Saturday came and the Emir's residence was all decked out in decorations. The 'Great Room' was turned into a huge Bedouin tent. The only thing missing was the sand underfoot. Tables had been set up with enough food and delicacies to feed thousands although only half that amount of guests had been invited. The general public had known of the Emir's party for days and had gathered outside the estate's main gate in hopes of seeing some of the dignitaries, or perhaps, even by chance, crashing the party. However, security was very tight and they had to content themselves with the left over food which was to be freely distributed after the guests had their fill. Everyone of any importance in the Muslim world had come to meet and see this foreigner who was to become the future husband of the Emir's favorite granddaughter. Everyone knew that this union would most likely be His Eminence's last chance to procure a male heir of his own choosing. It was well known that the Emir had absolutely no use for the husbands of either of his two daughters. They were both idiots and the fact that neither marriage had produced a male heir did not endear either of the men to the public. The one bright spot in those marriages was the fact that the public could see the joy that the grandchildren brought to the Emir. They knew that he adored the eldest girl and if he had picked Joseph to be her husband, they wanted to meet him. No one wanted to miss this opportunity. If Joseph or his son was indeed to become the leader, then they all wanted to be able to say that they were there at the beginning. What better way to ingratiate themselves with both the Emir and his future heir? The Emir had informed Joseph that this was but the first step leading to the union of the two young beings. There would be many more such 'tests'.

'These people know that I will not permit a union to take place until you have undergone a complete conversion,' he told Joseph. 'They know that I would never willingly permit the marriage of my most precious jewel to an uncircumcised infidel. Politics, this is all politics. I just want to get their feelings on your suitability. It is a politically astute way of, shall we say, preparing them for your future role as a member of our household. I hope you don't mind all the fuss.'

'No I don't mind. It is sort of like our custom of having the parents throw an engagement party for the couple so that the families can get to know each other. I think you are very wise in doing this. It will make it so much easier later on.' Joseph told him. 'From what Allie told me, I think this is the best way for you to introduce me to our world.'

'My son, if I were you, I would not worry too much about what Allie says. You must keep in mind that he is a fellah (a peasant) and to us he will always remain one. There are those who rule and those who are ruled. He is not from the rulers. You on the other hand, with my blessings, can and will become Emir someday. You will be the ruler, and our guests know this and want to assure themselves that you are what I say you are. Here, you will meet the royalty of not only the Arab world but the Muslim world as well. Without their backing, almost nothing happens. Yet, while it is important for you to impress them, they are not in the inner circle. Those, you will meet with in private later. They are the leaders and MY shock troops of the Jihad, the real Islamic force. They alone are the ones you must impress.

'And what if they oppose me and still do not accept me?'

'Well, I shall then listen to their objections and weigh all the evidence and study the problem carefully - and then do what I want to do anyway because I control them and not the other way around. While it is important that the rabble have their chance to vent their feelings, you must remember that they are still rabble. However I am not worried. You will make them love you. In you they will think they see whatever it is they want to see. You will make them love you, but even more important - you must make them fear you!'

'Why should I do that?'

'Fear is what controls them. It always has and always will. Since I had no male heir, your father, Fazzi, was next in line. He also had no male heir until he adopted you. Now, you his son, will marry my granddaughter and you will rule in your own right. Since both Fazzi and I saw something in you and were willing to have you as a member of our family, they will also come to see what we saw. Then nothing can prevent you from rising to be the Emir after me.' He laughed and then whispered to Joseph, 'Not even I could prevent it. They will praise Allah for the right to serve you. Just talk from your heart and all will be well. Love, hate and fear are all the same thing with them. If they see what I see - our world will be open to you, and not Allie nor anyone else can stop you.'

'But what should I say? What should I do?'

'Say whatever you want and what you feel. They must feel that what you say is what you mean in your heart. Just remember that our God is great, 'Allah Akbar' and if your heart is right, he will be in your heart and the words will come from Him. Do not worry; you will do just fine, my son.'

Joseph, timid at first, soon warmed up and turned on his best personality and the day went well. It turned out much better than either he or the Emir had hoped. All of the guests took a liking to him and, while they might not have approved of some of the things he said, they soon realized why the Emir had chosen him. To each of them, he appeared to be a fresh breeze that added hope. Perhaps he might even be the Al-Mahda, the promised one. After they left, the Emir took Joseph into another part of the residence. Waiting to meet him were Allie and a small group of men. Joseph recognized most of the others. He had seen most of their pictures on wanted posters at F.B.I. headquarters in Newark.

