'Let's get to bed. It has been an eventful day.' Allie said as Joseph took him by the arm and lead him up to the second floor. 'How do we do this? I was always the seducer. I have never been seduced.'

'Your part is easy.' Joseph said. 'You just make like you're an innocent eighteen year old boy and I do all the ravishing of your body as I take your innocence and destroy your sexy ass.'

'I was never an Innocent eighteen year old.' Allie smiled. 'By the time I was that old, I had lost my virginity and screwed half the men and women in my village.'

'With a cock the size of yours I can see why. Well, try to pretend it anyway.' Joseph said as he led the way to one of the doors on the landing and opened it. After allowing the Arab to enter the room, Joseph walked up behind him and placed his arms around him and hugged him.

'You know this was the room where Fazzi's daughter slept. I don't think any man was ever permitted to enter here. I know that I was never allowed in here when she and Mary were living here. Fazzi, that old fox, kept a stern eye on her. He expected to see blood on those sheets on our wedding night. She was a beauty and a true virgin,' he said running his hands over Allie's chest. 'It was on that bed over there that I was to supposed to bust her cherry and give my father-in-law blond headed blue eyed children. Things didn't work out that way so I guess it is going to be you instead of her that I will bust open.' He said as he removed Allie's tie and undid his shirt and let it slip off his shoulders as he let it fall to the floor. Still hugging him close he reached around the muscular body and with his fingers he undid the Arab's belt buckle and let it hang open as he undid the button and slowly unzipped his zipper. The pants too, soon joined his shirt and tie on the floor. Reaching around and hooking his thumbs into the elastic waistband he lowered his under shorts over his big long cock and let them fall to join the rest of his clothes pilled around his feet. While Allie stepped out of the pile of clothes Joseph took the big cock in his hand and ran his nimble fingers over the shaft. 'It's a pity to let this beauty just whither away. You know the old saying, if you don't use it - you lose it. However my love, don't worry too much. I'm sure we will find a use for it later.'

Allie leaned back into Joseph's encompassing arms and said. 'I sure hope so as it's beginning to hurt like hell right now and I don't want it to shrivel up.'

Spinning him around Joseph pushed him back against the bed forcing him to lie down on his back. As he stared up at Joseph, he could see the soldier performing an erotic strip tease, removing his own clothes, piece by piece, twilling them on a finger and let them fly through the air to join the others on the floor. When he was nude he made several sexy poses that made Allie's cock jump. His 'Dance of the Seven Veils' over, he spread Allie's legs and knelt between them. Removing his shoes and socks he gave the feet a tongue bath working his tongue up to his balls. Then holding the Arab's cock in one hand he lowered his mouth to the big hanging balls and kissed and sucked on them. Then alternating between the two hanging gonads and the big hard cock between them, he proceeded to lick, suck and nibble on the delicate meat. Lifting Allie's feet up onto the bed he started to lick Allie's juicy buttocks. His tongue soaked the balls and moved over to the rosebud. Up and down the erotic zone he kissed and licked. It was driving the Arab crazy.

'Yussef.' he moaned and shook his head from side to side as he spread his legs wider and wider. Joseph drilled his tongue into the rosebud and used his fingers to spread his ass hole apart. He blew cool air into the hole and watched as the hole opened and contracted. 'That feels so good. Fuck me Please-do it fast before I grab you and ......' he said as he wrapped his legs around Joseph's head.

'Not quite yet, darling.' Joseph said as he ran his fingers over the strong legs and pulled them apart. Bending down he placed his cock head on the rosebud and rubbed it back and forth and around the black hole. 'Now, beg me to fuck you! You have to plead for it. Today you were a very bad boy. A very, very bad boy and I should spank you. I should take my belt and whip your man pussy. You demeaned me in front of the Imam. You made me look like I was unable to handle that man.' He said as he grabbed Allie's cock and his own and put them together and jerked them off. 'You sand eating Bedouin son of a bitch, no one makes a fool out of me! Now, beg for it --- tell me how you want it. Do you want it on all fours like the animal you are or on your back like a woman?'

'Why are you so belligerent?' Questioned Allie. 'You are destroying every fantasy that I had about you.'

'You think you are the only one here that has those crazy dreams. I too have fantasies just like you. In mine, I am a soldier in the conquering army, you are the enemy and I have your ass in my power and I'm going to fuck you into submission.' Joseph growled. 'It's what you wanted to do to me, isn't it? Admit it! That's what you had planned for me. Well, turnabout is fair play.' He said gritting his teeth and taking one bite after another out of Allie's ass.

'Stop! What the hell is going on here?' Allie shouted as he tried to fight off Joseph. 'I thought we were going to be lovers.'

'Lovers? Not lovers! You are about to become my slave! Allie boy! You will be my fucking Arab slave, a slave to your Christian master.' Joseph said as he drove his tongue into the ass hole and then withdrew it over and over again until the Arab was moaning and pleading with him to stop.

