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End of Chapter 44

'I was serious when I told you I wanted to become a good Muslim. Being a good Muslim requires that you submit to the will of Allah and his appointed teachers. This I intend to try to do. Now, get the hell out of here before I press the service button and have the steward come in and forcibly remove you!'

Chapter 45

'But!' Allie said as he started to move toward Joseph.

'Stop right there,' Joseph warned as he picked up the buzzer and placed his thumb on the button. 'Take one more step and I'll press this and have the security people throw you out of the plane over the ocean. I'm told that was one of my late father's favorite methods of disposing of his ex-lovers.'

'You wouldn't do that,' said Allie with a smirk on his face, but, never the less, he stopped in his tracks. 'Would you?'

'Just try me!' Joseph said his blue eyes staring into Allie's now frightened eyes, 'You know what they say, 'like father, like son'.'

'OK, I'll leave, but this is not the last you will see of me.' Allie whispered and dropped his hands, turned, opened the door a bit to check that there was no one in the aisle and then left the room.

After Allie left Joseph summoned the Steward and asked if he knew who the visitor was that had just left his room.

'Yes, I do, sir,' he said. 'Is there anything wrong?'

'He is to remain confined in the crew area for the remainder of the flight, even if you have to handcuff him. You may release him once we get off the plane. Do I make myself clear?

'Yes sir, I'm sorry that happened. He told us you knew him, that you were good friends and he wanted to surprise you. I will take care of the problem and see to it that you will not be disturbed again.'

Joseph relaxed and locked the door and returned to his bed, lay down and was soon asleep. He woke up many hours later and again rang for the steward.

There was a knock on the door and a voice said, 'Steward here, sir. May I be of assistance?'

Joseph got off the bed and opened the door and seeing it was the steward, he asked him in. 'Steward, how much longer until we land.'

'About three hours. We are making good time. I was just about to wake you and ask if perhaps you would like something to eat now. I have just received a message from His Eminence detailing your welcoming at the airport. He has quite a ceremony set up.'

'Oh, he need not have gone to any trouble. I hope I will not embarrass either him or myself.'

'I'm sure you won't, sir. And just to make sure that all goes well; after you eat I can go over the arrangements and prep the three of you for the event. I'm sure you and the Worthingtons will do just fine. We will be landing and then we will taxi to a private V.I.P. area where the Emir and our President will be waiting to welcome you to Syria in the name of our people. The whole thing should not take too long.'

'The President?' Joseph said. 'My, I guess we must be important.'

'I guess you are. The other passengers are also getting ready for dinner. We were just getting ready to serve them in about twenty minutes in the main stateroom. Would you like to join them now?'

'Yes, that would be nice. I will wash-up, change my clothes and join them in a few minutes. What is the weather like in Damascus?'

'This time of year; hot, very hot! I would wear something light. Are you sure you will be ready in twenty minutes?'

'I should be.'

'Very well then, sir. Dinner in twenty minutes.'

Joseph washed and joined the others at the table where a nice meal was served. 'This is not your usual airline food,' Richard said. 'I could even get used to this.'

'Yes, it is rather good. The steward was telling me that when we land there is to be a formal welcoming ceremony,' Joseph said. 'It appears that we are to get the 'Red Carpet' treatment.' Then, seeing the look of anxiety on the faces of Sara and Richard, he added, 'but we are not to worry because after we finish dinner, the steward will take us through the process step by step and prepare us.'

After dinner was finished and cleared away, the steward returned holding a small gift-wrapped box, which he placed on the table in front of himself. He then described how the plane would land and taxi up to a fenced-in area. 'After the landing and taxi, the door will open and Joseph followed by the Worthingtons will alight the steps to the tarmac, where three children will present each of you with welcoming flowers. The Emir will then welcome you and introduce you to the President. The Emir's wife will then welcome Mr. and Mrs. Worthington and escort the two of you to one of the waiting air-conditioned limousines. Joseph will then be asked to review the Honor Guard after which the President will say a few parting words. He will then leave and Joseph and the Emir will travel together in his limo while the Worthingtons will travel in his wife's limo to His Eminence's home. That's all there is to it. Are there any questions?'

