'Are you sure you packed everything you're going to need?'

'Yes, for God's sake, I'm only going to be in L.A. for a week,' said Rich. 'It's not like I'm going to be gone for a long time. If I should forget something, there are plenty of stores where I can get anything I need. Stop being a mother hen. Besides, if you need me, you will be able to call me at my cousin's house on Mullholland Drive. I'll be staying there. I left you the number and you always have my cell. I was only supposed to go for that screen test but as I've never been out there, she asked me to stay a few extra days and see the country. I thought I would maybe rent a motorcycle and travel around for a few days.'

'Great! I just don't want to hear that you went partying and playing around.'

'Same goes for you, babe.' Rich said. 'You know I'm a real homebody now. Moving in here with you in Paterson has tamed me and I feel like I want to stay here for the rest of our lives. I really don't like the Hollywood thing, but I feel that I have to give this a shot.'

'Just remember that if this doesn't work out, there's always the stage or maybe a TV series.' Joseph said. 'Besides, you can always play the part of the 'Kept Mate' in the little household drama we have going here. I have enough money to keep us both happy for many, many years.'

'As much as I love being your 'live in girl friend', I have to work in order to fulfill my creative artistic side.' Richard said. 'Now if I were a girl, I would be able to have your child and thereby satisfy most of my creative abilities.'

'Listen lover, we could always adopt a child, if that would make you happy.'

'What makes me happy is just being with you! We don't need a child to make us happy, but it would make my parents very happy.' Rich said as he locked his suitcase and placed it by the door. 'Look, I'll call you when I get into L.A. I can't promise anymore than that, but I will try to call every other night before I go to bed. Will that be O.K.?'

'Yes, that's fine.' Joseph said as he took Rich into his arms and kissed him. 'I think it's time to go now.'

Joseph helped Richard into the car and drove him to the Airport where he saw him off and then went into work. Later in the day he was startled to hear the intercom on his desk buzzing. The voice of his secretary informed him that Allie was in the waiting room and he would like to see him.

'Show him in, please.'

There was a knock on the door. 'Enter,' called Joseph, and Allie came in and closed the door.

Walking up to the desk he stopped and looked at Joseph with genuine concern, 'You look tired, Habibi. Is something wrong?' Allie asked.

'Oh, a bit of Jet lag, I guess. Just dropped off Rich at the airport. He's off to L.A. for a week to do some screen test.'

'A screen test - does that mean that he might be away for a long time.'

'Well I hope not. It's just a screen test, but if it goes well he could be there for a while.'

'The house must seem lonely. Do you want some company? Both of us are suffering from jet lag and I hear you had a hot tub installed. I could use some relaxation myself. Why not tell that cook to take the evening off and I will treat you to a Turkish body massage? We could even order in some of those hamburgers you like.'

'Sounds like a good idea, but I have to beg off for tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I'm a bit too tired tonight.'

'Nonsense! Allie said and he walked around behind Joseph and placed his strong fingers on his shoulders and started to manipulate and knead his neck and shoulder muscles. 'There, doesn't that feel good, my love.'

'Ohhhh yes, wonderful,' he whispered as he leaned his head back and reached up and pulled Allie's face to his and kissed him. 'You are a desert fox and you have such strong talented fingers.'

'The better with which to squeeze your wonderful body to me. It has been four days since we were together. I can't wait another day. I must have you tonight.'

'Easy, my fox, your teeth are sharp and biting me.' Joseph complained as Allie started to nibble on Joseph's throat.'

'The better to eat you!'

'You are beginning to sound more like the wolf in the 'Little Red Riding Hood' story. However lover, I am going to have to act like the Woodsman and cut you down right now. No, as much as I would like to - no, not tonight. But let's do it tomorrow night. I promised Rich's parents I would eat at their place tonight.'

'Tomorrow night then and tell that damn house keeper of yours to take a few days off. You need some time to catch up with yourself. We can look after ourselves. It might not be a bad idea if you decided to get rid of her permanently. I never liked her to begin with. She is always in the way. Watching over you and I know she doesn't approve of me.'

