The weekend before Fazzi's trip Joseph had a meeting with Barns and his two supervisors, Philip Jackson, his boss and Steward Cook, the New Jersey Director of the FBI. The meeting took place in Richard's apartment. It was held on Saturday afternoon while Rich was at the theater.

'We know they are going to kill Muhammad.' Said Philip Jackson angrily. 'Damn it, the son of a bitch is worth more to us alive then he is dead. Is there some way we can convince the Mossad to back off?'

'Only by taking them into our complete confidence and telling them the whole story.' Steward Cook said. 'They most likely would demand proof that we had a damn good reason for asking them to back off. Giving them that proof could reveal that Joseph is working for us. We know they have been waiting for years to get Muhammad. Put us in their place. Just suppose we had bin Laden in our cross hairs and were about to squeeze the trigger. Suppose they asked us to hold off without giving us a reason. What do you think we would say?'

'I see what you mean but there has to be someway to at least try to stop them, without telling them too much.' Philip said.

'There is only one way that might work. If we were to have our President ask their Prime Minister, as a personal favor, to have the Mossad stand down.' Said Steward. 'They might do it if it came directly from him.'

'Why the hell do you want to do that?' Joseph interrupted. 'Let them kill him and get it over with. I don't know how much more I can take of this. I hope my nerves can hold out. They are getting a bit fragile. There have been times when I thought I would..... '

'Great! Hallelujah! Just when you had me convinced that you were super human.' Said Steward. 'Let me clue you in, Joseph, an agent without fear is soon a dead agent. Don't let anyone fool you buddy, all agents are afraid. Fear comes with the job. It's how they handle that fear that enables them to survive. You have been and are one of the best I have ever seen.'

'He is the best!' Barns said patting the soldier on the back. 'After Fazzi leaves the country, if you want out, all you have to do is say it. You can finish out your tour of duty teaching.' Then to the others he said, 'the Army is ready to offer him a commission and will keep him stateside teaching Arabic when we are through with him.'

'Thank you, but no thanks. I'll stay until this job is done then I have other plans. As soon as I get out of the army and get my broker's license, Worthington has offered me a partnership in his Company.'

'Well congratulations. Worthington is a smart guy,' Stewart said. 'Look I'll tell you what I'm going to do. I'm going to D.C. this evening and I'll talk to the man and see if I can work something out. It might cost us a lot but we may be able to get the Israelis to cooperate.'

'Cost, you mean pay them off?'

'No, but a favor this big may require us to make big concessions on other things. That will be for the President and PM to work out. It is called foreign diplomacy. I will keep you informed. Now, unless anyone has anything else, I think we are finished here.'

After wishing him good luck with the President, they broke up the meeting.

Joseph had arranged to take two days off: the day before Fazzi was to leave and also the day he left. Some of his students got together and they chipped in and had a certificate of thanks drawn up which in turn was signed by the C.O. and all the students. They purchased a fancy frame and then arranged for a small delegation to present it to him the afternoon before he left. They would drive up to the estate after school and after the presentation the students planed to go out on the town and then return to the base. Joseph had also purchased a travel kit for Fazzi and had it wrapped.

Monday evening after class Joseph called Barns to find out if there was anything new. He was told that early this morning the President had heard the request and talked it over with his security advisors. He was at first reluctant to interfere. However after thinking it over he did agree that Fazzi was becoming a valuable source of information and he agreed to have a private talk with the PM and try to work out something. He was reluctant to have to insist that the PM pass up this opportunity to settle an old score since they had kept their part of the deal by not doing it on U.S. soil. The Prime Minister on hearing about the President's request had the embassy immediately sent a full dossier with all their information regarding Fazzi and his connection with the Emirate. The PM was very forthcoming on the evidence they had gathered, telling him that they had proof that this meeting was going to be the biggest gathering of international terrorists ever held. Fazzi was going to create a network of killers unlike any in recent history and they thought it was a chance to get them all. Although they knew that Bin Laden would not be there, they knew he was sending a representative. They thought it would be one of his sons. The President was shown the transcripts of messages between Fazzi and Allie discussing Joseph and his new status within Fazzi's plans.

'Is this true? Is this our agent, the one you told me about? Is this Yussef Benson, our Joseph Benson? Is he that far into this network?' He asked his security advisor.

