The first rays of sun came up streaking the morning darkness with golden light. As it spilled into the room it exposed two nude bodies spooned together in a lover's embrace. Joseph's eyes fluttered as the light brought him back to consciousness. For a split second he thought it was Richard's body that was pressing against him and that it was the actor's cock that he had pressed between his legs. Then, just as in a Hollywood movie, he had one of those flashbacks. His brain remembered the argument and fight he had with Richard yesterday. No, that humongous cock that he was feeling between his legs was not the actor's. As big as Richard is, the warmth and the tingling sensations he now felt were due to 10.5 inches of rock hard Arab cock. It belonged to Allie and as it rubbed along his perineum it was radiating a hell of a lot of heat. Against his will, the soldier felt his own muscular body responding. What could he do? He was imprisoned by the steel grip of a big hairy bear in human form that was hugging him closer and closer. And now he could feel the paw-like hands with their strong grasping fingers grabbing his hips and maneuvering them into positions that enabled the Arab to not only control his own movements but those of Joseph as well. The rough stubble of the Arab's day old beard was softened somewhat by the movement of his passionate lips and wet tongue as they worked their way along Joseph's broad shoulders kissing and licking. Back and forth they traversed, seeking and then finding the large artery that pumps life giving blood to the brain. By placing the tip of his tongue on that pulse he could feel the blood pounding close to the surface of the soft white skin. He followed the artery up the neck to Joseph's ear. At first he just sucked the lobe into his mouth and ran his tongue under, around and into the ear. When he started to nibble at the soft flesh, Joseph became lost in sexual overdrive. Gasping and moaning, he reached down between his legs and pressed the hard warm rod imprisoned there up against his balls. Allie unable to control himself any longer buried his open mouth into the nape of Joseph's neck. Growling, his teeth nibbled on the soft flesh and almost broke the skin. He then sucked at the pretend wound. Oh how he loved the soldier's taste, a taste like none other he had ever experienced before. It was so sweet and so young and sooooo blond.

Over the years Allie had 'taken' hundreds of paramours, but never-not even once, had he ever envisioned living the rest of his life with any one of them. To do such a thing was not within his culture nor was it the preferred way of his people. Young men were encouraged to experiment with both sexes, however when the time came to establish a lifetime arrangement, most bachelors had their families arrange a suitable marriage with the virgin daughter of a wealthy man of influence in order to produce an heir. The wife (or wives, they were permitted more then one) was to maintain a home and provide male children. Once this was accomplished the man, if he wanted to, was free to find sexual gratification with other women, men or perhaps even both. Allie had had neither the time nor the family that could arrange such an alliance. In the beginning while serving as Fazzi's chief assistant in Lebanon, he had all the women he ever needed. It was soon after Fazzi took him under his wing that he introduced him to same sex relations. Soon after this he found he no longer desired or had the will to get married. He had lost his taste for women. Like his boss and mentor he had developed a strong preference for men---and not just any men but a taste for much younger men.

As he lay beside the body of this erotic white Christian he realized that of all his past lovers this one was different. This younger creature had enchanted and captivated him. I am and always have been a dominant male; he thought, I am supposed to be the Master and him the slave. Yet here it is me who is quickly becoming enslaved. In a flash he realized that like his old mentor Fazzi, he too, had fallen so madly in love with this uncircumcised infidel that he was willing to give up everything. Now it is I, he mussed, that is captivated. Now, I am the one that is throwing everything to the wind just to be able to make love to him. I want to possess Yussef, but more than that, I want to be possessed by this blond bundle of sex. My God, who am I kidding, I am possessed. I want to love him! I want to hate him! I want to fuck him to death. Damn I don't know what I want.... I want him to do all kinds of things to me... I want to do all kinds of things to him.... I want to sink my teeth into that neck and suck his hot blood out of him.

'MMMMMMMmmmm, I see you are no longer King Kong. Now I no longer have that black hairy ape standing over me beating his chest and grunting at his conquest. Just when I was getting to like the beast, shit, now you have turned into Dracula.' Joseph moaned as the muscles of his thighs clamped down on the hard meat and kept it imprisoned between his legs.

