Delta five weren't in the best of moods after losing their football match to Sigma three as they walked back to the campus changing room amongst howls of anguish from their fans mixed in with cheers of joy from sigma 3's supporters.

Chad, the team captain, was especially frustrated as he walked alone. He had lost them the game because of his failed attempt to take on all of the other team without passing the ball to anybody else. He knew it had been a big mistake when he'd been brought to the ground hard by two of the opposition. He knew that he could have easily thrown the ball to about three of his team mates but as usual he wanted it to be him, and him alone that bathed in the glory; everyone singing his name in praise. This had been his last chance. He knew that he might be thrown off the team as he carried on walking back to the showers sheepishly.

The changing room was deathly silent as he stepped through the door. Chad didn't dare look up at anyone as he walked to his locker, he just stared at his feet.

Every one, including Chad, in the sweat smelling room snapped their heads up as they heard the door bang open. In walked the coach in the filthiest moods they had ever seen. He wasn't the kind of man you messed around with. Chad felt sick in his stomach as coach Wiley walked right up to where he was sitting on the bench in front of his locker. He put his head in his hands and groaned.

'Not now coach. It's been a rough game,' Chad said in the vane hope that Wiley would all of a sudden disappear.

Coach Wiley stood there too angry to speak. His face was bright red as he tried to control his temper.

Chad could feel all the eyes in the room glaring at him and he wondered what the coach was going to say. He didn't have long to wait long, Wiley got himself under control.

'Thanks to you Mr Grey we're out of the cup for another year. I want to see you first thing on Monday morning in my office. I don't trust myself to speak to you at the moment. Is that understood?' He spat threw gritted teeth.

Chad looked at the palms of his own hands and he could feel his heart pumping in his chest.

'Yes coach Wiley sir,' he replied meekly. And blew out a sigh of relief as he saw the coach's feet spin around and march off out of the room slamming the door as hard as possible behind him.

Now that the coach had gone, Chad started to feel his cocky self again. He stripped himself naked and strutted into the steam filled showers where everyone else was.

'You think you're so fucking smart don't you Grey?' Jackson the quarter back said menacingly to him as soon as he walked under the hot cascading water.

'What the fuck's it got to do with you short dick?' he answered back with a leer looking up and down Jackson's strong naked body.

Jackson turned full frontal towards Chad, grabbed his cock at the base and waved it at Chad as he spoke.

'I thought you might say something like that as usual you fuck head. We've all had enough of you fucking with us, now it's your turn to be fucked with,' he said with a glint of satisfaction in his eyes.

'What the fuck are you on about,' Chad said pulling his shoulders upright. Then he saw everyone else closing in around him.

'Any one of you touches me and you're dead meat.' He made his hands into fists getting ready to hit the nearest to him.

He shouted out with alarm when somebody tackled him from behind bringing him down.

Everything turned into a blur as he tried to wrestle away but hands grabbed his arms and legs and someone even grabbed his bollocks and squeezed hard making him yell out in pain.

'Okay everyone take him into the locker room and bend him over a bench with his legs on both sides. He's been playing around like a girl for long enough so I'm going to make sure he gets fucked like one.' Jackson pulled even harder on Chad's hairy bollocks.

On hearing this Chad thrashed about harder and managed to dislodge them. He ran towards the door trying desperately to make his escape. He nearly made it. He ran into the locker room and reached for the door handle when hard bodies slammed into him making him fall once more. His naked body writhed as they carried him to the nearest wooden bench.

'If even one of you touches my arse I'll make sure you're all put away you...!' He never finished; someone shoved a used jock strap into his mouth.

Chad started to feel scared as they put him over the bench. Hands held his legs in place, either side, and did the same to his strong arms. A couple of people put their weight on his back to stop him from getting up again.

Chad watched in horror as Dwight, the new rookie on the team, squatted in front of him stroking his hardening erection.

'That's right Grey you're going to suck on Dwight's dick and any others who want you to. Were going to teach you about proper team work and if you so much as touch anybody's cock with your teeth I'll personally rip your bollocks off with my own hands.'

