I was bored and feeling horny at home and decided to go on my usual gay chat page. I went through all my favourite pages seeing the same old faces when I noticed somebody different and they lived in the same area as me. Intrigued I read his profile.

'I need a good long horny spanking by father/uncle figure,' it read. The photographs showed various lads with different older men over their knees, getting their arses spanked but annoyingly under each photo it read: 'not me but this is what I like.'

Normally I would have gone on to somebody else's profile as I hate it when they say 'not me but....'

But then I noticed he had also written: 'pictures of me sent on request.'

My fingers danced over the key board as I tapped away.

'I'm a big bear of a daddy waiting for your arse to be over my knee so that I can spank the living daylights out of you. Send me a couple of pics now boy. I want face and full body pics.'

Not really expecting a reply (like had happened so many disappointing times before), I lifted my large hairy body out of my chair and grabbed a beer from the fridge. To my pleasant surprise on my return there was a message:

'Nice to hear from you daddy. I got an instant erection looking at your pics and thinking about the damage you could do to my backside. Have sent you pics of me as ordered. Hope you like them and get back to me.'

I laughed out loud as I'm not the sort of person who gives people erections at my age let alone 'instant' ones. But I did feel a stirring in my loins as I opened the first picture of him. It was only a head shot but he had big brown come-to-bed eyes, yet innocence at the same time. I opened the second photo. My cock carried on getting hard as I saw his naked, thin body. He was lying on his bed on his back with his legs spread open. One hand was wrapped around his long cock and the other hand was playing with his arse. It was a beautiful sight and, with bated breath, I looked at the third and final picture. My cock got rock hard at this one and became uncomfortable in my jeans so I unzipped my flies and pulled my full erection out for a bit of freedom. He certainly did enjoy a good spanking as this picture revealed. His arse was bright red and he was being fucked doggie style. I saved all three photos in my 'bad boy' file and sent him a reply.

'A very spankable arse boy. It looks as if you're a very naughty lad. Get your arse into gear and come round to my house for your punishment in one hour exactly. And don't be late.' I sat back in my chair and waited to see if he would answer back. My cock certainly hoped so.

The reply came back almost instantaneously.

'Am looking forward to it where do you live?'

I gave him my address, finished off my cool beer and went for a shower, paying particular attention to my heavy bollocks and my stiff cock. I got dressed into a checked shirt and a pair of jeans which I found hard to do up with my erection in the way. I am proud to boast that I have a ten and a half inch penis (when erect) and it's very thick. It took me a while to do up my jeans. I went downstairs, got another beer, put a video on and waited for the naughty boy to turn up.

The appointed time arrived and there was a gentle knock at my door. I purposely waited a minute before opening it.

'You're a minute late boy.' I said sternly. I gripped him by his ear and pulled him into the living room, closing the door behind me. People passing by the house would soon hear me spanking him I didn't want them wandering in and watching as well.

'I told you exactly one hour, not a minute later didn't I?' I said. I stared him up and down as we slowly made our way to the chair that I'd put in the centre of the living room. I was enjoying myself and he was even hornier in person than his photographs. He was wearing shorts, through which I could see the outline of underwear, and a football top. On his feet he wore a pair of old trainers. I smiled inwardly, I would make certain to use them later.

'I'm sorry dad, I didn't mean to,' he said wincing as I twisted his ear even further.

'It doesn't matter that you didn't mean to boy, you disobeyed a strict order and that deserves a punishment. How do you think I should punish you?' I asked, looking into his come-to-bed eyes. I sat down and grabbed his wrist.

'I'm really, really sorry dad. Please don't punish me.'

I looked down at his shorts and a grin escaped me as his erect dick was sticking up making a tent. I put my hand between his legs and gently squeezed his bollocks.

'I don't care what you want, I'm going to punish you anyway. Now tell me how I should punish you.' I said squeezing his bollocks harder.

'Maybe with a spanking dad?' he said softly.

'With a what? Speak up boy. I can't hear you,' I said as I felt my own cock twitch inside my jeans.

'I deserve to be spanked,' he said louder this time. I noticed he was starting to leak pre-cum through his shorts as I watched a big wet patch appear.

'Then a good spanking is what you're going to get lad.'

And with that I pulled him straight over my knees.

'Remember you asked for this so this is what you're going to get,' I said as I looked at his perfectly formed arse. I put my hand on top of his right cheek and rubbed it a bit. I could feel his erection digging into my thighs.


'This is for being a naughty little boy,' I said, not pausing as I spanked his sweet arse.


The sound of me spanking him filled the room. As I carried on I could hear him moaning in pleasure each time my hand came crashing down.

'You're enjoying daddy smacking your arse aren't you boy?'

'Oh yeah daddy, don't stop. Spank my arse,' he answered, panting.

So I carried on beating him with my hand harder and faster. I could feel my cock start to leak. I spanked him for another five minutes then stopped for a breather.

