I woke up to a world of absolutely delightful sensations, which began from my face and shot through every vain in my body and to the tips of my fingers and caused my toes to curl as pulses of tingling electricity made my whole body vibrate with life. As I tried to sit up, I took notice of something heavy being on my chest, something warm, large, moving, breathing. As I tried to sit up, a new feeling entered into the world, one that began from my chest, and I let out a cry. As soon as I felt that, my eyes snapped open, and I came face to face with Ray, his face barely an inch from mind as he gently sat on top of my partially exposed chest, and his arms were on either side of the pillow I was laying on.

'Finally..' he said softly and smiled. I could feel the corners of my lips curving up as I reached up slowly, and cupped his rugged face in my soft hands, and pulled him down for a kiss. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to be immersed into the addicting sensations once more, but this time, I experienced its full potential now that I was wide awake. I could feel his lips brushing against mine, his mouth slightly parting, beckoning my tongue, his large hands roaming my body, his intoxicating scent that drifted into my nose. His smell, his touch, everything about him made my brain buzz with excitement while emotions swelled in my chest, causing my heart to pound against my ribs to the point that it felt like it might break one of them. Slowly, I snaked my hands up his chest and wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him even closer, pressing my lips even closer against his, that was all I wanted all the time, to be closer to him.

'I could kiss you all day,' he whispered as we laid side by side. His arm and leg were thrown across my thin body while I rested my head against his arm.

'How long were you kissing me till I woke up,' I asked gently while burying my face into his chest.

'Mm...maybe for a minute. It didn't take you long to react,' he chuckled, and played with a lock of my hair, twirling it around his finger then letting it unwound.

'Well...it felt wonderful.' I said meekly. I felt his arm slide off and he slightly tilted my head up with the knuckle of his index finger.

'Really now?' he remarked.

'Of course..your kisses are always so..electrifying.' I said and nuzzled his neck.

'And your kisses are calming and sweet,' and he kissed me lightly. I giggled and rolled over so I was on top and kissed him.

'Every morning is always a good morning,' I said smiling widely. The sun was shining, I was with Ray, and today was my first Thanks Giving! To say I was happy was an understatement. I was staring at Ray's face, getting ready to lay down and kiss him when all of the sudden the doorbell rang.

'Hmm? They're here this early?' Ray said, lifting his head up a little and eyeing the bedroom door.

'Patty and Rosaline?' I asked. I was pretty sure it was them, if it was anyone else, Ray would probably have flipped me out of the window by accident while he tried to rise and tidy up.

'Yup, mind greeting them babe?' he said while nudging me off of him and kissing my cheek.

'Eh? Why can't you come too?' After I asked him then, he immediately pinned me down and pressed his body down on mine, gently biting my neck. This answered my question.

'I see..' I said while blushing at the feeling of something hard pressed against my stomach.

'Now get your cute butt out there and greet our guests,' Ray crooned while slapping my ass as I jumped out of bed. Now instead of yelping, I giggled since I was use to it. I bounded down the stairs and hurried to the door, taking a few seconds to make sure I was decent with nothing in my crotch area protruding, and finally opening the door to Patty, wearing a cream colored sweater which a vest decorated with little prints of autumn leaves and blue jeans. Rosaline was wearing a light brown mountain air wrap with a belt looped at her small waist, and charcoal slacks with a small black purse to match with it. If Rosaline wasn't smiling then I would've felt intimidated by her. She was such a tall and slender woman, but when she wasn't smiling the atmosphere felt so tense and suffocating, as though one wrong move could set her off.

'Happy Thanks Giving!!!!' they both shouted and hugged me. I couldn't tell whether the fact I was getting use to it, or just because Patty was hugging me as well, but the urge to shove Rosaline wasn't as strong this time. It was just a mild itch on the tips of my fingers and I didn't have to clench my jaw this time.

'Where's Ray?' they asked after they were inside and the door was close.

'He had to er...take care of some things,' I said while gazing up at the ceiling. The last thing I wanted to tell them was that he couldn't answer the door because he had a huge hardon, most likely induced by me.

'Uh huh..' Rosaline said incredulously while the corners of her lips tilted up. Sometimes I think she has the power to read minds or something.

'Ol feller poppin up again? Were you young men canoodling before we got here?' Patty asked, her smile getting wider by the second.

'Uh...so how was you girl's morning?' I said attempting to change the subject. I turned my head in another direction to hide my red face and my nervous smile.

'Ah well boys will be boys,' Rosaline chuckled and breezed past me towards the kitchen.

'Go see if Ray's penis went back to sleep sweety,' said Patty while nudging me towards the stairs. This made my heart skip a beat and I nearly tripped as my head snapped back to her direction just in time to catch a wink from her. I nodded, and stumbled up the stairs while admiring how open she was about this kind of stuff.

When I came to the door I heard the low murmur of a tune coming from the other side, a soft slow one that sounded like a song that would play as a person reminisces about the good times of the past, something Ray must do a lot. I open the door a crack and his voice echoed from the bathroom and flowed sweetly into my ears, and I relished it. I always found his voice amazing simply when he spoke a word to me, and when he was singing, his voice was absolutely phenomenal. I cautiously padded through the room and peeked around the corner into the bathroom and saw Ray. He was holding a comb like a microphone and bellowing at the top of his lungs with his eyes closed and the biggest smile on his face.

'You make me smile like the sun, fall out of bed, sing like a bird, dizzy in my head, Craaazy on a Sunday night. You make me dance like a fool, forget how to breath! Shine like gold, buzz like a bee. Just the thought of you can drive me wild...' All of the sudden his eyes snapped open and he pulled me into his arms, and stared into my eyes.

'Oh you make me smile,' he sang softly, and kissed me. What felt like a million butterflies flew and knocked against the walls of my stomach while the giddy feeling shot through my body to the point that I actually felt my foot pop up. I clung to his shirt and kissed him back gently and fought the urge to giggle from happiness.

