'You wanna know why you're so beautiful,' he whispered in my ear. I felt myself freeze up when he said this. I didn't think he would bring that subject up again, but then again, was he going to finally tell me why he was so attracted to me? Was it lust? Or did he love me just for me. Whatever it was, I was about to find out.

'Well.. ' he started as he leaned closer.

'Your silky hair,' he said as he ran his fingers through my hair.

'You're piercing blue eyes,' he said softly as he leaned in close, staring directly into them.

'Your soft lips,' he whispered as his warm breath flowed against my lips. During this moment, I notice that something was different, a faint but familiar smell that I couldn't quite place my finger on. What was it? I decided not to think of it, it was probably just me. At this moment, he brushed his lips against mine.

'Your fair and smooth body,' he breathed out as his warm hand slid up my shirt as he kissed me again. I could feel my heart pumping in my chest, pounding hard and fast as a flood of emotion went inside me. I wrapped my arms around Ray's neck as he hooked his arms under mine, and pulled me down on the bed. I kissed him passionately as his hands wandered across my body and his tongue invaded my mouth, exploring the depths of it.

'Your loving heart.. ' he said softly when his hand rested at where my heart was. My heart was thumping against my chest, screaming every word of adoration that was possible with every beat, and in my mind, I was hoping that he could feel it. As his hand rested on my chest, the smile on his face grew, and he proceeded with his sweet and wonderful words.

'And best of all.. ' he began, but paused for a few seconds. I stared at him, waiting for him to speak, anticipating his next words.

'.. .Your unique, but adorable and caring personality,' he said finally, and kissed me softly on the forehead. This was the last straw. Immediately, I bursted into tears and clung to him as I cried and cried. This man, this incredible man, loved me for me. I sobbed uncontrollably as he gently shushed me and sensually rubbed my back, holding me tight, and planting the gentle kiss on top of my head. I felt so beautiful, so damn beautiful, all these years I've felt so disgusting and horrendous, for so long I have felt as though I never had an ounce of beauty. I had given up hope that I would be beautiful, and now, my old hopes were revived, and they came true. His hand was resting on the back of my head, holding me against his chest as my tears soaked into his t shirt, but he made no effort to stop me from crying. I'm guessing that he knew that I was crying because what he had just said had changed so much of what I thought about myself, and it made it clear of why he loved me. The answer was so simple. It was because I was me. He loved me, and everything about me, looks and all.

'You're so gentle and kind and you've been through so much pain.. ' he continued when my tears subsided, and all I could do was lay there, and listen.

'And when I'm with you.. ' He said gently as he lifted my face and held my gaze.

'I just want to protect you.. and make you happy so that you'll never go through that pain ever again.. ' he smiled as he grabbed a tissue off the nightstand and wiped my face. After he was done, he leaned in for a kiss, but I stopped him.

'Don't.. my face is all.. all.. messy' I sniffled as I hid my face away. I felt beautiful, but since I was a bawling mess just a few minutes ago, my face wasn't so pretty. Could feel my eyes were all red and puffy, and my nose was still a bit runny.

'Levi, I could care less,' he chuckled, and kissed me deeply. I could feel us smiling as we kissed and his hand trail from my chest down to my belly button, and gave my side a gentle poke, making me jump in his arms.

'Gotcha,' he said as he smiled and kissed me again. I felt him lift his leg and he threw it over my body and pulled me as close as possible.

'Hehe.. I gotta admit, you're a bit of a mess,' he chuckled as he wiped a tear from my face.

'Shut up! I whined as I hiccupped and wiped my face.

'Just sayin!' He laughed as he kissed my forehead.

'Well it's not helping!'

'Will it help if I let you go to clean up?' he questioned as he gave my hair a tousle. I nodded and sniffled.

'Well too bad.. cause I don't want to let you go,' he quipped as he held me tighter.

'Come on!' I rasped as I I attempted to escape his grasp.

'Of course, there's always a simple compromise,' he said gently and stood up as he cradled me in his arms and walked me into the bathroom. As soon as he turned the light on, I cringed at my reflection. I could see my eyes were bloodshot and puffed up while my nose was crusty from the mucus. Ray then set me down on my feet and kept his arms around my shoulders as I quickly bent over the sink and rinsed my face. The cool water that splashed on my face felt wonderful against the heat from crying earlier. I felt Ray's warm cheek press against my back and I could feel a smile form on my lips. I turned off the faucet and blindly reached over for a towel, and quickly covered my face with it. The soft and fluffy fabric brushed against my skin, and filled it with warmth once again. I stood up straight and kept the towel on my face, not wanting to see my reflection.

'Babe.. you're going to have to take the towel off your face if you wanna go anywhere,' Ray whispered in my ear as he rested his chin on my shoulder. I stood there with the towel on my face, and slowly uncovered my eyes. Our reflection came into view and Ray was standing there with me and staring out our reflection, waiting patiently.


I allowed the towel to slowly slip from my fingers and onto the counter with a soft pat, causing a large smile to form on his face. As I stared at our reflection, I gently touched my cheek with my finger tips, and let a small laugh escape from me when I realized that how I was acting was silly. It's nothing that he hasn't seen before, and besides, after his big speech, why should I be so worried?

'Absolutely beautiful,' he said softly as he kissed my cheek. I smiled and turned around and kissed him deeply.

'I love you so much Ray,' I said with adoration. He has done so much for me, and he was truly all that I could wish for.

'And I will always love you.. Levi.. ,' he said softly as he brushed his thumb across my jaw. He pulled me into a tight embrace and carried me to the bed, taking time to stop and turn off the lights in the room before lying down, keeping me in his arms the whole time. He used an arm and drew the soft covers over our bodies as I rested my head onto his arm and nestled into him. I closed my eyes and I heard his sigh of satisfaction as I felt the prick of his shadow on the nape of my neck. His warm breath drifted across my face as he kissed me tenderly and gave me a squeeze.

'Goodnight, my love.. ' he whispered in the dark, and soon, I fell asleep with a gentle smile.

