'Damn it, Fazzi, you scared the shit out of me!' Leaning against the wall and trying to regain his composure, Joseph gasped, 'What the hell are you doing here hiding in the dark?'

'Waiting for you to come home,' said Fazzi, as he reached for Joseph and kept him from slumping down. He put an arm around him, supported him and led him up the steps. Stopping at the door to the apartment he asked Joseph, 'I hope you are going to invite me in?'

'Hell it's your apartment, you're welcome to come in, but it is late and I have to get up early in order to get to class on time.'

'I know, but I will not stay too long. I was anxious to find out how you liked the car and if you and Kassie had a good time tonight.'

'The car is beautiful. Your daughter and I had a very nice time this evening and we hope to do it again and often,' he said, finally regaining his composure.

'Good I am happy to hear that,' replied Fazzi. 'Now that that is taken care of, there is that unfinished business we had to cut short in the garage this afternoon. We should really settle that.' He smiled and ran his fingertips over the soldier's face caressing his chin and running his thumb over his lips. 'Open the door, Yussef, invite me in and let us have a drink.'

'Sure, you can come in, but I have nothing but a few cans of beer,' Joseph said, fumbling with the key in the door lock.

'I had the maid put a bottle of cognac in your refrigerator. I would have preferred a bottle of fine French wine, but cognac was all I had on hand. A glass or two will help seal our 'arrangement', do you not think so?'

'I thought that Muslims did not drink the hard stuff.'

'You have got to be kidding. You should know better than that. I have found that one of the benefits of being exposed to your Western culture has been learning about the 'Happy Hour'. A great number of us Arabs have developed a taste for the fermented grape, as well as many other types of forbidden fruit. Besides not all Muslims are religious,' he continued with a crooked smile on his lips, 'Contrary to what most people think, there are some of us that do not subscribe to the concept of waiting to get into heaven before we sample the delights of this life. In that way we are just as normal as you Christians. So, here on earth, we have learned to enjoy life and the many perversions that it has to offer. Like a great many people we have learned not to 'wash our dirty laundry in public' as you Americans say.'

Joseph opened the door and the two of them entered the dark apartment. Fazzi switched on the small night-light over the stove and then closed and dead bolted the door. The Arab turned, and in the dim light, took Joseph in his arms and kissed him on the lips. The weight of Fazzi's body crushed the soldier against the kitchen counter as he ground his crotch into the young man. 'Let us be frank about this. Yussef, you know that you drive me crazy and I want you,' he said, as his strong hands roamed all over Joseph. 'Come let us really seal our arrangement.'

'Fazzi, I told you that I'm unskilled in this sort of thing. I feel awkward. I don't know what to do or how to do it,' he lied. 'I'm afraid that I will not be able to rise to your expectations. You will be disappointed in me.'

'Hardly, Yussef, my love,' he said, as the Arab's fingers reached for Joseph's crotch, encircling and caressing the soldier's hardening cock through the cloth. 'See, your body is telling you what to do. Obey it. Enjoy the feeling. Surrender to me. Before, in the garage, we agreed that we would take it slow and careful. I know you are afraid, but have no fear; I have a lot of experience. I will teach you and guide you. We will take it one step at a time. I promise you this: we will stop anytime you say. I assure you, that at any point that I feel you are not comfortable with this...I will stop. Truthfully I would like you to submit your body and your soul to me, totally without any reservations. If you do not feel you can give them to me, I will be disappointed, but I will understand. Perhaps you will change your mind in time. If kissing, hugging, soft petting and exploring our sexuality...with our naked bodies rubbing together are all you can offer me now ... I will not force you any further. I will not go further than that until we both agree that it is what we want. You are in control here. After all, I hope you will be my son-in-law, and I want to be able to see my grandchildren. If you became angry with me, you would have the right to forbid me from seeing them. Come, let us have that drink now.' Reaching into the cabinet, getting two glasses and placing them on the table Fazzi said, 'You get the cognac from the refrigerator and pour us drinks.'

'I really don't like cognac. Is it OK if I drink some beer? I have some in here also,'� Joseph replied, as he reached into the small refrigerator.