'Don't push your luck, baby. You start bossing me around and I'll toss your ass out of here. She cleans the house and cooks better than you. She can also manage my household, does the laundry as well as the windows! When you think you can do all that - let me know. Now let's get to work! I want to go over that list of activities that the fund is going to help. I think it's time to spend some of this money.'

'I won't push it, but you really must stop treating her like she was something special. She is just a woman.' Allie said. 'But to get back to the funding business, that inter-faith organization you told me to form is coming along slowly. While we decided on joint chairmanship, we are having trouble with the Christians,' Allie said. 'They keep wanting to include some language about Sudan, the Kurds and about women's rights.'

'And what about the Jews?' asked Joseph. 'Are they not a problem for us?'

'I was shocked that we did not have much of a problem with them. I think that they were so surprised that we would sit down and talk together that they are waiting to see how YOUR Christian brothers handle us before they choose up sides.'

'They are not my Christian brothers anymore. The Emir has converted me.'

'Yes, but that is a secret conversion. Anyway, the Inter-Faith Council is working slowly. But it is working.'

'You just keep at it. We just might have started something good here,' Joseph said laughing. 'Maybe Old Sadat was right. Speak soft but carry a big pipe. Anyway keep me informed on your progress. How is the Paterson Imam taking all of this?'

'Very well, now that he has seen how the Emir has welcomed you in Syria. I think he now likes the idea. It gives him a chance to meet and talk with other clergy on an equal footing.'

'O.K. Keep him happy. I'm going to meet Richard and Sarah and go to the Island for dinner. See you tomorrow and I will tell the housekeeper about the next few days. I might even tell her to be nice to you in the future.'

'I would rather you fired her, but come to think of it, the day after tomorrow I have to make a trip up to that camp we were at and talk to them about some program changes for next year.'

'I thought we were not going to fund them!'

'Well I thought I might get them to change some of their focus and perhaps we would be able to reconsider them next year. They do a lot of good by working with those boys and keeping them off the streets in summer.'

'Well, if they agree to our changes, and lay-off the military stuff, I promise to reconsider their request for funding. We might even provide full scholarships for all the campers.'

After Allie left his office, Joseph called Sarah and Richard and asked if he could come over for dinner.

'As you know, Rich left for L.A. and I'm at loose ends.' Joseph said. 'I just feel lonely and need some company.'

'No problem. We would love to have you.'

Joseph went and spent a nice evening talking over their past trip and their conversations with the President.


The next morning Joseph came down to the kitchen and he poured himself a cup of coffee as Summaya prepared his eggs.

'You go into the dining room and I'll serve you breakfast,' she said.

Sitting down at the dining room table, he looked over the morning paper. When she served him his eggs he asked her to sit down and have a cup of coffee with him. 'We have to talk.'

'Yes sir, is there anything wrong?'

'Yes there is. It has nothing to do with your service here. Both Rich and I are extremely satisfied with you. However, there is the problem of Mr. Balbak. Allie does not like you for some reason. He says you are cold and .....'

'Rude? Is that the word you are looking for?' she asked.

'Yes, rude. That's what he says but I have never noticed it myself,' Joseph said. 'Is this true and if so, why?'

'Maybe I have been rude. To tell the truth, I just don't like him. He treats me like most Arab men treat their women. And I'm not his woman! He makes me feel uneasy when he is here.'

'He does have that way about him, but unfortunately I have to meet with him here from time to time. I shall try to keep our meetings to as few as I can. As you know, Mr. Balbak is my second in command on the fund and we have to have private meetings. Some of these may last for hours into the night and he might stay over from time to time. On those occasions, I think it would be best if you were not here. I don't want to lose your service so you can take the time off with pay.'

'Well that will not be necessary, I will try to be nicer to him for your sake. Will that be O.K.?'

'That would be nice, but no, I'm afraid that would not solve the problem. He just doesn't want you here and rather than letting you go, I think it would be better if you were not here then,' Joseph told her. 'And another thing - you are not to tell anyone about his extended visits here and that includes Mr. Worth, who like you, doesn't like Allie. Do you understand?'

'Yes Sir, I do and I would never tell Mr. Worth anything that would hurt him.'

'Good. The next few days you may take off. Mr. Balbak will be here and will be sleeping over. We will be cooking for ourselves. I will call you at home when I want you to come back to work.'