I woke up nestled into Ray's warm chest with an arm wrapped rightly around my thin body. The room was dimly lit from the sun that was just peeking over the horizon from the outside. I loved how when I woke up I could just catch the sunrise when I wished to, it was such a nice and relaxing way to start off the day, of course, waking up to Ray's sleeping face was even better. I snuggled closer to him and breathed out a sigh of content. I love this man so much. I looked up at his serene face and gently pecked him on his chin and rest my head back on his arm and just spaced out. I must have dozed off again because when I woke up, the room was a little brighter and Ray's thumb caressed my jaw. I looked up and saw his eyes were partially open, obviously he just woke up.

'Morning beautiful...' he said groggily, and kissed me on my cheek. I could feel myself beaming, and I tried to kiss him, but he pressed a hand on my mouth.

'Haha no babe, I got morning breath,' he chuckled. I looked at him, and smirked.

'Like I would notice,' I scoffed while pushing his hand away, and kissed him fully on the lips while holding his hand. After a few moments, I pulled away, and snuggled back into his chest, try to get as close to him as possible.

'You're always so cuddly,' he chuckled while hugging me.

'Can't help it, I just love cuddling with you,' I giggled.

'Well, we can't stay here all morning, we have to go to school,' Ray sighed.

'True,' I said sadly and wriggled from Ray's arms and rolled out of bed and stretched my arms to the ceiling till I felt the satisfying pop in my back. I glanced at Ray as he sat up and stretched and let out a big yawn and leapt off the bed, taking time to slap my butt on his way to the bathroom, making me yelp. He then gazed over his shoulder and shot me a wink which caused my heart to skip a beat. I followed him into the bathroom, where we each went through our morning routine, except the showering since Ray didn't work out this morning. To be honest, I was hoping that we would shower; I enjoyed looking at his incredible physique with water dripping down those washboard abs, and having his hands run all over my body. I padded out of the bathroom and headed down stairs with Ray following close behind.

'You want me to make anything?' I asked when we got into the kitchen.

'Babe, at the rate that I'm eating, I'm going to get fat,' he chuckled as he pulled out the milk.

'Psh, like you can ever get fat,' I retorted as I gave him a swat on the arm.

'Well you're cooking is delicious! '

'One, thank you! Two, your point being? If you're so worried, then work out or eat less,'

'Well good food is meant to be eaten!'

'Then I won't cook anymore,' I teased.

'No! I like eating the food you make,' he protested.

'Then it's all settled I will cook, and you won't get fat, life goes on' I stated, and gave him a pat on the arm. I turned around and began walking only to have him grab me from behind as he planted a kiss on my lips.

'You're too adorable,' he growled.

'I didn't even do anything!' I said as I wriggled in his arms.

'Exactly,' he chuckled, and released me.

I stuck my tongue out at him and had the same gesture returned, and off we went going through our usual morning, with the flirting and grabbing of course.

I was checking out a few books when I saw her lumber in through the heavy wooden doors of the library in her usually attire. Sweats and tennis shoes with a black backpack. I took a glance at her and quickly fixed my attention back to the librarian who quickly typed my check out number in. Due to my constant stays here, she pretty much knew it by heart. I said a small thank you, and placed the books into my bag as I walked slowly back to my corner. The girl sat down on a long rectangular table and was staring off into space, thinking whatever she was thinking, and possibly dreaming of better things. I sucked in some air, and tossed her a little finger wave, which obviously, threw her off. She stared at me and cocked an eyebrow, which shattered the little courage I had, and sent me scuttling away to my corner. I plopped down on the ground and blew out a sigh. At least I tried, right? I reached into my bag and pulled out a book, and began reading.

'Hey,' I heard a voice say out of nowhere. I felt my heart leap up my throat as the book jumped out of my hands and my airway closed. I gasped for air and patted my chest as I tried to calm down, and looked up to see her pudgy face looking down at me.

'Sorry,' she frowned, and began walking away. I opened my mouth to say it was ok, but no words would come out.

'I.. uh.. uh.. ,' I stuttered, but she kept walking. I stared at my hands, and ruffled my hair, trying to get my voice back.

'No no, it's ok!' I rasped finally, but by then it was too late, she was gone. I sighed, and slowly picked my book up and placed it on my lap. God, I probably made her feel horrible, which was the total opposite of what I meant to do! I rolled my head back and allowed it to rest against the shelf and thought about what happened. What if she thought she made a fool of herself? I hope she doesn't feel bad about this, maybe I'll try again tomorrow.. .

I peeked around the shelf, and saw her sitting at her usual spot, this time, scribbling something in her notebook. She was always alone as far as I know, and it was something that I experienced too. I scoped the area and found that there were little people around, as usual of course, not many went to the library. I sucked in some air and did some self pep talking, and slowly walked towards her. My steps were silent due to the carpeted floor, but my heart wasn't. This was my first time ever approaching someone in years, seeing that I was usually introverted, this was way out of my comfort zone. I stopped in front of the chair, and pulled it out slowly and sat in front of her. Her pencil stopped moving and slowly, she looked up at me, and then sat up straight. My body was rigid in my chair, my legs together; my shoulders up, my back straight, but my nerves were a mess. I could feel my hand shaking as I tossed a little wave.

'H.. hello,' I said meekly, and pursed my lips. My muscles started aching from being so stiff, but I couldn't relax! I was immensely nervous at what she would say, seeing that she had not a trace of fear in standing up to the 'mighty' upper class.

'Hey.. ' she replied suspiciously as she stared at me with a look of pure suspicion and hostility. I could feel myself beginning to sweat, my socials skills were down in the slums, and my hands were shaking uncontrollably.

'So.. uh.. .what's your name?' I said as my voice trembled.

'Regina,' she said simply as she closed her notebook and breathed out a sigh.

'Ummm.. .I'm Levi,' I stuck my hand out from under the table. She eyed it, and took my hand and shook it.

'Dude, you really need to chill, I'm not going to kill you,' she said, eyeing my tense body, my nervous twiddling of my fingers, my trembling voice, and the nervous twitch in my eye that ceased to stop. I clapped a hand over my eye in attempt to stop the twitching, and disengaged from the world for a few seconds, and took a deep breath, and relaxed.

'Better,' she said, and shot me a smile.

'Sorry.. .I don't talk to people that much,' I said shyly, and fixed my eyes on my hands.