His hot Arab blood getting the better of him, he became excited and started to run his cock back and forth. He moved the dripping head slowly from Joseph's balls to his ass, along the valley and over his rosebud. The cock head, like a paintbrush, painted a trail of precum in its wake. Grabbing his cock with one hand he guided the wet cock head to the warm orifice. Once over the pulsating target he moved the circumcised shaft in small circles teasing the puckered love hole. All at once he could feel Joseph's body beginning to resist.

Seconds before he had thought that maybe this was the time. Maybe now the soldier was ready to give him his virginity. Now it appeared as if a wall had been erected-a stone defense barrier and nothing short of dynamite, rape or drugging the young sexpot could breach that wall. Was Yussef playing the cock teaser or was this wall just the normal fear of a young man? It made no difference, which it was. Soon that wall would crumble and I will take him. I can wait until this slave begs for it. And when he does, it will be me that has at last beaten that old bastard Fazzi. It will have been I and not he that will be the one who battered down his ex-lover's gate and entered his Garden of Paradise. It will be I that will have taken and shredded his lover's virgin cherry.

'Yes! My slave.' He snarled baring his teeth in a very poor imitation of Bela Lugosi's Dracula and then continued in what was a really horrible Hungarian accent, 'I am going to sink my fangs into that sexy throat of yours and suck out your hot blood. First I will drain you almost dry. To the point when you are at death's doorway. Then I shall absorb your life's essence, mix it with mine and then transfuse our co-mingled living fluids back into you. Yes my slave, we will become one soul, a soul that lives forever. Yes, you and I bound up together as the undead shall make love for all eternity, until the end of time and beyond. But until then, my love, you need not resist me. I do not want to take you from the rear like a dog. No! Not like a dog or some lower form of life, no not like that, but like a true lover. When I do take you it will be with me on my back and you straddling my body. You will be facing me as you lower yourself onto my manhood. That way I will be able to enjoy the look of ecstasy in those blue eyes of yours as my 'snake' bores into you. I want to savor the feeling and the passion I see there in that blue sea, as inch-by-inch of my shaft penetrates that beautiful white ass of yours. I want to not only hear your anguished screams but also see that pain turn to pleasure as I take your cherry and ravish your virgin hole. Then and only then will the two of us be forever united!'

'Hey lover, as much as I might adore helping you to live out your wild fantasies, it is time for us to get up. It's Sunday and my housekeeper will be here soon and I don't think I could explain your sexy body in my bed let alone these love bites on my bruised neck to her.'

'Yussef, my love, it is time that you grow up and get yourself used to being what Fazzi's death has made of you.' Allie moaned as Joseph forcefully tried to pull himself from his embrace.

'What are you talking about?' Joseph questioned him. 'I'm the same person I have always been.'

'No you are not what you were, at least not in the sight of the Arab community. Not in this town and not even in the Arab world. As his son and only living family member, Fazzi's death has propelled you into 'our world', the world of Islam.' He said emphasizing the words 'our world'. 'And in that world, you are expected to act in certain prescribed ways. Given Fazzi's former status as well his known feelings for you, it is as if he has anointed you as the savior of our people. Being as rich as you are, you no longer have to answer to anyone but yourself. Being the son and heir of such a man as your father was, has elevated your standing in the world of Islam.'

'But I was only an adopted son, not one born out of his loins. I never even converted to Islam.'

'That makes no difference.' He tried to explain. 'In fact our history is filled with the leaders of our people passing on their heritage through adopted sons rather than those of our flesh. In our tradition, as the favored one of your father, as his son and heir you would be a sheik or a king. And as such you don't have to explain your life, your actions or anything to anyone least of all, to your servants or your housekeeper. They work for you, not you for them. Besides, I'm sure if she worked for Fazzi all these years there is little she has not seen. Fazzi was known to have many lovers, both men and women. For all we know he might have even been fucking her. This is not unusual for the ruling class of any people, if not more so with us. Fazzi must have trained her to keep her mouth shut.'

'But I'm not an Arab or a Muslim.' Joseph responded.

Brushing aside all the soldier's protests he said, 'That makes no difference any longer. Perception is all that counts now. For better or worse you are your father's son.... If you don't believe me, just go to the Mosque Friday and see how the faithful treat you.' Allie said and then added, 'Besides what is this housekeeper of yours? She is nothing more than an Arab woman. She therefore knows how to keep her mouth shut. And if she does, maybe she will live a long life.'