They looked at each other and shook their heads indicating that they understood.

'It sounds simple enough,' Joseph said. 'Is there anything else?'

'Yes, one more thing. A rather delicate matter.' The steward said shyly, as he picked up the box and handed it to Sara. 'The wife of the Emir has asked me to present this welcoming gift to you. She picked it out herself. It is a black scarf and most married women in our country wear it in public. She wanted me to stress that this was not required but that she would like you to wear it over your hair, but only if it pleases you to do it.'

Sara opened the box and removed the sheer black lace scarf. 'Oh! It's beautiful; I shall be pleased to wear it. Is this made in Syria? I would love to buy some more to give as gifts to my friends back home.'

The steward, smiling and heaving a sigh of relief said, 'Yes ma'am, I think the Emir's wife had a shopping tour planned for you and you can ask her. I am sure she will be pleased to see that you not only like her gift, but are gracious enough to honor our customs.'

After they sat down in their seats, Joseph leaned over to Sara and whispered that she had handled her first test very diplomatically. 'Now all I have to do is to get through the rest of the day without any problems.'

'I am sure you will do fine. Just be relaxed and be yourself. They will love you just as we do,' she said. 'Oh! Look out the window. I think the sun is coming up. In a few hours we will be on the ground and the welcome will be over and past us.'

Light as a feather the plane touched down and taxied to the gate. Joseph, looking out could see the welcoming committee. They were all standing under a canvas tarp, which made it look like a Bedouin encampment. The door opened and Joseph started down the steps and turned to assist Sara who was wearing the lace scarf with the ends flipped over her shoulders. Richard brought up the rear. When they were all on the tarmac, three girls came forward and presented each of them with flowers. Joseph bent his head to the girl and took the flowers with his left hand as she said in slightly accented English, 'Welcome to Syria'. Then taking her right hand in his, he lifted it to his lips and kissed it.

The girl giggled and smiled and Joseph noticed a very pretty face, with the darkest brown eyes and whitest teeth he had seen in a long time. It reminded him of that first Friday in Fazzi's home when he had looked into the eyes of Fazzi's daughter. 'What a lovely way to be welcomed.' Joseph said and added, 'Your English is excellent. Thank you my dear, we are very glad to be here.' The girl bowed her head and moved to the side as the Emir came up and threw his arms around Joseph and welcomed him in true Arab style by kissing him on both cheeks. Joseph introduced the Worthingtons to the Emir and he, in turn, introduced the three of them to the President. After all the introductions were over, Joseph was asked to review the Honor Guard while Sara and Richard were taken over to an air conditioned limousine where they waited for the formal welcoming to end. After inspecting the Guard, the President said his goodbyes and The Emir and Joseph got into their limo and drove off followed by the other limo.

'Most impressive, but totally unnecessary.' Joseph said.' You make me feel like I am a big shot or something.'

'Well, Yussef you are, as you say, 'a big shot'', the Emir said and asked, 'I hope your flight was comfortable? Is there anything in particular you would like to see while you are here? Yussef, I do have a big tour planned but if there is something in particular you would like to see, just let me know and I will arrange it for you.'

'Jamaal,' Joseph said using the Emir's name, 'There is something that I would like to do first off, before we even go to your home--- if I can and it is not too much trouble for you.'

'And what might that be?'

'I would like to visit my father's grave. These flowers that were given to me, I would like to place them on his grave and let him know that I have fulfilled one of his last wishes by coming to his country and also pay my respects to him.' Joseph requested.

The Emir tried almost unsuccessfully to choke back his tears... 'Yes, my son, that would be a most fitting way for you to begin your trip,' he said as he reached for the inter-com phone and directed his driver to change course and also to inform the other limo of the change in plans. 'I hope the Worthingtons will understand this side trip?'

'Oh, they most likely will. Have you forgotten that they both knew and respected Fazzi almost as much as I did? I am sure they will want to pay their respects as much as I do. I hope this is not a problem for you.'

'No, no problem at all,' said the Emir. 'By the way, how did you like the girl that presented you with the flowers.'

'She was very beautiful and poised.' Joseph said a bit warily. 'A most lovely way to be greeted.'