'Yes Sir, I will leave about one this afternoon. In the meantime, I will clean up the kitchen,' she said as she left the room.

Damn it, he thought, that did not come out the way I wanted. I'll have to make it up to her somehow. All of a sudden he heard a frightening scream emanating from the kitchen. When he ran in, he found that the housekeeper had cut her finger on the sharp edge of a can that she had opened and was bleeding profusely. He quickly grabbed a clean white washcloth, wet it and used it to apply pressure to the wound. After a while he thought he had stopped the bleeding.

'Well, it looks like it might be stopping,' Joseph said, 'but we better take you upstairs and clean it out and bandage it up properly.'

Despite her protests of being able to take care of it herself, he led her up stairs still applying pressure to the wound, which had continued to seep blood. Finally it stopped and Joseph was able to clean the cut and apply a butterfly to keep the wound closed. Then he applied a bandage and gave the bloody dishcloth a few rinses in the sink and then put the badly stained thing into a plastic bag and threw it into the hamper. 'Maybe it will come clean in the wash. If not, we can throw it out. You, don't worry about it now. Right now I want you to go home and call the doctor and have him look at it. I want you to rest and not worry about anything. I can clean up here before I have to leave for the office.'

Later that day as Joseph was leaving the office, Allie called to tell him he was going to stop off and pick up some 'take out' and that he would meet him at about six o'clock in Paterson. 'Did you take care of the housekeeper as I asked you to do?'

'Yes. I told her to take a few days off and I also informed her not to be rude to you.'

'A lot of good that will do!'

'I almost fired her for you. Is that what you want? Just remember, good help is hard to find these days. Don't treat her like a slave, She works for me - not you.'

'I'll try. By the way have you heard from Mr. Worth? How is he doing out there?'

'I heard this morning. He is going to take his screen test this Friday and the results will be known by Monday. He says he likes it out there and he is staying at his cousin's house and the view is fantastic.' Joseph said.

'Oh where is he staying?'

'I don't know. He has relatives that live on Mullholland Drive.'

'That is some area, very rich and a lot of movie people live up there.' Allie said. 'Maybe he will like it out there and decide to stay there.'

'Now that's a wonderful thought. That might solve our problems. You would love that. Then you could move in here with me.' Joseph teased him.

'Anytime you want that, just say the word and I'll arrange it,' Allie threatened.

'Now behave yourself!' Joseph cautioned. 'I'll meet you at the house.'

About 6 PM the doorbell rang and Joseph found Allie waiting on the doorstep with a large bag of Burger King Hamburgers and French fries. 'I know how much you like wine so I brought a bottle of Red. I'd better put it on ice,' Allie said as he came in and walked into the kitchen and put the bottle in the refrigerator.

Joseph followed him in. He noticed that he moved a few of the containers away to make room for the wine and then closed the door. 'Shall we set the table and get ready to eat now?' Allie asked. 'This feels like we are an old married couple and we are spending the evening at home.'

'Yes it does, doesn't it?'

Allie smiled and grabbed Joseph, kissed him, and then said, 'I have to go back to the car to get my suitcase. Since I will be leaving directly from here to go to the camp in the morning, I brought a few changes of clothes as well as my attache case. That way I won't have to go back to pick up my bag in the morning.'

'Good idea, babe,' Joseph said when their lips parted. 'Do you want the wine with dinner or after when we are soaking in the tub?'

'Let's do it after the tub but before we head to bed. We can drink a toast or two to our new arrangement. Tonight, I might even wish to 'paint the town a bit red' as you westerners say.'

'Now what has got you in such a good mood? I thought you did not drink.'

'Another bit of your western misconception. I do drink when I feel the need to celebrate, and I feel that way tonight!'

'Well then, let me in on the reason for your sudden exuberance.'

'Nothing special, except that I just feel that we are going to enter a new plateau in our relationship tonight.' Allie, realizing that he was talking too much and sort to change the subject said, 'Besides, I am really very happy with the way things went in Syria. I heard from His Eminence this morning and not only he but everyone was pleased and delighted with you and welcomed your forthcoming marriage. You sold just about everyone. And now with Mr. Worth possibly moving to L.A. - things are looking up. We do have lots to celebrate my love, and celebrate we will!'

