Chapter 27

I’m ready.

I’m ready to give him everything as he is willing to do the same with himself. It was a terrifying decision, but at this point, I felt as though it was the right decision. I touched his wrist and he went still and gazed down at me. I slid out from beneath him and pushed him onto his back while trailing slow kisses down his muscular torso. Every time I kissed his skin the warmth lingered on my lips and filled us both with delight. I wanted to worship this man. I wanted for him to know that he was the only person that I would ever share this amount of intimacy with, physically and emotional. Once I was at the base of his cock I took the time to stare up at him and meet his gaze as I wrapped my finger around his massive shaft. It throbbed with just the slightest touch, and a simple stroke caused his breath to hitch as though he was already close to the edge. I felt my own cock throbbing in anticipation. With such care, I trailed my tongue from the bottom to the top before taking just the head in my mouth. He groaned with pleasure as I sunk his cock deeper into my mouth until it hit the back of my throat. He pushed his fingers through my smooth hair and in the pale moonlight beaming through the window I could see him staring right into my eyes. I chose that moment to attempt deepthroating him but I should’ve known better. I felt my throat tighten and I pulled off with a gasp and tried to suppress my gag reflex. He chuckled and ran his thumb against my lower lip.

“Babe…” he whispered and leaned forward. He kissed me sweetly as he circled his arm around my waist and drew me close enough so that our legs became intertwined. He reached down and gave me such a salacious look that my heart rate accelerated even more than it had already. I felt him grip our cocks together and begin stroking them both at once, eliciting a loud moan from me. I shuddered and threw my head back as I felt his large rough hands stimulating the sensitive head of my cock. With his other hand, he pulled my head forward and sunk his tongue into my mouth. Both of us were grinding our cocks together, precum flowing freely and providing delicious lubrication. Suddenly he stopped and pulled away to lean his forehead against mine as he panted. I couldn’t take it. I launched myself forward and pressed him down into the mattress as I kissed him hard and deep. I grounded my wet cock against his abs and reached behind me to line his cock against my hole. He hissed and grabbed my ass to spread it apart. I wanted to feel him. Every single inch of his body and every inch of his soul. I rose up and ran my hands down his glorious chest that was heaving and coated with a dazzling coat of sweat. He never took his eyes off of mine when he pushed me back onto the bed and tongued my neck. I felt the warmth and that it left behind and the chilling cold that followed soon after only to replace with another sensation of his teeth scraping against my collarbone. Looking past the horrors displayed on my body he worshipped me slowly, taking his time to lick, suck, and make sure I had my legs spread wide by the time he reached my navel. With a wicked grin he raised my hips and dove his tongue into my hole without warning. I cried out as he pushed into my hole and retracted it in order to swirl his tongue. I gripped the sheets and reached for my cock. As soon as he saw me touch it he pushed my hand out of the way and continued his assault on my sphincter. I could only manage one phrase.

“Fuck me.” I gasped. Suddenly he stopped and slid up in between my legs, allowing me to wrap them around his chiseled body. He kissed my neck with a tenderness that matched his words when he asked me

“Are you sure?...” He breathed.

“Please…I need you…” I practically begged.

He planted one last sweet kiss before pushing himself up. I grabbed his arm and he looked at me.

“Where are you going?” I asked.

“I need to get a condom…” He said smiling. I stared back and offered a soft smile.

“Ray, I trust you. I need you…” I expressed while pulling him down and wrapping my arms around his neck.

“All of you…” I whispered into his ear while wrapping my legs around his torso. Biting down on the soft shell of his ear made him moan and press his oozing cock against my slick hole. The slightest touch caused it to quiver with anticipation. Our lips melded together and I felt him gently pushing against my hole. I knew what was coming but I didn’t expect it to be so extreme. As soon as I felt the tip slide in I let out a scream. He drew me into a tight hug and apologized over and over as I gasped and tried to control myself.

“I’m sorry…I’m so sorry…I don’t want to hurt you...” he whispered. Shivering from the shock, I hugged him back as tears stung my eyes. I kissed the side of his head and held him tight.