'I'm glad you think so. She is my granddaughter, your future wife. I wanted you to meet her and see if you like her. I think she was taken with you. I could see the light in her eyes when you kissed her hand.' The Emir said. 'The other two were also my granddaughters. If she does not please you, perhaps one of the others will.'

'You swindling, devious and treacherous old goat,' Joseph said shaking his finger at the old man, 'if I wasn't so pleased with the prospect of taking that lovely creature to my bed when she becomes a woman, I would take you over my knee and spank you.'

'I take it then that you will accept her as your wife and are not angry with me for my deception?'

'No, I am not angry at you for that, but I am very displeased with you for something else you seem to have done.'

'What is that? Tell me and I will make it right!' The Emir said placing his right hand over his heart. 'I want no barriers between you and me.'

'It is this problem with Allie and me.' Joseph said and he then told him about the incident on the plane.

'That idiot! I did not know that he had stowed away on the plane. Yussef, my son I will confess to you, we have a problem with Allie. I say we because it is a problem, which you will have to help me solve. Your father, Fazzi, made all kinds of promises of advancement to him when he took him on as an assistant. And to tell the truth, I too, might have compounded the problem. As a result of these promises he has developed these delusions of grandeur and has developed hopes of replacing me as Emir someday. I assure you that there was not and never will be any chance of that! The man never had the tact or brains for that to ever become a possibility. However since you have entered the picture, he has become very jealous and downright dangerous. He has become what you could call 'a young Turk' and has attracted a small but strong following. It appears that it has now developed to a point where even I must be careful not to hurt his feelings. It would appear that his feelings for you have always been strong. Stronger than either Fazzi or I could have thought. They have taken over his mind and, for the time being, there are things that I must do in order to control him. That is where you come in,' the Emir said as they passed through the gates of the cemetery. 'Ahhhhh, here we are. We are approaching your father's grave now. We will talk of this privately later at home when we have more time.'

The cars stopped and they got out and approached the gravesite on foot. It was a beautiful site with a marble stone containing Fazzi's name, along with his rank and listed his service to the nation. Joseph and the Worthingtons placed their flowers on the grave and Joseph stepped back a bit and gave the grave a snappy military salute and said in Arabic, 'I'm sorry I'm not in uniform, I know how you loved to see me that way Dad, but I am no longer in the service and my civilian clothes will have to do.' He stood there at attention for a few moments and then did a snappy about face and walked back to the car.

'That was very respectful of you Yussef. I am sure that Fazzi returned your salute.' The Emir said with tears in his eyes as he closed the door and ordered the driver to continue on to the residence.

Later, after the visitors had settled themselves in their rooms, the Emir took the time to continue his discussion about Allie.

'Allie thinks he has me in a corner. And for now, that is how I want him to feel,' the Emir stated. 'I know I told you that you were not to continue your liaisons with him. I said it because that first night when I stayed at your home I suspected, for some reason, that you did not like having these relationships with him. It appeared to me that you were only looking for a valid reason to stop them anyway. And I was only too happy to provide you with one. Was I right in this assumption?'

'Was it that apparent? I did not know it showed that much,' said Joseph. 'Yes, by then I had realized that our affair was a mistake right from the beginning.'

'Anyway, I knew you wanted to be a proper Muslim so I provided you with this chance and you proved your fidelity by kicking him out. However, he has now threatened to do damage to me by joining with others and he would like to force me to announce him as my successor. This, I cannot permit. If ever there was anyone so totally unfit to take my place, it is Allie. After much debate, he reluctantly agreed to bow to my will on this but he has named his price for his continuing his support of me. That price is, to put it disgustingly, your body. For now he must be contained. I will not force you to do this. Do you think you can help me? Will you help me?'

'If you want me to sleep with him again - the answer is no!' Joseph said. 'Like I said before, he caught me at a bad time, right after Fazzi's death. I made a mistake then and I'm not going to do it again.'

'Not even if I ask you to do it for my sake?'

'I would do anything for you, Jamaal, but this is too much to ask of me....'