'Not only is it true, but it looks as if he is slated to be second in command. Fazzi has adopted him as his legal son and heir.' He said. 'You already know most of this since we have been giving you almost daily reports on his progress. He has been working with your friend Richard Worthington on this. Benson is now living at Fazzi's place in Paterson. Our agents think Fazzi is in love with him.'

'Don't tell me that Benson is a homosexual. My god can we trust him? Are they having sex together?' The president asked. 'Never mind, don't answer that, I don't want to know. I don't want to be involved in that dirty business.'

'With all due respect sir, how the hell do you think we gather most of our information? We gather it anyway we can. If the suspect is heterosexual, we can and do use heterosexuals and prostitutes. If not..... Look, I don't know if he is a homosexual or if he is sleeping with that S.O.B., but Benson is one of the most dedicated agents we have as well as being a friend of Worthington and his entire family. They swear by him and rumor has it that when this is over he is going to be a full partner in Worthington's investment house. If he is a homosexual and he is sleeping with Fazzi Muhammad, we should overlook it and perhaps we should enlist more of them.'

'O.K. let's do it then.' He said lifting up his secure direct line to the PM. 'I will arrange it with the PM.'

The next day, Tuesday, the day before Fazzi was to leave, Joseph and the delegation from the base arrived at the estate where they presented Fazzi with the gift. The surprised and delighted Arab invited them to stay for a light dinner. He had the cook prepare some sandwiches and sodas and had it served outside in the Gazebo. He and Joseph spent some time just shooting the breeze in Arabic with the group. After they left the Arab told Yussef how pleased he was that they had taken the time to come and wish him a safe trip.

'That was really nice of them. Their Arabic is really good. You and the school did a good job on them. I wish them all good luck. It is such a shame that they may have to serve in Iraq.' He said. 'I would hate to see any of them hurt.'

'I'm sure that they hope that their tour of duty will be safe. However they know it's their job to go where and when they are needed, just like it is mine and it was Ibrahim's.'

'I just hope you and your government are not expecting me to repeat what I did for Ibrahim?'

Joseph walked over to Fazzi and kissed him and said, 'No, I know you would want to do it and it would be nice if you would and could do it, but no, they do not expect or think you can do it. However, I do think you could become the man who could do things that could change the world and make all this crap unnecessary.'

'And how would you have me change it? Would you have me as a world leader or as the man behind the power?' he jested. 'How can I be the powerful man you want, if in our bed I'm content to be your slave?'

'Fazzi, somehow or other, I can not even contemplate you as being anything less than 'The Man' in charge. I may think I am the master here but, habibi, even as my slave you rule over me. Have I made you less of a man by our bedroom adventures? Would you really like me to be your bottom? I can't see where having you as my lover has made you less of a strong man or hurt your image as a leader of men.'

'I guess it is a silly notion going back to the caveman days. A leader of men must be the master of both his men and his women. A leader must lead in his public as well as private life. He cannot do the opposite. Look what happened to your Bill Clinton when he let that wife of his have some power. She almost took over then and now she may try to do it again.' Fazzi said as they walked to the house.

'I wish you weren't going tomorrow as I would like to have the time to prove to you how wrong you are about this power business.' Joseph said. 'It is possible to separate the two things and still be a strong leader of men. Men are by nature stronger than women---Is that not right?'

'Yes they are. See you even admit it.'

'Now wait a minute. Just try to follow my reasoning. If we are stronger - than we should be able to do anything a woman can do and do it better.' Joseph said. 'Since there have been women who have been strong national leaders as well as wives, then a man, such as yourself, should be able to do it! In any event you are going to have to do it because you are going to be a leader. I know this for two reasons, one, I could not love a weak man, and two; I know that you are strong and powerful enough to lead people and armies into the future. You proved it by your actions over the last month or so. You were strong enough to do things while I just collapsed. You could be and you will be the leader in whatever you want to be.'

'I love you habibi! You make me feel I can do anything.'

'You can do anything and it is my duty to see to it that you do what you have been created to do.... That, as your lover, is my job.'

'That is the woman's job, is it not?'

'Yes, and in this respect, I will be your 'woman', if you like. You will be a great leader of nations and of men because you were born to be one. I will be at your side for as long as you want me to be.'

