking. I just leaned into him and inhaled his scent as if it was something new. It was as if it was wiped from my mind overnight. It smelled slightly musky, mixed with a faint touch of his cologne. It was intoxicating. I clung to him and breathed in deep, digging my nails into his flesh. He felt warm...unlike the searing heat of the fire.

He stood there holding me against him, snow falling on us as the world continued to revolve. Time moved on but I felt like I was in stasis. Nothing existed to me except for the warmth and the scent that wrapped around my mind. Slowly, my brain rebooted itself. Eventually I managed to hear myself sobbing uncontrollably.

"I just want to protect you..." he cried, gripping my body against his.

"You're always safe with me Levi...Always..."


"I'll always be here!" he roared.


"I just want you to be happy..."


"I'll always love you...."


"Always." he said and pulled away to lean in for a kiss. He pressed his lips against mine and allowed them to linger for an eternity. The chill dissipated from my heart only to replaced by the warm fondness that I felt for him. His hand went up and down my exposed lower back and I pushed myself against him. He reached up and cradled my face, looking deep into my eyes to convey a message.

"I love you too..." I croaked. He smiled weakly and pushed my face into his chest. I felt the pinpricks of the cold touching my skin, unlike my feet which were buried ankle deep in the snow.

"I'm cold." I whimpered. He lifted me up and I saw we were wearing nothing but our flannel pajama pants. He trudged through the snow without stopping until we were inside the confines of the warm house. He made his way up the polished stairs, into the tidy room, and into the immaculate bathroom. His flicked on a light and I squinted my eyes due to the sudden introduction of something so bright. He placed me on the countertop and started the faucet. He pulled off my pants, lifting my legs delicately as if I were made of porcelain. He removed his own and stepped in between my legs and kissed me. His fingertips flowed across my skin, leaving trails of warmth behind his touch. I wrapped my arms around his neck and sunk into his warmth. It was so pleasant and wonderful that I felt as if I were immersed in the bath already. I adored how his stubble pricked my face. I loved how his lips felt so soft against mind. He lifted me up and turned off the faucet before lowering me into the water with him. He pressed me close to him and I leaned against his chest. Neither of us said a word as we sat in the tub, holding each other with eyes closed. He occasionally kissed my forehead, or rubbed my back. The sensations felt better by the minute once the hot water did it's job of warming both of us up. How could I ever live without him, I don't know. There might be a time where I won't, but for now, right at this moment I was happy to have someone here.

I felt his hand move and his fingers found mine. He held my hand and I rose to kiss him. I parted my mouth and he slid his tongue inside. He found my own and I pressed it against his. He withdrew after the slight touch and returned to just a normal kiss. He caressed my face and would sometimes pull away just to look at my face. I saw the sorrow in his eyes. I saw the pain he felt every time he saw me like this. I knew he wanted to do something and when he couldn't he would feel as though he wasn't good enough. But he was. He is. He was the only thing that stood in between me and the hole that I was always in danger of falling, knowing that once I fell, he would never get me back. Year after year I neared closer and closer to it till I was teetering at the edge with my arms outstretched ready to succumb to the evil that lurked inside of it. But he was there. Finally....someone came to rescue me. We stayed that way till the water was lukewarm, which he then leaned forward and unplugged the bath. I reached for a towel but he stopped me, and reach for it himself. I stood up and he wrapped me in the towel, using another to dry the little bit of water in my hair. He smiled and tried his best to smooth out my hair before taking the towel for himself to dry his own body off. I shivered from a slight draft and he guided me back into the bedroom and laid me down onto the bed. He drew the covers over us and binded me in his embrace. He rubbed his hand up and down my back and hummed a soft tune, lulling me to sleep.


I cringed at the words and he held me tighter.


The world faded away, the warmth taking me off into the realm of sleep, where I slept dreamless for the rest of the night.

It's new years tomorrow....

My eyes fluttered open to bright sunshine flowing through the windows. I shifted and felt Ray squeeze me. He's been awake for a while.

"Hey..." I said groggily trying to sit up. He held me there. I tried to turn around but he didn't let me. He just laid there, breathing without a word.

"Ray?" I said softly. He didn't answer.

"What's wrong?" I asked. He didn't answer.

"Ray I said..." I said shoving through his arms. I looked at him and saw his eyes and the pillow was wet.

"...wrong.." I trailed off. He rose and wiped his eyes and hugged me tight.

"So much pain..." he mumbled kissing the top of my head. I frowned. He was crying because of me.

"I'm sorry." I whispered.

"Don't apologize for something that's not your fault." He said frantically. He pulled away and stared at me. "You didn't ask for these nightmares. You didn't ask for your father to do this to you. You didn't ask for the tears, the pain. You didn't ask for any of it." he sobbed. His head sunk and I saw the drops of sadness descending to the covers below. "You didn't deserve it Levi!" he shouted.

"Calm down Ray..." I hushed. Without warning he kissed me. This wasn't something sensual, but frantic. His arms squeezed me to the point I could barely breathe while his breath was rapid and uneven. I struggled to pull my arms out and I held his face, slowing the kiss so he would match mine. I wanted him to know that it was ok. I wanted him to know that I had my moments but it didn't mean that everything was so terrible. I just wanted him to know that everything was going to be ok.

His motions then started to become more fluid and in sync with mine as the kiss progressed. I opened my mouth and beckoned his tongue inside and he complied. Sliding it inside, he placed his hand at the back of my head and pulled me closer. I moaned as he licked my lower lip and kissed along my jawline. He descended on my neck and laid light pecks on it, rubbing my shoulders, gently nibbling. I felt him reach down and play with my exposed hardon that started to leak drops of precum. I shuddered and reached down for his. When he felt that he retreated, his eyes looking down in shame.

"Sorry..." he mumbled.