'So this is the American that Fazzi told us about. Not only did you win over our revered Fazzi, but now our friend Allie tells us that he not only knows you and loves you, but that you are also to be trusted. In fact, trusted just like one of us. Tell us, Mr. American, should we trust you? And if so, why?'

The Emir started to object to the manner in which the question was raised but Joseph politely stopped him by placing one hand on the Emir's shoulder and raising the other in the manner of a policeman.

'If you please, your Eminence, they have asked a question which they have every right to ask. It is an important one and I want to try to answer it,' Joseph stated. 'First of all, I would like to thank Allie for his recommendations. Most of you are aware of my feelings for Allie, but you would be fools to trust what he says. The one thing that I do know is that none of you are fools. If you were fools, most of you would have either been hung or in jail by now. And I'm sure none of you would have risen to your positions of leadership if you had placed your trust in the word of a man like Allie alone. Do not misconstrue what I am saying. I love Allie, I respect Allie, but at times I question his commitment to the true principals of Islam and Jihad as I must question both myself and everyone else. Our faith is a matter of questioning and when we stop questioning, that is when we will witness the downfall of Islam.'

Most of them nodded their heads in agreement and then their spokesman asked, 'How then shall we know that you are worthy to be the Emir's heir?'

'Both my late father and the Emir have told me that they feel I am worthy of this great honor. To tell you the truth, I am not worthy, and at this point I really don't think I ever will be. However, the Emir, for some reason known only to himself and Allah, tells me that I am or will soon be ready. Perhaps if you would ask me questions and see how I respond to them, Allah might show you the way also. I will try to answer them as best as I can and you will either find or not find the answers you seek.'

They grilled him for three hours. Then their spokesman asked the question that was on all of their minds, 'If you were to take over, would you change our methods of operation.'

'I do not know what they are... But one thing you can be sure of... by the time I become Emir, I'm sure that His Eminence would have prepared me completely. During this training period we would review every point and see what works and what doesn't. Once in power, I will change things and that you can bet on. If we are looking for victory, then those things that do not work must be discarded and those that do work must be made to work better. For now, from what I can see, there is very little that is working right.'

That last remark started an uproar. Now it became the Emir's turn to put up his hand and act as a traffic policeman. 'What do you expect him to say? As of now he knows nothing of our operations. He has seen only what the western news media has allowed him to see. As an ex-military man, he cannot help but bring his own expertise and knowledge to us. I myself, yes even I, have found his advice useful and, in time, with my training and yours as well, I do hope he will be able to make any changes that will be needed. By that time he will be able to convince you of their validity. Until then he has Allah, Allie and myself to turn to for help... and it is my wish and hope that you will also make your knowledge available to him.'

'But how can we trust him?'

'Another fair question!' the Emir said, 'did you like my speech before the U.N.?'

'You know we did!' said the spokesman. 'Did not all of us tell you that we not only approved of it but thought it was long overdue? Did we not all send messages of our support and congratulations?'

'Well I will let you all in on a big secret, one which must not get out of this room!' the Emir said. 'The ideas and most of the language came from Yussef's head. He did everything but write it. He even accompanied me and helped me force the President of the United States almost to his knees. It was he, not I, that made that man fearful of us. Yussef will, when his time comes, make me look like a weakling.'

'No one can do that, Your Eminence,' laughed a few of the leaders there. 'Your will is our law!'

'Then stop this questioning and accept my will and that of Allah. I give you the future Emir, my granddaughter's future husband, Yussef ibn Fazzi Muhammad.'

Later in bed, Allie was furious with Joseph. 'How could you make me look like I was an idiot?' he shouted.

'I did not make you look that way. I could not let them think that I was your underling. Was it not enough that I as much admitted we were lovers to that band of cutthroats? I established you as my lover and teacher. Now accept the fact that I held my own and even might have caused them to see you as more than the 'Fellah' that they always thought you were. I know how you feel. Was I not a dirt farmer myself? Are we not two of a kind? Allie, you and I are the same. Nothing but dirt farmers! And together we will show these bastards that we are just as good as they are, if not better! Now forget your anger and let's make this last night together here one to remember.'

