It was a hot sticky night in Sodom. I was strolling along the lanes after a few ales and needed to stretch my legs. The night was abashed with people singing with excitement all around. I ambled past a muscled man I knew to be married who was humping a young man against a wall and, by his screams, I don't think he was enjoying himself. The man's britches were around his ankles and I watched his hairy arse moving backwards and forwards very hard.

'I'd move on if I were you unless you want to be next,' he growled as he turned his head to look at me. But he didn't stop his pace and carried on violating the young man.

Embarrassed at being seen I moved on to a Taverna round the corner. As I turned the bend there was more mayhem. People were fighting in the streets everywhere. I even saw some one pull a knife out. Not wanting to get caught up in it all I moved on further through the lanes clustered with old run down houses. More noises and more fighting could be heard screaming out of their windows. A crash here a slap there. Woman throwing their drunken husbands out it to the hostile night. Men throwing their wives out. And once they'd finished arguing with each other they turned on the rest of their families.

This was a normal night in Sodom and the day time wasn't much better. If anything it was worse. People would take their pleasure wherever and with whom ever, if they wanted to join in or not.

One day I had been out walking and a couple decided to have sex right there and then. I tried to double back but two others were lying on the ground in the throws of passion. If I had tried to step over them I would have been stabbed. The only thing I could do was to wait and watch until they'd climaxed and went on their way.

This was the way of Sodom; it is a dangerous place. In every corner danger lurks. I watched as a group of men burnt down a house because a prostitute had had the audacity to ask for money. I looked on as the flames flickered up trying to touch the moon. This was an awful place. I wanted to get out. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man lying down, unconscious in the shadows. Looking around to see if any one had noticed me I ran towards him keeping an eye out all the time in case I was seen. It was deemed to be a sign of weakness by everybody if you helped someone else; unless it was to kill or gang rape someone.

The man was bleeding from the head. I looked into his face and it was the most striking face I'd ever seen. I picked him up and was surprised how light he was. His clothes were hanging off his thin limbs and I could see patches of naked skin. Making sure I wasn't seen, I scurried back to the house I dosed down in with this angel cradled in my arms. This is what I'd decided he was as I couldn't imagine somebody so beautiful living in this den of iniquity.

I was relieved as I closed my door. I was breathing hard it had been a long way to come from where I'd been.

I lay the man down and lit my lamp. I fetched some water, knelt down and cradled his head in my lap as I bathed his innocent face in the refreshing cool water. He lay there in my arms not moving. My nose wrinkled up with the pungent smell coming from him and I noticed his clothes weren't even rags. There was hardly anything left of them. Even though I'm as poor as the next man I did own an extra set of clothes. I'd got them from my father when he passed away before anybody stole them off his body. I laid my angel down gently and filled a bucket of cool water that I'd gathered earlier on that day and went back to where he was resting on the ground. Tenderly I took off the rag covering his torso. I couldn't help but admire his body. It was perfect. There wasn't a hair on it. I watched as he breathed in and out and realised his nipples were like bullets. I was ashamed to feel myself harden between my legs. I didn't deserve to be in the same room as such beauty let alone look upon his bare body. My whole body seemed to be filling up with passion and desire, my heart beat faster and I was finding it hard to breathe. With shaking hands I gently and slowly peeled of his filthy britches. I tried my hardest not to look between his legs as I stripped him naked. Because his clothes smelt so much I opened my front door and threw them into the rubbish filled streets where the rats were scurrying around. I went back to my naked angel still lying there still in a different world to the rest of us mere mortals.

I looked down at him and the bowl next to him. Because I now only had the clothes I stood up in and I didn't want them to get dirty or wet while cleaning the beauty laying before me, I stripped myself naked and knelt down next to him. Using a clean rag I dipped it in the water and then timidly I started to clean the crusted blood from his face. As I slowly and tenderly washed him I looked at him with wonder.

