The President sat back and blew smoke rings into the air.

'That bad? Come on Sergeant, are you sure you are not going off the deep end here?'

'Believe me, Sir, I wish I was.' Joseph said. 'I think what the Emir will say tomorrow may be toned down some, but be careful not to fall for the soft soap. He means to rule over a world Caliphate. And that includes the USA. Without the USA his takeover will fail. He and most of his henchmen not only think but also believe that the United States will fall and that it will be easy to bring this about in a very short time. He has studied history and he knows that our country ripe for a takeover and that, even if he should decide to just sit and do nothing at all but wait, it will soon fall apart. The American people, so he believes, are weak to the point of surrender. They have become fat and have no fight left in them. They have convinced themselves that there is 'no pure evil' left in the world. Nine eleven never happened. It could not have happened. The Arabs were not capable of planning and executing such a complicated act. It was a plot by the President to pay back his friends in the oil industry and the military-industrial complex for their support when he stole the election in 2000.'

'Sergeant, is this what you believe?' He asked.

'It matters little, what I think or believe. However to tell the truth, if the terrorists had followed up on nine-eleven with more bombings and acts of wanton terror, we would have caved in long ago. I am really surprised that they didn't do that. Americans just do not have the stamina or guts to withstand that kind of thing. I think that in this respect we are no better than the Spanish are. One, two or three more bombings and we would have been on our knees.'

'And what makes you think that they didn't try but that the FBI stopped them?' The President asked. 'I am told that there were hundreds of cells that were uncovered and prevented from doing damage.'

'Yes, we might have caught a few nuts.' Joseph said. 'But I do not think that they were connected in any way with the Caliphate or the Emirate. They were just some nuts or they were the ones that they let us catch. Besides what does it mean to them if they loose five hundred thousand or a million or two million men and children - they will eulogize them and make heroes of them and then they will be replaced in the blink of an eye.'

'So is there no solution?'

'I leave the politicians to look for solutions - I am a soldier, but to try to answer your question- the only solution is to fight, fight and then fight some more.' Joseph said. 'Even if you choose not to fight now-someday you will have to fight because they will not let up. There has been evil in this world from day one and it remains our job to route it out and destroy it. We will just have to keep up the fight.'

'Well Sergeant, you paint a very dark picture, but then I did ask for the truth.'

'I wish I could bring you better news. There are times I wish I could live to see the day you would say to me that my services were no longer required. I really don't like what I have to do. God knows, I wish I could see the day when people like me could live normal lives... I wish I never went into that Mosque.' Joseph said.

'Well, I'm glad you did...' The President said as he put out the cigar and got up, extended his hand and said, 'Again, I want to thank you for your being there for us. I want you to continue your work even after you leave the Army. My door will always be open to you. Please continue your work and phone me at that special number anytime. Good luck.'

'Thank you, Mr. President, and good luck at the U.N. tomorrow. Please be careful. There are a lot of nuts out here.'

Later, in Bill's car going to Rich's apartment and after Joseph had told him about his meeting with the President, Bill asked, 'Do you think he believed you?'

'I hope so, but most likely not. He is like most Americans, living with his head in the sand. And erroneously, they think that this situation is only a matter of education, the relief of poverty or perhaps a dozen other things, none of which has anything to do with the real situation. Like I tried to tell the President, our people cannot and will not face the fact that there has been evil in this world since day one and that it is man's job to fight it. Speaking of evil, get me home. I think it is my turn to do a little evil.

'What's the hurry? Rich won't be home for another hour.'

'I know that, but I want to be prepared for him.' Joseph said as the car moved down the highway and then turned into the Village. 'Did I tell you that I asked Rich to marry me when I get out of the army?'

'No you didn't. What did he say?'

'He said yes, but he wants to wait six months, until the play is established and he can afford to take some time off. I think he is afraid that 'coming out' might hurt his career.'

'I don't think so. A lot of show people are now admitting openly that they are gay and it doesn't seem to hurt them any.' Bill said. 'The world is changing. Anyway, I know I have changed and I know my bosses have also changed. I wish you luck and I hope you invite me to the wedding. Both my wife and I would be proud to be there. I think you might have competition there with Rich. She has fallen for him since she saw him on opening night.'

'Well I'll just have to keep an eye on him then.' Joseph laughed as they pulled up in front of the apartment and got out. 'We haven't made plans yet, but I think we will be going to Canada and I will let you and the wife know when. If you are free at that time, you are most welcome to come along and 'stand up for us'. Good night, Bill thanks for the lift.'

Joseph let himself into the darkened apartment and then decided to take a bath. He remembered the last time he had taken a bath in this place and while the tub filled, he went and got the scented candles and placed them around the tub. When the water was full he added some bubbles and then slipped into the tub and lay there with his head resting on the edge of the tub, relaxing and waiting. He didn't have to wait long as he heard the key turning in the door.

'Albert??? Is that you?' Rich called out.

'Nope! I'm just a soldier that was passing by, saw this nice inviting tub and thought I would like to take a bath and spend a twenty-four hour pass with you. Are you available?'

'Well I was expecting my lover. ' Richard said as he walked into the bathroom and leaned over the tub and kissed Joseph on the lips. 'However you might do!'