"This is inappropriate considering the context of what just happened about 2 minutes ago." He replied. I giggled and pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top of him.

"Ray, of all the times you've done it you're worried now?" I said playfully. His eyebrows furrowed in concern.

"Sorry," was all he could say again. I descended on him and gently bit his lower lip.

"Ray, I love you. Being touched by you in one of the things that I always look forward to." I said softly. He forced my hips down on him and he grinded me against him.

"I can tell by how wet you are." he said with a smirk. I moaned and pushed myself up.

"Your fault!"

"I didn't say it was a bad thing baby!" he growled and shoved me on my back. He growled and playfully bit up and down my neck.

"Hey, Ray! Ra- that tickles!!!" I squealed as his fingers nudged my side.

"Good!" He bellowed and proceeded to prod at my side.

"You beast!" I shouted and whacked at his back.That didn't stop him so I slid out from under him and made a dash for the door.

"Oh no you don't!" He yelled and scooped me up and brought me back to the bed.

"But I'm hungry!" I whined. He grinned and got up.

"Then I'm gonna make you breakfast this time." He said kissing the tip of my nose.

"You can cook?" I inquired. He shrugged.

"Oh god, please don't kill me..." I scoffed. He beamed and walked out of the room.

"You use gasoline to grease up the pan right?" He yelled from a distance.

"Ray!" I cried out and ran after him.

"I'm kidding baby," he said hitching his arm around my waist and leaning in for a kiss.

"For some reason I doubt that." I said smugly. He shook his head.

"I'm not that dumb." he chuckled.

"Shut up," I giggled and pecked his cheek. "You're not dumb at all."

"You sure?" he laughed. I bit down on his chest.

"Was that suppose to hurt?" he asked raising an eyebrow.

"you're so condescending!" I huffed and made my way down the stairs. He ran down and smacked my ass on the way.

"It's because you're so damn cute I can't take you seriously!" he laughed over his shoulder.

"Fuck. You!" I said pointedly. He stuck out his tongue and proceeded into the kitchen.

"At least put on some clothes before you cook!" I called after him.

"Why?" He asked when I finally arrived at the kitchen.

"Because I don't want this to get damaged." I mewed wrapping his dick in my hands. It was half hard in no time.

"Alright," he said and kissed me deeply. "Just because I want a chance to pound that sweet ass of yours." he growled and we both went up to put on some clothes. I wiggled into a fresh pair of pajama pants and Ray came up from behind.

"You gotta stop doing that with your ass," he said kissing my neck.

"What?" I asked sighing.

"You do this little wiggle with it when you put on pants or walk." He chuckled and pinched it.

"Your point is...?"

"It's cute!" he laughed and held me against him. I gazed up at his smile that could make my world brighter at anytime of the day. My heart sang for this man. Every time I looked directly at him I felt a little twitch in my heart and a sudden desire to touch him. I couldn't stop showing him affection. What I felt for him...it seemed unnatural at times, not because he was a male. But because it was something that was so strong that it was somewhat frightening. The deep connection that I developed with him in such a short amount of time was not something that could be easily done, especially with people like me. If anything, one could see it as something special to connect to their lover to such a depth in the period of time that we were together.

I pulled away and we descended downstairs. Ray attempted to cook, but he wasn't doing things so well. His hands fumbled as he tried to handle certain utensils. The eggs were no match for his strength. A man of such skill in many other things could not do what I was skilled in. It was like our skills were harmonized in a sense. He could do what I couldn't, and I could do what he couldn't. I had no problem with this. It made me feel empowered due to the fact that I had to ability to do what he could not. It wasn't that I wanted to gloat. No, that wasn't it at all. It was the part where I could actually help him that I loved the most. He has done so much for me that I wanted to give back equally as much There were many times where I felt like it wasn't fair that he had offered so much yet I gave so little. It was moments like these that reminded me that what I gave wasn't so little to him. The smiles that radiated on his face whenever I cracked and whisked the eggs. The way he would observe with admiration when I expertly chopped the vegetables and drop them into a bowl. I did what he could not, and he appreciated it. To him, it seemed like I made where he lived his home.

After we ate he helped me wash the dishes and we walked to the sectional where he drew me upon his chest and flicked on the television and we watched the various channels buzzing with the fact that it was New Years eve. He kissed the top of my head and rubbed my back while flipping through, and then we heard the doorbell ring. I bolted upright and he chuckled and suavely walked over to the door while I ran upstairs to grab a shirt. I heard the Patty and Rosaline chirping downstairs and I quickly pulled the sweater over my head and glanced at the mirror to make sure my secrets were covered. I descended downstairs and was greeted my delighted squeals of happiness as then hustled groceries into the kitchen.

"Levi!!!!" Patty shouted crushing me.

"H...hello patty..." I squeaked. Rosaline on the other hand gave me a more gentle hug.

"Come on! We have a party to prepare for!" she sang and waltzed off into the kitchen. Within minutes the kitchen was bustling with activity as they did it again once more. The turned out dish after dish, while Ray went off somewhere that I didn't know about.

"Why are you just sitting there?" Rosaline said and whacked my shoulder with her spoon. "Smile! This is something big! Come! Help!" she laughed and pulled me into the kitchen. I didn't hesitate and for the whole afternoon I followed their instructions and absorbed the massive amounts of knowledge that helped me hone my culinary skills even more. When we were done, the sun was setting and the table was piled with food.

"FINISHED!" they shouted in unison and high-five. They both turned to me with their hands up, staring at me expectantly. For a moment I blinked at them, confused.

"Now don't leave us hanging," Patty laugh.

"Oh!" I stuttered and raised my hand and gave a weak slap. I felt a little embarrassed that I couldn't even pick up the hint for a high five. Evidently high fives weren't a grand part of my life. I heard rapid pounding coming downstairs and Ray came to a halt in front of the table.