'I noticed, you don't talk to people, at all,' I glanced at her and returned my eyes to my hands.

'Hey, come on, chill,' she said as she patted my hand. I jerked my hand away and, returned them to their spot.

'Sorry, sorry, I'm.. not use to that.. hehe,' I chuckled nervously.

'You're a bit jumpy, you gotta breathe,' she suggested while doing deep breath motions. I took a few deep breathes, and forced myself to stop twiddling my thumbs and relax.

'So.. ..how long have you gone to this school?' I asked, I've never seen her around, so either I'm that oblivious to my surroundings, or she's new.

'About a month and I already hate it,' she said. So, she's new that explains a lot, the wolves couldn't resist fresh meat.

'Oh.. uh.. where did you move from?' I asked softly. I was trying to be as relaxed as possible, but I felt as though I'm intruding.

'Arkansas, lived there all my life till now,' she said. I sat there taking deep breaths, waiting for her to continue on. The awkward silenced caused the atmosphere to tense up as I felt the urge to say something, but I didn't know what to say. Why did I have to suck at social situations?

'Am I bothering you?' I asked incredulously while I fidgeted in my seat.

'What? No! Not at all, I'm actually glad that someone's talking to me normally for once,' she said cheerfully. Relieved, I smiled and began relaxing more.

'You're here to hide too, aren't you?' She asked. I nodded and pointed in the direction of my usual place among the shelves.

'Been going here since freshmen year, I didn't have any friends to sit with, so I came here instead' I said grimly. She nodded and brushed a string of hair out of her face.

'Yea, there were too many fat jokes being made, seeing that there was food everywhere and all,' She paused for a moment, and continued.

'Maybe, we can hangout, ya know? See both of us being misfits and all.' The hint of hope that rang in her voice made me smile.

'Of course!' I said cheerfully, and saw that a large smile was spreading across her face. We stood up as the bell rang, and she smile and nodded at me.

'See ya tomorrow!' She said happily, and lumbered out of the library. After she stepped out of the door, I did a silent cheer, and scampered off to class, happily knowing that I had just made my first acquaintance, and possibly a new friend, on my own.

Ray's lips brushed against my cheek as he tightened his arms around my body. We laid there for at least an hour now, cuddling and talking under the covers. Despite the sun shining brightly outside, the cold still trumped its fiery rays and chill the city of Boston once again.

'I made a friend, well, more of acquaintance to be exact.' I giggled as Ray's tongue flicked in my ear.

'Oh?' He said, and rose up on one arm and stared at me, obviously a bit surprised.

'Yea, her name's Regina,' I quipped.

'Oh, thank god it's a girl, I was afraid that it was a guy,' he teased. I let out a groan of annoyance, and wriggled in his arms.

'Oh hush it, what are you so worried about?'

'Well if it was a guy and he was hot, then I'd have competition,' he chuckled.

'No way.. I only have eyes for you,' I said softly, and rested my head against his chest. I heard Ray breath out a long sigh, and placed his hands on the back of my head as I pressed my cheek close to his chest. I breathed his scent into my senses, and closed my eyes as my body savored his warmth. Ray shifted a little, and wrapped a leg around the lower portion of my body, and pulled me closer. He craned his neck down and pressed his face into my hair, and breathed in deeply.

'.. .sure you're not bi?' he joked after a long span of silence.


'Just checkin babe,' he chuckled, and we continued to lay there till we fell asleep.

I woke to the feeling of Ray's gentle breathing on the nape of my neck. I slowly sat up, being careful of not to wake Ray, and rubbed the sleep out of my eyes as I let out a silent yawn. I gazed around the room that was illuminated by the last few rays of sunshine that refused to retire with its fellow comrades. I fixed my gaze to Ray's serene, sleeping face. I slowly bent down, and kissed him gently on the forehead, and stood up and stretched. I heard the rustling of covers behind me, and turned around to see Ray groping blindly in his sleep for my body. I let out a small laugh and took my pillow and placed it next to him. He immediately latched onto it and hugged it tight, burying his face into it and inhaling my scent.

'Mmm.. I love you Levi,' I heard him mumble in his sleep. I smiled and pulled the covers over the rest of his body.

'Love you too, Ray,' I whispered, and made my way out of the room and groggily stepped down the stairs. I enjoyed are afternoon naps, and after seeing that, I now knew that he was constantly thinking of me, even in his sleep. I leaned against the wall and held my hand to my beating heart and let out a long sigh. God how much I loved that man. I stood there for a moment, eyes closed, leaning my head against the wall, waiting for my fluttering heart to calm down.

I opened my eyes and bounded towards the living room and plopped down on the sectional and placed a pillow on my lap with the remote in hand. I was a bit hesitant in pushing the button, seeing that I haven't seen Ray use it once, plus it was one of them ridiculously large flat screen tv's with surround sound, which was something I wasn't use to. I was use to my little tv that was about half my age, and it was the total opposite of flat. I searched through the various buttons on the remote, and finally found the mute button, something that would surely silence the tv if it was set to the loudest volume possible. God please let the batteries work. I pushed the button and immediately pushed the mute button. The picture of a football game immediately appeared on the television. Typical stud, a football lover. I flipped through the various channel, and found nothing on that seemed to interest me, so I resorted to something that I had to do often, the food network. I actually didn't mind watching it at all, which was evident with my ability to cook. It was useful, it passed the time, and I loved watching the food come off the oven, stove, or wherever all beautiful and delicious.

While watching this, I recalled the first time I tried to cook. It was the time when I was still young, with high hopes, and still trying to impress my father and get him to love me the way I saw the other fathers love their sons. I was watching tv while he was away at work, and I stumbled on a home cooking show. That day, they were just making a simple omelet with a few vegetables and cheese. Fascinated, I watched the lady whisk the eggs, chop the vegetables, and prepare the omelet. The final results amazed me. It looked nice, and it seemed absolutely delicious, and that sparked an idea to make my father dinner for once. Immediately, I leapt off the couch and padded my small feet to the kitchen, and set to prepare my very first meal for my father.

