And the door busted open.

My eyes shot open and I stared at the door, paralyzed in fear. There stood 5'3 feet of sweet and sassy asian woman, with luggage surrounding her with her hands on her hips. She was wearing a t-shirt, with a light blue jacket with a cap and jeans, and had had medium length black hair, and beautiful white skin and a annoyed look on her face. She stared at the both of us as I squirmed to get out of Justin's grasp. He pinned me down and slowly licked the inside of my ear.

'Maybe if we ignore her she'll go away,' he whispered pinched my nipple, making me moan softly.

I saw her rush over and grabbed him by the shoulders.

'OI! Get the fuck off my best friend, it's my turn to love him!' she roared and threw him off onto the ground and gave me a hug that cracked my ribs and rearranged my organs.

'GOD! You didn't even call me when you got here! And when did you get a man?!' she squealed with delight. I felt myself turn red from embarresment and from the lack of oxygen and blood circulation.

'Umm, we were busy!' Justin said in a annoy toned with his foot tapping on the grounds. I saw her eyes narrow and a twinkle in her eye and she grabbed a suitcase and launched it at him. Justin's eyes bugged out and he ducked and missed him, and he came back up with a look of triumph on his face and laughing'.till he heard something shatter. His eyes shot wide open and the smile turned into a look of horror as he tunred around and saw his project in ruins. I heard a sob escape from his mouth, I knew he was working on that for a few weeks now. She returned to pelting me with questions and depriving me of oxygen as Justin cried over his fallen project. 'Oh my god shit Kevin! You said you would tell me everything when you got here! Not even a fucking phone call!' she said twisting my nose. I did my best to yelp out in pain, till I saw Justin slowly rising, with fury in his eyes.

'Ummm'' I tried to tell her, but then he came rushing over at him. Without an effort, she popped her heel back and it landed a bullseye right on his package!

'Motherfucker!' he cried out and sunk to the floor.

'Hey, I use that! I gasped out as she let go of me

'Not while I'm here!' she said coolly. I rushed over to him and grabbed his crotch.

'Do you need ice babe?' I said with a worried look.

'I don't need ice babe,' he groaned. 'I need a good blowjob,' he said with a small weak chuckle. I smirked and pulled on his cheek like a grandma and left him there to writhe on the floor.

'Now, what do you mean by that?' I said with a confused look. She dug around in her suitcase and pulled out an easel and began drawing some very detailed pictures to form a whole diagram of things we could and couldn't do while she was here.

'OOOOOOK!' she exclaimed while pulling out a metal pointer.

'While I'm here I don't want none of this, making out, grinding, nibbling, licking, sucking, fucking, swallowing, eating, pinching, humping, of any kind with a body part on each of your bodies.' she said with a stern look on here face while pointing at each of the pictures that she drew for each word. I felt a little bummed, but I was happy with him just being here and besides, I could survive a week, though at this rate it'll be a bit hard due to a certain someone fucking my brains out constantly. I looked over at Justin a saw he had an eye twitch. I wasn't sure whether it was from the nail to his balls or the fact that there would be no sex for a while, and with his libido, that was harder than quitting smoking. She smiled broadly and giggled as she put away her pointer and balled the picture up and tossed it into the trash can.

'Looks like big boy is going to have a lot of trouble with this little arrangement,' she beamed while rummaging through her suitcase for a change of clothes and her bathroom accessories.

'Mind if I grab a shower?' she quipped

'No, no, we don't mind at all, take as long as you need,' he said slyly while moving up behind me, and wrapped his arms around my waist while nuzzling my neck. Her face contorted into a smirk and she placed her hands on her hips.

'Don't even think about having a fuck while I'm in there, I have friends who've dated guys like you, and you make the house shake and the people you fuck scream,' she said hotly.

'So don't even try,' she said as she narrowed her eyes and made the 'I'm watching you' sign, and walked gracefully into the bathroom and slammed the door.

'Hmmm was that a challenge?' he whispered while pushing me back on his semi hard cock. As much as I wanted it, I pushed him away while giggling.