"Mother of mercy I think I died!" He said eyeing the food. He reached out for one and Rosaline gave him a pointed look.

"Don't you dare touch that food. Not until I say so." She warned. He rolled his eyes and walked over to me.

"Fine! Come on Levi, we gotta get you prettied up!" He chuckled and lifted me.

"For what?!" I shouted squirming in his grip.

"For the guests of course." He crooned and rubbed his nose against mine. My eyes widened.

"Who's coming?" I asked. He kept walking and didn't reply.

"Ray, who's coming?" I asked against. We arrived in the bedroom and he turned on the shower.

"You've met a few before. Trust me Levi, they're no one bad." He smiled softly. I bit my lower lip. It wasn't that I didn't trust who he invited over. I just didn't know if I was exactly comfortable. It was possibly because I didn't exactly know who was coming or how they were like. I know he wouldn't invite anyone over that I wasn't fond of, but I really wanted to know. My stomach knotted and I stepped into the shower as he followed me from behind. He leaned me against the wall and I watched the water moistened his hair and trickle down his muscles.

"You'll like them. I promise." he smiled. I stared up at him meekly, feeling uneasy under his stare. I looked away and held myself. I could feel my mind retreating into its castle as I began to close myself off. I felt his hand on my arm and with some force push my arms down.

"Levi, please? Just trust me." he pleaded gently. I looked away and he tilted my chin up and kissed me with tenderness. I reached up and felt his chest, and he wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me closer.

"Just have fun. I want you to enjoy this. I want you to experience the coming of a New Year happy for once," He frowned, "I'm sorry to bring this up but I already know that's something you haven't had in a very long time."

A long time? More like never. I couldn't even remember a good New Year. Always painful. Always full of tears. Always the same year after year.

I winced at the thought. He caressed my face and kissed my cheek.

"I just want you to be happy." He said and turned me around. He pumped some shampoo into his hand and lathered my hair and then did his. I closed my eyes and felt his hands traveling across my body, leaving white trails of foam behind them. I sighed when he grinded against me from behind and his hands lingered on my nipples for far to long. My cock stood, begging for attention as his did from behind. I could feel its heat rubbing between my cheeks, the soap assisting with it's movement. He allowed the water to shower us and wash the suds away, and he kissed my now clean neck.

"I love you." He mumbled with his chin resting on my shoulder. I laughed softly and touched his head with my fingertips.

"I love you too," I said and turned around to deliver a peck. He held me tight and switched off the water. We dried ourselves off and stepped into the closet. I was riffling through my clothes when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around he held in front of me a hanger wrapped in a bag.

"For you..." he smiled sheepishly.I cocked my head and took it from his hands and he helped me pull off the plastic. Underneath was a smooth navy blue sweater with a v-neck together with a pair of black jeans. I felt the materiel of the sweater, and found it unbelievably soft. I stared up at him, and then back at the sweater.

"When did you get this?" I asked breathless.

"When I got your Christmas gift. I was out and figured you needed something new...you know...for the new year..." He said.

"It wasn't too expensive was it?" I asked, fearing the price. He shook his head and unhooked it from the hanger.

"Just try it on. I'm sure it'll be a perfect fit." He insisted. He left the closet and I decided to try the jeans on first. A perfect fit. They hugged my legs but not too tightly, and when I looked at my butt in the mirror they were snug. I slipped on the sweater and felt the smoothness of the material against my skin. This also clung to my thin frame, but it complimented it. I stared at my reflection and noticed all the fine curves and features that it brought out. I actually looked...good....something that I could never think really. My small body prevented me from finding many clothes that flattered me or even fit at all! I stepped out of the closet and Ray was sitting on the bed, and he eyed my up and down, hungry.

"Christ...this looks great on you..." he breathed. I blushed and he stood up and went back into the closet.

"One more thing..." he grunted and searched on the floor. He pulled out a box and handed it to me. I looked inside and saw a pair of sleek and black dress shoes with socks next to them. Across the top was a silver and black band, with a brand that I knew all to well to be one that only fortunate people could afford.

"Ray...Why?" I asked, my eyes wide with adoration when I looked up at him.

"Because you deserve it," he said softly and kissed me. I pulled away and slipped on the shoes, and he flashed me his famous smile.

"I noticed that you didn't have a lot of clothes. I also noticed that the clothes you have were well...kinda worn. So...you know...I wanted to get you something new. Something that could really bring out your best features. Well...physically of course" he said rubbing his thumb against my cheek. "You deserve so much Levi..." he whispered. I saw his eyes were getting glassy, and my own matched his.

"You're so sweet Ray." I said and pressed myself against him. He held me there and sighed.

"Not as sweet as you..." he said and I pulled away and watched him get dressed in his own clothes. He slid into a dark red button down shirt that showed off his muscles. His black jeans did the same. He pulled out his own pair of dress shoes and slipped them on, and he pulled me to his side and looked at us in the mirror.

"We make a good looking couple." He chuckled. I beamed and rested my head against his chest. We really did look good...

I stepped down the stairs feeling a little awkward. I wasn't really use to something so snug, let alone so nice. The shoes I wore made little clicks, which I soon found out at closer inspection that the bottoms were made out of actual wood. Ray was right by my side when we came down and everyone lit up at the sight of us.

"My my...nice threads." Patty commented.

"You guys really do look nice." Rosaline followed up. Patty and Rosaline changed while we were up there. Patty wore slacks and a light blue shirt with a broach, and Rosaline chose something more traditional. She wore black slacks that belled out over the bottoms, with black vest and a white shirt underneath. She must've been wearing heels because she towered over me more than ever.

"Is Nikki going to come?" I asked.

"She'll be here in a bit." Rosaline said and walked over to us. "These new clothes suit you very well," she said looking at me. She cupped my face and smiled that strange, sweet smile of hers. "It really brings out your eyes." She said. Ray kissed the top of my head and walked over to the door, looking at his phone. I heard a horn honk and He opened it.

