The ringing of Joseph's cell phone interrupted their kiss. 'Damn these things, they always ring at the wrong times.' Flipping open the cell, Joseph said, 'Hello Sgt. Benson here. What can I do for you?'

'Hello Joseph. How have you been holding up? I wish I could have been there for you, but the boss thought it would be better not to have any agents there.'

'I understand and I'm fine Bill,' he said. 'Rich has been here for the whole thing and I was just telling him that I was so glad that this finally is over with and that we can all get back to our normal lives.'

'Over? Where did you get that idea? Who said anything about it being over? You better sit down my friend. It is not over, at least not yet!'

'What? What the fuck are you talking about???? The bastard is dead. That ends it!! Doesn't it?' Joseph screamed into the phone... 'He is dead, isn't he??'

'Well, we are not one hundred percent sure. But even if he is dead it might not be over. In any event the president wants to see you. He has a few things he would like to discuss with you before we close out this business. He wants to meet with you and only you, alone and in secret, at his private residence in the White House A.S.A.P. I don't have to tell you that both Rich and you are under orders to keep this meeting quiet. Neither of you is to breath a word of this to anyone, not even to his father. Is that clear to the both of you?' Asked Bill. 'I will be there to pick you up tomorrow at noon and the two of us will fly to D.C. Pack about two days clothes. Civilian stuff only.'

'And if I choose not to go?'

'You have to be kidding. This is not a request! It is a direct order from your Commander-In-Chief. I have already cleared it with your Commanding Officer. You will be ready by 12 noon.' Barns said emphasizing the word WILL.

'No you can't do this to me!'

'Sorry buddy. I not only can, but I must! I have my orders and as you know, orders are orders! Pack a small bag. DO IT! I will pick you up at noon tomorrow and you better be ready.' The agent said as he hung up.

Joseph closed the cell phone and turned to Richard and said, 'A direct order, what can I do?'

'You go! What else can you possibly do? As long as you are still in the army they have you by the short hairs until you are discharged. And I'll give you ten to one odds that you will jump even after that. You better get packed. Come, I'll give you a hand.' Richard said as he led the way up to the master bedroom.

'I'll pack all right---we are leaving for Canada tonight. You go home and start packing we will have to use your car as mine is too well known to the FBI.' Joseph said as he started to grab some clothes and shove them in a travel bag.

'Now that's really a grown up and well thought out course of action.' Richard said as he sat down on the chair. 'And I'm the one that is supposed to be the actor! At times you can be more theatrical than me. Cut the dramatics and the horseshit.'

'What do you mean? What dramatics? What horseshit?'

'You actually think I can just leave? I can't just pull up stakes and leave. I have obligations to the play and to its investors. If I leave now, I may never get another opportunity like this. What producer would ever take the chance and hire me again? I wouldn't even get a part as a bit player, let alone as a lead actor. Hell, I would be lucky if I could get a job as the theater janitor. You can run to Canada if you want to, but not with me. No! Not now. Not at this time anyway. If you want I will join you later after the play has opened and run a while.'

'That could take a year! I never thought you would let me down this way.'

'Let you down-what about you letting me down? What about you letting the country down? Look, my love, we both know you are going to go D.C. You'll kick and scream, but you will go anyway! It's your duty! Besides, you love this undercover shit. You love being the Gung-Ho agent. Now don't deny it!' He said, emphatically shaking his finger under Joseph's nose. 'You forget, I have seen you in action and you revel in it. It's time we both grew up and faced the fact that you are one of those DUTY, HONOR, COUNTRY guys. I knew this from the first day we met and what's more-you always will be. Thank god you are. You will never change. It's one of the things that I love and admire about you. I'll even wager that you will re-enlist when the time comes.'

'Bull shit! That's all bull shit and besides it's not true! Damn it! You always think you know me?' Joseph shouted. 'If you think I'm not the only one who has been putting his job ahead of our relationship, then look at yourself! Didn't you just put 'Duty, Honor, PLAY' ahead of us?'

'Yes I did and maybe it's crunch time. Time for the both of us to realize that our jobs really mean more to each of us than we do to each other....' He said as his voice trailed off as the shock of what he had just admitted began to sink in. 'Oh God, Joseph, I really did not mean that! It did not come out right. My god, I think we are having our first real fight.'

