'And you don't think I should use diplomatic language to sort of ease the picture?' the Emir asked.

'Far be it from me to tell you what to say or how to say it.' Joseph answered. 'I am not the diplomat, your Eminence.

'No you are not, that is for sure. But the idea of speaking the truth appeals to me and for once I think that its day has come.' He said as he took his briefcase and went into the legation office. 'Please wait here everyone. I want to do a little work on my speech,' he said as he shut the door.

An hour later, he came out of the room. There was a smile on his face and he looked at Joseph and said, 'Yussef, it is done and it feels right.'

'Do you want to go over it with me?'

'Absolutely not! At this point, I think it is better if every one thinks these are my thoughts and my words. I don't want anyone to think that you had any direct or indirect input into it. What I am going to say could be construed as a declaration of war. Until the time when you are safely out of the army and under our complete protection, I do not want your discharge or loyalty to the USA to be questioned or affected,' the Emir said. 'There will be plenty of questions asked as it is, without you having to lie about this. After you become a member of my family, I will be able to offer you my complete protection. Perhaps you should leave before I take the podium.'

'No! I wish to stay and hear this.' Joseph said forcefully. 'If, as you say, I am to be a member of your family, I had better learn to take the heat,' he then continued, 'And Jiddi', using the Arabic word for my grandfather, 'the sooner I learn-the better. We must tell the truth and the truth will set us free.'

'Yes, Yussef, the truth.' He said as he led the delegation back into chambers. However, at the doorway he stopped, turned and signaled to his security detail. When they came over to him he whispered to them and then said to Joseph, 'I'm sorry, Yussef, I order you not to come in with us. I repeat I will not have you even suspected of having anything to do with this. You can watch this on the closed circuit TV here and let me know what you think after my speech.'

The security guards closed in around Joseph and gently but forcefully directed him to a seat in front of the TV where they made him sit down. This is one of those times when I better keep my mouth shut, he thought, as he relaxed himself and took out a notebook and pencil to make notes.

The Emir was not the first Muslim representative to speak, but he was the most important. As the head of the so-called radical fundamentalist coalition, his pronouncements were often considered to be equal to those of the Pope. The only difference being that the Emir did not have to rely on titular power alone. He could and did command vast numbers of loyal fanatics waiting to do his bidding. The first to speak was the representative of a country that was known for it's moderate western policies. After he had finished, the Emir was introduced and he took his place at the speaker's stand.

'This morning, we all sat here and witnessed a great theatrical performance by the President of the United States of America. We heard him call for a new beginning.' Here he stopped and slowly clapped his hands together a few times signaling his utter disdain and contempt. Then he continued, in part quoting from the President's speech, 'A new beginning, one based on truth and justice. How wonderful, and I agree, Mr. President but on whose truth and whose justice? Ah yes, this is the question. However, we must first define and decide on what is truth and what is justice. You cannot have a new beginning unless all parties agree on what the truth is and whose justice is right. As it stands now, what you want to do and what you say is a sham. You have to right the wrongs of the past before we can talk of any rapprochement. We have to take a hard look at the past and define the basic problem. When we in truth do this, we will discover that crimes have been committed, not only out there in the outside world, but here in this very room. We have to ascertain who is the criminal here. Who is it that is occupying whose lands? Before we can talk, the United States must withdraw its forces from every country outside it borders. You, Mr. President, and your country are the bandits; it is you who are the terrorists, not us. You and your government must be brought before an international tribunal. This building in which we meet is not the place for that case to be held. The organization that meets here is the cause of our struggle. The United States and the United Nations are the reason for what you call terrorism. There can be no discussion until you accept this fact, and then there can be no peace until all of you accept Islam. We shall continue our struggle. We shall not rest until this is so. We shall not stop our struggle. And that, Mr. President, is the bottom line as you Americans are so fond of saying. No peace, no security, no rest until every nation is Islamic. As your past President said, 'You are either with us or against us'. You have left us no alternative. This is Holy War, Jihad. Any person, any religion, any country that stands in our way can expect to be a target for our martyrs and that includes the so-called moderates among us. There is no place for moderates or moderation in Islam. We are all united in purifying the world and if we are going to purify the world - we must purify ourselves as well.'

