'Now you can take me on the grand tour.' Joseph said as he swung his feet off the bed and put on his boxers. 'Where is this hot tub you wanted me to see? I could use a good bath. I must stink like a cheep street whore.'

'You smell divine to me and look good enough to eat. You're going to love this place. It has everything including 'The Kitchen Sink' plus a built in bar.' Richard bragged as he took Joseph by the hand and dragged the near naked soldier from room to room showing him the amenities of the suite.

'Very nice, but where is the hot tub? You said it was an 'in room Hot-Tub'.'

'That my luv, I saved for last.' He said going over to the French doors, which he opened onto a roof garden patio. A pathway of field stones zigzagged through potted plants, tables, small trees and chase lounges to a raised redwood platform in the center of the patio. On top of the platform was the Hot tub. 'One hot-tub as requested, sir.'

'You have got to be kidding! I'm not getting into that thing. Not out here in the open anyway.' An embarrassed red-faced Joseph said. 'And nude no less, right out in the open, you must be demented.'

'Love crazed, maybe but not demented. Look around, Babe, there is no one that can see us this high up. For miles around we are above everyone and everything. Just think how nice it will be to soak in the hot tub together, just the two of us, no one will see us. If you are so inhibited I'll tell you what, later tonight, just as the sun goes down, we can crawl into the tub in our boxers to start with and then remove them and do a little 'Moon Bathing'. Would that be better?'

'Well if you're sure no one will see us...OK. Now lets go get something to eat. Sex makes me hungry and right now I'm starving and could eat a pound of raw meat.' Joseph said then turned beet red when he realized how this must have sounded to Rich.

'For that we don't have to dine out, I've got a nice slab of beef for you right here.' Then seeing the blush on his lover's face added, 'Or we could order in room service, they have a nice menu and the selection looks good. When I checked in I asked about places to eat and the front desk clerk recommended a nice Cafe not too far from here. Look, it's now three o'clock; we could go there and have an early dinner or late lunch. Then walk around town and see what there is to see. Perhaps we could pick up a bottle or two of wine. After that we can come back and spend the evening 'At home'. That way there would still be time for a few drinks and lots of Moon Bathing.'

'Great, but the food and drinks are on me. This whole thing must be coasting you a fortune,' he said and then added, 'Besides, while I can't match your family's resources I would still like to contribute something.'

'That's sweet! I do appreciate the offer and I will be more sensitive to your feelings in the future, however, this weekend is on my family. Daddy wouldn't have it any other way and for now he and mom want it that way.'

'Ok, but at least let me pay for the wine.'

'Well --- Ok --- but let's get going or we'll miss the chance to make love as the sun goes down.' Richard said as he kissed Joseph and reached into his boxers, pulled out his cock and using it as a handle he piloted him into the bathroom. 'Clean up time!'

They got washed and dressed and drove to the Cafe. The room clerk had been right. The place was nice, clean and normally would have been crowded. But because it was neither lunchtime nor super hour, they were able to get a booth in a secluded part of the dinning room. They ordered food and Joseph asked Richard about his family and how things were going at work.

'Funny you should ask about work. You remember the owner, Reinzi don't you? He keeps asking about you and said to tell you there was a job waiting on tables anytime you wanted it. Also there was a rather distinguish gent that has been in about 3 times this week asking for you. He wouldn't leave his name though, do you know who it could be?' Richard asked.

'Bet that's Frank---Frank Gordon. You remember that nice old gentleman, the one that gave me his business card along with the hundred-dollar tip. I think I even still have the card somewhere in my wallet.' Joseph laughed and pulled the business card out his wallet, and showed it to Richard and then started to rip it up.

Richard stopping him said, 'He just said he wanted to apologize for acting like jerk. He said it must have been the drinks. He wants to make it up to the two of us. Keep the card; just don't use it without me being there. Now, what's been going on here with you? Tell me everything!'

Joseph placed the business card back in his wallet and started to tell him how hard school was, but also how much he really loved it and how after only a week he had learned to string a few words together and form simple thoughts. He had even begun to start thinking in Arabic. He also told him that what made it really interesting was not only learning the language, but also getting to learn about the people. Their meal came and between bites of food Joseph told him about the fascinating history and some of the customs of the Arab people and Muslims in general.