'You horny bastard! Come on, she'll know, she knows everything,' I said cautiously while looking towards the bathroom door. I walked over and laid on my bed and snuggled into the blankets in an attempt to defrost my toes. It was October but it felt like December! The worst part was I've only been here about a week,

'New York is too fucking cold!' I whined while curling into a ball. Don't get me wrong, I love the cold, but damn, I never been in degree of cold before. I heard Justin bound over and jumped on the bed,, while I barely missed getting struck down by a couple of his limbs. He held me into another bone crushing hug and nibble on my ear.

'I know a perfect way to warm you up,' he hissed while sliding his hand up my shirt. I stopped his hand while squirming away and waved my finger in front of his face.

'No Justin, bad! No nibbling remember?' I said like he was a dog. I heard him laugh heartily and heldme tightly against him while nuzzling his face into my hair.

'Fucking cute,' he growled and kissed my forhead. I sighed in content as we laid there with his huge arms wrapped around me, I felt so safe and loved when I'm with this guy, and I can't get enough of him! I snuggled into his chest and closed me eyes, but was woken up with the sound of his snoring. I peeked up and saw he fell asleep with a smile on his face. A small smile played around on my lips and I softly pecked him on his lips and enjoyed his embrace as I began replaying how we got here.

'All this because of that dildo,' I said softly while chuckling. I sighed once again, I was so comfortable, plus the warmth was making me sleepy. Slowly I drifted off to sleep, and was awaken by a yell and the bathroom door bursting open. I sat straight up while Justin slowly got up rubbing his eyes while grumbling from the sudden wake up call.

'Oh, you two were just sleeping,' she said as she breathed a sigh of relief. Justin stopped rubbing his eyes and blinked a few times, and looked at her and I saw his eyes shot wide open.

'Woa someone call Beowolf, Grendal got in again!!!' he said in a midst of laughter. I saw her glare and she threw a comb which stabbed right into the wall barely and inch from his head. His laughter stopped abruptly and with a huff and a flip of her hair she walked back into the bathroom.

'Are you sure she's not an assassin?' he whispered to me.

'I think she has the potential,' I giggled back and pulled the comb out of the wall and began evening out his messy hair.

'Oh come on!' he shouted as I tamed his bed head.

'What? Your hair is all messy and shit,' I grumbled.

'You're my boyfriend, not my mom,' he chuckled as he took the comb from my hand. I got up and stretched while letting out a huge yawn and pulled out my laptop and began checking my e-mail, checking my face book and all that good stuff while just grumbled and bitched while trying to piece back together his ruined project.

'You're friend's a really bitch ya know that?' he hissed, 'Who the fuck is she anyway?' he questioned. I looked over at him and threw a shoe while laughing a little.

'That happens to be Tessa, my best friend! Be nice, she's not as bad as you think .' I quipped.

'Nice my ass, she's more like an assassin,' he grumbled once again and went back to fixing his project. We sat there doing our own thing for about 20 minutes when I heard Tessa come out.

'OI! Why are you guys still in your sleepwear? We're going out,' she said happily while rummaging through her suitcase for something. She was wearing jeans and boots with a black turtle neck sweater, and she didn't even wear make up! I was happy to go out, and Justin said no word of protest, though I bet he was saying all the curse words in existence and then some. We got in her car, and drove to the mall, the trip being entirely silent, due to her not liking talking while she drove, she said it distracted her. As we arrived, Tessa and I went shopping at whatever store we though caught my eye. Occasionally I checked how Justin was doing and he seemed to dread it, considering it was simply clothes shopping. Usually I hated it, but anything with Tessa was fun. At one point, I decided to give Justin a break.

'Hey Tessa, can Justin and me go somewhere?' I asked.

'Sure,' she said casually while checking out a jacket.

As We walked out of the store, I took him to a corner and kissed him deeply.

'Thanks for being so good,' I said softly. I saw him smile broadly and he kissed me again and hugged me.

'It was for you,' he chuckled. I looked up at him, I freaking adored this guy! I was busy staring at him till I remembered something.