'Sure you can drink whatever you want...anything that you prefer. Myself, I cannot stand either the taste or smell of beer.' Taking the bottle of cognac from Joseph, he poured himself a drink, raised his glass in a toast and said, 'Here is to us, you, Kasemah and me.'

Joseph, looking at the beer can, put it back down on the table and without opening it said, 'You know Fazzi, I think I just might try that cognac. Why not, since this is going to be a night for new experiences?' Joseph took the bottle, filled the empty glass, raised it to Fazzi's and they clinked glasses. 'To us and our very nice 'arrangement'. To you, Kassie and me, may we enjoy our lives together.' The soldier took a healthy amount of the burning fluid into his mouth. Almost immediately, Joseph felt a bright glow that warmed up his body and dulled his mind. Not wanting to have Fazzi think that he was a child and unable able to hold his liquor, the soldier refilled his glass again.

Fazzi sipped his drink and looked on in astonishment as Joseph downed yet another cognac. Oh the young, he thought, as he reached out and poured another drink for Joseph. If he thinks that having a few drinks will ease the pain of our sex ... so be it.

The two of them had another drink and Joseph began to really feel the fiery liquid getting the better of him. The next shot went down the wrong way and Joseph started to choke and sputter. Between coughs, he somehow got out the sentence, 'Maybe ... the prophet ... was wise to forbid ... drinking this stuff?'

Jumping up, Fazzi ran to get Joseph a glass of water. 'Here take this...drink it slowly. Cognac is supposed to be sipped, not gulped like a pig at the trough,' he said, as he loosened Joseph's tie, opened his collar and rubbed his back as he fed him sips of water.

'That's enough with the water,' said Joseph. 'Thank you.'

As soon as Joseph stopped gagging, Fazzi put the glass down on the table. He continued to kneel by Joseph's side while rubbing his back with one hand. After a while, using his other hand, Fazzi slowly undid the buttons on Joseph's shirt one by one. When his fingers reached into the open shirt, he discovered that the soldier did not have on an undershirt. Breathing heavily, Fazzi ran his fingers over Joseph's bare chest. His fingers touched the soldier's nipples and he scraped his fingernails over them. Fazzi continued to tease them until the nubs became erect and hard. Joseph's breathing became deep and labored, expanding his chest, as he became aroused and excited.

'Yes, oh Yes,' moaned Joseph.

Fazzi smiled as he realized that Joseph was at last responding to his touch. He knew now that he really had the soldier, and that it was only a matter of time before he would make Joseph his sex toy, if not his slave. Moving his lips to Joseph's, he placed them lightly upon the soldier's. He teased them until they pursed and demanded more. Fazzi ran the tip of his tongue between Joseph's lips and then sucked on his lower lip, pulling it away from his teeth. His fingers continued their exploration of the soldier's naked chest causing the soldier to gasp. Seizing the opportunity, Fazzi rammed his hot, probing tongue into the mouth of his nearly helpless victim. His fingers reached for and loosened the soldier's brass belt buckle. With the dexterity of a man twenty years younger, Fazzi undid the top button, slowly unzipped the fly and reached in to fondle the rapidly expanding cock of the weakening young soldier. Reaching into the opening of Joseph's underpants, his fingers found and caressed his wiry pubic hair. Twirling his fingers through the hair and along the hardening rod, the Arab gasped when he realized how big and long it was. The heat coming from Joseph's penis almost burned Fazzi's fingertips. Young cock, he sighed, as he lowered his lips to Joseph's chest, captured a nipple and teased it with his teeth. Taking the tit between his teeth, he took little nibbles and slobbered it with his tongue. His fingers moved up and down the shaft and then slipped down to hold the balls of the now moaning soldier.

'MMM, you have big, juicy testicles and your penis, I can not recall ever having seen such a large uncut penis,' he said, as he again ran his fingertips over Joseph's foreskin. 'You know we do not get to see many uncut cocks in my part of the world. They are almost unheard of. You would be very sought after there. Many of my people in places of power and wealth have paid a king's ransom for a lover such as you.'�

'Yes, I have heard of such things going on, but I thought they were just stories,'� Joseph said.