'Is it true that they still have slaves and that they think nothing of having sex with men, women and little children?' Richard asked.

'Yes that is unfortunately true. But hopefully, though I doubt it, all that is on the decline. To this day there is still a thriving slave trade, even in the most modern Muslim countries.' Joseph said. 'Most Muslims will deny it, but it still exists and may be even growing stronger with the use of the Internet. They even enslave some Muslims, although this is against the Koran and looked upon as 'NOT' exactly the right thing to do. The infidel, preferably those with light skin and blond hair, both male and female, are another story. They are much sort after and highly priced, and the younger the better. Younger slaves, and especially the good-looking ones, can be broken in and trained to work as prostitutes in the many brothels. These have almost all replaced the Black and Oriental Slaves of past years. It appears that white meat is the choice of preference today. Homosexuality does not carry the same social stigma within their culture as it does here in the west. Then there is that well publicized concept that if you die while fighting the infidel you get a first class deluxe ticket to heaven and the Garden of Eden where you get your share of 40 virgins, male or female or a combination of both. This and other things are still preached, taught and believed today as religious dogma. Right out in the open, on any Friday, you can hear it preached from many Mosques.'

'In this day and age?' Richard said disdainfully. 'Religion is supposed to teach love and equality.'

'Oh! How I wish that was true even in our western religions. How long ago was it that Christians thought nothing of killing non-Christians by the millions to say nothing of one Christian sect trying to kill off the other?' Joseph asked him. 'Or for that matter even today here in our own democratic American paradise we read about and see 'Good Christians' beating up and killing homosexuals.'

'Or not permitting them to serve their country without fear of reprisals.' Richard added as they ordered coffee and dessert. 'I guess we are all still barbarians at heart.'

'The only difference between Christians and Muslims, in this instance, is that, hopefully, we really know it's wrong and against God's law,' Joseph said 'The saving grace of Christianity is that, for the most part, we don't glorify or make heroes out of the killers nor do we pay them or their families a bonus for killing innocent civilians.'

After finishing lunch they left the cafe and strolled up and down the main streets of the town. They stopped at a wine shop, purchased a few bottles of White Chianti and then continued looking into shops and just enjoying the warm summer late afternoon and each other's company. With evening coming on rapidly they drove back to the hotel and rode the elevator up to the Penthouse Suite. While Joseph was busy chilling the bottles of wine, Richard went out onto the roof garden and readied the Hot Tub.

'Hey babe! Better get your sweet ass out here or you're going to miss one hell of a sunset,' Richard called 'And bring out that wine.'

Joseph juggling the chilled wine, an ice bucket and two glasses came out onto the roof garden and was about to ask for a helping hand when he found Richard luxuriating in the bubbling tube. His clothes cast willy-nilly here and there all over the place. His pants draped over a bush, shirt over chase lounge. His stockings hung from a potted tree like it was Christmas and Santa was expected. It reminded Joseph of their second night together.

'This makes it all worthwhile. Come pour us some of that 'Dago White' and join me in the tub.' he said laying there completely nude with his arms outstretched along the rim and his legs opened wide apart for the whole world to gawk at. Floating atop the bubbling water, looking like it was a cork-fishing floater was the tip of his erect cut cock. 'Come on in babe, you are going to love this. There's plenty of room for the two of us.'

Joseph poured two glasses of wine, handing one to Richard, set the other on the rim of the tub and placed the rest of the bottle in the wine bucket filled with ice, to keep it cold. Looking around at the setting sun and enjoying the sight he realized that, short of a helicopter with a group of tourists aboard, there was no way anyone could see them. So, slowly, he started a strip tease leaving on only his OD boxers. Then climbing up and standing on the redwood platform and looking down at Richard he lifted his wine glass in a mock toast, 'To the nosy neighbors, get out your fucking telescopes and have a good look!' he drank the wine and threw the glass against the wall shattering it.

