I sighed as I picked my books from the floor and listened to the snickering groups that passed by. It happened from time to time, maybe once or twice a week, but still, I never grown quite use to it. I wasn't very popular at school, in fact,I was pretty much the least popular guy in this damn place. I didn't have a friend here, and no one bothered to try to be my friend. I was often alone, at school, at home, everywhere. I know, sounds like a whole bunch of crap, but to be honest, it was true. I felt a few tears brimming and quickly blinked them away and continued to pick up my fallen things that a group of popular kids knocked out of my arms. I felt horrible, everyday was like this and I was sick of this, but I stayed anyway, I knew that education was more important and was worth this shit, and plus, I wanted to make my mother and father proud. I sucked in some air as I remembered my mother. I didn't know her, I didn't know her at all, she died while giving birth to me. All I had were pictures of here, just pictures and tid bits from other relatives that I occasionally saw. From what I heard she was always nice and sweet, and my dad was the complete opposite of what he is now before my mom died. It was painful for me and my relatives whenever they bring up the fact that I look just my mom, I had her piercing blue eyes, her soft lips, her dark brown hair, her v-shaped face, her pale skin, and I would compare myself to her and I do agree, I look a lot like her. I continued to blink away tears and reached for the very last book on the floor. Right when I placed my finger tips on it another person's hand picked it up.

'This yours?' said a manly voice which I heard so many times from afar. My eyes went up to his face and I gasped a little. There he was, my ultimate crush since the beginning of my freshman year(I'm a senior now). Ray Matelli. He was tall with a light tan and a slight 5 o clock shadow. He had broad shoulders and pecs with dark chocolate brown eyes and dark brown hair. Years of a combination of Track, Football, and swimming molded his body to perfection, to me, he seemed like he walked out of some underwear ad.

'Oh, thank you,' I said softly while taking the book from him. I didn't want to look in his eyes, I felt so inferior compared to him.

'You ok?' he said quizzically.

'Yea, thanks again,' I replied and rushed off with my eyes still on the ground. As you can see, I wasn't very social, I found it difficult to make friends and open up to people and well I'm not like people. Yea I'm gay, blah blah blah. Ben there since I was 14, and had no experience what so ever when it came to a relationship. As I rode the metro bus home down the busy streets of Boston, Massachusetts, I feared what awaited me at home, wondering what will happen this time. The bus dropped me off at the stop, where I walked the rest of the way home with the cold wind whipping in my face and an armful of book to carry to top it all off. I finally reached the door to my home. I looked at the knob, wondering whether it's best to stay out here or go somewhere else and not come home for a while. I didn't know where to go, I didn't feel like walking to wherever but I didn't want to go inside as well. I decided to just get it over with, and turned the knob and stepped inside. The TV was blaring and my dad was slouching on the couch with a cold beer in hand and a remote in the other.

'Hi dad,' I said quietly.

'Shut up faggot!' he barked while keeping his eyes glued to the TV. My eyes sunk down to the floor again as I climbed the stairs to my room, where I could find peace. I closed the door behind me and leaned back against it with a heavy sigh. '

I wish he hadn't found out I was gay,' I mumbled to myself while letting a tear drip down my cheek. He found a few magazines of mine last year and has been treating me even worse than before he found out. He despised me, blaming me for the death of my mother and he beats me 4 times a week, especially when he was drunk, and to top it all off, I was gay. I went and sat on my bed and stared at the picture of my mother that stood on my nightstand. I grabbed it and inspected it closely, wishing that she was here right now or just aborted me. I let out another heavy sigh and began getting ready to go to work. I stopped and began thinking about stopping to make dinner, but then I remembered that we had leftovers.

'You're gonna have to live on that tonight dad,' I mumbled to myself. I cooked, cleaned, worked, and sometimes pay the bills, and also fixed up whatever needed to be fixed around the house. All my dad does is work, buy liquor, food for himself only and pay most of the bills. The rest was on my shoulders. I padded down the stairs and quickly rushed out of the door.

'Bye dad,' I said before closing the door. He didn't reply. I didn't know why I always said hi or bye. He didn't care, he either replied with an insult or just ignored me. I got out my bike and started pedaling away to my job. I worked at Walmart. It really wasn't so bad. You get discounts, some benefits, plus the store was actually clean. When I got there, I punched myself in, clipped my name tag on with my name Levi on it. Yup, my name is Levi Colligan, and I was no stud. I was very thin and had a small frame, but biking and walking toned my out, but I was still skinny and looked very frail and innocent, in my opinion that is. Never asked anyone how I looked like to them. I immediately began shelving items or doing whatever needed to be done. Occasionally I helped out a customer in need of finding something that was either nonexistent or right there in front of them. I was restocking some shelves when I felt a tap on the shoulder. I turned around and came face to face with an old lady.

'Excuse me dear,' she said sweetly. She was around 70 something or so, but she seemed really nice.

'How may I help you,' I said softly with a smile. She grinned back and pointed up on a shelf.

'Can you get that for me please dear?' she asked shyly. Now I wasn't the tallest person in the world, only around 5'7, but this lady, she looked like she was only 5 feet. I reached up and took the box and handed it to her.

'Here ya go,' I said happily.

'Oh bless your heart,' she said and beamed broadly and slowly walked off.

