Mike, a 42 year old athletic man, was jogging back to his house after his longest ever run in the rain when he saw a young man on the ground and in obvious pain at the end of his street.

'Are you okay?' he asked as he approached him.

'No, my leg's in fucking agony and I think it's bleeding.'

Mike winced at the profanity but didn't say anything about it. It was raining hard and he was worried about the young man who he guessed to be no older than 18.

'Look, I'm a doctor, I can help you but not out here, you're soaked to the skin. My house is just down the road. If you want to go there I'll see what I can do.'

'That would be fuckin' great man. I've been sitting here for fuckin ages and you're the first person to stop and help me. Thanks a lot, I mean it. Could you help me up, I don't think I can put any weight on it.'

Mike winced again at the swearing but was pleased to hear that the lad at least had some manners. He bent over and helped the young man to his feet.

'My names Mike by the way, what's yours and what happened to you?' he asked.

The young man put his arm around Mike's shoulders for support. In return Mike slipped his arm around the guy's waist.

'It's Kevin and I was just out for a walk when somehow I tripped over the fuckin curb stone and landed on that fuckin wall over there,' he said pointing to a small wall. 'God it fuckin' hurts!'

He gasped in pain as they made their way down the street.

'Only a little way to go now. How old are you by the way and what do you do for a living?' Mike asked, trying to get Kevin's mind off the pain.

'I'm eighteen and have not long left school so I'm not doing anything just now,' he answered with gritted teeth as they walked up to Mike's back door. Mike sensed that it was a lie but let it go.

'Here we are then Kevin, welcome to my house,' Mike said whilst helping the lad through the doorway and into the kitchen.

'Now if you hold onto the table for support I'm going to have to take your trousers off to get a better look at your leg and then you can sit down in a chair whilst I inspect you.'

Mike stood right behind Kevin, put both of his arms around his waist and started undoing Kevin's sodden jeans.

'Shit man! Wait a minute!' Kevin cried out urgently. 'I've just remembered I've got no underwear on.'

Mike stole a quick smile. This was turning out to be an interesting morning.

'Look, don't worry, I'm a doctor. You've nothing I haven't seen before,' he said and carried on undoing the zipper on Kevin's jeans being careful not to touch the lad's cock.

Because of the wetness of the jeans they seemed to be glued to his skin, so Mike took a hard grip either side of his waistband and yanked them down just below his naked backside.

'Remember you're a doctor,' he said to himself as he stared at the hairless, pearly white globes just inches away from his face.

He eventually managed to get Kevin's jeans off and told him to sit down whilst he went and got a pair of surgical gloves from the bathroom.

When he got back into the kitchen he knew something was amiss but couldn't put his finger on what it was so he put it out of his head and knelt between Kevin's outstretched legs.

Once again Mike smiled inwardly as he noticed that Kevin was trying to hide his cock from him with his hands.

'Okay let's have a look at your leg then shall we,' he said as he put on his surgical gloves.

The gash was far up the inside of Kevin's thigh so when Mike inspected it his hand was brushing against Kevin's cupped hands that were concealing his modesty. The blood had stopped flowing and at a quick glance Mike knew it wasn't bad enough for stitches but it did need covering up. He went away and this time came back with a couple of swabs and a bandage. Kevin had sat in total silence the whole time and looked uneasy as Mike cleaned up the dried blood.

'I'm afraid I can't do the bandage without any help I need you to put one of your hands here to hold the bandage in place for a minute.'

Kevin's face flushed scarlet as he took his hand away from his crotch. His cock was stuck up like a flag pole. Mike was impressed but said nothing as he finished off the bandaging.

'You're still soaking wet.' Mike said once he was finished. 'And you're bandage needs to stay dry so if you give me your clothes I can dry them for you and you can dry your self with a towel and wear my dressing gown until then.' Mike said as he automatically picked the jeans up of the floor.