'Sometimes in anger the truth comes out.. You did mean it! And, I guess we have reached that time and place.'

'Joseph, please, I don't want to fight with you over this. It is not that important right now.' Richard said trying somehow to defuse the situation.

'Are you serious? Not that important? What we are discussing here is our future life together, not something like-what are we going to do tonight or what to have to eat for supper.' Joseph almost screamed. 'We are down to basics here. It's 'Love Relationships Class 101', and I think we are both failing the class.'

'What I meant was that this whole trip might just be a meeting whereby the President will thank you for what you did.' Richard tried to explain. 'Barns told you a while back that the President had told him that when this was over he wanted to meet and thank you in person, didn't he? Well maybe this is his way of doing it? I just think and I want you to wait and see what he has to say before you 'jump ship'.'

'Jump ship? Where and from whom did you learn that from? That's Navy! Have you been screwing the Navy now?' Joseph asked in a joking way. 'My god have I turned you into one of those...those service whores?'

'I'm glad to see your sense of humor is returning.' Richard picking up and continued in the lighter vein. 'However, just to clear the air-you are the first and last serviceman I have ever picked up. There was just something about you that attracted me to you. Although those sailors do look sexy and hot in those skintight white pants they pour themselves into. But then who wants to undue all those damn buttons.'

'I'm sure they have no trouble undoing them when the need arises!' Then turning serious again the soldier said, 'But Rich, what if for some reason he wants me to continue this business?'

'We will just have to face that when we come to it, but I was serious about my commitment to the play. Just like you, I pledged myself to see this thing through and I'm going to do it and so are you!'

'OK, I understand and in a way I am glad we got this out into the open.' Joseph said. 'Now we both know what it means to want do something and not be able to fulfill that want.'

'The one good part about this is that if he is really dead, I will not have to worry about you being fucked by Fazzi anymore. I never really was able to tell you how jealous that possibility made me feel. I tried to hide it, but just the thought of you with that man or any other man was driving me nuts.' Richard finally admitted, 'and you don't know the times I wanted to cut both your throats.'

'First of all you never had any reason to be jealous, it was all business. I never had any feelings for him.' Joseph said even though it was a sort of lie. He had really begun to love the bastard in a weird sort of way. Even now, he half expected Fazzi to greet him whenever he entered the house, especially when he entered the master bedroom. Was this because of his sense of guilt now that his 'father-lover' was dead? He didn't know for sure, but for now he could not reveal this to Richard. Instead he continued, 'It was always you and no one else. But I can just picture it - you standing over our bed with a big knife in your hand, covered with Fazzi's and my blood dripping..................'

That was all he had the chance to say as Joseph's graphic description of the bloody bedroom mayhem was quickly stopped by Richard first kissing him deeply and then saying, 'No more talk! Let's make love.'

'Yes babe, I want you now!' Joseph moaned into his ear as they started to quickly undress each other. When they had disrobed each other the soldier pulled Richard to himself and ran his fingers through Rich's long dark hair and their lips met again. And their tongues invaded each other's mouths.

'No sergeant! Tonight is going to be different. Tonight I'm going to make love to you. We are going to make love like the two of us have never made love to anyone else before. And when we are done you will know that I am bound to you forever!' Richard said with a rather evil look in his eyes. He then spun Joseph around and pushed his nude body to the bed where he made him lay face down across the width of the bed with his feet dangling over the edge still on the floor. Then kneeling between the spread ass globes he started licking and kissing the strong muscular inner thighs of the solder. His lips and tongue slowly moving up and down his strong legs, leaving a trail of wet saliva as his teeth took little nips on Joseph's sensitive skin. Reaching the strong hard buttocks his fingers forcibly pried them apart and wetting a finger he circled the rosebud. Slowly he pushed his finger into the warm opening, pressing the digit into the tight hole. The hole resisted opening and Richard was forced to try another avenue of approach. He placed his face and lips over the ass hole. First he blew his hot breath up and down and along the love valley. Then with his tongue darting in and out, he teased and coaxed the surrounding area to relax enough for his tongue tip to open Joseph's love tunnel. Using this natural lubricant he was able to move the lips of the man cunt aside and make way for the invading tongue tip. Probing, pushing and then blasting his way through the barricade, his tongue entered the now well-lubricated hot target. Now that the area was well prepared and soaking wet Richard rose, stood over the panting Joseph and with his hand on his naked cock he rubbed his dripping cock head up and down the ass slit mixing his pre-cum with the saliva. The head of his phallus found the warm pulsating wet hole and using one hand to insert his cock head, he used his dripping cock head to ream the hole. Then he tried to press into the moist hot cavern.