'Talk about a stereotypical grandma,' I said and went back to work. A few seconds later, I felt another tap on my shoulder. I turned around and I felt my heart skip a beat and my knees go weak. There he was, standing with 6'3 feet of drop dead sexy. When he saw me he looked completely caught off guard.

'Oh, hey...' he said awkwardly. He seemed to be going slightly red.

'How may I help you?' I asked quietly.

'Ummmmmm...' he said nervously while putting his hand on his neck and rubbing it. 'Where do ya'll keep your condoms?' he said and breath out a sigh.

'Follow me,' I said and pretended like I wasn't a little turned on and my cock wasn't starting to get a little stiff. When we got to the section that provided everything you needed, from condoms to Viagra. He paused and looked at the various condoms, and I saw a frown form on his face and he turned towards me. 'Umm...' he started getting red, 'You got any more somewhere?' he asked. I didn't know what he had to be so damn shy about, he's fucking hot!

'What's the problem,' I asked, curious to see his reason.

'They don't have my size here,' He said. I looked at him, deciding to pop the question.

'What's your size?' before answering, he turned deep red.

'Extra large,' he replied rubbing the back of his neck once again. I felt my heart accelerate and my cock stiffen a bit more. I tried hard to keep my attention focused and not think about his huge cock fucking my brains out.

'Oh,' I replied, I sounded really surprised, 'I'll go check, wait right here' I said and rushed to the stock room to check for some. After going through various boxes, I finally found a box of them. There were barely any! Guess there's not a lot of extra large cocks around this place. Grabbed a box of 10 and swiped a package of 3, curious to see what extra large is. I rushed out of the room and when I got back, he was still standing there browsing through the various array of lubes and whatever they had. I never really spent much time here, most people know where to find these things.

'Here ya go,' I said while handing him the box.

'Thanks!' he said and smiled sheepishly. 'Sorry for the trouble, my regular supplier went out of business,' he said with a nervous chuckle.

'Glad to help,' I said quietly and walked away. That was the longest I ever talked to him! I was so excited and happy, I worked till 11 at night without taking a break, humming songs to myself while working. I know it sounds ridiculous but hey, it was the longest I ever talked to him! I punched myself out and biked my way home to an empty house. Most likely my dad went to a friends house or some bar, either way he was wasted by the time he got home. I went into the kitchen and clicked on the light and went to the fridge. There was barely any food left! I took out what was left, warmed it up, and ate alone. When I finished, I went upstairs showered, and began on my homework. While working I stopped to take a few breaks and look around my room. There wasn't a lot, but a few things I collected over the year. I had a bookshelf with at least a hundred books, yea I'm a book worm, a laptop, a drawer with some clothes, various models of planes, cares, boats, a basket full of yarn for knitting(don't laugh it's useful!) and a small tv. I had internet, though it wasn't exactly mine, I was using the neighbor's internet, and technically that was illegal. I leaned back in my chair and sighed. I was wearing a black t-shirt and flannel pants which began having a tent in them. I stared and wondered whether I should rub one out.

'Well...' I said to myself while rubbing it through the fabric, 'I haven't done it in a while so what the hell,'.

I slowly peeled off my shirt and pants and look at my 7 inch hardon. I began to run my fingers lightly over my cock while I played with my balls in my hand, focusing a lot on the head of my cock. By this time, it was rock hard and I decided to stop teasing it, and grabbed it and started to jerk my cock, taking long and even strokes. I stuck a finger in my mouth and slowly sucked on it and pulled it out and pressed it up against my pucker and let out a soft moan while I felt it slide inside. I developed and good rhythm and continuously fingered myself, now with 2 fingers, letting out loud moans . After a while, I decided to go the extra mile and pulled my fingers out of my ass and jumped on my bed. I began lifting the lower half of my body over till my cock rested on my face, this was something I practiced for years and I can almost suck my whole cock. I grabbed my cock and slowly lick around the head and let it enter my lips for just a few seconds and pulled it out and tongued the underside and the slit, which precum was now and I enjoyed it very much. I the began pulling my hips down so I could get more of my cock into my mouth and began pistoning my head back and forth, letting out loud moans. I used one of my hands and began massaging my puckers, feeling it twitch as I sucked my own cock, and shoved wo fingers in, making my moan louder and suck harder. I laid there, sucking on my cock and fingering myself, rarely touching my prostate but when I did, I nearly screamed. Soon, I felt cum boiling in my balls and I began sweating as I came closer to cumming. I added a third finger in and began sucking faster, tonguing the head while I did. I felt myself touch my prostate and screamed as I began cumming in my mouth, and some began to seep out of my mouth while I came. I laid there with my cock swimming in it's own cum and I slowly sucked the last few drops while swallowing the remainder of my cum. I felt my softening cock slip out of my lips and I laid back and gasped for air. I didn't have that big of a cock, but I always came a lot for some reason. I slowly got up, still catching my breath and grabbed a few tissues and cleaned my self up and took a quick shower. I was to tired to finish the rest of my homework, that session took a lot of energy out of me so I slipped back into my clothes, clicked off the light, and snuggled under the covers with a blanket I knitted to keep out the cold. I laid there and stared at the picture of my mother. I let out a long sigh.

'Good night mom,' I whispered and slowly drifted off to sleep. All of the sudden, I was awakened by my door bursting open.

'LEVI!' I heard my father roar.



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