'Ish Allah, it is the will of God. If it is to be---it will be. I want you by my side no matter what is going to happen and I want you there forever. We will talk more of this later.' Fazzi said as they walked into the house hand in hand. 'I love you.'

'Come let's go upstairs. I, too, have something to give you.' Joseph said. 'Something that will remind you of me every morning and evening while you are away.'

Later that evening in their bed Fazzi snuggled up to Joseph placing his cock between the legs of the soldier and his arms around his body. His lips kissed the nap of his neck. Joseph reached down and touched the Arabs cock and pressed it into his groin holding it between his upper thighs and allowing the man to saw back and forth. He rubbed the cock with his fingertips and soon the Arab was breathing hard and sinking his teeth into Joseph's shoulder.

'I want you Yussef. I want to mark you as mine. I want to plant my seed in your bottom. I want you to be mine as I am yours. Only when we are each a part of the other can we be one. I want you----now.' Fazzi pleaded. 'Just this once before I leave. I will never ask you again, please. I will be as gentle as possible and if it hurts too much I will stop.'

'You know I will do just about anything for you, habibi, but this is asking too much. You are crossing that line.'

'Please, I will not hurt you, by Allah I swear.' He said with tears in his eyes. 'Just let me enter you. If it hurts I will pull out. '

'I wanted this evening to be special. Now you have ruined it. I don't know how many times I have told you that I can't give you what you want, at least not now. Now I'm going back to my own bed.' He said as he sat up and started to get out of bed.

'No don't go, please don't leave me tonight. If you can't let me do it now, when will I be able to do it to you? Just tell me that there is a chance that I will be able to feel my cock in your ass soon. I just want it one time then I will be your slave for the rest of out lives.' Fazzi said grabbing Joseph by his arm and pulling him back down on the bed with him. 'Just promise me that you will, just once. I know that it is not important to you, but I want to experience placing my seed in you.'

Joseph after thinking about it for a few seconds, said, 'Well OK. When you get back we will talk about it.'

'Just talk about it?'

'OK on the first night you are back, I will let you try it.'

'Good, we have a deal. It is something that I will look forward to, habibi. We will make a special evening of it. I am going to get us a pair of tickets to the New York City Opera. Both of us are going to get dressed in our Tuxedoes and have a night on the town. We will have dinner, the opera and then we are going to the best hotel in the city and we will consummate our new partnership in style. How does that sound to you?'

'Ana Bahabek Kteer, I love you very much habibi. That will give me something to look forward to. It will also give me time to prepare myself.'

'Prepare yourself? How are you going to do that?'

'While you are away I am going to buy a dildo and use it to loosen myself up for you. I will practice in this bed, fantasizing that it is you here with me.' Joseph said. 'I want our first time to be pleasant and not too hard on you.'

'Well don't make it too easy, I still want to be able to feel I took your cherry and not some damn piece of rubber.'

'I should ream it out so big that you could not feel anything.' He joked. 'Just to pay you back. I am still a little pissed off that you are going on this trip without me. I would have liked to meet your family and have them meet me. I have no real family of my own and I looked forward to becoming a part of your family.'

'I am sorry but this will be the last time that I will plan a trip without asking you to come along with me. But just as you are going to prepare yourself for my entry into you, I must prepare my family for you. I think I want them to forget our past difficulties and settle these silly vendettas first. Then there is still the problem of your being in the Army, which right now is in our way also. I promise that when you get out of the Army we will go everywhere together. We will share everything together. No more secrets between us.'

'Are there secrets now?' Joseph asked. Then realized he might be pressing too hard so he tried to soften the question. 'Well I guess we all have our hidden fears and secrets. I am not so sure I want you to know all of mine at this time.'

'Now you have got my curiosity up.' Fazzi playfully teased him. 'Tell me one of your secrets.'

'If I did that then it would not be a secret any more would it?' Joseph laughed.

'Just one little hidden bit of information that you have been hiding from me.' Fazzi begged. 'One secret that I can blackmail you with.'

'Promise you won't tell.' Demanded the soldier.

'By Allah I will keep your confidence until I die. I cross my heart and hope to die if I ever divulge it.'

'Cross your heart?? That is a Christian act. Am I turning you into a Christian now?' Asked the soldier continuing in the lighthearted way that he knew Fazzi loved.

'No you know I am not. I was using a metaphor that you would understand. Now tell me your big dark secret.'