'Smile by Uncle Kracker,' he said gently looking down at me.'Hugged him tight and kissed him on his freshly shaven face.

'Your singing is amazing,' I said softly.

'I love to sing songs that express how I feel,' he chuckled and placed his hand on the back of my head, swaying us both side to side.

'I love your voice,'

'And I love you,' he whispered in my ear and I leaned my head against his chest, listening to the music of his heart as we swayed slowly from side to side, happy that we had each other.

We padded down the stairs hand in hand still dressed in t shirts, mine being a long sleeve, and flannel plants. The smell of coffee drifted throughout the house and filled my nostrils, and immediately I heard Patty whispering endearments to her coffee.

'You're a sexy cup of coffee aren't you?' I heard her say.

'Shut up woman! Not here!'

'Cram it young lady, I have rights!'

'Well I have the right to kick your wrinkly ass if you don't zip your lips!' Rosaline hissed.

'Bring it on,' Patty provoked

We stole glances at each other and immediately rushed to the kitchen and found Rosaline and Patty on their feet, their faces barely an inch apart trying to stare each other down. I have to say, Rosaline would probably won, it's hard to be intimidating when you're standing at five foot one and old as dirt itself

'Ummm..' I said nervously when I spied Rosaline fingering a butter knife. If Patty wasn't so old I would've ignored it.

'Hey!' Ray boomed, breaking their concentration.

'She started it,' Patty accused.

'Excuse me?' Rosaline said with her hands on her hips. Within that moment, another staring contest started, but a few seconds went by and they busted out laughing.

'Ah crap I can never do this with a straight face!' Rosaline laughed while pressing her hand to her cheek.

'Shit woman! You had to start laughing!' Patty replied slapping her knees. I inched closer to Ray, and took my hand in his.

'Do they ever get in a serious fight?' I whispered.

'Not that I know of. They're always playing around like this.' Ray whispered back.

'They're like mother and daughter,' I said, and saw Rosaline run off with Patty's coffee

'Exactly,' And we took a seat and watched Patty chase after Rosaline around the house after her coffee.

'Boys, get ready! We're going to go shopping today,' Rosaline called out from the kitchen.

'Sho..pping?' I said as though I didn't know what the word meant. Chances are we were going to go to Wal-Mart, and that means revisiting the old place I use to work as well as something that was part of my past. I knew that it was impossible, a person cannot run from away from their past as much as they liked to, but I was hoping that I would never have to go there again, until maybe a year or so had went by and the memory of me had faded a little in the minds of people that knew the old me. Not only did I not want to go there, there was also the problem of Ray. Let's say someone from our school was there and caught oh-so-popular Ray with crappy Levi? I know he defended me once in public, but that was at school! So what would happen if we weren't in public and he bumped into someone? As far as I know I didn't have the power of invisibility, though I would love that. I may be blowing this problem out of proportion, but it really did worry me of what people would think of Ray. Would they think more or less of him?

'Yes, its Thanks Giving is it not? Last time I checked we needed ingredients to prepare food,' Rosaline said smiling.

'Ah yes, as Valentines Day is the day for sex, Thanks Giving is the time for stuffing our faces!' Patty said while patting her stomach. I couldn't help but smile at that comment, which was followed by a giggle because I felt Ray gently pinch my butt.

'Move your ass Levi, the sooner we get those ingredients, the sooner we start cooking, and the sooner we eat!' Ray urged while nudging me up the stairs. Seeing that it was morning and I haven't eaten anything yet, the stairs wore me out and I was panting by the time I was at the top of the stairs I was panting.

'Awww Levi's so out of shape,' Ray said condescendingly and ruffled my hair. I padded quickly into the room and a small glint on the desk caught my eye, so I stepped a few paces backwards and stared at the rose. It was still alive and has not lost any of its charm or beauty. Speaking of past I was lucky for that day When Ray reached down the dark abyss that I was sitting in, and pulled me out into the light of a new chapter in my life. God only knows what would've happened if I had stayed there any longer. In fact, I might've been with god...and my mother as well. While staying there, the thought of suicide grew more and more prominent in my thoughts and the need to destroy myself raged through my weak mind, ravenously chewing up the little bits of sanity that was left lingering in my dark world. I felt myself touch my lips, the lips that were kissed for the very first time by Ray, the man that I was infatuated with for endless days. The man that I had the pleasure of calling my boyfriend and touching his flawless body whenever I liked. I've wanted to do so much for so long, such as kiss and hug, but there was more. I wanted more, but I didn't know whether I was ready or not. I breathed out a sigh of adoration and with a gentle smile clinging to my lips; I entered the closet with Ray and kissed him deeply. He was a little surprised, but in no time he kissed back and pressed my body against his.

'I love you,' I said sweetly, and licked the edges of his lips.

'Mmmm, nice little surprise there. I love you too Levi,' he said while rubbing his nose against mine.

'Anything in particular triggered that kiss?' He asked and softly nipped my ear,

'Nothing, just felt like I,' I giggled, and traced my finger along his exposed chest.

'Oh? Really now,' He said softly while following my finger with eyes.

'Of course,' I whispered and kissed his neck, my hand snaking down his abs till it rested on his crotch.

'You felt like having a little feel babe?' he growled. I could feel his dick starting to rise a bit.

'Naw, this is just an extra perk,' I said smoothly, and gave his crotch a squeeze, causing him to gasp.

'Babe,' he groaned, and I swiveled around and searched for something to wear.

'You're such a tease,' he said gathering me into his arms and kissing me on the cheek.

'Really now? I didn't know.' I retorted, and pressed my butt against his bulge.

'Uh huh, sure you didn't,' He said sarcastically, and brought his lips close to my ear.

' Of couse, I know how to get you worked up too.' He said softly, and tweaked both of my nipples, causing me to cry out and my dick to react almost immediately.