'Stop? We are just getting started. This is what you had in mind for me, wasn't it? You wanted me to sit on that rail busting cock of yours while you drilled it deep inside of me splitting me in half. Then you wanted me to ride it up and down till it came out of my throat. Admit it! Isn't that what you wanted? Didn't you picture yourself mounted on your desert charger riding before the cheering masses of your tribe holding up your new trophy, a Christian pig skewered on your Arab sword? Well it is not going to happen this time. No this time you are the one to get skewered.'

'OHHHHHHHHh yes my Christian slave master. I love it when you talk so forceful. You set me and my bowels afire.' Allie moaned. 'I never realized it but I've been so wrong all these years. I've really wanted to be mastered. All these years I was doing to others what I wanted done to me.'

'You and Fazzi...Both of you. Those were almost his exact words.'

Joseph reached into the night table drawer and took out the KY jelly and squeezed a bit on his finger. He placed it on the rosebud and pushed. Allie cringed as the finger entered his tight hole. In and out he wiggled it. Then he removed it and squirted more on the open hole and using two fingers and then three he worked the Jelly in. Then he placed the condom on himself and lifted Allies legs and rested them on his shoulders and maneuvered his cock head on the hole and shot his hips forward penetrating the man-pussy. Allie screamed as the soldier buried his cock deep into the ass. Then he removed it to the cock head and then forward again. In and out, over and over, his ass moving as a blur. He grabbed Alli's long cock and worked it at the same rhythm as he fucked him. Each time Joseph bottomed out, Allie yelled YESSSSSSSSSSSS. And on the up swing he would draw his cock over the button causing Allie to squeeeeze his asshole in orgasmic pleasure. Joseph could feel Allies asshole open as he pulled back and it made that plopping sound. He began to let his cock head just clear the hole and when he heard it plop he punched it back in. Over and over he did this. Then as he felt the Arab cock burst between their stomachs he threw his head back rammed forward with all his might and roared like a banshee as he came also.

Allie lay on the bed his eyes closed, his mouth open as if he was going to scream. But the room and everything was silent. Then in a weak voice, Allie said, 'Oh my god that was wonderful. I never thought it could be that good. I want more. Can we do it again?'

'Ohh we are going to do it again. Yes we are.' Joseph said as he rolled off of the Arab. 'But first I want to shower and have you scrub my back. So you have no objection to being my permanent bottom?'

'No. You know I never thought I would like it, but I do.' Allie gushed. 'You said that you and Fazzi were going to experiment and you were going to try to bottom for him.'

'Yes I did say that and who knows I might have done it. When you develop in a relationship like we were after a while you want to please each other in anyway you can.'

'Did I please you as much as Fazzi? Was I as good as him? Do you think that you and I could develop that type of???'

'I don't want to spoil you, but you were much better, after all you are younger and in much better shape than he was.' Joseph admitted. 'Fazzi was good but then there was also a slight hang-up in his love making. I always detected a little bit of hesitation or unwillingness to commit his whole body, mind and soul to me. I felt there was always something he was hiding from me.'

'As far as I could tell the man was deeply in love with you. He told me this any number of times. The night before he died, told me again that he was so much in love with you that he was going to take you on his next trip home. He wanted you to meet his family and he wanted you to love his country. What do you think it could have been that he was hiding from you?'

'I don't know but it had to do with this other life of his. I am sure he had one.' Joseph said as he got up to get ready for his shower. 'It was, at times, like he had another life back in Syria. A life that, once or twice, I thought he was going to let me in on but he never did.'

'Why would you think that?' Allie said guardedly.

'It was a feeling, nothing definite, just a feeling. You see, his wife and daughter filled me in on his escapades in Lebanon. I knew all about the shit he pulled there but I got that from them. He would never talk about it to me or what he was doing here in the U.S.' He sighed. 'Like this trip back home to see his family. This whole family bit is strange.'

'How come?'

'Well if he did have family and they were as poor as he said they were, you would think that they would have tried to get a hold of some of his inheritance. He called me and told me that he had had wanted to repair the riff. I think he even said that he had done or was about to do it. I can't be sure which, as the connection was not very good. Then to be killed by a relative, it just does not make any sense.'

'It makes perfect sense to an Arab. To westerners like you, it might not. That's because, while you know a lot of book learning about Arabs and Muslims, you are an outsider and you will never understand this.' Allie laughed. 'It is so typical of Arab families, that it is the norm. It comes from our Desert heritage. Families, clans and even friends are always fighting. We just don't have that history of 'love' that you have. To some of us love is a dirty word. We dream of taking our love on a desert steed and kidnapping them off to an oasis and there screwing the hell out of them.'