'Habibi, you know I think I am beginning to believe that you will make one hell of an Emir. Perhaps even in spite of me.'

The next morning as Joseph and the Worthingtons got ready to go to the airport, The Emir pulled Joseph aside and told him that his granddaughter would like to say goodbye to him in private. At first he was a little wary, but after being convinced that it was all right, he entered a room to find the girl in there and alone.

'Why are you alone? Where are your guardians and your chaperones? You know we are not to meet together until the marriage.'

'Do you think I might need them or are you that traditional? I was led to think that Americans were modern and might sweep away the old ways.' She said with her eyes toward the ground. 'I must tell you the truth. Until I met you I was only willing to enter into this arranged marriage for my Grandfather's sake. For his sake alone, but not with my heart, I would do what my Grandfather ordered. Now having seen you, I wanted to know if you and I could have a love relationship rather then just an arranged marriage.'

'It is true that our marriage has been arranged and that is the way it has to be,' Joseph told her looking into those beautiful dark eyes, 'but that does not mean that there will not be love. You are beautiful and I'm sure that when you become of age, I will be more than happy to teach you all about love. We will find and learn about love together. It will be something to look forward to, but we must wait.' He reached for her hand and turned it palm up and placed his lips on it. She threw both her arms around his neck and pulled him down and kissed him on the lips. A kiss that was passionate, long and deep. Such passion Joseph had not expected. She pulled him into a tight embrace and he could feel the heat of her young body as it attempted to draw him into her. Her tongue entering his mouth, searching and probing, like a skilled woman of the night, her young body pressing against him. Joseph pulled away a bit and said, 'Well I'm glad to see that I will not have to start from square one. You do know how to kiss, habibi. Oh yes, my dear, you will make me very happy and I plan to make you happy, but I'm glad that we must wait.'

'We don't have to wait! I want you today, now!'

'I can't take you as my wife today. Our marriage would not be recognized in the States. I would be arrested and sent to jail. I could get twenty years. I do not want to wait that long to take you to my bed as my legal wife.'

'You could stay here as my husband!'

'Your grandfather and I have work to do in the United States and I can not do it in Jail.' Joseph said, kissing her again. 'So you see, we do have to wait, but this wait will only make it better when we can finally share our love and lives together legally. Good bye my love, I will miss you.'

Joseph rejoined the Emir and shook his finger at him. 'You did it again, you old fox.'

'I only wanted to give you a small taste of your future,' the Emir whispered into his ear. 'Perhaps now, you will not want to wait so long. Maybe only a year?'

'You do tempt me sorely but you have your laws and I have mine. I charge you with her care and want you to keep her pure for me,' he said as he kissed him goodbye Arab style and got into the car and drove off.

The flight home was uneventful. Rich was at the airport to meet them and drove his parents home to the Island and then Joseph to Paterson. As they drove up the front drive, Joseph let out a gasp as he saw the change in the second story. There was a glass-enclosed porch and, while he could not see it from the road, he knew that it enclosed the new hot tub. 'My God when did they install it? Is it ready to use?'

'Two days ago.' Rich said, 'I could deceive you and say that I waited until you came home to try it out, but the temptation was too great for me to resist and I've used it twice. I'm sorry!'

'Well I guess I will have to spank you, you stinker.'

'Promises - Promises. That's all I ever get from you!'

They got out of the car and were met by the housekeeper, who threw her arms around Joseph in welcome. 'I am so glad to see that you have returned safely. Was the trip successful? I was so worried about you. I missed having you underfoot. I have prepared your favorite foods, but you must tell me everything you did and saw.'

'I will tell you everything and give you a full report later. Was Mr. Worth a good boy while I was gone?' Joseph asked. 'Did he give you any trouble?'

'No trouble at all,' she whispered. 'He is more like a puppy dog than a spoiled Broadway star.' She smiled. 'If I was bothered - it was not by him but rather by some of the community who keep asking me to get his autograph or his picture. Autographs and pictures I could get - but - some of the other requests, from the younger girls, made me blush. If their mothers knew what they requested, they would all be thrashed to within an inch of death. I have had hundreds of job applications submitted to me for additional help that I did not advertise for. If this keeps up, I will soon have to hire someone just to answer all of them.'