With that he left the platform and returned to the legation. The delegates were stunned.

No more than twenty minutes later a message came from the President asking the Emir meet with him.

'No, I will not meet with him. Enough talk.' The Emir said and angrily stood up and shook his fists.

'Your Eminence' Joseph said to him trying to calm him down, 'how can you not meet with him? You must at least look like you are willing to hear what he has to say.'

'But why? If there is nothing more to say and this is my bottom line - the only option left for him is surrender. Is this not so?'

'If you do not make it look like you are trying to be reasonable, the only thing you accomplish is to unite the American people behind him. Once that is done it will be harder, if not impossible, to take over peacefully and you will have a full-blown war on your hands.'

'I shall never understand you Americans,' the Emir said and smiled. 'And that is why I want and need you by my side. Fazzi was right. I cannot rule here. No non-American can. I need you to explain them to me. I feel that you are one of us yet you are able to be one of them also. You feel our pain and make it your own. Now I know why Fazzi wanted you, or someone like you, to be the one to rule here. Allie, Hassan and I were so in opposition to Fazzi on this one point that we almost wanted to depose him. In fact, Hassan thought he could solve the problem by offering to kill you... Fazzi, and later Allie, convinced me to change my mind. Now I'm glad they did,' then throwing his hands up in surrender he gave in, 'O.K. O.K., I will meet with your President but only if you come with me to act as a translator.'

'I cannot do that! He is my Commander-in-Chief and it would not be appropriate.' Joseph said, 'Besides your English is good enough, you do not need me.'

'You are right! I do not need you -but

I want you to be by my side. I order you to be there anyway. If I can arrange it, will you accompany me?'

'I think you are making a mistake, but if you can arrange it, I will be glad to act as an independent translator for you. But the President may want his own translator there also.'

'Let him have 50 translators there, I see no problem with that. You can make sure the translators are giving a good rendition of what I say. Now go tell Hassan to get in here and I will set this up.'

A meeting was set up for later in the day and it was to take place at the hotel where the President was staying. Mutual security arrangements were made and, at the appointed time, Joseph and the Emir were escorted into the President's rooms.

'I am told that you are a member of our Army, Sergeant. May I ask what you are doing here with the enemy?' the President asked.

'I can assure you he is not here as a combatant,' said the Emir. 'As the head of one of the largest Muslim charities in the world, he was visiting our delegation when your invitation came. He is also the adopted son of a man that your previous president called a hero. Had it not been for the sergeant here, I would not have accepted this invitation. He insisted that I at least owed you the courtesy of meeting with you. I agreed but only if he came along as a neutral party to act as my translator in case we needed one. Your invitation came at a time when my legation was without a translator who I could trust. If he is unacceptable then we will have to put this off until another time.'

'Oh yes, I recall being told about his father and the help he gave in the rescue of one of our servicemen. I do not think we will need a translator but in any case, he is acceptable. Would you gentlemen like some coffee, tea or perhaps something to eat?'

'Perhaps some tea for Yussef. The sergeant tells me he is going out to dinner tonight. A change from his usual Army rations. As for me, I eat only meals prepared by my personal cooks and according to Hallal.'

The President ordered tea and them they sat down around the conference table and talked. The Emir trying to give the President a history lesson according to his interpretation. They talked and argued for more than an hour. The discussion ended with Emir getting up and saying, 'We live in two different worlds, Mr. President. I had thought that you, having a Muslim father, might begin to understand. But I see it is hopeless. The problem with you, Mr. President, is that you live in a world of grays. Nothing in that world is black or white, right or wrong. According to you and those of you who believe as you do, there are no absolutes. The church and state are separate. Not only have you thrown God out of your life but also as a result of this, God has abandoned you. You are passé. We cannot live together on the same planet.'

