'No, this new plan of yours, it will never work,' argued Allie, who had come to Damascus in hope of at least talking the Emir out of using Joseph as the means of subverting the American President. Since that first day over a year ago, when Fazzi had first asked him to work for him, Allie had hopes of advancing up the chain of command. Then, when Fazzi had been killed and the Emir had requested that he take over for Fazzi, he had thought that perhaps the way was open for him to someday advance all the way to the top. But all that had come out of that was a babysitting job. Always there had been something that had prevented him from gaining his rightful place. Now instead of him, it looked as if it was going to be Joseph or his son who someday would be the Emir's successor. Allie was pissed to say the least. How could this have come to pass? This Joseph was not even a real Muslim. Besides, he was a weakling. It had been so easy for him to get into Joseph's bed that first time. All he needed was some more time and he would have had Joseph in the palm of his hand. True, he had to act like the woman but that would have changed soon and he would have been able to enslave him both physically as well as sexually. If Allie was not to be the new Emir then he must be able to control the one that was to be and the only way he could do that was through sex. He must get the Emir to lift those restrictions on him and Joseph sleeping together.

'Is it really your plan to overturn the powerful American nation? And are you going to install this American ex-serviceman as your puppet with that sixteen year old granddaughter of yours to control him?' Allie asked as he paced back and forth in front of the Emir. 'If so - if this is your plan - it is lunacy, pure lunacy.'

'Not only is it not lunacy,' shouted the Emir, not used to being questioned in such a manner, 'but it will come to pass and perhaps even sooner than either Fazzi or I thought!'

'How can you say that, Your Eminence?' Allie protested. 'Again I tell you it will never happen.'

'Yes it will! I have already established in the President's mind that I am a complete fanatic. And as such there seems to be no way for him to control me. However, he has seen that Yussef has my complete trust and as such he would make a good emissary or, perhaps, he might influence me and tend to calm me down. From what I saw, I think the President likes him. He might also think that, as Yussef's former Commander-in-Chief, he can get Yussef to reason with me and somehow keep me under control. Little does he know that it is Yussef who will control him and I who control Yussef. That was the reason I insisted that Yussef went with me when I went to meet the President after our confrontation at the UN. I wanted that idiot to get to know Yussef and perhaps to think he can trust him or perhaps to use him in some way. I wanted Yussef to also get to know the President. I think my little plan is working.'

'And what makes you think that your plan is working?' Allie asked. 'This President would have to be a complete fool to fall for that.'

'It is working and that is the very reason it is working. This President is not only a fool but he is a complete idiot as well as a clown. He has no hint or clue as to what he is facing here.' The Emir laughed, 'Point number one, the cooperation we have been getting on Yussef's trip has been overwhelming. Point number two, the President went so far as to offer his own airplane as well as put his personal blessings on the visit. And point number three - the President has requested that Yussef give him a full report of the trip when he returns.'

'And you think that Yussef's loyalty to you will help to bring this so called clown down? And what makes you think that Yussef will be willing to help you do it?'

'Yes, he will not only help but sooner or later he will insist on it. Yussef is smart enough to see this man for what he is and Yussef will soon become disgusted with him. I think that, in short order, this disgust will turn Yussef into a Jihadist. That religious conversion, along with his marriage to my granddaughter will keep Yussef under my thumb. Then not only will he be willing to work with us, but he will take the lead and insist that we hasten the day when Islam replaces that corruption called democracy. And you, my dear Allie, just to make sure and as an added bit of insurance, I want you behind the scenes to make sure that Yussef is bound to us forever.'

'Yes I know that is your hope and since our last talk I have given this a lot of thought. However, I cannot do what you are asking me to do. No! I not only cannot - I will not do it! I can no longer work for you.'

'You are refusing a direct order from me!' yelled the Emir.

'Yes I am. How can I do this? You have lost faith in both my abilities and me. I love you and our cause, but unless you are willing to trust my judgment and give me a free hand again, I must refuse your request. You must change your mind. That is the only way that I know I will be able to restore my control over him. Are you willing to let me use whatever methods I think I might need to secure his loyalty? I can do it, but only if you let me do it my way. Once I have him in my power again I will control him absolutely. If you still want him to take your granddaughter as a wife he can, but neither you nor she will be permitted to interfere in our relationship again. She and Yussef can provide you with all the male heirs in the world, but you know for a fact, that as a Muslim wife, she will never be able to control him, not the way you may need to control him. In our culture it is the man that controls the wife not the wife who controls her husband. As his lover, not only can I control him but I will.'