'N..No fair,' I whimpered and wriggled in his arms.

'We're on common ground here, so everything's equal,' he stated, and brushed his lips lightly against mine.

'Whatever,' I said still hard and blushing, and returned to my search for clothes.

'Cute as a button,' Ray chuckled, taking notice of my red face and wide smile.

I settled for a knit sweater and jeans, just something casual, while Ray wore a T-shirt and his jacket, and Jeans. When we came down, Rosaline was in the kitchen muttering something and washing out cups, while Patty was sitting on the sectional watching Baywatch.

'Wish my boobs were still like that,' she said wistfully and glanced down at her boobs while cupping them with her wrinkly hands.

'You can't be serious...' I said slowly stepping back.

'Patty! Come on, not in front of Levi!,' Ray moaned and immediately clicked the TV off.

'What's the matter? I have rights!' She snapped.

'Yeah, well for once I thought maybe you could be normal,' Ray sighed.

'I'm old!' Patty said shrilly.

'Quit playing that card!' I heard Rosaline scream from the kitchen.

'Gotta do whatcha gotta do to get by,' Patty yelled back. I turned away and let a small giggle. Despite how weird she was, I thought it was hilarious.

Thankfully, Ray took us in his red mustang to a whole foods market instead of the usual stores; maybe he knew that I didn't want to go to places like that. It was relatively close to the shop, and it also had a nice, fresh, outdoor scent to it when we entered through its doors. There were rows of fresh fruit and vegetables everywhere, milk, eggs, and various other organic products that would appeal to the health nuts of the town.

'Alright, you two grab a cart, we split the list in half to save time,' Rosaline said handing me a list. I skimmed through it, and it wasn't anything complex, just the usual things that would be included in a thanksgiving meal.

'Meet back in half an hour, now move!' Patty shouted, trying to look as tough as possible, which I found was pretty much impossible. A woman such as herself looked like she shouldn't even be standing without a walker!

'What are you smiling about? Move, shoo, scat!' she shouted and gave me a swat with her notepad. Immediately Ray and I scampered away with a cart and roamed the aisles, picking up things along the way. It felt a bit odd, shopping with Ray. I wouldn't be too long ago that I wouldn't even be thinking about kissing him, let alone touch him. In a way, this all felt nice, as though my life was finally starting to calm down. I always shopped alone with something terrible brooding in my mind, but now, I was simply shopping, shopping with someone, shopping for something that made me happy instead of scared. Ray walked beside me, checking things off the list while I simply pushed the cart, humming a soft gentle tune to myself. I loved the market. The various colors, the crisp, clean, natural atmosphere that hung around and tickled my nostrils with glee as a new scent incorporated itself into my mind. I was brought out of my floating thoughts by a warm touch on my hand, finding that Ray had gently placed his hand on mine.

'Relax, we're alone,' he said soothingly, rubbing his thumb against the back of my hand and brushed a little kiss on my lips. I attempted to pull my hand away, as much as I liked it, I was still afraid. Last thing we needed was people to see.

'Ray, we're in public,' I said timidly.

'I know. There's no one around though and I can't be with you for this long without a kiss,' he whispered, pulling me close. I could feel myself trembling a bit, fearing that someone will see. I could feel the urge to kiss him pulse and throb strongly, and then fade back into the shadows of fear. I faced discrimination from my father, and that was in my old home, and it was mostly just one person with the exception of his friends that occasionally came over. I was afraid what a whole mass of people could do. People gossip, people spread secrets, a single bacteria that escaped its dish onto a clean surface and started as one, but can turn into millions. I didn't want a person contracting that bacteria and I didn't want it to be spread around. I was as Ray would call me, his pretty little secret, but I saw myself as a dirty little secret, and I was a secret that never wanted to be told.

'But...' I began, but Ray kissed me hard. It wasn't that long, but I could hear my heartbeat echoing in my ears, and a mixture of fear and happiness enter into my body. We've kissed in the parking lot, but his parking spot was rather remote. To me, this was the first step of making our love visible, and this scared me. I didn't know exactly what waited in the future if people were to find out, I had ideas, but they were rather grim and involved us getting hurt one way or another. After a few seconds, I forced myself away from him with my hand clasped over my mouth.

'R..Ray, please..' I breathed, resisting the urge to return to his arms and kiss him once more.

'Levi, you don't need to be scared.' Ray said gently and took hold of my hand. I gazed down at his hand and jerked it away.

'I just don't want anyone to see us, one person can spread the word pretty fast,' I said barely above a whisper.

'I know, but I've been here since I was 12, and never have I met someone from school here.' He reassured and gently took my hand into his and squeezed it. I stared at the ground, still unsure. Silence filled the air while we stood there for a few minutes, lost in thought.

'You know..' Ray began, and pulled me close.

'You've been holding my hand this whole time and you didn't even freak out.' He said, and smiled. I glanced down at our hands and realized that I forgot to pull it away when he took hold of it.

'Does this place have a bathroom?' I mumbled. I could feel it.

'Yeah, of course, you need to go?' The urge..

'Take me there,' To kiss...

'It's locked,' he said, jiggling the doorknob.

'Fuck it..' His warm lips...

I took his face into my hands and crushed my lips against his, feeling a wave of euphoria flood into my system, like a drug. Ray immediately responded and backed me into a corner, kissing me with more and more passion, our bodies pressed together as close as possible. I didn't really care about whether or not a person sees us, I just wanted him. I wanted to kiss Ray, feel him, touch him. Once Ray pointed out that he couldn't go that long without kissing me, the urge of mine became more profound. His tongue slipped into my mouth while his hand snaked up my shirt and felt my chest. I wrapped my arms around his neck and breathed a half stifled moan as he pinched my nipple. Our tongues dueled with each other, pushing playfully against each other. He was my drug, and I was hooked.