Bullshit, Joseph thought, something is up. He had never seen Allie acting this way. He had seen him happy, but this was different. Something secret, something he almost was about to tell him, but.... somehow couldn't.

'Well, I'm glad to see you so happy,' Joseph smiled and then thought it better not to press the point at this time. Maybe later when he has a few drinks in him, and his mouth is a little looser. 'Why don't you make yourself comfortable and we will have dinner. Get your bags and bring them up to my room. Unpack and undress and put on the robe that I laid out on my bed for you.'

A few moments later he came back with his luggage and took it to Joseph's room and in a few minutes returned, dressed in the robe.

'MMMMMM you look great in that robe.' Joseph said as he checked out the muscular hunk standing before him in a very tight fitting white robe that just about covered his dark skinned body. 'It almost fits you. Come sit down and eat dinner before I decide to eat you.'

They ate and then, while Allie cleared the dishes Joseph excused himself and told Allie he was going upstairs to start the tub and to get ready. He went to the refrigerator and took out the bottle of wine and told Allie he would put the wine in the cooler upstairs. As he was removing the wine he noticed a small key hidden under one of the containers. He closed the door and went upstairs. He was almost going to say something but then he remembered Allie moving containers around when he had put the wine in. He must have hidden that key there - but why - and what was it for?

He went into his bedroom and noticed that Allie had left his suitcase on the small trunk at the foot of the bed. He walked over, opened it and looked inside. He saw a small locked attache case hidden under his clothes. That key he thought might open it. He closed the case and went out onto the new addition and placed the wine bottle in the cooler. As he was closing the door he noticed the bottle of sleeping pills he had taken from Rich the other night. He picked them up and read the label, 'Take one or two by mouth or dissolve in water. I must remember to get ride of them he thought as he replaced them on the shelf and then was startled to hear Allie come up behind him.

'Good I'm glad to see you didn't get undressed yet.' Allie whispered as he circled him in his arms. 'I wanted to do that myself,' he said as his hands undid Joseph's shirt and slowly removed it from his shoulders and let it fall to the floor. Then lowering his lips to the nude shoulders he kissed his way over them and up the neck. His hands reached around and undid the belt and unhooked the button, lowered the zipper and let the pants fall to the floor. Then hooking his thumbs into the elastic of his jockey shorts, he kneeled down, licking and nibbling along Joseph's back as he slowly removed the white briefs. They, too, joined the rest of the garments lying in a pool around Joseph's feet. Allie's lips kissed and nibbled on the white globes spread before him as he reached around and took Joseph's hardening tool and rubbed it to an erection.

Joseph turned and faced his lover and lifted him up, undid his robe, uncovering his hairy body and pressed his own body against the sculptured mass of muscle. Feeling the strong arms supporting him, he stepped out of the discarded clothes and moaned as he kissed the Arab mouth that now devoured his lips.

'Now that's the way I would want you to undress me from now on,' Joseph whispered.

'When all this is over and we are in our own place, I will do that every night my love,' he said, then lifted him up and carried him in his strong arms and set him on the rim of the hot tub. As Joseph dangled his feet in the tub, Allie messaged his back and neck. After a while he told Joseph to lower himself into the tub where he soon joined him. The two of them spent about one hour soaking and relaxing. 'Are you relaxed enough now?'

'Ohhhhhhhh yes. I feel like I'm floating on air now.' Joseph moaned. 'It's a shame to have to get out, but we are turning into prunes in here. Shall I prepare our nightcap so we can make that toast to our future now?'

'Yes, please do. This was really a great idea. You prepare the drinks and take them into the bedroom. Call me when you are ready. I want to relax a few more minutes. I will turn off the tub and lights and join you. I just feel wonderful and so relaxed. We should sleep like a pair of babies tonight.'

'Well I hope not - at least not until we make love anyway.' Joseph said laughing as he got out of the tub dried himself off, wrapped the towel around his body and went behind the palm trees and opened the small refrigerator. He took out the wine, uncorked it and poured two big glasses. As he was about to close the door he reached in again and took out Rich's sleeping pills and put two of them in one glass and watched them quickly dissolve. Then he closed the door and carried them into the bedroom setting one on each side of the bed. 'I'm ready, lover. Shut off the hot tub, dry off good and join me in bed.'