'Perhaps you are right. If I agree to change my mind on this point you must promise me that you will be careful about the Worthington factor. At this time that factor cannot be jeopardized in any fashion. His son and the family can do us more harm than even the President of the United States.'

'Yes I know all about the Worthington clan. You know how much I hate them. It will be hard for me to control myself, but I promise you that at least until the overthrow, they will be safe from me. Afterwards, there will no longer be a need for any of them! ---- As a reward for my loyal service to you and the Emirate, you are to turn them over to me. I want them for my own. I want the honor of executing the parents with my own hands and I have some special plans for the son. I want that actor's ass. But that is in the future. Right now you must somehow find a way to make it known to Yussef that you no longer require him to give me up.'

'Allie, you have my word that I will do as you wish. When I see him, I will inform Yussef that I have had a change of heart and I will permit your 'friendship'. As far as the Worthingtons', after we come to power - I, too, feel we will no longer need them - you can have them. However, I warn you, be careful how far you push me. I am still the Emir.'


'Well, if you two agree to come with me and be my guests we will leave in two days time.' Joseph said.

'Yes, oh yes, we would love to go,' said Sarah Worthington as Joseph told her and her husband about his upcoming trip to the Middle East. 'You're sure that it will be safe?'

'Well when dealing with the Middle East there is always that tinge of danger and tension, but then again that is what makes it so interesting. However, putting that aside, both the President and I feel that this trip will not only be safe, but it may help to lower that tension. Since we will be the honored guests of his Eminence, we will be entitled to all the diplomatic perks of international hospitality. The Emir, himself, is going to plan and pay for our visit. He is very excited about having you join both of us in this tour. He spoke to the State Department and was told that the President himself has not only approved of the trip, but also offered to make Air Force One available. The Emir, not to be outdone, would have none of that and is sending his own plane instead and insists on supplying all security.' Joseph told them.

'Yes I know.' Her husband interjected. 'I did not tell you, Sarah, but this morning the President himself called me and almost ordered me to go. He told me he wants to get as much information as he can on this man as well as get my feelings on what he is up to. The Emir's speech at the UN really has him shook up and he wants every social, business and diplomatic channel open to him. He feels that there must be someway to try to reach this man. When he heard that Joseph had asked us to travel with him, he called me to tell me how glad he was that I might be going.'

'That is the face he shows to you and the rest of the world.' Joseph said. 'I have told him there is no way he can control that fanatic and I think he knows it now. He knows that sooner or later he is going to have to do something. The man will not go away. He must either neutralize or remove the man.'

'Joseph, what do you think our President will do? Do you think he will do anything?'

'I think that this President of ours doesn't have the guts to do anything. He does not wish to get his hands dirty. Maybe he hopes that by my getting close to the Emir, I will somehow be able to do that for him. I am coming to the conclusion that he would like me to relieve him of the decision and execute the man for him. After all, it is not unheard of for a relative of an Arab leader to, shall we say, replace that leader. But, what he doesn't realize is, that while this happens all the time, it is unlikely that a non-Arab could do it.'

'I think you are being too hard on our President.' Sarah said. 'I think he really believes in his ability to talk sense into any man. Has he said anything that would lead you to think he is expecting you to kill the Emir?'

'Absolutely not!' Joseph said. 'Like most Americans, the President still hopes that it is possible to reason with fanatics. You would think that his experience with our congress would have enlightened him. If he is not able to control the members of his own political party, that more or less are supposed to agree with him, how can he hope to reason with a fanatic who is really out to overthrow him and makes no bones about it? One day, and I hope soon, he will realize that he must do whatever is possible to keep this man in check.'

'In check?' Sarah said. ' So it has come to that. The world has become a big chess game and we are all players. Joseph tell me, are we pawns or major players?'

'Sarah, the world and politics have always been a big chess game and we are all players. How big or how small I cannot hazard a guess, but it looks like we are about to find out.' Joseph said as he prepared to leave for Paterson. 'You will excuse me but I have to get back to the house as we are expecting the movers with Rich's stuff to arrive this afternoon and I want to be there to direct his moving in.'

'How is the move going?' Sarah asked. 'Is there anything we can do to help?'

'Everything is going well and Rich and I are both excited about setting up a home together. I know the house was Fazzi's, but I want to make it Rich's and mine. I am even planning on making certain changes that will remove all past traces of its former owner. It will be nice to have our own place and to live a more or less normal life.'

'Well you just let us know if there is anything you both need as a 'house warning gift'. Sarah said. 'Dad and I would love to shop around for something.'