There was eggs of course, some cheese, but really the fridge was stocked with numerous cans of beer. Seeing that I was at the mere age of ten, I clumsily cracked the eggs and paid no mind to the pieces of eggshells that fell into the bowl, and despite my efforts to remember everything that I saw, I forgot to add oil. The results were well.. below average. The air was thick with the scent of charred eggs, and of course, the burnt omelet was the cause of it. Regardless of the monstrosity that I had just scraped off the pan, I was proud of it. I held the plate in my small hands with the feeling of accomplishment coursing through my veins, and my hopes breaking through the ceiling and shooting towards the stars. I quickly cleaned up the kitchen as best as I could, and quickly ran to the door, with the plate in hand, and waited.

I Stood there for ten minutes, and decided to sit down since I was getting tired, but maybe 45 minutes later, I bolted straight up when I heard my dad's car pulling into the driveway. I stood there, with a smile on my face and thinking of all the praise that would be given to me the moment he forked a piece of it into his mouth. I eagerly stared at the knob as I fidgeted with excitement, and finally, the knob turned, and the door opened. My father slowly walked in and closed the door till he finally noticed me standing there with what was supposingly his dinner for the night. He stared at me, with a look of surprise instead of resentment, which only increased my hopes.

'The hell is that boy?' he asked roughly.

'Dinner,' I said meekly, and held the plate up to him.

He stared at it with skepticism written on his face, but the corner of his lip turned up a little when he saw this, and he took the plate from my hands and carried to the table. I quickly ran and got a fork for him and handed it to him as he sat down. I stood there next to him as he ripped off a chunk of it, and slowly ate it, and chewed. My insides were tingling with excitement as I watched him chew my first creation, but soon, the tingling stopped, and the coldness came. After a few seconds of chew, I saw his face began contorting into a look of disgust. The more he chewed, the uglier his face got, and the colder my insides became as I stared at him. I slowly began stepping away, and soon, he let loose his rage.

'The fuck is this?!' he yelled, and spat on my face. I could feel the slimy bits of food stuck to my face and hair.

'I'm sorry, I'm sorry!' I cried as I backed against the wall and shriveled up, trying to make myself as small as possible. He screamed something unintelligible, and flung the plate against the wall, scattering bits and pieces of ceramic and food everywhere. Tears streamed down my face as I desperately attempted to scramble away from his grasp, but my legs failed to cooperate, causing me to repeatedly fall every time I attempted to stand up and run. This wasn't his worst fit of rage, it wasn't even half, but regardless, I was scared, and I didn't want to be hurt. He quickly walked towards me, and pulled me up by my hair, causing me to cry out in agony as he roughly pulled my head back, and brought it close to his face. His breath smelt acrid and disgusting, the smell of many years of alcohol.

'Learn how to do things fucking right,' he yelled in my ear, and released me. I fell to the ground in a crumpled, crying mess, and laid there, waiting for him to return to his room. My hopes were crushed, and I felt as though I would never succeed in anything.

I stared blankly into my hands as a tear fell. How could he expect so much from someone so you and ill equipped? For fucks sakes I was only ten! The tv was still quickly mumbling something, and immediately I switched it off, and wiped my eyes dry with my sleeve. My past was constantly haunting me, and so many things could trigger those violent nightmares. I laid back on the sectional, and draped an arm of my eyes and breathe out a dragged out sigh as I tried to get my emotions back under control. My body trembled a little, the images of various nights lingered in my mind, his screams ringing in my ear, the shooting pain from the bruises that once existed, and the throb from the two large holes in my heart from where my parents should have resided. I curled up in a tight ball on the sectional, and allowed my feelings to take over as I cried. Even though I wasn't there anymore, the painful memories were branded into my mind and refused to stop their constant pestering. Every time I was alone and allowed to think, the memories would play in my mind and no matter what, I couldn't stop them, except with the deep cut from a blade in my hand. I shivered a little and finally uncurled and sprawled out, hugging a pillow tightly. I stared at the ceiling and took a deep breath.

'Just leave me alone,' I said weakly to myself. No matter what, even if people left me alone now, there would always be the haunting memories that would never cease to terrorize my weak mind whenever they found the chance to strike. I slowly stood up and walked to the kitchen sink, and rinsed my face. I yearned for the day when I could move past the pain that I went through, but I couldn't seem to. This was a new chapter in my life! I wanted to leave the old ones behind and start anew, but a book wouldn't be complete without its other chapters, for it needed them to complete the story that it intended to tell. This was something that I had to bear, for the past were necessary to complete my life, and myself.

I was sitting at the table when I saw Ray walking in, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and his hair was slightly disheveled. I closed my book and smiled softly, and stood up to greet him.

'Evening babe,' he said groggily as he hugged me and I kissed him on the cheek.

'You woke earlier than me, what gives?' he asked playfully.

'Taste of your own medicine Ray,' I said, and patted his arm.

'I never want to wake you, you seem so cute when you're asleep,' he said softly, and pressed his face into my hair.

'I'm not the only one, you actually smile when you sleep,' I mumbled. I heard him chuckle, and he gave me a squeeze.

'That's because you're in my arms, and I'm with you in my dreams,' and he lifted my face and kissed me. I breathed out a sigh as I stared up at him, and place my hand on his cheek.

'You're so perfect,' I whispered. He reached up and took my hand into his, and held it there.

'Like you said, there's no such thing as perfect.' He said, and tightened his grip on my hand.

'Well.. .you're damn close then,' I breathed, and pressed my lips against his. I heard him grunt, and he backed me up against a wall and teased the edges of my lips with his tongue. I breathed out a moan as I felt a wave of heat rushed from my lips to various parts of my body, and I reached up and clutched his broad shoulders in my small hands.

'I love you,' he breathed in between our kiss, and darted his tongue back in my mouth. A sudden impulse that I felt deep in my chest made me pull away quickly, and stare at his beautiful face. In the dim lighting, we panted, and I hugged him tight and buried my face into his chest.

'Say it again.. ' I whispered. I felt him stoop down a little till his warm breath drift around my ear, and his stubble pricked my cheek.

'I love you,' he repeated gently, and rubbed my back. I stood there, hugging him as tight as I could, for there was a sudden irritation in my mind that I could not place my finger on.

'What wrong babe?' Ray question. I paused for a moment, and gave him a squeeze.

'Nothing.. it feels good hearing you say that,' I said gently, and kissed him again.