'Then, Yussef, you leave me with only one option and that is to have him killed and I don't want to do that if I don't have to,' the Emir said. 'The man has rendered useful service to both me and our cause and I would not want his blood on my hands. Perhaps you could pretend to like him, at least until you are married and have given me a legitimate heir. By then our people will have gotten to know you and both you and your offspring will be viewed as my rightful and legitimate replacement and heir. As such, he will have no choice but to recognize you as Emir.'

'There is one other solution, if you want to keep your hands free of his blood --- I could do it for you.' Joseph whispered.

The Emir was shocked. 'You would do that for me?'

'Well, if there is no other way.'

'It may come to that but if it does, I will be the one that does it, not you. I don't want you to enter as Emir with blood on your hands. In any event, for now we must refrain from such extreme means.'

'So, for now, you are telling me to pretend to love him? You want me to lower myself to be a male prostitute for you.'

'How crude! But yes, and not only will he be controlled, but as an added benefit, as his confidant, you will then be in a position to learn all his plans and report them to me. I'm sure you will find the means to entice them out of him.'

'Jamaal, you are a sneaky old goat,' Joseph laughed, 'you would sell your own flesh and blood for power.'

'Not only for power but just for the fun of it, to say nothing about the possibility of making a profit also. After all, I'm an Arab! That is the way we do things and if you are to be a member of this family, you had better get used to it my boy.'

'Jedi (my Grandfather), I love you. Your will is my will! Your command is my order! This is really going too far, however, for you and for the sake of our family and the new Caliphate I will have to find some way to do this and keep my honor at the same time.'

'I love the way your are now thinking of yourself as part of my family. I'm sure you will find a way, but again, don't concern yourself too much with your honor---learn to be an Arab.'

For the next two weeks Joseph and the Worthingtons traveled all over the Middle East, visiting hospitals, refugee camps, schools and the homes of both rich and poor people. Joseph asked and was asked lots of questions. While he could see that the need was very great, Joseph could also see that the means of alleviating much, if not all, of the problems was right there in the area. There was really no need to collect all that money from the poor people in Paterson and distribute it here. There is money and wealth locally right here in overabundance. However, the rich refused to share their wealth or to help those less fortunate then themselves. Instead, they chose to throw away their prosperity in the gambling and whorehouses of Europe, while keeping the poor at home in very horrid conditions and situations. Food, water and sanitary conditions were beyond belief. Alongside these miserable humans lived people who just didn't care or else used them to fill their own pockets with money made from the resale of food and supplies of donated medical equipment. Even the UN was involved. Joseph was told, over and over about how one after another of the UN's officials were lining their pockets with graft. How some of the UN soldiers gave arms and aid to the Hezbollah and other terrorists. Even the Secretary General's family was involved.

The last week of their visit, Joseph asked Sara and Richard if they thought there was any hope for these people. 'Yes there is hope but it is fast becoming a quagmire. Education would help, but as soon as they graduate, they leave the area for Europe or America.' Richard said sadly. 'I have seen more hope among the untouchables of India than I see here. At least there most of the people in power are interested in helping the poor. Here they are just using them to ferment more problems and sickness. Here, rather than statesmen, we have political troublemakers in charge. They do not care if their people survive or not. In fact, I think they would rather they didn't. These poor people are their means of staying in power and if they could retain that power without them, they would be glad to sell them out. The social and religious factors are stacked against them. Perhaps a complete social and religious revolution will help change the situation, but I still doubt it will help.'

'I hate to admit it, but I tend to agree with you. The only thing that I see that is more or less on the up and up is the Red Crescent.' Sara who had been a supporter of the Red Cross since 9/11 said sadly.

'Yes, but even they are plagued by petty corruption and have you noticed that the local militias, or so it seems, always set up camps in or near their facilities.' Richard said.

'Yes.' said Joseph. 'I have noticed and when I asked one of the unit commanders why, I was told that the hospitals needed the protection of the militia to prevent the locals from looting and selling the medical supplies. This may be true, but I think there are other reasons.'

'And I think we might know what they are.' Richard said. 'As much as I enjoyed this trip, I will be glad when we are out of here on Sunday.'

'I think we all will be glad,' Joseph said. 'The Emir has planned a farewell party for us Saturday and he tells me that after the official party, he has set up a private meeting with some big Muslim leaders that he wants to introduce me to.'