'You mean to tell me that because I was an outsider that Fazzi never was able to tell me about his life in Syria? Joseph asked. 'His wife and daughter told me a lot of that past life and his military service. Are you telling me that you could have a secret life and not tell me about it? If it is, then this is not what I had hoped for. This is not the type of relationship I want for us. It is not the relationship I was hoping to have with Fazzi. It was not the love that we were building together. One in which we told each other everything.'

'You knew that Fazzi was a agent for the Syrian secret service. If you were a secret service agent you would not want Fazzi to know that would you?'

'Now don't be silly - I am an Agent - Every military man is an agent of his government.'

'And what would you have done if Fazzi had told you it was he that had been one of the planners behind 9/11.'

'I would not have believed him.' Joseph said. 'But even if I did have proof, I still don't know if I could have turned him in.'

'You mean you would have placed him above your country?'

'I really cannot say. And thank God that possibility never came up. You see we are taught from a young age that love is everything. It would have been a struggle to decide what to do. I don't know which I would choose, country or lover. I would have hoped that I knew him well enough to know that he would not have sanctioned the killing of innocent people like that. What would you do?'

'You live in a dream world. Fazzi killed many innocent people and for your information, my love, so have I. We are Arab. We would always choose our nation and our people!' Allie said. 'There were times that we told him that he should not have anything to do with you. It was too dangerous for him to fall in love with an American soldier, but he disregarded us and now I can see why.'

'And why would that be? Why are you so afraid of love and relationships? You never approved of Fazzi and I. Why?'

'Because my lov you are like a worm. You bore deep into us. You have ways of getting us to say and do or even think things that are too dangerous. You had a way of turning him into a different person than the one we knew. And now, this latest idea of yours, the one where we are going to sit at a table with our enemies is the most dangerous of all.'

'It was not my idea. It came from Fazzi. You see that's what I mean. You call me 'my lov' but you really don't love me or anyone else either. Love is trust and you don't trust me. Not only don't you trust me - you don't trust anyone. Not even one of your own. Not even Fazzi. Even when you are given 80 to 90 percent of what you want, you are never satisfied. No, you insist on shooting yourself in the foot by demanding everything. And if you were given everything, you would only demand more and destroy what you have been given. There is this wholesale need to cut your own throats in order to get what you want. But, the only thing you do is bleed to death. You know the Arabic word for catastrophe 'Nakba' well my lov; the Arab people bring on every catastrophe that has ever befallen them. This irrational hatred of things not to your concept of living is doing you in. You do not trust even your friends. And that includes me.'

'I do too trust you Yussef. Someday I will prove it to you. Like I said you do have this ability to wrap us around you little finger and get us to do things we should not do.' He said as he got off the bed and took Joseph into the bathroom where he turned on the water and adjusted it. 'Is this warm enough for you lover?'

'Yes.' Joseph said letting the water run down his head and over his body cleaning the 'stink of sex' off him. He felt the Arab take the washcloth and soap it up and rub his shoulders and underarms. He was soon enmeshed with Allie's cleaning him and he closed his eyes and just enjoyed the strong fingers on his skin.

'I see you are enjoying this. It is nice that we can shower together. I don't like when we fight. I am sorry about what I did with the Imam. I will go see him and try to apologize.' Allie said. 'You see you did have this power over, not only Fazzi but now me, to get us to do what you want.'

'There is no need to do that now. What's done is done. Maybe you were right. Perhaps a little force was needed.' Joseph said. 'Once he is used to it - he might begin to like it. Just like you bottoming fro me.'

Joseph taking him in his arms kissed him and while their bodies rubbed against each other, he ran his fingers up and down the Arab's back while he moved his mouth to his throat and nibbled the soft skin there. The water kept falling down upon them and cascading to the floor, cleaning and refreshing them. Joseph eased him back against the shower walls and moved his face and lips down to his nipples. There he sucked them into his mouth and teased them with his tongue. He could feel the Arabs big cock against his body. Hot and throbbing as he reached down and grabbed hold of it. He worked his hot lips down the wet body kissing and licking until he came in contact with the cock head. He felt Allie's fingers in his hair as they pulled his face and mouth onto his manhood.

He rolled it over his tongue and then pushed it out of his mouth. His tongue flitted in and out on the cock head and then he ran the huge cock all over his face and neck. It was hard as a rock and leaking. He took it into his mouth again and sucked it deep as the head floated down his throat. His throat sang around the shaft. As Allie pumped it in and out, Joseph manipulated his testicles and grabbed onto his ass. Spreading the globes apart he inserted a finger and played with his prostate. Rubbing and sucking Alli again came. The water revived him somewhat but he was satisfied for the evening.

'Let's go to bed.' Joseph said. 'I think we can both use a good nights sleep.'

'Yes Habibi. A good nights sleep. Yussef I love you......'

To be continued.....................


Jay Benson/Joystick

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