It was one of the few times that Joseph was too stunned to talk or move. He leaned back against the wall and just let the world close in on him. His arms and legs seamed to become disconnected from his body as he felt himself sliding down the wall. Fazzi reached out quickly and grabbed him to prevent him from landing on the hard stone floor of the alcove.

'Yussef, Yussef are you all right?' Fazzi kept repeating as he shook him and patted his cheek trying to bring him back from out of the deep dark cold sea that was fast enveloping him. 'Someone, please, come and help me.'

From everywhere men came running to assist. They helped carry Joseph into the Imam's private study where he was placed on a sofa and made as comfortable as possible. Someone brought him a glass of water and as he sipped from the glass, the color began to come back into his face and slowly he started to come out of his stupor. Seeing that he was returning to the world of the living, Fazzi gently moved the onlookers out after thanking them for their help. However, a distinguish member of the congregation carrying a black bag, pushed himself forward. Fazzi recognize the man as his own doctor and asked if he could please be of assistance. The doctor said 'For sure. As soon as I saw what was happening I ran for my bag. What happened?'

'Thank you, doctor. My friend has had some bad news and I think he passed out. We would be most thankful if you could look at him. Any assistance you render would be appreciated.'

'I know I heard the news myself. It shocked me also. The black soldier, a really nice boy, I remember his visits here.' He said as he opened his case and removed his stethoscope and placed it to Joseph's chest.

'I'm fine now, just a bit of a shock.' Joseph mumbled. 'No need for all this fussing.'

'Now look here young man, you are the patient and I'm the doctor here. You just keep quiet while I finish up. Then I'll tell you if you are fine.' He said as he took his pulse and them made him follow his finger with his eyes. 'No concussion. You were right sir; it looks like just a bit of shock. Let him rest here for a few minutes. Then perhaps a few hours rest at home might be better for him. He is young and strong as a bull. He should be fine. Everyone else clear out of here and give him some air. Just you and I will stay Mr. Muhammad. Please raise his feet and someone bring him a warm blanket.' About a half hour later Joseph was beginning to feel more like his old self, his color had even returned.'

Joseph told the doctor that he was feeling better and that he thought he would like to go home. 'We are keeping the Imam out of his study. Please apologize to him for me. It was just the shock. I'll be OK. I just need time to adjust to it. I did not even know he was serving in Iraq.'

'Yes, I do think he would be better resting at home Mr. Muhammad. He still appears to be a bit disoriented, but that should clear up with rest. I have a sedative he can take, but only when you get him into bed. It is quite strong and should help with the shock. I'll give you four tablets; have him take one when you get him home and put him to bed, then one every four hours, but only if he needs it. He is not to drive or operate machinery. I think he will be fine by morning. I can stop by tomorrow, if you like, but in any event give me a call in the morning and let me know how he is doing.' The doctor instructed and gave Fazzi the pills and his card.

'Thank you doctor. Please send me the bill. It was most kind of you and we will be in touch.' Fazzi helped Joseph to his feet and he and the doctor put him into the car. Again Fazzi thanked every one and after making sure that Joseph was covered up he got behind the wheel and drove home.

'I'm going to have to call his mother---what can I say to her. That poor woman, she must be out of her mind. Maybe I should check to find out if they have notified her yet.' Joseph rambled on and on with his eyes closed to prevent the sunlight from aggravating his throbbing head.

'They would not have released his name and photo to the American press if the Pentagon had not done that first. Do you know her number? When we get you home and in bed I will get her for you. However let's wait until I first check and see if I can get any information from Allie at the embassy. He has all kinds of connections and informants. I'm sure he will help.'

Arriving home and helping Joseph up to his room and making him sit on the bed, he said, 'Let me help you undress and get comfortable. You heard what the doctor said. You have to lie down and rest. I'll have cook make you something warm to drink and you will take the pill the doctor prescribed. You relax and I will call the embassy and get Allie to work on this right away. I also have some other people that I know who may be helpful. I promise you, habibi, everything is going to be OK. I have a lot of friends who owe me favors and I intend to call every one of them in. If your friend is still alive I will do everything I can to have him back home soon. Now I'm going to the kitchen and have Summaya make you a cup of broth.'

