Stories by GSC

  • Rough Fuck in the Locker Room

    Tim dropped his own towel and began to stroke his cock, working it up into a full-blown boner. Fuck! These two guys had two of the biggest rods I'd blown in the two months I'd been on campus.

  • Are you awake

    Fuck Pete, you're giving me a boner. Wish I had someone's hand around my cock right now, Pete. The rustle of a sleeping bag, a zip opens.

  • Sodom

    A groan escaped my parted lips as my hungry eyes devoured his sleeping penis. It was of perfect shape and proportion and still had his foreskin, unlike my mine, and again he was totally smooth. There wasn't a single hair anywhere on his body.

  • The Sex Club

    I looked at him and he was watching the other guy blowing me. Then he started rubbing his hands over my pubes, fingering my balls as they met with the guy's chin. He slid closer to me, rested his head on my shoulder and reached under my balls.

  • The terrible waiter

    David saw that pre-cum was dribbling out of the powerful erection in his hand and he licked it off before he hungrily devoured it down his throat. Using his hands he grabbed the man's arse cheeks and started to deep throat him.

  • Turkish Hotel

    I hadn't seen him before, this young Turkish guy behind the counter. He wore a short sleeved shirt open to reveal a smooth chest, his face was clean shaven. His dark skin was smooth and his hair was black, well trimmed and glistened with some kind of gel.

  • Yianni

    I use my imagination again and again the shorts are gone. His cock hangs out, limp and smooth. Dark skin, darker where it wrinkles around his luscious pink head, only a little of it shows from the heavy cape of his hood.

  • Ric

    Under his suit he was naked. His dark skinned chest was smooth, no dark hair like on his head where his hair was tight and curly. His dog-tags hung round his neck and rested between his well tight pecs.

  • Dream fuck

    My cock twitched and I could feel my sperm dribbling out of my cock-head, flowing like a river down my shaft over my tightening bollocks as his tongue worked itself deeper into me. He moved his tongue in circles and then darted in and out lubricating every inch of my insides.

  • In the car

    He slipped his fingers under my shaft and returned the action, lifting my heavy ball sack and letting it play through his fingers as his tongue flicked up and down my shaft.

  • Members only

    He stepped back from the screen, revealing his oh so tight jeans, showing me his slim body. A strange music started to play somewhere and my eyes misted over. I blinked. There was smoke across the screen.

  • Mike

    I'm going to give your backside the spanking it deserves. I'm going to teach you to respect other people and their property and you're not going to leave this house until I think you've learnt your lesson.

  • Blackout

    Nice short hair you got, cropped. Let me feel your face. Bit rough, chin, that's good, that's o.k. Grip my cock, at the base, that's it. Point me shaft at your mouth lad, all of it, all fucking eight inches. Open your mouth wide and push it in, get your throat ready.

  • Chat page spanking

    I unzipped my flies and pulled my full erection out for a bit of freedom. He certainly did enjoy a good spanking as this picture revealed. His arse was bright red and he was being fucked doggie style. I saved all three photos in my "bad boy" file and sent him a reply.

  • Delta Five

    Delta five weren't in the best of moods after losing their football match to Sigma three as they walked back to the campus changing room amongst howls of anguish from their fans mixed in with cheers of joy from sigma 3's supporters.

  • The changing room

    The changing room is always hot and humid. Steam billows from the shower, guys drip pool water and condensation rises from their bodies. No sooner have I dried part of my body than I am sweating, drying myself again. It gives me a good excuse to sit on the low wooden bench and watch him.

  • Two couples

    I raced to the computer to see what the couple looked like. Their faces and body were "average" which was nice and one of them was definitely my type; slightly older with a shaven head and a slight paunch. His partner had a full head of black hair and a beard and moustache, pretty much the same as ...