"Yo!" I heard Nikki shout.

"Nikki! Hurry your ass up!" He laughed.

"Oh shut your dickhole." She snapped and trudged in. She stepped in shivering despite the black pea coat she was wearing, her knee high black stiletto boots clicking against the tile.

"Fuck me, it's so cold." She shivered. She shook her hair and sighed.

"Now, who brought the champagne?" She said breathlessly. We all looked at each other.

"Wine is the best we can offer." Rosaline shrugged. Nikki rolled her eyes and swept past Ray.

"Good thing I thought of it." She said and pulled out four bottles of it. I eyeballed it and she looked at me and smiled.

"Well look at you!" She squealed and rushed over to me. She placed her hands on my hips and I felt goosebumps and blood rising.

"Damn...looks like you have an even better body than I thought." She smirked and looked at me up and down. "Simple, but you have good taste."

"I chose those for him actually." Ray said proudly walking over to my side. She rolled her eyes again.

"Ray, if you chose something good when it comes to clothes for him I'm gonna punch you."

"Are you doubting my ability to choose clothes?" He asked, taken back.

"I'm doubting your ability not only to choose clothes, but to guess ones size!" She retorted.

"Hey! I was able to get his size right because men's sizes aren't complicated!"

"Well, when it comes to men like him," She sneered. "What did you do? Just find extra smalls and the smallest jeans they have?" She teased. He turned a slight shade of red and shuffled his feet.

"You're kidding me..." She scoffed.

"Kinda?" He shrugged. "I mean, I looked at his other clothes for some help but you know.." He said and pinched my butt. "He's pretty small." I glared at him.

"You are!" He protested, ruffled my hair, "But that doesn't mean you aren't cute like that."

"At least it works to his advantage." She pointed out and looked towards patty and Rosaline. "Not gonna say hi?" She smiled.

"Oh shut up," Rosaline said and hugged her tight.

""You know I'm just kidding," She said passing an arm to Patty. During their greetings the doorbell rang again.

"Ah, there they are." I heard Ray say and walked to the door. He opened it and I felt my heart leap in my throat. It was the people from the ornament store.

"Sorry we're late!" Joshua shivered and stepped inside. Without the apron covering his torso, he was even slimmer than I remembered. He tugged the red scarf from his neck, and rolled up the sleeves on his shirt. His jeans seemed a little faded, and even from a distance I noticed a few flecks of glitter on his skin.

"Didn't know if anyone brought any, but here's for the grand finale." I heard his dad say holding up two bottles of champagne.

"Oh! Don't forget these!" I heard a woman behind him trill. She popped out from behind his father swinging around a few noise makers. June followed in with the rest of them carrying a bakery box and her warm smile. Ray chuckled and pointed in the direction of where Nikki had placed the champagne.

"Yeesh. Good thing I thought to bring more." She smiled. The three of them went over to place their offerings when Joshua looked over and noticed me.

"Oh! Hello there!" He said happily. He hesitated a little, took a look at me, and his faced flushed a very slight shade of pink.

"G...good to see you again." He said sheepishly. He walked over and awkwardly hugged me, and then looked towards my hand.

"How's your hands doing?" He said and gripped them. The unexpected contact both times caught me off guard. While he was looking at my hands my eyes wandered over to Ray and I saw him glowering at Joshua. He must've noticed.

"They're healing just fine." He said walking over to me and looping an arm around my waist. He planted a kiss on my lips and smiled tightly at Joshua, asserting that I was his. I shifted uncomfortably, and I felt Ray squeeze my side.

"That's good. They seemed to be well taken care of." Joshua said nervously. Ray nodded and Joshua went to join his family.

"Can you excuse us for a moment? I forgot something." Ray frowned. He turned and went up the stairs, and I hastily followed. Once inside the room, he pressed me against the wall and kissed me passionately. His hands went up my sweater and tweaked my nipples, and I moaned and hugged him closer.

"Did you see the way he looked at you?" He growled and bit down on my neck. I didn't answer.

"Fuck...I swear you gotta stop looking so cute sometimes." he added in rubbing the bulge in my jeans. I clapped a hand over my mouth to suppress a moan, and he replaced it with his tongue.

"I better claim you before someone else does." He hissed in my ear and grabbed my butt. I shuddered thinking about his thick cock sliding inside me. He smirked and released me, and kissed the tip of my nose.

"Sorry," he apologized walking over to the nightstand. He wrapped the watch around his fingertips and gazed at me softly. "I just hate the thought of someone even thinking about taking you away." and with that, he took my hand and pulled me out of the bedroom. When we arrived downstairs, they were all sitting at the table.

"Come on! We saved two seats for you guys!" Nikki said, winking when we sat down at two spots that were empty. Ray pulled out my chair and I thanked him. Of al the people, Joshua was the one next to me. I slid my eyes over to Ray and underneath the table and squeezed my package. I bit down on my lower lip, and stared at the food.

"Dig in!" Patty said immediately grabbing a spoon and ladling soup into her bowl. I didn't know where to start. Looking at everyone else, I guess soup was the first thing in line. Ray easily reached over and filled my own bowl with soup before filling his. I looked over and the corners of his lips tilted up.

"Come on Levi, be a pig like the rest of us!! Nikki said with her mouth full. I giggled and lifted my spoon and looked down at the bowl. My breath caught in my throat. The feeling of scalding liquid touched my skin and I heard the screams. I heard the shattering of ceramic. I saw the pieces on the ground as the fists pummeled my body. I felt the bruises forming. I felt the tears dripping down my face.