'Well we will have to do something about that. Come to think about it, it just might be a good idea to hire a secretary to take care of that problem,' Joseph said winking at Richard. 'What do you think, Rich?'

'Yes, perhaps a nice older man about 40 or so. Someone to handle my mail and perhaps to keep our housekeeper happy.'

'You, Mr. Broadway, have a dirty mind,' she snapped at him, but with a smile, as she turned and walked into the house. 'Dinner at the usual time. Shish Kabobs.'

Later, after they had eaten and when they were alone in their rooms, Joseph's cell phone rang and seeing who the caller was, he picked it up. 'Yes, Bill, I just got back and I'm beat. What's new here?'

'The man wants to see you. Take the 7AM plane out tomorrow and he will have a car waiting at the airport for you. I do not think you will need me to sneak you into the White House this time.'

'No, it will not be needed from now on as the Emir wants me to act as his representative. He was expecting me to be called to the White House. He would like me to set up some kind of liaison with the boss and meeting in secret will not be helpful.'

'If you think so, but be careful.'

Joseph called the Emir and in Arabic told him of the summons from the White House. 'Good,' said the Emir. 'I was expecting that. Now you tell him whatever he wants to know. Remember, I want you to act as my representative and perhaps set-up a working relationship with him. We have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Charm him and make the fool feel that I can be reasoned with.'

'If that is what you want. It will be difficult to do that since your last meeting with him did not convey those feelings to him. But I will do my best.'

'I know you will and I also know you will somehow have him eating out of both our hands in short order. Yussef, we all miss you here. Me, most of all, but your future wife keeps asking me why I don't order you back here. She is making a pest of herself. I think she really has fallen in love with you and that you really want her for a wife. We have decided to send her away to a special school where she will be taught the finer things of satisfying a western man.'

'Jamaal, you may not believe this, but I think I have fallen for the little vixen. No, do not do that. Do not send her away. I forbid it. I want a traditional Muslim wife in my bed, not some schooled western whore!'

'I'm sure you can use both and one night you may want her to act as a whore, another night as a female slave. I am only looking after your complete happiness, as I would not like to see you going to other sources for your sexual pleasures. It is for her benefit as well as yours.'

'No, once again, I forbid it! If there is anything I need in a wife - I will teach it to her. As to going to other sources - once we are man and wife - there will be no other sources. I intend to make sure of that.'

'My, but what would Allie have to say about that.'

'You let me worry about Allie. I will not have anyone dictate to me about my wife or our life together.'

'Yussef, my son, you are beginning to act as the Emir already,' he laughed. 'O.K. I will just send her to an English language school so she can improve her language skills.'

'Thank you, Jamaal. I'm glad you understand. I would love to chat with you some more. However, since I have an early appointment with the President tomorrow, I will need my sleep, so I will have to say goodbye now.'

After Joseph hung up, he rubbed his chin and found that he needed a shave. He went into their shared bathroom and took a quick touchup shave. As he was patting on the aftershave lotion, his eye noticed a small bottle of prescription tablets with Rich's name on it in the medicine cabinet. Puzzled, he picked it up and went into the hot tub room where Rich had started the hot tub and asked about it.

Richard looked at the bottle, blushed and then said, 'They are sleeping pills. The first few days you were away I was perplexed and had nightmares about what could happen to all of you. They became so bad that I was awake all night and could not get any sleep. By morning, I was a complete wreck, so I went to the doctor and he gave me this proscription to take. I took them once and, man oh man, did they work! They not only knocked me out but also gave me erotic dreams.'

'Well, now that I'm home, you won't be needing them anymore. I intend to fulfill those dreams. So we can get rid of them now.' Joseph said and put them in the liquor cabinet, intending to flush them down the toilet later.

He looked around the room and noted the changes Richard had made. During construction Richard had the workers install a portable bar, which was hidden behind medium size palm trees and small houseplants placed tastefully around the area to give the area a tropical look. Joseph enthusiastically approved of the change, as it was a constant reminder of that hotel where they went on their second date.

As the water bubbled and soothed their bodies they rested their bodies and closed their eyes. 'Ahhhhhh this is the life. I'm glad I told them I'm not coming in for tonight's performance.' Rich said kind of apprehensively. 'It's great just to be able to relax like this.'

Joseph, catching the anxiety in his voice looked over at him and asked, 'Is there something wrong? I can feel it in your voice. There has been this invisible wall or curtain that is hanging between us.'