Allie came in rubbing his hair with the towel smiling as he saw Joseph lying nude on his side of the bed. He had lifted his glass of wine in a toast and said, 'To us.'

'Hold on! Wait 'til I'm ready. It's my wine and I deserve the right to make the first toast,' Allie said as he eased down next to Joseph and reached for his wine glass and clicked glasses with him. 'To the day soon, when you and I rule the Emirate side by side.'

'That's some toast. You're pushing it a bit. But, O.K., I'll drink to that,' Joseph said as he lifted the glass to his lips and sipped a bit of the liquid. Allie on the other hand almost downed the entire glass and started to cough. 'You idiot,' admonished Joseph. 'You are supposed to sip wine, not guzzle it down like whiskey. You will get drunk too fast and pass out on me.'

'Wine never made me drunk. This stuff is like water. Drink up and turn off the light, Habibi, and I'll make you feel real good soon,' Allie said as he turned off his lamp and asked where Joseph kept the condoms.

'No condoms tonight. darling and no lube. You were right before. Tonight is special. I want it raw. I want to feel your love hole on my bare skin. I want my baby makers deep in you as our bodies become one for the first time love. Isn't that what you have always wanted?'

'Ohhhhh yeahh!' Allie gasped. 'But will I get the same opportunity. Is this the night that I get to.....'

'Yes, it must be the wine, it makes me feel so sexy and warm. Yes, tonight may well be our night to bind ourselves together forever.'

Allie reached over and pulled Joseph to him and kissed him and ran his fingers over his backside. 'I can't believe you are going to let me have this. Are you sure?'

'It had to happen someday and why not now? What is the use of waiting? What am I holding myself back from? Yes, I'm ready. But you must promise to be gentle.' Joseph said as he lowered his mouth to Allie's ten-inch shaft and started to wet it up.

'You get it real wet and slippery. I promise to be as gentle as I can, but it is going to hurt a bit at first. I can't believe this. Oh baby, on your belly. It won't hurt as much. I can't believe this. I would rather I took you facing me, but we can switch later once your man cunt is loosened up. I'm so happy my head is so light. I feel as if I'm going to fly into your ass.'

Joseph turned onto his belly as Allie placed a pillow under his midsection to raise his backside into a proper position. Seeing the dimpled mounds of flesh before his eyes and unable to control himself any longer he grasped each white mountain and pulled it gently apart exposing the hot volcanic center, and buried his face, mouth and extended tongue as deep as he could nibbling licking, wetting and sucking the ring. It was going to happen he told himself, it was really going to happen, damn it, it was happening Nothing was going to stop him now. He violently mounted the beautiful white mare and placed his hard cock against Joseph's ass and pressed. And Joseph moaned as Allie pushed hard but the ring would not open. Joseph screamed as this dark Arab stallion pushed harder and harder. Then just as he could feel the ring start to spread the monster cock head slide down the ass crease and rested along Joseph's perineum and just stayed there. Joseph waited, just laying there, not wanting to move for a few minutes. And then slowly, very slowly, he pushed the sleeping Allie off his back. Allie was out, really out. Joseph turned him on his back, shook him and gently slapped his face. He watched as Allie breathed regularly and deeply. The bastard was snoring; the son of a bitch had fallen asleep on him! At first he felt sort of insulted. The son of a bitch fell asleep on me. But then he got out of bed, put on his robe and opened the suitcase. He removed the attache case and took it down to the kitchen. He took the key from the refrigerator and tried it on the lock. It opened and inside he found about 15 sheets of paper with Arabic writing and diagrams. Joseph skimmed through several pages then took everything into the library and copied everything, page by page, on his copy machine. Besides the papers, there was an envelope filled with $100 dollar bills, which he did not bother to count. He replaced these. When he had copied all the pages, he locked the copies in his desk, returned the originals to the case exactly as he had found them, locked the case and returned the key to the refrigerator. He then took the case back up to the bedroom and replaced it in the suitcase. Allie was still sleeping soundly so Joseph took the wine glasses into the hot tub room and washed them out and then took the bottle of sleeping pills as well as the clothes he had discarded earlier and went into the bathroom. There he flushed the pills down the toilet and got rid of the bottle. He opened the hamper to throw in his laundry and spotted the bloody plastic wrapped washcloth that he had discarded earlier in the day. A vision clicked before his eyes. Bingo. He let some of the water diluted blood drip into the sink then onto the toilet seat and the floor. Then he dropped the package into the wastebasket. Returning to the bedroom, He disrobed and got into bed with the snoring Allie.