"Excuse me." I said flatly and left the table with my head down. I felt eyes following me at I rushed upstairs. I ran into the bathroom gasping for air as I choked on tears. I slammed my fists on the counter. I wasn't only sad. I was angry. I was angry that I couldn't even look at a bowl of soup without being triggered. I was angry that I was so weak all the time. Why couldn't I just sit down, and be normal for once?! It's a fucking bowl of soup, and here I am crying! Why am I always haunted by these memories? Why couldn't I just be happy?! Rapid footsteps came into my hearing and I looked up and saw Ray.

"Hey," he said rushing to my side. He turned my towards him and wiped my eye with his sleeve.

"I know it's hard, but don't think about it too much." He said brushing the hair out of my eyes. I clenched my fists and teeth together, trying to regain control.

"You're fine Levi...you're safe. No one here is going to hurt you..." he said softly. I didn't say anything. I knew the moment I open my mouth I was going to cry and I didn't want to. Not now. I closed my eyes and took deep breaths, clearing my mind of everything. I felt a wave of calm wash over me, and I exhaled and opened my eyes. I wiped them dry and patted Ray's chest.

"I'm fine." I said with a tight smile, and walked out of the bathroom, he followed me and pinched my ass.

"What was that for?" I giggled.

"Your ass looks great in those jeans," he said walking down the stairs. We got downstairs and everyone continued their conversation like it wasn't anything weird for me to just disappear like that. I assumed that they thought we were just being young and running off to the room to have a grope or two. I slid back into the seat and sipped my soup and happily listened to the conversation. They were talking about their businesses, their current products, and future prospects they had. of course, both groups said they preferred keeping it small. For some reason I preferred it too. Maybe I enjoyed the thought of keeping things the same. nice and warm. To think about them expanding their business any further made me afraid what would become of our ties with them. Now I didn't really have that strong of a tie with Joshua's family, but Patty and Rosaline were a different story. I didn't want them to go away. What if things become like Ray's parent's? I mean...they were his parents and they still treated him like that! I never wanted Ray to go through that with someone else. I moved my hand under the table and reached over and squeezed his thigh. He stopped with the spoon halfway towards his mouth and he smirked at me.

"Someone is becoming a little more risqué." he chuckled. I threw a soft smile at him, and returned to eating. This was nice actually....eating as one big family. I looked up from my bowl and watched as everyone reached for other dishes. They passed bowls and plates with glee. I saw bottles of wine, but I wasn't scared. I didn't have to be scared. Not of something such as wine. It was alcohol that was meant to be enjoyed after all. I rarely ever saw people tossing back wine. They simply sipped it and continued with their conversation. So with that in mind, what should ever become to harmful of it? I'm sure everyone here had a good amount of self control. I glanced over at Ray's wine glass and saw a regular glass filled with coke in it's place.

"Why aren't you drinking wine?" I asked him with my head tilted. He shrugged.

"I don't really wanna right now." he said with his mouth full.

"Is it because of me?" I asked. He nodded his head slightly.

"Well...yes and no. I mean you're partially the reason, but not all of it." he said and chugged his glass. He let out a satisfying sigh and showed his teeth. "I don't have to drink to have a good time baby."

"You sure? I don't mind." I told him.

"Of course." he said and kissed the tip of my nose to reassure me.

"Don't see why you and Ray don't have a glass yourselves." I heard Joshua say next to me. I looked over and he was holding his own glass with elegance. Just everything he did was just that for so reason. I wasn't sure if it was just attributed to his physical features or what it was. He just seemed so soft.

"I just rather not. I'm more in the mood for soda, thank you." Ray said coolly. Joshua nodded and took another sip.

"Well, no one's forcing you." he replied setting it down, "I just you to have a good time."

"Don't worry Joshua. it's not hard for me to have fun." He said and tousled my hair, "Not when I'm with this guy. He makes anything happy and fun."

I blushed and looked down into my lap. I glanced up at Ray who was looking at me with a fondness that was genuine. I glanced over at Joshua, who was eyeing me with his face pink again. I rubbed my cheeks and sat up straight, and shoved food into my mouth. This felt too odd with Joshua next to me and seeing his face pink like that. It wasn't as if it was unattractive, it's just the fact that he might actually be interested in me and is showing it right in front of Ray. I Saw Ray utter a low growl in his throat and I giggled and squeezed his thigh. Joshua went back to the conversation with the others, and I leaned over and kissed Ray on the cheek.

"Don't worry, I'm not going anywhere." I whispered. We continued eating till we were absolutely stuffed with food, and that didn't even include desert yet. June waddled into the kitchen and came back holding a large back and cleared room so she can set it down.

"If that food didn't kill us that cake will..." Patty groaned, rubbing her stomach. June pulled apart the ribbon and opened the boxed to reveal stacks and stacks of miniature cupcakes. We all stood to look at it closer.

"Am I good or what?" June said laughing softly.

"The hell? Why not a cake?" Nikki asked.

"Because every year this happens! Those two cook a ton of food and when it comes to desert Ray is the only one that can actually eat it without nearing certain death!" She explained. Ray rolled his eyes and kept eating.

"Save room for desert." I said. He swallowed.

"Babe, there's always room for more." he chuckled and went on. I saw a cupcake pop in front of me.

"Here. Try this one." Joshua insisted. I took it from his hands and I looked at it. On top were pomegranate seeds sitting on top of the frosting. I popped the peculiar cupcake in my mouth and melted at the taste of sweet and tang mixing together.

"I see you liked it." he chuckled when I stood up and picked another one.

"Yeah!" OI turned towards June, "These are really good June!" I complimented.

"I've been doing some new flavors and decided to let you guys try them." She said. I turned back towards the pan and I felt someone squish some frosting against my lips.

"Hey!" and wiped it off with a napkin. I glared at Ray who was showing that cocky smile of his.