'Might?' Joseph said and he reached up and started to pull Richard into the tub.

'Hey, let me get myself undressed first.'

'OK but you are a kill-joy!'

'Hey I'm just a poor struggling actor. I don't have millions to spend on clothes.' Richard said sitting down on the toilet and removing his shoes and socks and throwing them into a pile to be later joined by his shirt and pants. Then slowly removing his under shorts he twirled them around his finger, doing a poor imitation of a cheap striptease dancer and tossed them onto the pile. 'Does this remind you of something?'

'Sure does. Two things. One is that belly dancer that I fucked and the other is a wonderful night we spent in that hotel hot tub under the stars a long time ago.' Joseph mused and reached up and pulled Rich into the tub. 'Only this is not as comfortable, but it will do.'

'Just think after we are married we can move into the Paterson house and have it remodeled. We can put a swimming pool in the basement and redo the porch off the master bedroom to include a big hot tub. Boy, can we have fun there.' Richard said.

'We can have fun anywhere as long as we are together.' Joseph said pulling Richard close to him and kissing his ear and neck. Rich leaned back into Joseph's hard body and sighed. He was relaxed and comfortable in spite of the close quarters. Rubbing his rear end up against Joseph, he could feel his hardness press against his ass slit and it felt good, very good. They sat there, soaking in the warm water, Joseph with his hands around Richard, his fingers moving over the wet body to Rich's cock and just holding the hot rod. Together they watched as the candles began to burn low and flicker out....

'It's getting late and I have to be up early if I'm to be ready for the Emir's car by nine in the morning.' Joseph said as he reached over for a towel. The two of them reluctantly rose from the now cool water and letting the tub drain they stepped out of the tub and dried each other off and then hurried into the bedroom and got under the warm covers.

'When and if, we remodel the Paterson house, one thing I am going to insist is that we have a fireplace in the master bedroom.' Joseph said.

'Why 'when and if'? Are you not planning to live there?' Rich asked.

'Not sure yet. Would you mind living in that house, knowing the history that I had there? Wouldn't you like a new place ---- a new beginning?' Joseph asked. 'I know I would.'

'Oh Joseph! I love you.' Richard sighed as he rolled over on top of the soldier and kissed him hard as their bodies rubbed against each other and their lips kissed and tongues sort and found each other.

'Rich, are they still in the draw?'

'Yes lover, get one and put it on me. I want to try a different position. I had the weirdest dream the other night and I want to try it out.' Richard said as he dismounted Joseph and lay on his back while the soldier placed and rolled down a condom over Rich's hard nine inches. 'Now you straddle me and slowly lower yourself onto my cock. I know we have done it this way before but somehow, in the dream, it was different.'

Joseph started to say something but stopped... It must be love! He thought. Now we are beginning to have the same dreams. He swung his leg over Rich's midsection and began to lower his ass onto Richard's manhood. Pulling his ass globs apart so that the meaty cock head of Richard could slip into his tight hole, he felt Richard's fingers pulling his ass down onto his hard cock. Slowly he began to flex his ass muscles engulfing Richard's manhood, sucking it inch by inch into the very core of his being. Down, down into the deep ravine, until there was no place more to go. Until the very essence of Joseph had been breached. Then he started to move his body up and down slowly. At the same time Joseph flexed his rear end, which held and cradled the pulsing and quivering cock as it continued to rub the walls of his hot wet manhole. He felt Rich's cock thicken just as his own penis began to erupt sending cum in a high arc from the tip of his cock onto the chest of Richard. Rope after rope burst forth as his ass contorted around the fleshy pole in his love channel sending electric impulses which triggered Rich's body to stiffen and ram forward hard as his cock planted his seed deep inside Joseph.

Joseph collapsed atop Richard as his mind screamed, Yes! Yes! It was you and only you in the dream. Too weak to disengage they fell asleep that way until at some point and in some way, during the night, they fell apart and slept until the alarm woke them.

Richard slept as Joseph got out of bed, showered and had breakfast. He left a note on the table telling Rich how good it was last night and that he would try to see him after he got back from the U.N. About 9A.M. the doorbell rang and true to his word, a limo was waiting with an accompanying motorcycle escort. Joseph went down the steps and the driver held the door open for him. He slid onto the rear seat and was surprised to find none other than the Emir himself sitting on the seat next to him.

'You look shocked; are you surprised to see me?'

'Well yes, just a little.' Joseph admitted. 'I had no idea that you would come to pick me up yourself. I am honored.'

'I thought we could have a few moments alone to talk over a few things before we get down to taking on your President and the rest of the western world,' the Emir said with a big grin as he spread out four photos on the seat. 'Here look at these and tell me which you like the best. After our conversation the other night, I called and had my daughters take them yesterday and e-mail them to me. They are pictures of my Granddaughters and the one you pick is to be your wife.'

Joseph, to say the least, was dumbfounded. 'My wife?' He said as he looked at the pictures. 'But these are children. I can't take a child bride. Besides I can't get married yet: I still have to get out of the army, complete my education and earn that partnership with Worthington Associates.'

