His lips were soft and warm, and with that gentle touch, a mighty dam crumbled down. I began shaking violently and I bursted into tears. Slowly Ray lifted me up and carried me into the house while shushing me as I buried my face into his chest and sobbed uncontrollably. He settled me down on the sectional and held me close as I felt a few tears land on my arm. I looked up and saw Ray began to sob as well and his arms tightened around me, bringing us completely together as we held each other closely, sobbing. I felt him cup my face into his hands and I was staring into his deep brown eyes.

'I love you Levi...I love you so much...' he whispered with tears streaming down his face. Immediately I kissed him deeply and clung to him for dear life as I hiccupped and sobbed.

'I love you too Ray...I'm so sorry,' I cried as another flood of tears came. He held my head into his chest as he rocked me back and forth, comforting me and reassuring me things are going to be ok.

'I'm so sorry Ray...I'm, sorry...' I apologized over and over again. I felt Ray stop all of the sudden and lifted my chin up to his face.

'Never say sorry for something that's not your fault,' he whispered gently and kissed me.

'No...' I said while pulling away and staring into his lap.

'No...' he said while lifting my face back up to his.

'Why do you always do that...you can never entirely look me in the eye,' he said gently. I stared at his face in adoration and shame, adoration because he was so loving, so caring, so gentle, yet ashamed because I was putting him through so much pain and suffering, making him cry like this, making him witness such a vile site.

'I...I don't know...' I replied. He slowly kissed me and held my hand with his free hand. He gave it a gentle squeeze as he went back to staring into my eyes, and this time, I held his gaze.

'That's better,' he said while giving a small smile. I returned a weak smile, which quickly turned into a frown as I felt another flood of tears coming.

'I'm sorry,' I whispered as I began sobbing once again. He wrapped his arms around me tightly and began rocking me back and forth while gently stroking my hair and kissing my forehead.

'Why babe, what did you do?' he said softly.

'I'm sorry for putting you through so much pain, for making you cry, for making you see that...for hurting you!' I cried out. I heard him gasp and he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back a little.

'Don't say that!' he said as he shook me a little. I stared at his face as he wiped a tear away from my cheek and drew his lips close to mine.

'I'm happy to be there for you..no matter how painful,' he whispered lovingly and kissed me deeply. I felt myself slowly calming down as his lips met mine and he began laying me down on the sectional. I found him on top of me as he caressed my face as his kiss became more passionate and loving.

'I love you so much Ray,' I whispered. He smiled and kissed me again.

'And I love you more,' he said with a small laugh. I felt myself smiling and I giggled a little as he kissed me on top of my nose. He flipped me over so I was lying on top of him and he embraced me lovingly. I nuzzled into his neck and he breathed out a long sigh.

'Thank you Ray,' I said softly and pecked him on the lips.

'I'm happy to be here for you, no matter how painful it is,' he repeated and gave me a poke on my sides, making me jump and giggle.

'That's more like it,' he said while beaming happily.

'I love it when you smile,' he crooned while tickling me some more. I squirmed in his arms as I tried to protect myself from his pokes.

'HAHA...Stoooop!!!!' I cried while laughing uncontrollably. Soon we were both laughing as I leapt off the sectional and ran off somewhere with Ray close by. He chased me around till I was both exhausted in which then he swooped me up and began carrying me upstairs to his room.

'Mmmm, can't get away from me,' he growled while rubbing our noses together. I blushed and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Unbelievably, I was having a breakdown 20 minutes ago. He carried me into the bathroom. He settled me on the counter and took notice of my confused face.

'We gotta get ourselves cleaned up,' he said sheepishly as he began stripping. I stared at him in awe as I felt myself become redder by the second. He stood in front of me, completely naked. He chuckled as I reach out and touched his rock hard abs and I blushed even redder as my eyes drifted down to his well endowed cock. Even when it was soft it looked huge. I flinched as I felt him fiddling with my waistband.

'Your tuuurn,' he said devilishly as he began lifting my shirt.

'We're bathing together?!' I shouted in surprise. He smiled devilishly and before I knew it I was completely naked. I panicked as I realized I was completely nude and he could see everything...including my scars. Quickly I tried to cover myself as best as I could.

'No...' he said softly as he gently took hold of my wrists and moved them so they were no longer attempting to cover anything. I stared at my lap, ashamed.

'Mmmm...remember what I said?' he crooned while lifting my chin so I was staring into his eyes.