When Joseph awoke in the morning, Allie was still asleep. He snuggled up to the warm body and felt his morning wood. Man it was magnificent and it was wet. He must have had a wet dream. He placed his hand around the shaft and in no time the hard cock twitched ejecting cummm as Allie moaned and started to wake up.

'MMMMMMM don't stop. It feels so good.' Allie sleepily groaned. 'It's so good to wake up next to you, with your fingers playing with me. I want to fuck you again and again. What a night we had! I wish we could stay in bed all day. Habibi, I love you.'

'You love me? Well it certainly did not feel like that last night. You promised to be gentle, but you were a beast. You almost raped me. That monster between your legs tore my backside apart. I am so sore that I will have to stay in bed today,' Joseph whined. 'You are never to touch me again!'

'Never? You have to be kidding! I'm sorry if I hurt you. You were the one that insisted I not use lubrication. It will get better in a day or so, let me see what I did.'

'Keep your hands off me. After you used me, you feel asleep. I was up most of the night cleaning up the bloody mess. I was a mess. You were dead to the world and I had to clean you up. When I went to expel your cummmm, I started to bleed like a stuffed pig.'

'You bled?' Allie smiled. 'I don't believe it - a real virgin. I really had a true virgin. Now if we were back in my village, your relatives would be showing the bloody bed sheets to all the neighbors to boast about your purity. Where is the blood? The sheets are soiled but not bloody!'

'I told you, I started to bleed when I expelled your seed. You want proof to show the world - it's all over the bathroom. Go look, and then you clean the mess up. If you want to satisfy your cultural manhood fantasy, you can keep the washcloth, you pig. After you wash yourself up, make me something to eat and get the hell out of here.'

'Allie went into the bathroom and came back ashen-faced. You weren't kidding, I'm sorry. Are you really hurting? Should I call the doctor? Please forgive me!'

'I'll get over it. Just get dressed and get out of here. I need my rest. But the least you can do is to give me a kiss. After all, it isn't everyday a guy loses his virginity and cherry to his lover.'

'Oh yes, my love, habibi.' Allie said as he gently took Joseph in his arms and lightly kissed him. 'I am sorry I was such a beast. You rest, I'll clean up, then make you something to eat before I leave. I'll call you from the camp, just to check up on you. If you start to bleed again, you must see a doctor. I wish I could stay here with you and look after you, but as long as you think I should attend the meeting and you don't need me. What the hell am I saying? I am going to stay with you all day.'

'No. You go. They are expecting you. If I need you I'll call your cell.' Joseph said, realizing he might have overplayed his hand. 'No. You must go and I want you to go. I'm sorry I acted like a spoiled honeymooner, I guess I was feeling a bit letdown. Post morning.... whatever they call it. Anyway I'm feeling better now. Go, go to your meeting and give them all my regards, but, if they want the money--- they must make the changes I want.'

Allie got up and did all he could to make Joseph feel better. He even hand fed him breakfast. After he left, Joseph got up, got dressed, checked the house and called Bill.

'Get your ass up here, Bill, and bring that Boss of yours. We are about to blow the lid off.'

'You mean Philip Jackson?'

'No not him. Cook, Steward Cook! And you can also bring one or two of your Arab translators, ones you can trust.'

'The only one I trust is you!'

Joseph thought for a few seconds then said, 'O.K. Pick up the head instructor from the Army school at the base. Tell him we need him and one of his most trusted American non-Muslim Arabic-speaking colleagues and get them here this morning. Make sure they have top-secret or at least secret clearance.'

'OK, but this had better be big.'

'Believe me, Bill, It is!'

To be continued.....


Jay Benson/Joystick

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