When they returned to the Emir's residence Joseph went to his suite of rooms exhausted from his trip and took a long hot shower. Afterwards feeling somewhat refreshed from the cool air conditioned air falling on his nude body he plunked himself down on his bed, closed the Mosquito netting, half covered himself with a light sheet and promptly fell into a deep sleep. A while later, still in a deep fog he felt someone slide into bed with him and snuggle up. Smiling, and thinking it was a dream, he said and did nothing in the hope that he would not wake up. Then he felt it. A huge erection pressing against his butt cheeks. For one delirious moment, forgetting where he was, he thought he might be at home spooning with Rich. Back, he pushed, against the big fat cock head. He felt the hot tip searching for his hungry love starved hole. Two weeks of enforced chastity. It had been too long since they had been together. Now those strong arms were pulling him closer and closer like an octopus. He opened his eyes and instead of Rich's white arms squeezing him he was shocked to see two olive tentacles clawing at him. Realizing at once that this was not Paterson, New Jersey and therefore could not be Rich, he tried to liberate himself but was unable to do so. 'Allie, what the hell are you doing here?' Joseph asked angrily, 'can't you get it through that thick head of yours I do not want this anymore---get out or I'll call for the Emir.'

Shifting his hand to cover Joseph's mouth and in effect, gagging him, Allie whispered into Joseph's ear, 'Yussef, you won't do anything of the sort, my love. Stop this foolishness and for now let's just talk. I came to tell you that you are in great danger here. You need me to protect you. This meeting that the Emir has set up for Saturday, they are dangerous people and may want to kill you. I want to protect you, not hurt you. You know that I love you and I'm afraid for your safety. Now, please, if I uncover your mouth will you promise not to scream?'

Joseph remained quiet, looking into Allie's pleading eyes; he then calmed himself down and shook his head in agreement. Allie removed his hand slowly and then leaned in and kissed Joseph's lips. At first he fought the kiss, but then in spite of himself Joseph found himself returning the kiss. He could not help it.

'Now that's a little better. You see I knew you could not resist me. However perhaps we can get back to that later. For now you must listen to me, these people you will meet are the most powerful people among the Jihadists. They are the money people behind the ones your government views as terrorists. Without them and their support the Jihad would not exist. They will do their best to prevent a non-Arab from becoming Emir. They see all outsiders as evil and will stop at nothing to prevent even your offspring from polluting the royal line. They are the same ones that objected to Fazzi adopting you. At that time I think they were just envious. The Emir and you must convince them that you will honor their feelings and that you will not change anything if and when you take over.'

'Why were they envious and how do you know so much about them? Joseph asked.

'All of them were personal friends of Fazzi, who was one of them himself, and now they are mine. These are 'the connections' that Fazzi and I used to get your friend released from Iraq. We go back a long way. We served together with Fazzi in The Lebanon so they not only know of our sexual exploits; many of these same people were also involved. Even today they long for the so-called 'good old days'. They long to enslave the beautiful westerners that they see in your movies. Your Hollywood has convinced them that you Americans are ripe figs waiting to be plucked. They are also convinced that you westerners have this fascination for us dark skinned people and that also explains the election of your president. If they were made to believe that there is more to your conversion then just your so called love of Allah, they might be willing to accept you.' Allie smiled.

'So you are telling me that a convert, no matter how sincere, has no chance.'

'You are no ordinary convert! While we do have many true converts, none of them are of the caliber nor do they have the connections to someday become our leader. These people must be made to realize that you are not only a Muslim, but that you are a true Jihadist. They all know me as one of them, a known and outspoken Jihadist. When I tell them that you are my lover and that I vouch for you, they will think twice before trying to cut your throat. I know that you, with my help, can have them eating out of your hand and even have them kissing your feet. They will even dream of being enslaved to you.'

'You mean to tell me that having the backing of the Emir along with being his granddaughter's husband and providing him with a male heir will not be enough?'