'Don't look at my body...it's ugly,' I whispered. He shook his head rested his forehead against mine.

'No Levi, I think you're absolutely beautiful, no matter how many scars you have, you will always be beautiful to me,' he said softly while giving me a reassuring kiss. I felt the urge to cover myself disappear with those sweet words and that tender kiss. Ray accepted me for who I am, and what I looked like and he loved me for me, and my looks did not matter to him. His arms slowly wrapped around me and I relished the feel of our bare skin rubbing against each other. He was warm as always. Once again the feeling of safety and love enveloped my body. Silently he carried me over to the tub and lowered both of our bodies into the tub. It was pretty big, so both of us can fit comfortably in there. I laid my head against his chest as he rest his chin on my shoulder while wrapping his powerful arms around my waist

'You really are beautiful...you know that?' he whispered in my ear while pecking me on the cheek. I blushed and kissed him full on the lips.

'And you're a walking wet dream,' I retorted. The remark made him smile and soon laughter echoed throughout the bathroom. He smiled broadly and gently bit my neck.

'And what are you then? The god of sex?' he teased. I blushed and splashed some water into his face. He flinched and laughed as he dunked my head under the water. I wriggled out from under his hands and moved to the other end of the tub and splashed some more water. Soon we were in a frenzy of laughter as we had a splash fight. Soon we calmed down and I returned back into our cuddling position, both of us panting and giggling. He pressed his lips against mine while darting his tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues slid against each other, exploring every corner of each other's mouths, and I felt his hands reach up and gave my nipples a gentle pinch. I let out a soft moan as I sucked on his tongue and I felt my dick become completely hard as our kiss intensify. He pressed our wet bodies together, each kiss sending waves of heat throughout my body. I pressed my hands against his pecs, and rubbed his nipples, making him give a small grunt as he reached down and grabbed both of our hard dicks together. I let out a loud moan as I felt him begin jacking our cocks off. I looked down and blushed deep red and my cock throbbed even more as I saw his cock erect. It stood tall and hard, and it was at least 12 inched, give or take a few centimeters. He nibbled on my ear as I cried out in pleasure as his fingers ran over the tip of my dick. I felt my hand lower down and grab his raging hardon. I gasped as I felt its size; I could barely get my hand around it. He let out a soft moan as I slowly slid my fingers over the head and I moaned in return as his tongue slid over my erected nipples. Our moist bodies rubbed against each other, waves of pleasure coursing through our bodies, and heat emitted from our skin.

'No...' I heard him moan. Slowly, his hand stopped jerking my cock, and I stopped jerking his. He kissed me deeply and cupped my face in his hands.

'No...not yet,' he breathed out. I gave him a small smile and kissed him sweetly while he pulled me into a tight hug. I felt my dick go soft and his was still semi hard and pressing against my stomach.

'Lets..lets not do this,' he whispered. I nodded and I noticed he had a concerned look on his face as he stared into my eyes. I caressed his face and saw a smile begin forming as he realized it was ok.

'Don't worry, I'm not mad, when it happens it happens, and when we're ready we're ready,' I whispered while giving him a reassuring kiss. He held me close and I relished the feeling of our bodies together.

'I love you,' he whispered in my ear. I giggled and gave his hair a playful tug.

'I love you to,' I said and nuzzled his neck. He sighed and gave me a squeeze before reaching for the shampoo.

'Come on, we gotta actually take a bath,' he said while chuckling. He poured some shampoo on my hair and lathered it up and then I did the same for him. A thought came into my mind and I began styling it.

'What are you doing?' he asked suspiciously as I worked on his hair.

'Wait a sec,' I teased and the held a mirror to his face. His jaw drop as he stared into the mirror. I laughed as he quickly dunked his head underwater to get rid of the Mohawk I just styled his hair into. He came up and wiped his hair from his eyes and smirked at me while I had a huge smile on my face. I stuck my tongue out and he gave it a lick, making me yelp and cover my mouth while blushing deep red.