"What? Just lick it off." he chuckled and shoved two in his mouth. I rolled my eyes and took a glob of it on my finger and slowly sucked on my finger, making sure that Ray could see me. I saw his jaw clench and he reached under the table and rubbed my crotch.

"Better stop doing that." He muttered under his breath. I felt a rising reaction in my jeans. Boners were becoming way too frequent at this table. I decided I was done so I picked up my plate and went to the kitchen. Little did I know Ray was following me with a cupcake in hand.

"Is that so you won't pass out along the way?" I teased

"Shut up," he chuckled and smeared the frosting on my lips again.

"Goddamnit R-" and he kissed me. The sugar melted between our writhing tongues and I sunk into the literally sweet kiss. He pulled me against him by my waist and I moaned softly in his mouth.

"You're so fucking cute," he mumbled and kissed me again. I heard a knock and I peeked over his shoulder to see Joshua standing there.

"Sorry to interrupt..." He said keeping his eyes low to the ground when he entered and grabbed something. I heard a low hiss coming from Ray and at closer inspection I saw he was developing a slight bulge in his pants. Just how long was he watching? Joshua exited the kitchen and Ray gently nibbled on my neck.

"I feel like he's gonna be trouble." he sighed.

"No he's not!" I protested.

"Well he seems to like what he saw." he huffed.

"Well he's only going to be trouble if I let him." I said rolling my eyes. "Honestly, do you think I would actually let him do anything?"

"Of course not, I just don't like him looking at you that way."

The best I could do was shrug. He tousled my hair and walked me out of the kitchen with a hand on my waist. The table was clear of people, and all of them were standing in front of the television, waiting for the ball to drop. We still had a couple of hours till then. Ray moved over to the stereo and put on some slow music. Everyone seemed to know what this meant, and everyone partnered up. I saw Joshua looking at me, and Ray came into my view and held out his hand with his head bowed.

"Care to dance?" He ask with a wink. A wide smile fixed itself on my face and I took his hand and bowed with him. He held his hand on my waist, and mine was on his shoulder while both of our other hands were clasped together. He stared into my eyes as we swayed to the music. They were so warm...I loved staring up into his eyes. It's weird how I was so afraid at first. What was I afraid of? Honestly, what was I afraid of? This eye contact... nearly every time it felt like we built a pathway into each other's mind. We could communicate with just a look. We could express our feelings within seconds of looking. It felt so unnatural to feel that deeply connected with someone.

I sighed and laid my head on top of his chest. I felt him kiss the top of my head, and suddenly, fast swing music blared through the speakers. He whooped and pushed me away just to pull me back into him. My head flailed wildly as he swung, tossed, pulled, and did everything imaginable that I have ever witnessed on TV when it came to music like this. He pulled me close and quickly pecked me before swinging me back around. From the little I could see, everyone seemed to know what they were doing, unlike me. But I was still having a good time. Everyone laughed and smiled as they twirled around the room. Everyone didn't seem to have a care in the world. When the song came to the end, everyone was panting and trying to laugh at the same time. Next came a slow song and Ray gently pulled me into him. Suddenly the mood shifted to something more tame but sweet none the less. I closed my eyes and kept with the rhythmic swaying of our bodies. So this is the power of holidays. Maybe this is why everyone enjoyed them so much. People could forget about all the conflicts for just one evening and come together and have fun. Nothing mattered! It was like going into a separate world where all that matters is the present. The only disappointing part was that when they day passed, and the period of good feelings waned, everyone went back to how they originally were. Why could it be more like this? Why couldn't anyone just treat everyday like a holiday?

Ray kissed me tenderly on my cheek and squeezed me.

"You're so soft..." he said nuzzling my neck. I giggled and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"That's not how I am naked." I flirted.

"Well...your skin is even softer then." He chuckled and kissed the tip of my nose.

"Usually you'd jump on the hard bit," said crinkling my nose. He gave me a full on toothy grin.

"Not right now baby. I just wanna cuddle with you and nothing more." and he returned to the slow dance without another word. I closed my eyes again and slipped on a smile. I wish everyday could be a holiday.

Time progressed quickly until the final ten minutes. Everyone scattered, grabbing glasses, bottles, noise makers, pillows, even more food! They brought almost anything that could possibly make the coming of the new years even more grandeur short of a gold fountain. Everyone huddled on the sectional and some even sat on the floor. Everyone chattered on and on. People were making silent promises to themselves to hold on to their resolutions around the world. There were those who were having their last cigarette. Their last piece of cake. Their last swear word. Their last drink. So many around the world were making promises in hopes that they would actually keep them in the upcoming new year. They promised to finally buy that treadmill. They promised that they would stop swearing. They promised that they would be nicer to people. They promised to finally start up whatever projects they've been meaning to start for years. They promised that they would become a better person. All these promises, but how many would keep it? It wasn't anything new for people to break their resolutions. It was common that things go the opposite direction of what they intended. However, I knew there were people that met their goals and were proud of it. Be it a diet, or rehab, people were going to try. What was I going to try? Living? That has already started. I don't know....maybe I'll find out at the last ten seconds.

Soon enough, the last ten seconds came. I had a mixture of emotions. Excitement, fear, the urge to vomit a little from being so full. Anxiety, but happiness. What will this new year bring? What surprises and hardships with follow once that ball dropped. What will be different, and what will be the same? I looked up over my shoulder and watched Ray glued to the screen, counting down.


I closed my eyes


I tried envisioning the future.


I saw smiles.


I saw kisses


I saw good mornings


I saw a piano


I saw friendly eyes


I took a breath


I opened my eyes


I saw Ray.

"HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!!" Everyone roared in Unison! Ray swiveled me around, his hand went to the pack of my head, and he tilted me back and gave me my first New Year's kiss. He pulled away and pressed his forehead against mine.