'Oh no there's nothing's wrong. It's just that I have something to tell you and I don't know how to say it.'

'Out with it! That's the only way. Has there been something that you thought I've done. Or is it something you've done? You know that I love you and I wouldn't want to hurt you.'

'No,' laughed Richard, 'It is not anything you've done, at least not that I know of.... However, it seems that my agent may have lined me up a motion picture contract in Hollywood. And after all the problems of moving in here - I may have to go out there for a while.'


'Within the next week I will have to go for a screen test. I really don't want to go. Not with you coming home and ...'

'So, what's the problem? It's not going to be forever - or is it?'

'No, I hope not. But we are just getting settled here and....'

'Nonsense! We both know that you will have to try this sooner or later and if this is so, let it be now. It's better that you take this opportunity now rather than later. I would hate to think that it was me that held you back. If you make it out there and you have to stay there - we will just have to move there.'

'You would drop everything and move for me?'

'No! No! No baby, not for you - how many times do I have to say this? Not for you, but for us.' Joseph said, pulling Richard close to himself and kissing his lips. 'That is if you still want me around after you meet all those hot Hollywood leading men. Just remember that if I move out there I just might look around myself....'

Richard grabbed his head and pushed it under the water and held it there for a few seconds and then pulled it out of the water. 'You do that and I'll kill you.'

They kissed again and then Joseph got out of the tub and threw a towel around his shoulders and offered his hand to Richard and helped him out of the tub. They dried each other off and went into the bedroom and got onto the bed. Joseph, after placing the condom on his penis lifted Richard's legs and rubbed his penis head around Richard's outer ring. Then increasing the pressure slightly he moved past the ring and advanced slowly in further. Their lips met and both the kiss and their playing around became more and more passionate. As he sank deeper he could feel his dick head hit and rub over Richard's love spot. He moved his hips in until he bottomed out and slowly withdrew his cock until the head was the only thing left in, and then he pushed back in. As he moved in and out he began to slowly build up speed. Again and again he kissed Richard - first his lips then his nose, his eyes, his cheeks, his neck and then his ears. Joseph loved Rich's ears and he nibbled on them. Richard had a weird smile on his face and Joseph asked what was so funny. Rich told him that he was in another world and that he never wanted to come back to earth.

'Don't ever leave me love, I need you here in this world with me.'

Over and over they continued to make love, harder and faster, in and out, kissing and moaning and at times screaming, biting and scratching each other. Something wonderful was building in each of their bodies and minds. The triggers were cocked, the furnaces were fueled and over heating, the cannons were loaded. Now, yes now they both screamed in unison as first Richard felt the heat starting from the base of his balls - pushing and prodding thru his cock and exploding like an oil well into the air, in several shots it came overflowing, hot, thick and lava like, up his penis and out into the warm, moist space between their bodies. Richard screamed and moaned as his love hole involuntarily squeezed in around Joseph's dick with each eruption. His ass was on fire and he continued pushing and pulling on Joseph's love tool. Joseph could not hold back any longer and screaming he too came and came. Exhausted they collapsed in each other's arms. Joseph thought, my God, it's so good to be home.

'From what I hear from some of our C.I.A. people in the mid-east, it looks like you were the number one topic of the news these past two weeks. I hope you have some good news to tell me,' the President said. 'I need some good news for a change. I spoke with the Worthingtons yesterday and they did not brighten my day any.'

'Well, Sir, since you have spoken to them already, you know about the utter futility of helping these people. I'm sorry to have to say this and to have to say it in this way - but - it would be like trying to put out a five-alarm fire by piss.....' Then realizing to whom he was talking, he continued in a more moderate tone, 'If you get what I mean, Sir.'

'I can't allow myself to believe that. There must be something we can do. Some way of reaching these people,' the man said, his shoulders drooping. 'Everyone says the same as you are saying. Even Sarah, who I know to be a compassionate person, said that the situation is unbelievable. She has even lost faith in the Red Cross, her life long love and the charity that she has worked for all her adult life. Even they cannot and will not help!'