The President was stunned. 'I cannot accept that... Sergeant is that what you believe.'

'It matters little what I believe... I am here to translate. The Emir says he speaks for Islam. Do either you or I speak for Christianity?' Joseph asked.

'No, and you know we cannot.' The President said and turned to the Emir and told him point blank, 'And with all due respect Emir, I do not think you speak for Islam.'

'You will soon change your mind.' The Emir said and got up. 'Come Yussef, I think we are finished here!'

'I am sorry it turned out this way, Mr. President. It was an honor meeting you and the only thing I can say is to keep trying.' Joseph said sadly. And with that the two of them left the hotel room.

The Emir was furious and once outside and in the car he asked, 'Why did you tell him to keep trying? I wanted him to know that there was no alternative but to submit. I think I had him worried. I thought he was almost convinced.'

'You read him wrong. He is not worried, your Eminence. He may be sad, he may even be angry, but as the head of the most powerful nation on the planet, believe me, he is not worried. You did shake him up a bit, but it will take a lot more than words to break him. He will think about what you said and soon you will hear from him.'

'And what will he do then?'

'I have no idea. If it were me, I would have you either killed or neutralized.' Joseph said. 'So watch yourself. However, I really think he will do nothing at all.'

'Then I was right in the first place. I should not have met with him!'

'No, you had to meet him. Not to meet would have shown that you were afraid of him. Now he knows you mean business and he has to come up with something to cool things down.'

'I hope he does not take this out on you.' The Emir said. 'If he does, Yussef, please tell me and I will see what I can do.'

'I don't think he will. There is not much he can do to a man about to be discharged.' Joseph said as the car pulled up in front of Rich's apartment. 'Your Eminence, thank you for a most interesting day.'

'Thank you, Yussef. My lawyers will be in touch with you on that other matter in a few days,' the Emir said. 'And since we are to be relatives I think it proper if, in private, for you to call me by my name, Jamaal. Salaam Alecheem, Yussef.'

'Mesaa El Kair. Good evening Jamaal.' Joseph said, got out of the car and watched as the Emir was driven away.

Before going up to the apartment, Joseph called the President and in a few seconds was patched through.

'Well Sir, what did you think of him?'

'The man is a fanatic at best and perhaps crazy. Watch yourself Sergeant, he could be dangerous and he does need watching. I hope I can count on you to keep up the work as we have no one to take your place.'

'Sir - Errr - I just thought you should know - he has asked his lawyers to draw up a marriage agreement between his granddaughter and myself. She is 16 years old and he wants me to marry her as soon as I'm discharged. However, because of our age of consent laws, thank God, I have managed to put the wedding off for at least two years.'

'Now this I have got to hear! You better tell me the details. My God, an FBI agent married into the family of the Emir. Nobody would believe this...'

As Joseph explained it to him, the President couldn't stop laughing. 'One hundred thousand in gold.' He gasped. 'Joseph, I have to thank you for making me laugh. After the kind of day that I have had, I needed it.'

'I wish I was joking, Sir, I truly wish I was. Good night Sir.' He said as he went up to the apartment to pack to go home. He left a note for Richard telling him he would call him later, but that he had to get back to Paterson.

Joseph headed back to Paterson and called Allie and arranged to see him that evening.

'I have some important news for you.' Joseph told him.

'I'm on my way, Habibi. Should I bring anything with me? Perhaps a bottle of wine? Did you have a nice day with the Emir?'

'I had a very interesting day and I'll fill you in when you get here. The wine is a good idea and I'll have the cook prepare a supper for us.'

'Good, but I would rather eat you! But tell me are the rumors I hear true? Did you and the Emir meet with the President today?'

'I see word gets out fast! Yes, that is true. We will talk about that and a lot more when I see you. Will you be able to come by eight tonight?'

'Yes, that will give me time to get ready. Oh! You can tell the cook to leave early. We can clean away the dishes ourselves and we don't need her around. I missed you these past few nights and I need my 'Kong'.' Allie whispered seductively into the phone.