We ate the pasta that I cooked the previous night, and settled on the couch for a little tv. As soon as Ray flipped the remote, and turned it on, a middle aged lady came into view, and she was baking a cake, I gazed up at Ray, and his eyes slowly slid to me.

'There're only two people in the house, and I don't watch the food network,' he said, cracking a smile. I blushed, and grabbed the remote and flipped through the channels.

'Awww come on! I think it's cute! ,' He crooned, and ruffled my hair.

'I thought you knew I watched that stuff,' I groan while shifting in his arms.

'I thought you might have been bluffing,'

'Then how do I learn how to cook?'

'I don't know, books? Internet?' he said with a shrug. I sat there and twiddled my fingers.

'You read those too?' he said, his smile getting bigger.

'Yup.. ' I replied.

'You get cuter by the day,' he said, and gave me a smooch on the cheek. I giggled and gazed at the tv, seeing that he settled on the weather channel.

'Seriously? What are you, 70?' I teased.

'I could say the same for you,' he retorted.

'Touché,' I said, and continued gazing at the little suns.

'Just wanted to see what's up, it's only November and it seems like winter came two months ago.' He said, his eyes fixed to the tv. The weather seems usual, freezing temperatures, some snowfall, blah blah blah. After a few minutes, Ray switched it off, and laid back with his arm draped around my shoulders.

'Really don't see why you were so flustered about me seeing that you watched the food network.'

'It's a bit embarrassing..'


'Sometimes I think I'm too girly,'

'You're not girly,' he said, and leaned his head against mine.

'You're handy,' he said, and kissed the top of my head. I felt myself smile, and shifted over and pecked him on the cheek.

'There's nothing to watch,' he said with a frown.

'Always alternatives,' I said, thinking of various things that we could do.

'Like watching you do a strip tease?' he asked hopefully. I felt blood shoot up to my face, turning my cheeks a dark shade of red.

'N.. N..No!!!!' I said, and pressed my hand to my cheek. He chuckled and kissed me.

'It'd be nice.. ' he growled in my ear. I felt his hand slide up the edges of my shirt and traced the skin with the tip of his finger, and I shuddered in response.

'You know.. I like it that you're sensitive,' he hissed, and licked my ear. My dick was starting to strain under my pants, begging for attention. All I could focus on currently was his smooth voice and his warm breath as he kissed the nape of my neck. He kissed me gently on the cheek, and slid out from under me, leaving me there to sit dumbfounded.

' Hehe, that was my entertainment for the day, I enjoy watching you get worked up,' he winked after he stretched and yawn.

'It's..it's nothing new!' I pouted.

'Truuue, you get worked up so easily,' he shrugged.

'Sorry if I think you're irresistible,' I retorted. I saw him smile, and he leapt forward, with each of his arms surrounding on either side of my head, towering over me.

'You really think that?' he said quietly. Flustered, I nodded meekly. He leaned in closer, till his lips were barely an inch from my ear.

'Glad to know you think the same thing,' he whispered, and quickly pressed me down on the sectional and kissed me. My fingered curled in his shirt as he licked the edges of my lips and his knee pressed gently on my hardon, making me breath out a moan. Heat flooded my body as the random moment of passion continued, our bodies were pressed together, and his knee was gently and continuously nudging my hardon. I parted my mouth, and beckoned his tongue in, and he quickly darted his tongue in and touched the tip of mine, and retreated. He pulled away and gently bit my neck.

'Is that what you wanted,' he said slyly.

'Maybe.. ' I panted.

'Oh? You want more?' he hissed his hand replaced his knee, and gave it a squeeze. I let out a cry and shuddered.

'M.. Maybe!' I moaned. I gazed up at him, and saw a gentle smile.

'Not gonna do anything till you say yes cupcake,' he said sweetly, and kissed the top of my head. He slid his arms under me, and rolled us over so I was on top, and brushed his lips against mine.

'Cupcake.. that's a new one,' I said softly, and smiled.

'Well.. I had a cupcake today, and it was very sweet and delicious.. just like you.' He said devilishly, and flicked his tongue against my lips. I let out a little yip, and blushed even more.

'I love making you blush.' He smiled.

'Don't you get tired of it?!' I said meekly.

'No, because you blush different shades, and I'm trying to see how red you can get,' he chuckled while shaking his head.

'Why don't you ever blush?' I questioned.

'Cause I'm Italian.' He said coolly.


'Unless I blush deep red, it's hard to tell sometimes,' He said with a shrug, 'Besides, I'm the man, I'm suppose to make you blush.' He said with another mischievous smile.

'Blah,' was all I could retort after that, I had no other comeback.

'I win,''

'Shush it,'

'Make me.'

'Fine.' And I kissed him deeply. I felt him let a grunt of surprise, and squeezed me against his body as he let out a few moans while I grinded against him. My hands were on either side of his face while my tongue darted in and slid against his tongue. I could feel his massive hardon grow and strain underneath me, and I made sure to reach down and tease the bulge with the tips of my fingers.

'Fuck,' he groaned between a kiss, and kissed me again. Eventually, I pulled away and admired the wet spot that showed through his pants and his rising and falling chest. His facial expression was priceless, and his dick refused to go down.

'Wow.. ' he said.




'That kiss'

'I was proving a point,' I said, imitating his cool tone.

'Well, what point was that?' he said, crossing his arms.

'That I'm not the only one who gets worked up easily,' I said, and teased his bulge where the wet spot was.

'Did you cum or something? ' I said, and poked it.

'No, I just haven't jerked off as much as I usually do since you moved in,' he groaned.

'Why not?!' I said, surprised. When you have a dick like that, jerking off was practically a necessity.

'Because,' he said, and pulled me towards him.

'I'm always with you,' he smiled, and pecked me on the cheek.

'If you wanted some privacy, you could've asked.' I said shyly.

'Nah, Its kinda good, I was going 5 times a day, besides, I get some privacy while you sleep,' he said modestly. The image of Ray shooting cum all over his chest made me lick my lips involuntarily.

'Naughty,' Ray said. I clapped a hand over my mouth and sipped of some of the drool that dripped out of my mouth.

'What about you?' he said, and he slid out and sat up and wrapped an arm over my shoulders.