'We will let you know.' He said as he kissed them good-bye. 'Be prepared to leave in two days.'

The front hall of the main house looked like it was a factory production line. Boxes everywhere and in the middle of the confusion was Rich giving orders to the four moving men.

'Well it's about time you got here.' Richard said. 'How are Mom and Dad? Were they surprised when you asked them? Are they going with you?'

'Sorry it took a bit longer than I thought. Dad knew about it but mom was really shocked. They are going with me. Right now they are busy packing but they also want to know what we would want for a house warming gift.'

'A little help would be appreciated. I never realized that I had so much junk. You can help by moving these boxes upstairs into my room. The boxes marked in red are going over to the garage apartment. I have decided not to use it as my apartment but to set it up as an office where I can conduct business and meet with my agents. That way I can keep my personal and business life separated. I hope you approve of that arrangement.'

'Anything you want to do is OK with me. We can even arrange to have your business mail sent to the garage.' Joseph said. 'We can place two postal boxes on the main gate.'

'We can discuss that after I am moved. Now just help with some of these packages.'

Three hours later most of the stuff had been sorted out and moved. 'It went faster than I thought it would. I think I will have time to shower and dress before I have to catch the bus to town and the theater. Want to share a shower with me before I leave for work? No hanky-panky. You understand that it is just for saving on our water bill, don't you?'

'Well just in the interest of saving money!' Joseph said and took hold of Richard's hand and pulled him into the bedroom. 'Oh, by the way, did I tell you that I'm having the balcony outside redone and they are going to install a hot tub out there? Then the whole thing will be enclosed in glass and made into our own semi-private escape pod. Just like the night of our second date...Remember?'

'Ohhhhhh yessssss - do I remember! Dad paid for that little get away.' Rich said. 'It was the first time that I realized how much I really loved you and that you also loved me. Come to think of it --- that's where you also learned to suck coc---------.'

'Yes it was really where I learned to accept myself for what I was. It seems so long ago. Rich, was it really only that short a time ago? I feel like we have been together for much longer than two years.' Joseph said pulling Richard into his arms and kissing him. 'Things have changed an awful lot since then.'

'Oh! I really don't think so.' Richard said, 'we are still the same I think.'

'Are you kidding? You were a waiter in a downtown cafe working hard to support yourself while you attended acting school. And I was a Private in the army who had no money, no girl, with little or no future, who was trying to celebrate my twenty first birthday in a strange city. Now look at us - You are a Broadway star and me - I'm one of the richest guys around and I'm about to fuck the daylights out of you. Who would have thought??'

'Enough of the preliminaries! Let's fuck!' Richard said laughing. 'This so called Broadway Star has to still be on time for curtain time.'

And so Joseph took Rich and the two of them made love, first in the shower and then in bed and then once more in the shower.

'Joseph, all I can say is that you sure improved since that first night!'

'Well I had a good teacher. I think you better get your ass moving if you are going to make the opening curtain,' Joseph said. 'I have to start packing for the trip. After I finish I'll drive into the city and pick you up at the theater and take you out to a late supper. Then we have a few days rest and in two days you can drive me to the Airport where we'll meet your parents and you can see us off.'

Two days later after saying goodbye to Rich at the terminal gate, the three of them were greeted by the pilot and several well built security agents acting as stewards who welcomed them aboard the luxury aircraft. They were shown into a large seating area and told to strap themselves into their lounge chairs. 'After takeoff and when we reach cruising altitude, you may get up and roam around if you like or you can use the two bedrooms in the rear to rest in. The steward will be glad to show you to yours. It will be a long flight, perhaps ten to twelve hours and you might want to get some rest. If you get hungry or want something to drink, just ring the bell and he will serve you whatever you desire. Usually we do not allow alcohol on board, but the Emir has made an exception for this flight.' The pilot said saluting them smartly. 'His Eminence and this crew wish you a pleasant journey and we will do anything to make it so.'

'Thank you Captain. I'm sure we will have only nice things to report to Eminence.' Joseph said in formal Arabic as the three of them sat down in the overstuffed chairs and strapped in. 'When are we taking off?'

'As soon as the preflight inspection is complete and we get tower clearance.' The captain said as he turned and walked up to the flight deck door. 'Since this is a special priority flight I do not think it should take long - perhaps in about fifteen minutes.'