Joseph screamed as he realized that Richard had his unsheathed cock tip in his ass hole. 'Oh god! What are you doing? Where's the con............?'

Rich pulled his cock out a bit; then in one strong stroke his ramrod hard cock entered the soldier's outer ring.

Joseph's ass at first gave way to the hard intruder and then he resisted and clamped down and mustering his defenses tried to expel the hot hard and dripping invader.

'Rich, I don't think we should... 'Take it out! Take it out! Please!' Joseph pleaded.

'Fuck no! It's too late! There's no way I'm going to stop now! I have invaded you. I have breached your defenses! Surrender! You are mine now-all of you and baby, for better or worse.... I am yours.........'

Joseph felt the entire weight of this strange animal on his back as it tried to force its cock back into his rear. Richard's weight was almost too much for him, besides the man was like a wild beast. Joseph arched his back and with his fingers entwined in the coverlet of the bed, using all the military physical training he had acquired over the last few years, he forced Richard off him.

'I love you.' Joseph said, with tears in his eyes. 'Rich I really do love you and I want to feel you in me without those rotten condoms, but until this thing is settled we can not allow ourselves not to use them.'

Richard rolled away and lay beside Joseph and said, 'Joseph I don't care anymore. I want to have unencumbered sex with you and I want it tonight, here and now. If running away with you to Canada is the only way --- so be it. I will go home, now, I will pack and we can be on our way before sunup. Fuck that Duty, Honor and other shit. It's us, you and me together. That's all that counts from here on out!'

'I do love you, but no, you were right before. Let's see what the man in the big house has to say first.' Joseph said.

'In that case,' Richard said in a fit of anger, 'I had better leave now. I don't think I could get any rest trying to sleep in the same bed with you tonight.'

'Don't pull your dramatic shit on me, baby. If you want to---you can go sleep in my old bedroom. Go and maybe the both of us will be able to get a bit of rest tonight. We will talk about it in the morning after breakfast.'

With that they parted and for the first time since the night they first met they parted in anger. Both were hurt and stunned and realized that this might be the end of the relationship. They slept in different rooms. Both fell fitfully asleep.

The next morning Joseph arose to find a note pined to his pillow.

'Sorry babe. I am really sorry about last night. I admit, you were right about everything. I was an ass. Try to forgive me. You know I ain't the kiss, fight and run type, but I forgot I had an early rehearsal call this morning. I love you. Call before you leave. I love you, I love you and if that is not clear---I LOVE YOU!

P.S. I hope you forgive me.

P.P.S. If you do not forgive me, I'll never speak to you again.'

As much as he did not want to, Joseph got up and took a shower. He felt bad about missing Richard this morning. Rich had become the beginning and end of his being, but there could be no running away now--no matter what happened in Washington. He was committed. He would stay until the end - whatever and whenever that was. He would make Richard understand and he would make it up to him, somehow.

Just as he was getting out of the bathroom there was a knock on the bedroom door. 'Are you awake, sir? Will you be coming down for breakfast soon?' Summaya, his cook asked.

He was sort of taken aback as the housekeeper had never asked him in quite that way. Fazzi had always managed the help. 'Yes, I will be down after I dress-about a half hour. If there is something you have to do, I can make my own eggs.' Joseph said then added, 'Oh, by the way I am going to be away for the rest of the week so you can take the time off.'

'There is nothing that I have to do, sir, it is just that Mr. Worth gave me instructions to make you a special breakfast and it will take me a little while to get it ready.'