And then Chad felt hands go between the bench and his bare skin and grabbed his bollocks really hard bringing water to his eyes.

Dwight pulled the jock strap out of Chad's mouth and slapped his hard cock against Chad's lips.

'You put that in my mouth and I'll bite the fucker off,' Chad said angrily. Without warning he felt a belt whip onto his backside and Jackson squeezed his bollocks even harder.

He was hit by the belt about six times then Jackson said.

'Okay Grey if you don't suck some cock now we're going to carry on doing this until you do. There's no getting away from it. Are you ready to suck Dwight's cock now or do we have to carry on hitting you with this belt?'

Chad felt the belt hit him once more, harder this time. He couldn't believe this was happing to him. He was being humiliated and was being forced to suck a man's cock, and not just any cock but the rookie's long thin one now slapping into his mouth. Chad had always believed it was below him even to speak to any of the rookies. He was better than them.

'Open up pretty boy,' Dwight said, smirking down at Chad. He put his hard cock between Chad's lips. Jackson gave him a reminder to do as he was told by squeezing Chad's heavy sac in his hand once more.

Reluctantly Chad opened his lips and let Dwight push his cock into his dry mouth.

'That's it pretty boy, not such a big man now are you?' Dwight taunted. He took a handful of Chad's hair and forced his mouth right down to the root of his cock, letting his thick, blonde pubes cover Chad's nose.

Chad could taste the freshly washed cock as it slithered to the back of his throat. If he was to be honest with himself he had actually sucked a cock once before a couple of years ago and had enjoyed it, but he had a reputation to keep up and had had many girls since then. But he certainly wasn't going to let anybody else know about his past especially not the football team.

'He's fucking enjoying this,' Jackson roared with laughter. 'He's getting a hard on the fucking faggot's getting a stiffy.'

Chad groaned in embarrassment as Jackson started stroking his hardening cock, and then groaned even loader as he felt warm breath over his exposed arse hole. And then something wet probed into him. With a growing horror he realised someone, no not just someone, one of his team mates, had their tongue embedded deep inside his crack.

'Is that right pretty boy? Are you enjoying this? Are you really a faggot?' Dwight carried on taunting as he carried on forcing Chad to suck on his dick. Chad tried to shake his head but Dwight forced his cock down his throat again. He was using his cock like a battering ram and Chad's lips started to tingle.

He was trying his hardest to stay angry with everyone but he was finding it harder and harder as Jackson carried on stroking his dick and someone carried on rimming him. Another groan, (but this one was of ecstasy) escaped his lips as the tongue went away and was quickly replaced with a finger.

'That's it, shove another finger into him and really fuck his arse,' Jackson said in an excited voice.

Chad could feel the build up in his balls and knew he was about to cum. Jackson carried on stroking him and Dwight kept on banging his cock in and out of his bruised mouth. All of a sudden two hard fingers rammed up into his hole opening him up wider. Chad moaned out loud and his dick started to dance in Jackson's hand.

'I don't believe it! The fuckers about to shoot.' He heard Jackson shouting with joy.

And then his dick exploded onto the bench below him. At the sounds echoing around the room of Chad's orgasm the person finger fucking him shoved in another finger and fucked him hard until Chad's bucking body calmed down.

Dwight pulled his cock out and, still keeping hold of Chad's hair, fisted his cock a few times and sent his hot sticky cum flying into Chad's face. Chad could feel the gooey liquid as it slid down his face. He licked his lips savouring the salty taste.

'Come on now Dwight move over it's my turn to get my cock sucked by this fucker,' Jackson said and stepped over the bench in front of Chad's face. 'Here you go, have a taste of your own spunk,' he said to Chad and put a couple of fingers inside of Chad's mouth. Chad, who was still being finger-fucked up his tight hole sucked hungrily on Jackson's cum filled fingers.

'That's it big boy you're going to be part of a proper team from now aren't you? Now that we've shown you how a team properly works.

Chad replied with a moan and nodded his head as Jackson pulled out his now clean fingers.