'Come on, Yussef, you are smarter than that, my love. While the Emir is alive and well, he may be able to protect you. But what happens when he is dead and with Allah? Who will be able to vouch for you then? Who will be your proof of the right to rule this people then? His granddaughter? Don't make me laugh! You have only to look at recent history to see the truth of what I am saying. We all saw what happened when King Hussein of Jordan wanted the beloved son of his American wife to rule after him. There was a palace revolution and his eldest son was crowned instead even though he was not really fit. He was crowned because he was of pure Arab-Moslem blood. No, it is not permitted. No Arab would put their trust in a woman! We trust only men.' Allie admitted. 'We don't even trust our own mothers. No, only a man, they know and one they fear and respect, will satisfy them and keep them in line. Like I said, once The Emir is gone, you will need all the help you can get to rule these people. Without me, you and your family will be alone. Without friends or contacts. A lone American Pig acting as our leader? The vultures would ripe you apart and eat you alive, as well as your wife and children.'

'If I were to agree to this, how would it work?' Joseph said realizing that what Allie said had more then a grain of truth. 'Besides the logistics of it, there are the Worthingtons to consider.'

'Wonderful! You are beginning to use that beautiful head of yours.' Allie smiled as he thought that he had finally convinced Joseph. 'Now, here is my plan. We go back to the way it was before. You and I are lovers just like we were before the Emir entered the picture. Many of these people knew of your relationships with both Fazzi and myself long before your meeting with the Emir and it did not matter to them then and it will not matter to them now. We can make love whenever you want. They know that you only gave me up because of what the Emir told you. I had a long talk with His Eminence and he will no longer object or do anything to stop us. He doesn't like it but he has pledged to me that he will not interfere. He won't object even after you take his Granddaughter for a wife. You will have to do your duty and have many children with her. In fact, if she does not please you, we can arrange to have your seed implanted in her by means other than natural and also that way insure that the children are male.'

'I have already met her and I know I will welcome her into my bed.' Joseph said. 'She is a beauty and I doubt I will have difficulty making love to her.'

'That will make it easier. Perhaps in time when the Emir sees that the arrangement is working out well, he might even come to accept it as a normal thing. As long as you treat her reasonably well, you may even keep a harem with both men and women. Such arrangements are not unusual in our world. It is done here all the time and is commonplace in the best of households and families. Once you are married you and I will still be allowed to continue our love affair. His granddaughter will have nothing to say about it. As I have told you and you have seen, you as a Moslem rule your wife not she you! Do you understand?'

'Yes I understand that here in the Middle East it is possible, but in the United States it will never work. You and I cannot live together there now. Before I made this trip Rich moved into my place in Paterson. His parents sort of insisted that we move in together. So that rules out our living or even meeting together there.'

'Well that does complicate things a bit. However, there is no need for us to use Fazzi's house. I still have my apartment in New York City. We will be working together at the 'Fund' all day in the city. After work, while Rich is in the theater we could go there and make love. We could make it work. We could meet whenever we wanted. If not every night, then we could do it two or three times a week. Heck, you could even pick up Rich after he is done at the theater and the two of you could go home to Paterson together. In any event, I hope you are aware that, that part of your life will have to end in about one or two years when you become the son-in-law of the Emir. You do realize that once you marry His Eminence's Granddaughter, you are going to have to get rid of the actor and his family anyway. I, and the Emir will insist that you drop him. They will be of no further use to you or us. By that time you may even have to give up your citizenship. Just remember, putting everything else aside, I really am in love with you. I want you, and for now I don't care if I have to share you with him, but only until we no longer need him and his father. By that time, you will have control of the company.'

'This is crazy. It will never work.' Joseph said, 'He will never relinquish control.'

'Yes, he will, the Emirate will see to it that he is retired. Anyway, we will never know unless we try it. Will you try it?' Allie asked as he kissed Joseph again and pulled Joseph's body against himself. Allie feeling Joseph's arousal pressing into him moaned, 'MMMmmm. I feel part of you is warming up to the idea. It appears that he missed me almost as much as I missed you.'