A few minutes later he came back with some toast and a cup of broth, with which he insisted Joseph take with the pill. Joseph had a problem. If he took the pill, as Fazzi wanted him to, he could not be sure that he would be able to keep his mind alert and when dealing with Fazzi he wanted to be one hundred percent sure that he was. Taking the pill in his fingers he said, 'I can't take this with hot soup, I need a glass of cold water. Could you please get me one from the bathroom?' While Fazzi went to get him the water, Joseph did a quick palming of the pill. On the way back with the water all Fazzi saw was Joseph reaching for the water as if he had just swallowed the pill. He then finished the hot broth and lay back with his head on the pillows.

'I hate taking medicine, but I do need the sleep. I am bushed and ...' he said as he relaxed his body and then pretended to doze off.

Fazzi kissed him and said, 'There you rest now, and I'm going to let you alone. I'll get right to work on freeing your friend. I'm going to call Allie right now and see if the embassy has any news and if it can help.'

'Good, thank you for everything, but promise me that you will wake me if there is any news at all.' After he left Joseph got out of bed and went into the bathroom, took a leak, then wrapped the pill in toilet paper and flushed it down. He returned to bed got under the covers and this time he really did start to drift off.

About 20 minutes later Fazzi carefully opened the door and peeked into the room. Seeing that Joseph was sleeping, he tiptoed over to the chair by the bed and sat down. He sat there watching the sleeping man's chest rise and fall. Joseph, feeling a presents in the room, opened his sleepy eyes and seeing the Arab's smiling face asked, 'Habibi, you are smiling, any news?'

'I really did not want to wake you, but you did say to wake you if I had any news. I just got off the phone with the embassy. Allie said that he is going to call-in every favor he has out there. He was very upset that this happened. One way or the other, he is going to get your friend released. I told him to act like, God forbid, it was you that they had captured and to make sure Ibrahim was treated well. He said he would call back as soon as he had some news and that you were not to worry, too much.'

'Not worry! How can I not worry?' Joseph said as he drifted off again.

Two hours later Fazzi again tiptoed into Joseph's room and woke him up. 'I'm sorry to wake you again, but I thought you would want to hear this. I have some good news for you.' He said handing the soldier a phone. 'Here talk to Allie.'

'Hello Allie, what have you found out?' Joseph asked in Arabic.

'First of all he is well, considering that he put up one hell of a fight when he was taken. They must have really wanted him alive as a hostage. He is receiving excellent medical attention now. Through some very powerful friends we have been assured that he will be well cared for, that no further harm will come to him and best of all they will cooperate by releasing him to a Syrian agent.'

'How were you able to get them to do that?' Joseph asked.

'Well we told them that they had captured an undercover agent of the Syrian Government and that until this was taken care of they had better treat him well or there would be hell to pay.' Allie laughed. 'And they brought it. So they will hold him until one of our agents can take him off their hands.'

'Thank you Allie, but can we be sure that they will keep their word. I have to call his mother and I want to tell her the truth and not some lies that will cause her more pain and anguish later.'

'Well, in these cases, no one can guarantee anything one hundred percent but I am sending a man there who is going to stay with Ibrahim until he is brought safely to Syria. He is one of our best operatives. However, it might be difficult for our man to gain your friend's confidence unless he has some way to assure him that we are there to help him and not hurt him. If we could convince him that you were the one behind his rescue it might help.'

'What do you mean? What can I do from here? What do you want?'

'Just some personal message. Something that only you and Ibrahim are familiar with that will convince him that the man was sent not only by Syria, but that you are in back of it. Do you have one?' Allie asked. 'Without something like that he might fight us and we would have to use drugs to knock him out. And one can never be sure how he might react to being drugged. I think you will agree that it would be better to not have to use them.'

'I agree, wait while I think.' Joseph thought for a few seconds and then said with a big smile on his face, 'Yes! I have one. Tell him he better take care of himself because Kassie and I will need him as our best man and if something were to happen to him, I would miss not getting his morning bacon.'

'Someday you must tell me what that bacon thing is, but for now I think that will do it. It will be made to look like he escaped on his own. It will take a day to arrange all this and I'm flying out tonight to monitor the situation myself and make sure it goes well. I'll be there myself when he is free. I will meet him and fill him in. I'll be in contact with either you or Fazzi whenever I have anything to tell you. Fazzi has my cell number, get it from him and call me anytime you feel the need.'