'Another bit of dirty laundry not done in public - '� Quickly changing the subject, Fazzi said, 'Yussef, do you remember when we were sitting in the car together, you said that you thought you were getting the best of the deal? You were wrong 'habibi'. It is the Muhammad family that is getting the better of the deal. Kassie is going to love this cock in her tight pussy ... forcing her hymen to rupture, making her a woman and me a grandfather many times over. I bet she screams and gives you the ride of your young life, perhaps even better than the one I could give you. As for myself, I am getting both a lover and a son-in-law out of this deal.' His fingers continued to stroke the hard shaft slowly, working the foreskin back and forth over the enraged purple cock-head ... trying to bring the soldier to the brink, but always stopping short of the abyss. Fazzi's goal was not to have Joseph cum ... at least not yet. No, he wanted to drive him crazy with desire. He knew that if he could do that...this hunk would beg him to fuck him. He withdrew his pre-cum coated fingers from the shaft, brought them to his lips and tasted the sweet smelling liquid. Placing his mouth over Joseph's, he ran his cum-laden tongue deep into the excited mouth of his now sex-crazed victim, forcing him to taste his own cum.

'Come, 'habibi', let us get more comfortable. You must be feeling so confined in that uniform. It clings to your hot body like the skin of a ripe fruit. I am going to remove it, one layer at a time, to uncover the sweet fruit hidden beneath. Then I will suck on your balls that are like two sweet, ripe figs ... waiting to fill my hot, wet mouth.

Rising to his feet, he lifted the unsteady soldier and half carried him into the bedroom. Placing him on the bed, the impassioned Arab removed the shoes and socks of his young lover. He paid particular attention to the feet and toes, bathing each with his saliva and sucking on the toes. Then he quickly moved on to the soldier's upper body, removing his tie and shirt. He delighted in exposing the muscular chest and broad shoulders of the warrior. With each bit of clothing he removed, Fazzi's fingers caressed the exposed light skin. His lips, tongue and fingers tasted and savored every inch of newly uncovered treasure. The pants and underpants were last to go, exposing the entire young body to his leering eyes and his hot demanding mouth.

Joseph lay there looking like some ancient Greek god. Well maybe not a god, but, rather like an offering to the gods. That was just as Fazzi viewed it. As he gazed upon the prize that lay spread out before him, it reminded him of a human sacrifice bound upon the alter of lust. God, I am really in love with him, he thought. The Arab started to undress himself quickly, throwing his clothes into the corner of the room and then sat down alongside Joseph. His fingers reached out for the dog tags and the gold chain that hung around Joseph's neck. He lifted them to the light to read. Stamped into the metal they read: 'Benson, Joseph' on the first line. His serial number was on the next line. The last line had his blood type (A) in one corner and then a (P) in the other corner. 'P'� stands for Protestant. Thank God for that, the Arab thought. There had always been this gnawing feeling deep in Fazzi's mind that, something was not right about Joseph. He was too perfect. His knowledge of the language and customs of the Arab people, were unusual for an American. Americans were not usually that interested in anything foreign. There were two things that had frightened him about this 'outsider' but now they may have been cleared up. One, was the thought that the beautiful young body spread out before him might be an agent from one of the Moslem fundamentalist nations, sent to spy on him. The second, and worse yet, was the possibility that he might be from the dreaded Mossad, the Israeli counter-intelligence agency, which struck fear into the hearts of his fellow Arabs. Tonight he was sure that neither of these was probable. Joseph was uncircumcised; therefore, the chance of his being a Moslem or even a Jew was remote. The gold chain was another mystery that might also be cleared up in time. There was not even a locket. Maybe there had been one. Perhaps from an old lover? It was interesting perhaps strange, but not really important right now. He lay down beside Joseph and enfolded him in his arms.

'Come, 'habibi', the time has come, let us make love,' he said, as he again ran his hands over the light skinned body beside him, kissing and sucking on the ear and burying his open mouth on the throat of the panting soldier. Then, rolling on top of him, he pressed his body against Joseph...as he continued to kiss, nibble and lick him. As he felt Joseph's hardening seven inch cock rubbing against his own pulsating manhood, he moaned, 'You are mine now lover! Mine all mine. I could be happy doing this to you from now on. Just having your sweet body here under me has me on fire...' Unable to control himself any longer, he exploded, his cum shooting out and covering Joseph's legs. 'No! No, Oh shit, you got me so hot I blew my load. I acted just like a schoolboy. Can you forgive me, 'habibi'?'