'I'm usually awake before you, and I'm the last to sleep.'

'What about today?' I said.

'Except for today, onetime thing Levi.' He said. Things got a little quiet, and he tapped my shoulder.

'Seriously, when was the last time you had a private talk with your johnson?' he questions, curiosity high in his voice.

'Why are you asking?' I whined, and socked him in the face with a pillow. He laughed and poked my sides.

'Cause as far as I'm concerned I haven't thought of anytime that you had a moment of privacy! Well.. there is one place' he paused.

'Which would be?'

'Awwww.. .naughty Levi! You do it in school don't you?!' he crooned, and pinched my cheek. I swear blood would have come shooting from my nose at any moment, and immediately I went into a frenzy with a pillow.

'No!! No no no no no!!!' I screeched. Eventually, Ray grabbed a pillow of his own, and fought back. It didn't take me long to know that I was fighting a losing battle, and I quickly dropped the pillow and dashed away.

'Hey, that's cheating!!!' I heard Ray laugh, and a couch pillow whizzed past me. I glanced behind me and say Ray closing the distance between us fast, and by the time I reached halfway up the stairs, the air which I was breathing in no longer sustained my lungs. I pushed on, and took one last glance back, which was a bad choice. The floor turned from tile, to carpet, causing me to stumble and giving a chance for Ray to tackle me onto the bed, I was too weak to struggle against Ray's playful wrestling, and he soon had me eagle spread on my back, and partially sitting on top of me.

'Coward,' he teased as he leaned down and kissed me. I was still trying to regain my breath after we kissed, and by the time I could breathe normally, Ray had rolled off of me and had me in his arms.

'I'm so out of shape,' I breathed.

'Hehe, well you don't work out that much,' said Ray softly, and kissed the top of my head.

'You seem to be doing fine without working out anyway, it's hard to imagine you all muscly and all.' He added.

'You just like being the man,' I chuckled.

'No.. ' he said, and leaned into me.

'I like being able to protect you,' he said gently, and kissed me. I loved the feel of his lips when they're pressed against mine. They were soft, but a little rough at the same time, and his hands we always warm and gentle when he touched me at times like this, like I would crumble away into nothingness if he wasn't careful, yet at the same time, he held me tight. His touches were never too rough or too gentle, it was always a mix of tender love and something else, but that's the thing. In every action, he was always careful to make sure not to hurt me. This, I felt every time we were together, and it always plucked at my heart strings that he was trying so hard not to cause me any pain.

'I love you,' I whispered, and smiled softly.

'Of course, I love you too,' he responded with a twinkle in his eye, and pressed his lips back on mine

The weekends rolled around and I was first up and was sitting at the table reading when Ray walked in, his morning hardon sticking straight through his boxers. I really didn't see how it was hard, it was freezing!

'Good morning,' I said, blushing and getting hard myself as I stood to greet him. He took me by the front of my shirt and pulled me in for a deep kiss with a lot of tongue.

'Morning babe,' he growled, his boner pressed against my stomach.

'When did you wake up?' I asked shyly, my eyes drifting down from time to time.

'Bout ten minutes ago, the thing won't go down,' he said casually. I reached down and teased it a bit.

'Babe,' he breathed out.

'Couldn't help myself,' I said, and pecked him on the cheek. He chuckled and slapped my ass as he followed me to the kitchen, I yelped and immediately grabbed my butt ad turned around and laughed.

'You got a nice ass!' he exclaimed, laughing himself. I couldn't help but walk over and cup his face in my hands and give him a smooch. It was a freezing cold day, but the sun was still shining through the sky, attempting to warm up the earth.

'You hungry for anything in particular?' I asked while popping open the fridge. I waited for Ray to wake up before eating breakfast myself; it was an odd thought of eating without Ray.

'You don't have to make anything,' he insisted while coming up wrapping an arm around my chest.

'Psh, I wanna make something! I'm in the mood to cook.'

'Aren't you always in the mood to cook?' He said while cocking an eyebrow at me.

'Well.. sometimes I'm not.. ' I said while diverting my attention back to the fridge.

'When's that?' he questioned.

'Ummm.. don't really wanna say.'

'Why not?'

'Cause it'll give you ideas.' I spotted some milk and bent over to get it, and felt Ray's hands on my cheeks and his now once again hard dick pressed against it.

'Does that thing ever go down?' I said while looking over my shoulder and blushing a deep shade of red.

'Well it was going down, but it came back up when you bent over. He crooned, and rubbedit sume more. 'Perv,' I mumbled and pulled eggs and milk out, and went to the pantry to get some flour for pancakes.

'You like it,' he accused.

'Shut up!' I shot back, becoming redder by the second.

'Aww look whose blushing!' Ray teased while pinching my cheek. I growled and swatted his hand away.

'Hehe, love ya babe,' he said and constricted me with his arms.

'Ditto,' I replied, and turned my head around and received a kiss from Ray, and went back to making pancakes.

We finished eating and I was in the middle of doing dishes when Ray came up from behind, his warm body pressed against my back.

'You still got some syrup on you face.' He said.

'Where?' I asked while switching off the faucet and drying my hands.

Edges of your lips,' he said. I reached and grabbed a paper towel to wipe it off, but Ray quickly grabbed my hand and leaned into me for a hard kiss. His tongue slid over the edges of my lips and into my mouth, making me moan as a wave of heat coursed through my rising dick. His hand released my wrist as I melted into him, my arms instinctively wrapping around his neck as he leaned me against the edge of the counter. By now, I was sure whatever he was trying to get off was gone, but hey, I was enjoying this.

'There.. all gone,' he said softly as we pulled away.

'Creative.. ' I breathed out. My heart was pounding in my chest, would think I'd at least get use to this by now, but every time he never ceased to make my heart feel like it was going to pound so hard that it would crack my rips. I licked my lips and gazed up at him.

'Hrmm.. you liked?' he growled leaning into me.

'.. yeah.. ' I said softly. He then kissed me again, this time his hands roamed across my torso as he slid them up my shirt. I let out moans that were stifled by his lips and tongue every time he tweaked one of my nipples with his large, warm, lightly calloused hands. I melted back into his arms, sliding my leg between his and gave his crotch a gentle nudge, making him grunt and his tongue snaked further into my mouth. My hands had their fair share of wandering, exploring his large pecs and down to his sexy washboard abs while our tongues dueled and writhed against each other. Finally, our kiss ended with a small string of spit snapping between us.