'Now we're even he said while giving my nose a quick yank. I crinkled my nose at him and I felt him gently pull me up as he closed the curtain and started the shower to rinse off our bodies. We kissed as the water sprayed over us, our hands roaming over each other's bodies, our tongues thrashing against each other. I giggled as I felt his hand drift down to my butt and give it a gentle squeeze and he smiled as my hand drifted down and gave his cock a few strokes. He turned off the water and wrapped a towel around me and dried off my hair. He stopped all of the sudden and left the towel on my head. Curious, I peeked out from under the towel only to have his lips pressed against mine and his hand giving my sides a playful poke. I jumped and giggled as we both held each other's face and rubbed our noses together. I felt him poke my side again and I began laughing uncontrollably as he poked me again and again. Quickly I darted out of the bathroom and he tackled me onto the bed, where he continued to tickle me. I laughed until my sides hurt and I couldn't breathe anymore. Soon he stopped and gave me a playful kiss.

'Mmm, you're so cute!' he growled while giving my lips a small lick. I blushed and licked his lips in return.

'And you're hot,' I crooned whole touching his pecs. He unwrapped his towel from his waist, revealing his package once again, making my dick rise a little.

'What are you looking at,' he said slowly while pull off the towel from my waist. I blushed and looked at his cock.

'You know what I'm staring at!' I shouted while diving under the blanket. We wrestled around and ended up kissing and hugging each other. He drew the sheets over our naked bodies and held me closely, and pressed his soft lips against mine. I breathed out a sigh as I laid my head against his chest.

'I love you Ray...Thank you...for everything' I whispered in the dark.

'I love you too Levi...and I'll always be here for you,' he whispered, and kissed me goodnight.

I stared adoringly at Ray, sleeping peacefully while holding me tight. He was warm and the scent of his skin was intoxicating. I sighed and I carefully shifted into a more comfortable position. I stared at him as the sun shined brightly through the window, casting a beautiful glow over his bronze skin, and making the room even more homely. I closed my eyes and relished the feeling of his warmth, his smell, his presence, knowing that he was right there made me so giddy inside. I heard his breathing change as he gave me a gentle squeeze and looked down at me with a warm smile.

'Is this a dream?' he whispered. I looked up at him confused and cocked my head to the side.

'What do you mean?' I said while giving his ear a gentle tug. His arms tighten around me and pulled me closer as his lips inched toward mine.

'Because I always dreamed of waking up next to you,' he said lovingly and our lips met. I felt a tear slid down my cheek as I received that loving kiss. I couldn't believe how lucky I was to have such a sweet and loving guy to be with. Our lips broke apart with a smack and he laid there beaming at me and caressed my face.

'So beautiful, I love you babe,' he said groggily and this time I rose up for a kiss. He chuckled and we continued kissing, his hands roaming around my body as he rolled over so I was on my back and his arms were on either side of my head.

'I love you too,' I breathed at in between kisses. He nuzzled my neck as I wrapped my arms around his neck and blushed as I felt his hardon against my stomach. I giggled and gently pulled his head up to mine and gave him another kiss.

'Mmm, I'll go downstairs, K?' I said playfully as a look of dismay came over his face.

'But what about my morning wood?' he crooned while resting his forehead against mine. I giggled and blush as I slid out from other him and stood up naked and immediately blushed as I forgot I wasn't wearing clothes.

'Ummm...got any clothes?' I said shyly as he bursted out laughing. He leapt out of bed and tipped me back as he kissed me passionately.

'Mmm I was hoping you'd walk nude,' he joked as he gave my sides a playful poke. I yelped and playfully pushed him away and walked over to his drawer.

'Not happening, it's kinda cold,' I teased. He chuckled and opened his drawer and pulled out a pair of flannel pants and a t-shirt.

'Try these, they're way to small for me,' he said quizzically. I slipped them on and the t-shirt was a few sizes to big and the pants hung loosely on my hips as I looked in the mirror. I shrugged and turned around and gave Ray a kiss.

'Thanks hun,' I said and slowly walked down stairs while admiring the huge mansion with the sun shining upon everything. I felt myself smiling as I pressed my hand against the window that provided a view out into the huge back yard a pool. The sun was high in the sky and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I let out a sigh and quickly searched for the kitchen. After finding it I rummaged around and finally found the ingredients I needed and began cooking breakfast.

I was in the middle of making pancakes as Ray crept up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist and kissing me on the cheek.

'Mmmm, pancakes in the morning? I can get use to this,' he growled while giving my ear a little nip. I giggled and set out 2 plates and stacked them on as Ray got out two glasses and poured some orange juice into them. While I was setting the table I felt Ray lift me up and swung me around while kissing me. I laughed midway into our kiss and he beamed at me as he setted me down with his hands still on my waist.