'I missed you, too. But we will talk about that after supper.'

Allie arrived on time and the two of them had a light supper together.

'Well how did it go between you and the Emir? I saw some of it on TV and he really shook up the place. People are calling him a mad man. That speech was really something. Did you have anything to do with it?'

'Not directly and very little indirectly.'

'We were told that he met with the President afterwards. Hassan told me that he insisted that you go with him as his translator. You and I both know that he was educated in England and does not need a translator. You must have really impressed his Eminence the other night. I have never seen him so taken with anyone. What happened?'

'I did not know of his English education, however he says that he has trouble understanding the American idiom. You know what Mr. Churchill said about us, 'We are one people separated by a common language'.'

'Yes, that is true, and even I have trouble at times. Now, tell me everything that happened.'

'I cannot tell you anything about the meeting with the President, except that the Emir did not back down one inch.' Joseph told him. 'As for the details of the meeting, you will have to ask His Eminence.'

They finished their meal and then Joseph got up and prepared the coffee, placing the cups on a serving tray.

'Come let's take our coffee into the library.' Joseph suggested. 'I told the cook to leave early and she will take care of the dishes in the morning. We have to talk.' Joseph took the tray with the steaming cups of coffee and led the way into the library. Allie followed him and closed the big oak doors. Joseph put the tray on the coffee table and turned to find Allie right there with his arms circling him, reaching out and pulling him into an embrace. Their lips met and Joseph returned the kiss, but Allie could tell something was not right.

'Something is wrong. I can feel it in your kiss.' Allie said. 'What has happened?'

Joseph took Allie by the hand and led him to the sofa and when they were seated he started by telling him, 'I don't know of any way to make this any softer, but, this morning on the way to the U.N. I suddenly became engaged to the Emir's granddaughter. Out of the clear blue sky, he spreads out the photos of his Granddaughters and says ' pick one'. I thought he was kidding the other night when he said he was going to find me a Muslim wife. I tried to tell him that I did not want to get married, but he refused to even consider any of my objections. This was the fastest way to my conversion and one that would assure him of not only my sincerity, but, my loyalty to him. He has made this one of the prime conditions for my becoming a Muslim.

'You said one of the conditions. What were the others?' Allie asked.

'Well aside from the usual 'Bride Price', which is quite high, the Emir told me that from now on I would have to obey him in all political, religious and family matters. I think he must either know or suspect about you and I, because he insisted that I no longer have sexual relations with other Muslims, be they women or men, until I produce a male heir with his Granddaughter. I entered many objections but he was adamant. He is going to have the legal papers drawn up and sent to me for signature and the formal wedding will take place as soon as it is legal to do so.'

'Legal?' Allie screamed, 'Idiot! You stupid idiot! You pride yourself on knowing our laws and customs. Don't you realize that according to our laws you were already married as soon as you said you agreed? Signing those papers and paying the bride price are only old and honored traditions.'

'Yes I know that, but the Emir has said that because of American law I will not have to consummate the marriage until she is of age in two years.'

'A small but not really a legal detail. As of now you are legally married to her, but as long as we keep our relationship secret, we have nothing to worry about.' Allie said pulling Joseph to him and kissing him again.

'Yes, we do! First of all, you are Muslim and I should not be doing this with you.' Joseph stated trying to break away from the embrace. 'And if I'm to become one of you then we had better stop sleeping together. Secondly, both of us know that we will not be able to keep our relations a secret and sooner or later someone is going to leak this to the press. I don't think the Emir would like it if the world found out that the two men closest to him were sleeping together. Especially if one of them is his Granddaughter's husband.'

'I really don't care what the world or the Emir think. Habibi, I want you to make love to me and more important - I want to make love to you and I want to do it tonight. According to your laws, you are free to do it. You can always say that you have not converted yet, neither have you signed any agreement, nor have you gone thru circumcision yet.' Allie begged. 'Come play the part of 'Kong'. Take me up to your cave in the mountains and strip me. Then devour my body and soul. We don't have to live by the law of that old dried-up man. His granddaughter can never make you feel as good as I can.'

