The sirens have stopped. The air raid is over. The city will soon return to some kind of normality.

I am sheltering in a narrow alley, in a door recess. I often stand here. It's a warm night tonight and my uniform is heavy and hot. It is also a black night. Clouds cover the stars, there is absolutely no light. Whether my eyes are open or closed makes no difference. It's a perfect night for me.

I hear a noise. Someone is nearby. And then someone is with me in the doorway. There is another person only a few inches away from me but I can not see them.

'You a soldier?'

It's a man's voice. I can't tell the age but it's a rough voice, East End of London, uneducated.

'Yes.' I am a soldier. I am twenty two and on my way to a new posting. Caught in the air raid. That's what I tell him.

'Need a shilling?'

It's a deep voice, older than me maybe.

'For doing what?' I know what he wants.

'Doing as I say.' It's a calm voice though, not threatening.


'Good lad.'

I wait for instruction.

My hand is sought out and gripped by a rough hand. He is a labourer, a builder perhaps. He has coarse skin but his grip is gentle. My hand is found and placed on material. Overalls. My hand is pushed against something soft and springy.

'Rub it. Rub through my clothes. Get my dick hard.'

I do as I am told. I don't need the money. I am not doing this for money.

'That's it lad, rub it up and down with your palm, get my dick hard, there's a good lad.'

It's growing big behind his clothes. The flat of my palm rubs up and down something long and hardening. It's pointing downwards, trapped by his clothes.

'Now unbutton my fly. You got it. Undo the buttons. One, yeah that's it. Two... good lad. Get your hand in there. Yeah that's it. Reach down and grab it. Well pull it out then, let it out into the air. Good. Big aint it? Right now fish me balls out, reach in lower, get your hand under 'em, that's right, now pull 'em out. It's o.k. leave the belt, just let my dick and my balls hang out through the fly. I like that, the fly's tight around my cock and bollocks, makes me cum more, squeeze it. That's it, you got it out.

Now take my dick in your hand soldier boy, can you get your hand around it? Just. Ha! It's a thick cock aint it? Use two hands if you have to. Squeeze it hard, harder. That's it. Now wank me. Wank me lad. Slowly. Slowly... Slowly. Nice. Slowly up and down.

You ever felt a bigger dick boy? Bet you aint. Bet you've never felt a bigger dick than this. Bet you never wanked a bigger dick have you? Eh? No, 'course you aint. Wank me nice and slow, nice and slow. That's it. Now put one hand on me balls, yeah go on. That's good. Hmm, nice. Rub 'em around in your hand, play with them. Ever felt such a huge pair of balls soldier boy? Eh? Nice and slow. Play with them nice and slow as you wank my thick dick. Wank me up and down, squeeze it, pull it, wank me good.

O.k. lad, on your knees. Don't let go, don't stop what you're doing just get on your knees and get ready to choke. Down you go, that's it. Keep wanking me off, keep playing with those hairy bollocks. Now open that soldier mouth of yours, open it wide, you're going to need it wide. Lick my balls, get your tongue on 'em. Shit yeah, that's it. Hot mouth lad, nice. Get my furry bollocks wet, lick 'em over, both of 'em. Use your tongue. Nice, nice and hot. Get under 'em, push your face into my crotch lad, sniff me. That's it lick and sniff. Jesus yeah, that's good. You're good at this.

Put one in your mouth, cover one with your... fuck yes. Oh, that's hot, so hot. Let me feel your hair, get your cap off. Good lad, put your hands back on my bollocks and suck on 'em while I finger your hair. Nice and short, tough guy eh? Tough little soldier eating this man's balls. Now the other one, careful, that's right, take it in. Oh fuck yeah. If you're this good on me bollocks... That's enough. I want my cock in your mouth.

Nice short hair you got, cropped. Let me feel your face. Bit rough, chin, that's good, that's o.k. Grip my cock, at the base, that's it. Point me shaft at your mouth lad, all of it, all fucking eight inches. Open your mouth wide and push it in, get your throat ready... Ahh fuck yesss! Oh Jesus, oh fuck. Suck on it. Play with me balls. Fucking deeper lad, all the way... Yeah that's it, that's good, that's so fucking good. All the way to the back, let it out now, lick my nob, yeah. Lick it, lick my nob. Now swallow it all again... all the way... I want to feel myself right up against your face, burry your rough face in my fur lad. That's it. And keep working on my balls, keep playing with 'em, fill 'em up. Get 'em ready. Now slide my cock out again, all the way and open your...

Oh fuck yeah! Slam it in. Shit you know what you're doing, fuck... Faster lad, let me fuck your face faster. Grip my arse, get your hands on me and pull me into your face, slam my cock in... fucking yes! Fucking.... Faster lad, shit you want this don't you? You want me fucking your face, you want to feel this man's dick ramming in and out of your face, harder. Faster Lad. You want to drink my spunk don't you? Well you're going to get it... Oh god, oh fuck, oh yes, oh yes. Ram... that fucking... cock into... your hot little... fucking... mouth... and... drink this... hot... stream... of... man... fuck... yes, oh yes... fucking come! Come. Come. Jesus... yes, you little... fucking beauty... You're doing it... Doing it... I'm... coming... coming... oh fucking sweet Jesus yes!

Fuck. Yes. Swallow it, swallow it lad. All of it. Hot fucking solider mouth on my dick... Swallow me, take it all, all, all, fuck yes. Yes. Yes. Oh God, oh.... That's it lad, that's it. Slowly now, slowly... Slowly...Good lad. O.k. O.k.

Just hold it now. Don't take it out yet. Swallow every last bit. Lick my cock clean. Lick it all the way down. Hmm, yeah, good. Let it slide out nice and slow lad, nice and slow. Lick it all the way, let it out nice and clean, nice and slow. That's it, good lad. Well done.

Stand up now. Put it away. Shove my meat back in, that's it, get my hairy balls back in, that's right. And my cock, all of it, all of it wet and clean. Good lad. Do up me buttons. Good.'

A shilling in the hand and back to silence. Back to darkness, back to standing alone in the alleyway and waiting. Waiting for the next shilling and hoping the blackout lasts a long, long time.



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