'OK. Here it is. The big undercover hidden bit of information that you can use to blackmail me with is that to tell the truth, it never was your daughter that I was after. From the first time I saw you I was attracted to you. For some time, within my mind, I had been covering up the possibility that men might be my main attraction. However, when I saw you everything changed. Don't get me wrong, Kassie is a beautiful woman yet when you touched my leg and I pretended that I wanted you to stop; I really wanted to grab your hand and press it inside my fly. I knew then that I was a homosexual.' Joseph said in the most convincing way that he could. 'That's it! My big secret! If I had to marry her to be close to you, then I would gladly have. Everything I did was to entrap you. Right from the first time I sat near you that Friday after Mosque.'

Fazzi was flabbergasted. Joseph took him in his arms and hugged him. He kissed his lips and then ran his tongue over his mouth. Fazzi placed his hands on either side of Joseph's face and he held his face close to his as he opened his mouth for the hot tongue of his lover. He sucked it in and then continued to suck on the invader like an Ice cream Popsicle until they broke the kiss.

'You mean it was me that you wanted all the time? You let me think that I was chasing you while it was you that was setting a trap for me... you sneaky 'kalb' (dog).'

'Yes, I let you chase me until I caught you.' Laughed Joseph. 'You make it sound so sordid.'

'No, no, no! Not sordid. It is so wonderful and so romantic! The 'old fox' - hunted, outwitted and trapped by the young lion cub. What could be better than that? Now my hungry lion cub NOW TAKE ME!'

'Yes! Oh yeahhhhh!' Whispered Joseph as he enfolded his happy bed partner in his arms and rolled on top of him, kissing his lips, his eyes, his nose, his chin, his neck and then licking from the hollow of his neck up to his chin and along the jaw line to his ear. Sucking an ear lobe into his mouth, his tongue tip flitted in and out of the ear and then he nibbled on the ear lobe. He moved his hot demanding mouth back down to the panting Arab's heaving chest. There he licked and sucked on his nipples, his teeth teasing and biting them hard, causing Fazzi to whimper and to place his hands on the blond headed human animal head that was taking possession of his soul as well as his body. Down, down, the beast proceeded being guided by the hands on his head, down the strong body to the hard-defined abdominal muscles. There his demanding tongue tip traced the valleys and bulges of the rippling skin until it reached the navel. Covering the hole with his lips he alternated between sucking on the hole and plowing his tongue tip in and out of the buttonhole. Joseph's face was now working its way even farther down. Fazzi's hard leaking cock now rubbing on his neck and chin, then along his jaw line until it was touching his ear as he kissed, licked and almost devoured the cum filled balls set before him. His hot mouth and tongue moved on to that sensitive area beyond that. Joseph reached up and grabbed a pillow and pushed it under Fazzi's ass lifting it up, exposing his 'rear door' for nibbling, licking and the pleasures of the 'Thousand and One Sexual Fantasies' conjured up in the Levantine mind of the man pulling and scratching the bedding beneath him. His head now wildly swaying back and forth as his Yussef, his darling animal lion cub devoured his rose bud....

'Fuck me, Fuck me.' The passion enveloped man pleaded. 'Take me. Do me NOW. I can't take any more of this.'

Continuing to lick and titillate the now dilated man cunt before him, Joseph reached over and retrieved the condom on the nightstand and slipped it over his raging cock. Moving up and placing the Arab's feet on his shoulders he elevated himself until his cock head was touching the twitching love hole and then slid it deep into the warm welcoming man pussy. Short strokes at first, followed by long deep penetrations. Fazzi moaning and pulling at the sheets his finger nails scratching, his head flipping from side to side in sexual ecstasy. Then it happened Fazzi exploded, his cock pouring out hot cum between their bodies. With each eruption his bowels contracted around Joseph's cock milking and sucking the love juice from his testicles through his shaft and into the condom. Even after he had climaxed Fazzi kept squeeeeeeeezzzzzzing and bearing down on the uncut meat of his infidel lover as it lay within his body. For what seamed like hours they lay together reluctant to disengage.

As Joseph drifted off to sleep he thought. Damn if I didn't know better I would think that I loved this bastard.

At the same time Fazzi, in the afterglow of sex kept thinking Yussef is right, I don't need to be anything but what I am-I am his lover and he is mine and who is on top does not matter. I love that lion cub and I'll take him anyway I can get him.