'What's up with that?' I questioned as I leaned my head against his chest. He buried his face into my hair and gave my sides a little squeeze.

'Because I'm so happy you're here, with me, I've always imagined things this way,' he said softly as he held me closer. My heart melted at that point and I gave him a big smooch while hugging him tightly.

'I love you!' I quipped as I smiled broadly. He chuckled and gave me another kiss.

'And I love you,' he growled. We sat down and ate and Ray kept making faces as I drank my orange juice, which made me laugh and occasionally choke.

'So...' he began slyly as placed the plates in the sink.

'What?' I asked as I looked over at his direction. He stood up from the table and walked slowly towards me.

'How do you like it here babe?' he said while shuffling his feet. I turned around and cupped his face while smiling.

'It's heaven,' I said softly and kissed his deeply. He pressed his body close to mine and our kiss became more passionate as I parted my lips and slipped my tongue inside his mouth and slid it against his. I felt myself getting hard as Ray's cock became hard and pressed against my stomach. I felt him grinning and pressed me against the wall and kissed down my neck and slid his hands up my shirt. I moaned as he tweaked my nipple as I ran my hair through is soft brown hair. I felt him pulling my shirt over my head and rose back up while removing his shirt. He tossed it aside and pressed his lips back against mine and our tongues explored each other's mouths as his hands snaked down to my pants. I placed my hands against his hot skin and ran my fingers delicately over his nipples. He grunted and I felt his hands beginning to pull my pants off. I slid my hands down his washboard abs and down to his boxers and toyed with the waistband before pulling it down slightly. He grinned and we removed the remainder of our clothing. He pushed me back up against the wall while loud smacks and moans filled our ears. I cried out as I felt his tongue tease my hard nipples and his hands cupped my butt and gave it a gentle squeeze. I reached down and I heard him moan softly as I blushed and stroked his hard cock. He kissed his way back up my neck and back to my lips. Our tongues thrashed against each other in mid air as small gasps and moans filled the air as our bodies were pressed against each other and our hands were wandering and exploring each other's bodies. I felt his hand lift me up in the air and I spreaded my legs and wrapped them around his back, moaning softly as I felt the tip of his cock rub against my hole. He kissed along my jaw line till he reached my ear.

'Mmmm..what a great way to get your clothes off...' he growled in my ear and gave it a little nip making me blush.

'W...What do you mean?' I breathed out softly as I felt his hand brush lightly against my nipple. He chuckled and soon he carried me outside to the pool My eyes bugged out as a huge grin spreaded across his face.

'We're going for a swim,' he said and then chucked me into the water. I came up sputtering expecting the water to be freezing...but instead...it was warm. I stared at him confused as I watched him walk towards the pool, his muscling rippling, and his large cock swinging around. I blushed and looked away slightly as he sat at the edge of the pool with his legs dangling in the water. I swam over between his legs and looked up into his eyes.

'How is the water warm? It's cold out here!' I questioned while taking a slight glance as his dick.

'We got a heating system for the pool so we can swim in it whenever the weather,' he said while beaming. I smiled slyly at his and gave his cock a small lick, making him gasp. I blushed deep red as I realized that I just had a small lick of Ray Matelli's dick.

'Mmm you keep doing that and I won't be able to hold back,' he growled while lightly grabbing my head and bringing it forward. I blushed and gave the head a few more licks and swirled my tongue around it, making him moan and soon he was completely hard. I took the head in my mouth and pushed my tongue against the slit, making him gasp and groan as his cock throbbed in response. I reluctantly took it out of my mouth and grinned devilishly as I swam away from him. I popped back up at a safe distance and examined the look of disbelief on his face. It was hilarious! I bursted out laughing and freaked out as Ray dove into the water and swam towards me with full speed. I wriggled around and only got a few feet before he wrapped his arms around me and dunked me under water. I came up gasping for air and his laugh was booming in my ears.

'Mmm you little devil,' he growled while nuzzling my neck. I giggled as splashed a little water in his face, making him snort and sputter.

'You got water up my nose you jackass!' he laughed and splashed some more water in my face. Once again, we had another splash fight and at one point, he took a foam ball out of nowhere and nailed me straight in the face. I yelped and went underwater, and slowly came back up, not moving, holding my breath and just allowing my body to float up at the top of the water. I felt Ray swim up to my side and gently nudged my shoulder.