'You know 'habibi' someday those Arab women are going to rise up and cut off all those Arab balls.' Joseph said. 'Then where would you all be without sperm to populate the world?'

'Well we would just have to find another way. Maybe capture and adopt Christian men to be our 'tops' and train them to submit to Allah and us.' He jested and then said. 'But I would have so missed having this big cock laying useless with nothing to do but urinate.'

'And I would miss having it to worship.' Joseph whispered as he squeezed his thighs together crushing the shaft repeatedly. He could feel the precum, warm and lubricating the cock as it slid back and forth between his legs. His finger tips playing with the protruding cock head and rubbing along the sensitive underside of the circumcised dick.

'I like it when you do that. When you squeeze my cock with your thighs. It feels just like you are having an orgasm and your ass walls are closing in around my manhood.' Allie sighed.

'Maybe someday soon you will get to feel the real thing.' Joseph said as was finally able to moved away from the Arab freeing himself from the hairy tentacles. 'But not now and not today. I'm not kidding, besides the maid is coming, I have to prepare my lesson plans for this week. What with Fazzi's funeral and everything else, I have taken too much time off and I have to get back to work for the army. You, my dear, also have to get back to work. I want full reports on the organizations that you gave me last night and I also want you to prepare another list for me. This is real important; I want the names of any organizations and individuals that are working for interfaith relations. And those organizations do not have to be Arab or even Muslim.'

'You are not thinking of giving Muslim money to Christian and Jewish groups are you?' He said getting out of bed. 'Our contributors will be up in arms and they will demand that you resign.'

'And why is that?'

'You can't expect us to love the people that have slaughtered our people and stolen our lands. That would be too much. Who do you think you are?'

'As you just said, I am my father's son. They would not dare to question one of his dying wishes, one that he asked me to help him with before he died.'

'It was Fazzi's desire to give Muslim money to Jews and Christians?' Allie asked. 'That is preposterous.'

'No its not. It started during the time that Ibrahim was being held by those gangsters. You of all people should remember how he took over the rescue effort and how he felt during the effort. Both while we were doing it and after at the bazaar he was really impressed with what the publicity could do for his people. Over and over again he said that it is time we started to build on the good public relations that were created when Ibrahim was set free. He told me that for the first time in his life not only had his Muslim friends respected him, but he also felt respected by everyone else in the world.' Joseph said and then he added to this that Fazzi had told him he was going to use the funds to improve the perception that the world had of his people.

Allie thinking back over all the conversations he had with both Fazzi and the Emirate when he was in Syria, realized that Yussef might be right after all. Then thinking that he would at least check it out with the Emirate before he said anything else, he said, 'That might not be such a bad idea. Let me throw out some feelers and see if I can get a feel for how this will set with the 'Powers that be'. I still do have some connections. You know, we just might be able to make it work if we call it 'The Fazzi Muhammad Memorial Peace Fund' or something of that nature.'

'Great! I'm glad to see that you are at least willing to considerer it.' Joseph said feeling that he had at last been able to penetrate that wall of xenophobia so common in this people. 'The Fazzi Muhammad Memorial Peace Fund. I love that! I think that is a brilliant idea. Get on it. Now get the hell out of here. Use my bathroom to shower and dress.'

'Can I borrow a razor also?' He asked and then said, 'why don't you come take a shower with me.'

'No we do not have time. You can find a new toothbrush in the cabinet, the second drawer down, left hand side. There is also an extra razor there.' Joseph told him and added, 'Now get the hell moving.'

'Ok maybe we can do the shower tonight then?'

'I was planning on going back to base this afternoon. You have my cell phone number, call me later I might change my mind. If not we will get together sometime during the week.' Joseph said as he put on his bathrobe. 'I'm going downstairs to make some coffee. Would you care for some?'

'No, as much as I would like to have breakfast with you, I have to get busy on that Fazzi project. I'll call you.' Allie said as he slipped into the shower.

Joseph went down to the kitchen put up some coffee and started cooking his breakfast. The ringing of his cell phone startled him. Glancing at the caller ID he saw it was Rich. 'Hello, how are you? How are the tryouts coming along?' he asked as he poured coffee into his cup.