The next day Joseph drove Fazzi to the airport. You would have thought that Fazzi was a first time air traveler the way he paced up and down until his flight was called. At the gate he hugged and kissed Joseph goodbye and then stopping and looking back about four times to wave his hand, he made his way reluctantly to the plane.

Allie had arranged for diplomatic privileges and accommodations. He was traveling first class and was very comfortable, but the flight was long. He was able to get some sleep but used some of the time to do some last minute planning. Finally the plane landed and because of his status he was allowed to deplane first. Waiting for him in the V.I.P. lounge was Allie and several people from the Emirate. In the car going to headquarters Allie filled him in on what was going on.

'Everything is set up. Everyone is housed and waiting.' Allie said. 'The delegates, if that's what you can call them, are wondering what's going on. We have kept security real tight. They all protested when we disarmed them. And you should have heard their objections to the body searches. They don't like it, but then they had no choice, did they? Bin Laden's son was most uncomfortable with our precautions and his accommodations.'

'Let him be uncomfortable for tonight. Tomorrow he could roast in hell. I hope he and his father decide that they don't want to cooperate. We would love to have the opportunity to make examples of them.

That night it was like old times. Some of Fazzi's old friends had arranged several welcoming parties at which he is asked lots of questions about what's going on. His stock answer was to 'wait and see'.

Later, after the parties, when he was alone with Allie, his companion asked him, 'Are you nervous about tomorrow?'

'What is there to be nervous about? I will just welcome them and tell them what the new order of things will be, which they will accept or not. If they accept then it will be easy, if not, then the persuading will begin.' Fazzi smiled. 'I am really hoping that some of them give me the chance to 'reason' with them. It has been a long time since.... Then changing the subject he said, 'Allie, by the way Yussef sends his regards. He is looking forward to working with you when we finish here. He has agreed to your membership on the Fund board as his advisor and junior partner and it would make me very happy if you would agree to do this, for me, for Yussef and our cause.'

'I am very happy to have this opportunity to serve the two of you and our cause.'

The next morning from several different locations in the capitol, the delegates were picked up and driven southwest of Damascus to a deserted village about a mile from the Armistice line with Israel. The village or what was left of it was called Quneitra. In the old days, before its capture by Israel, it had been the capitol city of the Golan Heights. It was returned to the defeated Syrian government as part of the armistice agreement arranged by Secretary of State Dr. Henry Kissenger in the 1970's, but the Syrians had refused to rebuild it. They did keep a small army base near the edge of town. The base was to protect the road to Damascus that was an extension of the old Jerusalem-Damascus Road made famous by St. Paul. And it was also the main route that the Israeli Army might use if they were to launch a drive on the Syrian capital. It was in the ruins of the old City Hall building, under tight security that the delegates were assembled to hear what the Emirate and it's appointed leader, Fazzi, now had to say.

'Look around you.' Fazzi started his speech. 'Look at this once proud city where we are assembled. It is not by chance that the Emirate has chosen this place for our meeting. Here you see the fruit of our stupidity. This is what we harvest when we are divided.' He let it sink in, then continued, 'Idiocy, wastefulness, and yes, damn it, shameful defeat. The time has come to change all that. We can no longer tolerate the errors of the past. Our people demand unity. Unity of purpose, unity of leadership and unity of the Muslim nation. The Emirate has appointed me as their leader. They have decided that the day of such small independent groups as I see here before me today, that day is over. As of now we speak and act with one voice.'

Rumblings were heard in the audience. Fazzi stood tall, proud and defiant before this group of rather unhappy individuals. All of them had been ordered to attend this meeting. Yes, in most cases, it was a polite invitation, but everyone knew full well that it was really a command. As much as they craved their independence and freedom of action, Fazzi was right. After all these years of struggle, it had got them absolutely nowhere. They were all wanted men, living on borrowed time. All of them were wanted by the security services of most of the civilized world. With rewards of millions of dollars on their heads and without the protection of the Emirate there was no hope to survive. Sooner or later they would be hunted down and one by one they would be eliminated. They all knew this and in spite of their public appeals to be martyred and sacrificed for Allah, not one would take that road for himself or his family. It was a tribute to the new and increased power of Fazzi and the Emirate that they were able to assemble and gather here in the first place.