'I love you Levi,' he breathed, brushing me a light kiss.

'I love you to Ray..' I mumbled, rubbing my cheek against his, feeling the heat radiating from his skin. Ray was right, we were alone. No one came to this part of the store while we were kissing, and during that time all my fears loosened their grip on me, and floated away into the shadows. I had no idea how much time had passed, but it felt like a while. I didn't want to leave this little corner; I just wanted to be alone with Ray for now.

'We should get back to shopping,' Ray murmured, kissing my neck. I breathed out a sigh, and closed my eyes.

'Lets just stay here..a little longer,' I said softly. I felt him kiss my cheek and give me a squeeze.

'I would like nothing better.' He said, and kissed me.

We stayed there for a good deal of time before returning to the list, and this time we decided to split up to make up for the lost time. Ray went off somewhere, and returned within a few minutes while I was in the midst of picking out vegetables.

'Hey Levi,' he said, trying his best to sound casual.

'Hello..' I said flatly, picking up a cucumber. I could feel the tension in the air that surrounded us, tension that existed because we were trying so hard not to display affection towards eachother. Images of me pressing my lips against Ray's flashed in and out of my mind, causing me to stiffen when I felt Ray's warm breath drifting along my ear.

'You know my dick is way bigger than that cucumber babe,' Ray growled in my ear and gave it a discreet lick. I immediately dropped the cucumber as heat rushed to my face and a cold chill ran down my spine. I slowly bent over and picked up the cucumber, taking a glance over my shoulder at Ray's handsome face. He winked devilishly at me, and I involuntarily licked my lips.

'What..what else do I need?' I asked, regaining my composure.

'Hehe well..I think you need one of those big chickens,' he said walking up next to me. My eyes darted from left to right, checking the area. There were people, but not a lot thankfully.

'..you mean a big cock?' I said seductively, stroking the cucumber a bit before placing it into the cart. I heard him inhale sharply, and from the corner of my eye I could see his growing bulge.

'You're such a fucking tease Levi,' he growled from the corner of his lip, giving me a playful nudge with his elbow.

'You started it! I just play along,' I whispered and pushed the cart foreword with Ray trailing at my heels.

After we were finished shopping, we went back to the entrance to find that Rosaline and Patty were already waiting for us.

'What did you guys do, have a quickie in the bathroom?' Rosaline hissed while eyeing us up and down. I blushed and looked away, while Ray simply laughed.

'It was locked, and we haven't even gone that far yet!' Ray laughed. I bit my lower lip when I felt a little wave of guilt enter my mind. I knew he wanted to have sex but I didn't think I was ready. To be honest, I was a little scared at the thought sometimes. I didn't know why, but thinking about it frightened me a little.

'We're taking it slow,' Ray said happily, and gave me a pat on the back. I nodded and returned my eyes to the cart.

'Aw good for you Ray! Why I remember that a month hadn't even passed by before fucking that other guy!' Patty quipped. I felt my heart skip a beat when this finally processed in my mind, and I felt my head snap in Ray's direction.

'Patty..' Ray said lowly, his expression darkening, and the tension started seeping into the air.

'Whoops,' Patty said, and clapped her hand over her mouth while slowly turning in the other direction. I gazed at Rosaline, and saw she had her arms crossed, and her lips were drawn tight. Just like that, everything was awkward. My mind was now frazzled with another thought in my mind, the thought of Ray's previous lover. How far was he into the past? When did they meet? Does Ray still contact him? Who was he? At this point, I could feel my body beginning to tremble as my anxiety began climbing up. The more I thought about it, the more my fears increased.

'Umm..Lets..lets get out of here. It loks a bit odd that we're just standing here.' I said softly, throwing in a small smile to maybe reduce the tension. I saw everyone relax a smidgen, but the tightness still lingered in the air. We walked in silence to the checkout line. I took a few looks up at Ray's face, and saw he was neck deep in thought and concern.

'Hey..it's alright. We'll talk about it when we get home.' I said gently, placing my hand on his arm. I looked down at me, and smiled.

'Alright Levi,' he said, and nudged me ahead.

The car ride was uncomfortably quiet, but I tried my best to talk and little, to show that they didn't have to worry. Eventually Patty loosened up and we struck up a conversation, but Ray and Rosaline remained silent. When we arrived home and took the groceries in, Ray grabbed my hand and pulled me upstairs into his room, locking the door while I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. Ray breathed out a sigh, and turned around with his back pressed against the door.

'Ray..don't worry, have a seat.' I said gently, patting the spot next to me. He sat down and shrugged off his jacket before turning towards me.

'Babe, I'm sorry.' He rasped. I shook my head to the side, and placed my hand on his.

'For what? You did nothing wrong,' I chuckled.

'I just feel like I should be sorry'

'Ray, it's not like you're cheating on me right? He's just you're ex.' I reassured. When the thought of cheating crossed my mind, I felt my heart rate turn up a notch. I didn't think he would, but anything was possible.

'I should've told you,' He whispered. I shook my head and placed my hands on his cheeks.

'It never came up, so you didn't have to.' I said and playfully shook his head. He nodded, and rubbed his face with his hands.

'Tell me, what about this is bothering you?' I asked, and took his hand into both of mine and squeezed it.

'I don't know. I just feel bad for not telling you.'

'Ray, everyone has their past, and they don't have to tell anyone about it unless they want to. I will admit I was a bit scared at first, but..it's alright. I understand,' I said while pulling off my hat and threw it off to the side. Things went silent for a bit and Ray pulled me down so I was on top.

'What went through your mind when you heard about this?' he asked

'The normal things. How long were you guys together, how long has it been since your relationship ended, whether you still kept in contact or not, and who he was.' I replied. Downstairs I heard the muffled voices of Rosaline and Patty going at it again, and this made us smile a bit.

'She can't keep her mouth shut, can she?' I laughed.