'So far everything is going along very well. Better than expected. We have gotten some really nice reviews and comments on the play. I just wanted to call and apologize for my outburst yesterday. It was just nerves and as usual, I took it out on you.'

'No need to apologize I understand.' He said just as Allie came into the room and he placed his finger to his lips to silence him before he had a chance to speak. 'So do you think you might want me to come up there and give you some moral support after all Rich?' Saying Rich's name in order to let Allie know who was on the other end of the line.

Allie nodded walked up behind Joseph and placed his arms around him, kissing his neck he then pulled away, and waved his hand to say goodbye.

Joseph signaled him to wait. 'Are you sure you don't need me? I could come up Saturday after work or will you be coming back to the city soon?'

'I think we will be returning to the city in two weeks. Then we will do a few preliminary opening previews in New York then... Boom the opening. I think with all the stress and stuff that is going on-perhaps it is better that I stay in my New York apartment in order to be close to work.'

'I hope you don't mean that you don't want to see me until after the opening?' Joseph asked.

'No! No not that! Richard said. 'You can come to my place. I will just need my rest.'

'I understand.' Joseph said. 'I want you to be at your best and I don't want to cause you to loose any sleep. Just give me a call when you get back home. I love you.' They said goodbye and he hung up.

Joseph went over to Allie and took him in his arms and kissed him.... 'I did not want you to leave without telling you that last night was special and wonderful and also to thank you 'Master'.'

Allie broke out in a big smile and kissed him again and said, 'We can do it again anytime you are free. Some day I'm going to move in with you and then we will have all our nights together. But for now I better get out of here.'

'Yes, you better or we might start making love again right here on the kitchen table and Summaya would have a fit.' He joked and as he groped and ran his hand over Allie's crotch he added, 'As much as I love the taste of your sausage, she is still a wonderful cook and house keeper. If she quit, where would we get someone who could cook shish-ka-bob?'

'OK, I'm leaving now.' He said as he pushed away from Joseph and headed for the door. 'But just remember that I'm a damn good cook also.' Smiling and blowing a kiss he left.

He drove back to the city humming and smiling all the way. As soon as he entered his apartment he picked up his phone and dialed his Emirate contact in Syria. Placing a voice scrambler on the phone, he told him that 'the soldier' was theirs.

'What do you mean by that?'

'I mean that I have done what needed to be done to insure that he will do anything I want him to do.'

'And how did you do that?' he asked, 'You have not drugged him have you?'

'No, the use of ordinary drugs would be too apparent. Besides a drugged man is of no use to us. No, I did not have to use drugs, not unless you consider sexual enslavement a drug. I have just continued what Fazzi started. Our old friend Fazzi was no fool. If he had lived, Yussef would have been completely under his power and would have become a first class soldier in our 'Jihad'.'

'Remember what we talked about! We told you we do not want him to convert. He must remain one of theirs, outwardly at least. Once it is known that he converted or was even thinking of it, his usefulness to us may have been lost. The Americans cannot even think he has joined us. That is what the Emirate and Fazzi had planed. This whole idea was his and when he died we thought that the plan died with him. It will make me very happy to report that it is not dead and that you have proven yourself to be the worthy one to take his place in our organization. Would you like that?'

'I am honored.' He said, 'but I'm afraid that I have some bad news also to report.'

'And what is that?'

'Perhaps you will be angry and not want to give me that promotion, but you must hear everything. Yussef wants us to use the Fund to foster and publicize Muslim interfaith relations. He wants to create and fund interfaith working groups. He says this is what Fazzi wanted. I think he is crazy for thinking this, but he insists Fazzi was not only thinking of doing this, but was eagerly looking forward to working with these enemies of Islam.'

'I know this will shock you, my dear Allie, but that is exactly what he was planning to do. Like I told you when you were here, we have enough money to carry on our other work for now. The Fund will be used for 'Good Will' propaganda. Your new job is to bury the Americans in a sea of good will. Make them feel secure and safe. Us Muslims are their friends. We want them to help us to live the better life. Help us to understand-we need to be educated and all that crap. This is what they want to hear. Tell it to them. The Americans have absolutely no staying power. You are to lull them back to sleep. Their so-called democracy will fall apart as soon as they think they are safe. Keep it all up until they have no more will to resist. Then we will crush these infidels once and for all and we shall rule over a world Emirate. We will rule by the Koran. We will institute Islamic law. If there are objections-they will be eliminated. This is our Jihad and we will keep at it until the Jihad is won. May Allah grant us an early victory! You have done very well. I will inform our agents as to your new status. You are now the chief agent for the Emirate in the Western Hemisphere. They are to report and be directed by you. It is your show now.'