'Fazzi, it's ok...really it's ok. I understand. It happens to the best of us.'� Joseph said.

'But you, what of you? I have left you so hard. It must hurt you. Perhaps if I...'�

'No! It's ok, don't worry about it, I'll be fine. If you are happy with what we did tonight, I think we should stop here. I would like to keep myself 'pure' for Kassie. Do you understand that?'

'But you are surely not a virgin, are you?'

'No I'm not, but now that I have found Kassie, I would like to try to keep myself for her. I hope you understand and agree to this.'

'As long as you and I can have these sessions, I will not press you anymore. I am content to lay beside you and do what we did tonight,' he said dejectedly, 'content, but hopeful that you will in due time want more.'

'Perhaps in time I shall want more...who can tell?' Joseph said, and hugged the whimpering Arab to his naked body, kissed him and ran his fingers through the cum that covered Fazzi's cock and balls. He lifted his fingers to Fazzi's lips and made him lick it and then he kissed his lips. Breaking the kiss Joseph said, 'There, now we have both tasted each other's seed. Part of you is now part of me and part of me is now part of you. Our 'arrangement' is consummated. It's getting late and we both better get to sleep now. Your wife will worry where you are so late, and I must get up and get to school in six hours.'

'You are not angry with me for my inability to control myself, are you?'

Laughing Joseph said, 'Not at all. It proved to me that you really liked me. I was worried that I would not arouse you. I was afraid that you might not like me or even find me attractive enough to be able to get a - .'

'Not like you? Fazzi said, raising his voice. 'I love you! I love you so much so that I am jealous of my own daughter. I want you for myself alone, and not in some back alley, but in the open. I want to shout it to the world. It is silly, but I keep picturing you and me, hand in hand, running naked through the woods together. I have had a hot cock for you since I spotted you in the Mosque. I would give up everything for you, 'habibi'. But, since that was not possible and I had to get you close to me, I therefore decided to use my daughter to cover up my lust for you. You are so young that you cannot realize what finding 'the love of your life' means to a man of my age. Love, for me, has become plain, boring and a matter of enduring a lackluster session in bed now and then. Here tonight, even without any real sex, I feel like I have had better sex and more satisfaction than I have had in my entire life. Enjoy the car, and the many gifts I will give you in the future, 'habibi'; it gives me much pleasure to make you happy,'� he said as he got dressed, blew Joseph one more kiss and left the apartment.

Joseph lay in his bed for 10 minutes, afraid to get up. He thought he was going to throw up. It was a combination of the cognac and his disgust at what he had just done. He finally got out of bed, checked the door, set the alarm clock and then made his safety call to Barns. He left a message that he would call him at lunchtime.

The next morning he drove back to base. Man this is the life. The top was down on the car and the wind blew through his close-cropped hair as the car made the drive seem to fly by. He was in such a good mood, that he toyed with the idea of driving into New York City and meeting Rich for lunch. Yeah, life was good, even if it was getting complicated. He felt that he would soon need a secretary to keep a date book for him. Let's see...Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and possibly Thursday...Kassie and Fazzi. The rest of the week was reserved for Richard. Well, maybe now and then he would take a day off for himself. Oh! Talk about burning the candle at both ends! How long could he keep this up? He felt like a high-priced prostitute with the government acting as his pimp. You couldn't ask for any better than this. He pulled into the parking lot by the visitors' area and went in to arrange for a temporary car pass. After a bit of a hassle, he was issued one, and he drove to his school parking lot. The guys all gathered around and looked over the car and asked about it. He told them that his girlfriend's father had let him use it, and after a few snide comments, they more or less accepted his explanation. Later, in private, Ibrahim said, 'Well it looks as if I was wrong. You have done well for yourself. When is the wedding? Is she as beautiful as I think she is?'

'Not for a while yet. Man, take it easy. We have only just started to get to know each other. Last night was our first date. We went out to eat and to the movies. It was nice, and we even did a bit of necking in the car. Low level stuff...nothing heavy,' he said, as they went to class.