'All of you, with one exception are here as the leaders of your groups. Some of you I have had the pleasure of knowing personally but what's more important is that you know who I am and for whom I speak. If any of you have any objections to my leadership, I suggest you forget those objections. I speak for the new order of things. We are one nation, one Arab nation, and one Muslim nation from this day forward. The Emirate is 'The New Caliphate'. We are here to assert the fact that we are in fact reborn, here, today and forever more. You are here to be told that from now on you are part of our army, all of you. You are now one army. No longer independent small groups, but one unified army. Now, as our army, all of the planning, support and money will be controlled and regulated by the Emirate. There will be no more outside financing. No more having to run and beg for funds. To facilitate this, as of this morning, all of your accounts have been consolidated into one fund. Your organizational as well as personal finances are under the control of the Emirate. Anyone who thinks he can get around this, will, shall we say, have a rather hard time raising funds and will be dealt with very quickly and efficiently. That includes any and all of you who until this morning had your own private funds. As of now you no longer have them. Your accounts, both the public and private ones, have been frozen and in all cases they have been outright taken over. You will now submit all requests to us and we will dole out that money for your operations. And--all operations will be planed, approved and executed under the watchful eye of the Emirate.'

A loud outburst arose and people were on their feet yelling and shaking their fists. A few tired to leave, but were stopped at the doorway by armed men blocking their escape. There now appeared an armed bodyguard around Fazzi. 'Sit Down Gentlemen and shut up.' Fazzi commanded. 'It has been decide that that is the way it will be....' He said letting his suit jacket fall open revealing a holstered 45 cal. semi-automatic. 'Unlike some who have done this in the past, let me assure you that this is not for dramatics. At this stage in my life I would rather not have your blood on my hands, but I want, demand and insist that every one of you agree to this. If you don't-absolutely no more support of any kind will ever be given to you and that includes your right to the protection you now get from your fellow Muslims. You will be outlaws and you all know what that means. You and every member of your family will be made to suffer for your unfortunate choice. Not one of you will find a safe haven anywhere in the Muslim world. I ask and demand that you sit down and think about this hard. There will be no second chances. Is that clear? Now I will permit each of you to ask two questions and only two. After that, never again will we permit another disgusting outbreak like we just saw.'

An eerie silence descended on the group. Then a few hands were cautiously raised and a few honest questions were asked and answered. Most of the queries dealt with fund allocations and other problems. Fazzi was not too surprised however he was disappointed that there was so little opposition or resistance offered. As the meeting wore on, he could see that most, if not all of them, were resigned to the new order of things and the only problem he could see was that there would now be a rush to secure what funds would be available. Most of the smaller groups were glad that they would no longer have to spend time on fundraising and whatever money they now got would most likely be more than they could collect themselves. The larger groups (the richer groups) tended to dislike the new arrangement, but wisely kept their thoughts to themselves. They figured that it was best to hold their doubts to themselves for now or at least until they saw how things sorted out.

One man was not convinced however and had the audacity to express his views. He told Fazzi and the Emirate They could go to hell and that he would never submit to their 'takeover' of his group. Fazzi tried to calm him but he kept interrupting the meeting. Finally, at a signal from Fazzi, a group of security people surrounded him and placing their arms under his, they lifted him up and dragged him up to the speakers platform where Fazzi again asked if he would bring his organization into the fold. He told them there was no way he would do that. Fazzi pulled his gun from his holster and declared, 'in the name of the Emirate, you and your family no longer exist.' And he shot him. 'Now is there any one else who wishes to question my leadership? Are there any others that do not except the rule of the Emirate? Remember - One nation - one voice.' Hearing only silence, he continued, 'Good then get this trash out of here, clean up this mess. The questions are over? Tomorrow we begin a new chapter in our struggle to regain our honor. We will meet here to ratify the articles of unity. Tonight we will camp here as our forefathers did in tents under the stars.'

Earlier in the day, high on Mt. Herman at the Israeli outpost, Mitzpe Shelagim, lookouts were surprised to see the unusual activity going on in the abandoned town. They had reported seeing numerous buses arrive earlier in the day and had been told to keep an eye on the place and report anything new to headquarters. Ever concerned about changes in the town and the surrounding areas, a special alert was issued. Not waiting for central headquarters to authorize it, a Special Forces team made up of mostly Israeli Druze was sent to infiltrate, penetrate and report on what was going on. Now in the early evening they were reporting what looked like many campfires and Bedouin tents being erected in the area. This was unusual because while they had seen electric lights sometimes at night there never was this much activity before. When word of what the local field commanders had done came into central H.Q., the field commanders were told that they knew what was going on but to keep an eye on the situation and keep H.Q. advised and to report back everything that was going on.