'Special breakfast huh? I'll be down in a half hour then.' Joseph said as he stripped off his robe and started to get dressed. God, he thought to himself, there are so many things I am going to have to learn to do from now on. One of them is going to be the running of this house... Fazzi had always done that, but now it is my job. He would like to keep the housekeeper (she was such a good cook), but that chauffeur, now that was another story. He would have to go. He would get rid of him and get a cleaning woman to help the cook. He really should ask Bill Barns for his advice but Barns would most likely want to have some of his people as close to Joseph as possible. Well we will just have to talk about that. I am not going to become surrounded by FBI personnel. Even having one of them in the house could be a dead giveaway he thought as he left the room and went down the stairs to the kitchen where he found the cook busy at the stove.

'Sir don't you dare look at what I'm doing! Just take yourself out into the dinning room, grab a cup of coffee and wait while I finish this concoction.' Summaya said, 'I'll serve your breakfast to you in a few minutes.'

Entering the dinning room he poured himself a cup of hot coffee from the urn that was set up on the sideboard and looked around for his place setting. His usual place was empty. The only setting was Fazzi's, which was set at the head of the table along with a copy of the Arabic News Letter. At first he thought that the housekeeper had forgot to set a place for him at the table. Then he realized he was now the 'head of the house' and as such that place belonged to him now. Gingerly he sat down in Fazzi's chair. It felt funny sitting in Fazzi's place at first, but he realized that he had better get used to it because like it or not, this was now his place. It was just another reminder of his changed situation. He could not get used to the fact that, in his early twenties, he was most likely one of the richest men in the country. What the fuck was he going to do now? The whole thing was his. All the cars-the house-the money and the staff, it all belonged to him. He sat there sipping the hot strong coffee reminiscing. He hadn't done too badly for a poor 'dirt farmer' from rural upstate New York. At the time he arrived in the city on that dirty bus, he was just a kid with only a few dollars to his name. Now he had multi-millions under his control. He still could not believe it. Lost in his thoughts he had not noticed that his breakfast had been placed before him. He looked down at the plate that the housekeeper had placed before him and broke into a smile.... 'Eggs in a Hole' and home fried potatoes.

'Mr. Worth said that this was one of your favorites.' She said and asked, 'did I make it right? Is it the way you like it?'

'Yes, oh yes, they are perfect. There is only one thing missing, bacon. I will have to get used to not having that in this house.' He said tasting them. 'MMmmm, Richard could not have made them better. Come, grab a cup of coffee and join him at the table.'

'I could not do that. It is not proper for me to sit with the master of the house.'

'Don't give me that! I have seen you and my father have cups of coffee together-I do not wish to- but do I have to order you?'

'No, It just does not feel right.' She smiled.

'I know. All this does not feel right even to me. Now that Fazzi is gone you and I will have to get used to it because I intend to have these informal meetings with you often.' He stated, 'That is if you wish to stay as the head of my household staff. While there are a few changes I have been thinking of making, letting you go is not one of them. For now I would like your opinion on some of them. The first thing I want you to do is to place a subscription for the 'Wall Street Journal'. I want it placed at my place setting everyday along with this News Letter. The second thing I am going to do is to let that chauffeur go. My father never liked to drive and he liked having a driver available. I, on the other hand, love to drive and I see no need having him sitting around here doing nothing. The third thing I want to do is to give you a raise.'

'Well I would not mind the raise, but I'm going to have to think about staying on here.' She said. 'I have always liked working for you, but I do have my family to think about. They might not like me working alone in the home of a bachelor. However, you might be right about the chauffer. I never did like the chauffeur. He was too rough and uncouth. Fazzi was always warning him about being a gentleman.'

'Well I do want, need and hope you will stay on-perhaps it might help if your mother was to move into the garage guest apartment. From there she could 'keep an eye' on the two of us and 'protect' your virtue.' He jested.

'I did not mean that I could not trust you----but you know how mothers and family are. My mother is a very traditional and old-fashioned woman. I don't want to pry but is there any chance of Miss Muhammad and you getting back together someday?'

'No, my sister will be married in six months to a wonderful man she met in Michigan. Neither she nor Fazzi's ex-wife will be returning to Jersey.' He said and then in a more serious voice he continued, 'Summaya, I am sure that by this time you are aware that my sexual preferences are not for the female of the species and you might as well know that Mr. Worth and I are committed to each other. I hope this will not affect your decision to stay and that in any event you will keep this information to yourself for the present time.'