'I don't know how to thank you, but I'm sure I will find a way.'

'No need, just remember that it pays to have a friend like Fazzi. Somehow it opens the doors fast.' He said out loud, while thinking to himself; now I've got myself in good with the real boss. 'You just rest now and leave the problem in my hands. I will get back to you.'

'What about his mother? What can I tell her?'

'Fazzi said you were worried about that... well you can call her and tell her that while she is not to say anything yet to the press, you think that by Monday Ibrahim will be back home or on his way. Our ambassador has already informed the White House that Syria is going to get Ibrahim back safely and in such a way that it will reflect well on the young man. He has assured them that we are 'pulling out all the stops' and will move ASAP as long as Washington does not interfere. Now rest easy.'

'Again my thanks to you and to the ambassador and I do owe you.' Joseph said and put down the phone. He dialed Ibrahim's mother and after making sure she knew who he was, he told her that he was sure everything would work out.

'Everyone is saying that, but I'm not so sure. Until I hear his voice on free soil I'll worry. I'm a mother. What else can I do? I thank you for your call but I should leave the line free to let calls come in. I just hope one of them is from Ibrahim and it comes soon.'

'I'll get off the line now, but I wanted you to know that we are doing everything we can to bring him home.' He hung up the phone said to Fazzi, 'that poor woman. I wanted so much to tell her everything but I did not want to raise her hopes now to have them fall later. I hope she can hold on.'

'Look, you too have got to relax or I'll have you on more of those pills. Now no more phone calls just lay back and get some rest. Do you think you need another pill?' Fazzi said with concern in his eyes as he smoothed the bed linen. 'No! It is too soon. Lay back and let the pill work. I'll take the phone out of here so you won't be disturbed. Would you like me to come back and stay with you while you sleep?'

'That would be nice, however there is something else I want you to do for me first. I want you to go back to the Mosque and get that Imam to issue a statement or edict or whatever, in 'the name of Allah the Compassionate, and the entire Muslim community of Paterson', calling for the immediate release of their fellow congregation member and brother, Ibrahim Smith.'

'Yussef, my darling, I don't have to power to do that! What do you think I am?'

'BULLSHIT, habibi, that is a load of bullshit, let's cut the crap. Do you think I'm blind or just an idiot? You are the most powerful man in this community. If you want something you just have to shake your finger and these people run to do your bidding. They respect and love you and will do anything you ask.'

'Why is it so important that I get them to do this?' Fazzi asked. 'Ibrahim is going to be set free with or without this.'

'That, my lover, is just the point! The idea just came to me, in a bright crystal clear flash. As long as they are going to release him we have nothing to loose and a whole lot to gain.'

'Gain? What are you talking about? You know as well as I do that when he is free, these men will only take revenge in another way. What can we gain?'

'I'm not talking about the kidnapers. They are viscous and stupid. Without even planning it they have afforded us a golden opportunity. I'm thinking of the Arab/American community here. I'm thinking of our 'Fund'. We can and should play this for all it is worth!' Joseph reasoned. 'Lots of good will and publicity! That's what we will gain. Look you are throwing this Bazaar soon --- why? For publicity and to publicize that the 'Fund' is a humanitarian charity, isn't that right? To most Americans 'Humanitarian' and 'Arab' are oxymorons. The two just do not coexist in the same universe. If you do what I say, we may be able to change this misconception. Not only will this bring us good public relations, but also this could become national news. The best kind of P.R. possible, worth millions of dollars and best of all it does not cost us a single cent. When Ibrahim is freed the Arab/American community will look like the real heroes. I can't think of anything else you could do that would prove to your fellow Americans that that they have been wrong about Muslims. That Arabs do care and can be humanistic and compassionate. One other thing --- just think of what the Black Community will think of your going to bat for one of their people.'

'Yussef, my dear, dear habibi, what a scheming, devious, calculating and wonderfully evil mind you have. Are you positive that you are not Levantine? You must have lots of Arab blood in you.' Fazzi started to laugh, 'Why didn't I think of that? It's a great idea. But, I will go you one better. I'm going to call not only the Imam but also all the leaders from the Mosque and tell them to get their backsides here, now. We will get that petition and get it within a few hours and release it to the press and make the evening news. You leave all this to me, lov, I will take care of everything. Ish Allah, it was His will that I met you. I thank Him every day for sending you to me. I will get right on this and then I'll be back.' Fazzi left after kissing Joseph.