'Damn that penis of mine! He can't help it! You know he's such a slut!' Joseph laughed. He leaned in and kissed Allie opening his mouth to Allie's tongue and taking it into his mouth. First he sucked on it then he pushed it out and followed it into Allie's hot wet mouth with his own tongue. The two of them continued this game of tongue hockey for some minutes as Allie enclosed Joseph in his arms and pulled him even closer to his hard body. Allie maneuvered his penis between Joseph's legs where Joseph imprisoned the huge appendage as if it was caught in a vise. 'MMMM.. It feels so good to feel my legs embrace your manhood again. You were right, I have missed it and I can't hide the fact that you have made both my penis and me sluts?'

'Yes, I have known that from the start. And I have missed my slut and you now know that there is no reason for us to deign ourselves our pleasures any longer. I long to feel your hot rod in my body again.'

'I cannot do that, my love. Not now anyway.' Joseph said. 'You know I will not enter you without a......'

'A condom? I knew that, Yussef. And rather than give you a reason to back out... I had a packet placed in the nightstand... Just in case.' Allie laughed. 'Take a look. I even purchased you favorite brand.'

After taking a look he smiled and lay them on top and said, 'you are a devious son of a bitch.'

'I know I am. In my line of work I have to be. Enough talk! Make love to me my slut, my King, my Kong.'

'Yes! Oh yeahhhhh!' Groamed Joseph as he now enfolded Allie in his arms and rolled on top of him, kissing and licking his lips, his eyes, his nose, his chin, his neck and then running his tongue from the hollow of his neck up to his chin and along the jaw line to his ear. Then first sucking on the ear lobe he switched to nibbling on the tender meat. Next he moved his hot demanding mouth back down to the panting Arab's heaving chest. There he licked and sucked on his nipples, his teeth teasing and biting them hard, causing Allie to whimper and to place his hands on the head of the blond human animal that was taking possession of his soul as well as his body. Down, down, the ravenous beast proceeded being guided by the fingers tangled in his flaxen hair. Down, down the strong body to the hard-defined abdominal muscles. There his darting tongue tip journeyed over the mountains and into the creases until it reached the navel. Covering the hole with his lips he alternated between sucking on the hole and plowing his tongue tip in and out of the buttonhole. Joseph's face was now working its way even farther down. Allie's hard leaking ten inch cock at first rubbing on his neck and chin, then along his jaw line until it was touching his ear as he kissed, licked and almost devoured the cum filled balls set before him as if on a golden plate for his taste buds to savor. His hot mouth and tongue moved on to that sensitive area between the balls and the Arab's love valley where his tongue tip reacquainted itself with the smell and taste of 'the forbidden fruit'. Joseph reached up and grabbed a pillow and pushed it under Allie's ass lifting it up, exposing his 'rear door' for nibbling and licking. Images of a 'Thousand and One Sexual Fantasies' floated through the Levantine mind of the man as his fingers began pulling and scratching at the bedding beneath him.

'Yes, Yussef! Oh yes, I knew you could not resist me for long. You see now that we were meant to be together forever and that neither of us could give up the other. Slaves we are to each other's desires and bodies. You are not the only slut here. We are both sluts. Take me now, please,' he begged. 'I am begging you to take me as someday I know you will beg me to take you. And on that day, I WILL take you. Now I am your love-slave, but someday we will be the love-slaves of each other. And when that day comes--- you and I will rule the Emirate together. A joint kingdom, without shame or guilt.'

And Yussef reached for the package of condoms, placed one on his uncut cock and took him...

Allie groaned with pleasure as Joseph sank into him, quickly pressing down until his balls rested on the olive colored bubble cheeks. Joseph's white fingers gripped and clawed into the taunt flesh of the Arabs hips as he began to fuck him with a slow, steady rhythm, grunting with each deep thrust he made. Allie's ass while not tight was never the less very warm and welcoming to the blond's cock. As Joseph screwed him Allie muttered, over and over, 'Oh yes habbi, Isallah, fuck me deeper and deeper.' With one hand Joseph reached down and encased the Arab's 10' manhood while he used his other hand to pull the body hard up against himself. Both the speed and power of their thrusts increased as they came closer and closer to climax. Then it happened. The explosion. Like a hundred guns going off at one time. They came together. Allie shot out a warm, sticky fluid flood between their bodies and the two of them collapsed, exhausted but now drained of emotion and love fluids.

To be continued...


Jay Benson/Joystick

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