'I saw that done once in a picture and always wanted to do that.' he said as he then hooked his thumbs under the waistband of the boxers and slowly stripped off the last bit of clothing that concealed his young panther like body exposing his hard seven-inch erection. Then like some burlesque queen, waving and twirling his boxers around his head he let them fly. He did a few 'bumps and grinds' and a few nude poses, while Richard whistled and cheered and applauded. Then he stepped down into the bubbling water and lay beside Richard. The warm water raised up to envelope their young bodies with the exception of their two cock heads. Now there were twin-fishing floats bobbing on top of the water. The two of them just relaxed and sighed and watched the sky as the sun started to set. The sky turned from light blue to darker blue with streaks and patches of yellow, gold, orange and flaming red. It began to look like an old 'Paint by Number' picture. They watched in wondered as the first stars began to come out and darkness closed in upon them. As the moon came out and bathed them in it's silvery glow, they kissed and hugged each other. The night sky turned into a panorama of stars that danced before their eyes, making them both dizzy with wonder.

'Rich, dear, tonight is really special. I never felt like this before. I want to do something to make it a night to remember.'

'It already is. Just being together here in each others arms is all the 'Special' I need or want.'

Taking another sip of wine from Richard's glass, Joseph protested, 'Thank you for saying that, but I somehow have this overpowering need, this feeling, that I have to show and prove my love for you. Richard you have done everything to show me how you feel about me and you have held nothing back----- While I am still afraid.... afraid of everything.'


'Yes, everything. Afraid that we will be discovered- afraid to be seen holding your hand in public, to say nothing of putting my arm around you. The thought of possibly forgetting and having someone witness a secret touch or gesture or the slightest bit of mutual affection scares the shit out of me. Even when we are alone, just the two of us, there are things I can not get myself to say or do.'

'Like what? I thought we were always open with each other and that we could talk about anything.' Richard said

Gathering his courage, in a low whisper, it just poured out and he said, 'Rich I want to suck your cock, but I don't know how and I'm afraid I'll bite it off or worse yet I may become sick and throw up all over you. I'm afraid that I might hate doing it or that I might love it also. Don't laugh!!! I want to learn to be a cock sucker. Not any cock sucker but one that would satisfy you as much as you satisfy me. Will you teach me? Can you teach me?'

'WOW! That's a tall order. 'Cock sucking 101'. Let's see, I think I do remember reading a thesis or two on the subject once. Don't think it was in 'Better Homes and Gardens'. Must have been in some gay publication.' Then in a serious voice he said, 'In reality what it all boils down to and the best advice I can give you is to follow you instincts.'

'But my instincts might be wrong.'

'No, not if your basic desire is to give pleasure to your partner.' Speaking as a teacher would he continued, 'Mutual pleasure is the key. The first thing to do is get to know your partner's penis. Look at it. Fondle it. Yes, even worship it. Treat the entire genital area as one area. Some parts are more receptive and sensitive than others. It is your duty as a lover to find and stimulate these areas.'

'How do I do that?'

'Take and hold your lover's cock and balls in the palm of your hand. Look at them and study them. Bring your lips to the base of his balls. Make love to them; lick them with your tongue. Run your lips up his shaft flitting your tongue tip in and out tickling the shaft. Use only the tip of your tongue to run up and down the underside of his cock. As you do this, you will soon learn his erotic zones. Many people think all they have do is to turn their mouths into a vacuum cleaner or a cunt hole. NOT TRUE. Mouth suction and bobbing of the head up and down alone will make him orgasm, but that's nothing more than another form of masturbation. Giving titillating pleasure is the real story behind being a great cock sucker. Just remember that, as a man, you know how you would like it. All you have to do to your partner is what you would want done to you. That is why they say that only gay men know how to give the best blow jobs.'

'But how do you make him blow his load, if not by suction?' Joseph queried.

'The cock head is the answer. The cock head is the detonator of his Atomic bomb. Work on the head and the area around the cock head, both with the tongue and the lips. After a bit of experience you can even use your teeth to lightly scrape over the head. I've had a great blow job where the guy just blew air over the end of my cock. Work the end of the dick head with your tongue. Its not the suction that drags the cum out of the balls. It's the stimulation. Hell, by stimulation you can make him feel like his cum is coming, not from his balls but, from the tips of his toes.'

'You make it sound so easy... You won't laugh if I make a mistake.'

'Joseph, my dear, sweet, Joseph, I'll never ever laugh AT you; only WITH you.' Richard said kissing and hugging him as he began to feel Joseph's fingers touch his balls, he moaned and said. 'You know I think that's the first time you have done that to me and it feels so good. Yeahhhhh, that's the ticket. That's what I mean, don't be afraid I guarantee they won't break.'