'Great' Joseph said as he drifted off to sleep.

It was late in the evening by the time he returned to Joseph's room. He was ready for bed himself. It had been a rough day, but things had gone well. After a bit of pressure applied in the right places, he had done everything that Joseph had asked. He had called the Imam and all the movers of the community to a meeting in his house and ordered them to sign the proclamation he had written. He then called in the press and together with his 'committee'; he released the petition and the press gobbled up the story. The whole thing appeared on all the networks and received top spot national news coverage. Even the European and worldwide press were printing the story. 'Arab Americans Demand Release of American G.I.' ran the headlines. It had been a very satisfying and a very good day's work.

He looked down at the still sleeping soldier and Fazzi seeing him there stretched out decided to join him in bed. Even though he had sent the servants home earlier, he locked the bedroom door and went into their connecting bathroom. He was exhausted yet he just had the need to feel Joseph's body next to him in bed. In his room he stripped off his clothes except for his boxers then he went back into Joseph's room dropped the boxers and lay down beside the nude body of his lover. He wanted-- he needed Joseph to make love to him. Joseph needed it also. But right now Joseph was not in any condition to do it to Fazzi. He was out. The doctor was right; those pills could keep him in a state of happy bliss for hours yet. This was his chance, perhaps the only one he would ever have. He was going to rape the sleeping soldier. He would never know it and if he objected he would blame it somehow on the pills. He was not thinking straight. It was as if the old lusts had returned. He was back in the Lebanon again. The 'old Fazzi' was back, with a vengeance. All he wanted was to fuck his lover into submission. To have his cock nail him to the bed. He ran his fingers over the sleeping nude body. Feeling no response he kissed the back of his neck. Only the sound of his deep breathing greeted him. His fingers gripped the soft dick and still no reaction. Fazzi slid down under the covers his lips kissing as he moved his mouth down the sleeping body until they reached it's crotch. He started to nibble on the foreskin using his teeth, his lips and his tongue he moved the skin back and forth lapping his hot tongue tip over and into the space between his cock head and the skin. Finally a reaction, but not the one he had expected. Joseph rolled over on his belly, still asleep. The Arab was frustrated at this point, his face now looking at Joseph's ass. His fingers reached out and caressed the muscled flesh. He placed his thumbs so that he could spread apart the two hard globes exposing the hidden valley of delight to and for his explorations. Next the Arab's tongue tip reached out to touch the pink rosebud. He pressed his face deep within the walls of the hot, humid love valley. Burring his face in the hairy forest, He licked, sucked, and nibbled on Joseph's ass hole. Then and only then did Joseph react by moaning and giving a deep sigh.

'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... what - what the fuck is going on?' the awakening soldier groaned. He was still groggy and at first he almost mistakenly had called out Rich's name, but luckily caught himself. 'What's going on?'

'Shussssssssh. I'm going to teach you something new.' Fazzi whispered, 'You will like it. Just relax while I make love to you tonight. Let me do all the work.' He continued to work his tongue around the ass hole pressing against it as he teased the man cunt. Driving his tongue tip into the hole he worked it around the rim, pushing in and out, causing Joseph to moan. Its not too tight, its relaxed. It must be the pill Fazzi thought as he removed his tongue and inserted one finger. He began working his finger in and out of the wet hole.

'No stop' Yelled Joseph, kicking out and pushing the horny Arab away. 'I don't want this. Not now! I'm not ready for this. Please don't do this. Not like this. Please Fazzi - I'm not ready and I'm not your bottom trophy.'

The rejected and hurt Arab rolled over on his back, with tears in his eyes. 'I'm sorry I thought you would want me to make love to you. I was hoping it would make you feel better. I love you and could not bear to let you suffer.' He said as he adjusted himself so that they were now facing each other.