"Happy New Years." he said softly. I giggled and hugged him close. Everyone saw us and we all came together in one massive ball of affection. My first group hug! When distanced was put in between all of us, Joshua's dad and Nikki busted out the champagne, being careful not to take anyone out with the corks. Champagne was passed around, which I declined, and everyone was a little confused when Ray declined as well.

"Come on Ray! Enjoy a little bubbly with us!" Nikki encouraged. He smirked and shook his head.

"No thank you. I'm passing this time."

"Why? Just one glass won't do anything." Nikki frowned. He shrugged and pulled me by his side.

"I don't wanna smell liked alcohol whenever I kiss this guy." he explained.

"It's not even strong!" she sneered. I heard Ray click his tongue.

"So? It doesn't matter."

"Jeez, regrow your boys why won't you," she scoffed.

"Look, I don't want to drink. That's it." he glared, his voice showing a hint of irritation. She rolled her eyes and turned back to everyone.

"Well! To everyone that does have a glass, lets make a toast!" She announce. Everyone relaxed while Ray didn't seem to completely calm down just yet. I reached down and slipped my fingers between his. His eyes softened when I did this and I tried my best to make him brush it off.

"To a New Year! May everyone keep their youth and sanity for one more year!" She shouted.

"Honey, that train is long gone for me!" Patty shouted back.

"Well, it's not all gone. You still have the personality of a 20 year old." Rosaline objected while giving her a soft punch to her arm.

"True that." Patty said and raised her glass. Everyone did the same. Except Ray held up our hands instead of a glass

"Happy New Year!" Everyone bellowed, and chugged their glasses. Ray held his hand up in between us and kissed it.

"This is better than a glass of champagne." he whispered in my ear. I blushed and we all mingled together. Well, more like Ray mingled. I stayed kind of quiet, lost in thought about the day that just passed. It's a New Year, and I really wish I knew what was going to come up this year.

So, you have any New Years resolution for this year?" I heard someone asked. I snapped out of it and I blinked in the face of Joshua's mom. She cocked her head and took a sip from her glass.

"Uh...umm..." I hesitated. I really didn't have one yet.

"Nothing to really change?" She laughed softly and set her glass down. She extended a hand at me and I grasped it in a delicate handshake.

"We were never introduced. My name is Lydie. Joshua told me what happened at the store that one day and I was curious to see who he was talking about."

I felt my heart jump thinking back on that day. I felt a burning sensation on my wrist but I knew that it was in my mind. It was all just in my head, locked up behind an heavy wooden door with shackles around it's ankles nails in it's feet.

"I'm sorry for what happened your hands. Accidents happen." She frowned. I examined her features to try to distract my eyes with something. She was a little heavier than Joshua, but she seemed fairly young for having a son his age. She had her hair in a pony tail, and her features were smooth. She barely had wrinkles, and her lips were small. Her eyes were pools green, making it clear where Joshua inherited his eyes. She was just a little taller than me, but she was no where near menacing. Not even the slightest. Her face was kind and inviting, almost like she was welcoming me into her arms. Was this the general demeanor of a mother? I was in awe at this observation. It seemed like a general consensus if I were to rationalize correctly. I wanted to look at her closely and examine her habits. It came to my realization that as far as I knew, no one here was clearly a mother except for Lydie. I wasn't sure if June had children, nor Rosaline or Patty. None of them mentioned anything about children. Then again, maybe this was just her nature as she progressed through life. Joshua seemed just the same even though he was a male. Perhaps it was just how their personalities developed after all. I must have been staring for too long without saying a word because she waved a hand in front of her face.

"Yoo hoo, anyone home?" She said playfully and waved a hand in front of my face. My face flushed and I apologized.

"It's fine, I just thought that maybe there was something in my teeth or something that you were staring at." She laughed. Suddenly she held her hand to her mouth and she eyed me. "Is there?"

""No, I just thought I had a resolution is all." I told her shaking my head. She sighed, relieved.

"Sorry, I would be embarrassed if there was and no one told me about it. Having a stranger seeing that is a little awkward."

"Well...good thing that there's not?" I said, not sure of what to say. It did feel a little awkward knowing that she noticed I was staring.

"Then again I guess you're not really that much of a stranger. We're at least acquaintances now." She said offering a warm smile. I hesitated and smiled back.

"He loves you a lot." She said looking over at Ray, who was chasing Nikki around with a noise maker.

"Everyone says that." I said watching him and holding my hand to my cheek. What a funny guy.

"It's because it's so clear how he feels about you. He's pretty much always at your side and showing you how he feels." She said wistfully. She sighed and placed a hand on my shoulder. I jerked away and felt my chest tightened.

"Oh...I'm sorry." she said, a little taken back. I shook my head and laughed nervously.

"Sorry, you startled me a little." I lied.

"Well then I'm sorry. I'm guessing you were up in that little cloud of yours whenever you're looking at him." She told me and wrung her hands. I could tell that she felt like she did something terribly wrong.

"Yeah. I can't help it. I love him a lot too." I said, trying to keep the conversation afloat. She nodded and picked up her glass again.

"Well...to a New Year." and she drank it. She walked away and I mentally pulled my hair out for making what was suppose to be a friendly conversation awkward. Next up in line was Joshua, who was empty handed.

"I see you met my mother." He chuckled softly. I nodded.

"She's really nice. I can see where you get some of your features from." I told him, trying to find a way to once again, respond.

"Well, yeah. But there's some things I get from my dad."

"Of course. But you kinda seem more like your mom."

"I spent more time with her is why I guess." He said looking over at her talking to Ray. He turned back towards me and shuffled his feet.

"Sorry for...you know...walking in on you and your boyfriend."


"And for you know...thinking you're kinda cute and all." He said, his face getting redder by the minute. I myself turned a slight shade darker and took a quick look over at Ray to make sure he wasn't seeing this. Luckily he was too busy seeing how many cupcakes he can fit in his mouth. Classic Ray.