'Hey Levi...dude you alright?' he asked. I didn't respond and he nudged me again. After a few seconds I felt my lungs screaming for air. All of the sudden, both his hands poked both of my sides, and I felt myself gulp a mouthful of water and bolted straight out of the water and back into Ray's powerful arms. He chuckled as he gave my sides another light poke and finally he turned me around so he could kiss me.

Mmm...your body's nice when it's all wet,' he whispered. I blushed and gave his cheek a slight slap. He chuckled and we splashed and swam around for a bit before we decided to go inside. He wrapped a warm fluffy towel over my shoulders and gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead before hugging me really tight. I was slightly surprised, but I just sighed, closed my eyes, and hugged him back.

'I love you,' he whispered and gave me a gentle squeeze. I looked up into his eyes, and stared at him in adoration. Slowly, our lips met and his arms around me tightened. He leaned his forehead against mine and let out a long sigh.

'What was that for?' I whispered while smiling softly.

'For making me so happy,' he whispered back while returning a loving smile. I giggled and we went back inside the house while holding hands. As we both stepped into the hot shower, we melted together and caressed each other's bodies, our lips melded together, and our love burning strong.

'I love you,' he whispered before kissing me softly.

'I love you too,' I whispered back and kissed him back. The water ran down our bodies as I closed my eyes and rested my head against his chest as he rested his chin on my shoulder.

'Does this count as being kissed in the rain?' I quipped with my eyes still closed. I heard him chuckle and kiss my cheek.

'Just because you had a few licks of my dick does that mean you're not a virgin anymore?' he retorted back and soon laughter echoed throughout the bathroom. We stepped out of the shower and simply walked around naked. As we stepped out of the bathroom I realized something. During this whole time...I haven't been self conscious of my body,,.at all. I felt my grin grow by the second as Ray came up behind me and looked at my face.

'What's wrong babe? And what's with the goody smile?' he asked while staring at me in s strange way. I grabbed his face and gave him a big smooch.

'I love you,' I said while whisking past him. I looked back and saw him touching his lips and blushing deep red, and that made my smile even larger.

'Ooooo, the great Ray Matelli blushing? Don't tell me you're becoming a little sissy,' I teased while bolting downstairs. I laugh as I ran down the stairs with Ray hot on my heels and soon he tackled me onto the sectional. He tickled me till I was red in the face and my sides hurted from laughing so much. I rested my head against his chest, panting while throwing in the occasional giggle. I heard him so as he rolled over so I was on top of him. He smiled broadly as we stared into each other's eyes and he kissed me deeply while hugging me tightly. I felt his warmth spread through my body, his bare skin felt good against mine, and his lips were as soft and comforting as ever. I rose off from the sectional and shot a smile back at him while walking towards the kitchen.

'Where ya goin?' he asked as he followed me into the kitchen.

'Gotta make dinner, duh,' I retorted while rummaging around in the refrigerator. There were the usual things any household would have, nothing fancy. I check in the freezer and there was some ice cream and I laid my eyes on some ground beef.

'How do you feel about burgers?' I asked with my head still in the freezer.

'Shit, I would love some!' he quipped while coming to my side and pulledout the ground beef and tossed it into the sink to let it thaw. He then swooped me up and began carrying me up to his room. 'Soo...what to do in the mean time while the meat thaws?' he growled while setting me on his bed and lying on top of me. I felt myself let out a small moan as he bit my neck and grind against me. He chuckled and drew the covers over us.

'Better be careful or else it might lead to things,' he said with a wink. I blushed and slammed a pillow over his face while pulling the blanket over my head. I heard him laugh as he wrestled with me under the blanket, only to have it ending with a passionate kiss and our hands wandering around each other's bodies. I felt his lips pull up into a smile in the middle of a kiss.

'Never knew you were such a little horn ball,' he crooned while nipping my ear. I giggled licked the edges of his lips.

'Well now you know,' I said with a wink and slid my tongue into his mouth. I felt his hands give my nipple a gentle pinch, sending a jolt through my hard cock, making me breath out a small moan. All of the sudden he stopped and slid out from under the covers and walked to the door.

'Hmm I gotta check on something,' he said while laughing and running down the stairs. I stared at the door dumbstruck and immediately bolted out of the door and down the stairs, chasing after him as he ran around the house. I looked around, and I couldn't find him. I jumped as I felt his arms encircle my waste and his warm breath against the back of my neck.