'Wait, umm, I don't know of you want to, but can we check one more store?' I said uncertainly. He smiled and pecked me on the cheek.

'Of course,' and with that we were on our way to the one store I loved and hated at the same time, Hollister. As we walked into the dim lighted store, I began checking out the clothes, grabbing a few that caught my eye. After 20 minutes of browsing, I asked Justin to come with me to the fitting room.

'Why?' he asked with a hint of joy in his voice.

'Because, I need to know your opinion on them,' I said calmly. I saw the small light in his eye fade a little, and he followed me into the fitting room. He sat there while I peeled off my shirt and put on a tight fitting t-shirt and I saw him staring with lusting eyes.

'How does it look?' I asked.

'Damn sexy,' he said while slurping up some drool that was on the corner of his lip. I tried on a few more shirts, then came the jeans. As I pulled down my jeans and stepped in them, I noticed Justin began turning red. I looked back into the mirror and right when I was about to try on another pair, I felt his arms on my waist, and his hands on my package.

'You know, you look fucking sexy in those briefs,' he whispered in my ear. I squirmed around and tried to break loose.

'Come on Justin, not here! It's not safe here,' I hissed back. He turned me around and pinned me against the wall.

'Don't worry,' he whispered, and kissed my neck 'I'll keep you safe,' and pressed his lips hard against mine. I started pushing him away but he held me firmly and I finally gave in. I felt his hands slip down my briefs and grabbed my cock, and my moans were muffled my his mouth. I wanted this, and placed my leg in between his and pushed against his, making him grunt a little. All this was done in almost complete silence, as he kissed his way down my neck, the nibbled on my hard nipples and slowly circled them in my tongue. I felt him lift me up roughly and throw me on the bench and pull my briefs down revealing my hard cock. He grabbed in and took the head in my mouth and I bit my tongue to keep from moaning loudly. I felt his tongue swirl the head and constantly lick the underside my tonguing the slit. I ran my fingers through his hair, occasionally letting out a whimper till he started taking in down his throat, making me gasp and writhe with pleasure. He slowly took all 7 inches and held it there for a long time while I bit my knuckles to keep from screaming. He took my cock out of his throat and began sucking my cock sloppily, and soon I grabbed his head and was pumping my cock in and out of his mouth, occasionally shoving it in his throat. I felt him pull off my cock and he stood up a little and kissed me.

'You like that don't you?' he whispered in my ear while shoving a finger in my ass, making me let out a soft moan.

'Hmm you want my big cock up your ass babe?' he crooned and added another finger and started massaging my prostate, and accidentally let out a loud moan.

'J..Justin, stop'.please'not safe..' I whimpered as he kissed my chest and fingered my ass hard.

'Don't worry babe, just let me make you feel good,' he crooned and he went down, and I felt his tongue begin licking my hole. I gasped and moaned again. No one has ever licked there before. I felt his tongue circle my pucker and made me shiver every time his tongue penetrated me. His tongue was nice and long and got up my ass quite a bit. I shuddered while he rimmed my ass and massaged my balls in his hands, soon I felt the cum slowly rising up my shaft and I placed my hand on justins head to tell him to stop.

'Justin, I'm gonna cum soon babe,' I whispered. He grinned devilishly and took my cock into his mouth and sucked it hard while making circles on my prostate and using his other hand to rub and pinch my nipples. I gasped as I felt my hips buck and started pumping my load into Justin's greedy mouth. My cock spasmed and jerked, delivering spurt after spurt, and some started to seep out of the side of his mouth as he continued to suck me with a mouthful of cum. He pulled my cock and I was left there, exhausted and panting as he tilted my chin and my cum trickled into my mouth while gently stroking my cock.

'Now was that so bad?' he chuckled while kissing my neck. My cock was starting to get hard again and I grabbed his bulge.