Their lips touched and they kissed deeply while Joseph fondled his lover's balls and cock. He lowered his head to kiss, lick, suck and nibble on Richard's nipples while he continued to lightly run his fingers tips over his balls and cock. Gently he helped Richard raise his lower body to the top step of the hot bath thereby exposing his lover's sex to him. Joseph getting between the outstretched legs lowered his lips and mouth to his belly button and licked around it and probed it with the tip of his tongue. Richard threw his head back moaned and ran his fingers through Joseph's close-cropped hair. The short hairs tickling and sending electric like shocks through his fingers. Joseph, his eyes fastened on his lovers cock, studied it and for the first time was able to look at and see a cock other than his own. The nooks, the crannies, the bumps, the blue veins he had never observed before were there for him to see and explore with the tip his tongue. The smell and the hardness and yet the velvety softness of the cock excited him as his soft wet lips touched Richard's balls and he heard Richard gasped. The tip of his tongue shot out to touch the base of his fuck stick. And then following a blue vein the tip moved up the shaft to the corona. This is the most sensitive spot on the penis. Then ran his tongue tip around the cut mark of Rich's circumcised cock and over the cock head. Lapping up the leaking pre-cum that had collected there, Joseph found that it did not taste as bad as he had thought it would and so he opened his lips and took the hot, wet, red, angry head into his mouth.

'YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS ohhhhhhh YESSSSSSSSS!' Richard shouted, 'That's it. Damn it baby, I love it!'

Joseph's lips closed around the head of his dick while his tongue kept licking over the cock head; he took the hard cock about 1 inch deeper into his mouth. He rolled up the corners of his tongue and ran his tongue along the underside of his lovers cock. His fingers continued to fondle Rick's balls. Then moving one finger over his sweet rosebud he pushed against the ring and entered his rectum.

'Chrisssssssssssssssssssssst! Yeahhhhhhhh, I'm cummmmmmmmmmming' and with that Richard tried to pull Joseph's mouth off his cock, but the soldier would not let go of it. He continued to work his mouth slowly up and down as Richard pumped what seemed like gallons of cum into his mouth. Unable to hold more in his mouth he lifted his head and spit out most of it over the side of the tub and swallowed the rest. Richard grabbed his face, pulled it to him and kissed him hard, driving his tongue deep inside his mouth tasting and licking his own cum from the mouth and lips of his lover.

'That was really the best blow job I ever had. It was NOT just a BJ, but a LOVE FEST with my cock. You graduate with honors my lov. With royal honors! You're going to be the best cock sucker in the world. Just make sure it's only my cock you suck or I'll cut off your balls and sell you to those Arab slavers you told me about.'

'You're kidding me! I spit it out. I spit out your love juice. I just could not swallow all of it. It came too fast and there was just so much of it ---- I could not take or hold it all.'

'It really doesn't matter if you could not swallow it all. That takes time to get used to being able to do that. For now if you want, just lick me clean and get used to it a little at a time. You did great and I was not kidding when I said you were THE very best I ever had.'

'Come on with all the men you have had, you must have had much better than that? You are just trying to make me feel good.' Joseph smiled as he bent down and licked Richard clean.

'No I'm not trying to fool you babe or even make you feel good, I never loved any of those others nor did I feel any way near what I feel about you with them. You gave me your virginity both anal and oral. Like I told you before those are the greatest gifts you could have ever given me. My only regret is that I could not return the favor. It would have been fantastic the two of us discovering sex together.'

'I'm not so certain about that.' The soldier said. 'For my part I'm glad that you had all that knowledge and that you were willing to teach and share with me. Till now I screwed anything with tits and a pussy. Never once did I ever care or even think to even ask how the girl felt. To see if she was satisfied... no just me! You taught me not only to love but also to care for my partner. For this I will always be grateful to you.'

And they lay there in each others arms all night long talking about love and the future, kissing, hugging and now and then getting out of the tub and laying nude together on the chase lounge to either rest or make love again and again until the first sign of light came streaking through the morning sky.

To be continued....


Jay Benson/Joystick

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