'Perhaps not, habibi, but we are going to have to try.' Joseph said. 'His will and Allah's are one and the same... And sooner or later, we must submit!'

'Ahhhhh the convert! The fucking, pathetic convert! There is no one more fanatic then the newly converted.' Allie said grabbing Joseph and pulling him close and pressed his lips on Joseph's taking his breath away. Pushing Joseph's body into the sofa he forced his legs apart and lay upon him and feeling of his rising manhood he exclaimed, 'Again your body betrays you. I can feel your desire and your hardness. Again the lips and the body are not one.'

Freeing himself, Joseph said, 'I never said that I did not want you. That would be a lie. I do want you. Damn it, I want and need you. But the Emir...'

'The hell with the Emir. Let me take you upstairs and let's lust as the rutting animals we both are-at least until you have to sign that ridiculous marriage contract,' said Allie placing his finger over Joseph's lips then saying, 'not another word now. We can argue later. I want you to make love to me.' Taking the soldier's hand he pulled him off the sofa, out of the room and up the stairs. Joseph started to protest again but Allie was insistent and once they were in the room Allie closed and locked the door. Then reaching for Joseph and crushing him close, their bodies rubbing against each other, he found that Joseph had begun to become excited. He smiled and said, 'see you can't resist me.'

'No, I can't! You bastard! You have turned me into a sex fiend.' And he reached around to the Arab's rear and started to pull his shirt and undershirt out of his pants.

'No.' Allie said stopping him, 'This time I want to undress you. You have always been the forceful one. This time I get to overpower you.'

'That is not true, but, O.K. since this might be the last time, you can be my seducer.' Joseph said and stood and dropped his hands to his sides submitting himself to the strong fingers of the Arab as Allie began removing Joseph's shirt. When it was off he had Joseph sit down on the bed, then he kneeled before him and removed his shoes and socks. Taking one foot at a time he used his fingertips to rub along the bare feet and up the calves leaving goose bumps in wake of his fingers. He then ran his fingers up to undo his belt and unzipped his pants, which he then slid to the floor. After Joseph stepped out of them, Allie pushed them away and then surveyed the sight before him. Except for the white briefs that now had a big wet spot in the crotch area, Joseph was nude. The Arab reached out and spread Joseph's knees apart then leaned in and pressed his mouth against the wet bulge and using his lips and teeth he nipped at the cloth covered cock as Joseph moaned.

Allie stood up and quickly removed his clothing displaying his rigid 10-inch circumcised cock, which slapped against his taunt belly and then came to 'rest' at a forty-five degree angle. The head was large and an angry red color. Allie sat on the edge of the bed next to Joseph and pulled off the soldier's briefs uncovering the 7inch cock that popped out. He took it in his hand, squeezed it and examined it closely. Lowering his face to the tip, his nose inhaled and savored the odor of the foreskin. Next, his teeth nibbled on the unusual treat and then he wrapped his mouth around the crown and his tongue swiped back and forth over the 'eye'. Joseph threw back his head and drew in a breath. Allie was a good cocksucker: slowly going from the tip to the base varying the pressure of his lips as he went. Slowly he descended until it passed all the way through his mouth and into his throat. Then he moved his head back and forth and used his tongue to tap the sensitive underbelly of the cock.

This was almost too much for Joseph. It was all Joseph could do not to explode then and there. Forcefully pulling Allie off his cock, he pushed him away and then mounted him grinding his crotch into him. They kissed each other and their tongues wrapped around each other. Joseph kissed down the side of the olive skinned neck to his chest where he gently bit the Arab's right nipple bringing forth a loud groan from him. With his fingers he squeezed his other nipple and continued kissing and licking down his body. When he reached his circumcised cock, he held it up and licked around the head, swiping the drops of pre-cum off with his tongue. Then he licked down to the Arab's balls, rolling each around in his mouth, then coming back up and engulfing his cock down the ten inches to the root. The soldier sucked on it for a couple of minutes then lifting off he began to swirl his tongue around the area between his ass and balls.