'My dear Yussef, you not only can but you will. You pride yourself on knowing our customs. You told me of your desire to be one of us! This is how it is done. If what you told me is true, you will obey me in this matter. Your real father, had he been an Arab, would have arranged all of this when you were born. You would not have had the opportunity to pick a wife for yourself. In our society this is the norm. However, in your case, I am willing to make certain exceptions and adjustments. You do not have to marry her or take her to bed right now - you can, if you want, wait until she is of age. In the meantime, you know that our tribal customs permit you to gather any and all kinds of sexual experiences with non-Muslims. You can even continue your homosexual liaisons providing you keep them quiet and conduct them with non-Muslims. However, once the marriage is official, I will insist that you produce a male heir first ---then you are free to take other wives or lovers if you so desire. My two daughters have only female children and I want a male heir and you will provide me with one.'

'And what will be the Bride price?' Joseph asked. ''I am not that rich a man to afford the millions that you could get for anyone of your beautiful grandchildren.'

'Let us not haggle. Besides, I know you are very rich.... $100,000 in gold and if you produce a male heir I will refund it and add to it enough to pay for his education.'

'That is most generous of you. When do I have to decide on which child to take? They are all beautiful and I may be unable to choose. Who shall I pick?' Joseph said, trying to put off the decision as long as he could. 'I don't think I could pick one without offending the others.'

'In that case since you would not object to any of them - I will pick for you--- This one, the one we have always called Scheherazade, will be your wife. She is the eldest and right from birth she was seen as one who would make her husband's evenings very entertaining. She is sixteen now and she is ready for the bridal bed,' he said. 'However, since I believe eighteen is the age of consent in this country as of now, I will permit you to wait till that time. This is a foolish law and one which we will change when we take over.'

'But why change it? It has worked for a long time.' Joseph protested.

'When fruit is ripe, it is a crime to let such succulent fruit wither on the vine. A girl of 16 is more than ripe and must not be permitted to spoil and fall from the vine. As for your other objections, you will be out of the army in a few months and will be free of your obligations then. Why not plan to go to Syria for a vacation? Once there the law would not apply and you could take her as your wife. However, if you still wish to delay taking her to bed, I see no reason to put off the marriage for more than a year or two just because you are going to school. You can become engaged or even marry her and attend school. In either case, I promise you a virgin for your wedding bed.'

Joseph smiled and said, 'I expected nothing less.'

'Then you accept?'

'For a gem of such rare purity and beauty, the price of $100,000 in gold is a small price to pay. If you will draw up the engagement document, I will have my lawyer's go over it and if it is acceptable, we will have a deal!'

'Ahhhhhh yes it is a deal - and just in time, we have arrived at the U.N.,' smiled the Emir. 'Let us hope that the rest of my day goes as well as my morning with you has gone.'

The door opened and Joseph got out and offered his helping hand to the Emir as he got out of the car and they went into the legation office. There, Joseph was introduced and made to feel at home. In the delegation was Fazzi's other friend, Hassan Segour, who at first was cold to him. However, after seeing how close Joseph and the Emir were, he decided to forget the past.

'We must get into the chamber as the meeting is about to start.' They all walked in together and took their seats and the Council President called the meeting to order. After a short speech of welcome he introduced the President of the United States. The President took the podium and gave a brilliant speech. It was a plea for understanding, a hope for universal brotherhood and peace. During the speech, Joseph wrote several comments in Arabic on sheets of paper handing them to the Emir who looked at them and, at times, smiled and nodded his head in agreement with most of them. After the President was finished, he was greeted with applause. In general, he was given a rather proper but cool reception. The Council went into a short recess during which groups formed to talk over what the President had just said.

The Emir and Joseph compared notes. 'It is the same old stuff,' the Emir said. 'Nothing new! Lloyd George, Churchill, Roosevelt, Austin, we have heard it all before. You and I both noticed the same things in his speech, Yussef, but your understanding is very different than ours. He talks peace, but we see war. He says economic development, but we see colonialism. His brand of freedom is a brand of slavery to us. It is the slavery of modernity and science and that negates every part of Islam. His words sound good but his actions and those of your country are not good for us. Now I want you to tell me how I can make him and your people understand the real truth.'

'Just tell him what you feel and tell him in language he can understand. Forget the diplomatic crap. Tell him that there is no difference between the Muslims of the world,' Joseph said. 'Perhaps it is time for us to 'put the cards on the table' as the Americans like to say. Tell him and the world that while he and other westerners may look for moderates among us, sooner or later they must face the truth. And the truth is that when they deal with moderates, they are dealing with only a small group of people who really don't possess the power or even know the hopes, or hearts of the vast majority of our people. For the majority, only terrorists and terrorism exist! It exists, it survives and will continue to grow because that is the only thing that works for them.'

'Yes, Yussef, I see Fazzi taught you well. You have learned well. I see that you are one of us; do you think we can teach the west this truth and make them accept it as you do? Do you even think that they can take it?'

'Most likely not... But at least they will know what you really think and want. From what he says, the President wants to know the truth. Once you make it clear, who knows what will happen, but at least you will both know what the bottom line is.'

To be continued...


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