'Finally you got a taste of your own medicine,' he said with a chuckle and then poked my side. I yelped and wriggled around his arms as he tickled me pink.

'haha..stooop!' I cried while trying to avoid his hands. He laughed and ruffled my hair.

'As you wish my love,' he said while bowing down to me. I smirked as planted a kiss on his head, and walked towards the kitchen.

'where ya goin?' he said while following me. I grabbed the apron from the wrack and tied it around my waist.

'Starting dinner,' I quipped as Ray leaned against the doorway and blushed.

'What are you blushin about?' I questioned as he blushed even redder.

'You look...really...sexy in that apron,' he said while stumbling over his words. I chuckled and gave my bum a little wiggled while taking things out of the refrigerator. I felt him come up behind me with his boner pressed against my ass cheek.

'Getting a bit hard there aren't you? I said casually while setting the things on the counter.

'More than a bit, I'm rock hard,' he growled in my ear. I blushed as I felt him push me back against it.

'I'm thinking we should start wearing clothes again, we're all over each other today!' I said while giggling and turning around to kiss his neck.

'You have no idea how much I'm holding back,' he hissed him my ear while pinching my butt. I kissed down his neck and circled his nipple with my tongue, making his cock throb and smear precum against my stomach.

'By the looks of your balls you have a lot holding back,' I crooned while kissing him on the cheek and wriggled away from him and took out the knife and the cutting board.

'Such a tease,' he said while chuckling and walked out from the kitchen. I discreetly watched his ass as he walked away; it was well sculpted, and absolutely perfect. I breathed out a sigh as I felt myself become hard once again.

'What have you got yourself into,' I whispered to myself while chuckling and slicing some onions. I stood as far away as I can to avoid the effect of the onions, dropped them in a bowl along with the ground beef. I seasoned it and mixed it together before shaping them into circles large enough for the buns, which were pretty big. I didn't want to grill them so I just took out a pan and fried them. As I flipped the patties, I became skeptical about whether I would be able to finish it. They were pretty big, and I didn't eat much, pretty much only about one or two meals a day. I have to admit though, ever since I met Ray, my health has been improving. I slept better at night, and I wasn't as depressed anymore. Suicidal thoughts no longer flooded my brain, and the only tears I cried was tears of happiness. I smiled softly to myself as Ray walked into the kitchen and rested his chin on my shoulder.

'Smell fucking delicious,' he complimented while kissing me on my cheek. I turned around and placed my hands on the sides of his face and kissed him deeply. I heard him suck in some air, but he finally relaxed and we melted into a tight embrace with our lips together in a warm kiss. He stared into my eyes as our lips parted with a soft smack.

'Another random kiss out of the blue? What's up?' he said while flashing that godly smile. I smiled back at him and went back to cooking.

'I love you,' while flipping a patty. He quickly swiveled me around and lifted up my face with a finger. He slowly lowered his lips to mine and used his other arm to pull me against him, closing all space between us.

'I love you too,' he breathed out while resting his forehead against mine. I closed my eyes and sighed as we stood there. I leaned my head against his chest and listened to his heart. His heart was pounding against his chest and his arms tightened around me.

'That's what you do to me babe,' he whispered while holding me tighter and nuzzled my neck. I loved the feeling his body against mine, the gentle touch of his hands, his warm and soft lips, his course five o clock shadow, I loved absolutely everything about him. I took his hand and pressed it against my chest and stared into his eyes. I saw a warm smile form on his face as he pulled him back into his arms and hugged me tightly.

'I love you so much Levi...' he whispered in my ear as we swayed back and forth.

'I love you too Ray...' I whispered as I felt a tear slip down my cheek. All of the sudden, the smell of something burning flowed into my nose. I felt my eyes shot wide open and turned around to see the patties starting to burn. I immediately freaked out and took the spatula and started flipping them, being careful to not get any oil on me. Soon they were all flipped and ready and I set them on the buns and stared at them. It wasn't to bad, slightly charred, but maybe it would taste ok.

'Mmmm looks good,' he growled as he carried them to the table.

'They're a bit burnt though,' I said while sighing and putting the apron on the rack. I sat across from Ray and we each took a burger and I hesitated before biting it. Ray though, already began digging in.

'Shit, one of the best burgers I've had,' he said with a mouthful of food. I blushed and stared at it.

'You sure? Isn't it a bit burnt?' I asked timidly. The last time I messed up food my father threw it at me.