'You are right. I have known for some time about you and Fazzi. I must say that I always hoped that you and his daughter would get together but I guess that is not possible.' She said. 'I like Mr. Worth and I hope it works out for the two of you. I will let you know my answer as soon as I talk to my mother.'

'Well you think about it and let me know by next week as I will want to have things in order by then. In any event please let me know your answer by Monday. You can stay as long as you want and if you decide to leave I shall be very happy to recommend you and give you an excellent set of references.'

'I will let you know first thing Monday morning and thank you for the offer of the raise and the apartment.'

After his breakfast he went back up stairs and packed some clothes for the trip to DC. He made his goodbye call to Richard and thanked him for his breakfast surprise and to apologize for last night. 'Let's wait until I see what the boss wants before we decide what we are going to do. Just remember that I love you and let's make a treaty that we will never sleep in separate bedrooms in the same house again.'

'That was horrible, but, --- Joseph, let's add to that that we never go to bed again mad at each other.'

'Rich you have that promise.'

At noon Bill showed up and the two of them drove to a small airport, boarded a small jet and flew to DC. From the airport they were driven to a hotel and the next morning the two of them showed up at the White House where they joined a group of tourists on a regular tour of the national monument. Sometime during the tour the two of them were spirited away and were taken to the private residence of the President. Bill sat outside the door as Joseph was taken through security where he was made to endured a rather through body search. He was then shown into a comfortable sitting room and told to wait. 'The President will be with you shortly. He apologizes for the search, but every one has to go through it. Please have a seat and wait.'

'I understand, Mr. Barns informed me of the procedure.' Joseph said as the secret service men were leaving the room. They smiled at him as they closed the door leaving him alone. He then sat down on the nearest chair and waited.

A few minutes later, another door opened and the President entered the room as Joseph stood up at attention and brought his hand to a snappy salute. The President smiled and said, 'At ease Sergeant. You are supposed to be incognito. Please sit down and let's get acquainted. I was going to order some coffee. Would you care to join me?'

'Yes sir.' Joseph said as the President lifted the phone, ordered coffee and refreshments. Then Joseph in a rather shaky voice continued, 'I don't mind telling you sir that I am a bit nervous. Why am I here? What is this all about? I thought that with the death of Fazzi, this would be finished.'

'And well it might be-except for three things.' He said. One is that we are not one hundred percent sure he is dead. We only know what the Syrian government has told us and judging from past experiences we have no way of being sure if this is true or not. And the second reason it is not finished yet is that there is a lot of money involved, if I am informed correctly, almost a half billion dollars. That's a lot of money and we would like to see who tries to move on that money. If we do not have someone we can trust in charge of that money, it could be used to fund terrorist activities against us.' The President paused took a sip of coffee and a bite of coffee cake and sat back in his chair.

'Sir, I do not believe that Fazzi is still alive. Knowing him the way I do, if he were alive he would not have allowed me to get control this early.'

'You may be right, but on the other hand he may be alive and just testing you to see if you could be trusted after his death. If things did not work out, he could always pop up and take up where he left off.'

'That is a bit far fetched, but I will accept the possibility for now. You said there were three reasons. What is the third?' Joseph asked taking a sip of his own coffee and then said; 'So far I can see little reason for my having to continue living undercover, so to speak.'

'Smart boy, Sergeant.' He said, 'but then I should have known that you would see through the icing. I do have your word that what I am going to say now is between the two of us even if you do not continue?'

'Yes you do.'

'We have received a request from some friends that you continue to control the 'Fund' and to keep up with your undercover work. You see Sergeant, as I'm sure Mr. Barns has told you-we have never had an agent as close to the top of the Moslem Emirate as you seem to have become. If Fazzi had lived, then his 'son', our agent, would have been right there at the top and he would have been able to supply us with invaluable information.'

'Who is this 'Friend'?' Joseph asked.

'Before I tell you that, I must have your assurance that you will agree to continue in this matter. I know I can order you to do it, but your enlistment is over in six months. I have the power to extend it, however, it might look suspicious if I did and that would put you in more danger. No, the best thing is let you return to civilian life and it will appear that you are free to do whatever you want.'