During lunch, Joseph spoke to Agent Barns and filled him in. He told him he had the car with him and that he had a bit of trouble getting a base pass. Barns asked him if he had made any calls from the car. 'I want to send someone down to look over the car. He will be down there this afternoon, and I want you to let him work it over.'

'Work it over? It's brand new. Fazzi just got it yesterday morning.'

'Well, I just want to make sure he did not have any devices added that are not standard equipment...like listening and tracking bugs,' Barns said.

'I never thought of that.'

'If we do find any we will not remove them. If we did, that would surely tip them off that you are an agent. You will just have to be careful what you say and where you go.' Then he asked, 'By the way, do you want us to bug it for you?'�

'You do that and our deal is off,'� replied Joseph.

'Good, because I don't like to do that. There is always the chance that they will discover the bug, and you just might disappear for good,' Barns said.

'I want to be there when he checks out the car. Is there any way I can do that myself from time to time?'� asked Joseph. 'I want to make sure they do not plant one later.'

'Yes, that's an excellent idea. We can let you have a small device that you can operate yourself. I'll tell the technician to leave you his. It's state of the art, and it looks like one of those radar detectors that you see in cars, so you can keep it right out in the open. Hey, you might also want to scan that apartment...just in case. Let's set a time and place for the technician to meet you off base after school. He can scan your car and show you how to operate the equipment,' Barns said. 'One more thing, I'll call base security and also clear the way for you to get a permanent car decal and clearance.'

'Thanks, that would make it easier for me.'

'Hey that's what I'm here for...to support our agents.' After a few seconds he said, 'and kid, you are doing one hell of a job. Thanks!'

'Barns you know what I hope?'


'I hope that we are wrong about that family. I'm not going soft on you. Just that, well maybe I am a bit soft on the girl. I want her to be clean at least.'


'Yes, yes, I know...I'll check in tonight from the apartment. Bye now and thanks again.'

He met the technician in a place where they could go over the car together. He showed Joseph how to use the scanner, and together they checked out the car.

'It's clean, nothing unusual,' the technician said.

'How could I tell if there was something?' Joseph asked.

'See this needle? It would jump, or if you wanted an audio signal, just flip this switch, and it makes a buzzing sound.'

'It really does look like one of those radar detectors,' Joseph said, clipping it on the car's sun visor.

'It also works as a radar detector. Just don't use it in Virginia. They are not legal there.' The technician smiled and added, 'have fun now and don't speed. The agency doesn't like to pay for it agents' speeding tickets. You have a good one now.'

Joseph gave him the thumbs-up sign, pulled his BMW out into traffic and headed towards Paterson. He arrived at the Muhammad residence and pulled into the garage. Taking the scanner with him, he went up to the apartment and ran a test...nothing. Not a peep out of the scanner. He washed himself and prepared to go to the main house. He had left his class 'A' uniform in the tub this morning, along with the used towels. The maid must have cleaned and ironed it because he found the uniform, neat and clean, hanging in the closet. Today he brought some additional dirty laundry, which he placed in the tub for the maid to take care of. This was the life, he thought to himself, as he made his way back down to the garage and placed the scanner into the glove compartment. A fast car, a nice apartment, a maid, three hot lovers...what more could you want? These thoughts were spinning through his brain, as he walked toward the main house. He was about to knock on the door when it flew open, and Kassie ran into his arms...kissing and hugging him.

'Mmm, now that's what I call a nice way to be greeted,' he said, as he returned her kisses. 'What's going on? How come the big welcome?...not that I mind it.'

'I did something that I'm proud of today. I told daddy that I wanted to learn to drive. And do you know what he said?'� Not waiting for his answer, she spouted out, 'he said...as long as I had your permission...I could learn!'

'Well, you know that here in New Jersey, you will first have to pass the written test in order to get a drivers permit, and then I want you to go to a professional driving school. I'm not going to teach you. Too many couples I know have wound up fighting and breaking up when one of them tried to teach the other to drive. Besides, the teachers there are professionals. I will take you out for practice drives, but learning will have to be done at a professional school and in their cars. I would not like to damage the BMW. How come Fazzi is permitting this?'

'I don't know, but he was singing and smiling this morning, and in such a good mood, that I thought I would ask. Mother was shocked, but daddy just said that he had given me to you, and if you could stand a woman behind the wheel, so be it. He also warned mom not to get any ideas...she was not going to learn to drive.' She hugged his arm and they went into the house.