“I love you Ray…” I whispered as the pain started to subside. There was no rush. There was an urgency but we knew that we needed to take this slow. And that’s what I loved. He gave me the time that I needed. He gave me love that slowly took away all the hurt that once plagued me every day. He gave me a kiss for every tear, a hug for every frown, and a light to follow for every dark moment. He provided so much for me and the only thing that I wanted was to be closer to him.

I pushed my heels into him in order to tell him that I’m ready for more. He pulled away and looked at me once again. I nodded and he returned his lovely lips back onto mine as his huge cock pushed deeper and deeper into me. While there was still pain I was beginning to feel something different. An exquisite pleasure from just being filled with his cock. I felt his member pulse and just that mere motion inside of me caused me to gasp and arch my back. I saw him smirk as he continued until I felt hot and heavy balls pressed against me. He pulled back and gave a few experimental thrusts that I’m sure he found sexy when my response was moans and whimpers. He began to increase the rate of his thrusts and brought himself back down to me using his arms to cage me in. My moans were becoming louder and louder as he invaded me in the best way. Things were becoming more primal. We kissed frantically as he pounded my hole and rubbed against my prostate. My precum was practically pooling onto my stomach as he slammed it over and over again.

“Fuck you’re so fucking tight babe…” He groaned and licked my earlobe. He drew his cock out all the way and jerked his cock back inside me and I was breathless. He moaned and did it over and over again, never stopping. I could feel it. He was hitting the right spot and it was driving me wild.

“Oh fuck… fuck me! Harder Ray! Harder!!!!” I cried. He grabbed both my legs and rose up and began pounding me hard. I spread my legs as wide as I can. My hole was slick with his precum and I loved how his bare cock felt inside me, stretching me, feeling every inch. He came to a stop panting and before I could even ask what’s wrong, he pulled me close and held me tight. Our hearts were beating as one while we just savored the brief moment where we can stop and understand what was happening. The bond that we shared together was becoming so much more as another level of intimacy was reached. I knew that whatever happened in the future, he would be the one that lingered in my memories as the first to enter me. As the first man to ever become one with me and hopefully the only man that would give me the unconditional love that will keep me going every day. I can’t predict the future, but I can hope for the best and at this very moment, this was the best thing I could ever ask for. A man that accepted me. A man that wanted me. A man that loved me with everything that he had and was still willing to give me more despite not having anything else to give other than himself and with that, I was ready to accept and reciprocate. I can’t understand everything that I was feeling, but I could relish in the moment where we melded together in a sweet embrace.

He began to move himself once more, slowly this time. Inch by inch he retracted and the pushed back in at the same rate. Both of us let out soft moans with each plunge. I could feel himself holding back and I held his face while his eyes met mine. While running my thumb against his lower lip he took it in his mouth and sucked it. I drew his face down to mine, my lips hovering below his.

“Please don’t hold back.” I breathed. And with that, a frenzy of passion started. He sucked in air between his teeth and began to ram my virgin hole, grabbing my thighs and holding my legs apart so he could sink himself deep inside me. My words were lost in our moans, our cries of pleasure and ecstasy as he drew me on top of him and allowed me to take over. I couldn’t help it. With his hands on my hips, I fucked myself hard on his cock while my own slapped his abs and left thick strands of precum all over.

“Fuck I love your tight ass babe!” he grunted, thrusting up to meet my hips

“Don’t stop ray! Please don’t stop!” I screamed as my own cock became more rigid.

“Fuck I’m not going to stop, I’m never going to stop…” he panted and then I bent down to kiss him before I felt a surge of heat flow inside me and down his shaft while I let out a strangled cry followed by a blinding orgasm that ripped through my body and spilled over his glorious torso and face. I collapsed on top of him, breathless and practically boneless. We laid like this, his cock slowly softening before sliding outside of me followed by a steady stream of his hot seed. I felt him shift and sit up, his back against the headboard and his hands went and cupped my face with such tenderness and warmth that I was transfixed by his stare.