'Appear????' Joseph questioned.

'I meant that you would not have to worry about the army interfering with your undercover duties. You would be a U.S. citizen and free to pursue whatever life you wanted. The Emirate might be more inclined to trust you as Fazzi's son rather than as Sgt. Joseph Benson. As Fazzi's heir you are in charge of all that money and they would love to get their hands on it without causing any international problems. What better way than to use an American as a front?'

'You don't really think I could gain their trust that much. They are not fools and I'm not that good.' Joseph protested.

'Joseph,' the president said, 'You were good enough to fool Fazzi. If he had not been killed you would have been right up there. It was one of the reasons we asked 'our friend' not to kill him; and they did not. His own people did it. Now 'our friend' wants you to try to take his place.'

'And if I can not gain their trust.... What then?'

'In that case-we will at least be able to keep an eye on that money and keep it from falling into the wrong hands.' He said. 'You will have plenty of protection. Our friends have an undercover agent that will be able to watch your back and help you if you should require it.'

'I do not want that kind of protection. I don't need it and it will only get in my way.'

'It hasn't so far and from what I'm told this agent has been watching you since the first time you entered Fazzi's house!' he said and then mustering his most sincere manner he added. 'Joseph, we know everything there is to know about you and while I don't understand or approve of your sex life, I for one will always be proud to have known you. Both your country and I personally owe you a large debt, one that we can never repay. No matter what you decide, thank you. I will not order you to continue, but it would please me if you finished this thankless job.'

Joseph thought about it for a few moments and then told him that he would have to talk it over with his partner first. 'I think he will go along with it, but I still have to consult him.'

'Who is that?'

'Rich Worth, the actor, who is the son of Richard Worthington Senior.' Joseph said. 'He and his family have been involved in this from the beginning. I would not want to do anything without them.'

'Yes, as you know the father is a very close friend of mine and I know he has been involved in this from the beginning. I am sure the family will agree with this, but I'll be glad to talk to him myself if you want me to.' He said.

'I would rather do that myself if you don't mind.'

'Good, one thing more. Agent Barns will be your contact with the F.B.I., however I have directed them that you are in charge. The only one you will report to, will be me. You will be given a code word to use that will enable you contact me directly. The operator will be instructed to forward your calls to me. If it is important you can talk to me directly any time. Are there any questions?'

'Yes, how come I'm in charge? Why not Bill? He is the trained agent.'

The president laughed and said, 'I talked with Agent Barns and it was him that recommended this. And I agreed with him. If you feel you need him, you are free to contact him. He is the one that said it was best to let you run your own operation. With all the 'trained agents' we have in the world not one of them have done anything near as good as you have. I don't argue with success, I only like to foster it.'

'There is one other thing I want to tell you before I give you my answer.'

'What is that?'

'I was planning to fire an employee, Fazzi's chauffeur.' Joseph said. 'However I would like to keep the housekeeper, if that is OK with you.'

The president thought for a while and then asked him, 'I agree on the chauffeur, but I'm interested in knowing why would you want to keep the housekeeper on?'

'She happens to be a good cook and she is a wonderful housekeeper. But aside from that-there is just something I like about her. However if you don't think it would be a good idea....'

'I didn't say it was not a good idea, I was just curious as to your reasoning. Do you remember my saying that some 'Friends' would like you to continue to control the 'Fund'?'


'What I am going to tell you now is for your ears only. For reasons, which I do not want to go into now, the United States owes Israel a big favor. They allowed Fazzi to live as long as he did. There were literally hundreds of times they could have killed the both of you, but at our request they held off. This last time we had to inform them about you. They realized that with you as his 'son', he was worth more to us alive then dead. His housekeeper was and is one of their top agents. They have been tracking him for over fifteen years. You better keep her, but be careful. She has her thing to do and you have yours. The two may not always be the same thing, but if push comes to shove she may be a friend in need. I leave it to you. I have learned to trust your instincts. Anything else?'

'No Sir.' Joseph said. 'I think I will accept the job but, I will let you know for sure as soon as I speak with the Worthingtons.'

To be continued...


Jay Benson/Joystick

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