The Special Forces Team reported that while they were able to get fairly close, they said that there were many Syrian soldiers gathering around the town. They had spotted several people of interest in the assembled group. However, they were told to return across the boarder and await orders.

The next morning the 'guests' were assembled in the meeting room where Fazzi read out to them the articles of unity and then he had each one sign them and sign additional papers granting the Emirate full control over their financial assets. Fazzi handed all the paperwork over to Allie and told him to take it back to the Emirate for safe keeping.

'Now gentlemen we shall start to plan our next operation.' Fazzi said. 'It will be spectacular. We are going to hit more targets than we have ever hit before. They will all be coordinated to happen at the same time and will drive the infidels to their knees. The tunnels under the North Sea, the Holland and Lincoln tunnels and the Washington Bridge in New York and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. We shall make the earth quake with our.....'

The ground did rumble. The observers on Mt. Herman heard several enormous explosions and saw massive amounts of soil rise into the air. They saw and photographed several columns of Syrian troops with fixed bayonets move into the area killing everything that moved. They took no prisoners. Having left early, only Allie had escaped. He was halfway to Damascus when he had felt the force of the explosions. At first he thought if might have been an Israeli Air strike, but then he saw the Syrian Infantry units moving into the town and witnessed the shooting and bayoneting any and all survivors. Fazzi must be dead, he thought. What am I to do now? They are going to think the Emirate set them up. What is left of the terrorists are going to come after me. He made it into town and called his Emirate contact and told him what had happened.

They could not believe it. 'Everyone is dead? And the Syrians did it? You are sure of this? It was not an Israeli air attack?'

'I saw it with my own eyes.' He said. 'If Fazzi had not given me those signed papers and told me to get them to you I, too, would be dead.'

'Bring them to us. At least we can confiscate their money.' They directed him to their offices.

When he was able to meet with them he wondered to himself how come they were still able to function in the open and that the Syrians had not closed down their offices. Could it have been that they were the instigators of all this. Instead of asking that question his first question to them was, 'What are you going to do with Fazzi's estate, he left everything to that adopted son of his.'

'There is nothing we can do about that. We would have to fight that in the American courts. It could take us years and it might uncover a lot of things we may not want to have revealed. Things, like the extent of our involvement in the fund. If the American government were to find out about that, they would just seize it and we will loose everything. Maybe we can get this Yussef to use the money for humanitarian enterprises and we will be able to get some good out of it.'

'What do you want me to do now?'

'Well, first of all. Let us have those papers Fazzi gave to you.' He said as he took the papers from him. 'Then if you would like, we could find a place for you in the organization. Would you like that?'


'Good!' he said. 'Now, since you know this son of Fazzi, I suggest you contact him and tell him that bandits killed his father. While this is cooling down a bit, if possible, we would like you to keep in touch with him. We may be able to salvage something of this mess yet.'

'I really don't think he will buy that bandit story, but if you insist, I will try. Fazzi told me that he had told Yussef that he did not get along with his family. Perhaps I can say a jealous family member killed him. Americans always think we cannot get along and that we are always looking to settle some blood feud or vendetta with a knife or a bullet.'

'Yes, that is a better idea. Use that.' He said smiling. 'It does have that Arabic tint to it. See you are already earning your keep. Now, how do we convince him that the two you should work together on this fund?'

'That's easy, no problem there. Fazzi was always trying to get the two of us to like each other and hoped we would work together. He said that he wanted the two of us to work together on the fund project. Maybe I can get him to work with us. Fazzi said that he was on the edge of converting him to Islam.'

'No, absolutely no! We don't want another convert like him. We would rather have him as what he is. We had some reservations about Fazzi's wanting him to become a Muslim. The man is with the American Army and we just can't take that great of a chance. It may be best to just let the fund continue to build. In the meantime we can operate very well on these other moneys and when America is brought to its knees we will have something more to plunder-Wall Street!

To be continued.....


Jay Benson/Joystick

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