'Nope. She says what she wants, whenever she wants.' Ray chuckled. I rested my head on his chest, and stared out the window.

'Please don't be afraid to talk about things like this with me, I truly do understand.' I said gently, and rose up.

'Besides..I love you too much to be feeling anything else besides happiness.' I whispered, and kissed him. I felt him slid his arms around me and held me closer, the edges of his lips curving up in the middle of our kiss as he Ran his fingers through my hair. I was hoping that he was convinced that I was alright. Throughout our conversation, I was thinking about it and my mind placed things back into order and reduced my anxiety. I trusted Ray, and I wanted him to see that he could talk about anything from his past without fearing that it would upset me.

'How did I get a guy like you?' he crooned, and kissed the top of my head. I giggled and nuzzled his neck.

'You had me the moment I laid my eyes on you freshman year.' I whispered

'I was still crushing on you when I was dating my ex,' he chuckled, and gave me a squeeze.

'Really?' I said, raising an eyebrow at him. He nodded, and kissed my nose.

'I couldn't get you out of my mind, and that was when I didn't even talk to you. He said, and placed his hand on the back of my head.

'Do you know how crazy I am about you now that I've actually gotten to get to know you?' He whispered. I blushed, and kissed him hard. I heard him let out a groan as he flipped me over and hovered over me, licking the edges of my lips and diving his tongue into my mouth. I closed my eyes and breathed out a moan as I pressed a hand against his cheek and slipped my tongue into his mouth while my other hand drifted down to the edge of his shirt so I could pull it up and feel his exposed chest. I could feel his chest rising and falling fast, his soothing warmth, and the definition of his muscle. He kissed his way across my jaw line and gave my ear a small lick before biting the soft shell. I breathed out a sigh and wrapped my arms around his neck, blushing when I heard him unzip his pants, revealing his strained briefs and a large wet spot at the tip of the tent. To tease him, I rolled my hips against his and reached down and slid my fingers against it, causing him to groan and his dick to throb.

'Babe..' he growled in my ear, and grinded against me. I felt his hand slide down into my pants and grasp my hardon, making me shudder as I felt as though I was going to cum any second.

'We should stop..we have guests.' Ray groaned, and pinched my nipple, causing me to moan loudly.

'Besides, at this rate we're going to end up having sex,' He said with lust, staring into my eyes. I nodded feverishly, and brushed my lips against his.

'I love you Ray..' I breathed out. He rolled off of me and gathered me into his arms, his boner wedged between us.

'I love you too Levi..so much.' He sighed, and kissed my forehead. We laid there for a a while, time passing by us without a care in the world, until I started to doze off, that's when Ray nudged me.

'We better get up before we miss the thanksgiving dinner,' Ray said softly, kissing me on the cheek. I nodded, and reached down into his briefs and stroked his dick a few times, making it grow hard against.

'Levi!' He groaned. I giggled and zipped it up quickly before hopping off the bed. Ray quickly followed and gave me rough hug while poking at my sides, sending me into a fit of laughter.

'Hehe you little rascal,' he chuckled while lifting me off the ground. I squirmed in his arms and laughed.

'Come on! We have to go help; we can't let them do everything alone!' I whined, and then Ray set me gently on the ground. I hugged and kissed him, and padded towards the door.

'Wait!' Ray said, and grabbed my hand.

'Sure you're okay?' He asked. I nodded and smiled.

'Of course!' I replied with a smile, and pulled him out the door with me.

The wonderful aromas of food filled our nostrils as we bounded down the stairs in a rush to help out. When I arrived in the kitchen, Rosaline and Patty's attention immediately went to me. They stared at me, stiff and nervous, hoping that there wasn't any trouble. I glanced to the side and saw Ray setting the table, and I looked back, and gave them a thumbs up. Both of them breathed out a long sigh, and returned to cooking.

'Come on in, help us out a bit.' Rosaline said cheerfully while stirring gravy in the pot. I nodded and immediately went to helping.

'So you've been the one stealing Ray away from us at dinner time,' Patty said watching me cook.

'Oh..I'm sorry,' I said urgently. I was afraid that she was a bit edgy about the fact of me cooking for Ray instead of her.

'Oh darling no no no! I'm happy about that, really!' she said, placing a hand on my shoulder.

'It's a good thing Levi. I'm glad that Ray has someone to take care of him, someone close, someone that loves him as much as he loves them. It's good that he doesn't have to be alone anymore.' She said softly, and gave me a warm loving smile.

'Thank you..' She whispered, and patted my hand before returning to the other dishes. I placed my hand on when she touched me, and smiled. It truly felt like I was at home.

Our hard work showed brilliantly with the many delicious and golden dishes that sat upon the table in front of us. Ray had gone to the basement to fetch something. I could feel all my nerves buzzing from excitement as I thought about how I was about to experience my very first Thanks Giving. In the past, Thanksgiving, like all the other holidays that many people celebrated were nothing but days of pain as I constantly saw painful images of happy families laughing and smiling, being together. While others were scarfing down turkey and gravy, I was usually screaming and crying while my father abused me. While others were conversing with large crowds of relatives or friends, I was in my room alone and drowning in my sorrows. While many were high up on happiness, I was desperately trying to find a little crumb of happiness to live on. While others were thankful for a loving family, I was hoping and wishing for a loving family. Now, this was the day when I would be one of those happy families with many things to be thankful for and surrounded by loving people.

'Hey Levi, can I have a word with you?' Ray asked, breaking me out of my thoughts.

'Huh? Yeah sure,' I replied gingerly, and followed him into the other room.

'I went to the basement to get some wine, but then I remembered that you know..its alcohol and all. I just wanted to make sure that it's alright to be drinking that stuff in front of you.' Ray said, holding my hand. I stood there, and shook a little at the thought of alcohol. Tequila, beer, vodka, hard liquor that brought on so many years of physical and emotional pain from someone that was suppose to love and cherish me.