'Shokran, thank you. I will do my best. I am sending you a full written report with the next diplomatic pouch.'

'Good I look forward to reading it.' He said. 'One thing more-be very careful with the American. You are now in charge, BUT I would remind you that without him-there is no need for you. Is that clear? Do you understand? Without him as our front, we would loose everything, the money and our Wall Street connection perhaps even our ability to take over the United States. At least for now he must be kept alive and happy. Do I make myself clear?'

'Yes and I assure you that I will see to it that he will be kept very happy!' He smiled to himself and hung up the phone. Yes, he thought, not only will I keep him happy but also I will fuck that infidel's ass and ride it like it was a white charger.

Later that day Joseph turned over the list Allie had given him to the FBI and was told they would double check on the organizations and get back to him. Allie also called him to find out how he was. 'It is a bit lonely here without you,' he said, 'but at least I am getting some work done.'

'You asked me to find you some interfaith organizations.' Allie said. 'There are plenty of Christian and Jewish groups but few Muslim groups. There was one that might fit the bill, but even that one is very small. The Imam in charge is a maverick with a small following. He is really afraid to push it too far as he has been threatened by almost all the Muslim clerics in this country as well as back home.'

'That is a shame. Is there anything that can be done to offer this man some protection?' Joseph asked.

'Like I told you his group is small and if he were not alone he might be able to fight back.' Allie said. 'What I mean is if we could get someone like the Paterson Imam to go in with him it might work. When Fazzi was alive he could have convinced a lot of people to do it... I don't have to remind you of how he could and did organize the community when he wanted to.'

'Yes I remember it very well. Is there anything I could do?'

'Well as Fazzi's son.... You just might be able to do it, but I think you would need someone with connections back in Syria to pressure him or at least to suggest that he would not be acting contrary to Muslim traditions.' Allie said. 'Look you have a talk with him and explain what you want. Impress on him that this was what your father wanted. That is your part in this. As for me, I think that I still do have a few people that I know that can at least call him and tell him that working with and possibly taking the lead in an interfaith council might be what is now needed.'

'Can you do that my love? Remember that I do not want you to get into trouble or get hurt.' Joseph asked. 'How dangerous would it be for you to go out on the limb for me?'

'Well, not to get too dramatic, it is my job to - 'go out on the tree limb' for you. On one hand, if this is done right it should be no more difficult than rescuing Ibrahim was. But for you love, I would do it even if I get into trouble.' He answered trying to expand his self-importance. 'However on the other hand, if I have to I can always say that as one of the appointed executers of Fazzi's estate, it was Fazzi's last wish that this be instituted. That would not be far from the truth and when we dub it as 'The Fazzi Muhammad Memorial Interfaith Peace council' I think I can shove it through.'

'OK you get on it and I will talk with the Imam.' He said and asked, 'do you think it will be better if I went to the Mosque or called him and asked him to come here?'

'As much as we like to portray ourselves as free independent sons of the desert, our people only respect leaders that are forceful and decisive. Have him come to you! Like I have been trying to implant in that soft western Christian brain of yours, you are your father's son, act like it! It looks as if I will have to keep reminding you over and over again of that fact. You may not like me doing that-but if you are going to survive, I will have to keep doing it even if you get to hate me.'

'Now I understand why Fazzi wanted us to work together. Many times he said I needed someone to guide me and if he wasn't around he wanted it to be you. I'll get right on it. I will call him right after I hang up.' Joseph said and then asked, 'When will I see you again? Will you have to go to Syria?'

'I don't think I will have to go home. I can talk with my connections by phone. I will let you know if I have to go but unless there is some problem, I hope to see you midweek.' Then he added in the sexist tone he could muster. 'I hope you are as horny as I am thinking about it. I can't wait to hold you close again and feel the warmth of your lips on mine...' at that point his voice trailed off. 'I am looking forward to resuming your schooling.'

'Yes teacher.........'

To be continued............


Jay Benson/Joystick

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