'Yes I'm serious! The burnt adds a nice touch to it,' he said while swallowing. I smiled and finally took and bite, and surprisingly, it was good! We enjoyed it and after we finished, we leaned back with a full stomach, ray finished at least two, but I could only eat one.

'You have such a small stomach,' he said after letting out a loud burp. I giggled and let out a small one. He stood up and began cleaning the table as I wrapped up the rest of the meat and placed it in the fridge.

'I don't eat that much, I could barely finish one!' I said while smiling at him. He immediately rushed over and swooped me up and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

'Bath time,' he cronned while carrying me upstairs.

'This is like...our fourth shower today,' I said while staring at him in suspicion.

'Hehe..I know, I just like seeing your body all wet and how frisky we get in there,' he said with a wink.

I giggled and wriggled out from his arms and ran into the bathroom. He followed after me and sat on the counter and I stared at the tub, with a confused look on my face. Evidently, I never really used one of these things, the one at my house was simple, and this had various knobs and buttons. I heard Ray chuckle as he came up from behind me.

'Here, lemme help you,' he said softly while reaching over me, making me bend over as he turned the knobs. I blushed as we both began getting hard. His cock was pressed against my butt once again and his arms left the knobs and came around my waist.

'You know....you really get me worked up easily,' he breathed in my ear while kissing the back of my neck. His hand rose up and slid over my nipples, making me shutter as he bit my ear.

'Shouldn't we tone it down? If we keep going like this we're gonna end up humping whatever moves,' I retorted while letting out a small moan. He traced my jaw line with his tongue and I turned around and kissed him passionately. I felt his tongue beckoning for entrance and I parted my lips and his tongue darted inside. I felt him pushed me against the wall as our kiss became more passionate, desire burning strong in us. His hand wandered down and cupped while balls and rolled them around in his hand. I felt heat rushing continuously throughout my body as his tongue circled around my nipple. He kissed down lower and stopped at my hardon. I looked down at him as he grabbed my raging hardon. He stuck his tongue out and slicked the tip of my head, and then took the head in his mouth and circled it with his tongue as he rubbed the inside of my thigh. I groaned loudly I began thrusting in his mouth and slightly enter his throat. I didn't know what happened, but I snapped out of it, and I pulled my dick out of his mouth and he looked up at me, confused, but then after a few seconds of looking in my eyes, he smiled warmly and nodded. He rose back up and hugged me tightly.

'It's cool, don't worry about it,' he said while kissing the top of my head.

'Thank you, sorry for leading you on,' I said while resting my head on his chest. Head lead me over to the tub and turned off the water.

'Babe, we've been leading each other on the whole day,' he laughed as he picked me up and lowered both of ourselves into the hot water. We both let out a long sigh as the warmth enveloped us and we began unwinded from the day's activities. I looked up at Ray, his eyes were closed as he let out a long sigh, his heart beginning to slow down, his breathing slow and even. I leaned my head against his chest and closed my eyes as well, and smiled softly as I felt Ray wrap his arms around my shoulders as he kissed the top of my head.

'I think...this is what heaven is like...' I whispered with my eyes still closed. I heard him chuckle softly as he gave me a gentle squeeze. I opened my eyes as he tilted my chin up to his face with his index finger as his dark brown eyes stared into mine, they were so deep, so loving, so comforting.

'Then I must be dating an angel,' he whispered back and kissed me. Our tongues locked together as spark flew and electric currents coursed throughout my body. I let out a soft moan as I wrapped my arms around his neck and his arms tightened around my body. I closed my eyes as I felt his soft lips against mine, his heart beating so hard that I could feel each beat against my own chest. I closed my eyes as I felt a tear of joy slip down my cheek. Never have I felt such happiness, never have I felt such love, never have I felt such feelings till now. Feelings so new to me that it scared me at first, but now, it only made our love deeper and stronger. Our lips parted and we both let out a long sigh as He pulled me into a powerful hug and nuzzled my neck. I let out a giggle as his five o clock shadow pricked my neck, a feeling that I didn't despise but loved instead.

'I love you so much,' he whispered in my ear while kissing my cheek. I Grinned broadly and tightened my arms around him as I gave him a big smooch on his cheek.

'I love you more,' I said while smiling broadly and patting him on the cheek where I kissed him. I felt his hands go to either side of my face and he planted and big kiss on my lips which left me blushing and stuttering.