'One must realize that while the Red Crescent Is not the International Red Cross, it is a part of that organization and lots of Arab money will be cut off if the International protested too much.' Joseph said. 'Don't blame them too much, even our government, the United States, is just as much to blame, if not more so. For years we have not raised our voice in protest and we have continued to support the international while it refused to recognize or allow the 'Red Star of David' (Israel's humanitarian medical association) in as a member, simply because they are Jewish and choose a Jewish star as their emblem. Our hands are just as dirty, if not more so.'

Annoyed, the President said with a look of disgust, 'And what other bad news do you have to tell me?'

'Sir, I can only tell you what I see and how I feel,' Joseph said, equaling the President's reaction. 'If you want me to sugar coat things, you picked the wrong man for this job. There were things that I saw on Arab Television this past week that would turn you stomach. Things that you would not believe. And these things came from the mouths of Clerics. When I asked the Emir about it, he said that he had authorized the cleric to say what he said.'

'What did he say?'

'Well, for one thing, he said you were a traitor to Islam and deserved to be killed and that any religion other than Islam is false and it's practitioners should be killed in the name and for the glory of Allah. This was not broadcast on Iranian TV or Afghani TV - but by an Egyptian Cleric on Egyptian TV in a country that we give over 3 billion dollars a year in aid to, and one that you yourself have praised in speeches.'

'I know, but what can I do. I can't withhold the money. How would it look if I asked them to censor their T.V.?'

'You can bet your backside that if and when an American Cleric came up with such dribble, they would be all over you.' Joseph said

'You're right, but as you keep reminding me, we do live in a democracy. You must remind me from time to time of that fact. In this office, a person has too many 'Yes men' and most of them are looking out for themselves and to cover their backsides. I want you to talk straight with me. I came up from the streets and, at times, I tend to want to forget it. I'm glad to see that you have the guts to 'hit me in the head' and bring me back down to earth. I'm sorry, as I said it's been a bad week.'

'That's alright, Sir. I myself am just a hick from farm country upstate New York. I, too, need a kick in the backside now and then to remind me of that fact.'

'Well then, if you'll forgive me, I'll forgive you,' the President said smiling. 'Now what else do you have to report?'

'Well, Sir, on my last day there, the Emir gave two parties for me and introduced me to both the upper crust of Muslim society and to the lower crust. At the first party were the Kings, Princes and government leaders in the Muslim world. I don't think anyone was left out. In a separate meeting afterward I was introduced to just about every known terrorist wanted by every civilized government in the world, as well as a few that were not known as of yet.' Joseph told him some of the names and the President almost fell out of his chair. 'The Emir wanted them to meet and get to know me. He flat out told them that I was to be the future Emir, and, as such, I would be their leader as well. Before you ask, I have talked with the F.B.I. and updated them on the new names.'

'How did these cut throats take the fact of your becoming Emir?'

'A little too calmly for my taste. At first, they were almost ready to cut my throat and roast me for dinner. The Emir has for the time being, made them at least appear to accept me. It is amazing the hold that man has on them. Make no mistake about it. The Emir is the boss! As he says, they are his shock troops. They will do anything he tells them to do. However, once the Emir passes away, watch out! I think they will kill Allie first, and then try to kill me, my wife and any children I may have fathered with the granddaughter.'

'Perhaps it is time for you to pull out then,' he said, 'I don't want your head on my conscience.'

'I wish I could sir - but - something wants me to keep going. I have begun to understand these people and their history and believe that, perhaps in another life, I might, have been one of them. You know, the 'there by the grace of God thing'. They deserve more than they are getting. As long as I can see a chance to better their lives, I feel I must try to do so. I also feel that something is about to happen and that I may have been placed in this unique position to prevent it.'

'Joseph,' said the President, getting rather personal, 'that is the same reason that I chose to run for this office. There are times that I wish to run and hide, but there is no place to go. This is our world and we have to live with it. Welcome to the fools club.'

'Mr. President, there may come a time soon that I may have to call and ask you to place your complete trust in me. I would never ask if I thought it was unnecessary or frivolous.' Joseph said.

'Agent Benson, I think I know you well enough to know that I can trust your judgment. The former President, whom I still confer with and both his and my own F.B.I. directors have told me over and over that of all the men they had working for them, you were the only agent that they trusted. They trusted your judgment so much they even let you have direct access to the President and he in turn respected you enough to give you his special telephone number. It is the one piece of his advise that I do not regret having taken and that number as well as my office is still open to you 24/7...'

To be continued...


Jay Benson/Joystick

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