I'd been staying with my old mate Ric on base for a couple of nights just hanging out and caching up on old times. We talked late at nights about school, girls we'd been with and that kind of stuff. Ric was now in the Air force, kind of. He was one of the guys who worked on the engines, stripping them down, building them up, getting grease covered and dirty in the hangars all day. While he was working I chilled at home, music on, couple of beers, standing at the window watching the guys in uniforms go past. Yeah, I was in gay heaven.

And Ric didn't know it. He still thought I was straight like him. Last time we'd met I still was, but it all changed a while back. Now I couldn't get enough of guys' cocks, I had taught myself to be a class A cock sucker. And I loved it.

I was waiting for him that afternoon, we were going to go to the mess, to drink together after he got off work. I was still waiting at ten at night when he staggered back into his quarters. I was angry, he'd stood me up, I didn't know no one else and wouldn't go out on base on my own. I could tell he'd been in the mess, he swayed into the living room and tried to focus on me.

'Where you been man?' I said. 'I was waiting!'

He looked at me, his head on one side, his black eyebrows hung over his deep brown eyes like he was having trouble keeping his eyes open. He still had his jump suit on, dark grey with oil stains on them. As he stared at me he started to unzip them, like he did when he came home. Unzip down the front to his pants then kick his boots off, then he'd sit and pull everything off apart from his boxers. Well, that's what he'd done the nights before. This time he just lent against a wall, zipper down to his belly, and looked at me.

'Oh shit man,' he suddenly remembered who I was. 'I forgot you were here. The guys went straight over and I been drinking beer. Shit, forgot.'

He staggered a bit more and put his arm out to steady himself. I was pissed and, for a weird reason, wanted to sulk about it but when I saw him about to fall I reached out and grabbed his arm. He had muscles under his jump suit that felt like wood. I smelt beer on his breath and grease and sweat on his body. He kind of fell against me and I helped him towards a chair.

'You're wasted,' I said as he fell into the chair.

'Fucking wasted,' he slurred.

I stood in front of him and looked down. Under his suit he was naked. His dark skinned chest was smooth, no dark hair like on his head where his hair was tight and curly. His dog-tags hung round his neck and rested between his well tight pecs. His zipper was open down to his crotch and today he weren't wearing no boxers. I could see where his pubes started, a line of black tight curls below his firm, tanned stomach. I couldn't see anymore but I knew I wanted to.

'You owe me,' I said.


'I'll get you out of your suit,' I said and knelt down to untie his boots.

'Hey man, it's o.k.'

'I said you owe me.'

He looked down at me strangely, his head swaying a bit as I took his boots off. Then I looked up at him and put my hands on his knees. We looked at each other. I slid my hands up to his thighs and knelt up between his legs.

'What you doing?' he said, slurring his words again.

'Make you feel better,' I said.

My hands carried on up his body, over his flat stomach, over his hard pecs to his shoulders. He tried to move back away from me but he was pinned in the chair.

'You gay man?' he asked.

'You horny?'


'Then what's the problem?'

I slid his jump suit off his shoulders and down his arms. Like this he was now bare chested, his dark body covered with a thin film of sweat. I just started licking it off him, holding his arms down so he couldn't push me away. I licked down towards that dark bush I'd seen and pressed my tongue against him hard, slid it into his belly button, then lower down.

He kind of tried to protest but I could now see the outline of his cock pressed inside his overalls and I knew he was giving in. I felt him relax and let go his arms. I pulled at his zipper and opened it all the way down. His cock flopped out from inside, about eight inches long, heavy and getting harder. His balls were smooth, deep dark flesh underneath, hanging and really heavy.

I looked up into his young, strong face and he was looking down at me shaking his head.

'No way man...' he started to say but I just grabbed his meat and opened my mouth. 'No way....' I guided the hardening flesh between my lips and took as much of it in one go as I could. 'Hey...' I closed my lips around it and slid it to the back of my throat. My face buried into his tight bush, I smelled his sweat from a day in the hangar, the rough cotton of his zippered suit. I used my tongue, sliding it back and forwards on the underside of his straight cock and it got rock hard and thicker. He wasn't struggling at all now so I could put my other hand under his massive balls and play with them as my head went up and down slowly. 'This is my best mate,' I was thinking to myself. 'I'm blowing Ric.'

His cock was solid now, like chewing on a metal bar, but hot and wet with my spit as I slid in to the back of my throat and then drew back so that my tongue flicked around his cock head, purple and ready to burst. I glanced up, his head was back, his hands started to move until they were on my head and he was trying to push me down again. He'd given in, he wanted this.

'Oh yeah man, suck on it. Suck on it good.'

'You like it?' I teased him. 'You like your straight dick being sucked?'

He tried to push my head down and I smiled as I swallowed it all again and heard him groan in ecstasy. 'Oh fucking yeah, hot man!'

I slid his pole in and out my mouth a couple more times then looked at him again. His chest was rising and falling faster, his head was to one side and his mouth was open. He was really getting off on this and so was I. I went down on him again, rolling his balls around in my palm, fisting his cock and wanking him hard, slapping his meat in my hand and getting ready to taste it all. He was gunna cum already. I beat his cock harder, sucked his cock-head between my lips, twisted his balls in my hand.

'Cummin.... Fuck... cum... shit... ' He was groaning out my name, holding my head on him, pushing his hips back to meet my face as he blew like a geyser into my throat. 'Jesus fucking... oh god yeah, oh yeah...' he gasped and panted. I swallowed the first great wad that he let fly, the second and third I kept and savoured in my mouth. He jerked and twitched, gasping as I swallowed all of his cum and let his cock go soft in my mouth.

I sat back and looked at him some more. His zipper was wide open and his massive cock and balls just hang out of them, his shaft flopped over to one side, his black bush showing up on his tanned, hairless body. His chest was rising and falling a bit slower now, his head was back and on one side. His eyes were closed and he was just falling asleep. I got my cock out, knelt between his legs and pulled myself off to a real hard orgasm, my jism flew and splattered on his soft cock and got caught in his bush. By the time I licked it off him he was well asleep.

The best thing about it all was; he didn't remember a thing in the morning. Just thought he'd come home, jacked himself off and fallen asleep. I might tell him one day.



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