'No it's okay, I'm okay, I'll go now!' Kevin said desperately and grabbed hold of a leg of his jeans. As he did that a wallet flew out and landed on the floor at Mike's feet.

It was his wallet.

'Oh fuck!' Kevin shouted and tried to make a run for it. His injured leg gave way under him and he sprawled half naked onto the floor.

Mike was furious.

'Out of the goodness of my heart I helped you out and this is how you repay me!' he shouted.

'Look man, I'm really sorry but I'm homeless and I haven't eaten for two days. I'm really sorry, please, please don't phone the police,' the lad begged.

Mike's mind went racing into gear. This might work out well for him after all. He felt his cock start to grow in his jogging trousers. He grabbed the jeans from the boy. The thief wouldn't leave the house without them.

'So what do you expect me to do then, you can't go unpunished?'

Kevin stayed silent.

'Never mind, I know exactly what I'm going to do,' Mike said as he sat down on the vacated chair. 'Stand up next to me.'

'What are you going to do?' Kevin said. He was nervous now as he raised himself up from the floor.

'I'm going to punish you like you've never been punished before. You're a thief and I've never heard such bad language coming out of someone's mouth. I'm going to give you the discipline that you've obviously never had before. Now stand next to my leg.' The older man demanded.

Feeling confused and still not understanding what was going to happen Kevin did as he was told.

'Now bend over my lap.'

'Hay man, I don't know about this.' Kevin was terrified.

'It's this or the police, what do you want?'

Without even answering Kevin laid over Mikes lap.

Mike pulled him in closer to his stomach and took a firm hold of him so that he couldn't get up. He looked down at the white backside staring back up at him and laid his big hand on one of the cheeks. He started to rub it.

'Do you understand what I'm going to do to you young man?' he said as his hand wandered all over his hairless backside.

'No I don't and I've changed my mind. Get the fuck off me.'

'To late for that. You made up you're mind now you face the consequences. I'm going to give your backside the spanking it deserves. I'm going to teach you to respect other people and their property and you're not going to leave this house until I think you've learnt your lesson.'

Kevin started to kick and buck on his lap

'Don't you dare you fucking bastard let me go!'

In answer to him Mike raised his hand and bought it down hard on the defenceless skin.


Kevin's body went rigid and he fell silent, shocked.

Mike raised his hand again and marvelled as he watched the blood rush in and leave a perfect hand print.


Mike had become like a man possessed and it wasn't long before there wasn't a white bit left on Kevin's backside.


His hand became a blur as it slapped down on the crimson cheeks. Kevin was screaming out in pain as the punishment continued. After half an hour of continuous spanking Mike stopped.

'Now get on your knees and spread your legs. Then put your head down and your backside up in the air and when I speak to you from now on you will call me sir or you'll be over my knee again. And next time I shall use something else to spank you with.'

Whimpering, Kevin did as he was told and once he was in position Mike had a perfect view of the hole between his fiery cheeks. Mike starting stroking his erection through his joggers. He had never been so turned on.

'So, do you think you've learnt your lesson young man or do you need to go over my knee again?' Mike said in a husky voice.

There was no reply. He got off of his chair and went into a draw.

'I take it from your silence you still need some more discipline. Well, we can soon sort that out,' he said as he took out a wooden spatula.

He smacked it onto his open hand and was happy with the sound it made as it hit his skin. He noticed Kevin cock his head at the sound.

'That's right lad, this is what you're going to get until you learn to behave,' Mike said as he walked towards him still slapping his hand with the spatula. 'Get up and over my knee again and if you don't do as I say it will be a lot worse for you.'

Mike could feel his cock leaking juice into his joggers he gave himself a quick rub as he watched Kevin stand up. As Kevin turned around Mike's cock twitched at the sight of him. He couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. Kevin's cock was rock hard.

'He's actually enjoying this,' Mike thought to himself. 'Well I'll make sure that he wont be enjoying himself in a minute.'