He had the longest eyelashes I'd ever seen and his skin was as smooth as marble unlike my own which was rough and coarse. I dipped the cloth back into the water and put it on his high cheek bones. I searched every bit of his serene face and found myself wanting to put my lips against his. I was worried he would wake up and I realised that my penis was rock solid. I tried to ignore my erection which was hard to do as it kept on giving the occasional twitch as I began to wash his bare shoulders and chest. I was surprised to see he didn't even have hair under his arms. My hands became a shaking mess and I was too scared to breathe as the cloth went over his hard nipples. My imagination went into overdrive and I was day dreaming he was awake and that I was bathing his nipples with my tongue and that my hands were fondling his smooth body all over. I had to force myself back to the real world as my erection twitched once more but this time I felt my juices dribbling down its length.

As I moved down his thin body I noticed that, except for the mark on his head from where he'd been bleeding, there was not one single blemish on his supple skin. My breathing got heavier and I could feel the thumping of my heart in my chest. It seemed to fill the room with the sound of drums getting louder and faster by the minute as I got closer to his forbidden fruit. Knowing I couldn't put it off any longer and with my whole body on fire I looked between his legs. A groan escaped my parted lips as my hungry eyes devoured his sleeping penis. It was of perfect shape and proportion and still had his foreskin, unlike my mine, and again he was totally smooth. There wasn't a single hair anywhere on his body. I closed my eyes for a second committing the image of his naked body to my memory for all time.

Taking in a few deep breaths I opened my eyes, put the cloth in the water and placed it on heaven's door. I took my time as I held his penis in my warm palm. I had never seen anybody with a foreskin before and I gently pulled it down and cleaned its head with the damp cloth. I could feel him begin to thicken as I held his penis in my hand. All of a sudden panic struck me like a tidal wave. I knew I shouldn't be touching him there and I let go of the stiffening erection like I'd been struck by lightning. I quickly stood up and ran too the door. Opening it up wide I felt the start of a cool breeze over my naked body and breathed in deeply. I could feel sweat dripping down my body and trickling between my muscular backside.

Pulling myself together I went back inside and closed the door. As it was a hot night I decided to keep my angel naked but didn't think it was fair for him to sleep on the floor so, very carefully, I picked him up and laid him down on the bench I usually slept on.

I stood watching him for a while and thanked the heavens for bringing me such a great gift. I began to feel sleepy so I stretched out and slept on the floor next to where he lay and eventually fell into the first tranquil sleep of my life. That night I dreamed of falling angels. And I knew love, found it as our skins touched each other and we let our hands stroke between our legs and the joining of our bodies as we became as one.

For three days I watched over him as he stayed lifeless. I bathed him every day with cool water but didn't touch him between the legs again. Every time I touched his smooth silky skin I got hard but fought off the temptation to relieve myself. On the fourth day much to my delight he awoke. We spoke together for hours and hours but he couldn't remember anything about his life except for his name which was 'Lott.' As the days passed I fell deeply and madly in love with him but never saw him naked again. He stayed frail for a while and I was too scared for him to leave the house so I would go out rummaging for food every day and bring it back for him. I would sit and watch him eat it from his delicate smooth hands and my heart would go out to him. Life for me had changed and I decided to ignore the world outside and live only for 'Lott' and myself.

One night as I slept on the floor I had a strange dream of someone speaking to me.

'Wake up Saul. Take Lott and leave this place never to return and go to the fair city. Sodom has become a den for thieves, murderers and rapists. I am going to burn it to the ground and every one in it except you as you are the only one here who has a good heart. I am saving your life and in return all I ask of you is no matter what you hear as you and Lott leave do not turn around. Now wake up and go.'

I woke up with a great feeling of dread. The dreamed seemed so real I woke Lott up and told him about it. We decided to leave straight away. We ran through the lanes as fast as we could not bothering to stop next to the people on the ground having intercourse all over the place, not bothering to watch somebody getting beaten up by an angry crowd. We ran straight out of the city gate and up the great hill towards the fair city. I kept Lott in front of me the whole time in case we were attacked from behind. I could see great big fire balls falling from the sky and heard the explosions as they destroyed the screaming people of Sodom. A fire ball bigger than all the rest went flying past us. My angel, my love in front of me couldn't resist looking back. Instantaneously he turned into a pillar of sand. I was going too fast to stop and ran straight into him sending sand in all directions. I screamed and cried for the loss of my one love.

Days later I arrived in the distant fair city where I have spent the rest of my life in peace. I have never found another love but dream of his naked body in my arms every night. Goodnight and goodbye my darling angel for that is what you shall always be to me.



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