'You awake?'

No answer.

'Sean, mate. You awake?'


'Can't sleep. You?'

'No. Too much noise from the rest of the lads. SHUT UP OUT THERE!'

A voice from a nearby tent: 'Sorry sarge.'

'Fucking cadets.'

'What's the time?'

'How the fuck do I know Pete?'

'Must be late.'

'Get to sleep.'


'Something on your mind?'

'Yeah. Something with big tits and the tightest, wettest slit.'

'Go on.'

'What d'you mean go on?'

'Tell me more Pete. Tell me what she's doing.'

Breathing can be heard within the tent as the camp outside falls silent.

'She's kneeling, smiling up at me, her lips are wet, sticky from her thick lipstick.'

'You naked?'

'Oh yes. And my hand's wrapped around my cock, it's almost hard, getting there as she looks at it and licks those shiny red lips. She wants it. She opens her mouth. She licks the end, her tongue tickles around my nob. Her breath is real hot.'

'Give it to her Pete.'

'She doesn't need telling. She slips her mouth over it and takes it all in. All seven inches till her face is buried in my bush and her chin presses on my bollocks.'

'Fuck Pete, you're giving me a boner.'

The rustle of a sleeping bag, a zip opens.

'Not as big as the boner she's giving me. She's making groaning noises, slurps on it at the back of her throat. I push it in, she backs off a bit. Her fingernails are digging into the base of my shaft.'

The sound of a hand rubbing on the inside of the sleeping bag. Flesh on nylon. A slow rhythm starting.

'She's licking up the underneath of my shaft, playing with my fat cock.'

'Wish I had someone's hand around my cock right now, Pete.'

'Use your imagination Sean. Anything's possible.'

'Imagine she's holding your cock now Sean, can you feel her hand on it?'

'I'm not sure mate, don't feel anything yet.'

Another zip opens. Someone shifts position slightly.


'Yeah, that's it. She's got her hand around it now.'

'What do you want her to do with it Sean?'

'Wank me. Slowly, really slow and quiet. So no one hears'

'Like this?'

'I want her to grip it harder.'

'It's big Sean, she likes your big cock. She likes to feel your skin in her hand as she covers your nob with it. She likes to pull it right back down to your... shaved pubes, stretching your skin right back and squeezing your thick cock.'

'She's good... Jesus she's good.'

'You getting it now mate?'

'Nice and slow girl, take your time, build me up.'

'Slow and hard. Pulls her hand to your nob, runs her thumb around your slit, nice and wet already. Then down again to your shaved skin, gets her fingers underneath to feel your bollocks, she wants to know every part of you while she's got the chance.'

'Fuck yeah... Slow and hard... Pete. Like this.'

A movement, uncertain, disturbing the sleeping bag. Someone shifts closer.

'Slow and hard like this.'

'She's got me now too, Sean. She's got both our cocks in her hand and she's wanking us together. Nice and slow.'

'Picture her licking your nob then mine, one after the other. Here's her tongue around your cut cock. Here's her fingers in your thick bush and all the time...'

'Slowly, together, skin over, skin back, playing with our balls.'

'She's kneeling now, wanking you while she blows me, I can feel my balls tighten, she's good at this.'

'She gunna make you cum Sean? You getting close?'

'Too close mate... No, don't speed up. I like the torture.'

'Slow and hard Sean, I know. That's it, I like that too mate.'

'Feel good?'

'You're a fucking great mate, Sean.'

'Oh Jesus, it's coming... Slow down.'

'Can't help it mate, you're... she's so... Yes, play with my balls.'

'Run your finger over my nob. Now wank me mate, slowly... I'm nearly there.'

'She's got her mouth open Sean, she's ready to catch it all. You want her to take it in her mouth?'

'Will she do that for me?'

Quick movements, a grunt, faster rhythm of flesh on nylon, flesh on flesh. Wet, fast, frantic.

'She wants to taste your man spunk. She wants you to taste hers.'

'Move around me...'

'Like this?'

'Fuck Pete, I can't hold it.'

'Your mouth open Sean?'

'Yeah. Yours?'

'I'm ready.'

'Can't hold it mate... oh Jes... I'm gunna...'

'Let it come mate, let it go. With me, together... I'm...'

'Oh no, oh God, oh fuck...'

'Harder Sean, wank me... harder...'

'Urgh... yeah... fuck...'

'Oh... yes!'

'Oh yeah.'


'Oh yeah... yeah... oh.'

A long silence. Someone moves. Zips closing. Breathing calms.


'You awake?'

No answer.

'Sean mate, you awake?'




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