'Okay Parker,' Jackson spoke to one of the other players over Chad's head. 'Let's show him how we can work together. I'll fuck his mouth while you fuck his sorry arse with that monster between your legs.'

Cad's eyes widened in horror. He'd seen Parker's dick in the showers before and had always imagined him splitting someone wide open with it. He never imagined it would be him. He'd heard Parker boasting about its size before.

'It's nine and a half inches now while it's soft but when this mumma gets big there's not many a girl can take it I'm telling you.'

Chad was terrified, knowing it was going to be up his virgin arse any second. To try and take his mind off it he opened his mouth and began sucking hard up and down Jackson's solid shaft, noting the slightly sweeter taste of his pre-cum to that of his own and Dwight's. He felt hands spreading his cheeks open and then something big and wide tapping against his entrance. Chad closed his eyes and concentrated on the dick in his mouth.

He felt his rim spreading open as Parker began to enter him. The pain was unbearable as it spread wider and wider trying to get Parker's bullet shaped head in. Chad tried to scream as the big knob pushed past his sphincter but his voice was cut off by Jackson's hard on hitting the back of his throat.

'Fuck, you we're wrong about one thing Jackson,' Parker said excitedly as he pushed more of his meat into Chad. 'He hasn't been fucked up the arse before. This is one tight hole here.'

Unseen hands gripped Chad's arms and legs tighter as he tried to get up.

'Try and loosen the muscles in your arse Grey and you'll soon start to enjoy it,' Jackson said almost laughing.

Parker wasn't even half way in before he slowly pulled his cock back out slightly. Then pushed back in, letting Chad get used to his size.

'Oh shit man I'm gunna cum,' a voice near Chad said. Then he felt somebody's warm cum splattering his arse cheeks followed by a cheer from everybody else.

Even though the pain didn't altogether go away Chad was beginning to feel pleasure as Parker eventually managed to sink his erection all the way up his sensitive hole. It wasn't long before the locker room was full of men moaning and groaning in full blown man to man sex. Chad was fully erect again and Jackson and Parker were fucking him from both ends in perfect unison.

'Yeah that's it Parker fuck him harder fuck him harder.'

'Ahh I'm cumming.'

Chad could feel cum flowing over his back and down his spine.

Parker's and Jackson's grunting got louder and louder and the thrusting of their cocks banging away into him got harder and harder.

'You ready to shoot?' Jackson asked parker.

'Hell yes.'

All of a sudden Chad's body was vacated of cock as the two men stroked their cocks once, twice then came at the same time totally covering Chad's ravished body with their hot semen.

Once they had finished depositing their heavy loads over him Jackson told Chad to sit up on the bench. Slowly his racked body managed to sit bolt up right with his dick sticking up in the air.

'Okay Dwight do you want to finish him off?'

With out a word the rookie knelt between Chad's naked thighs, put his cock into his mouth and slipped two of his fingers up Chad's loosened hole. Every one stood in a semi circle and watched the rookie bringing Chad, their team captain, to his ultimate pleasure.

'Oh fuck!' Chad shouted.

Dwight knew he was about to ejaculate so took his mouth away and stroked Chad's cock up and down so everybody could watch. Chad put his hands on the bench and lifted his hips off the bench. His cock began to throb and as soon as Dwight massaged his bollocks shot his load straight up into the air. Streams of the hot liquid shot out of him as he yelled out into the room.

'OH F...U...C...K!!'

The world as he knew it seemed to disappear as his spunk erupted out of his cock head. When he was totally empty he sat back down gingerly on the bench and everything came swimming back into view.

And then he saw it: the semi circle had broken and in the middle of it stood coach Wiley with a video camera.

'So Mr Grey,' he said with a smile on his face and an erection in his shorts, 'I think you'll remember what team work is all about from now on. I still want you in my office on Monday but that will be for... personal reasons. And what's on this video will guarantee us all that from now on you shall do as you're told. Is that clear?' He rubbed his crotch.

Chad, who had never experienced sex like a moment ago, licked his lips and looked directly at his coach's shorts and smiled back.

'Yes coach. And I'm very sorry about before. I'll be in your office as early as possible on Monday morning.



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