'Levi..it's alright if they don't want it, I can make up something,' He said, hugging me. Images flashed in and out of my mind, brining tears to my eyes as my body began trembling. I shook my head, and wiped the tears from my eyes.

'No, it's alright, really..' I replid softly. I was thinking about the wrong alcohol. This wasn't beer, tequila, or vodka, it was wine. Wine was drunken at dinners in small or moderate quantities, wine was fancy..wine was healthy.

'Levi, really, don't do anything that you don't want to do.' Ray urged. I shook my head and smiled up at him.

'Don't worry, its fine. It's not like its hard liquor or anything. Besides, my dad never drank wine, and the thought of him drinking it is kind of odd.' I reassured, and took his hand and lead him back to the table. He pulled the chair out for me, and then rushed and got the bottle of wine and glasses. I clenched my jaw and tensed up, for the images of all those painful nights continued to haunt my mind. I dug my nails into my palm as I tried to get a grip on myself. It's wine, just wine. Yes it's alcohol, but father never drank wine, nor will he ever, besides, it's hard to get drunk on wine right? Even if they do get drunk it's not like they'll hit me, Patty and Rosaline are your friends, and Ray loves me with all his heart. Don't worry, I just need to get a grip, and take a sip. Who knows, maybe it'll be alright. Yeah, it's going to be alright.

Once the wine was poured and we have all taken a seat, Patty cleared her throat, and we all fixed our attention on her.

'Well, today is Thanks Giving, and we should be thankful of what we have, and though it is unfortunate that two people of our family aren't with us, we have a new addition to our family as well. This I am thankful for, as well as for all the years of health and wellness that allow this old bird to continue to soar. I would like to say, Welcome to the family Levi,' Patty said, beaming brightly, and raised her glass to me. I could feel the little tickles of happiness swirling around inside, warming me up to this new change of scenery. Next was Rosaline, and she looked at all of us, smiling warmly.

'Well, Patty took the liberty of saying what I was going to say,' she started, shooting a playful glare at patty. 'but I guess it's something that we all should be thankful for. I'd like to add to it though, for I am thankful for not only for a new addition to the family, but for a new love that has started to blossom between these two handsome gentlemen and for the chance to be here to see this day. Levi, I welcome you to the family, and hope that you accept us as your family as well.' She said happily, and raised her glass to me. The little tickles inside were slowly becoming nudges, and the swirls were becoming waves.

Ray was next, and this time he stood up, wine glass in hand.

'Well, I guess we're all focusing on Levi today, not that it's a bad thing of course. The thing I have most grateful for of this year, is the fact that I finally had the courage to talk to this amazing, beautiful guy, and get to know him better. At first, I only had the intention of being his friend, but my emotions got the better of me, but it all worked out for the best. Now, I have the pleasure of holding him in my arms, kissing his delicate lips, and telling him that I love him as many times as I want, and whenever I want. Levi, I just want to say thank you, for everything.' He said, his eyes shining as he raised his glass to me. Now, the nudges had become full blown beats that pounded against my heart, and the waves had become tsunamis that swept me up into a feeling of euphoria. The happiness was coursing through me, making me feel as though I was floating in a peaceful silence in the bask of a loving family. Now it was my turn to say my thank yous. Slowly, I stood up and wiped the few tears brimming in my eyes before taking a breath to speak.

'First, I would love to say thank you to you guys, for accepting me so easily into your family.' I began, staring back at all of them as their eyes were fixed on me with warm smiles spreaded across their faces.

'A home to me, is a place that is a place filled with love, a sanctuary that offer solace and comfort in your darkest hours, and shelter from the maelstrom of life when you can no longer endure it.' I continued, my voice trembling and my heart pounding.

'A home, is filled with the people that you hold dearest to you, people that would not hesitate to embrace you even when they have no reason to, and most of all, a place that you always want to come back to no matter what. You all have given me a home, a beautiful wonderful home, and I cannot thank you all enough for it.' I finally said, with tears streaming down my face and a wide smile. I could feel myself heaving and crying as everyone got up and surrounded me, hugging me tightly and letting me soak up their love. It was all so much, so powerful, so overwhelming. I was not use to this at all, all my life I lacked a true family, and now here I was, in only the matter of months, being embraced by a little makeshift family that I had been welcomed to with open arms and words brimming with kindness. I felt the prickle of Ray's stubble on my cheek and his words rang loud and clear.

'I love you Levi..and welcome home,' he breathed, and kissed me tenderly. I felt Rosaline and Patty release us as they noticed that our lips were locked together, planting multiple sweet kisses on each other's lips while his hands rubbed my back. Oh how sweet it was to tell them this, to let them know that I was eternally grateful for their acceptance when I needed it the most. It just felt so good, to know that they felt the same way that I felt about them. I let a small laugh escape and Ray smiled, kissing me some more and hugging me tighter.

'Hey boys, we're here to eat turkey not dicks,' Patty shouted, and Rosaline bursted out laughing, followed by Ray and then me. In the middle of laughing, I looked up at Ray, and he wiped my tears away with his sleeve, and held my head against his chest, both of us still laughing. Eventually, the laughter trailed off, and we were left standing there in silence as Ray stood there, kissing the top of my head and swaying us back and forth.

'Come on..let's eat' I said softly, patting his chest. He gazed down at me and then kissed me on top of my nose.

'Happy thanks giving babe,' he said and led me back to my seat.

The dinner was grand, filled with laugher, happiness, and burps. Even from Rosaline, who was usually uptight to a degree about manners I was incredibly happy, feeling wrapped up in a large blanket of warm and soft happiness, I even took a sip of wine. It wasn't so bad, in fact it was kind of nice. Heaps of food were placed around, forks and spoons clattered, teases from little quarrels of who would get the turkey leg. All this, was not how I thought a happy family would be like. It was better. Imagining it was one thing, watching it was another. But experiencing the feeling of finally having a loving family was truly wonderful.

