I had just shaved my pubes and balls and was feeling horny.

I was browsing around a couple of websites, looking to join up, and I came across one that was all about Greek men. One of the guys caught my eye: tanned, smooth body, dark hair. Age? About 23 I guess. Brown eyes and a crooked smile.

My cock starting to tell me it needed some attention I wanted to see more of this guy. I paid my membership and waited for the members' only area to open up before me.

It did. And then something really strange happened.

I didn't see the usual index and welcome. I saw a black screen with two buttons; one red and one blue. The only words on the page read: 'Ever seen the Matrix?' I remembered the movie. Choose one and there's no turning back.

You chose the blue button.

'Hi.' There was a voice speaking to me from my PC. Slowly a face appeared; the Greek guy from before. He blinked at me, waiting. A cyber-host, an image, some sort of animation?

'Hi.' He spoke again. This time his head moved too, to one side. Waiting.

'Hi,' I said back feeling a bit foolish.

'Want me to strip for you?'


This was weird. My speakers were turned off and I had no microphone. How could we communicate?

'You just sit back, stroke your cock that's starting to tent out your shorts, and let me do the rest my friend.'

How did he know I was wearing shorts?

I did as he told me, stretched my legs out under the desk and let my hand play across my hardon.

He stepped back from the screen, revealing his oh so tight jeans, showing me his slim body. A strange music started to play somewhere and my eyes misted over. I blinked. There was smoke across the screen. Like some kind of drug it filtered into my nostrils. Very light poppers. I felt a slow slide down into numbed calmness. Then, from my insides out, I felt a quick assent into bliss. I was hornier than ever, so quickly, so perfectly. I could feel my own hands as they slid on the satin of my shorts, my cock straining against the pressure. But I could not tell who was doing this. I looked down at myself and barely registered that this was me.

On the screen the Greek lad had stripped his top. He was unzipping his jeans. Black hair came into view, his jeans slipped down further. His dark, long cock leapt from his jeans. He bent down to remove his trousers and his head disappeared below the screen. I watched his tanned shoulders, his hard back.

And I felt cool air against my legs. My weary eyes looked down. My shorts were gone, my cock was standing proud and swollen. My hands were by my side. So what was this warmth on my shaft? What was around my cock? What, or rather who, was slipping their hot, wet mouth around my stiffness and caressing the underside of my cock with their tongue? Whose breath could I feel against my flesh were I had shaved my pubes? Whose fingers could I feel lightly playing with my shaved balls? How was this happening?

I looked at my monitor. I could see the lad's head as it slowly rose and fell just off screen, like he was...

He was. He had broken through from his cyber world and, invisible to me, was servicing my cock. I could hear his moans of pleasure. I could feel his head as I pushed him down, forcing him to take my cock deeper. His muscles constricted around me, he swallowed, the inside of his throat closing and opening, pushing on my cockhead, heating it, rubbing it.

My body trembled as his soft fingers played with my balls, stroking them, teasing them. I felt his lips brush my recently shaved crotch. I felt myself swell, my cum rising fast, heading for his mouth. I closed my eyes and I could see him, his dark haired head twisting and circling around my huge, swollen cock. His nimble fingers scratched at my smooth flesh. My balls filled, my legs stretched out, I wanted to ram myself so deep into him and...

'Oh fuck yes, oh god...'

pump my steaming juice into his slutty young mouth...

'you're good kid... I'm cuming,'

filling his guts with my spunk as he drank himself stupid...

'Jesus! This is so... Fuck I can't hold...'

on the endless river of cum that was pumping out of my burning balls...

'Oh yes, oh yes, take it, take it,'

through my exploding shaft and slamming wad after wad of my jism into the depths of his young, eager body

'Ooooohhh fuck! Fuck! Suck me dry, suck me dry...'

that held me in his power, as I continued to ram and ram his mouth...

'Fuck that's good, oh yes, oh yeah...'

and he swallowed me all the way down, draining me, feeding off me, loving me.

He stood up and faced me, his cock hanging flaccid and dripping. His lips were wet with my juice that slid from his mouth, down his chin and dripped somewhere inside the monitor.

He winked at me.

'And if you had pressed the red button?



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