'I'm really sorry my lov, but this kidnapping business must have got to me.' Joseph said. 'The whole thing has me feeling, for lack of a better term, so helpless, so unmanly. I'm sorry but I'm not ready to be that now. I'm not ready to give up my manhood. I felt so helpless today, while just took over and now I'm no longer your strong Crusader knight but the helpless maiden. I know this is stupid, but can you understand and forgive this stupidity?'

'Yes I understand.' Fazzi said as he took Joseph's hands in his and brought them above his head and held them there. Then laying on top of him, their nude bodies in full contact he placed his lips on Joseph's and kissed him deeply. Removing his lips he nestled them in his armpits and licked them. Then his tongue left a trail of saliva across his lover's chest and around his nipples. He took one in his mouth and let his tongue play with the nub. Alternating between circling it with his tongue tip and rubbing his teeth over the hard protrusion he delighted in teasing them to hard erections. Then resting his head on Joseph's chest he said, 'yes habibi, I not only understand but I know the feeling. I have endured and enjoyed that feeling since the first time you took me. I became your sex slave and I gave up my manliness to you! I thought something changed the other night in the bathroom when you went down on me. I thought perhaps that you might want to even our relationship out. Perhaps you had advanced to the stage where there was no need for a slave and master. If I was wrong --- I'm sorry. I love you either way and I will continue to love you as long as you want me and in anyway you want and need me. You will always be my knight on his charger.'

Joseph brought his arms down around the Arab and hugged him. 'You might be right, perhaps I am changing, but for now I want you as we were. Let me get used to these feelings and I will let you know when and if I develop the craving to have you inside me.' He said kissing him and rolling over and scooting down to Fazzi's feet where he looked up at him and said, 'I'm going to make love to you now, but it is not going to be forced. No It's going to be slow and seductive and with your permission.'

Joseph started at Fazzi's toes and ran his tongue in between his toes alternating between licking and sucking on each digit. Then he moved to the underside of one foot licking it and kissing it. Moving his lips across the top of the foot and onto the instep. With each kiss or lick he moved his fingertips lightly over the calf of Fazzi's leg causing the skin to twitch and become goose fleshed. On and over the excited flesh his fingers trekked, journeying higher and higher preparing the way for his mouth and tongue to devour, leaving a damp trail of saliva. Up and behind the knee, licking and kissing the soft skin there while his fingertips continued on their voyage up sending waves of electric like shocks through the body of his squirming bed companion. When he reached the high hip he moved back down to the other foot and started all over again working in the same manner, up the rear of the leg until his mouth reached the big hanging balls of his lover. Next he attacked that hypersensitive area between them and his asshole. Flipping Fazzi over on his side he went after the area at the base of the spine. Running the tip of his tongue over the Arabs ass, first kissing and then nibbling on the round fleshy globes, his fingertips again moved up and roamed over the heaving chest to circle his nipples. He pinched them and rubbed the nubs between his fingers. Exciting the buds and causing them to harden, like the erasers on a lead pencil. His hot tongue continued to bathe the spine washing its way up to the area between the shoulder blades, then across to the underarms, running his teasing tongue in, out and around the hairy pits. Then nudging Fazzi back over on his back the soldier's mouth covered the man's tit and his teeth nibbled and his mouth sucked hard pulling the flesh away from his chest, first one tit then the other. Then abandoning his feast, his mouth found its way to the lips of his lover. At first he just kissed and nibbled on Fazzi's lower lip then as the victim's mouth opened letting out a gasp, he sunk his hot tongue deep into the open cavern while his fingers encased the hard, erect and drooling cock. Withdrawing his tongue from the gasping Arab's mouth he quickly moved his mouth down to the rampant cut cock and devoured it right down to the root.

Never but never in all the years of his sexual experiences had Fazzi ever had anyone make him feel so loved and satisfied as when he blew his load, like one of those mid-eastern oil rigs bringing in a gusher. Joseph continued to suck on the now overly sensitive Arab meat, draining him dry. Joseph, his lips still around the cock reached into the night table drawer and removed one of his stored condoms, ripped it open and rolled it over his hard cock. He lifted Fazzi's legs over his shoulders and plowed his cock into the unprepared, unlubricated mancunt. Fazzi's head was swinging right and left, his arms and hands beating and grabbing at the sheets, pulling them and ripping them as his finger nails, like the claws of an enraged desert jackal first tore through the linen and then in the height of passion raked down the arms and back of Joseph leaving furrows of scratch marks from which little snips of blood emerged. Unfazed by this, Joseph plowed into and pounded the asshole. In and out he long dicked him. Now and then changing his rhythm and the depth of his penetrations from deep long slow movements to short quick thrusts. His body building and building to the point where he arched his body pushed deeper than ever and with his head back his throat releasing a wild baying sound, he gushed jet after jet into the condom. Exhausted both lovers collapsed into each other's arms.