'Sweet mother of mercy!' Patty blew out, settling back in her seat and unsnapping a button from her pants. We were all leaning back in our chairs, tummies swelling after finishing off the massive pumpkin pie and chocolate cake.

'Mercy is what my waistline could use after this dinner,' Rosaline groaned staring down at her stomach. I gazed over ay Ray, who let out a loud belch and patted his stomach.

'You guys are lucky; you don't have anything to worry about! Patty exclaimed, looking like she was having trouble breathing.

'What are you talking about; we have plenty to worry about!' Ray retorted, letting his head fall to the back of his chair.

'You guys still look as thin as ever, especially Levi!' Rosaline shot back.

'You guys still look alright..' I attempted meekly.

'Excuse me, does this look ok?' Patty laughed, pointing at her bulging stomach.

'Bet your abs still show,' Rosaline huffed, flipping her hair.

'Maybe they do, maybe they don't,' Ray teased.

'Show us y'all stomachs!' Patty shouted, raising her glass.

'Ummm..' I hesitated, shielding my stomach. I had some scars on my stomach, and I was afraid they were going to force us.

'It's obvious that Levi's still thin as ever' Ray said, nodding in my direction to indicate that he knew what I was thinking.

'But I'm not sure about me, what do you ladies think?' He said casually, and lifted his shirt to expose his glorious abs. This brought out all the whistles and shouts of encouragement.

'Take it off!' Patty yelled.

'He needs money, quick, hand me a twenty!' Rosaline joked, diving her hand into the pocket of Patty's vest.

'Lettuce is green, it'll have to do!' I laughed, throwing pieces of lettuce at Ray. He took his shirt off and swung it around his head while we all laughed and clap in enjoyment. Sadly, after a few moments he slid his shirt back on and took his seat, and reach for the bottle of wine. The moment he reached out for it, Rosaline's eye shimmered and went razor sharp, and her hand flew out like a dagger and grabbed Ray's hand in a vice like grip.

'Don't drink so much...you're still young..' He voice menacing, her cold and sharp eyes flitting to me for a split second and then back to him. Immediately, he retracted his hand and placed it on the table, and fiddled with a fork. What the hell just happened?

'Aw come on, its Thanks Giving! Let him live a little,' Patty said nervously, her eyes darting towards me as well, then back at Ray.

'No no..Rosie's right. I shouldn't drink too much,' Ray said, raising his hand and shaking his head. What the hell is going on? All of the sudden everything seemed to have come to an abrupt stop, and everyone looked a bit frazzled. I looked at everyone, and shifted uncomfortably in my seat, not sure of what to say.

'We...should clean up,' I said, eyeing the plates. I wanted to get things going again, and try to make them focus on something else other than Ray. Why were they looking at me though? What's up with that? Did they know about my father?

'Right, come on, up up!' Patty said quickly walking around the table gather plates. I glanced at Ray, and he smiled and mouthed 'I'll tell you later'.

After plates were cleaned, food was stored, and bellies were relaxed, it was time for Patty and Rosaline to head home. It wasn't too late when we saw them to the door, carrying with us some containers of food for them to take home with them.

'Ah it was a good Thanks Giving you two,' Rosaline said, shouldering her purse.

'Good? It was Fantastic! If your parents were here we would've never had this much fun!' Patty laughed. At the mention of his parents, I glanced up at him and saw a little flicker of sadness show in his eyes.

'Haha of course! Thanks for coming over guys' Ray said hugging each of them.

'And I'm glad this little one was here today as well!' Patty giggle, giving a little tap on my nose with her finger before hugging me.

'I loved it, and hopefully it won't be the last.' I said and hugged each of them.

'It most certainly will not! I look forward to seeing you at the table next year!' Rosaline said in the midst of walking out of the door.

'Have a nice evening! Don't have too much fun boys!' Patty shouted from her car and popping a wink.

'I can't guarantee that!' Ray shouted back, grabbing my ass. I jumped a little a blushed while waving at them while they pulled out of the driveway. Once they disappeared into the night, we closed the door, and I placed my hand on Ray's arm.

'You alright?' I asked gently.

'Yeah..' he sighed and took me into his arms.

'..so..why was Rosaline acting like that?' I asked hesitantly.

'Oh, she's just a bit protective. She doesn't mind me drinking a little but when she thinks it's too much she gets really serious about it.'

'So, they don't know about my father?'

'I told them that you were kicked out because you had a bad relationship with him, that's about it.' His expression darkened when I mentioned my father. I nodded, and glanced uncomfortably around the room.

'Shower time?' I asked, and smiled.

'Hehe, naughty aren't you?' He growled, and kissed me.

'Maybe,' I said softly, kissing his neck.

'A maybe equals yes,' and he hefted me up into his arms.

'Woo..looks like someone gained a few,' He teased.

'Excuse me?' I retorted, wriggling in his arms.

'Just joking Levi!' He laughed, and jogged with me in his arms to the bathroom.

In no time, the hot water was running, and Ray was nudging me into the soothing water. The moment he stepped in, he pressed me against the shower wall and began passionately kissing me. I eagerly kissed back and immediately slipped my tongue into his mouth while caressing his chest, savoring it's smoothness as the warm water intensified the heat that I felt under my fingertips. His body was pressed up against mine, and I could feel his dick throbbing against my belly. His pulled his lips away, and kiss down to my neck and gently bit it. I let out a sigh and wrapped my arms around his neck, causing him to rise back up and kiss me once again.

'Do you have any idea of how much I had to hold back today Levi?' He growled in my ear, hugging me at the waist from behind.

'A lot,' I said simply, resting my head back against his chest.

'And did you hold back any?' He chuckled, and kissed me.

'Of course..I always want to kiss you Ray,' I mumbled, and kissed back.