Within a few minutes of his return to the pilot's deck the intercom announced, 'Stewards, please prepare our guests for take off,' at which point two young men came in, checked the passengers' seat belts, reported to the flight deck that all was ready and then sat in their own safety seats. The plane started to taxi and soon was airborne. When the craft had reached cruising altitude the stewards came and enquired if there was anything their passengers wanted to eat or drink. Joseph and the Worthingtons ordered drinks, lunch and started to chat about the trip. After lunch Joseph said he was tired and thought he would like to get some rest.

'I think I will try to get some sleep. Rich and I had an active night last night, good-byes etc., and I am bushed and about to fall asleep anyway,' he said as he asked the steward where his bedroom was.

'I'll show you sir - follow me.' He said leading him to the rear of the plane and opening a door. 'There are service buttons by the bed in case you need anything. Would you care for a sleeping pill?'

'No, I think I will be able to fall asleep without one, thank you,' he said as he backed into the room and closed the door.

Turning around, he was shocked to see a familiar figure sitting in the chair by the bed. 'Allie! What the hell are you doing here?'

'His Eminence wanted to make sure that you had everything you needed to make your trip comfortable so he sent me to make sure all went well. He also wanted you to know that in case you needed a bed companion....'

'You lying bastard, I don't believe you. After that talk he had with me about not having sex with Muslims,' Joseph whispered. 'You must be crazy to try to pull something like this. Besides, Mr. and Mrs. Worthington are right outside. They might hear something. You do love to live dangerously.'

'Yes, I do and that is what makes it so exciting. Come sit here on the bed, we have lots of time before we arrive and no one need know I am with you as the rooms are sound proof for your comfort. Yussef, my love, it has been hell for me. I have been so lonely and going crazy, since you thought you were forced to throw me out. We can make love and the Worthingtons will never know I was here. Afterwards I will be able to blend in with the crew when we get to Syria.'

'Allie please leave. You are making it difficult for me not to expose you to the Emir. He will have your cock and balls cut off if he hears of this and that would be such a loss.'

'You said 'IF' he hears of this not 'WHEN'. Does that mean that you do not intend to tell him of this?' Allie said as he took Joseph into his arms and kissed him. Feeling Joseph's lips begin to relax and part he slid his tongue into the waiting mouth and withdrew it several times and then sighed, 'there I knew it, I can tell you want me your lips are as welcoming as ever.'

'Yes Allie, you know and I thought I had made it clear that the only reason I told you to go was because of what the Emir told me. He made it clear to me that if I were to become a Muslim; I could not corrupt another Muslim. I would be robbing you of your place in paradise.'

'Such silly fairytales. Forget what that old bastard tells you! He is a dried up old fig. He has forgotten what love is and cannot even contemplate how much we love each other. I love and need your cock in my body and now I can feel that you need me as much as I need you. Let me worry about my place in paradise. Sooner or later the old man will have to accept our relationship. I have spoken to him and I'm sure that if you tell him that we love each other he will have to accept it. I'll let you in on a little secret. I have already told him that you and I will never accept being apart from each other. If you were to tell him the same thing, I'm sure he will have to give in to our wishes. He knows he will have no choice and he will have to get used to our love. You want my body as much as I want and need yours and he will have to accept and approve of our liaisons. But you will have to insist on this as a condition of your arrangement with his granddaughter. Yussef, don't you realize how much you mean to him. He is not the power here, he knows he will have to accept anything you want or run the risk of losing you. And he does not want that.'

'How can you be so sure?'

'Because I know that the one thing he wants more that anything in this world is to have a male heir from his bloodline to take over after he dies. His sons-in-law cannot give him that and he hates them for it. He knows he cannot live forever and you seem to be the last hope that he will have to pick his heir.'

Allie pulled him close to himself and kissed his lips. 'I have missed you so much,' he whispered into Joseph's ear as he pushed him back onto the bed. 'Come! Now, it is time for me to once again become your sex slave. Only you can and must tame that wild beast that is in me. I need you to turn me from King Kong into Fay Wray. I need my strong white hunter to tame me. Come Master, let's stop this crap and get to bed. We have wasted too much time already,' he said as he started to remove Joseph's suit jacket and tie.

'Damn it Allie! I said stop! And I mean it.' Joseph said in as controlled a tone as he could. 'Look, Allie, it's not that I don't want you - both you and Allah know I do,' he lied. 'But until that 'old man', as you call him, tells me directly that he not only approves of our sleeping together, but it is permitted - that 'CRAP' is law. I was serious when I told you I wanted to become a good Muslim. Being a good Muslim requires that you submit to the will of Allah and his appointed teachers. This I intend to try to do. Now, get the hell out of here before I press the service button and have the steward come in and forcibly remove you!'

To be continued...


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