“I’m never going to stop loving you…” He breathed out and kissed me sweetly. I threw my arms around him and he wrapped his powerful ones around me while we shared tears and kisses. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I really couldn’t. I gave myself to this man and he had given himself to me. He caught me while I was falling and took it upon himself to drag me up. He saw what I thought was broken and cherished me. This was something I couldn’t ever forget.

Pulling away we surveyed the mess and he flashed a wicked grin.

“Didn’t know you were such a good shot.” He chuckled before swiping some of my cum from his chin. I blushed and drew his hand up to my face and slowly licked the cum from his finger. He growled and reached behind to finger my hole. Immediately I arched and gasped as he plunged two fingers inside.

“Apparently I am too…” he moaned as he plunged them deeper. Despite cumming just moments before, I immediately began to harden from his touch. In no time his own was standing tall and hard once again and I rose up and teased him.

“I don’t know…” I hissed while pushing the head back inside me. He bit his lower lip as I descended lower, impaling myself on his quivering shaft. He jerked his hips up and sunk the remaining few inches inside and once more I was full of his throbbing member and I felt my dick throb and harden even more.

This was going to be over embarrassingly quick.

Once more we engaged in passionate intercourse and I loved every moment. His cum provided even better lubrication than just spit and precum. This paired with the fact that he had bred me earlier made me want even more. He grabbed me and flipped me onto my stomach and pressed himself back into me wantonly, groaning, panting, going faster and harder.

“Oh man you can’t get enough of this big cock can you?” he growled in my ear.

“Fuck no Ray, I want it, I want more!” I whimpered.

“You want more what?” He barked and slammed it into me.

“I want more of your cum Ray!” I cried, raising my ass and spreading it to show him.

“Oh fuck baby that’s so fucking hot. Fucking spread it for me, Levi,” he grunted and I felt my orgasm rising up my shaft while he massaged my prostate. I returned his thrusts, begging, moaning, gasping before I felt myself become rigid and scream, releasing yet another load onto the sheets below us. My hole squeezed his cock and he let out a howl before flooding my spent hole once more and fucking his cum deep inside me.

“Oh Levi, feel my load inside you, you’re mine now baby,” he groaned and slowly came to a stop while kissing my neck.

“And I’m yours…” he murmured and pulled me onto my side with his chest pressed against my back. He withdrew his dick, and I felt his heart hammering through all the muscles that sculpted his body. He planted lazy kisses on the back of my head and nuzzled my hair.

“God…you weren’t lying when you said you liked a challenge…” He laughed, breathless. I pushed my ass against his wet cock and I looked back with a smirk.

“ Your challenge now is to see if you can get a third load in me,” I said and winked in the dim light.

“I’ve created a monster…” he mumbled and shook his head. I turned myself around so I can face him.

“Can’t keep up?” I giggled. He kissed my nose and stood up while holding out his hand.

“I can…but you’re going to be sore tomorrow…” he explained and drew me close while standing.

“And I don’t wanna break a new toy.” He laughed when I pouted. “You know you’re much more than that Levi.” He sighed and pulled me towards the bathroom. He ran the shower till it was hot and together we entered and allowed the water and soap to carry away the sweat and cum from our bodies while we plunged our tongues in each other’s mouths. He made sure every part of me was clean, and with that, I could definitely feel the soreness setting in and I winced when his fingers made contact. He eyed me with concern, and I returned his look with a smile to reassure him that I had no regrets. Once cleaned and dried, we changed the sheets together, taking care to make sure that we didn’t get any cum on ourselves or anything else. We fell into bed together in clean sheets with spotless bodies and sighed, sated, happy.

“You’re gonna have one hell of a laundry day tomorrow.” He mumbled with his face in my hair.

“Shut up, I gave you my ass, the least you can do is wash the sheets,” I said smiling.

“Fine. But that’s going to cost you.” I felt his smile on my scalp. I turned around and snuggled into him.

“You act like I mind.” I returned and we fell asleep with his arms and legs wrapped around me tight, the moon shining bright, and our hearts pressed against each other.

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