'We need to talk...' he whispered quietly.

Immediately I freaked out and various things flew through my head. Did I do something wrong Did I upset him? Maybe he just doesn't like me, dammit I knew this was going to happen! Stupid, stupid Kevin! Believing you can have a guy like that, pfft, yea right, in your mother fucking dreams.

As I waged a war in my head my body began to tremble and I began feeling sick. He stood there, silently, staring at me. He took a deep breath and began speaking.


He didn't get to finish though. I interrupted him by saying frantically,

'Hey you think this can wait I'm really tired and I wanna go to bed, so, just tell me tomorrow ok?' I said quickly, but softly. He tried to utter a word of protest but had already stripped and jumped into the bed and pulled the sheets up to my face and over my head and closed my eyes shut. I felt my heart begin to accelerate, my chest tightened, and tears began to flow. I tried blinking them away but some tears made it down cheek as I laid there, fearing the worst. I heard him remove his clothes and clicked out the light. I suspected him to be sleeping in his bed for once, but instead, he slipped in next to me. I felt a slight relief as he wrapped an arm around me and gave me a slight squeeze, but with that, I let a sob escaped.

I heard the rustle of the covers as he leaped out and turned the light back on, and quickly walked back over the bed tried to rip off the covers but I held fast to them.

'Kevin....what's wrong' he said softly as he placed a hand on my shoulder, I whimpered a little. I knew I was jumping to conclusions and overreacting but it reminded me of what happened last time, I didn't want to be hurt. Not again.

'What do you mean?' I said softly, my voice quivering ever so slightly. 'Everything's fine, just really tired...'

My body felt cold and heavy, and all of the sudden it was hard to breathe. I stayed frozen for a few minute, neither of us moved or said anything. I assumed he gave up as he got off the bed, till I felt a sudden great force yank the covers off, revealing my tear streaked face and a very depressed Justin. He quickly ran over and swooped me in to arms and squeezed me into a bone crushing hug.

'Kevin....seriously, what's wrong?' He said softly

Another tear fell, 'You don't have to be so nice, just tell me already and end it...' I whispered. I heard him suck in some air and he held me at arms length and stared at me with a look of disbelief on his face.

'Kevin, what the fuck are you saying?' He said confused. I looked at him, both of us were completely confused.

'You're not going to say you don't like me and all that shit?' I said questionably. It took him a few seconds to respond, his face was in a state of shock and his jaw hung open. He gently cupped my face into his.

'Kevin, what I was going to say was....' he hesitated ,

'I don't like you Kevin,' he said, my heart came crashing down and I felt tears welling up.

'I love you Kevin Francois,' he whispered with his lips barely and inch from mine, and kissed me with a kiss that knocked the wind out of me and made me feel as though I was going to melt. A tear slid down as he pulled his lips from mine.

'I love you to, Justin Loewen,' I whispered back and pressed my lips back onto his. He laid me down on the bed and broke our kiss so he could flip me so I was on top of him, and grabbed my hand and placed it onto his chest. I felt it beating hard and fast.

'You feel that babe?' I nodded while I was lost in his emerald green eyes.

'You 're the only one that makes my heart like that,' he said gently. My breath was taken away by all this, and I could not find the words to speak let alone describe all the happiness I was feeling. He gently grabbed my chin and he pulled in for another deep kiss, this time, his tongue gained entrance and slide against mines. I pull my lips away from his, and he gave it a small lick that caused me to go deep red, and snuggle right into his chest. He chuckled and kissed my forehead and wrapped his arms around me. I felt something on my stomach.

'Babe, something's poking my stomach, are you hiding something?' I said curiously. He looked at me as if I were plain out stupid and then let a huge laugh bellow out. I got annoyed and yanked on his ear and pulled it as hard as I could. He let out a yelp and laughed some more and grabbed my wrist and kissed me. My grip loosened, and I pulled off with a smirk.

'Hey no fair!' I pouted and kissed his cheek.

'You didn't forget we were naked, did you?' he asked, and I did a mental head slap. Duh! I went red once again and he kissed me deeply, letting our tongues slide against each other and I knew what that thing on my stomach was, and now there were 2 of them, nice and hard. I felt his hand slip in between us and started rubbing the head of my cock, and precum began boiling out the moment he touched it. I moaned softly in his mouth and he pulled off and sucked on my tongue, and stuck two precum covered fingers in my mouth. My body felt all hot and he began using his other hand to play with my cock and I suck on his fingers greedily.

'You're a hungry bitch aren't you? You like my precum babe? You wanna suck it from the source?' he crooned. I could only gasp out a small and weak yes as his callused hands rubbed over the head of my cock. He pushed me down till his hard cock hit my face and left a long trail of precum on my cheek. I spent no time on his balls I wanted his cock now! It stood straight up and I dove it all the way down his throat and the next thing I heard was a lot of yelling and him screaming for me to stop. I pulled off and had a frown on my face.

'I'm sorry,' I said.

'For fucking what?' he laughed, 'I was just really close, now, get back on my cock you little bitch' he growled and grabbed my head and drove all twelve hard inches down my throat. I gagged a little, but he held my head in place and fucked my throat, stuffing my mouth with cock and making me his sex toy.

'aw fuck babe, shit!' he sad as he fuck my mouth. I pulled his hands off my head and came up for air, and had a few seconds to breath. Precum flowed endlessly down his shaft and balls, and I lapped it all up, while he enjoyed the service I provided him. I swirled my tongue around the head and tongued the piss slit, slathering my tongue with precum as he pumped his shaft in and out of my hand while licking the head. I slid my lips over the head and sucked it hard and greedily, letting the head enter my throat for a second the pulling off and licking the under side. I felt his hands grab my shoulders and pull me up and kiss me deep, letting his tongue explore the depths of my mouth as he squeezed my ass.

