'Oh no! I'm really sorry about that sir.' David went red with embarrassment. 'Is there anything I can do?' He looked down at the tomato soup he'd just dropped into a man's lap. The older man was furious.

'Look at what you've done, this is my best suit!' he shouted as he stood up. He watched the soup poring down his trousers, leaving him standing in a pool of warm, red liquid. 'What am I going to do! Or more to the point, what are you going to do?'

Both of their faces were as bright red as the soup.

'I'm really very sorry sir. It was an accident. If you'd care to follow me to the bathroom I can clean it up for you,' David answered hopefully.

The other customers in the restaurant had now stopped eating and were staring at him. He had to try and diffuse the situation as soon as possible before it got out of hand. The man threw his napkin down on the table in disgust and harshly told David to lead the way.

As soon as they got into the restroom David ran the taps into the sink.

'If you would like to take your trousers off sir, I would be more than happy to clean them for you,' the waiter said, stuttering with nerves.

'I'll be damned if I'm taking my trousers off in a public place young man. You're just going to have to clean them down whilst I'm still wearing them. And hurry up you clumsy idiot I was in the middle of a very important meeting.'

With shaking hands David got down on his knees in front of the customer and with a damp cloth started to clean the mess. The older man just kept on reminding him what an imbecile he was.

As David slowly made his way upwards from the hen, the man became quieter and quieter until finally, as David got nearer his crotch he fell silent.

David was relieved at the silence, he had started to get annoyed with the man. After all it wasn't as if he'd thrown the soup over him on purpose. But it didn't take long to realise why the customer had gone quiet. As he worked his way closer to his crotch it became more than obvious that the older man was highly aroused. David looked at the hard bulge outlined in his suit trousers.

'Do you want me to carry on or do you want to finish it off yourself?' David asked as he looked up into the man's red and embarrassed face. He was enjoying this now that the tables had turned and the man was looking uncomfortable. The man didn't answer. The room seemed to fill with an expectant charge and the only sound was that of the man's heavy breathing.

Because the old guy hadn't responded to the question, David took a deep breath and casually pressed the warm damp cloth onto the man's hardness. A small groan escaped from the man's lips. David looked up and smiled as the man closed his eyes. Using the palm of his hand David started to rotate it over the stranger's erection, feeling it harden by the second.

'It's not coming off properly,' David said. Deciding to be brave he continued: 'I'm going to have to put my hand inside so I can rub it a bit harder.'

This time the man opened his eyes, pulled his zip down, rested his hands on David's shoulders and silently nodded.

David felt the excitement rush through him and felt his own hardness grow between his legs as he put his hand inside the man's open trousers. He pressed the back of his hand against his stiffness and dabbed at the, by now, clean trousers. He could feel the heat of the man's excitement building up and the wetness of his underpants where the soup had leaked through.

'I'm afraid the soup's gone right through onto your underwear.' The lad spoke with a croaky voice. He hoped to feel the man's erection in his hand and down his throat. 'Would you like me to clean them as well?'

The man looked straight into David's eyes.

'I think you should boy,' he answered with a shaky but deep voice. He carried on watching with lustful eyes as David undid his belt and pulled his trousers down past his knees.

David licked his lips at the site of the man's naked flesh and opened his mouth. He started to lick at the underpants, around the outline of the man's huge erection now straining to be released from the confines of the soiled underwear. As David lapped away with his tongue the older man ran his fingers through the lad's hair. He started to moan with pleasure as David ran his hungry tongue along the length of the hard penis. Then he parted his lips and took the end of it into his warm willing mouth.

The man, who had been so arrogant and horrible only ten minutes before, was immediately turned into a quivering mess. He started to beg.

'Please, please can you to fuck me?'

This was more than David had even hoped for.

'Not yet,' he answered teasingly. He gently pulled the man's underwear down to where his trousers lay around his ankles.

Once more he lent forwards and started to lick and suck on the man's hairy and heavy bollocks whilst one of his hands wrapped itself tightly around the man's cock and began slowly wanking him off.

'Oh god! Fuck me, please fuck me,' the man begged in frustration again.

David was enjoying hearing the begging from man who had embarrassed him in front of everyone earlier.

'I will do, but you have to wait until I'm ready,' he answered in a confident voice.

David saw that pre-cum was dribbling out of the powerful erection in his hand and he licked it off before he hungrily devoured it down his throat. Using his hands he grabbed the man's arse cheeks and started to deep throat him in a steady rhythm making the man's balls slap onto his chin with each thrust. Slowly his hands moved towards each other until they found what they had been searching for and then, once found, his fingers spread open the man's velvet entrance and rotated one of his fingers around his anus.

The man's moans and groans grew louder and louder as the finger dipped into his hole ever so slightly and then backed out again. It penetrated a little deeper each time. David was on purposely taking his time, sucking and poking at the man and bringing him to the brim of ejaculation.

'Okay, do you still want me to fuck you?' he said taking his finger out of the arse hole.

'Yes please, I need you, please, please I want to feel you inside me.'

'Turn yourself around then and bend over the sink.'

As the man turned around David took his own hard cock out of his trousers, but keeping them done up at the belt, and from his pocket pulled out a condom.

'Spread your cheeks I want to see what I'm about to fuck,' he ordered as he sheathed himself and spread lube onto his condom.

The man was only too pleased to spread himself wide open for him. David looked into the inviting entrance and stepped forward.

'I'm going to enjoy this,' he said as he put his fat cock right on to the man's warm hole and gently eased in the tip, stretching the hole further apart. Then he slid it out again, watching how the anus snapped closed as he withdrew.

'Please, fuck me, fuck me now,' the man pleaded.

Slowly and gently David put his cock back in once more, watching as the moist hole stretched to accommodate him. This time he went in a bit further before withdrawing, He could feel the man's muscles tightening around his hardness trying desperately to keep him trapped inside.

'Spread your legs wider,' he whispered to the man. He entered him again but all the way this time, making the man gasp. Once he was in to the hilt he rotated his hips feeling all the way round inside.

'Now I'm going to fuck you proper,' he whispered so that the man barley heard.

He started off slowly but picked up speed and was soon fucking him like a madman. He took hold of the hips and ploughed away, getting lost in the tightness and warmth of the man's fucked arse. Beads of sweat soon began dripping from his head and he could feel the pressure building up in his balls as his cock slammed away.

'I'm cumming,' he shouted.

He shot his hot spunk up the man's arse into the condom. His whole body shook as he ejaculated.

'Stand up straight,' he said, keeping his cock still embedded deep up the man's anus. As the man did as he was told David moved his arm around and took a hold of his dribbling cock.

'Cum for me. I want you to shoot your load,' he whispered into the man's ear as he wanked him. He was soon rewarded with man spunk flying everywhere.

With a grunt he pulled his cock free, gave it a quick wash and went back to work leaving the man still there cleaning himself up. When the man rejoined his company back at the table David continued serving them and at the end of the night, when they left, there was a note left on the table.

'Thank you so much for a wonderful evening. I hope we can do it again some time. My names Joe by the way in case you wanted to know. I shall be back again in a month. Call me on...'

'Tight bastard!' David thought. The old git hadn't left a tip.

And then David smiled. 'Tight bastard.'

He certainly had been.



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