'Shall we say Tuesday?' I replied.

'Sounds good,' came back his swift reply. 'I hope you don't mind me asking but is sex on the cards so that we can prepare ourselves before hand?'

'As things stand at the moment....yes sex is on the cards, maybe even the bedroom or the living room or the ..' I answered back flirtatiously.

We live on a remote Greek island and Martin had got in contact with us through Gaydar a couple of weeks before, telling us that him and his partner Ian were coming to our island for a fortnight's holiday and would we fancy meeting up.

'Yes of course,' my partner Tony replied as he tapped away on his keyboard. After getting to know a bit about them Tony came into the living room and told me all about them.

'Any willy or bum pictures?' I asked hopefully.

'Only the one,' he answered with a grin on his bearded face.

I raced to the computer to see what the couple looked like. Their faces and body were 'average' which was nice and one of them was definitely my type; slightly older with a shaven head and a slight paunch. His partner had a full head of black hair and a beard and moustache, pretty much the same as me but younger. Then came the cock shot. I must say I was pleasantly pleased as it was a teasing shot rather than the whole thing. He'd pulled his underpants down ever so slightly only revealing half of himself. I love a tease.

The day after there arrival I was at home having a siesta when Tony, being at work sent me a text.

'They're here at the bar,' he'd written.

'I'm on my way down,' I replied, glad that I'd just finished shaving my bollocks and arse.

We exchanged the usual pleasantries and pretty soon we all found ourselves getting on like we'd known each other for years. We laughed so much that our cheeks were getting sore and soon enough the harmless (but pointed) flirting began. As it continued our eyes moved all over each other, checking out the packaging.

We agreed to meet the next night at a local restaurant

'For dinner or something, no pressure,' Martin said reassuringly.

We met at the appointed time and went out for a lovely evening and, as we spoke, realised how much we all had in common, including the same taste in men. We carried on with the lively banter all evening and before we knew it we were all pretty much drunk. It was four in the morning. Martin and Ian went staggering back to try and find their hotel room and we went back to our own house.

'How are you both feeling this morning?' I sent a text in the morning.

'Hung-over but on the way to the beach. Thanks for a great evening.' Martin wrote back.

'No probs. We really enjoyed ourselves as well. Do you fancy cuming to our house for dinner some night?' I asked. There was a pause in the messaging; obviously he was talking it over with Ian.

'Sure what day?' he finally wrote back.

'Shall we say Tuesday?' I replied.

Tuesday eventually arrived. Tony and me had been feeling horny but also slightly nervous all day.

'How are we going to play this?' Tony asked me when I met him at his work.

'I've no idea but I'm pretty sure Martin will be the one to kick it all off,' I answered honestly.

Twenty past seven. They turned up at my place of work. It was good to see they were as keen as us.

'I don't finish work for another hour,' I said to them both, 'but Tony will meet you where we were drinking the other night and take you to the house. I'll be up as soon as I can.'

I felt a stiffening in my trousers at the thought of what might happen.

When I arrived home about an hour later the others were sitting down listening to music, chatting and drinking. I poured myself a stiff drink and joined in the happy banter. The air was thick with sexual tension. We were all enjoying ourselves but I could see nobody was going to make the first move.

'Hey Neil, what are you doing?' Martin asked as I got up and disappeared into the bedroom.

'I'm taking a bite out of a Viagra, do you want a bit?' I answered silently smiling.

'Yeah why not? And a bit of the Viagra too,' he shouted through making everyone laugh a bit nervously.

I went back into the living room and dished out the Viagra like sweets. We all had half a tablet and carried on chatting. Only this time when we spoke our eyes lingered around the crotch area. My cock was now hard in my trousers and, feeling a bit merry, I stood up.

'Right then, if anybody wants a fuck I shall be in the bedroom waiting.'

And with that, I went straight there, shedding my clothes as I walked. Nobody else uttered a sound. I was completely naked within seconds and dived onto the bed. Turning around to see if anybody had followed me I saw Ian hurriedly stripping his own clothes off. Before I knew it we were both naked on the bed together pressing our naked bodies into each other and fighting with our tongues.

I glanced behind him and saw that Martin and Tony were now also naked and embracing each other. I watched as they kissed passionately and their hands travelled all over each others' naked bodies. I turned Ian over and for the first time saw his erection. Eagerly and hungrily I devoured his hard cock in my warm mouth and began sucking him up and down with my tight lips. My eyes looked up and I saw Martin on his knees with Tony's hard cock in his mouth.