"I told you that I kinda experimented a little, and you know...it kinda comes up sometimes." He sighed and ran his hands through his hair. I honestly had no clue on what to say.

"And this is where things get a little awkward." He groaned and ruffled his hair. I giggled and gripped his wrist to stop him.

"Look, it's fine. If anything I'm flattered, and at least you acknowledge that I'm with someone." I said gently. He stopped and looked at me.

"Of course. I don't wanna come in between you guys." he said his eyes widening.

"Yeah...if anything Ray wouldn't be happy if you tried.." I said my eyes wandering off to the side with my hand rubbing the back of my neck. Not happy? Fuck, Ray would break his legs!

"I know, I know. He loves you, and I know that. Remember?" He chuckled. I nodded.

"But that doesn't mean I don't wanna just be friends." He said letting his arms fall to his side.

"I don't see why not. Permit that you don't try anything." I smirked. He let out a hearty laugh and swept the hair out of his eyes.

"No kidding. I don't want to get a shiner from someone like him anytime soon. I bet he's scary when he's mad."

I shuddered internally at the mention of his anger. That he was. Anyone that made him angry enough would not want to stay and see what he would do to them if they even dared to try to fight him. I felt warmth stirring when I remembered the day he defended me and picked me up from the ground. If only I knew that he felt the same way, then maybe school wouldn't have been so horrendous after all. Maybe things would have turned out different if things happened a lot sooner. Maybe things would've been more sexual, if that's even possible. Suddenly the memory that he had someone else before me lumbered inside and pushed every other thought out. It was occupying my mind now, begging for me to pull all my brainpower into it. I wanted to know. I needed to know! How would I approach such a topic? It was so obvious that the subject was something that should never be brought up but the desperation that I was experiencing just to know who in the world that person was and what happened corroded through all the boxes that I placed my curiosity for it inside and roamed around in my mind, occasionally waltzing into my conscious mine just to dance and sing to further antagonize me. What exactly happened?

"Whatcha thinking about?" I heard Joshua inquire. I stepped back into reality and closed the door into my mind to rejoin him. I offered a pleasant smile and shrugged.

"Just how today is going. That's all." I replied as simply as possible. He sighed twiddled his fingers

"I hope it's going well for you. I'm assuming that this Is your first year with Ray?" I nodded in response and enjoyed the warmth with that reminder.

"Yeah. Before I never really celebrated the new years."

"Oh? Why's that?" he raised his eyebrows hearing this.

"It was never important." I said graciously, and turned around and Threw myself at Ray. His stance didn't even falter and he hugged me tight and swung me in a circle, kissing me and cuddling me. I heard a collective chorus of admiration when he slipped into the section and held me tight.

"I didn't expect anything less than this." he whispered in my ear. I pressed myself close to him and at this moment, I just wanted to be alone with him. I heard everyone getting back to their small conversations and he took long slow breaths. Another hour ticked by before everyone decided to take their leave. We all pitched in on cleaning up and everyone took some food home with them. Ray and I stood by the door passing around hugs with everyone as everyone trickled out.

"Well. Happy New Year you guys." Nikki beamed.

"I'm glad we have a new addition to our family. It was a pleasure spending it with you." Patty said hugging me.

"Don't get too rowdy when we leave. It's late, you guys should rest." Rosaline sighed and hugged Ray and I together. When she pulled away she glanced at me and I looked back, but she avoided direct eye contact with me. This puzzled me greatly. Usually she was the one to instigate it and is the last one to break it. We finished our farewells, and soon the house was empty once more. I turned around and our eyes met. Ray closed the space in between us and slid his arms around my waist. I breathed out and he leaned down and kissed me. It was sweet, tender, laced with the slight scent of the sugar he ingested earlier. He breathed out and slid his hands up and down my back, embracing me along with the silence that filled the house after a long day of having a crowd around us. I could feel the inhibitions that he placed against himself to prevent himself from ravaging me right there. He pressed me against the wall and kissed along my jawline. His fingertips traced the skin above the waistline of the slim black jeans I donned for the night. His erection was prominent and pressed against my torso, throbbing and aching for release. He snaked his hands up my shirt and rubbed my nipples while I reached inside his pants and cupped his balls. We moaned and our kiss intensified. I felt my hole quivering, wanting to feel his long, thick cock stretching it as he ploughed me, I wanted to get on my knees and engulf his cock in my mouth until he shot his load right down my throat. I wanted to feel the heat in between us as we finally sealed out relationship with such a passionate act. I wanted to feel it all. I needed to feel it all. We both had our guards up. We both had our inhibitions that held us back. But the desperation was wearing our patience thin. It wasn't simply because we were horny teenagers. No. it was the urge to embrace each other in the ultimate act of love. It was the urge to express what we felt. It was the urge to feel one of the deepest connections possible between two human beings whose hearts were practically beating for each other. It was that final moment where everything was let lose, and all the desperation, the frustration, the adoration, everything, could be free to flow in full force as one takes the other while captivating each other in their rawest forms. This...this had to be done soon before it comes out as a demon instead of a blessing.

"Lets go up to the room." he breathed. I nodded and I followed him up the stairs, our hands never leaving each other. The room was dark with only the moonlight to provide a faint glow. He closed the door behind us and he stared into my eyes. I walked up to him, my eyes never breaking contact as I began unbuttoning his shirt. Our hearts were pounding, suspense ripping away at us. He crushed his lips against mine and I moaned into his mouth. I opened his shirt and I felt the strong muscles of his upper body rippling underneath his skin with life. Our lips parted with a trail of saliva in between us and I rushed my lips back against his. He ran his fingers through my hair. He tugged it gently and I pulled away. Our eyes made contact again. I unbuttoned his jeans. He peeled my sweater over my head.

....Was this it?...



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