'I love you more times infinity, no take backs,' he teased while lifting me up and carrying both of us into the standing shower and pressing me up against the wall as he kissed me deeply. He smiled as I stared into his eyes adoringly, his hair matted against his face and the water trickling down his muscular, tanned body, making him seem as though he was seducing me without even lifting a finger.

'You're blushing again,' he said as he chuckled while giving my nose a gentle pinch and shook it from side to side. I gave a grunt and swatted his hands away while giving his nipple a pinch, making him grunt as I saw his cock reacting a bit.

'Stop it haha,' he growled in my ear while nipping my ear. We kissed playfully as we soaped and washed each other's bodies, his hands occasionally wandering to my crack, which I had to swat his hand away to keep his hand from doing anything beyond that. I can't say I didn't do my share of fondling though, but either way, it was mostly playful kissing and teasing He turned the water off and wrapped a large towel around us as we stepped out of the shower while kissing at the same time. He looked in the mirror and hugged me tightly. I looked in the mirror as well and smiled at our reflections.

'We make such a cute couple,' he crooned while turning his head to the side and leaned it against mine. I studied the reflection, and I had to admit, we did make a pretty cute couple. He took one more glance at our reflection and we walked out of the bathroom with his arm around my waist and my arm wrapped around his. We stopped at the drawer and he pulled out a t shirt for him and me, and some pajama pants for him and me too. I pulled the shirt over my head and I pulled the pants up while pulling the draw string almost all the way so it could fit my wait. T shirt hung loosely on my small frame while it clung tightly to Ray's muscular chest.

'You look so cute,' he said while ruffling my hair. I laughed and followed him downstairs as he led me to the balcony, keeping in mind to take a blanket with him. He sat in a large wooden chair and I sat on his lap as we stared out into the night, looking over at a little strip of Boston over the tall trees, a river of lights shining brightly as it illuminate a little bit of the night sky that resided over it. I saw Ray's hand go up and point towards the night sky, and as I looked up, I smiled at a familiar sight. There weren't as many stars as there had been on our first date, but regardless, a night sky with even one star will reminded me of that wonderful night. I felt Ray silently tilt my face towards his as our lips melted together. I felt his hand go to the back of my head as our kiss became more passionate and his hand searched and found mine. While holding my hand, we kissed in the dark under the night sky and the river of lights. He let out a long sigh as I felt myself blush in the dark. I was never tired of his kisses, hell I couldn't get enough of anything! His kisses, hugs, words, tickles, his touch, I always wanted more. We cuddled in silence as we stared into the night, his arm around me as his hand held mine.

'Did I forget to tell you I love you?' he whispered in my ear, making me jump as he broke the silence as he sent his loving words into my heart, which swelled with happiness ever since I met him.

'Did I forget to say I love you too?' I whisper back while giggling.

'Mmm you're so sweet,' he growled and brushed my lips with his. I pecked him on the lips and slid off his lap and paused at the doorway.

'One word, Ditto,' I teased while running upstairs. Ray was way faster than me and sweeped me off my feet while running up the stairs and jumped on the bed with me still in his arms. Our laughter echoed throughout the house as we wrestled on the bed and playfully kissed each other on whatever place we wanted. He finally pinned my arms down and stared down at me as we both panted.

'Kiss me,' I panted and he quickly complied. Our legs became entangled as his fingers intertwined with mine. I closed my eyes as his tongue slid into my mouth and I moved closer to close the space between us. Ray pulled the crisp sheets over us as we continued our kiss and his hand slid up my shirt, making me let out soft moans as his hand brushed over my erected nipples. I felt him grind his hardon against mine as he licked the edges of my lips, and then flopped next to me while throwing an arm and a leg over my body and held me tightly. I saw him smile in the dark, and I smiled back.

'Best fuckin day ever,' he sighed while rubbing his nose against mine.

'You have no idea how great today was, you make me so happy Ray, I feel so different now, so...happy,' I said softly in the dark as I felt Ray's eyes staring into mine. There was silence, and I felt Ray's warm breath drifting on my lips.

'I know it may not seem like it...but you changed me too,' he whispered and pressed his lips gently against mine. We pulled away held each other while drifting off to sleep.

'I love you Ray...' I whispered as my eyes began closing shut.

'I love you to Levi,' I heard him whisper back. I began drifting off to sleep and right before my brain closed down for the night, I heard Ray say something.

'I want you to meet someone tomorrow.'



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