They saw me watching and came over to the bed. I was kneeling on the bed between Ian's spread legs with my arse up in the air. Martin walked behind me and I felt his hands on my arse as he spread my cheeks open wider. I watched as Tony walked over to the other end of the bed and, still standing, inched his cock into Ian's willing mouth. I felt Martin's warm breath over my hole as he bent forwards and licked around my entrance. My cock twitched and I let out a muffled moan of pleasure as his tongue found its mark and slithered right into my open crack. Ian moved from underneath me but I didn't look, I was enjoying the feelings that were going through me as Martin's wet tongue delved deeper into me. The room had become hot and sweaty and groans of lust and excitement filled my ears.

'Turn around,.' Martin softly whispered giving my backside a gentle pat.

As I did so I saw Tony's mouth happily going up and down on Ian's erection. His own cock was stuffed into Ian's sweet lips. Tony winked at me as Martin started to suck my cock while, at the same time, his fingers danced over where his tongue had been just a few seconds before. I closed my eyes for a moment in total bliss as Martin's finger entered me and starting rotating. At the same time he was sucking on my stiff hard cock.

I heard Ian's moaning getting loader and cocked my head to look. He was on all fours with Tony's head buried deep in his arse. Martin must have heard as well as he removed his cock sucking lips and pulled his finger out. Simultaneously we changed positions. I knelt on the bed in front of Ian and let him take my cock in his mouth whilst Martin got on his knees in front of Tony and took his length in his.

It was like a full on porno film as Tony took his mouth away from Ian's saturated hole and started finger fucking him.

'Oh god, oh fuck!' Ian was saying, totally lost to the pleasures Tony was giving him.

I slipped my body under Ian's so that I could suck his dick and get a good view of Tony's fingers as they played inside of him. Martin opened a packet of condoms and slipped one on to Tony's hard erection and covered it in lube. Then he put one on himself and came around to my side of the bed where I was now lying and on my back with my legs spread wide open. I lay riveted as Tony put his fat knob against Ian's crack. I watched him slide it slowly in, all the way, until his hairy bollocks slapped against Ian's.

Ian's groaning filled the room as did mine. Martin had put my feet over his shoulders and thrust his cock into me. The sweat was pouring off our bodies as Martin fucked away, way up my arse. Ian and me were sucking on each others' cocks and Tony was sliding his cock out of Ian's tight hole. The rest of the world was totally forgotten as our bodies writhed over each in a continuous rhythm of fucking. Nothing else seemed to matter except for the attention our cocks and arseholes were receiving.

Everything seemed to happen at once as Ian's cock grew in size deep in my mouth and I felt it begin to throb.

'Oh shit!' his muffled voice cried out. He sent his sweet and salty spunk racing down my throat nearly making me gag. As he came his arse muscles clenched like a vice around Tony's cock.

'Oh fuck I'm going to cum,' Tony grunted.

I watched him plunge his cock up Ian's arse as far as it could go. His body shook in spasms as he unloaded his semen into his condom.

It had got so hot in the room that we decided to have a break with a cool drink. We all went back into the living room and washed down loads of water and began chatting again.

Until Martin came over and started to suck on my still unloaded cock.

I sat on the edge of my seat and he put a finger up my loosened hole at the same time. I was in heaven and saw that Tony and Ian were again kissing each other on the lips.

'Wait a minute,' I whispered to Martin as I grabbed my digital camera.

I began photographing Tony and Ian as Ian had now sat on Tony's lap and inserted Tony's dick into himself. Martin and I stroked our own cocks as we watched the scene being played out in front of us. Martin started to kiss the back of my neck; we both nodded towards the bedroom and went in.

I bent over with my hands on the edge of the bed as Martin put on a fresh condom. With no time to waste he stood behind me and put his stiff cock straight up into me with no problem. He grabbed my hips and fucked me hard. I met him thrust for thrust as I bucked away on the end of his erection, stroking my own cock at the same time.

Tony and Ian had joined us in the bedroom and climbed onto the bed. This time Ian lay down on his back. Yet another condom was ripped open and put on and Tony plunged his cock up Ian's fucked hole for the third time that night. We were like rabbits on heat as we fucked and sucked well into the night. Ending with every one wanking themselves off over Ian. By the time we'd all finished coming Ian's chest and stomach were plastered with hot gooey spunk. By the time they left Ian's eyes were glazed over and he had a massive smile all over his face.

'God that was fantastic,' I said to Tony as I turned around. He was standing there grinning away.

'Let's go to bed,' he said cupping my arse cheeks in his hands.

Our cocks were both standing to attention once again as we closed the door.



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