'You want this cock don't you?' he whispered as he pinched my nipple, making me shudder and precum oozed out of my shaft and onto his washboard abs. He rubs the head of his cock against my asshole and pushed against it, teasing me, making me anxious.

'If you want it, then you're going to have to put it in yourself.' he hissed, and that was all I needed. Immediately, I pushed back on it and the head popped in and I took it half of his monster cock in my ass. I threw my head by and moaned loudly, and I felt like I was going to cum already. I moved my ass back on it, trying to get more, but no more would go in.

'What's the matter babe?' he questioned seductively, 'This isn't like you,' he whispered in my ear as he grabbed my ass.

'Because you always take it down to the hilt,' he hissed as he slammed the rest of his cock in me. I yelped as tears sprung to my eyes and he held my ass in place as he took long deep thrusts in and out of my ass, making me shudder and groan as I felt the head pop out and slide back deep inside me. Moved my ass to meet his thrusts, wanting every inch of him inside my as I moaned with pleasure. I felt him stop thrusting I saw him put his hands behind his head and grin devilishly, knowing that I was in control now, I rose up and placed his cock back inside me and rode his cock. I watch his eyes close and listened to his manly groans combine with my screams of pleasure as I rode his thick cock, and soon his thrusts matched my riding and I felt my climax slowly rising. He turned me around and laid my back against his chest and spread my legs and began to fuck my ass while kissing me neck.

'You like my cock in your ass don't you little slut?' he kissed in my ear. I cried out loudly as he rammed my ass hard and fast.

'Dammit, no matter how many times I fuck you you're always so tight,' he groaned as he nipped my ear. We were both dripping with sweat as he tilted my head so he could kiss me in a frenzy of lust. He lift me off his cock and slammed me back down on the bed and jumped on top of me, and drove his cock all the way back in my ass. He fucked me with my legs spread as far as the would go and his eyes staring directly into mine. The bed springs creaked and the bedpost thumped against the wall and our groans added to the racket we were making. I felt my cum boiling from my balls and rising up my cock when I felt his hot wet mouth go over my cock, and his fucking and his mouth was to much. I screamed out his name came in his mouth till I saw cum seeping out and I felt a sudden powerful vibrations as he roared with a mouthful of my cock and cum as he shot his load into my ass. He began milking my cock with the cum still in his mouth and his cock still unloading in me(Amazing right?). Finally, my chest fell downs and I laid the, panting heavily while he slowly moved his cock in and out of my ass. He bent down and kissed me again, and as I opened my mouth to accept his tongue, cum seeped through and soon our cum covered tongues were sliding against each other as he shared his load with my. We each had our share of my load as we kissed and tasted my load, which I had to say was delicious. He made out with me, still slowly moving his semi hard cock in and out of me, and soon I felt the head popped out, and a few dribbles of cum seep out of my ass. He collapsed on top of me, both of us panting and in a daze. I heard him laughing and he flipped me over so I was on top once again.

'What's so funny?' I gasped out, still out of breath from sex.

'Looks like someone's going to have to wash the sheets again,' he chuckled as I turned my head to see and large pull of cum on the sheets. I sighed and snuggled into his chest.

'This day is to perfect to be mad, plus it was worth it,' I giggled. I felt him reach down to his stomach and he brought a handful of cum in front of my face.

'Theres more of where that came from,' he laughed.

'Shit how much did you cum?!' I yelled in awe.

'I don't know, but it was a lot,' he said proudly as he gave the pool a lick. I smirked and slammed his hand into his face, getting my cum everywhere on it.

'Hmm is that an excuse for another kiss?' he said slyly.

'Shut up,' I whispered and lapped the cum off his face.

After I finished cleaning up the mess I made on his face, he tilted my chin towards him

'I love you Kevin,' he whispered and kissed me. I pulled off and stared hard into his beautiful green eyes.

'And I love you Justin,' I said smiling and kissed him. Without and word he carried me to the bathroom. We took a hot bath and returned clean but exhausted and we both got in the bed and he pulled up the covers so it covered my chin, but only covered up to his chest. I laid there in the dark, snuggled up the my new boyfriend, when I felt a drop of water land on my cheek. I looked up at him and saw he was crying a little.

'What's wrong' I said, alarmed.

'Nothings wrong babe,' he whispered and pecked me on the lips, 'I'm just really happy,' he said and held me tighter. As I fell asleep, a smile danced on my lips, and a tear fell, and this time, it was a tear of joy.

We woke up with the sun shining and me finding it very hard to breathe with his arms squeezing me and a leg thrown over my body. I tried wriggling out of my human bindings when I heard his breathing change and he squeezed me tighter and his hard cock was pressed up against my stomach.

' Like I'm letting you get away,' he said groggily with a big smile on his lips. He kissed me on the lips and I pushed him off giggling and hopped out on the bed and over to the drawer to at least put on my flannel pants and a t-shirt, which have never been used thanks to him and plus it was freezing this morning. I threw his pair at his head, and he tried to say a word of objection but I threw a ball at him. He slipped it on without another word, and both of us had a huge smile on our faces. My world felt so right, and it couldn't get much better than this.

'Fuck it's cold,' I said while rubbing my arms. He crept up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

'I know how to warm you up,' he said and nibbled on my ear, making me blush, and I felt his semi hard cock pressed against my back.

'Oh come on!' I laughed, and wriggled away. He picked me up and tossed me on the bed and kissed me deeply with a lot of tongue.

'We should start the morning right,' He whispered while crouching over me using his legs to pin me down, while his hands slid up and lifted my shirt, and his hand slide down a grasped my cock, making me hard almost instantly, and I moaned softly. Suddenly, I heard someone yelling, and it was getting closer....fast.


And the door busted open.



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