Sated they slept like that Joseph's cock withering and falling out of Fazzi's twitching manhole. Fazzi's last thought before he drifted off into the bliss of sexual gratification was that he was glad he had told the servants to take the night off.

The next morning began with his phone ringing.

'Hello, who is it?' Joseph asked.

'Yussef, it's me Cassandra (Kassie). Are you alone or is my father with you.'

'Your father must be downstairs getting breakfast. It's been a hectic weekend. Did you hear about Ibrahim?'

'Yes I did and that's why I was calling. Yussef I know how you must feel and I wanted to know if there was anything Mom and I can do to help. We owe you so much. Poor Ibrahim, he did not deserve this.'

'Everyone here has been very kind and helpful. Your father has really gone out of his way to help. He has got the Imam and the entire Muslim population of Paterson to sign a petition for his release. If you would do the same out there, I think it would help. I will have your father email you a sample copy you can use.' Joseph said. 'How are you two doing out there? I hear you are going to medical school. I want you to know that I am real proud of you.'

'Yes, I'm doing fine, but I miss you. You have not called in a while. I guess you are busy, what with the fund and teaching and with my father. Is he treating you well, Yussef, what I mean is.... He is not... not?'

'No Kassie, he is really wonderful to and with me. I could not ask for a more considerate lover.' He said as Fazzi opened the door and entered carrying Joseph's breakfast tray and placed it on the bed by Joseph. Smiling at him Joseph continued, 'as a matter of fact he just brought me my breakfast in bed.'

'Well I see, you two are settled in there-that bastard never brought my mother anything in bed, not even himself.' She said and started to laugh at her joke and then stopped short and said, I'll leave you two alone and start that petition. I just want you to know that even though I hate what you are doing with that perverted old fag, I'll always love you. I'm just mortified that you had to do this in order for us to escape that pervert.'

'Kassie I'm sure Ibrahim will appreciate your efforts as much as I do. Thank you for calling and offering your help. No matter what happens it's time for you to live your own life. Find yourself a good man, get married and raise a family. And Kassie, just thank Allah that we did not get together.'

'I'm going to try. But it is so hard... I can't stop thinking of you-but I must and will.' She said with tears in her voice as she hung up the phone.

'Goodbye Kassie and Ibrahim will thank you.'

He put the phone down and took up the fork and started to eat. 'That was Kassie. She is going to get a petition started there. I think she is beginning to realize that I'm not interested in her any more and it's over.'

'I think you could not have made it any clearer.' He said leaning down and kissing him. 'A pretty girl like that should have no trouble finding a good man. I remember that her father was a very good-looking man. Well, that was in the old days and I regret a lot of what I did then. I hope you know that and believe me.'

'The past is past and best left in the past.' Joseph said. 'I don't know what to do about today. I was going to go into the city and spend the weekend with Rich and his family, but I want to keep in touch with what is going on here.'

'I would love to have you here for the weekend, but I'm going to be busy with work and I have to keep on Allie's tail. You need a break - go into the city and have some fun and give my regards to everyone. I have another news conference scheduled and a lot of paper work to do. If anything comes up - I'll call you.'

'You sound like you want to get rid of me. Do you have another lover coming over?'

'Yes I have about four others coming over and I just might ask that they bring some friends as well...' he playfully said. 'And if you believe that, you are nuts... the truth is after last night I have no more energy for any other lovers.'

'No energy, huh?' He said as he placed the tray on the floor beside the bed and pulled Fazzi down onto the bed with him. 'As long as we ruined these sheets last night, what do you say to messing up the mattress as well?'

'You, my love, are impossible, just impossible. I cannot satisfy you. I have turned you into a rampant sex fiend. What am I to do with you?'

'I just want to fuck you one more time, lov.... Just one more time...'

To be continued...


Jay Benson/Joystick

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