'Hehe, someone's really horny today,' he hissed my ear, and gave my nipple one last tweak, making me grit my teeth in attempt to stifle a moan.

'Sh..shut up! You have no right to talk,' I said weakly. The kiss felt like it sucked out the oxygen and energy from my body, causing me to go week in the knees.

'You're knees are shakin a bit, damn I must be good,' he chuckled and propped me up on the counter and slid in between my legs so he could hug me. I sighed and pressed my cheek against his chest, trying to regain my breath and stop the world from swaying so much.

'Are we having a contest now or something?' I asked while slowly regaining control of my body.

'Well.. now that you think about it, we kinda are,' he said with a large smile spreading across his face.

'Ok fine, I surrender, you win,' I breathed, leaning back against the cabinets.

'What? What happened to going down kicking and screaming?' he said while giving my hair a tug.

'Because.. ' I said and waved a hand at him, 'At this rate I'm afraid that one of us will make the other faint, and chances are, the one fainting is gonna be me,' and I closed my eyes. Breathing out a deep sigh, I ran my fingers through my hair, and jumped a bit when I felt Ray lift the edge of my shirt and traced the skin above the waistband with the tips of his fingers.

'Yea...you do seem like the more sensitive one,' he crooned in my ear. I felt my heartbeat bump up a notch, so I patted Ray on the cheek.

'Like I said, I'm going to be the one fainting,' I breathed, and nudged Ray away so I can plant my feet back on the ground. I landed with a soft thud, and I stumbled out of the kitchen.

'Sure you're alright? You're not walking quite right,' I heard Ray say when I leaned against the wall.

'Hey! I haven't jerked off in weeks so it's a bit hard to walk when I'm hard!' I shot back. I had realized when I hopped off the counter that I had a raging hardon, and it wasn't going away. That and I felt like my knees couldn't support me

'Thought you would be use to it by now, I am,' said Ray with a frown.

'Well.. its mostly cause I feel a bit lightheaded.' I said shyly, and this produced a loud boom of laughter from Ray. He scooped me up and rubbed his nose against mine as he carried me upstairs and threw me on the bed, making sure I landed on my back instead of my stomach, and then plopped on the bed himself.

'So,' he started, and gathered me into his arms.

'I'm going to the shop today.. wanna tag along?' he asked hesitantly. I thought for a split second about Rosaline, and brushed the thought away.

'Sure, why not?'

'You sure? You don't have to if you don't want to,'

'Yes, I'm sure.' He pressed his cheek against mine, and kissed it.

'Just making sure. Last time you seemed a bit troubled, so I didn't want you to be upset again.' He explained.

'I think I might have just overreacted.' I told him. 'Besides, they're nice people, I'm thinking it'll pass, you know me, my social skills are in the dump.' I reassured.

'Alright, you have me convinced,' he said, and pecked me on the lips.

Within half an hour we were nearing the shop, and during the car ride I did some deep mental breathing. I was just overreacting, nothing out of the norm, like you said, your social skills have gone to shit, you're just not use to it. I kept my eyes fixed on the scenery whizzing by as I thought about Rosaline. What was up with her? She gave me this certain look, something that swam around deep in her eyes every time she looked at me. When we pulled into the lot, the small shop didn't lose any of its charm, despite the good weather that was starting to lose the battle against the harsh cold once again. Decked out in my scarf and little knit hat, I stepped out of the warm car, and was instantaneously greeted by the freezing wind. Ray jogged over to me in his usual jacket, and draped an arm over my shoulder while he led me inside the warm shop, where Patty was sitting behind the counter putting away some money.

'Oh! Well I didn't expect you young men to be coming here today! Oh come here and give me a hug!' she said in her old yet lively voice. She navigated her way out from behind the counter and through some plants, and gave both of us a hug, one that surprised me because it was stronger than I thought she was capable of.

'Oi! Rosey, get out of there and come greet our visitors!' Patty cried out shrilly.

'That woman, jeez! Sometimes she just holes up back there.' She said laughing and shaking her head. I saw the door open a crack, and Rosaline popped her head out.

'Why, hello there!' she said stepping out and adjusting her white cardigan.

'What brings you handsome boys out here,' she said, beaming and giving both of us a hug. When she hugged me, I felt it again. The wave of uneasiness and the urge to shove her away sparked and itched in my fingertips, but I tried my best to ignore it, and awkwardly hugged her back. She stepped away from me, and brushed a lock of hair out of her face.

'Ah, the cold once again returns. How can we help you guys?'

'Need of some money?' Patty said beaming her elderly smile.

'Patty you know full well that I don't come here for money. That and you know I'm set in that area,' Ray said.

'What about your little fella there? He must cost some.' Patty teased, laughing.

'This guy?' Ray said pulling me close to him.

'This little boyfriend here, is as stingy as they get. He doesn't want me to spend money on him.' He said playfully, and kissed the top of my head. Though it was a bit embarrassing, I had to admit, I'm as parsimonious as they get.

'I'm in it for the love,' I said meekly as the color rushed to my pale face. This produced a chorus of 'Awes' from all of them.

'Cute lil guy isn't he?' Patty admired.

'How touching,' said Rosaleen adoringly, and placed her hands over her heart.

'Yeah.. ' breathed Ray, and pulled me in close. 'He's all I need,' and he kissed me deeply. My fingers curled into his shirt as Ray displayed his unending love and affection to me, even in front of company, and like the last time, I didn't give a care, and I wanted to show that I was just as in love with him as he was with me. Rosaline and Patty stood and allowed us to kiss, till my mouth opened and Ray touch the tip of my tongue.

'Ooook that's enough now!' said Patty and gave us a sprits with a spraying bottle. Ray gave an annoyed grunt as he used his sleeve to wipe the water away from our faces, I stood there with my ears burning, while Rosaline had a look of disbelief on her face.

'Wasn't it you last time that was cheering them on and scolding ME for stopping them?' Rosaline said while placing her hands on her hips.