'Okay boy, it's time for your shorts to come down.' I said. I gripped onto the waistband and, in one movement, pulled them down to his knees. I could see the redness of his warmed up backside through the white briefs he was wearing. I rolled up the sleeves of my shirt before continuing my onslaught.


'Oh yeah, spank me harder daddy.'

I was more than happy to oblige. After a few more minutes sweat was starting to drip down my armpits and forehead.

Suddenly I stopped and rested my hand on his hot cheeks.

'Get up and strip all your clothes off,' I ordered him.

I watched as he clambered from my lap and quickly shed his clothes. His dick was as rock hard as mine.

'Now, come and stand in front of me.'

He did as he was told without saying a word. My hands reached out and touched his hot naked backside. I pulled him even closer. My mouth opened and I engulfed his cock with it. I tightened my experienced lips and grabbing his arse cheeks hard I forced him to face fuck me. He was so excited that it wasn't long before his spunk washed down my throat like a tidal wave. I savoured every last bit of its hot and salty taste.

'Stay there for a moment; I haven't finished with you yet,' I said as I stood up and started to take my own clothes off.

He didn't take his eyes off me for a second as I revealed my big hairy stomach and chest and then finally his eyes widened at the site of my big cock standing to attention and glistening where my spunk was leaking out. As I sat back down again I looked up at him standing naked before me with his dick still fully erect.

'What size feet do you have?' I asked him.

He looked confused but still answered. 'Size eight, why?'

'You don't ask the questions around here son. Your job is to do as you're told. Now, for being disobedient, hand me that size eight trainer and bend over arm of the sofa.'

He broke into a smile, gave me the trainer and went to the sofa. I grabbed a condom from my trouser pockets, stood up and went and stood behind him as he bent right over showing off his clean, pink hole. His arse was in the perfect position. I put one hand on the small of his back holding him down and, with my other hand, I took a firm grip of the trainer and pulled my arm back.


His body stiffened and I heard him take a deep breath in. I paused then carried on.


I didn't stop. I knew I was hurting him but this is what he'd asked for and I was certainly going to give it to him. He started to struggle a bit but I just held him down harder as the trainer kept bouncing of his red hot arse. A minute later I threw the trainer on the floor, put the condom on and slid lube all over it.

'Are you ready for your daddy's hard cock to fuck you up the arse then boy?' I said as I grabbed his hips with my hands. I could feel the heat radiating from his glowing cheeks.

'God yeah. I want to feel your cock inside me dad.'

With one hand I spread his cheeks open a bit further, tapped my cock head against his puckered flesh and slowly slipped it deep into him. I was surprised how easily he took my size.

'You love having your daddy fuck you don't you?' I said. I slapped his arse when I was all the way in. I could feel the tightness as he clamped his muscles around my cock like a vice.

'Oow yeah daddy, fuck me, fuck my arse daddy.'

I slid my cock in and out of his arse hard and carried on slapping his cheeks. I fucked him for about ten minutes solid when I felt the beginnings of my orgasm.

'Stay where you are your daddy's going to come all over your hot cheeks.' I said.

I pulled my cock out of his abused hole, pulled the condom off and started tossing myself off, never taking my eyes off his stretched and open fuck hole. My cock twitched and throbbed and my spunk jetted out all over his red cheeks and splattered over his arse hole.

'Now come with me.' I said, once I was finished.

I took him back to the chair and sat down.

'I'm going to put some lube on your cock to help with the friction and then put you back over my knee to finish of your spanking. I'm not going to stop until I feel your cum all over my leg. Okay?'

I put the cool liquid into the palm of my hand and smeared it all over his hard cock and balls.

'Yes please daddy, and thank you, my arse feels really good,' he said as he rubbed his backside. I gave him a fatherly smile.

'Okay, back over my knee then son.'

He got back into position. I could still see all of my semen dripping between his fire red cheeks. I watched his beautiful arse as he began grinding his erection into my hairy thigh and started to spank him with my open palm.


'That's it, cum for daddy,' I gasped. His arse became a deep red as I gave him another a good thrashing.

' I'm cuming I'm cuming! Spank me harder,' he shouted.

Using all my force I spanked his arse harder and faster than previously and this time I was even spanking my cum into his arse hole.


'Oh fuck, oh shit!' he moaned loudly as my hand rained down and he squirmed all over my lap.

All of a sudden his body stiffened and I felt gallons of his cum squirting all over my leg. I carried on smacking him until his body went limp over me and I knew he had finished. He stayed over my lap for a while breathing heavy as I caressed his bruised and scorched backside. Eventually he slid himself off, stood up and kissed me passionately on the lips.'

'Wow, god man. That must be the best spanking anybody has ever given me. Man you were great, my arse is really sore.' He smiled at me and with a bright twinkle in his eyes.

'You're welcome any time,' I answered.

He stayed for a while chatting then we watched a good porno. Before he left I had him over my knee again and he gave me one of the most memorable blow jobs I've ever had. That was over a month ago and he's coming back tonight for a repeat performance, but with a friend. I can hardly wait.

Send me an e-mail if you want to know how it went. My hand is itching in anticipation.



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