Kevin dutifully did what he'd been told and bent over his lap. Mike put him in a better position and trapped Kevin's erection between his own stomach and his lap.

'Let's see if this can teach you how to behave properly,' Mike said and pulled his hand back. He took a firm grip of the wooden handle and bought it down hard.



The sound ricocheted off the walls as sweet music to Mike's ears.

'I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never forget,' he said as he continued spanking, never missing a beat whilst he spoke. 'Once I'm finished with you you'll never steal again.'


'And you'll think twice before you use such bad language in company again.


He carried on spanking Kevin's raw backside even when he could see bruising appear and Kevin was screaming for him to stop.

'Please, I can't take anymore.'


'Please I'm begging you please stop, please stop sir I've learnt my lesson.'

That was what Mike had been waiting for. But he didn't give up spanking him straight away.


'Are you sure you've learned you're lesson?'


'Yes sir I won't do it again. Please stop sir I'll do anything you ask.'

'Anything?' Mike quizzed.

'Please sir, yes anything you want,' Kevin screamed.

Mike smiled once again to himself.

'Okay, I think you've had enough for now but if you displease me again I'll use a belt on you. Now stand up.'

Kevin almost jumped off his lap. He stood up and tried to rub his swollen backside.

'Get your hands away from there. That's mine.'

Mike noticed that Kevin's cock was now limp but he didn't care. The lad was his for the taking and he was certainly going to do that.

'Bend over and put your hands either side of the chair,' he demanded. Without even blinking an eye lid Kevin bent over.

Mike pulled his thick cock and hairy balls out of his joggers but still kept them up. He took a condom out of a bowl on the table and sheathed himself never taking his eyes of the red backside glowing in front of him.

'Now for the last lesson,' he said menacingly as he stood right behind the lad.

Even before his hand touched Kevin's cheek he could feel the immense heat that had come from the spanking he had just given.

Without any lube on his condom Mike nudged his leaking hardness between the red cheeks. He heard Kevin take a deep breath in and felt his body tense.

'Tell me you want to feel me in you,' Mike said as he scraped his nails over the smouldering backside. Kevin jolted with the pain that shot into him.

'Please sir, I need and want to feel you inside of me now sir,' he replied submissively.

As soon as he'd finished speaking Mike grabbed his hips and rammed his dry cock all the way in making Kevin scream out in pain.

'Be quiet. I told you I was going to teach you a lesson you wouldn't forget.'

And with that Mike took himself all the way out again before plunging back into him hard. Only a small whimper escaped Kevin's lips this time. Mike kept his erection in him enjoying the warm tight muscles rapped around his cock. He started to rotate his hips feeling all around inside. Kevin's whimpering died down and became groans of pleasure. Mike rode him hard and it wasn't long before he knew he was going to come. He withdrew his cock, ripped his condom off and threw it away.

'Get on the floor in front of me and finish me off with your mouth,' he said urgently.

Kevin quickly got on his knees and put Mikes dribbling cock into his mouth. Mike grabbed the back of his head and forced his cock all the way in letting his balls slap against his chin. Mike forcibly drove his cock in and out.

'I'm going to come!' he shouted and once more shoved his cock all the way into Kevin's mouth and emptied his hot load down his throat. He came in spasms, making his knees buckle. Kevin couldn't swallow it all; Mike watched his cock imbedded in his mouth and shot another load when he saw his come dribbling out of the corners of Kevin's cock sucking lips. Once he'd finished coming he took his cock out and saw that Kevin was playing with his own cock.

'If you want to relieve yourself you'll have to wait 'till you go somewhere else. Unless you want another spanking.'

Kevin let go and looked up at Mike.

'Please sir, not today I've had enough punishment for one day but... Can I come back sometime for another lesson?'

Mike was stunned but quickly regained himself.

'Come back in a fortnight, now get dressed and leave,' he answered and put his cock back into his joggers.

A fortnight passed and sure enough Kevin did turn up.



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