It was great knowing that I was about to go into the backroom with my best mate's new boyfriend.

We'd all three met by chance in the H20 club, as it was then called. I'd gone after a night out at a pub down the road. The Wellie, as we called it, closed at midnight and anyone you didn't pick up there could usually be found up the road at the H20. Don't go looking for it now though, this was 10 years ago when I was 32.

John was in the H20 that night. In his fifties with executive looking grey flashes in his hair and a calm twinkle in his eye he was quite a catch, if you liked older men. Maybe it was his money or his air of authority but he always seemed to have a new, fresh faced youth on his arm. This night it was an oriental lad called Ben and, as soon as we'd met, I could tell he was a tart.

We flirted for a few minutes after being introduced, the usual stuff. Holding a look too long, giving a wink for no reason; flashing our eyes up and down each other's bodies. I like it when you meet a cute younger guy who is with someone older than you - it usually means they are into older men and you stand a chance.

The two of them had their arms around each other, I was on my own, a great state to be in. Ben said he was going for a wander around as John and I started talking about some piece of latest international news. Ben was obviously bored; or not up to the conversation. As he walked away I checked out his neat arse: smooth flesh showing through some rips in his jeans. I noticed that once out of John's line of vision, he veered off towards the backroom, a part of the club that was cordoned off with nothing more than a canvas sheet. He didn't look back but I just knew he wanted me to follow.

I was in there a few minutes later, leaving John to bore someone else with his views on Europe. My eyes adjusted to the light, not that there was much to adjust to. The area was mainly dark with some chinks in the canvas letting in a thin stream of neon lights from the bar on the other side. I could make out bodies around the walls, people wandering among the camouflage nets, the glimmer of a harness, the shine of leather. And I could hear the breathing, the occasional grunt and sigh and the rustle of clothes as hands around me grabbed for flesh.

I wandered through until I found a vacant spot against the far wall and there I waited with my beer glass, sipping and squinting, feeling tough in my white tee shirt and black leather jacket. I wasn't hard, I wasn't particularly horny, not until I saw Ben's outline coming towards me.

He stood next to me, also leaning against the wall, our shoulders gently touching. I could smell his talcum powder, he was clean and scrubbed. His light coloured shirt gave off a glow and, when I looked down his front, his light blue jeans were showing up white in some overspill of a neon light.

And then here was someone else standing before us, another guy about my age. It wasn't John, I knew that, but I couldn't make out who it was. A stranger. Without saying anything he knelt down in front of me and undid my trousers. I felt his large hands inside my jeans and before I knew it my cock was out, soft but thick and heading towards his mouth. It slipped in and he started to work on it, bringing it up to its full length and its full hardness. My right hands moved out and I cupped Ben's small arse as he stood next to me. I looked at him and he was watching the other guy blowing me. Then he started rubbing his hands over my pubes, fingering my balls as they met with the guy's chin. He slid closer to me, rested his head on my shoulder and reached under my balls. I felt his hand wrap around my cock, guiding it into the guy's mouth and I heard him gasp the word 'big.'

My hand stroked his arse and found a rip in his jeans. I pushed my fingers in and gripped his warm, smooth flesh. He wore nothing underneath. My fingers slipped to his crack and down, tickled past his hole touching it briefly and making him flinch before sliding underneath. The tips of my fingers could just reach his balls and I stroked the downy hair there so very gently.

The guy working on my cock then let it go, but Ben's hand started to wank it slowly. The guy moved to my young friend's zip, opened his jeans and I felt Ben adjust his feet and stand up straighter. I let go of his arse, withdrew my hand and slipped it across his arm so that I could hold his cock while our sucker started on it. His cock was smaller, younger, thinner than mine, but it felt good. Especially good knowing that his new boyfriend, my best mate, was still out in the bar waiting.

Ben turned his head to me and, without moving our backs from the wall, we started kissing. He was frantic and his hand started wanking me harder. I was slow, letting him do the work.

The guy on his knees moved his hands around us, one on each side, turning us to face each other a bit and then I felt our two cocks pressed together. Mine thick, dark and hairy his slim and smooth. Our kissing intensified. The guy before us manoeuvred our stiff cocks and pushed them both together into his mouth. His hot saliva covered my cock and his tongue pressed it up against Ben's. I could feel his little cock sliding back and forwards, in and out whereas mine stayed where it was. He rubbed it against mine and into the guy's mouth. His tongue sought mine and he started to make quiet grunting and whimpering noises.

My hand went back to his arse, now freed from his jeans that had slipped to his knees. The leather of my jacket brushed his smooth cheeks as my finger went straight to his hole. I shoved it in hard, forcing him closer to me and deeper into the guy's mouth. He didn't protest, just whimpered some more and begged 'harder'.

And then my cock was hotter and wetter and Ben came up against it in the guy's mouth. A few short spurts and he was finished. He jerked and pulled back. The guy stood up and moved on. Ben started to reach for his trousers. I pulled him towards me, my fingers still playing around his hole and as he bent I slipped in another one. He tried to stand but I had him, I span him towards me, reaching far over his back to keep my fingers inside him, and with my other hand, aimed my ready cock to his face. He opened his mouth, I felt his lips on my nob, I shoved my cock into his throat and, before he could even start on me, I shot my wad into it. He gagged and his little arse tightened around my fingers. I let him go, slipped my fingers out even though I was still coming. I pushed him back a bit and shot my second wad into his face. He grabbed at my cock with his hands and started wanking me, pulling my hood over my spurting eye and trapping my cum in there. I jerked against him a few more times, feeling my hood fill with juice. Then Ben dropped to his knees, opened his mouth and poured my cum onto his tongue. He let his mouth fill with it, licking the last drops from my nob before letting my cock go and standing up in front of me again.

In the dim, neon light I could make out his expression, he was smiling as he drank



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