'Shut up and fuck me,' I hissed and he smiled and quickly took off all his clothes and slam me against the wall, both of us kissing each other madly while his hard cock was pressed against my belly. His tongue easily gained entry into my mouth and slowly I sucked on his tongue while massaging his big bull nuts in my hands and stroking his cock in the other. He parted his lips from mine, and looked me hard in the eye, both of us with rock hard cocks and panting heavily. He licked his lips and quickly lifted me up and draped my legs over his shoulders and aimed his cock and pressed it against my pucker.

'You ready babe?' He panted

'Give it to me stud,' I replied lustily.

'Don't moan to loud,' he whispered, and slammed me onto his 12 inch cock. I gasped loudly from a mixture of pain and pleasure as I felt his meat enter me, and he did not hesitate to start pounding right away. He drew almost all of his cock out, and quickly shoved it back in, making my muscles clench up as I bit my lower lip and dug my nails in his back trying not to scream. His strokes were long a slow, making me shudder as he played with my cock in one hand, teasing it with his fingers by running them over the tip of my cock. He kept his mouth busy by kissing and sucking on my neck, leaving many hickies and teeth marks everywhere.

'I'm surprised you haven't cracked yet,' he whispered in my ear and nipped it as he suddenly slammed his cock in me. I gasped and let a small moan escape from my lips as Justin kissed me hard while our tongues slid against each other in a wet kiss. His cock constantly pounded against my prostate and his fingers were soaked with my precum as he slowly fisted my shaft with long strokes. I shuddered as he squeezed my cock and I felt his precum soaked fingers enter my lips and I slowly began sucking them.

'You like that precum babe? You like my big cock pounding your ass, you like being my little whore?' he cooed as he quickened his pace. I whimpered in reply as he lifted me off his cock and set me down roughly on the bench and quickly placed his cock inside me at an angle that made his cock press hard against my prostate. I finally let out a loud moan as my toes curled while he continuously fucked me, driving me into a frenzy of loud moans and gasps.

'Finally,' he chuckled in my ear as I let out another cry of pleasure. Opened my eyes for a few seconds to find Justin with his head tossed back and glistening in sweat as he fucked me and his grunts and groans only fuel my lust. I felt him press his body up against mine, and my cock started rubbing on his rock hard abs, letting out another moan as I felt as though I was going to cum that second. He started planting kisses on my neck and used his hands to keep my body close to his so my cock would continuously rub against his stomach.

'This is the longest you've ever gone without cumming,' he growled in my ear.

''Sh'Shut up,' I whimpered as he slammed his cock into me.

'Hmmmm, I can change that,' he hissed and I felt his pace quicken and his poundings became a lot harder. I felt the air leave my lungs and waves of ecstasy began flowing throughout my body.

'I'm,' I began and quickly sucked in some air as he slammed his cock back into me.

'I'm cumming!' I screamed as I felt my cum surged through my cock and shoot between our bodies. My ass clamped on his cock and I heard him yell as he lifted his body off of mine, letting my cum shoot on my face and he began screaming and cursing like mad.

'SHIT OH FUCK FUCK FUCKING MOTHERFUCKING SHIT!' HE ROARED as I felt a huge wave of cum flood my ass. He continuously pumped his cock in and out of my ass till he finally collapsed on top of my cum soaked body, both of us panting and soon I felt him pull out and cum immediately began leaking out.

'S-s-sorry bout that,' he whispered while licking some of my cum off my face and neck.

'It's ok, it felt good,' I whispered with my eyes closed.

'I ment to pull out at the last second but damn your ass is way to tight,' he chuckled. I felt him lift me up off my back and kissed me deeply.

'You're so fun and cute you know that?' he said between kisses.

'Just because I let you fuck me in a dressing room?' I giggled as I kissed his neck.

'That and I just like being with you,' he whispered and bit my lower lip.

'How are we going to clean up though, I'm socked in cum!' I whispered urgently. I saw him grin slyly and pushed me against the wall.

'You just let me take care of that,' his said and began licky my chest and stomach, cleaning up the cum After his was done, which he did a great job of cleaning up, we got dressed and I got the clothes I wanted to buy and he went to go browse for a bit. I walked out with a huge smile on my face, despite the fact I got fucked in a dressing room and the cum that continuously leaked out of my ass.



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