'The water's starting to get cold..' he said after a while, resting his chin on my shoulder. Without a word, I turned off the shower and took a towel and threw it over Ray's head. Ray let out a little laugh, and we dried each other off and got dressed.

'Hey Levi..' I heard Ray say from behind me when we padded out from the bathroom.

'What?' I said, and turned around.

'GO!' He shouted, and tackled me onto the bed. I felt a sudden whoosh of air escape my lungs, and I fell limp under him when we landed on the bed.

'You alright?' He frowned. 'You're looking a bit more pale than usual.' I raised my finger, signalizing to give me some time.

'Ok..' I breathed after a minute or two passed.

'You alright?' He asked again.

'Sure,' I replied

'Hey Ray..' I said sitting up.

'What's up?' He said starting to get up.

'GO!' I shouted, and jumped on him. He let out a grunt as I jumped on top of him and grabbed his arms. We laughed loudly, and wrestled playfully around the bed and making a ruckus. Of course, seeing that Ray was an athlete and I wasn't it didn't take him long to pin me down.

'Mercy?' He questioned sitting on me while his hand on the side of my face.

'Never,' I growled, and bit down on his hand. He let out a yelp of pain and I leapt on him and had him on his back.

'What now?' I said, smirking.

Feisty little devil,' He chuckled, and hugged me. I wriggled in his arms panting.

'You fight dirty you know that?' He said and kissed the top of my head.

'Do whatcha gotta do,' I said, and shrugged.

'What happened to a fair fight?' He pointed out, and nudged me.

'Hello!' I shot back, and slid out from under his arms and wrapped both my hands around his bicep, attempting to squeeze it.

'True..' He said thoughtfully, flexing it.

'I can barely get my hands around it!' I whined, giving it a playful slap. He then grabbed me by the front of my shirt, and pulled me down so I was face to face.

'Are you sure you're not talking about my dick?' He hissed my ear. I went silent after that, and attempted to get my hormones under control.

'Maybe...' I teased, and kissed his cheek.

'Speaking about something big, what did you think about today?'

'Whats the relevance between your dick and Thanks Giving?!' I asked, smirking.

'Well both involve large amounts of meat, that's how' he chuckled. I laughed softly, and kissed him.

'Well..' I began, laying my head down on his chest and cuddling him.

'It was wonderful..a perfect first Thanks Giving...' I sighed.

'First?' and he raised his head.


'Ah...I thought that maybe...you know at least you experienced a little of that when you were young..' he said softly, and stroked my head.

'Maybe..if I did then I don't remember.'

'Well then I'm glad that I could give you that experience..' he said, and squeezed me. Things became quiet while I replayed today in my head, and Ray thought about whatever he was thinking.

'What you said...it was beautiful,' he rasped, and held me tighter. I shifted around on him, and gazed up at his face with adoration.

'Truly..you don't know how happy I am to know that you love us so much, even though you haven't known us for very long. At first, I was afraid that maybe you were just being nice, you know, since you know that those two were so important to me, but after hearing what you said, it showed me that you weren't just being nice. You loved us, and hearing that we were your family just made me so damn happy...' He breathed out, and kissed the top of my head hard, and nearly squeezed the air out of me.

'..I truly do love you guys. Back then, when thanks giving rolled around the only thing that I thanked for at night was for the fact that I was still alive. The only problem was, I also cursed the fact I was still alive. I was caught between fighting to keep my life and just giving up and letting it slip from my fingertips and surrendering to my darkest desires of death. But..now...I have more to be thankful for..and it feels as though I'm slowly being lead back into a world of light.' I gasped, fighting back tears. I clung to him desperately, burying my face into his chest and trying not to cry for once.

'Please cry Levi..let out what your heart wants you to..' He said softly, and placed a hand on the back of my head. After that, I allowed for the tears to flow and gasped for air as I let out more of the pressure from the emotions that was built up in my chest from the whole day. Despite the tears seeping out from my eyes onto Ray's chest, I had a full on smile twisting on my lips.

'You know what..I said about finding a home..?' I hiccupped, and looking up at him.

'Yeah..' he said, and wiped my tears with his hand.

'My heart has found a home with you..' I said, and smiled softly.

'..Why do you say such sweet things..' he said, and kissed me. A small laugh escaped from my lips, and I continued to kiss him back tenderly, relishing the feeling of my heart being filled from the loving words of people that seemed to actually care about me.

'..Because I love you, that's why,' I replied after our lips parted.

'You know what's best after a huge Thanks Giving dinner?' he asked.


'Sleeping after the meal,' he said, slipping out from under me and walking across the room to turn off the light.

'You know what's best about sleeping?' he grunted, hopping back in bed.

'What?' I giggled as he gathered me into his arms and drew up the covers over us.

'Sleeping with the person you love wrapped in your arms,' he sighed, and kissed me on the cheek. I wriggled in his arms, and nuzzled his neck.

'Yeah..I love that too..' I sighed as my eyes began to droop rapidly.

'I also love you..Goodnight Levi,' he said, his voice trailing off.

'I love you...Thank you Ray..' I said softly in the darkness, and both of us fell asleep.

I reluctantly woke up and rose up from under the warm covers and Ray's arms to the annoying sound of the doorbell ringing over and over again. I glanced at the clock, and it read six in the morning.

'Who is it at this hour..' I groaned, flopping back into bed.

'Don't know, just make it stop.' Ray moaned.

'You want me to answer it?'

'Please..' he grumbled, and placed his pillow over his head. I slowly got out of bed shivering from the cold, and dragged myself downstairs to the door. The moment I woke up I could feel the effects of all the food clinging to the cells in my body like little weights and weighing me down. When I arrived at the door, I rubbed my eyes and stood on my tip toes in order to look through the little peephole that provided a view of who was there. The person that I saw standing there, was somebody that I haven't seen or thought about in a while, nor did I suspect would be coming.



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