'Where would you like to go this evening?' Joseph asked.

'I thought we would stay at home tonight. Father is out with mother, and they will not be back 'til after one in the morning.'

'Oh, where are they going?'

'There is a committee meeting for 'Justice for the Middle East' tonight, and my father is an officer,' Kassie said. 'Come, I have supper prepared for you, and then we can either go for a drive or anything else you would like to do.'

'You cooked it yourself?'

'Yes, I can cook. I am a good cook...mother taught me.'

'May I kiss the cook?' Joseph asked, as he grabbed her up into his arms cradling...her body to his...their lips and tongues having a field day. 'You taste delicious. I think would rather eat you than dinner.'

'And I thought you were so cultured and civilized,' she said. 'I did not know of your cannibalistic tastes. Come, let me feed you, so that your hunger is satisfied.'�

Burying his lips in the crook of her neck, licking up to her ear, and sucking on her ear lobe, he whispered, 'That was not the kind of food I was thinking of eating.'� The soldier reached down and lifted her up, cradled her in his arms and carried her into the living room. He set her down on the big couch, kneeled before her...his hands gently spreading her legs...them, rubbed his face against them...his tongue....

'OHH, I see what you mean now. Yes, Yussef, I want you too. I thought about that stupid thing I said last night, and I changed my mind,'� she said, breathing heavily, her breasts rising and falling. She moaned as his mouth moved up her leg to her womanhood.

'Are you sure Kassie, really sure? No tricks up your sleeve this time?'� Joseph asked, as he parted her legs even more, and ran his tongue along her inner leg towards her pussy.

'No, no tricks this time. I swear,'� Kassie whispered, as she placed her hands on his head directing his face to it's target. 'I had a talk with daddy and mother before they left, and mom told me to be careful, Daddy, however, took me aside and said that I should not play games with you. He said if I did not want to lose you, I would have to keep you happy in any way you wanted.'�

'Kassie, 'habibi','� he said, 'we don't have to do this now. We can wait until we are married. In talks with your father, I promised that I would wait until our wedding night. I'm not a virgin and it's silly, I know, but by holding back, I was foolishly hoping that we would both feel like it was our first time.'�

'Yussef, darling, oh my darling, I want you. I want you to make me your wife. Do it tonight, now, yes now....'�

His mouth and lips moved up her thigh to her panty-covered pussy. His tongue darted in and out, tasting and savoring her sweet nectar, through the cloth. His fingertips eased aside the damp, silky material so that he could taste her wet dripping love lips. He drove his tongue deep into her cunt, burring his nose in her pubic hair. Her fingers pressed the back of his head, as her body arched trying to drive his mouth and probing tongue even deeper into her. The sweet taste and smell of her dripping pussy sent his head reeling. The room started to vibrate with ringing sounds, as his demanding mouth embraced her naked womanhood. At first, it sounded like they were wedding bells...then he realized that it was not wedding bells, but only his cell phone buzzer going off....'Dam it, for a moment there, I thought we were...'� He looked at the his call-waiting service, flipped the cell open, while he told her, 'Sorry 'habibi', I have to take this call,...it's from the base.'�

'Benson here. Hello! Yes, Corporal, what can I do for you?'� he asked, and after listening he said, 'well, you did interrupt something. I was about to sit down to eat - as soon as I grab a bite to eat, I will be on my way...well, would you give up a chance to have a home cooked meal instead of army food?...Yes, as fast as I can...I'll be back in about hour...two hours at the latest,'� he said. and hung up.

'I'm sorry darling, that was my company clerk. The base has been put on alert. All passes have been canceled, and I have to get back as soon as I can. I'll just have supper, then I have to get back.'�

'When will you be back from this alert?'� she inquired.

'I don't know. With these things it could be an hour, a day or God knows how long. It could be only overnight or we could be shipping out overseas, although I doubt that. Anyway, I will call you and let you know what's going on...as soon as I am either able or permitted to use a phone. Let's eat supper and then I have to leave. Not exactly the meal I had in mind, but at least I'll get to test your ability to cook,'� he said, as they returned to the dining room...

To be continued


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