'Well.. yeah. But hey, I just cleaned the floors and counter top so no way am I gonna have those to lovebirds mess it up,' said Patty while shielding the counter with her body.

'Old hypocrite,' shot Rosaline, but she was smiling so I'm guessing she was playing.

'Agreed,' said Ray, and pecked me on the lips.

'Oh twaddle squat, I'm old, I have the right,' said Patty while shifting her jacket.

'Whatever,' muttered Rosaline, and she returned her eyes to us.

'Today isn't really busy, so Patty and I have taken care of most of the things already, but I just made some coffee.. '

'Sweet mother of mercy my angelic savior!' interrupted Patty, and she darted off to the back room.

'.. and you.. can join us if you would like,' completed Rosaline, eyeing the door that Patty just went through.

'Hunh,' I said.

'Didn't think a person that old could move that fast,' muttered Ray.

'I think she might be bionic or something. She barely gets sick, hell I get sick more than her!' said Rosaleen, her accent going up a bit as she throwing her hands in the air. Though I was still a little skeptical of her, I had to admit, I liked hearing her talk.

'Anyway, come along,' she said, beckoning us towards the door. You know, the more time I spent with Patty, the less the image of her being the stereotypical grandmother stuck.

The little room consisted of a little round table with 3 chairs, and a stool. I was guessing the stool was an extra seat for me since I was new to Ray's life, but from the way he treats me, it's like we have been dating for years now. There was a fridge, a sink, some cabinets, and 2 small windows along with a few pictures of flowers that strung along the walls, and a door at the far end of the room that lead to an unknown place. Patty had already seated herself with a mug of coffee and was sipping it gingerly, taking in the aroma of it.

'Ah coffee, my old friend,' she said wistfully.

'You had a cup a few hours ago, not a century ago,' mumbled Rosaline as she poured coffee into two of the three mugs, and hesitated at the third.

'Levi, would you like some coffee?' she asked.

'No thank you,' I said politely. I wasn't much of a coffee drinker; I never saw the appeal of it.

'Well then, you'll have to drink this, you need something warm,' she said, and pulled out a box of hot chocolate from the cabinet, and started the kettle. Within a few minutes we were all sitting drinking our warm drinks, and savoring the warm delicious liquid that slid down our throats and into our stomachs.

'Ah coffee,' whispered Patty. We all looked at her with expressions that indicated that she was acting weird.

'What?' she said, snapping out of her coffee high.

'Good grief woman you do this every time!' complained Rosaline.

'Whats it to ya?' Patty shot back.

'It's a bit weird,' said Ray rubbing the back of his neck. Patty slid her eyes over to me and I sat there silently holding my mug.

'I like this guy,' she said pointing over at me.

'He's too shy and nice to say anything,' Ray said casually, and took a sip.

'Really? Is it weird? Speak up boy!' Patty urged. I nodded shyly, and focused on the little swirls at the top of my drink.

'See?' said Rosaline.

'Ah we get into this every time we have coffee!'

'Because you do that everytime!'

'Hey don't blame me, coffee is better than sex itself,' Patty stated while raising her mug to me and Ray. I blushed, and Ray shifted in his seat.

'Ugh you're so awkward sometimes,' groaned Rosaline while slapping her palm to her face and shaking her head.

'And I damn love it. Now I will enjoy this little cup of heaven however I like,' said Patty beaming, and took another sip. Things went silent for a few, till Patty finally broke it.

'Mmmm.. coffee,' she breathed, and we all did a grimace.

After our little coffee moment, I went out to the store to look at some of the plants. Their waxy leaves glimmered in the light, and the little buds seemed full and ready to burst into full bloom. I brushed a bud with the tips of my fingers, and I felt a strange feeling penetrate my mind. I quickly turned around and saw Rosaline staring at me, differently though. It wasn't her usual hard, petrifying gaze that she used in me the first time, but a look of pure affection and love. I held her gaze for a moment, and quickly turned away, my heart pounding in my ears, my breath short and shallow. Why did she look at me like that? Who in the world is she?

'When it came for our time to leave, the sun was beginning to set behind the clouds, and a light sheet of snow was starting to fall from the sky.

'Be careful now, it's getting cold again.' Patty said while zipping up Ray's jacket. She looked towards me, and eyed my clothing.

'I must say you look cute as a button in that,' she said claping her hands together. I smiled and thanked her.

'It's what I told him the first time I saw him in these,' said Ray gently tugging on the little ear flap.

'I agree, simple, but cute. Have a safe trip,' said Rosaline, and walked over and hugged us both. This time, the urge wasn't so strong, but it was still there, like a annoying itch that I couldn't scratch. As we pulled out of the lot, they waved goodbye, and we waved back, and soon we were speeding away into the night towards home.

'You alright babe?' asked Ray immediately once we were on the road.

'Yeah, of course!' I said, and glanced over at him.

'Alright.. nothing bothered you this time?' He proceeded. I shook my head no, and I couldn't decide whether that counted as a lie or not. I mean, it was there, but it wasn't bothering me much. It was mainly that look that she gave me that I kept brooding over.

'Well.. there is this one thing. Rosaline gave me this weird look.' I said finally.

'Do elaborate,' said Ray, raising his eyebrows a bit.

'I don't know, it was just this look, it was.. weird.. odd. It wasn't a dirty look or anything, nothing hostile it's just.. weird.' I explained. I heard Ray sigh, and we stopped at a light.

'Dunno what to think about it. Rosaline isn't exactly the most social person ever, as far as I'm concerned she mainly talks to Patty, that's all. She's a mystery woman'

'It's odd.. ' I repeated.

'Don't worry too much about it, alright babe? I'm sure it'll pass, maybe its cause you're new to her, that's all.' Said Ray, and he draped an arm around my shoulders, and pull me close and drove home with one hand.

Weeks passed by, and we were let out of school for the Thanks Giving holiday, along with lazing around all day, our days were filled with the usual activity of grabbing, flirting, etc etc. That and visits to the shop, where we occasionally helped around. Time seemed to whiz by as my life finally settled into a good and heavenly pace with Ray, and before I knew it, November 26 arrived, which was Thanksgiving day. In my case, it would be my very first Thanksgiving that I would actually be a part of.



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