I could feel the wind blowing into my open hole as he slowly spread my lips apart with his thumbs. I was in heaven and I felt the build up of hot spunk filling my hairy bollocks as his tongue flickered teasingly over my pleading entrance. I could feel his warm breath as it hovered seductively between my spread cheeks. I closed my eyes and moaned out loud in satisfaction as his tongue glided into my warm dark crack.

My cock twitched and I could feel my sperm dribbling out of my cock-head, flowing like a river down my shaft over my tightening bollocks as his tongue worked itself deeper into me. He moved his tongue in circles and then darted in and out lubricating every inch of my insides. I shoved my head into the pillow and bit into the soft fabric. I moaned louder than I'd ever done as I felt his finger tip scratching at my rim to get in.

Slowly he inserted his long thin finger until I felt his knuckle knock against my puckered flesh. My body was tingling all over as pleasure washed through me like a tidal wave making my head spin. One minute he was rotating his finger inside me then the next he was bending it in half then straight again. Even the pillow wasn't much good anymore as my sounds of excitement grew in a crescendo. He inserted a second then third finger.

His other hand started massaging my large bollocks now sodden with his saliva that had escaped out of my gapping hole as his fingers began fucking me harder and harder. His warm moist hand travelled up my pulsating shaft and stroked it up and down ever so softly. My head thrashed into the pillow as I could feel myself reaching my climax. He knew exactly what he was doing, this master of men. He didn't want me ejaculating until I'd felt his own thick sperm filling up my dark cavern.

He took his hands away from my body and replaced them on my hips. My body burst into goose bumps as his muscled hairy thighs touched the back of mine. I felt his hardness rub up and down between my cheeks and I felt the power as he rubbed harder, grinding his hips against my up turned backside. He took one of his hands from me and grabbed his drooling wet erection. He put his mushroomed head against my slick entrance. My hole stretched wide as he guided himself slowly into me. Pain mixed with pleasure stabbed into my very fibre as my hole stretched wider and wider trying to accommodate his massive size. Water sprang out of my eyes as his cock delved in deeper. His cock seemed to go on endlessly as he inched more and more into me. I wanted to escape as the pain increased but he had a tight hold of my hips I was going nowhere.

He filled my hole up so much I could even feel the thick vein that ran down his shaft as it squeezed against the warm walls of my arse hole. It was a relief when I felt his hairy bollocks squash against mine and he knew I had his whole length inside of me. It pressed into my prostate. Slowly he began grinding his hips into me and the pain soon turned into overwhelming pleasure as he took his cock out of me and slid it back in with ease. He picked up his pace and started fucking me harder.

I could hear his moans every time he ploughed into me. Filled with desire I began to stroke on my own erection. The heat between our naked thrusting bodies soon became intense and sweat rolled off us in buckets. As he fucked me he kept changing his rhythm. One minute he would be slamming his cock in and out as fast and as hard as he could; the next he was tenderly and slowly grinding his hips into me and making his cock rotate making sure their wasn't a bit of my sensitive walls missed.

I had to force myself to stop stroking myself a few times as I was on the verge of explosion and didn't want the ride to end. He fucked me for a good ten minutes when I could feel his thrusting getting shorter and quicker and I knew he was about to ejaculate. With a loud moan I felt his cock expand inside of me and his knob began to throb. Another loud moan from behind me and I felt his hot spunk shooting out and filling me up.

At the feel of his cum shooting into me I shot my own spunk onto the mattress below me. I couldn't believe how much cum he'd unloaded into my arse; he was still ejaculating into me when I'd finished unloading my own spunk. I breathed deeply with satisfaction into the pillow and he pulled his mighty cock out of my cum drenched hole. I closed my eyes totally exhausted for a few seconds then re-opened them.

Faces and bodies quickly swam into view and people were looking at me oddly. I looked down at my swimming trunks and realised I'd fallen asleep at the beach and much to my embarrassment I'd cum all over myself and my cock head was sticking out the top of my trunks. Hurriedly I grabbed my towel, dried myself off and ran back to my hotel.



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