'Allah Akbar, Habibi, Ana bahabek kteer (God is great, Lover, I love you),' he groaned. 'Oh, shit, oh, god, that's good.' He was breathing heavily. 'Yes, Oh God, fuck me. Oh, please fuck me I want you to fuck me. NOW.'

Joseph reached into a drawer next to the bed and brought out a condom and rolled it onto his rigid cock. He rubbed sticky lube around Allie's ass and then settled himself between the Arab's raised thighs. Hooking his arms under Allie's legs, he raised them to his shoulders and pushed his cock head into the ass slit and eased his cock in until felt the head pop past the outer ring. He let out a soft 'Oh' as he slipped it all the way in. At first he remained still so Allie could get use to his dick, then he started a slow in and out movement. He closed his eyes, visualizing where his dick was and started to relish the sensations. Then he started to move more forcefully, increasing his speed. By this time they had both developed a faster rhythm and were both sweating. He could feel Allie's heels dig into his backside as well as the feel his hands grabbing his hips and as the Arab pulled him deeper into him.

'Fuck me harder. HARDER. DAMNIT, FUCK ME. FUCK ME!' he yelled over and over as Joseph began to pound his ass, his thighs making a slapping sound against the spread legs that matched the slurping sound of his cock going in and out of Allie's hole. Joseph saw the handsome dark skinned face waving right and left, as he moved his head from side to side, slinging off the sweat on his face and hair. He heard him moaning and gasping and saw him clenching his fists on the sheets.

'Oh. Oh. Ohhh, shit. I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum', the Arab yelled as his cock pulsated and shot a rope of cum toward his face. Each successive shot coated his chin, then his chest and finally the last few shots pooled around his navel. With his first shot, his tightening hole set Joseph off. He threw his head back and growled like a lion as he rammed his cock in as far as he could, filling the condom with what felt like an incredible load of cum. He slowed his movements and finally stopped, catching his breath as they collapsed on each other.

When Joseph recovered a bit, he pulled his softened penis from Allie and went into the bathroom, removed the condom and took a quick shower. When he finished he returned to his bed, woke the sleeping Allie up, told him to clean up and go to sleep in the other bedroom.

'Why?' Allie asked as he took his clothes and went into the bathroom.

'Because I need my sleep,' Joseph answered. 'It has been an eventful day and I'm bushed. Wake me in the morning and we will have coffee together.'

The next morning, they both got up and had coffee together. Allie smiled and said, 'I really enjoyed last night, Habibi.'

'I'm glad you did, Habibi. Remember it well because it is the last time we will do that,' and before Allie could protest, he informed him that, 'I admit that I care for you, but as soon as I get those papers - I intend to sign them and from now on there are not going to be any more episodes like last night. That was the last. If I'm going to be a Muslim, I want to be a good one even if you are not.'


'No buts about it. His Eminence would never forgive me if I disobeyed his orders.' Joseph, raising his voice said emphatically. 'Now, please get out, before I am forced to fire you and throw you out.'

Allie left as the housekeeper was just coming into work. He got into his car and drove off the estate. As soon as he could, he pulled to the side of the road and placed a call to the Emir. When he was connected he said, 'Your future son-in-law, that son of a bitch, just threw me out. He said he was going to marry your granddaughter and that, as a Muslim, he was going to try to be a good one and that he did not want the world to find out that his granddaughter's husband was sleeping with a man.'

'Fazzi was right all along,' he smiled. 'Yussef will be very useful, not only to us but to me as well. A true convert, worthy of the place of high honor I envision for him, to say nothing of the many grandsons he will give me. You did very well to test him for me, Allie, Thank you. I shall not forget your service.'

To be continued...


Jay Benson/Joystick

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